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You are 21 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's blood circulation is completely functional. The umbilical cord system continues to grow and thicken as blood travels with considerable force through the body to nurture the baby. The placenta is now almost equal in size to the baby.

Your baby will be getting much larger during the second half of your pregnancy. Your baby's crown-to-rump length at this time is 7.2 inches and she weighs approximately 10.5 ounces. Your growing baby is about the size of a large banana. You should be able to feel your uterus about a half of an inch above your navel. Your weight gain so far will be around 10 to 15 pounds.

As your baby begins to lay down more fat, your weight will also increase. During the next 10 weeks, you will gain about half of the total gain for your entire pregnancy. Strangers can now tell that you are pregnant! You might notice an increase in appetite because you need 500 more calories a day to support your charged up metabolism. It is best to avoid processed foods or foods high in fat, calories or sugar. Some women also get strong cravings for foods. If you notice a craving for something unhealthy, you should contact your doctor. Craving for unusual things is known as pica. Some women crave cigarette ashes, charcoal, beer and other non-food items during this time.

Your baby's different organs and systems are maturing. The fetal digestive system is functioning in a simple way and your baby can swallow amniotic fluid. After your baby swallows the amniotic fluid, she is able to absorb water and sugars from the fluid and then the waste is passed as far as the large bowel. Your baby swallows the amniotic fluid in order to prepare itself for life outside of the womb. Some babies consume as much as 17 ounces of amniotic fluid in a 24-hour period. Your baby already has a high number of red blood cells and the white blood cells are beginning to be produced. Taste buds are being formed on your baby's tongue this week also.

Don't be surprised if your legs and feet become swollen throughout the day. You should try to get off of your feet some throughout the day and prop your legs up. If you notice a substantial amount of swelling, you should contact your healthcare provider for evaluation.

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Baby ali - 10.6 hours ago
tassie- it's good ur okay now and baby is fine :0) take it easy - 11.7 hours ago
I'll post this here and 22 weeks since I've disappeared a few days but follow my week and the week ahead where there's more action :) so I was discharged from er yesterday from a kidney infection, didn't even know I had a uti! Had a 103 fever for 2 days and after Tylenol not keeping the fever down I decided an er visit was in order. Thank god I did. In just 12 hours I feel like a new woman. And baby is fine, felt him moving like an acrobat all day....

Baby ali - 2 days ago
Sarah- I dnt no how u do it lol if I didn't find out it would kill me LOL goodluck with the scan

sarah6485 - 3 days ago
I have my anomaly scan tomo still not finding out the gender though :-) - 3 days ago
there are honestly no distinguishing's just more than colour, no odor, cant even tell you consistency as i just notice that i need to change my panty liner a few times a day....dr i think mentioned something about taking swabs (but he's very hard to understand lol) and then didnt end up doing anything.....just told me to keep an eye out for bleeding. so ill just keep an eye on it and keep track of baby's movements. my next appt is in 3 weeks, not 4 so if im still worried then ill make him check or do swabs or something

Baby ali - 3 days ago
mash1- what type of discharge is it? is it like the discharge that we get b4 period starts? when I check my underwear there's like white stain rather than discharge but it's gone now only get it some times it's like white chalky stain dunno what it is tho - 3 days ago
so i had my dr appt and he's not too worried about the discharge. BUT apparently i have a low lying placenta....he wasnt too worried about that either....said ill have another ultrasound at 32 weeks to check on it....he said it wasn't too bad....only 2.4....and i have no idea what that means lol....also all my ips tests came back normal

monika01 - 3 days ago
had my 3d on sat and was shocked how little and skinny she was !!! i had a 99 % baby bepfre at 3d scan 17 wks she was big chubby… this one small and skinny and yes measuring normal.. i will have to wait till 30 wks to get a chubby baby phto

monika01 - 3 days ago
kristen and oppsi ~ i am NOt small at all and i didn't have enough milk… hope this time i will have more

oopixiesticks - 3 days ago
Babyali- were going to have mamas boys ! Lol im just as excited and shocked that itl be a whole other experience and to see how he interacts with his sisters and vise versa

oopixiesticks - 3 days ago
Kristen-i never had a problem with breastfeeding or having enough milk. My baby was a milk addict! And im small i have barely any breast tissue i dont think that would be a reason i heard it depends on the baby to make enough milk for themselves the more they feed the more milk u will produce and same if they feed less then u make less. But pumping can definetly be hard esp when baby drinks up from u and time is limited to pump once more comes in

kristen27 - 3 days ago
Tlc - you said you have to work extra hard to have enough milk bc your small? So am I and I busted my butt trying to breastfeed my first and I just never knew why I wasn't producing enough. So is that a fact that small women do that have as much milk?

