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You are 17 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's weight has doubled in two weeks and now weighs about 3.5 ounces! The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is 4.4 to 4.8 inches. If you spread your hand out opened wide, you can see about how big your baby is.

Your uterus is moving up and is now approximately 1.5 to 2 inches below your navel. You are showing more now and there is a noticeable swelling in your abdomen. At this point in your pregnancy, a 5 to 10 pound weight gain is normal. Other people can probably feel the difference in your lower abdomen if they were to rub your tummy. To be the most comfortable, you should be wearing maternity clothes or clothing that is too large for you. You may have felt your baby move already. However, you might not feel it move every day at this point. As your pregnancy progresses, movements become stronger and more frequent. Feeling your baby move can help reassure you that your baby is doing well. You might also notice that your gums or nose bleed occasionally. This is from the increased blood volume that puts pressure on small blood vessels and capillaries.

Huge changes continue to take place within your developing baby. This week fat begins to form and will continue to do so until he is born. Fat is important to the body's heat production and metabolism. Right now, at 17 weeks, water makes up about 3 ounces and fat 0.018 ounces of your baby's body. In a baby at term, fat makes up about 5.25 pounds of the total average weight of 7.7 pounds. The placenta is continuing to grow at an amazing rate. The placenta will continue to develop in tandem with the fetus and it will weigh more than a pound at birth! By this week, the placenta is large and well established with a network of blood vessels that exchange nutrients and waste.

The eyes are facing more forward. The ears are now close to their final position.

Your baby is more flexible with ability to move head, mouth, lips, arms, wrists, hands, legs, feet, and toes.

Fingerprints are forming now.

Comments on week 17

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funtimemum80 - 5 days ago
Everybody!! I'm having a blue one!! A little brother for my brood- happy happy happy xxx

aussiemumma86 - 6 days ago
mandy irish mommy- im hoping its a girl and congrats on getting your little man. how exciting for you all. im a day off being 18 weeks and i have felt the baby once. im sure its to do with me being the heaviest i have ever been. cant wait for friday to find out hope bub plays nice and shows me. its seems yo be going quicly now yhe 2 trimester my first trimester went so slow.

mandy irish mommy - 7 days ago
aw i still get goosebumps thinking about when he told us husband was so overwhelmed he had to leave the rm for a minute. it was amazing to hear boy after 4 girls ill never forget it. we havent told family yet..i might wait for christmas eve when we all meet up. i want to shout ot our to everyone but it hasnt sunk in with me yet haha

funtimemum80 - 7 days ago
Hi to week 17. Mandy- our boys are 16 years apart, after 4 girls il never forget seeing a little 16 week 'dilly' on the screen, it was the 1st time for us as gender scans wernt around when we had our 1st, it's so exciting finding out, I hold my breathe and my heart beats fast, nothing beats the 'reveal'

mandy irish mommy - 7 days ago
Aussiemum...congrats and i hope you get your baby girl. im almost 17 weeks and with my last 4 pregnancies ive felt babys move around the 16 week mark, this time round nothing so far ye and im thinking its because im carring the most weight with this one..i dont know.. cant wait to feel movement tho. i have 4 daughters and was told in our 16 week scan that were expecting a boy,,,very excited.

aussiemumma86 - 9 days ago
hey guys! hows everyone feeling i go next week for my big scan friday can't come quick enough. cant wait to find out what we are having. we have 2 boys and im guessing this is a boy as well. i just thought for my 3rd baby i would be feeling movements um 17w 3d right now and i have felt nothing wondering if its cause I'm a bigger girl. can't wait to feel those movements when they start.

AussieDanni - 18 days ago
Thank you! Yes!!! It is not far now but still feels like forever away!! Hopefully bub will cooperate!!

