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You are 25 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 8.8 inches. Weight has increased to around 1.5 pounds and fat is still being deposited at a high rate. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, so your baby could vary slightly from these `average` measurements. Your uterus has grown quite a bit bigger this week. The top of your uterus is between your bellybutton and your sternum. Your uterus is about the size of a soccer ball now!

If your baby is delivered at this time, it would have a good chance of surviving. It is best for your baby to remain inside of you for the remainder of the pregnancy, but great advances have been made in the care of a premature baby. Ventilators, monitors and medications all help premature babies develop and grow outside of the womb. If your baby were born this early, he would probably have to spend several months in the hospital and would be more susceptible to infections and other complications.

You can hear your baby's heartbeat with both a Doppler and a stethoscope at this time, and your partner may even be able to hear the heartbeat unaided if he puts his ear in the right position. Sex differentiation is being completed now. If you are expecting a baby boy, the testes start to descend into the scrotum. In baby girls, the vagina is hollowing out. Your baby is able to do more with their fingers now and can move his fingers to make a complete fist. As your baby becomes more dexterous, he will be able to touch and hold his feet. Babies also begin to prefer their left hand or right hand at this time. Because babies settle into routines of sleep and activity, you might begin to notice these patterns as well. Some women experience the most fetal movements while they are trying to rest.

Comments on week 25

Comments 1-49 of about 602 from week 25
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daffymtz22 - 56 days ago
The lowest my blood pressure has been is 95/69. I check mine twice a day since my first two visits it was high. Luckily I haven't had an issue with it since. I do get a little dizzy sometimes. My doctor told me to drink plenty of water. I've been going to weekly visits since I am considered high risk due to the gestational diabetes. I'm doing great keeping my numbers down so the dr. has moved me to every two weeks. I've also lost 13 lbs. so far. Doing great! Can't wait to hold my little one.

mommashavin11 - 58 days ago
what is everyone's blood pressure like at 25 weeks? Mine was 100/60. Feeling a little dizzy at times, just while sitting. Also gained 4 lbs so far! baby Ava Juliet was kicking the Doppler at checkup today, she didn't like being poked. Now I go every two weeks to obgyn appts. They let me do fasting glucose test instead of 1 hour test because last 10 babies, I never can keep that syrup drink down.thank heavens!

daffymtz22 - 58 days ago
Hello week 25! What's keeping me awake is having to go potty throughout the night.

lilgibber22 - 61 days ago
25 weeks, we got this! Getting closer. I've been having the worst insomnia, anyone else?

monkeymomma - 85 days ago
25 Weeks! Almost 3rd trimester!

beingamomrocks - 86 days ago
I don't like food except for breakfast but I force myself to eat lunch and dinner. Blah! Since we couldn't find the gender at our 21 week ultra sound. I decided to just wait until delivery too find out. Always wanted to just never had patience.

hannah.2ndbaby - 90 days ago
Hi! I really like this site, so i finally signed up haha! Feeling good finally after so long. But were having a Girl! Big sister is stoked ;-) anyone else feeling an Insane amount of movement? Crazy in there!

mzdallas06 - 101 days ago
25 weeks! Yessss!!! Wish it was 35- but I'll take what I can get!

TaraR - 103 days ago
Hello 25 weeks!!!!

Kekea - 114 days ago
Almost to the the third trimester!!!

beckym - 129 days ago

jamie86 - 130 days ago
Becky I have 102 days, excited to hit 99 days left! The countdown is on!

beckym - 130 days ago
There is a mom swap today at my church, we brought stuff we didn't need in on a certain day, and now today we go in and pick up things we currently need. Awesome idea, I'm really looking forward to it!

beckym - 130 days ago
Today marks 100 days! That is a huge milestone. I got to tell the kids, remember the time it took from first day of school to 100 days of school, that is how long before the baby will be here!

beckym - 132 days ago
Free, a new jeep sounds nice, Johnny has a new Chevy cruze, but my van is a 98 Chrysler Town and country, I always get the family car, and my car can not be Less than 6 passenger, so that leaves me with about 3 options, 7 passenger station wagon, van, or large 6 plus passenger suv

beckym - 133 days ago
Can it be September already, cooking the prego is not my cup of tea, plus my weight is almost at the cap I didn't want to pass.

Free2Bmom - 134 days ago
I've been keeping hydrated really well but still have a lot of BH contractions. Not sure what triggers them. I should probably just be lazier. I'm really active and they are the worst in the late afternoon and evening. I love doing yard work (smaller stuff since I'm preggo) and I was pregnant in the winter with my son when I didn't get them much so maybe that's the difference that I'm way more active this pregnancy. Becky that sucks about your van :( my husband had got me a new jeep but I asked him to buy me a car that's better on fuel and cause I didn't want to mile out (and have crackers n crumbs all over) my jeep. My tire went flat on the Jetta he got me so I had to use my jeep again today. I like the car. So much easier to get around in and my son can get in and out of it so easy. When your fav vehicle has a breakdown it sux. Hopefully your van isn't a serious issue.

jamie86 - 134 days ago
Becky- Less than a week before I found out I was pregnant again the engine in my van started going out. Was so upset because we had paid it off completely less then a year before. I really enjoyed not having the payment. Hopefully you can get yours fix for fairly cheap.

jamie86 - 134 days ago
free2bmom- I have had some super strong BH as well. Baby boy is also sitting super low so I'm wondering if he will stay put until 40 weeks like my other kids did.

beckym - 134 days ago
Well, something is wrong with my van, it won't go higher than 40 miles an hour, I hope it is minor and not the transmission in full. Worst timing ever, we have a beach trip coming up, and our van fits our family, it would be terrible if we lost it.

beckym - 135 days ago
Free2bmom, I have had that happen too, a few times now where I started timing them. Most of the time they seem to, for me, be triggered by mild dehydration, drinking a lot of fluids helps to make them less common for me, but yesterday there was a different reason that started an entire day of terrible cramps and contractions , intimacy, so I decided we will stay abstinent, for pretty much the rest of the pregnancy, seems safer that way.