sarah6485 - 4 days ago
I keep suffering migraines there really not nice and stop me in my tracks not suffered them before, I'm feeling baby more amd more still nothing major but hiccups wiggles slight movements has to be the softess baby by far haha maybe a good thing as my tummy muscles are overly stretched and sore. Keep feeling a ripping senatation behind my bellybutton ouch anyone feel this?

sarah6485 - 4 days ago
Extra discharge is normal around this time of pregnancy aslong as its not itchy or smelly or green. Ive noticed mine increase its white milky just wear a liner if to gets to heavy. It's your vaginas way of keeping everything clean in there. - 4 days ago
so for the past little while ive had some weird just seems like my panty liner is always wet. so i have an appt tomorrow morning but i called my ob today to see if i could get in today instead....BUT he's only in this morning and has no room for only other option is going to hospital to get checked out....and that's not possible as i have my 2 kids i would have to bring with me....guess ill just have to wait for tomorrow and hope for the best

tlc - 6 days ago
ok - I know I tried to reassure those having cramping sensations. I feel a heavy pressure in my uterus right now, and it's disconcerting. It doesn't feel out of the ordinary of what I have occasionally felt. Baby boy is kicking around simultaneously, so I'm trying to focus on that. Its probably nothing but I wish it would go away!

Baby ali - 6 days ago
oopixiesticks- lol I can't believe am having a boy it's not sank in yet lol can't wait to get the hd live scans tho :0)

Baby ali - 6 days ago
tlc- me too every Saturdays I move up a week. has anyone had 3d or 4d scan?? am planning on geting HD Live scan it's amazing quality has anyone seen it yet??? as am having a boy and it's newly out in uk midlands am getting it done maybe mid June. lol

tlc - 7 days ago
My boobs don't hurt but are definitely bigger. I am small breasted (B-ish) so it's no big deal but my bras feel tight. I always wished I was bigger. I have to work so hard to have enough milk when breastfeeding.

tlc - 7 days ago
Ali - I move up a week every Saturday.

kadyrae1107 - 7 days ago
Oh my goodness is my SPD killing me right now!! Its been hurtingnthe last few weeks but today its so bad. I don't even be moving and I get this burning/pinching sensation on my pubic bone. It hurts so bad to sit up or down on the couch. Bend over, walk, get in and out of the car or to even put pants on. It gets extremely painful at night when trying to turn over. I literally can't move my legs. You can hear it pop! Ughh

oopixiesticks - 7 days ago
Lol its all worth it for the boy. I been having the crazy dreams thr other night my boobs were hurting in my sleep i dreamt i got breast implants and was having a panic attack in my dream i woke up and was so releived it was just a dream. It was probably because i kept telling my husband i wanted breast implants after i breastfed my last daughter i was flatter than ever and i was already just an Acup but after that nightmare i dont want them anymore

Baby ali - 7 days ago
oopixiesticks- I do have siatica was worse at the start of pregnancy is used to cripple me but now it's okay but still get bad pains in my buttocks and half the leg :0( but it's all worth it as am having a boy lol il take all the aches and pains lol does anyone else have aching boobs? my boobs are painful these few days? is it normal? didn't have it previous pregnancies

Baby ali - 7 days ago
is everyone moving to the next week now? lol

Baby ali - 7 days ago
kadyrae1107- dnt worry about the pains I get them aswell didn't have it with my daughters but this pregnancy keep getting period like crams on and off wen I get the cramps stomache goes hard so am guessing its braxton hicks, it goes away after few minutes. I am finding it difficult to walk around now feel uncomfortable and out of breath, belly has gone big and I can't see my feets any more lol I am the most clumsyest person ever keep tripping over. Can't wait till August wen I finally meet my baby, but I no the last two months for me will be forever, hope everyone is well.