Taylorsbunno2 - 18 days ago
I love the name penelope! What beautiful names your children have!. I have Lila and Halle. Are u counting down the days and wanting to know the sex impatiently like me haha

AussieDanni - 19 days ago
Lucky Freddy is a nice name too! That's a sweet tradition to carry on. If bub is a girl I love the name Eleanor and for a boy I am thinking either Edward or henry. I have an Annabelle, Thomas and Penelope, so I like to stick to similar sort of names :p

Taylorsbunno2 - 19 days ago
Oh wow yes beside ultrasound is a lot better than just hearing the heartbeat how lucky are u!. Wow every day that's amazing! I've only felt bub a handful of times and not every day. Ahh I hope your right. Send Some blue dust this way haha. My partners name is Freddy (so is his dad and grandad) so it's a family name and first time ever I've agreed to call (if it's a boy) after his daddy. I didn't think I'd ever do something like that but I know how much it means to his family. For a girl we like the name Miller but will 100% look more into names once we know, how about u?

AussieDanni - 19 days ago
I get appointments every three weeks, they just seem to use bedside ultrasound to get the heart instead of Doppler, which I don't mind! I don't have a home one, I think I'd do my head in with it! I'm feeling bub everyday now, which is awesome! Last pregnancy I didn't feel any movements til 21 weeks! I'm pretty convinced this is a boy, I'll probably be wrong, and will be surprised with another girl, but I'm not fussed! Girl would be easier, since everything I have is girl related! Have you worked out names yet?

Taylorsbunno2 - 20 days ago
I've got a 6 year old girl and a daughter who is 3 next month. Ahh so sorry to hear that. U heard baby's heartbeat? I have a doppler and get so intrigued listening to the sound. Thinking boy then girl then boy then girl lol

AussieDanni - 20 days ago
She will be two in march! I think she will love having a baby around, she loves other babies anyway! Ive got my 5 year old girl, my 20 month old girl and I have a son who would almost be three, but he passed away. This will be bub 4! I do! I like to look at the overview of all comments, to see where people are at, and if anyone ive seen before is here :p

Taylorsbunno2 - 20 days ago
How old is your little girl? I get a head of myself and read wweeks ahead do u?

AussieDanni - 21 days ago
My 5 year old wants a boy and says it will be a brother, my other girl is not old enough to get it! We tell her there's a baby and she lifts my top up and tells me no. :p you are much more organised than me. Once I know gender ill get more organised :p

Taylorsbunno2 - 21 days ago
Today I picked my crib that I want for baby, nappies and wet wipe storages and going to get baby's wardrobe Saturday :) going to put it up so I can start storing bits in it. AND brought 2 big boxes of nappies today.. feel a bit more prepared now haha.

Taylorsbunno2 - 22 days ago
Aussiedanni yep they both want a sister and think it's a girl. Looks like it's going to be an all pink house for us lol. How about your children?

AussieDanni - 22 days ago
Lol, let me know how you go! So exciting!! Do your kids try to guess what you're having?

Taylorsbunno2 - 22 days ago
Haha my kids are the same and can't keep secrets either so one will be at school and my youngest with my mum. Ok haha I'll look out for the parts haha. I'll definitely have to wear my glasses lol

AussieDanni - 23 days ago
Yeah! I'm terrible at keeping secrets, also my 5 year old will be at my scan :p she will tell if I don't!! It was a small bedside scan so I may be very wrong :p could be umbilical cord :p my first sons scan it was obvious he had boy bits! Lol it kinda looks like a turtle, where as the girl bits look like a hamburger....that sounds terrible :p

Taylorsbunno2 - 23 days ago
Oh dear aussiedanni I'm glad you and baby are ok (except the sprained ankles) eee how exciting that u think u saw boy bits lol. Sounds silly but even at my 2nd daughters scan the potty shot I still thought she was a boy lol I have no clue what it's supposed to look like lol. Are u going to revel the gender when u do?

AussieDanni - 23 days ago
Yay! Not long! I had a sneak peak today! Ended up in emergency after a fall, got an ultrasound, they didn't say but I think I saw boy bits! Maybe I saw what I wanted :p I also managed to sprain both my ankles! I'm really in the wars this pregnancy! Hope you're well Taylor!

Taylorsbunno2 - 26 days ago
Yay week 17. 22 days till we find out the gender unless I can persuade my partner to find out sooner.

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