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You are 21 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's blood circulation is completely functional. The umbilical cord system continues to grow and thicken as blood travels with considerable force through the body to nurture the baby. The placenta is now almost equal in size to the baby.

Your baby will be getting much larger during the second half of your pregnancy. Your baby's crown-to-rump length at this time is 7.2 inches and she weighs approximately 10.5 ounces. Your growing baby is about the size of a large banana. You should be able to feel your uterus about a half of an inch above your navel. Your weight gain so far will be around 10 to 15 pounds.

As your baby begins to lay down more fat, your weight will also increase. During the next 10 weeks, you will gain about half of the total gain for your entire pregnancy. Strangers can now tell that you are pregnant! You might notice an increase in appetite because you need 500 more calories a day to support your charged up metabolism. It is best to avoid processed foods or foods high in fat, calories or sugar. Some women also get strong cravings for foods. If you notice a craving for something unhealthy, you should contact your doctor. Craving for unusual things is known as pica. Some women crave cigarette ashes, charcoal, beer and other non-food items during this time.

Your baby's different organs and systems are maturing. The fetal digestive system is functioning in a simple way and your baby can swallow amniotic fluid. After your baby swallows the amniotic fluid, she is able to absorb water and sugars from the fluid and then the waste is passed as far as the large bowel. Your baby swallows the amniotic fluid in order to prepare itself for life outside of the womb. Some babies consume as much as 17 ounces of amniotic fluid in a 24-hour period. Your baby already has a high number of red blood cells and the white blood cells are beginning to be produced. Taste buds are being formed on your baby's tongue this week also.

Don't be surprised if your legs and feet become swollen throughout the day. You should try to get off of your feet some throughout the day and prop your legs up. If you notice a substantial amount of swelling, you should contact your healthcare provider for evaluation.

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lissie**** - 6 days ago
Thanks april and begin.again. It most likely will move up. Just had major issues with this before and it is sucky to know that i have it again. But I really am not too worried until the next ultrasound or if i actually have bleeding. //begin.again// I would absolutely had having my dates off like that! How frustrating. you'd think it would be worked out by now!

begin.again - 7 days ago
My level 2 ultrasound went well!! The baby is healthy and everything looks great!! :) Based on my last period I should be 22 weeks, according to Dr. due date I should be 20 weeks but I'm measuring at 21 weeks. Not off by too much but I still would like to know my real due date. I'm just happy that the baby is healthy! :)

aprilrose - 7 days ago
:/ I hope it moves up lissie

begin.again - 7 days ago
Lissie- Did your doctor say it was something of concern? At my appt yesterday the doctor told me that my placenta is high up but he said that could change. Is there a chance that the placenta will change for you too? Sorry I'm not really familiar with what is going on with you. I hope everything works out.

begin.again - 7 days ago
Mommy2mason- I started experiencing Braxton Hicks since I was about 18 weeks. I don't get them that often.

lissie**** - 8 days ago
yes I was told yesterday at my anatomy scan that my placenta is very long and covering my cervix :/

blessedlifewithyou - 8 days ago
has anyone been told they have complete previa?

mommy2mason - 8 days ago
Have any of you felt any braxton hicks yet? I swear thats what I am feeling every so often. I don't remember having them so early with my first.

mommy2mason - 8 days ago
Thanks for the road trip ideas ladies. We're traveling from Wisconsin to Tennessee - about 14 hours. beginagain: I also have a large round lump on my left side - right by my belly button. I was told it's baby A, and she is also breech. I don't feel that on the right with baby B. I hope your little stinker cooperates for you at the next appointment! How exciting to see such an active baby though :)

lissie**** - 8 days ago
great ideas for road trips ladies. I do the movie thing and Ipad is a great idea. Books, toys etc too. I bring food that I normally don't get my kids like little bags of chips and fruit snacks. Then when things get really bad I use what I've got. I also pack food like fruit and Pb&J so that it's easy, fast to feed kids and us too. Lots of drinks but only water for the kids so that they won't guzzle it and need to pee every 5 miles! Blanky, pillow pet and loved small toy.

lissie**** - 8 days ago
begin again I felt that big round thing' with my son that was breech. It was definitely more uncomfortable as baby got bigger but I'll bet you are feeling his head! Plenty of time to turn and most babies aren't completely settled into head down position yet anyway.

