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You are 17 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's weight has doubled in two weeks and now weighs about 3.5 ounces! The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is 4.4 to 4.8 inches. If you spread your hand out opened wide, you can see about how big your baby is.

Your uterus is moving up and is now approximately 1.5 to 2 inches below your navel. You are showing more now and there is a noticeable swelling in your abdomen. At this point in your pregnancy, a 5 to 10 pound weight gain is normal. Other people can probably feel the difference in your lower abdomen if they were to rub your tummy. To be the most comfortable, you should be wearing maternity clothes or clothing that is too large for you. You may have felt your baby move already. However, you might not feel it move every day at this point. As your pregnancy progresses, movements become stronger and more frequent. Feeling your baby move can help reassure you that your baby is doing well. You might also notice that your gums or nose bleed occasionally. This is from the increased blood volume that puts pressure on small blood vessels and capillaries.

Huge changes continue to take place within your developing baby. This week fat begins to form and will continue to do so until he is born. Fat is important to the body's heat production and metabolism. Right now, at 17 weeks, water makes up about 3 ounces and fat 0.018 ounces of your baby's body. In a baby at term, fat makes up about 5.25 pounds of the total average weight of 7.7 pounds. The placenta is continuing to grow at an amazing rate. The placenta will continue to develop in tandem with the fetus and it will weigh more than a pound at birth! By this week, the placenta is large and well established with a network of blood vessels that exchange nutrients and waste.

The eyes are facing more forward. The ears are now close to their final position.

Your baby is more flexible with ability to move head, mouth, lips, arms, wrists, hands, legs, feet, and toes.

Fingerprints are forming now.

Comments on week 17

Comments 1-49 of about 542 from week 17
3 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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leanbean - 7 hours ago
Thanks LORI! We're all excited!

loriandrichie - 18.7 hours ago
Congratulations leanbean!! He is so cute!!

leanbean - 19.2 hours ago
Tech says boy! This will be 4 boys and a girl for us :) Pretty excited. My new profile pic is of his sweet little face!

leanbean - 1 days ago
Only 9 hours and I get to see Bambino and hopefully what he or she is!!! Today's going to be a LONG day! hahahahahaha..... I'll let you all know when I get home! Sounds like you are all doing well. I too have gained too much already! I started out 6 lbs. less than with any of my other pregnancies, but I've already gained 14 lbs! I've been working out, but could eat healthier. All this Easter candy is killin me!

MOMIIB - 2 days ago
Thanks TA77! And no worries, I can convert kg to lb easily ;-) I have so far gained Almost 7kg. I make big babies, my son was 8lb 2oz at 38wks and I assume this baby will be just as big if not bigger. We will see if he is measuring ahead or not come mis May when I have my anatomy scan.

TA77 - 2 days ago
MOMIIB It really annoys me when they tell you you have gained to much. With my first pregnancy I was 58 kg (sorry Im Aussie LOL no lbs here), the day I went onto labour I was 103. I constantly had doctors carrying on about the weight gain and trust me it wasnt for lack of trying not to. I was basically a vegan as I couldn't eat any meat or food with fat in it at all (99% of my food was vegies or salad with no dressing) while I was pregnant and I walked 5km and did yoga twice a day, the doctors couldnt figure it out. My baby was 3060g (6lb 12oz) and in 6 months I had almost gotten back to my original weight. My next pregnancy (my first 2 are 18 months apart) I only gained 8kg (baby was 3500g) and had alot of things like pizza and tuna mornay pies. My pregnancy with my third was a 15kg gain (baby was 4225g) and this time around I have already gained 3kg. I find that it is different with each one and also has a lot to do with fluid and how your body carried that particular pregnancy. Don't beat yourself up if you gain a little more than you expected.

