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You are 22 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 7.6 inches and your growing baby weighs about 12.25 ounces now! Your uterus is about 2 cm above your bellybutton and you probably feel comfortably pregnant. Your growing tummy is not yet large enough to get in the way and you should still be able to bend over and sit without much trouble. You might be enjoying your pregnancy more than ever at this point if morning sickness was an issue in the early weeks.

Your baby's body continues to grow and develop every day. The organ systems in your baby's body are becoming specialized for their particular functions. The fetal liver produces different enzymes than it will produce after delivery. The liver is responsible for breaking down billirubin, which is produced by the breaking down of blood cells. Because the life span of a fetal red blood cell is shorter than that of an adult, a fetus produces more billirubin than adults do. Billirubin passes from fetal blood to the placenta and then into your blood. Your liver helps get rid of fetal billirubin. A newborn baby that has high levels of billirubin may show signs of jaundice. Jaundiced babies have a yellowish tint to their eyes and skin and are often treated with phototherapy.

Your baby's senses are developing daily. The fetus now has a full complement of neurons in the brain and is learning about her body and surroundings through touch. Touch is one of the first senses to mature and your baby may stroke its face or feel her arms and legs.

Your blood volume has increased more to meet the demands of your pregnancy. Most of the increase is in the form of plasma, the liquid part of your blood. This has the ability to dilute your blood and give you physiological anemia, which occurs during pregnancy. The measure of blood dilution is called Hematocrit and the levels reach their lowest points this week. You should check with your doctor to make sure you are not developing more serious forms of anemia.

Your baby now shows an extremely rapid brain growth (which lasts until five years after birth).

The ovaries of female fetuses contain primitive egg cells, all of the eggs a woman will have for her entire life. The uterus of female fetuses is also fully formed.

Comments on week 22

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Show latest comments from all weeks - 43 days ago
Yay for week 22!!!!!

monkeymomma - 69 days ago
22 weeks! It's going faster now!!!

mzmommyche - 74 days ago
Anyone doing their registry check this out. I wrote it and doing a giveaway on it for a baby nose frida too!!

mzmommyche - 74 days ago
Anyone doing their registry check this out. I wrote it and doing a giveaway on it too!!

PaulaSoon2B8 - 80 days ago
I cant even imagine being on bed rest that long...good luck to you!!! Keep dad and kids cooking :) Id take pure advantage in some ways ***wink wink *** doctors orders :)

mzdallas06 - 81 days ago
Paula I'm so happy for you, June 18th is right around the corner! Tara Oliver is a beautiful name! So I'm supposed to be in strict bed rest until 37 weeks which is when I will have the cerclage removed. But, who can be in bed rest with a 2, 3 & 12 year old?! I've been trying to rest but I just feel like by the time I explain to someone else how to do ALL of the things I do as a mom- i could have done it myself!!! And that's what aggravates me- people say they want to help- but they want to do things THEIR way. That really bugs me and that's why I refuse to accept help ( speaking of my parents & in laws ) On a lighter note, I made some fresh chicken & shrimp fettuccine Alfredo and baked fresh baguette bread today ( well I supervised while my husband & 12 year old followed my orders, lol ) they couldn't believe that I actually shredded blocks of Parmesan, peeled garlic & stirred cream for almost an hour in order to make that meal for them whenever they wanted it. It was nice to have someone cook for ME for a change! Plus I had them make carrot cake from scratch. My recipe book got a work out today! LOL!

TaraR - 82 days ago
Thank you!! I got goosebumps when we were discussing names and Oliver was brought up. That was the sign for me! :) I love how new paint just changes a whole house! We painted every room in the house we purchased and it looks amazing! Make sure you put those feet up Momma!

PaulaSoon2B8 - 82 days ago
Oliver :) Such a cute name :) Ya..we moved almost a year ago...but with 7 children, and both working full-time...and at that time Lincoln was only 4-5 months!! We didn't get around to anything...we still have basic beige on the walls...and Im just not havin' it lol :) But OMG when I was done ankles blended right into my feet was awful...but so worth it!!

TaraR - 82 days ago
Soooo exciting Paula!! So glad you have your appt date! Totally not weird that you're organizing things! I am too...of course I just moved to a new house though! Things are finally starting to come together. Our next step is to get Oliver's room completed! :)

PaulaSoon2B8 - 82 days ago
Is it weird I'm already getting into that nesting stage...trying to make house better, more accommodating...I rearranged my living room/dining room yesterday (looks great), but I'm thinking out paint colours, want to retile my kitchen...its crazy lol...but I cant stop :)

PaulaSoon2B8 - 82 days ago
Yay!! Its official..first OB appointment will be June 18, 2015 :) So exciting!! I am sure he will surprised to see me yet again :)

TaraR - 83 days ago
Well I hope you hear something soon Paula!