tlc - 7 days ago
I occasionally do get a heaviness feeling in the lower abdomen. I wouldn't call it cramping, but maybe I would because it does feel like I'm going to get my period. I just assume that anything going on down there is going to feel like that just because it's the same organ. My boy jumps all day, so thankfully I have some reassurance that it's probably just stretching. - 7 days ago
The uterine stretching is most annoying. Makes me too tender to prod around to make the little guy move lol.

kadyrae1107 - 7 days ago
Kristen yesterday I was having lower abdominal cramps. Sometimes it felt like I was going to start my period. It started to worry me. And he wasn't kicking. But a few hours later he was moving like crazy and today at my doc appointment I heard the heartbeat. It was scary but its just ligament pain or your uterus stretching!!

oopixiesticks - 7 days ago
Jackie-this is my third and it's a boy my first two daughters I had hypermesis gravidarium all 9 months! I only ever tried zofran I tried reglan with my first one time and it knocked me out so hard I couldn't wake up so I got scared of taking other medicine I won't even take the pain med they prescribe after birth it made me hallucinate. today I'm feeling better though thank you

kadyrae1107 - 7 days ago
So yesterday I had another ultrasound because last time she couldn't get the measurements of his stomach. Well she did yesterday and he's perfect! Buy today at my regular OB appointment my doctor was like so your what 22 weeks and 2 days right? I said no I'll be 22 weeks on saturday. He was like arguing with me about it then goes oh wait I forgot to give you this and hands me a new paper with my weeks on it and says I changed your due date because he's measuring big! So now I'mdue august 19th! I ddon't really see the point to change my due date for a 4 day difference though! Lol.

kristen27 - 7 days ago
Thanks for advise everyone! These feel like contractions. I used to have ligament pains with other 2 and they were sharp shooting pains that lasted like half a second. I am still doing my workouts (semi private kettle bell training) and yesterday was 'hard day.' And maybe I'm just getting too far a long to keep up with everyone else bc they started after my class. They were bad lastnight. Very uncomfortable to where I couldn't sleep but now theyre settling down through out the day.

kristen27 - 8 days ago
Lil pigs- that's great news! Glad you got a new ob!

mommy97101114 - 8 days ago
I have the ligament pains mostly when I'm laying down and move around. I have been having the Braxton hicks when I stand up after sitting for a while. Got to see my handsome little guy Monday....I knew the gender was a boy from the bloodwork they did at 13 weeks but to actually finally get to see gender on ultrasound was awesome. They said he looks good and weighed a whole 9ozs. I know I should be in the 19 week but it's really quiet there...hope you ladies don't mind me jumping a week or two ahead.

lil.pigz - 8 days ago
I get lower abdominal cramps quite often. I believe it is the uterus stretching too. Mine is also coiupled with c/section scarring that doesnt want to stretch so easily and then the ligament pains on top of that,lol.Ive never experienced Braxton Hicks though. I have only gone into labor once naturally, and that was at 42 weeks and contractions didnt start until 4 hours AFTER my water broke,lol. My body just doesnt want to give these little ones up:)...So happy happy day!! I got a new OB Dr!! The one I have been trying to see since December, finally called me back today to schedule an appt. now that my insurance is all fixed. So happily going to a 21st century hospital again with a NICU, just in case:) - 8 days ago
I have lower abdomen soreness as well (it's from the uterus stretching and the Braxton hicks working that muscle), Braxton hicks can be a little painful but as long as they don't wrap around your back and come consistently then you should be fine. I don't like bh at all. They drive me nuts. Yesterday my Lo started moving like crazy, feeling it from outside down low and on the sides. Can tell that the placenta is top-ish and middle because it is muffled there but now he isn't stopping! DH felt him move last nt and got weirded out. I think the whole preg body changes gross him out in a way. But... Everyone has their hang ups. It's a little hurtful because you want your sig other to be as excited as you but what can I do? He says he is excited it's just the body stuff that kind of creeps him. /(

jackie87 - 8 days ago
Kristen, last week I had Braxton Hicks and if I move too quickly, get up from sitting/lying down, or even cough too hard, I get sharp ligament pains. I think it's normal. However, if it's so severe that you are alarmed and it doesn't abate after a few minutes, I'd call your doctor. It's never bad to be on the safe side! Pixiesticks, you're having a girl, right? With my second DD, I was on Diclectin then Zofran until the middle of the second trimester. I managed to wean myself to once a day then once every 2 then finally off. It was no fun. Luckily I only got sick once and always had my antiemetic meds handy! I hope you feel better now that you have your prescription. Tlc, hope your little girlie is feeling okay. Croup is so scary. Keep us updated!

