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You are 17 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's weight has doubled in two weeks and now weighs about 3.5 ounces! The crown-to-rump length of your growing baby is 4.4 to 4.8 inches. If you spread your hand out opened wide, you can see about how big your baby is.

Your uterus is moving up and is now approximately 1.5 to 2 inches below your navel. You are showing more now and there is a noticeable swelling in your abdomen. At this point in your pregnancy, a 5 to 10 pound weight gain is normal. Other people can probably feel the difference in your lower abdomen if they were to rub your tummy. To be the most comfortable, you should be wearing maternity clothes or clothing that is too large for you. You may have felt your baby move already. However, you might not feel it move every day at this point. As your pregnancy progresses, movements become stronger and more frequent. Feeling your baby move can help reassure you that your baby is doing well. You might also notice that your gums or nose bleed occasionally. This is from the increased blood volume that puts pressure on small blood vessels and capillaries.

Huge changes continue to take place within your developing baby. This week fat begins to form and will continue to do so until he is born. Fat is important to the body's heat production and metabolism. Right now, at 17 weeks, water makes up about 3 ounces and fat 0.018 ounces of your baby's body. In a baby at term, fat makes up about 5.25 pounds of the total average weight of 7.7 pounds. The placenta is continuing to grow at an amazing rate. The placenta will continue to develop in tandem with the fetus and it will weigh more than a pound at birth! By this week, the placenta is large and well established with a network of blood vessels that exchange nutrients and waste.

The eyes are facing more forward. The ears are now close to their final position.

Your baby is more flexible with ability to move head, mouth, lips, arms, wrists, hands, legs, feet, and toes.

Fingerprints are forming now.

Comments on week 17

Comments 351-399 of about 702 from week 17
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casanova - 159 days ago
how is everyone today??

casanova - 159 days ago
hello megalo!! looks like things are going better. except for the fact that its a sunday and I have to be at work... :(

ira456 - 159 days ago
Yay! 3 more weeks and we're half way!

megalo - 160 days ago
Hi there week 17. How are you doing Casanova?

casanova - 161 days ago
week 17!!!!

rawrawbeans - 170 days ago
I know, I don't know where everyone went. I am going to find out. I could have found out last week but my hubby schedule is crazy so I have to wait till the 27 :(. I don't even really know how far along I am I kind of think I'm further,I have to wait for the ultrasound that keeps moving in the wrong direction haha. My placenta probably really low I'm thinking. I'm getting really sick again at night last night I threw up twice. I guess my morning sickness is never going to go away completely. But that's okay, as long as I get my baby in the end. ;)

Babyjarr - 172 days ago
I've been so super hungry for the past few days. It's just crazy how much I can eat and still be hungry. I'm feeling baby every once in a while but nothing too strong and definitely can't see anything on the outside. Perhaps the placenta is right on the front of my belly. Rawraw, it looks like it's just you and me actually writing stuff on here. Are you finding out what your having or will you keep it a secret until the big day? My ultrasound is on the 19th and I really want to find out but my husband doesn't want to.

rawrawbeans - 174 days ago
Week 17 yay! I have been feeling the baby move and I can see it move from the outside. my stomach isn't poking out very much at all so I'm guessing I have the hulk in there haha. The baby moves every time my hubby talks to it so I know it can hear now. I love it!!! Finally feeling a little better as well, so I'm heading into the best part of pregnancy now. :)

secondprincessonway - 180 days ago
Found out I am team pink again :)

25momof3tobe4 - 181 days ago
Its a boy!!

charcharsuperstar - 183 days ago
Ladies, I am devistated. Went in for a routine visit today & no longer have a heartbeat. The baby passed a week ago or so. I am just in shock. I go to the hospital tomorrow to 'deliver' . He was a boy. I am speechless. Sincerely , I wish you ladies luck with your pregnancies and hope you all have healthy babies. Xoxox