begin.again - 9 days ago
I think I'm 21 weeks today!! :) I was able to see my baby today!!! I have a very active baby. It is amazing to see how much baby has grown since my last ultrasound (at 14 wks 4 days). I was able to see my baby's feet, hands, and the baby was trying to suck its thumb!! I didn't get any pictures though. The Dr. tried finding out the sex but my baby was moving around too much. :) I have another ultrasound in a couple of days. The ultrasound tech will try to tell me the sex if the baby isn't moving around and I think I will get pictures!! :) I didn't get any pics today because my appt was with the Cardiologist. Baby is healthy and I'm happy. My baby is active all the time- I love it!! Sometimes I'm able to feel this big round thing on one side of my belly. The Dr said that is probably where the baby is at. Has anyone else had this happen before? I hope all you ladies are doing well.

aprilrose - 9 days ago
We load the iPad with movies But only Break it out once everything Else has been exhausted. I get a few books that you can use with dry erase markers (search and find), buy a few new small Toys that you can give every couple Of hours.

letroise11 - 9 days ago
We went from houston to Arizona and the main thing that saved us was the lap top and movies. Good luck!

mommy2mason - 9 days ago
I've been feeling a lot of movement too lately! I forgot how bizarre it feels. I also feel like I've gained 100 pounds in the last 2 days - Meh. This thursday we are taking a road trip with our 4 year old! I'm very excited as this will likely be our last trip as a family of three. The ride is 14 hours - any suggestions on traveling with youngins? :)

lissie**** - 12 days ago
awe it is special :)

jezzicarabbit1 - 12 days ago
I have been feeling so many more movements lately, that is for sure one of the best things about pregnancy.

jezzicarabbit1 - 12 days ago
I have been feeling so many more movements lately, that is for sure one of the best things about pregnancy.

lissie**** - 26 days ago
aksnods// sorry to hear about your gradmas stroke :( I am sure she feels loved with you being there for her. Hope she recovers fully and that you can get some much needed rest. Hugs.

aksnods - 29 days ago
My grandma had a major stroke so I have been day in and out at hospital with her. My feet r really swlen now and I'm getti.g stress rashes

jojo - 34 days ago
21 weeks.. over half way now :) :)

bonitadiane - 35 days ago
Wow JoJo your oldest is 15? Amazing. My oldest is 4&1/2 years Old. But acts well over 15. Lol she's so awesome. Definitely the PERFECT big sister. She's great helper, teacher and example to her sister. She's over the moon about having a brother. She prayed hard for him. Too cute. I need motivation today ladies. Sooo much to do. I have my sister and family coming tomorrow to stay with us for a week. I'm sooo excited. I maybe less active on here when my sisters here. We have our 4th of July party that is always a blast. It's in honor of my father in law who loved claim boils and having family together. Week before he passed he was so sick, could barely stand but still hosted a clam boil on the 4th for my family who had been visiting. He was such a great man!!! This will also be when we do the gender reveal for all family and friends here. It should be exciting. Ok... I better get something's done today or else tomorrow will be overwhelming. Hope you ladies are having a great day!!!

jojo - 36 days ago
I know I can't believe I have a 15yr old either haha.. he had a fab day tho thanks hun. Bet your looking forward to thurs.. I'm slightly behind you guys - 21 weeks thurs :) xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 36 days ago
Thanks Matoks but work smirk - its just crap in general, its more to do with the typenof work i'm doing as opposed to any support. Never mind at least its a job right?!! Sounds like we have all been getting a little taster of whats to come with movements...I cant wait. I'm off to the doctor and midwife on Thursday, need my MATB form for work so I can book my maternity...woohoo. I CANTWAIT!! Haha. Jojo I cant believe u have a 15yr old! Bet u that time has flown - i'm amazed at my eldest being 4 &1/2...where does the time go! Hopefully s/he had a fab birthday and glad u all had a good weekend - bring on another one in 3 days ;o) haha xx

bonitadiane - 36 days ago
Auuurrgh Twinny. I hear you. I know the trip exhausted me but lately I've been feeling SUPER exhausted!!! Drained... Like my energy is being sucked right out of me. I've never felt this drained with girls. At this point I felt great, alive and full of energy. With this lil man I just want to sleeeeep. All day, everyday. The trip to Canada just amplified this exhaustion. Blah. I'm 22 weeks today ladies. :) this pregnancy is zooming by. I had some awesome feelings yesterday. Like man was moving lots. I had tears of joy. Feeling baby is the most magical first experience to this joyous precious gift. Feeling very blessed. Hope you ladies have a great day.