oopixiesticks - 8 days ago
Thanks tlc wasn't sure what it was . Kristen -if there painful I would call your doctor and ask it's probably just your uterus stretching but see to be on safe side

kristen27 - 8 days ago
Anyone else having.lower abdominal cramping??? Should I be worried.

tlc - 8 days ago
Croup is all in the throat and lungs. Irritation that leads to a barking cough. It's a virus.

oopixiesticks - 8 days ago
Congrats on the boy rutzy! It seems like this is a year of boys last couple years have been all girls within my family n friends so its nice t finally hear more boys on the way!

oopixiesticks - 8 days ago
Babyali-i also have those pains here and there but not very sharp pains more like my legs go weak but only for few seconds. Tlc- what is croup? My little one has had diareha for the past 3 days after everthing she eats or drinks i been changing diapers all day i dont know what to give her to make it go away

oopixiesticks - 8 days ago
Iilpigs-for me its better to be nauseus on an empty stomach so only bubbles or stomach liquid come out but today i ate and threw up food i hate that feeling so the zofran stops anything from coming up but i had to wait until 4pm for it to finally be ready at the pharmacy so starved most day but feeling better now.kadyrae-yup those are the exact pains i get also i like to dramatize more when hubby is here so i can get him to help with the kids lol il like fall to the floor saying oww my side i cant move and he tells me to lie down and relax. And baby being breech should be no worry at all some babies stay breech all the way until right before theyre born and they flip themselves but then of course some are born feet first but baby has plenty of time until they need to be head down now.

tlc - 8 days ago
My 3 y o girl came down with Croup today. I know I should stay away, but I'm mommy and I just can't help giving her all the love she usually gets. It's weird but I always feel more healthy when pregnant, even though we are considered to be more immuno-compromised than others. I really feel it's true - back when my girl had a violent stomach flu, all I got was stomach pains and mild loose stools.

kadyrae1107 - 8 days ago
Tlc- I can see my belly move too at times!! I also have s high posterior placenta. I've been feeling him kick and move for 2 months now! Baby Ali- definitely sounds like sciatica. I had it a few weeks ago. It actually started to ease up a bit. I told my doc and he said it'll probably go away for a little but more than likely it'll come back again. I have a appointment tomorrow!

tlc - 8 days ago
Ali - not yet, but sounds like sciatica. I get a massage when I have that, though for some reason never seem to get it during pregnancy.

baby ali - 8 days ago
suffering from bad back pains and leg pains, sharp pains on my buttocks that goes all the way down the legs :0( anyone else??

tlc - 8 days ago
I too have LOTS of movement. My placenta is 'high' and posterior, so it's all there. I even saw my belly get pushed out today by a limb or something. Hoping this doesn't mean an overactive child. I already have a 3 year old who is sure to be diagnosed with ADHD. I'm a health care provider and I can say that with absolute validity.

Rutzy14 - 8 days ago
Found out last week that I am expecting my 3rd baby boy. The gender reveal I did was so fun! Everybody was for sure set on it being a girl. Wishful thinking I suppose...As long as my baby is healthy I don't care what gender the little one is.

kadyrae1107 - 9 days ago
I get those sharp pains out of no where too! If I get off the couch or something like that. I just pause in the spot I'm in and wait until the pain is gone (only a couple seconds) but ibget them sometimes when I sneeze or cough too!! I had another ultrasound today. The first one at 18 weeks the lady couldn't get measurement of the belly and to see if he was swallowing but today showed all is good and he's perfect! That's a relief! I constantly feel my son move. All day long, in the car, washing dishes..etc. But mostly at night when laying in bed. The lady said today i have a posterior placenta and that he's breeched....should I be worried??

lil.pigz - 9 days ago
baby ali - YaY for good news and peace of mind:)...oopixiesticks - Doesnt the nausea get worse if you dont eat then? I know in the beginning it was damned if I do, damned if I dont. I wouldnt eat because I felt such nausea which made me even more sick having an empty stomach, but then if I did eat it was just as bad. The medication stops that then?

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