25momof3tobe4 - 183 days ago
Hi all hopefully everyone is doing good. my hypermesis is going strong I've lost almost 60lbs so far this pregnancy. i miss being able to eat or keep anything down. we go Saturday to see if it is a boy or girl. doesn't matter to us we have 6,3yr old daughters and a 22mo old son. just want a healthy baby :)

ilovemybelly - 184 days ago
smiles884: I think that if you CAN be financially stable then you should stay home with the kids for a while, since you are having twins and already have a 2 year old. i will be going back to work because we cannot rely on my husbands income only. About you gaining weight, i feel like a cow!! I have gained 13 pounds and i feel huge. I try to eat as healthy as possible but i dont know why i feel so fat. with my daughter i didnt feel like this and my belly was waaay smaller. my plan is that as soon as i give birth and the doc tells me its ok to exercise and diet, i will get to it so i can get back to my regular weight. I suggest you try to eat healthy, buy healthy food so when you feel the urge to eat, you eat something healthy, fruit, nuts, wheat crackers, low fat yogurt. oops, sorry for this long comment. LOL. Hope you have a great pregnancy and keep us posted. Take Care

ilovemybelly - 185 days ago
a.stormer: Congratulations on your pregnancy! I think its normal to feel like that at the beginning of your pregnancy because you were not expecting it at all but a new baby is always a blessing. You are very young but if it makes you feel any better, you are going to be a young mommy and when your kids are older, you are still going to be young and thats a good thing, think of it that way! :-) I hope you get better soon! I have a 5 year old and currently pregnant and i fell early in my pregnancy and i didnt know i was pregnant, ive had horrible back pain but its always a happy time when i see my lil bundle on an ultrasound and i always like to think that Its all for a good cause. I wish you the best, keep us updated with your progress. Take Care.

onbabyfour - 188 days ago
stormer...I cn relate to you. I got pregnant by a broken condom with someone I was only dating for 2 months, found out after 3 months when I was 4 weeks. We have been together for 6.5 months now and got engaged a couple weeks before Christmas. I thought I was done but wsn't sure enough to get fixed. and I'm really not happy in this relationship and have been depressed. To be honest I'm not real happy with any of my situation though I just keep thinking of what a blessing a baby is and it helps me be more excited for the little one. I hope everything works out for you and you start feeling better soon. My sister went through the sickness and being hospitalized for dehydration, sorry you are experiencing that.

jamie86 - 189 days ago
A.stormer- congrats on your pregnancy. Sorry you've had such a hard time with it though. My husband lost his job right before I got pregnant. Totally wasn't trying and was completely shocked by it. He still hasn't found a job yet so we have really been struggling so I can understand coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy. This will be my 4th and I sometime don't know how we are going to make it but I know we will :) . I hope your HG gets better for you. - 189 days ago
Hello all...ive been reading comments for a week now just decided to join the conversation...I have 1 daughter she is 2yrs old and pregnant with my 2nd its been really hard for me to come to terms With This pregnancy because it was such a surprise...I was on birth control im only 22 still in school and so much going on and on top of everything this pregnancy is not going well I have hyperemisis ive been hospitalized twice already but all in all im just trying to get excited for my new bundle so I got on this site to share some of my hard times and happy times youre comments and seeing the Excitement has really brought me over hump I was scared I wouldnt get overĀ 

jamie86 - 190 days ago
Smiles- after my 2nd I decided to stay home. My mom had moved and she always watched our first for free and knowing I would pay more for daycare for 2 then I would make it just didn't make sense to go back. Now I'm going to school part time but I will be able to take the kids to family near by since it's only 3 hours 2 days a week.

amberc88 - 190 days ago
smiles-i wont be going back to work, it will be harder financially,but i dont trust to put a newborn in daycare, plus with how much it costs for 2 kid in daycare its not even worth it. i wouldnt b making enough to even help out with anything. So im excited to be able to finally stay home, i wish i could have stayed home after i had my daughter, but we just werent in a position to do that, but i will get to at least be with her now and this lil man. :)

smiles884 - 191 days ago
For all the working ladies, what are your plans for after baby is born? I am trying to decided and am REALLY leaning towards not going back to work (esp. since i'm having twins and my other son will be 2) but afraid that financially we won't be able to swing it...

smiles884 - 191 days ago
I'm afraid I will be gaining weight now : ( been so stressed and bored with my job that I eat, even when it doesn't interest me... need to stop that! lol I feel random kicks/movement here and there... I too am looking forward to it being more consistant-gives me peace of mind being able to feel them : )

jamie86 - 191 days ago
I've gained 10lbs so far, was hoping to keep the weight gain at around 20lbs total because I worked hard to lose weight last year but I'm thinking now a 30lb weight gain will be my goal.