jojo - 36 days ago
Hi ladies hope your all ok? Twinny I definitely get days where I'm shattered. Especially after work I could quite happily go home and climb into bed lol sitting in an office chair is starting to really get uncomfortable. . Just think tho these past 21 weeks have flown so I'm sure the next 17 will be the same :) we had a lovely weekend. . My eldest turned 15 on Sat.. 15!! Can't believe it :( last night was the first night I lay and watch my belly moving.. was so lovlovely. She must have been wide awake because she wriggled for about 10 minutes lol xx

matoks - 37 days ago
oh twinny so sorry dat ur work hasnt been favouring u,pls dnt stress urself too much for the rest 17weeks,and your boss should be lenient with u with ur condition,dey should give u less work to feeling baby everyday but am not popped up,u cnt even know with my face dat am pregnant,no changes,ahhhhh just my breast and my tommy,really like my body.

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 37 days ago
Hi girls hope ur all well? I'm completely exhausted today...can not be bothered with work which is abit like tough seens as I have at least 17wks left!! Haha Any of u girls going thru a really tired phase? I havent been too bad lately but its slowly creeping up on me! I've really popped now aswell, baba is just round my belly button so i'm starting to get some nice feelings :o) I had my first, and so far only belly jolt last nite...I cant wait for all that to start regularly - best part of being pregnant for me :o) Hope ur all well xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 38 days ago
Hey girlies :o) Bonita that is fab news that all ur gang went nuts over the gender - it sounds like an absolute fab way to tell ur family. I'm so pleased it all went well for u and u r having such a good time. Enjoy the rest of ur stay with ur family -precious moments, every second!! I have had a fantastic weekend with my little family, even at this age I love watching my kids develop, all the different stages amaze me they r so funny together!!! ♡♡♡ I hope u other girls have had a fab weekend in this beautiful sunshine. Jenn, I think we had r 2yr olds round the same time....if we went in to a private facebook group it stops others from joining the conversation and seeing if we r going thru the same stages...I loved this forum last time round due to the support I received from the girls I met on here and I too am actually still friends on facebook with a couple of them. Hope ur happy to join in chick xx

jojo - 38 days ago
So excited to hear how well your gender reveal went hun.. I agree was a fab way to share it with the family and a moment I'm sure you'll never forget. Have a safe trip home hun xx

matoks - 38 days ago
awww,so interesting bonita,i wish i was there lol,am just imagining the excitement it will bring to the family ahahahahah,it will really gladden their heart.enjoy the rest of ur day their nd av a wonderful trip back home.kisss

jenn80 - 38 days ago
Hi ladies! I'm 22 weeks today. I've been checking in weekly since 5 weeks, just haven't posted anything. When I was pregnant with my daughter(she's 2 now), we formed a private group on facebook. It just seemed easier to communicate and share information. Would anyone be interested in joining if I were to start a group for October 2014 babies? It would be private and no one but us could see our posts. With my daughter's group, we are all still very close and talk daily.

bonitadiane - 38 days ago
The gender reveal was out of this world excitement!!!!! It was perfect. Everyone was over the moon excited. It got real loud with all the cheers and screams of excitement. Of course I cried but only bc my oldest sister was first to see a blue balloon and jumped so high screaming...'I knew it, I knew it'. Then ran over to me crying with excitement and of course made me we had my parents open the box and it was awesome. I'm soooo glad I did the gender reveal balloon box. Everyone kept saying how great of an idea it was. The whole graduation party was great!!! I had such an amazing time seeing all my family and friends. I miss them and these times soooo much. I hate long distance for that. :( Today we will relax then head over to one of my brothers house to hang out. He's inviting all brothers and sisters to come. So, it will be nice to see everyone again before heading home tomorrow. Booooo. Hope you ladies are having a great weekend!!

jojo - 39 days ago
Awe bonita I'm so happy to hear your pleased with the scan results.. so good to hear he is most definitely a he haha have an amazing day at your gender reveal xxx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 39 days ago
Oh that is fantastic news Bonita that ur so delighted with the scan - always a bonus getting to see baba and its confirmed in ur mind that he's definately a blue! :o) I wud have the same attitude as u...pray to god baba is fine on arrival but if it is in ur path u will go thru it with a smile, very admirable hun!!! I hope the reveal goes doubt everyone will b absolutely thrilled for u having a boy this time round - cant wait to see some piccys! Have a good weekend ladies. Big hugs xx

