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You are 21 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's blood circulation is completely functional. The umbilical cord system continues to grow and thicken as blood travels with considerable force through the body to nurture the baby. The placenta is now almost equal in size to the baby.

Your baby will be getting much larger during the second half of your pregnancy. Your baby's crown-to-rump length at this time is 7.2 inches and she weighs approximately 10.5 ounces. Your growing baby is about the size of a large banana. You should be able to feel your uterus about a half of an inch above your navel. Your weight gain so far will be around 10 to 15 pounds.

As your baby begins to lay down more fat, your weight will also increase. During the next 10 weeks, you will gain about half of the total gain for your entire pregnancy. Strangers can now tell that you are pregnant! You might notice an increase in appetite because you need 500 more calories a day to support your charged up metabolism. It is best to avoid processed foods or foods high in fat, calories or sugar. Some women also get strong cravings for foods. If you notice a craving for something unhealthy, you should contact your doctor. Craving for unusual things is known as pica. Some women crave cigarette ashes, charcoal, beer and other non-food items during this time.

Your baby's different organs and systems are maturing. The fetal digestive system is functioning in a simple way and your baby can swallow amniotic fluid. After your baby swallows the amniotic fluid, she is able to absorb water and sugars from the fluid and then the waste is passed as far as the large bowel. Your baby swallows the amniotic fluid in order to prepare itself for life outside of the womb. Some babies consume as much as 17 ounces of amniotic fluid in a 24-hour period. Your baby already has a high number of red blood cells and the white blood cells are beginning to be produced. Taste buds are being formed on your baby's tongue this week also.

Don't be surprised if your legs and feet become swollen throughout the day. You should try to get off of your feet some throughout the day and prop your legs up. If you notice a substantial amount of swelling, you should contact your healthcare provider for evaluation.

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1st.time.momma - 26 days ago
Hey ladies I know a few people couldnt find the facebook group so heres a link - 31 days ago
NICOLA2010 - Never hurts to ask maybe they will get you in to see him again! My son was not a very active baby..and I know for sure at 22 weeks I didn't feel him nearly as much as I'm feeling this peanut..I think they are all just different! I'm easily annoyed as well lol! Off to week 22 today woo hoo!

NICOLA2010 - 32 days ago hi! glad ur doing ok.. im doing alright my symptom people r easily pissing me off lol! feeling good other then tired.. my baby sill barely moves! i may try n sneak an ultrasound in.. tell them i dont feel the baby. what u reckon?

NICOLA2010 - 32 days ago
konepich.. not sure.. u get them whnever starting around nowi just happen to get them when i lay down to flat on my back right now.. they say if ur a lil dehydrated u also get them.. i had a bug last week an had tons of braxton hicks even when standing.. i will get thme if highly stressed say if im yelling at the kids but i try not let it get tht bad - 32 days ago
Sorry I've been so quiet Life's been busy and I almost forgot to check in oops! No Braxton hicks for me..I never had them with my first either maybe I'll be lucky!! How is everyone doing? I'm the same..pregnant haha my back is sore, heart burn, etc. but little miss is moving all the time so thats a fun part! I have to go back on October 7th for a repeat ultrasound because my little peanut has proven to be a busy little girl and they had trouble AGAIN getting the scans they need..ahh well I'm happy I get to see her again!!! Off to week 22 tomorrow..I agree NICOLA it's slowing down a bit..but I'm okay with that..I had a weird realization that in just 4 1/2 months time I will have this baby here and I'm not ready by any means!

konepich - 33 days ago
Nicola- mine are very minor but often. It happens in any position I am in. Not sure when they're suppose to occur.

NICOLA2010 - 33 days ago
konepich yes started getting braxton hicks a week ago.. its not too bad mostly when i lay ln my back..

konepich - 33 days ago
Are you ladies experiencing early braxton hicks?

NICOLA2010 - 35 days ago
just wanna squeeze my baby, soo much already soo impatient! 4 months to go.. once we get to 30 weeks it will feel closer.. then i be complaining im uncomfy lol.. its like im trying to make most of this pregnancy and same time wanna hold him soo much.. i think also now my son isalmost 2 he dknt really cuddle anymore.. and im getting withdrawal symptoms lol.. its different when thy r a toddler thy r so busy and naughty and have so mich to learn.

NICOLA2010 - 37 days ago
totally over did it today... tommrow i need to take it bit mode easy.. hows everyone else doing quiet on here

NICOLA2010 - 37 days ago
so im feeling kicks more i feel them in my cervix area lol.. i dont feel at the front.. sometimes the side but mostly in my cervix its like hes jumping on my cervix and trying to find his way out lol! kinda annoying the placenta is at front oh well lol! i really want another ulfrasound 3d one but for like $150!

