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You are 22 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 7.6 inches and your growing baby weighs about 12.25 ounces now! Your uterus is about 2 cm above your bellybutton and you probably feel comfortably pregnant. Your growing tummy is not yet large enough to get in the way and you should still be able to bend over and sit without much trouble. You might be enjoying your pregnancy more than ever at this point if morning sickness was an issue in the early weeks.

Your baby's body continues to grow and develop every day. The organ systems in your baby's body are becoming specialized for their particular functions. The fetal liver produces different enzymes than it will produce after delivery. The liver is responsible for breaking down billirubin, which is produced by the breaking down of blood cells. Because the life span of a fetal red blood cell is shorter than that of an adult, a fetus produces more billirubin than adults do. Billirubin passes from fetal blood to the placenta and then into your blood. Your liver helps get rid of fetal billirubin. A newborn baby that has high levels of billirubin may show signs of jaundice. Jaundiced babies have a yellowish tint to their eyes and skin and are often treated with phototherapy.

Your baby's senses are developing daily. The fetus now has a full complement of neurons in the brain and is learning about her body and surroundings through touch. Touch is one of the first senses to mature and your baby may stroke its face or feel her arms and legs.

Your blood volume has increased more to meet the demands of your pregnancy. Most of the increase is in the form of plasma, the liquid part of your blood. This has the ability to dilute your blood and give you physiological anemia, which occurs during pregnancy. The measure of blood dilution is called Hematocrit and the levels reach their lowest points this week. You should check with your doctor to make sure you are not developing more serious forms of anemia.

Your baby now shows an extremely rapid brain growth (which lasts until five years after birth).

The ovaries of female fetuses contain primitive egg cells, all of the eggs a woman will have for her entire life. The uterus of female fetuses is also fully formed.

Comments on week 22

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loralb - 6 days ago
For some reason, I am excited to get to the third trimester next month. Maybe because I'm afraid this one will be early. But my doc said that if baby was born at this time, (22 weeks) they would try to keep it living. I also love getting all the baby stuff out and ready to go. I'm obviously counting the We're only half way there and my last kiddo was late:( - 62 days ago
Sometimes felt like preg with twins.had US twice in 6w and 11w.found only 1. Started to feel movement since 12w and could really feels it as if i am 7 m preg with my 2 previous.sometimes the movement makes my belly up and down little be just my imagination

KristinaA - 63 days ago
mamaford -- most of my baby's movement is at night too. As long as you do feel it everyday, you shouldn't have to worry.

mamaford77 - 64 days ago
5 months today. That's kind of exciting.

mamaford77 - 68 days ago
I'm really uncomfortable too. I grunt and groan every time I move in bed lol. I just wish I felt more movement. I go all day must days and feel nothing. I get a few little thumps at night to reassure me, but his movement hasn't increased at all since it started three weeks ago. Next ultrasound January 7.

kristinaa - 70 days ago
This week's description makes pregnancy sound so easy and yet I'm already feeling quite uncomfortable. Between round ligament pain, pressure on my pubic bone, and a really tight glute that my big tummy is getting in the way of stretching out, I'm feeling more like third trimester already. Not to mention back pain. How am I going to make another 18 weeks of growing?

sunshinebaby8 - 88 days ago
I have almost everything I need for baby. I have the swing, two bassinets, a play pen, diapers, wipes, some clothes, a bouncy seat.. and high chairs. I need to get new bottles, and once baby gets here I will buy clothes. I have a tub of newborn boys and a tub of newborn girls. everything else is gender neutral. Keep it simple, and you will be fine :) I have had MAJOR heartburn ALLLLLLL damn day. It's killing me. I really have not ate or drank anything today because it hurts.. ugh. Baby better have a FULL head of braid-able

lexy-b - 88 days ago
It's hard not to worry but good thing is you really won't need much when she comes. I figure as long as I have the bassinet set up, diapers & clothes/rec. blankets I'm gold haha. I'm too worried about christmas these days. As soon as that's over then I'll focus on baby.

lexy-b - 88 days ago
supermom87 - Wow you are on a roll! I luckly have all that stuff from my first two kids but I haven't even begun to do anything to get ready. I wish I had a bit of your motivation! Sounds like you'll have everything taken care of before Christmas :)

emefa - 89 days ago
Tanx ladies,der is no sign of blood,jst dat the pain may even last for a whole day n go away the next day

sher-baby - 91 days ago
Great minds think alike Babylove! ;-) lol

sher-baby - 91 days ago
Emefa- sometimes after sex/an orgasm your uterus contracts. It could be normal, but never hurts to task ur on at ur next appt. It will be uncomfortable Forsure!! but because it's painful, I would ask. And there's no blood too I'm assuming?

