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You are 17 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's weight has doubled in two weeks and now weighs about 3.5 ounces! The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is 4.4 to 4.8 inches. If you spread your hand out opened wide, you can see about how big your baby is.

Your uterus is moving up and is now approximately 1.5 to 2 inches below your navel. You are showing more now and there is a noticeable swelling in your abdomen. At this point in your pregnancy, a 5 to 10 pound weight gain is normal. Other people can probably feel the difference in your lower abdomen if they were to rub your tummy. To be the most comfortable, you should be wearing maternity clothes or clothing that is too large for you. You may have felt your baby move already. However, you might not feel it move every day at this point. As your pregnancy progresses, movements become stronger and more frequent. Feeling your baby move can help reassure you that your baby is doing well. You might also notice that your gums or nose bleed occasionally. This is from the increased blood volume that puts pressure on small blood vessels and capillaries.

Huge changes continue to take place within your developing baby. This week fat begins to form and will continue to do so until he is born. Fat is important to the body's heat production and metabolism. Right now, at 17 weeks, water makes up about 3 ounces and fat 0.018 ounces of your baby's body. In a baby at term, fat makes up about 5.25 pounds of the total average weight of 7.7 pounds. The placenta is continuing to grow at an amazing rate. The placenta will continue to develop in tandem with the fetus and it will weigh more than a pound at birth! By this week, the placenta is large and well established with a network of blood vessels that exchange nutrients and waste.

The eyes are facing more forward. The ears are now close to their final position.

Your baby is more flexible with ability to move head, mouth, lips, arms, wrists, hands, legs, feet, and toes.

Fingerprints are forming now.

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tlc - 250 days ago
Jackie - did it start when you stood up too fast?

kristen27 - 250 days ago
Craving so many foods right now! Olive Garden salad and bread sticks is at the top of my list!!!

kristen27 - 251 days ago
Stublit - I was pregnant due March 20th but miscarried. How cool would that have to been to have a st pattys baby with the name ireland!! I will try again one day for another March baby!

jackie87 - 251 days ago
Kady, sounds like a pinched nerve...? That's weird. I'd definitely ask your doc about it. Later In pregnancy, I usually get tingling/pain in my groin and legs due to pressure but not while lying down. I've just had an odd episode myself. I was fine them started feeling dizzy/nauseous. I drank some water then went to the washroom. When I was done, I started sweating and feeling super hot/dizzy/nauseous, and as I started walking out of the washroom, my vision went black. Luckily I made it to the couch where I'm lying now and have a headache. I've read it's probably vasovagal. I feel better just lying down, save for the headache. I feel bad because I was supposed to make pancakes and now hubby has to :(

kadyrae1107 - 251 days ago
Hey ladies. Soooo within the last two weeks when I laydown and lay on my left side from the left side of my butt/hip all the way down to like my chin/calf I immediently get this pain tingly numb feeling. I can only lay on that side for a few minutes because the feeling gets too annoying and it hurts. Anybody ever have anything like this before?

stublit - 251 days ago
Kristen- my daughters birthstone is an Emerald so Ireland would have been the perfect name! DH wasn't super crazy about it then but seems to want it this time around. We have no boys names that we agree on and too many girls names.

kristen27 - 251 days ago
Stblit- I LOVE ireland!! We were thinking of that name when I was pregnant with my daughter but we decided on presley instead!

stublit - 251 days ago
Last pregnancy I knew it was a girl @ 14 weeks and still didn't have a name when going to the hospital to give birth!! Every week it was something new- Sophia, Aria, Ireland, Mahala, Avery... I already know this baby won't have a name when it's born! I'm so indecisive.

stublit - 251 days ago
I was going to name my daughter Aria but my mom said it sounds like gonorhea and I just couldn't get that out of my head!!! I like Cressida a lot. I love my great grandmas name Mahala (Ma-Hay-La) it's Cherokee. But it's my daughters middle name and DH thinks it's weird to use it again. I almost used Ireland for my daughter... Maybe use it for this one? Lol.

kristen27 - 252 days ago
I like Arya too!

tlc - 252 days ago
Arya is pretty.