MOMIIB - 3 days ago
OB appt on Friday went well, except for the fact that I am gaining too much weight :-/ I am gonna try to not gain too much this month. My next sono and OB appointment is in 4 weeks. Cant wait to see how much baby boy has grown!!!!! :-)

TA77 - 4 days ago
17w 1d really cant wait till my ultrasound on the 7th. Hanging out to see if we will be blessed with a boy or girl

loriandrichie - 4 days ago
Hello week 17! It seems like its flying by now!

Jotain - 5 days ago
I have just spent a week in hospital due to a terrible back pain. I couldn't get off the bed not to mention peeing. Anyway, all this time and no one checked if the baby is even still having a heart beat. I am so disappointed. Today I am home alone as me man has before Easter sale and his sister took my daughter... I felt some pains down there and I am even more freaked out. I cannot feel the baby and I haven't really gained weight yet, so even more so. doc appointment on 294. The ultra on 13.5 then maybe I will know the gender. I think its a boy, so different from my previous pregnancy

MOMIIB - 7 days ago
17weeks today with our 2nd baby boy :-) regular ck up with the OB tomorrow :-) - 18 days ago
any body here tried baking soda or ring test, how accurate is it? - 20 days ago
welcome mmomalley, me too i am 17 weeeks, so excited and this is my third baby as well, but i can feel the baby move, and i remember with my other two i used to feel them end of 6th month...

mmomalley82 - 20 days ago
Hello mommies to be..I'm 17.2 weeks..with my 3rd baby my anatomy scan is 4/23 still don't feel any movement..I can't remember how far I was with my other 2 it's been almost 11 yrs since the last one:) but am very excited!!!

mommy97101114 - 21 days ago
Congrats Monika!!

monika01 - 22 days ago
18 tomrroew ~ had my scan.. Hb 152. and its a GIrl !!! so stocked dh not so much .. but cervix is awesome over 5 i cried count believe it :O))) ~~ flutters are off and on…

mommy97101114 - 22 days ago
Hello week 17...almost at the half-way point!! I am definitely feeling more and more movement!

baby-no-3 - 23 days ago
I am 17.4 and only feel the occasional movements. It is my 5th baby and latest I have ever felt movement. My husband felt baby number 3 at 17 weeks.

NixSA - 24 days ago
Well I'm not feeling anything. 17.3 and NOTHING only the odd is that... Oh no can't be. Its very frustrating.

sarah6485 - 24 days ago
I'm defo feeling flutters now this baby is so gentle my girls really kicked me so I reckon it's a boy :-) this is late for me to only feel flutters I usually feel loads by now

monika01 - 26 days ago
yay for gender reveal ! ~ i really really want to know and with my last i knew 17 .4 but now they past some law that i can't find out till 20 !!!!// i have a cervix check on wed. hoping she will let me at least see the baby may scan over the part? lol… YEs this site is soooo slow compared to before…

sarah6485 - 27 days ago
Congrats on the genders mummies :-)

sarah6485 - 27 days ago
Thanks guys for replies im trying to keep this one a surprise baby and i didnt want to know my heartrate cos the myth but from what you have said the myth isnt accurate my midwife toldme mines 156 and i was like ah now i know its a girl lol but i feel its a boy so i still could be right lol its just a string feeling i have that im carrying a boy. I dontmind what i have though its just fun to guess by how you feel as to what your having :-)

Baby ali - 27 days ago
oopixiesticks- just had a look at the scan pics defo a boy lol you can enjoy ur pregnancy now lol happy and exciting journey :0)

oopixiesticks - 27 days ago
I got a few coupons in this magazine for free baby stuff.. well they get you because you have to pay $12 shipping fee, but still a good discount. use promo code NP1213CC use promo code NP1213UC use promo code NP1213SS use code NP1213NP

oopixiesticks - 27 days ago
posted 3 pictures to the ultrasound album.. I can't beleive how slow this site has gotten, in just the past few years it was really hard to keep up

oopixiesticks - 27 days ago
Thanks NixSA congrats on your girl! Feels nice to know we can experience having a child each gender. Thanks babyAli I'm relieved because I know hubby is very happy and makes me feel better knowing I don't have to hear the rude remarks of 'ohh it's another girl' like the baby wouldn't be loved or special regardless but also because this might be my last one.