babylove5 - 91 days ago
Emefa if you Hv a orgasm you will Hv some but they should go away. Maybe they are Braxton hicks contractions. I'm washing more baby clothes. I didn't realize we had so many.

emefa - 91 days ago
I have abdominal cramps after sex,is this normal,it hurts like crazy

sher-baby - 91 days ago
Lol...damn! #PregnantWomenProblems lol I hope you are ok tho. I think I have already started nesting!!! I've been decluttering and brining up all our baby 'stuff' all morning! Now my back hurts !! Ugh.

babylove5 - 91 days ago
Caution TMI. I had to call the nurse this morning since my vagina is swollen. I had sex w hubby and he said you feel swollen. I did look a bit swollen but there was pain too. I called the nurse and she said the babies head is probably pressing on a vein plus there is increased blood flow there. She said to put ice on it. So this is awkward sitting with a ice pack on my

sher-baby - 91 days ago
Babylove-ugh! Ya that makes things a lil harder. With my mom living soo close to , you'd think we'd have more quality time together. And maybe we could but I still don't wanna have at all!!! So more quality time doesn't really mean much to me lol!

babylove5 - 92 days ago
I don't have any family here. The closest is a hour and half away. We just moved here last year. I Hv a neighbor that babysits every now and then but she's 16 so I wait until my 2 year old is in bed since I don't feel confident that she's mature enough to watch him. My Braxton hicks started again, they are not frequent but they are strong pressure in the front and my back.

sher-baby - 92 days ago
Babylove-ya I do!!! Or if sex was really important DH should arrange for a sitter and take u out, then maybe he'll get some action! Do u have family that can babysit? I'm luck, my mom is my neighbor so she is almost always available..sometimes asks to take my daughter over night

babylove5 - 92 days ago
My poor hubby hasn't for 4 weeks. I guess ill just have to put it on the chore list. I think if I got a break and got to go out and have fun I would want to. Being a mom is a lot of work. I need some me time. Do you ever just get a babysitter and take day for yourself? Shopping, Starbucks, food and a pedicure. That's what I need.

sher-baby - 92 days ago
Babylove-I haven't had ANY sexy drive this entire pregnancy!!! And I'm usually a real horn-dog! Lol but I don't wanna have anything to do with sex. DH is pretty supportive and understanding and I do occationally give in and let him have his fun, but id rather not. I've had to buy KY jelly because I have been into it (to spare your the tmi details! Lol) I was going to surprise DH with a lil action a few nights ago but he pissed me off royally and I'm still a lil angry! So nooooo nookie for him!!! Lol

babylove5 - 92 days ago
Supermom it will be here sooner than you think and you will be wishing you would have rested more before the baby got here. I am tired today from a lack of sleep the night before. I have my christmas tree full of presents and wrapped them at 11pm. My hubby is driving me nuts wanting to Hv sex and I don't feel like it. Once every 2 weeks is plenty. I can't use the period excuse and he's not buying that I'm sick. Anyone else not feel like having sex? I know with 2 of my pregnancies I wanted it more not this one.

floydianslip2 - 100 days ago
22 weeks down! Hard to believe that there are only 18 weeks left... It's super quiet in here, but just wanted to stop in and say Happy Thanksgiving. I can't wait to eat!

Hopin4ABoy31 - 112 days ago
Hi Dec Baby! I know what you mean about time flying! I feel like I just found out and already I'm more than halfway there! Over the last couple weeks my LO has gotten so active. All this time I've been worried about not feeling her much but apparently she is a night owl like I used to be. I am so excited to meet her!

Dec Baby - 114 days ago
Another week has passed...Seriously, this pregnancy is going so fast! I just love the last photo in week 22...too cute! It's hard to imagine my little one being that developed, makes me wish we had a permanent window that we could look into anytime and see our baby!

cutezilootz02 - 150 days ago
I have no idea y but it's not showing me As a . Member? Strange. We are having another little girl 4) my daughter is so over the moon to be having a sister!

konepich - 157 days ago
We have a c-section date! January 9th just shy of 3months! 😊

NICOLA2010 - 158 days ago
Thamyou firsttimemomma

NICOLA2010 - 158 days ago
Konepich tryamd join then FB GROUP..also i am n facebook if u wanna add me nicola packnoski

NICOLA2010 - 158 days ago big babies! Mines still every 4weeks, think eveey two weeks from 27 weeks..sux u had to have a csection! Bet tht took u by supris with the blood in toilet! I sense baby is breach cos i always feel him kick in the crutch! And something on the right but never on my left side...odd!

konepich - 158 days ago
I'm glad to see your appts all went well :) we have ours tomorrow. How often are your appts now? I can't wait to hear the heartbeat again. 4weeks is just too long! My 2boys were big and early so I'm expecting boy #3 to be big at least 9lbs and a c-section. Nicola- my water broke while I was peeing 😄 but I knew I had to go to the hospital because there was so much blood in it. Yuck! Both boys no labor pain.