lil.pigz - 252 days ago
jackie87 - That would be awesome if you get your boy and your instincts were right, making 3 for 3:) After my first two were girls I just automatically called Girl for every one thereafter,lol. I was finally wrong with baby #6 when she turned out to be a he,lol...tlc - haha, your naming process sounds like ours! We have gone through compromises, honoring relatives and actual bets,lol. Then there is always that short stretch of 'Fine then, Im just naming it KID!!'lol...kristen27 - I think Pepper sounds feminine too. I agree if you tell him that he would change his mind about it,lol...This round I am going for Tv names actually, which is sooooo not like me. I like Arya for a girl (Game of Thrones) and Abel for a boy(Sons of Anarchy.) I lost Abel to Andrew with my last son because family and friends made a huge deal about it being religous and my husband backed out of it:( That and he thought I was going to cave and name him a junior. I compromised and gave him same first name but different middle name so he couldnt EVER be called 'junior',lol.

tlc - 252 days ago
I guess it sounds too much like Pippa - like Middleton....

kristen27 - 252 days ago
Thanks tlc. We're actually probably going to do patton. My husband loves that name too. And I agree with pepper sounding like a girl name! I'll have to tell him that!

tlc - 252 days ago
Kristin - I think Pepper sounds like more of a girls' name. Maybe use that to talk him out of it. I like Patton better than Porter - better flow off the tongue.

kristen27 - 252 days ago
My husband wants to name it Pepper if it's a boy. I'm completely against that name haha! So we're thinking Patton or Porter. And if it's a girl Parish..which my husband hates but I don't care.

jackie87 - 252 days ago
Kristen, I think it's Kady that's also having a boy :) Tlc, hopefully the naming process goes smoothly for you both. You'll be armed with some great ones by 7 months when he's ready to start discussing it!

kristen27 - 252 days ago
Jackie I hope you get your boy! =) tlc you already know it's a boy right? Someone else is having a boy?? Can't remember who on here it is tho! I kinda hope mine is a boy =)

tlc - 252 days ago
lil- I'm right there with you. My first was fairly easy to name since we were naming her after my husband's passed brother who began with an S. Girl S names are very pretty, so I listed my top 5 and he chose number 3. He let me pick the middle name pretty much on my own. However, for my second, he crossed off ALL the names on my list, and she wasn't being named after anyone, so it was a huge impasse. I eventually guilted him into the name I liked because he picked our first's and because I reminded him that I do all the work for 9 months. I also allowed him to completely choose the middle name on his own. I'm expecting another blowout this time around, since both of us have now had first choice once, and no one has died recently that we need to honor.

jackie87 - 252 days ago
I had two surprises (one planned that way and one because she was such a lady with her legs crossed, hahahaha), so I'm ready to find out! My gut is telling me boy, so I'd especially like to know if I'm right 3 for 3. With my second, I never even looked for boys' names--I just knew. With my first we had names picked for both but I knew she was a girl too, hehe.

lil.pigz - 252 days ago
My husband doesnt want to know the gender, in other words, Im not supposed to know either,lol. I want to know though! No real reason, we already have girls and a boy and tons of stuff for each gender, but I just have ZERO patience,lol. And I would like to get a headstart on the HUGE name battle that will begin and last until birth:)

tlc - 252 days ago
Jackie - I'm glad you are finding out the gender. So many of you are keeping me in suspense!!!

stublit - 252 days ago
My doc does the anatomy scan at 22 weeks as well. She said you can see the heart better. I won't be finding out the gender though!!!

kristen27 - 252 days ago
I have my sono in 2 weeks. Can't wait to see baby but we aren't going to find out the sex.

tnt-surprisebaby2 - 252 days ago
Yeah, I'm feeling the stress and nerves on if my baby is healthy and developing properly, even though my doctor said everything looks great so far. So I'm praying my little baby is okay and it would be nice if s/he didn't have her/his legs crossed! lol. Lil-i would go crazy of I had to wait until 22 weeks! I felt like it'd been forever already so far lol. oh...I'm pretty sure I've felt the baby move today, but not positive since it's so faint...

jackie87 - 252 days ago
My U/S is in 10 days--I'm cautiously excited and hoping my baby is healthy first and foremost. If the little one cooperates, I'll find out the gender too!

