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You are 25 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 8.8 inches. Weight has increased to around 1.5 pounds and fat is still being deposited at a high rate. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, so your baby could vary slightly from these `average` measurements. Your uterus has grown quite a bit bigger this week. The top of your uterus is between your bellybutton and your sternum. Your uterus is about the size of a soccer ball now!

If your baby is delivered at this time, it would have a good chance of surviving. It is best for your baby to remain inside of you for the remainder of the pregnancy, but great advances have been made in the care of a premature baby. Ventilators, monitors and medications all help premature babies develop and grow outside of the womb. If your baby were born this early, he would probably have to spend several months in the hospital and would be more susceptible to infections and other complications.

You can hear your baby's heartbeat with both a Doppler and a stethoscope at this time, and your partner may even be able to hear the heartbeat unaided if he puts his ear in the right position. Sex differentiation is being completed now. If you are expecting a baby boy, the testes start to descend into the scrotum. In baby girls, the vagina is hollowing out. Your baby is able to do more with their fingers now and can move his fingers to make a complete fist. As your baby becomes more dexterous, he will be able to touch and hold his feet. Babies also begin to prefer their left hand or right hand at this time. Because babies settle into routines of sleep and activity, you might begin to notice these patterns as well. Some women experience the most fetal movements while they are trying to rest.

Comments on week 25

Comments 1-49 of about 382 from week 25
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susieq2582 - 3.8 hours ago
interesting! Thanks, Ladies!

ira456 - 13.4 hours ago
I didn't see it until my fourth pregnancy when I went to the bathroom at the hospital. I was already almost 8cm at that point though. It was just a lot of mucus and came out as a big blob. I don't loose it until im in labour but some loose it before.

vickiessecret - 21.1 hours ago
I've only lost my mucous plug with my 2nd baby, it looked like mucosy snot to me & mine was alittle blood tinged, because it was the start of my labor. Never saw it with my others, my 2nd was the only time so far that I went into labor on my own.

Sue23 - 21.4 hours ago
susie it looks like a white blob it basically comes away when in labour but also can regrow u may of seen parts with ur show they r kind of the same thou ur show has blood in it but it either comes away in a blob or comes away slowly which is white n lumpy sometimes greeny coloured but very light when u wipe closer to ur due date sorry if it sounds discusting

vickiessecret - 1 days ago
Hello week 25 :)

susieq2582 - 1 days ago
I don't think I have ever actually seen my mucous plug with any of my pregnancies. What does it look like?

Sue23 - 1 days ago
Ive been loosing mucus plug since 18 weeks and had braxton hicks both r normal and mucus plug regrows u can loose it afew times

megalo - 2 days ago
Meggied, how scary, i'm glad your doctor isn't worried. Ira, just a few weeks. But i'm scared of anything over a week.

meggied - 2 days ago
ladies, lost my mucus plug last week. Went to the doctor and she examined me. Im not dialeted or thined out so she didnt seem too worried. Never has happened to me before.

ira456 - 2 days ago
How early? Scary early or just a couple of weeks? I hope I have mine a little early but just by a week or two :-) the earliest ive been is five days with my daughter. I just hate being overdue and getting induced!

megalo - 2 days ago
I keep having dreams that I have this baby early.

HappymamaSrwsara - 15 days ago
How close will your babies be in age? Mine will be 16 months

HappymamaSrwsara - 15 days ago
Oh yeah! I would have a hard time not knowing, I always want to plan in advance but there are plenty of cute gender neutral themes out there. Glad you are doing well :)

Babyjarr - 16 days ago
We didn't find out what we're having but I have a son and I feel the same as with him. So I think we are having another boy. I can't wait to see what it is. It's strange not knowing but my husband didn't want to know… so here we are. I'd like a brother for my son. My husband doesn't have a brother and I have 2 sisters. I loved growing up with them and I want my son to have a built in friend. I know it's not guaranteed they would be friends, but I think there's a better chance. Either way, it's so exciting. Are you excited your daughter gets a sister?? I bet!

HappymamaSrwsara - 16 days ago
I know what you mean babyjarr this time around this site is pretty well dead, I'm close to your due date I'm not quite in week 25 yet but I saw your comment. I'm having my second girl what are you having?