1st.time.momma - 158 days ago
I know a few moms couldnt find the fb group so heres a link

NICOLA2010 - 159 days ago
preety quiet here lately.. hows everyone feeling? i feel like my hormones have gone up another gear..and super tired

NICOLA2010 - 161 days ago aww i dont think my boy likes the doppler everytime he moves around when that thing is put on the belly lol! glad ur apptwent well.. i honestly still dont feel much movement but might be cos im always moving around myself.. when i do sit doen i often feel him.. last night was first time all night long in bed i felt him kept me awake! bet u cant wait to see her again! dr ssid i prob be induced again sux.. i want natural labour waters break n everything lol - 161 days ago
I'm glad everything is going well NICOLA2010! I had my prenatal check up today as well..everything was girl was super active punching the doppler lol what a baby she is already! I can't wait to see her again on the 7th!

NICOLA2010 - 162 days ago
so i had my dr appointment today all is good.. baby growing on time.. i gained 4.5 lbs in a month doctor said i goto watch my weight gaining really fast.. i was like oh? and then she checked my start weight and said oh dont worry my start weight was fairly low.. so she said carry on eating lol.. judging by how fast im gaining weight i think and measuring on time i think this lil guy is gonna be chunker my daughter i gained weight faster infact i gained 30lbs with her and 20lbs with my son she was 8lbs and super chubby baby he ws 7lbs 1 and skinny tall baby.. im hoping for a chunker i love chunky babies haha - 163 days ago
woo hoo week 22!

NICOLA2010 - 163 days ago
hello week 22 - 178 days ago
I cant find the group 'IAP 2015' on facebook

klawest2 - 185 days ago
I created a Facebook group for all IAP mamas who are due in 2015 :) search 'IAP 2015' and request to be added! I was a part of the IAP 2012 Facebook group and still keep up with lots of the mamas I met there!

Juliemom24 - 190 days ago
deebo, I can't imagine how hard things are right now. Sorry:( I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way!

lissie**** - 193 days ago
deebo! What a crappy time you are having you poor thing! I think a lot of us can relate to different things you are going through. And you are going through them all right now :( This will pass. Hugs.

deebo - 196 days ago
I'm Also dealing with wicked depression.. lost my dad last October, two miscarriages, lost my future and dreams.. was in a shelter and pregnant, thought this one was going to die too.. decided that I'm going to give my children's father one more chance (he was unfaithful..) I am in a hard place, my family disowned me over something I had nothing to do with. Yes, I have a home now, and live with their dad and the dog.. life is going on, and I'm stuck. Anyways, I am having so many muscle cramps, so sick of b12 shots, and migraines from food additives (had no problems before pregnancy)..gained 25lbs in 3 months, lmao.. and I'm the size I was when I was ready to pop with my last two (but don't weigh as much as I did then??) It's embarrassing. I'm fat without pregnancy, so I just look even fatter without the cute baby bump.. Depression sucks, hard situations suck. Hope anyone who sees this, remembers that this too shall pass:) Also screw iron pills. They just are horrible.

lissie**** - 207 days ago
So glad you were able to rest!

Juliemom24 - 207 days ago
I'm feeling much better. It must have been a 24 hour thing, thank goodness. My heaven-sent hubby took the toddler so I could sleep all day. So wonderful!

lissie**** - 208 days ago
Juliesmom// I had the worst tummy bug of my life this pregnancy. So I can empathize! I hope you are feeling better! It's horrible!!!

Juliemom24 - 208 days ago
I was up all night throwing up and being sick. TERRIBLE!!! I've never had morning sickness so I'm feeling for all you mamas who did. Mine is just a bug but I woke up with a very sore back that felt like I just gave birth, haha. All that contracting does a number on you.I felt bad for the little guy inside me.

Juliemom24 - 208 days ago
Letroise, I'm so sorry about your mom. My mom passed about a month and a half before I had my first baby. It was really hard. Prayers and good thoughts being sent your way!

lissie**** - 208 days ago
Oh you dears! Sorry for you both. Big hugs. I think it is expected to have down days. Hope you find more happy moments.

2xmommy2b - 209 days ago
Letrosie - I am also sorry to hear about your Dad passed away on sept 1st last year and it's so hard thinking he won't know this baby so I know what you're going thru...thanks for the encouraging words Rosie & Lissie -the last few days have been better...I'm hoping it's just the hormones and those feelings don't come back

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