lil.pigz - 253 days ago
jackie87 & kristen27-Yay!You made it:)...tnt-surprisebaby2- I wont find out gender until probably 22 weeks from what everyone else told me about this new DR's office:( I have a regular appointment Tuesday, so I am hoping he schedules me sooner than later for the scan!!

tnt-surprisebaby2 - 253 days ago
Went to the doctor today and got a lovely pap smear lol but I also set up an ultrasound appointment for Wednesday morning, yaaaay! Has anyone found out the sex of their baby yet? I'm planning a gender reveal party when I (hopefully) find out next week :)

kristen27 - 253 days ago
hey Jackie!! =]

jackie87 - 253 days ago
Hey Kristen and Lil! Seems like it's been slow in here. Luckily we're all catching up now!

kristen27 - 253 days ago
hello week 17!!

lil.pigz - 254 days ago
17 weeks today! For once unexpectedly,lol. Im so far off on dates lately but I just noticed my profile said 17 weeks so I am stoked:) Unfortunately it was 9 days ago that someone last posted here...sheesh.

cowgirl211 - 263 days ago
Hello ladies. I haven't been on here in awhile. This week we find out what we are having (Friday) Im super excited. Other than that I have been having horrible headaches and this week seems to be worse. Also, for the first time yesterday I noticed I would get shaky and light headed after every meal. Im really worried about that, will ask the doctor tomorrow if this is normal? I take Zofran for nausea (without it im deathly ill!) I really hope this isn't a sign of low blood sugar or something else. I'm going to see how I do today after each meal. Fingers crossed it was just a weird thing yesterday!

vickiessecret - 264 days ago
Off to week 18 tomorrow! :)

susieq2582 - 264 days ago
Casanova - You will find yourself with the same immense love that you feel for your daughter. The hard part is that you also love your other child so much. I remember crying in the hospital when my older son came to visit. He missed me so much at home, and I felt so bad that he couldn't stay with us and the new baby. Funny thing is his memory of that time is so different. He is excited for this baby to come because it means him and his brother get to go stay with Grandma while I am in the hospital. He cracks me up!

susieq2582 - 264 days ago
JDH - I totally relate to your emotional response to this pregnancy. This is also my third, and I have two boys already. However, this pregnancy is completely different. Almost everything makes me want to cry. I almost cried watching a video of my son doing a lesson at school that they showed us during parent teacher conferences. Commercials, kids singing in church, all makes me tear up. The really strange part is my inability to tolerate people. I feel like my head is going to explode whenever I have to deal with somebody who is acting stupid. I am hoping I go back to my normal self after baby arrives.

JDH - 266 days ago
I think my issue is that I am a private person. With my first, I knew I didn't want anyone but my husband at the hospital and I didn't want any visitors until we got home. Now, we are on our third and she is still asking to come along to ultrasounds, and be at the hospital when the baby is born. She doesn't just ask though. She keeps going and tries to make my husband and I feel guilty about our decisions. Which makes me not even want to talk to the entire family about the pregnancy because nothing will ever please them. Oh well! I love my husband, and will respect his family to t he best of my abilities :) Sorry for the long post!!

casanova - 266 days ago
thanks for the advice JDH- I hope my heart doubles because right now I feel bad because I only have feelings for my daughter. maybe once I start to feel more pregnant I will enjoy this pregnancy more. Sorry about your feelings towards your extended family but I so understand how you feel. my mother in law annoys me sometimes even though I know she is a lot of help. I don't know if it happens to you but sometimes they can give some comments that can really bug you even though they don't mean to be offensive.

JDH - 266 days ago
Also, I've been feeling so different with this pregnancy (my 3rd). Not just physically, but more of an emotional way. I don't like to talk to people about it, I get annoyed when they ask about the sex, due date, and all that jazz. And I can't STAND my Mother in law! I hate that I have these feelings towards my husbands family because I know they care about me, and I probably sound like a real B with an ITCH. Maybe it's just because it's my 3rd and i'm busy with the boys everyday. I haven't really had a ton of free time since finding out I was pregnant to just ENJOY it. I probably don't make any sense to anyone right now but it's just been a strange last few months! Maybe it's my RAGING pregnancy hormones! I cry when I watch TV commercials!