Babyjarr - 16 days ago
I'm mostly talking to myself on this website… there aren't many people in the weeks around me either. Kind of disappointing. But, things with me are good. Feeling lots of movement when I get a chance to sit down. And I've had a few bouts of sever heartburn and I think it's after I eat an apple… so I'll stop eating those from here on out.

smiles884 - 29 days ago
Welcome to the group Carly! I'm due with 2 little boys June 28th.. they were quite the surprise for me too. Glad that you are happy with your decision to keep your little man.. perhaps a tough decision for you, but a great one! : ) So, how are you feeling?

onbabyfour - 31 days ago
Welcome Carly! Congrats on your little boy!

carlyjames12345 - 32 days ago
Hi, My name is Carly and I am 17. I am pregnant with a little boy due the 5th of July. It was quite the surprise but I am glad I decided to raise him. Hope all you pregnant mommies are doing good and many blessing to you all.

smiles884 - 35 days ago
I too will be staying home, at least for the most part. I might work one day a week, just to get out of the house and have the kiddos socialize, but any more than one day and I know I would go completely insane!!-it would be too much to try and juggle, besides they are only young like this once, so going to make the most of it. I still need to wash all of my 1st son's clothes (newborn-whatever..prob 3 months to start).. didn't want to do it too soon, but am really feeling pressure to get it done, so going to start that this weekend. Have been really sick, my husband has too : ( so things have been pretty off lately as if I need that added to my crazy hormones! lol NEVER was this big or uncomfortable with my 1st.. and I still have weeks (probably) to go. Can't hardly sleep at night and everything just hurts! but it's gonna be worth it!

onbabyfour - 36 days ago
That is coming up fast smiles! do you have everything all ready? I have been trying to get organized myself. I have almost everything I need just have lots of cleaning and organizing to get everything together. Lately I've been feeling pretty stressed! my kids seem to be driving me crazy between fighting and constantly making messes lol. I haven't felt the greatest the last couple days. I had my glucose test today. The drink wasn't as bad as I remembered but I guess my dr will know the results tomorrow so I hope it's good news! Now if I could keep my energy up and stay motivated I could get to nesting! lol

amberc88 - 36 days ago
smiles- i have my emotion bawl like a baby melt downs too.. Also i will be staying home which im over the moon excited for, but at the same time nervous! it will be the first time i have really ever HAD to rely 100% on someone else, i have had a job since i was 15 so i dunno that is all crazy to me, i know things will be a little tighter as far as budget goes, but sooooooo worth it in the end on all levels. I hate the teter tot of emotions. i wish i could only focus on the happy, and enjoy the time in between now, and just know i will be prepared when the big D day comes. Prolly a good thing im not having twins i would have lost my mind completely by now, so my hats off to you!!! and sooooo crazy to think any time now you could have them!!! although hopefully its not for a few more good weeks! :)

smiles884 - 36 days ago
lol Amber-you sound just like me! want to plan things but not sure what I do and do not dare to plan.. wish I had a general idea of when babie would comes, but it could be any where from now (literally) to mid-June.. the unknowing drives me nuts! And I am SO excited about these two new precious lives, yet i'm scared/worried about all the sleepless nights.. I get to thinking about it too much and then I cry cause I feel so overwhelmed lol I think my hormones are completely wacked out!!!

amberc88 - 36 days ago
Smiles- OMG they will b coming soon! I keep going back and forth on anxiety fear and excitement for my ONE baby. Some days it seems this is going by too fast other days not fast enough. Than all the worries that come along with a new baby. I swear pregnancy just makes me crazy lol. I also hate not knowing exactly when he will b here I want to make all these plans and do fun things but the closer and closer I get I'm wayyy to scared to be away from home or not with my husband or any family member in case I go into labor. Ughhh I have sooo many things going through my head

smiles884 - 37 days ago
Hello 25 weeks!!! Figuring 7 to 13 more weeks and these little boys will be making their appearance!!! : ) Can't wait, and yet so scared for all the changes that are about to come.. don't feel ready for all the sleepless nights, diaper changes, attention needed for 3 boys and trying to stay sane! lol... how's everyone else feeling/doing?

smiles884 - 48 days ago
terriann20-so sorry to hear this : ( what a hard hard thing to endure! sending thoughts and prayers her way!

terriann20 - 50 days ago
Today a friend of mine had to say goodbye to her little princess who was born on sunday she was very poorly and couldnt fight her illness her little girl was only ten days early so just wanted everyone to send prayers to mia rose in heaven too good for this earth... fly free without pain beautiful angel xxx

bkle - 67 days ago
my head hurts, im sweating and down right feel icky ugh I hope im not coming down with something.