Baby ali - 27 days ago
oopixiesticks- congratulations wow it's what u wanted lol

NixSA - 27 days ago
Congrats! I found out yesterday I am having a girl. I have a 3 year old son so feel really blessed :)

oopixiesticks - 27 days ago
It's a boy!!!! so now I will have my 2 girls and boy! :)

mommy97101114 - 27 days ago
Sarah- the last time I went for my checkup the heartrate was 160 and I'm having a boy!

Baby ali - 27 days ago
oopixiesticks- goodluck hope everything goes well

oopixiesticks - 27 days ago
17 weeks today! We have the same due date Monika I just wrote on week 16 thanks for the name of the book I'm going to look for it. Sarah- my doctor appt was 2 days ago and heart rate was at 152.. I'm finding out in a few hours boy or girl so I'll let you all know!

monika01 - 28 days ago
17 yay !! how is everyone here???

monika01 - 29 days ago
yay 17 tomorrow and have a cervix check on wed. so in a week i hope it will be good new and the person doing the check will let me see the baby.. sometimes on these cervix scans the u/s tech. can be a Bitch… i remember from my last pg… hoping it is good .

sarah6485 - 29 days ago
Whats everyones baby,s heartrate and what are they having? - 30 days ago
anyone familiar with cystic fibrosis? or you and your spouse are CF carriers? Third question, anyone have an ultrasound that came back with a 'bright spot' on the bowel of the baby?

daniellecruze - 31 days ago
Yea am 17 weeks pregnant today on my twins but I feel a little upset I don't no if this is normal but at the moment I just keep seeing and hearing no very nice stories am classed as being half way now but am still very scared in everything i do and it don't help people in my ears saying don't do this or don't do that Ar well hopefully after my 4d scan next week I'll feel better hope you girls are all well xxx - 31 days ago
yay 17 weeks today! still keeping up with my diclectin otherwise i cant eat and im super nauseous....still feeling movements once in a while....and saturday night while those around me were having beer i was chugging limeade lol.... i dont know why but i LOVE citrus right now :) and then afterwards there were a few kicks that hubby was lightly able to feel :) other than that i think i have an infection....not sure if it's a yeast infection or bv....will be making a dr appt tomorrow...

Baby ali - 32 days ago
lol I can't wait to send them to school

stublit - 33 days ago
I once thought about homeschooling... Now I dream of sending them away to school for 6 hours!!!

stublit - 33 days ago
Baby Ali- I'm with you!! I look forward to bed time way too much!!! It's so hard being pregnant and having two kids!

Baby ali - 33 days ago
this weeks gone quiet, everyone's moved to next week lol, feeling good but got back ache and feel out of breath, hard being pregnant and looking after two kids, I get very tired and exhausted but all worth it I guess :0)

Baby ali - 33 days ago
17 weeks today yeppyyyyyyy :0)

Baby ali - 34 days ago
going to my cousins wedding I will be exactly 5 months pregnant not bought any outfit yet due to growing belly, will b looking fat and ugly lolz no pictures for me

tlc - 34 days ago
I would sleep 12 hours if allowed, but I have a full time job and 2 young kids....

Baby ali - 34 days ago
I can't sleep :0( - 34 days ago
@funtimemum- There is a pregnancy board called the bump. I am so used to the women on this site who are so supportive and non judgmental that lurking and reading the comments on others posts over there had me speechless. On another note; anyone sleeping a ton!? I sleep close to 12 hrs at nt then a nap in the day. I am still so dang tired!

tlc - 34 days ago
Yeah this site has tanked but we still have each other - that's the important part!

funtimemum80 - 35 days ago
What is the bump forum?

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