onbabyfour - 191 days ago
I still am just feeling light flutters or bubbles. nothing big. last night I had a bath and there was a hard lump sticking up on the right side of my belly. Not sure if baby was in a ball or butt was sticking up but it was def in that one spot. As far as eating I don't have much of an appetite and I have food adversions which I've never had. No cravings really at all. Probably explains why I haven't gained weight yet. I'm not complaining though because I gained 50 with my girls and 40 lbs with my son (only b/c I had gest. diabetes, and had to limit sweets). I'm hoping to not gain anymore than 30. I have extra weight anyway so I don't think it's an issue. I'm 165lbs right now.

amberc88 - 191 days ago
yea i feel ya there. Im glad im not the only one that doesnt have major movement going on. even tho i know he is there and fine, its just sooo nice being to have all the movement for reassurance

jamie86 - 191 days ago
Amber- I feel movement some but not regularly. I also think my placenta is up front and over to the right side so most movement I do feel is over on the left. As for my cravings, here lately I haven't had any. When I want something its usually the only thing I am interested in eating and everything else just makes me gag.

amberc88 - 191 days ago
Good morning girls! Have any of you felt movement yet? like more than the slight random flutters? Im thinking my placenta is in the front this time or i have a super lazy baby! When i was pregnant with my daughter i started feeling her almost regularly at 14 weeks and by 15-16 weeks it was strong enough to be seen and for my hubby to feel! This time im only a couply days shy of 18 weeks and really not feeling much of anything. maybe felt some flutter 2-3 times this week. always stresses me out lol, i know all pregnancies are different, i just thought i would be feeling him more by now! When ever ilisten to him on the doppler he is alllll over the place. I thought i would have felt it for sure! With my Daughter the placenta was in the back so the doc said that was prolly why i felt her so soon. Guess i will have to wait a couple more weeks for my ultrasound so i can ask the tech my millions of questions! Sorry to ramble, just been the only thing on my mind the last week or so! and as far as cravings nothing really. some things sound good others dont. some things that sounds good i want nothing to do with once they are in front of me. just doesnt feel like anything can leave me feeling satisfied. where as with my daughter a bowl of a certain cereal was like winning the lottery hahaha. I also am a MAJOR junk food junkie, but i cant handle sweets, they dont even sound good, and i instantly get sick if i try to eat them anywyas. Wish i could be more like this when im not prego lol! Well ladies have a good rest of the day! I work at a computer so im on here alllll day! hope to hear from you soon :)

smiles884 - 192 days ago
almost everything and anything salty sounds good to me : ) no sweets though-which is completely different from the usual me! lol So I figure I am prob. roughly half way now... doubtful that I will make it to 40 weeks, being that I am carrying twins, but am hoping and planning to keep 'em in as long as possible-hoping to make it to 36-37 weeks : )

Duffy - 192 days ago
Hello week 17! At the moment the thing I have been really wanting is Mars Bars! I think it is the caramel part'

smiles884 - 193 days ago
lisset...sounds like you needed to gain back some weight! I too have been craving a lot of salty things, versus my normal, insistent craving for sweets. do you know what you're having yet? maybe this means boy? lol who knows...

lisset005 - 195 days ago
Had a OB visit this week, I gained 7 Lbs since my last visit a month ago!! What the....that bring me to a grand total of 8 lbs. which isn't horrible! I have had the worst morning sickness and it just started letting up this month and I have been eating In N Out Burger far too often! I can't help it!! Usually I'm a sweets girl, but all I want is pickles, and chiles, and buffalo strips!! Mmmm making me hungry thinking about it!

amberc88 - 196 days ago
yay week 17!! :)

pugdunn - 200 days ago
Hello Weeks 17!!!!!

purplelizard270 - 203 days ago
Also discovered that I've still not gained a single pound! I had lost 5 and still holding at that -5. Snowrider, I'm desperate for a girl and I only have one boy, so I can imagine your frustration! Blame it on your hubby for not giving you the boy!