momofour - 75 days ago
Samantha.. I agree that was too pushy.. And jeez you only have 3... It's not like you're on #9 or something! I'm waaaay older than you.. Pregnant with my 5th and still don't want to tie my tubes!

emmyjoe - 76 days ago
Samantha, that's so insensitive of her! You are young, just stick to the 'old school' birth control. I had my kids at 25, then 26. I thought I was done. But changed my mind and, I am now 35, and #3 is on the way :) You May Change Your Mind.

onj - 76 days ago
bkle- thanks!That does make me feel a little better! SamanthaDawn- I don't think I'd be very happy if the doctor said that to me. My doctor has made a comment every time I've been pregnant (4, including a miscarriage), saying 'How many are you going to have???!!!')She knows my mother had 6, so she makes comments about how I am just like my mother. The irony is that she had 6 kids herself. People just make their own judgments and opinions and we have to learn to ignore them and not take it personally. After our 2nd was born, my MIL made a comment (while meeting her granddaughter in the delivery room) that she would bet I wanted my husband to get snipped now. Who the hell says that while looking at their new baby grandchild? I know that's a different scenario, but it all adds up to the same thing- people think they should be able to dictate to you how many kids you should have and judge you accordingly... people are annoying lol.

bkle - 77 days ago
My husband and I have talked about this one being our last and him getting tied not me due to the side effects it has on the woman. It made him sad to think this is our last one but im getting to old to be having more haha. People tell us we are great parents and should have more but im so done with complication during pregnancy and always being worried. I know I would regret getting my tubes tied/or my husband getting clipped right away. so just in case we do end up wanting another baby im going on the pill for the first year just to be sure :-) My doctors have never talked to me about tubes being tied and im 34 with 3 and one on the way. I would be offended if they asked me at my age let alone at only 22:-( I would be looking for another doctor haha good luck

SamanthaDawn - 77 days ago
Ya and the thing is, I didn't even ask about it! She brought it up, and I am so not interested especially at 22... If anybody is going to get fixed it should be my man because after 3 c-sections I think it's only fair, but I wouldn't even consider that until we're both over 30! If I got my tubes tied so young I think it would be so depressing! Especially when my kids get older. I got pregnant on birth control pills, and then again with an IUD! This 3rd was my first planned baby. and After the IUD incident I started only trusting condoms, because you can see they are working and know how they work. That is what I think I'm going to use after this baby (at least until I'm done breastfeeding) Then maybe take the birth control pill AND condoms every time. I used pull out methoud for a lil while but hubby didn't like that (and I don't blame him lol)

4girls want a boy - 77 days ago
Samanthadawn , I was thinking about getting my tubes tied but am not going to. I have read a lot of info on it and a lot of women have isues from it.My mom said she had pain in her overies for years after, and said not to do it. I also don't like birth conrol too many risks. We use pull out as birth conrol. It has always worked for us. We never had not one whops momment .

SamanthaDawn - 77 days ago
I had an OBS appointment today. It was with the surgeon to talk about scheduling a c-section. (because I have already had 2) She gave me a date!! May 8th! :) (a week early to make sure I won't go into labour.) So that was great and I was feeling all happy and excited, but then she said something to me to make me feel uncomfterble... She asked about getting my tubes tied. I'm 22! I said 'This is going to be my last baby, but I don't want to do that. Just the fact of knowing I cant would make me feel sad, 0and I think I'd regret that decision' and s0he said I understand, you are right, you are only 22, but.. You have 3 kids and have already done your job for this world with having children. So we need to talk about what you ARE going to do for birth control after this. I felt like she was judging me! I am not one of those people who wants to just keep popping kids out and not properly take care of them, I am a good mom- ALL of my kids are with the same father, we are NOT on welfare and I did plan on this being my last! But I don't need somebody to tell me that it has to be! I know birth control after this baby is important, but I think she is asking me about it a little early. The baby isn't even born yet! ...and right after birth I don't plan on sex for weeks afterwards. From the second I decided I wanted to have this baby I knew I wanted it to be my last but it seemed like she thought I plan on having another immediatly. Maybe I am just hormonal, but she OFFENDED ME!