bonitadiane - 39 days ago
Thank you SO much ladies for thoughts and positive vibes. I'm in Canada. Woo hoo. And today is gender reveal day! ;) sooooo anxious and excited. Yesterday was a very long day. We did our scan sooo early. 7:45 am. It took about 1 hour. The doctors were AMAZING. When she was done she said baby looked great, and very healthy. I guess they look for others markings for downsydrome. And said every other marking is healthy. They even said baby was measuring 4 days ahead. Another great sign. The calcium spot was still there but I guess this can be very normal. It just ups the chance of downs in some babies. The doctor told me I could follow through with the amnio or blood to check for it. But I refused. I feel what's meant to e will be. And there's nothing at this point anyone could do for change. I will say I loved loved seeing baby. And we got confirmation that HE is He!! I saw it with my we have a few pics I'll have to try and post. Just remind me ladies. :) All and all I thought that appointment went very well and I'm happy. Everything else is in the hands of God. :) Ok ladies I'm soooo anxious for gender reveal. There will be like 70 family and friends there. And only 2 ppl know I'm doing no one else knows we found out gender, Haha. This should be very interesting. I'm thinking I'm going to have my parents open the box. :) I'll let you ladies know how it all goes. Have a greaaaaat weekend ladies. I'm so happy to be here in Canada. Even though it's a short time.

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 40 days ago
Been thinking of u today Bonita hope it went ok ....? Xx

jojo - 40 days ago
Good luck today bonita will be thinking of you. Have a fantastic time with your family xxx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 41 days ago
Over half way there...hello 21wks!! Woohoo :o) xx

bonitadiane - 43 days ago
21weeks. Yeaaaaah!!!!!

matoks - 43 days ago
Hellow week21 mommas,I'm excited 2b here.

glowingwith2 - 49 days ago
Afshanm, Happy to hear your glucose test went well... I Think I do mine in two weeks. I also register at the hospital too! Did anyone see the news article about the woman who gave birth to one of her twins at 24 weeks? She held the other baby an extra 24 days and gave birth again. How crazy!! Both babies looked healthy! Unreal!!!

glowingwith2 - 49 days ago
Well, my dream crib is officially unobtainable.... I went by Toys R Us where I found the crib I wanted, they said the crib has been on back order so long they don't even let people try and order it. I found a similar crib, a solid gray instead of the weathered gray, that one she said she might be able to order for me if I call tomorrow once they confirm shipments. If not, I will be getting basic white to go with my gray and yellow colors. Pottery Barn, why must you be out of my price range!?! - Ditto that for RH too! :(

afshanm07 - 49 days ago
Yeah thanx god 21 weeks today. Went for my 3 hour glucose test all was good. Greeneyes030 i would see thw ob doctor and ask her which medicanes are safe. With ivy I think it will be worse if not treated please look after yourself and keep us updated.

glowingwith2 - 50 days ago
Blonde, I'm not looking forward to it.... I guess it's technically only one move since we are putting everything into a POD, to be delivered once the house is done. We will be staying with my parents who already have furniture. But it will still feel like two rounds of uprooting. Greeneyes, I think it would be ok if it is only for a short duration. I've been researching eczema during pregnancy since mine is getting bad all of the sudden. The ointments to treat it contain a steroid that can suppress the babies growth if used over a long duration. How long do you need to take the medication for?

Greeneyes030 - 50 days ago
I saw a primary care physician after consulting with my OB. The primary care also consulted with my OB by phone prior to prescribing.

blondeabby - 50 days ago
Glowing- that is tough:( I move at the end of August!!! I am not looking forward to either:( Two moves really suck. I hope I don't need to do that. If we cannot find a house then we will need to rent till we do...then it will be 2 moves:( Green eyes-I have never been on it when pregnant. I would be scared too. Is there really no other choice?? Did you see the dermatologist ?

Greeneyes030 - 50 days ago
Has anyone had a pregnancy in the past where they were prescribed prednisone? Did it harm you baby at all? I have a bad case of poison ivy and one eye is completely closed up and my other eye is getting there. Went to doctor and they prescribed Prednisone. I am just a little worried with this being a Class C drug during pregnancy, but they told me I did not have a choice in taking it. Anyone with experience using this during pregnancy in the past?

glowingwith2 - 50 days ago
22 weeks tomorrow... where is the time going? We start packing this week for our first of two moves. The house won't be done now until December. I'm sad that I won't have the nursery setup how I would like until the house is finished. Just trying to keep my eye on the prize and not get upset about things out of my control.

blondeabby - 52 days ago
My uterus is about an inch above my belly button. Measured 22 on Tuesday.

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