PaulaSoon2B8 - 83 days ago
I am praying that doesn't happen to last was 9.3...that was big enough for my body!! And yes I have had a family doctor sent me for scan, she has been following me up until now...and possibly a little longer if I don't hear anything :p

TaraR - 84 days ago
WOWEE!!!!!!!!! 10 pounds!!! Whew!!!

mzdallas06 - 84 days ago
Paula have you been able to at least see a picture of your baby yet?!

mzdallas06 - 84 days ago
Thanks ladies! Yes, what a BIG BOY, right?! I didn't have any contractions to indicate that I was dilating, but my cervix is a rebel so they always pay extra attention to it in my scans. There was a mom next to me in recovery that had just given birth to a 10 pound baby, baby was 100% healthy but mom looked wrecked! So, let's just say I hope my baby eases up on getting any bigger for a while!

TaraR - 84 days ago
CONGRATS mzdallas!!!! A BIG baby boy!!! And I'm so glad to hear they were able to take care of that with no problems!!

PaulaSoon2B8 - 84 days ago
I am still awaiting my first OB appointment. My referral was pout through a couple weeks ago...hoping they call soon :) I know they see me as being such low risk they aren't in a rush...but still...would like to be seen :)

PaulaSoon2B8 - 84 days ago
Oh Mzdallas...glad they found out before it became too late!! And congrats on baby boy!!! And holy moley...2 lbs!!!! That's a huge baby for this gestation!!!Glad to hear things went well in whole:) Are you on any rest? Did you have contractions at all....or just 'quiet opening'

mzdallas06 - 85 days ago
Hi ladies! My scan on Thursday (June 4th) showed a big, beautiful, healthy 2lb BOY!! hubby and I agreed to wait till delivery but he seen a penis on the screen and went crazy! now we have 2 boys and 2 girls! I literally cld not be MORE HAPPY!! UNFORTUNATELY, he was in a hurry to get here and i had to have emergency surgery on Saturday to get a cerclage because I was dialating.. It is the most uncomfortable procedure because you're awake in the operating room praying to God that the needle they are using to sew your cervix closed also doesnt puncture your bag of membranes.... but everything went well and my little man is still in my tummy. I am Thankful beyond words because so much cld have went wrong but didn't.. It just sucked getting an epidural and being in the labor and delivery ward and having to remember I still had a WHILE TO GO before it was my turn :(

1morefor4 - 87 days ago
Ultrasound on Monday to finish getting pics of my baby girl's heart and to check the position of my placenta to see if it's moved up any. Going to try to get a double check that she is definitely still a she too.

TaraR - 87 days ago
22 I am!! Happy Friday everyone!

1morefor4 - 91 days ago
Still can't believe I'm in week 22 now. I found my old hospital bag checklist and realized how much I need to get. So I'm trying to focus on that for now.

kekea - 94 days ago
Beautiful. I've always loved the name Piper. I had a scan yesterday. Baby girl is stubborn she gave the tech a hard time with the anatomy scan. And she kept her hand in her nose and mouth the whole time. She is measuring at about 1lbs3Oz ...

mamalira - 96 days ago
Kekea our baby girl's name will be Piper Kivrin. :)

kekea - 98 days ago
Week 22. The time is moving now. Well I have a burst of energy... two consecutive days at six flags w/ four children under 7 and I'm working today. Lol. I hope everyone is feeling as well as me. I meet with my specialist on thursday where I will see my baby girl again, and then an ob appt the following thursday.

beckym - 114 days ago
Is anyone else still getting spotting after intimacy, yes, I still am, and it sucks.

jamie86 - 114 days ago
I'm not familiar with the 2 hour test but that's a bummer.

beckym - 114 days ago
I'm sorry the test didn't go well mrscephas, I would push them for a second test, sounds like it isn't always right the first time, you deserve that second chance.

mrscephas - 114 days ago
Good for u, Becky. Jamie I did the 2 hr one and failed, cut off is 7.8 and I was 8.4. They didn't give me a chance to repeat it, though. Just a call to attend a diabetes clinic. I'm a bit depressed by how everything is going.

beckym - 115 days ago
Sciatica and tail bone pain have become a part of weekly routine for me as well. I went for a walk yesterday morning, my feet and legs felt like they had lead weights on them. I booked a bus trip with my friend to new york on may 20th, I have been trying get to walk daily to get my stamina up, I'm a little nervous about the walking get there if I will be able to cut it, I figured the pregnancy is not in the last trimester yet, so I should be able to have enough energy, we can taxi places too a little, main goal is to see trade center and statue of liberty.

jamie86 - 116 days ago
Mrscephas- I've never needed one but definitely going to try and get one. I have the GTT, I still have a few weeks for mine but last time I failed the 1 hour one. Passed the 3 hour test thankfully.