bkle - 77 days ago
onj-- Ive gained about the same amount and most of it since 15 weeks. they said I wasn't gaining enough and now they say ive gained about 3-4 too many at this stage. I blame it on the Christmas season haha

onj - 77 days ago
25 weeks today. Met a midwife I haven't had before who was super sweet! I have my papers for my glucose test- but can't have it done until I'm 26 weeks, which means I get a week before I have to drink that awful drink :) Also gained like 5-6 lbs in the last month. I wanted to cry!! Now I'm at a total of 15 lbs, which doesn't seem bad, except I've gained almost all of it since 18 weeks or so. Hopefully, I can even it out a bit for next time :)

bkle - 78 days ago
Samantha I too have been soo soo soo full of gas ugh. I feel worse in the second trimester then I ever did in the first. This is suppose to be the good trimester. I hope 3rd trimester it gets better. I feel so huge already, My baby must be running out of room in there already ugh.

SamanthaDawn - 78 days ago
Is anyone else having TERRIBLE pregnancy gas? I used to hardley ever fart! Now, it's like I fart 100x a day. At home... In the car..In the grocery store..AT WORK!! LOL omg last night I farted a silent stinker in the grocery store and cleared out the aisle. DH was so Disgusted and mad, then I came home, googled gas and pregnancy and read this: I laughed so hard I cried!!! The car fart story has happend to me more times than I can count. HAHAHAHAHA!

mummytoharrison - 78 days ago
Pretty names :) We have settled on Kendal Jennifer. Just having my glucose test.....soo bored. 26 weeks today too. Where is the time going?

4girls want a boy - 78 days ago
Thanks ladys , and I love Cora Mae, and Harrie Floyd. I am off for another ultra sound to check my cervix . I always get tuns of contrations durning every pregnancy and never dilate till about 38 weeks pregnant . Oh well at least I get to see my little girl again.

elisiaxx - 78 days ago
4 girl's I love the name Nala grace :) its beautiful. ... our little boy is called Harrie Floyd :) we are in love with his name! Thank you everyone we are so excited to be moving and don't you worry I wont be lifting a thing ;) cant believe I am 26 weeks today! I will keep popping back as my week looks really quiet :(

emmyjoe - 78 days ago
4girls, I love the name you have picked! Cora Mae is what we've chosen for our 3rd girl.

4girls want a boy - 78 days ago
Well after going through so many names and thinking i will never have a name for this baby we think we have a name for her. I think we will call her Nala from the lion king . It means a gift from God. I love it . Maybe Faith or Grace as a middle name. Nala Grace .. We might spell it different too , but I sure do love it.

mummytoharrison - 79 days ago
Yay hubby just said I can book a 4D scan :) I had one with DS so it'll be nice to do the same for DD. A 5 bed house would be lovely here too as DD wont have a nursery as we have a friend staying for the first 2 months to help me out and iteans we don't have a spare room.

4girls want a boy - 79 days ago
Congrats with your move Elisia . I want to move so bad we have been in the same house for 5 years , and I want a bigger house. We have a four bedroom , and I want a bigger four bedroom , or 5 bedroom would be nice. Our house rent is only $800.00 a month so I guess thats what keeps me here.

SamanthaDawn - 79 days ago
Bkle- That is hilarious!! I always wear mine when the kids are sleeping but I bet it'd scare my 3 year old son. I wish I had a hot-tub too... or At least I wish my hot water tank produced enough hot water for me to have a regular bath! I either have to have a bath only 30% full, or quick showers.

SamanthaDawn - 79 days ago
Elisaxx-Good luck with the move! Don't move anything too heavy ;) Perfect time to move.. you have an excuse to ask for extra help from everyone! I just moved to a 3 bedroom in late August (Right before finding out I was pregnant) I already have 2 children so they each have their own room, but now with baby #3 on the way I'm dissapointed I won't be able to have an extra room to decorate a nursery :( But oh well, I know the baby won't mind! All baby needs is a place to sleep in my room and maybe a playpen or bassinette in the living room. But I always wished I could have a nursery for my baby, all precious and fancy like you see in catologues. (never had one for any of my children) I was always 1 bedroom too short and baby shared with me.

mummytoharrison - 79 days ago
Good luck with the move elisiaxx

elisiaxx - 79 days ago
I am moving out in 14 days :D we finally have a 3 bedroom house ready for when our baby boy wants to join our family! My little girl keeps stroking my bump and saying..... babeee! She is just the cutest xx

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