JDH - 266 days ago
Casanova-Your heart just doubles in size :) It's really an amazing thing. Of course, your first always has that special spot as your FIRST but each child will always be special in their own way. When we were thinking about getting pregnant again, I wasn't excited to have a baby, I was excited to think about the next little PERSON I was going to meet and was going to join our family. I hope it's true what they say about going from 1 to 2 is the hardest and 2 to 3 is easier :)

casanova - 266 days ago
I was just remembering the last time I was on this site and how worried and anxious I was because it was my first pregnancy. during this pregnancy I have been more calm about the pregnancy. I still don't feel pregnant since I am not showing and I weighed myself again today and I am still not gaining any weight. last night as I was laying in bed and had my hand over my tummy I felt some small kicks. that made this pregnancy so much more real. for all you moms who have more than 1 baby I have a question. I look at my baby daughter and she is my world, and I wonder, will I be able to have room in my heart to love this new baby? and will I love him/her as much as I love my daughter?

Maybe1more - 266 days ago
Thank you everyone. I will let you all know if anything else comes of it. I am going to get my police report next week and hopefully won't here another word about it. I was driving our 'winter beater' and it only had minimum coverage so I know I won't get anything for mine. Her company made it sound like they wanted me to be responsible for her deductible. I don't understand why they care so much who pays the deductible. Ira I can't believe they would make you go out. It has been bitterly cold here as well. School was cancelled Thurs and Friday. This winter has been the worst one I can ever remember.

julz - 267 days ago
Maybe1More - I agree have your insurance company fight for you. I am an auto claims adjuster, there is no way you are 100% to blame. You have the right of way as you are on the main roadway. Definately don't let them push you around, get your insurance company involved!! PM me if you have any questions or need any advise. Good Luck!

susieq2582 - 267 days ago
Maybe1More - Have your insurance company fight for you. I was in an accident in a parking lot almost two years ago, and I was deemed at fault because I was backing out of a parking space into the right of way while the other driver was driving in the right of way. I was pissed because I am pretty sure he was texting and didn't see me as I had been stopped sticking out of the spot. BUT, the lesson I learned was that the person backing up is the one at fault. You were in the right of way, so the other driver should have yielded to you.

casanova - 267 days ago
oh my goodness ira!! be safe!!! its starting to warm up down here. today we should be around 70 - 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I despise the cold weather.

ira456 - 267 days ago
Sorry to hear about your rough time maybe1more. Im getting ready to go drive my bus and its -41 degrees Celsius outside. All the other buses cancelled but I have to drive unless its -45. We have different contractors.

lila2cute:-) - 267 days ago
Maybe- I'm just reading the blog and I'm sorry to hear what an awe foul week your having ((hugs)).

lila2cute:-) - 267 days ago
Yay to week 17 :) thank goodness!!! 23 more weeks to this bean is cooked <3 I can't wait and I hope she is a girl ;)

funtimemum80 - 267 days ago
Maybe, sorry to hear you're having a tough few days, the car issue is so frustrating, there are so many poo drivers out there yet it's others that get the brunt of their mistakes!! As for your son, I have to say I have met too many narrow minded adults when it comes to behaviour issues, I have two autistic children, one was 'testing' the other as quiet as can be, in fact she has mutisim and rarely talks. My eldest son who was deemed all sorts, trouble, mental, no good, grew up and became an A star student with a healthy attitude to life, he is going places and i couldn't be more proud. However the mums that signed petitions to kick my son out of the schools and nurserys are now dealing with their children growing into drug users, thieves ect... they didn't want to understand that my son was learning the hard way, that maybe the frustrations he showed were for a reason, so I guess eventually tables were turned. it will get easier, slowly and eventually things will get better : ))

Sue23 - 268 days ago
maybe1more glad all of u was ok .. as for ur son i wounder why teachers key workers never wanna take children with behavior issues surely the should understand that children needs routine stimulation and consistancy theres more stucture in nurserys etc (daycare) and its what children need not been thrown out my son has suspected adhd verbally diagnosed but has to wait till 7 for full writtan diagnosis

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