NICOLA2010 - 38 days ago yay week it me though kinda feels like pregnancy starting to slow down.. i know i go on about it alot but i still dont feel kicks its like i use to but not anymore.. i think i feel one faint kick a day thats it.. im hoping cos thr placenta this is what i said weeks ago i wont be able to feel anything.. i know in prob about anotjer 5 to 7 weeks the kicks eill be stabbing me in the sides.. just right now not very reasuring - 38 days ago
Hello week 21!

klawest2 - 53 days ago
I created a Facebook group for all IAP mamas who are due in 2015 :) search 'IAP 2015' and request to be added! I was a part of the IAP 2012 Facebook group and still keep up with lots of the mamas I met there!

lissie**** - 64 days ago
oh how exciting!!! See you can make girls! Lol ;) At least that is how we kind of feel. Our last 3 were boys and now a girl :) (though our oldest is a girl and so this will be our second girl. It's just been a while)

mybabyshane01 - 64 days ago
I have three amazing little boys..we found out at 18 weeks that we are expecting our very first little princess!!!

lissie**** - 70 days ago
congratulations on your third girl! :) I am big already also. Miserable already. BH, round ligament, pulling ab muscles, the list goes on. Oh wow that sounds awful that you are having such a battle with anemia/and or bleeding. It takes all your energy. It did for me anyway.

deebo - 72 days ago
Found out I am having a third little girl!! Super active little one, too. Anyone else extremely huge already?? The steering wheel in my car is already touching my belly. I am getting weekly b12 shots, and taking iron daily.. don't want a blood transfusion:( I refused one in February, as well. In the process of unpacking my house (moved into a smaller home) and it's killing me! I folded all the little baby clothes, blankets, bibs, burp cloths.. ahh I can't wait to get my place in order, so baby sister will have her own little area (in my room! I love Cosleeping) So over these b12 shots though, my arm is dead!!

lissie**** - 73 days ago
congrats on your girl confirmation :) Glad you getting the bag you wanted. It feels good sometimes to get that item we really want!

jh1983 - 73 days ago
Had my anatomy scan today and found out for sure that I'm having a girl :) and since DH didn't get to go to scan he said I should get a diaper bag I've been wanting but didn't want to spend the money on (especially since I had a free one from a friend). But oh man is it soo cute!! Not to mention it was on clearance from target just bc it was an online item :) woo hoo!!!

lissie**** - 80 days ago
Juliesmom/ glad your first was only 7.5! HOpe your next is reasonably sized too. My first was just under 7. They just kept getting bigger for me! Ridiculously bigger. Same thing happened to my mom. I asked if she ate poor choices or gained a ton of weight or started out bigger she was stick woman and gained on the low end of normal (like 25 pounds). So idk what our family's issue with big babies is but I hope you don't follow my trend!

Juliemom24 - 83 days ago
Lissie, we didn't get any newborn clothes for dd because my husband and I were both HUGE babies. It was such a shock when she came out at at seven and a half. I made runs to the store for her but it was really fun. Metal-Mommy, moving is no fun! It's really exciting to go house shopping though. I am constantly on Zillow looking for homes although my husband and I have decided we want to wait a year to get to know the area before we buy. Good luck!

lissie**** - 83 days ago
And ouch, yes I have a 3 year old and mine can be rough so I believe you when you say he punched you hard. Mine more kicks but I've been lucky so far to avoid anything too bad.

lissie**** - 83 days ago
Hello Metal-mommy :) I have had to move 2x with every pregnancy except this one. We finally were able to stay in one city for long enough that we are settled in here and have been since late 2012. But I could never nest in the past b/c seriously moving during pregnancy makes it hard to feel ready! Hopefully you will get things figured out and be in your home before you LO arrives! I hope you have help getting settled in once you do! IT will be so nice to be in your new home though! More room for your family :)

Metal-Mommy - 84 days ago
Hey ladies! Its been a while for me! But here i am! I am in process of shopping for a bigger house and selling my current one. I think this process has killed any urged for nesting that i may have had for the next hundred years! lol I have also been recovering from getting punched in my belly by a strong 3 year old! Good news the baby is wonderful! We decided on calling her Summer!!

lissie**** - 85 days ago
I sprayed the bin twice and then got the clothing out but left the bin in the garage. It was awful! I think I am nesting early this time.I have diapers, and spend 65 total now in clothing after finding awesome sales :) I am waiting to get nb size til after she comes just in case she is big like my boys and skips that size! Speaking of my boys I still hear them talking and it's 11PM! It must have been the candy/pizza/rootbeer I spoiled them with for our 'movie night'. Sleep kids sleep!!

Juliemom24 - 86 days ago
I think nesting is starting to kick in. I have little bow ties, burp clothes and a blanket on my list. I haven't quite got to the doing part yet. Maybe it's because I'm afraid they won't turn out as cute as they are in my mind!

Juliemom24 - 86 days ago
Yuuuuuuck! I seriously hate spiders! I wouldn't have touched that box either! I'm excited to go through dd clothes and look for gender neutral clothes. I know there are a few things.

lissie**** - 86 days ago
OH and I couldn't get to the biggest bin b/c there was a nest with a Black Widow in it in my garage!!! EEEEK!! We've been battling them in our yard etc since we moved in :( But this year has been RIDICULOUS. They are mostly outside thank goodness but I saw several young BW in my garage this week :(

lissie**** - 86 days ago
I finally went and purchased some girl clothing yesterday :) It was fun. I also went through most of my older baby girl clothing. I don't have much left as I had 3 boys in a row since and didn't know that we'd have another girl. We got rid of some things. dang it!