mrscephas - 116 days ago
Oh and the result for my GTT yesterday the sugar was slightly high so they need to see me for gestational diabetes follow up next week. Praying it's just a borderline result and I can carry on with a few dietary changes.

mrscephas - 116 days ago
Jamie, I was given mine from the physio 3 yrs ago when I was preg with my 1st son. I just dug it out when I felt my pelvis crumbling last week, having endured the growing pain from week 17!

jamie86 - 117 days ago
I'm having pelvic pain along with tail bone pain tonight. I can barely walk. Oh the next 18 weeks are going to be super long if this pain continues. I'll have to look for the pregnancy support belt.

beckym - 119 days ago
Mscephas, I have never tried one of those but it sounds like a great idea to me!

mrscephas - 120 days ago
Beckym, I've found that wearing the support belt eases things a bit. Especially if standing and/or walking about all day like I do in my job. I'll be attending a maternity exercise class next Tuesday as well :)

beckym - 120 days ago
Big hit

beckym - 120 days ago
I threw a baby shower for my sister in law yesterday, it was a bug hit! She is due June 18th and loved the baby shower.

beckym - 124 days ago
I have the pelvic pain issue too, and I started getting sciatic nerve pain this week, I am in 21, but have been hopping around weeks.

mrscephas - 124 days ago
Been ok mostly, except for the pelvic pain. First felt it at 17 weeks and it seems to be growing as the uterus expands. I had it with my son, too and had to do physiotherapy and wear a support belt.

mrscephas - 124 days ago
Hello omotade and congrats on your girl! We're having another boy :) - 128 days ago
Mrscephas, hello. How have you been? - 128 days ago
22 weeks and 2 days gone .... so excited am expecting a Girl . I have a boy he's 6years now .

mrscephas - 129 days ago
Hello 22 weeks, how's everyone?

maimai88 - 144 days ago
22 weeks today! yay!but sick with a sinus infection:/ been feeling awful for over a week now, and finally got put on an antibiotic yesterday. Praying for some relief soon!!

jesswithtwins - 160 days ago
Wow flybear that was a load of stuff to deal with especially while pregnant and on top of losing someone so special glad you guys made it through all that obviously theres never a dull moment in your household I see

flybear - 160 days ago
I know I'm late here, but I understand Jess. My husband is military. With our 3rd child, we moved when I was 24 weeks pregnant, the same exact day we moved I we had to rush our daughter to the e.r. bc we thought she broke her finger and then later that night got a call that my mother passed away. We took an unscheduled trip down south for her funeral and all then came back, had a week and a half to unpack and then he had to leave for some work stuff for 6 weeks. During that time I had dr appointments I needed to go to that I wasn't allowed to bring the kids to. With the military, they consider it your responsibility to set up your 'people' for lack of better term as soon as you get somewhere. So the fact that I knew no one to be able to watch our kids was my problem. I was completely overwhelmed. Both of my parents are deceased so we never get like babysitting breaks or time at grandma's. My husband isn't originally from the U.S. so his family is half a world away. I've learned to just focus on the next step. Just make a plan for each day. Take care of that one or two things, and whatever else comes up that HAS to be done. Eventually everything gets done. Everything seems harder and bigger when you're exhausted and emotional from being pregnant. :)

jesswithtwins - 165 days ago
Oh girl I wish I had any of those options right now funds are so low I'm lucky if I get one night when I don't have to do the cooking plus our parents can't be as involved as we'd like he's mother and father are basically raising his niece and nephews and they complain everyday about their health so even when she offers to take our children it's like there is always something kinda like I'm made to feel they are a burden and I never want my children to ever feel that way shes just not to nice which is sad because that's why they are hardly ever around them I feel like grandparents should be just that and his mother is so used to be in control over everything that when my children act out at all its like they are too much to handle like they should leave I've actually gone and got them the same day or not even left them because there's always approblem and my mother is handicapped and unfortunately my father passed away and we have no aunts,uncles,or siblings(his sister is obviously out of the picture) so the only other adult is my 67 year old grandmother and she is my rock she'll do anything for me and them but I just hate to ask her ALL the time ya know not to be a Debbie downer just I think this might be some of my overwhelmedness but I knew all this when I decided to start having children I think in some ways it's why I did so they will always have each other and their children as well - 165 days ago
jesswithtwins, its natural to feel overwhelmed and I definitely understand the frustration. There has been a couple of times when my kids had to go to their grandparents house for the weekend cause I just needed time to clear my head and relax. Is that something that you are able to do? Maybe a little mani/pedi might help also. In May I plan on doing a 'staycation' in which I'm going to book a room in a local hotel so I can go there and relax....I just want to prop myself up on some pillows, put my feet up, and relax while watching tv all day....I can't remember the last time I did that. Maybe that is something you should try to do as well before the babies arrive. When your kids get here it may take a week or two to adjust to having twins but once you settle into a routine your stress level will decrease.

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