purplelizard270 - 203 days ago
Well, doctor agreed to an ultrasound and said he wouldn't charge me, but the ultrasound tech would and I would have to pay her around 50, so I decided to wait. I have my ultrasound scheduled for the 29th of this month. Excited! We are planning our gender reveal party now. 19 days away and I'm on count down!

snowrider54 - 203 days ago
Honestly, I am going to be a little disappointed if we find out we're having another girl because we cannot come up with another girl name that we like for the life of us! We have a boy name picked out that we really like so I'm hoping and praying we finally get our boy! Don't get me wrong, we will love our new little one, regardless of the gender, but I don't want to name another girl with a name I only kind of like.

littlemamaof3 - 203 days ago
Purple - Good luck with your ultrasound! I hope they look for you! I have gained about 10lbs so far but my appetite is decreasing now. I haven't gained any weight in the last month at all. Congrats Shalesha and good luck with picking names. It is so hard.

jackimn - 204 days ago
I have gained 15 pounds. No cravings....just eating a lot. Looks like a couple of us are having ultra sounds on June 20th. ok moving on to week 18!

purplelizard270 - 204 days ago
I've not gained much, but what I have is definitely all in my stomach. Thankful for that. I had already gained around 12-15 lbs with my first pregnancy at this point. Hoping this one stays at a minimum so I don't have as much to lose. I'm sure it will be harder to work out with two little ones in the house. Doctor today... Let's see if I can talk him into an ultrasound! :)

terriann20 - 204 days ago
Where is everyone carrying there bby weight my bump isnt that big but alot of weight gain has gone to my hips and bum xx

terriann20 - 204 days ago
Congrats shalesha. Im not having any cravings but so hungry all the time and can eat anything thaf smells good not been a bright idea though as I think ive gained 2 stone since becoming pregnant :( if I dont eat something that I enjoy then I feel ill all day its just a no one. XX

purplelizard270 - 204 days ago
Sounds like a lot of people are having boys! I'm still at least 3 weeks away from finding out the gender and it's killing me!!

shalesha28 - 204 days ago
Thanks snowrider!! The great debate over names has started in my house!

sarahd - 204 days ago
17 weeks- so exciting over here.

snowrider54 - 204 days ago
shalesha - How exciting! Congrats! I can hardly wait until our ultrasound on Jan 20 to find out if we're having another girl or if we'll finally have a boy!

shalesha28 - 205 days ago
Found out today that its a BOY!!!!!! 17W 1D

purplelizard270 - 205 days ago
Well, I've noticed my appetite has definitely picked up. I believe I've gained around 3 lbs so far, but I suppose that number will rise more quickly now. Anyone have specific cravings yet? I've been wanting my grandmothers banana pudding like crazy!!

terriann20 - 206 days ago
Thank you for the tips ladies I will definately give it a go. Hope the pain eases up for u. I also only feel movements occassionally not everyday but its mainly late evening with mine. Also still suffering insomnia its currently 3.20 am and now im sooooo hungry :( xxx

purplelizard270 - 206 days ago
Terriann, I drank orange juice the night before my ultrasound and then on the way to my ultrasound the next morning. I also ate jelly on a biscuit. Baby was so active that they couldn't get any accurate measurements. I noticed the rest of my pregnancy that if I drank OJ or ate jelly that the baby was soooo active. Now this time I ate jelly the other day and the baby was moving around for hours afterwards. Good luck!

littlemamaof3 - 206 days ago
Purple - When I was pregnant with my 2nd my ligaments stretching hurting soooo bad that I ended up going to the hospital because I knew something was wrong. It is so much more painful each pregnancy, at least for me it is. Terriann - drink orange juice a half hour before your appt. I have done that with all my kids and each time they are active and their legs are moving so it's easy to see! Good luck!

purplelizard270 - 206 days ago
Snowrider I'm not feeling much movement either. I only feel the baby every few days. My main concern right now is that I'm hurting really bad. My lower right stomach seems like it's in constant pain. Has me pretty worried. I went to stand up from the kitchen table a few minutes ago and doubled over in pain. It's random sharp pain. I know the ligaments are stretching but I don't remember it being like this with my first. Only light pain every few days. I go to the doctor Friday so I'm going to ask then. And maybe they will make me feel a little better about the baby and do an ultrasound!

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