Juliemom24 - 86 days ago
I'm hoping we are really having a boy because I can't stop it with the boy clothes... I also have a few things from I was pregnant with dd since my 'mother intuition' told me she would be a boy. haha. I told myself I would wait till my 25 week ultrasound to make sure but I can't help myself. My poor husband.

lissie**** - 94 days ago
Thanks april and begin.again. It most likely will move up. Just had major issues with this before and it is sucky to know that i have it again. But I really am not too worried until the next ultrasound or if i actually have bleeding. //begin.again// I would absolutely had having my dates off like that! How frustrating. you'd think it would be worked out by now!

begin.again - 94 days ago
My level 2 ultrasound went well!! The baby is healthy and everything looks great!! :) Based on my last period I should be 22 weeks, according to Dr. due date I should be 20 weeks but I'm measuring at 21 weeks. Not off by too much but I still would like to know my real due date. I'm just happy that the baby is healthy! :)

aprilrose - 94 days ago
:/ I hope it moves up lissie

begin.again - 95 days ago
Lissie- Did your doctor say it was something of concern? At my appt yesterday the doctor told me that my placenta is high up but he said that could change. Is there a chance that the placenta will change for you too? Sorry I'm not really familiar with what is going on with you. I hope everything works out.

begin.again - 95 days ago
Mommy2mason- I started experiencing Braxton Hicks since I was about 18 weeks. I don't get them that often.

lissie**** - 95 days ago
yes I was told yesterday at my anatomy scan that my placenta is very long and covering my cervix :/

blessedlifewithyou - 95 days ago
has anyone been told they have complete previa?

mommy2mason - 95 days ago
Have any of you felt any braxton hicks yet? I swear thats what I am feeling every so often. I don't remember having them so early with my first.

mommy2mason - 95 days ago
Thanks for the road trip ideas ladies. We're traveling from Wisconsin to Tennessee - about 14 hours. beginagain: I also have a large round lump on my left side - right by my belly button. I was told it's baby A, and she is also breech. I don't feel that on the right with baby B. I hope your little stinker cooperates for you at the next appointment! How exciting to see such an active baby though :)

lissie**** - 96 days ago
great ideas for road trips ladies. I do the movie thing and Ipad is a great idea. Books, toys etc too. I bring food that I normally don't get my kids like little bags of chips and fruit snacks. Then when things get really bad I use what I've got. I also pack food like fruit and Pb&J so that it's easy, fast to feed kids and us too. Lots of drinks but only water for the kids so that they won't guzzle it and need to pee every 5 miles! Blanky, pillow pet and loved small toy.

lissie**** - 96 days ago
begin again I felt that big round thing' with my son that was breech. It was definitely more uncomfortable as baby got bigger but I'll bet you are feeling his head! Plenty of time to turn and most babies aren't completely settled into head down position yet anyway.

begin.again - 96 days ago
I think I'm 21 weeks today!! :) I was able to see my baby today!!! I have a very active baby. It is amazing to see how much baby has grown since my last ultrasound (at 14 wks 4 days). I was able to see my baby's feet, hands, and the baby was trying to suck its thumb!! I didn't get any pictures though. The Dr. tried finding out the sex but my baby was moving around too much. :) I have another ultrasound in a couple of days. The ultrasound tech will try to tell me the sex if the baby isn't moving around and I think I will get pictures!! :) I didn't get any pics today because my appt was with the Cardiologist. Baby is healthy and I'm happy. My baby is active all the time- I love it!! Sometimes I'm able to feel this big round thing on one side of my belly. The Dr said that is probably where the baby is at. Has anyone else had this happen before? I hope all you ladies are doing well.

aprilrose - 96 days ago
We load the iPad with movies But only Break it out once everything Else has been exhausted. I get a few books that you can use with dry erase markers (search and find), buy a few new small Toys that you can give every couple Of hours.

letroise11 - 96 days ago
We went from houston to Arizona and the main thing that saved us was the lap top and movies. Good luck!

mommy2mason - 96 days ago
I've been feeling a lot of movement too lately! I forgot how bizarre it feels. I also feel like I've gained 100 pounds in the last 2 days - Meh. This thursday we are taking a road trip with our 4 year old! I'm very excited as this will likely be our last trip as a family of three. The ride is 14 hours - any suggestions on traveling with youngins? :)

lissie**** - 99 days ago
awe it is special :)

jezzicarabbit1 - 99 days ago
I have been feeling so many more movements lately, that is for sure one of the best things about pregnancy.

jezzicarabbit1 - 99 days ago
I have been feeling so many more movements lately, that is for sure one of the best things about pregnancy.

lissie**** - 113 days ago
aksnods// sorry to hear about your gradmas stroke :( I am sure she feels loved with you being there for her. Hope she recovers fully and that you can get some much needed rest. Hugs.

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