Free2Bmom - 135 days ago
I'm so thankful to have made it this far! After the Braxton hicks contractions I've been having, I'm worried she might come sooner than I'd like! Last night I was scared my body was going into labour. I love how active she is right now!

beckym - 135 days ago
Almost third trimester, feeling big enough to fit the bill though, and the whole summer to go, yikes!

beckym - 136 days ago
25 weeks now!

ShireeT - 166 days ago
Flybear, your handle sounds familiar. We're you here in 2009? I'm on #5. And after your comment realized that 2 of my 4 were born at 37 weeks, the other two were out by 38.5 weeks. Gah! So little time! - 182 days ago
Flybear, I know the feeling. I'm ready to have him in my arms and kiss his little face. I love how me and the baby are bonding already. He responds to me when I'm singing him little songs. Not sure if it's a good response or if my singing voice is annoying him but it definitely gets him

flybear - 184 days ago
I'm getting excited and a little anxious. I know I'm not even to the 3rd trimester yet, but I think I'm over pregnancy. It's my 4th. Just give me my baby. Haha I can't believe you only have 12 weeks left. Yay! - 188 days ago
Since my c-section is in 12 weeks I'm going to really pick up the pace in preparing for the little one. The first thing is getting a new vehicle. I visited a couple of dealerships and I finally found a vehicle I like so I'll be getting that this weekend. Goodbye Toyota Corolla, hello Dodge Journey. It's going to be Starting next week we're going to start looking at houses to move into. Our lease is going to be up soon and with the 4th child coming we need extra space. Finding a house to rent won't be much fun cause we're on a limited budget, but it'll still be exciting. After we move we're going to start purchasing baby items and I'm definitely looking forward to that

babylove5 - 279 days ago
Love I'm glad you got to hold her. I agree babies can sense whatever you are feeling. I can't imagine having one that early and all the trials she has to overcome. My cousins baby was born at 1 and half pounds. They would get negative news all the time at the nicu but she was a fighter and made it through everything! Her mom pumped breast milk to give to her and that helped her a lot. Ill pray for her to overcome everything and gain weight.

Love2314 - 280 days ago
Babylove5 No, she's my 8th long story short. They told me I'd never have kids. I met my husband and well now I have 8 beautiful children. She was born 12/23 I've never been so scared in my life. She's fighting and that's all I can ask for. Good news is I was able to hold her for the first time last night. I had to hold back tears I try not to get emotional around her as I believe babies can sense that.

sher-baby - 281 days ago
Ladies!! Before you indulge in your New Years festivities, have a safe and happy (alcohol free) New Year's Eve!!!

Sher-baby - 281 days ago
oh my goodness love2314!! I'm soo sorry. I couldn't imagine how hard this must be for you. being that she was born so early the NICU is the best place for her and hopefully she really thrives so you can bring her home as soon as possible!! soo sorry! and wish you and your baby girl all the best!! **hugs**

Babylove5 - 281 days ago
Love I know its hard. My 1st son was in the nicu due to stress during delivery. They gave me Cytotec to induce me and it cause bleeding, which caused him to have air bubbles in his lungs from the stress of delivery. He was only there a few days but it was stressful. They will take good care of her. I hope you have been able to pump some milk for her, itwill help her immune system. When was your baby girl born? Was this your first?

Love2314 - 281 days ago
I had my baby girl at 25 weeks, looks like she will be in the NICU for a few months :(. I feel like I am all alone is there anyone else out there going through what I am? Not that i wish this on anyone, as this is probably the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I'd love to chat with you. Maybe we could help ease each others minds.

Dec Baby - 282 days ago
Aww supermom...hopefully you're just having an off day! If I've had a few busy days or late nights, it tends to catch up and I know that I have to slow down and catch up on a few extra zzzz's As for the name saga...we haven't quite got there yet😁

sher-baby - 282 days ago
Makala- I know I know!!! It could be worse but it just really freaked me out to see an 8lb increase...I was expecting 5lbs but 8lbs threw me for a loop.

alanaw - 282 days ago
We haven't decided on a name. :) We can't agree, so I told my husband..I will just name him in the hospital. What are your top name choices?

sher-baby - 282 days ago
Ugh...I hope so!! I know I gotta gain weight for the baby to be healthy...I just don't want to loose control of my weigh gain. So 2lbs a week took me by surprise! Hopefully it's not this drastic going forward! Ooh boy!!!....😫

babylove5 - 282 days ago
Lol...Sher you are right where you are suppose to be! You want a healthy baby so you Hv to eat well! It freaks me out to though, but it falls off after birth, so no worries.

sher-baby - 282 days ago
Omg! I've gained 8lbs in 4weeks.....eeeeeekkkkk!!!! And I'm 9pbs heavier now than I was at this point with my daughter!!! Oh god save me!! Oh man!!! Uugh! So this means in total my weight gain is 19lbs...I know it could be worse but I'm scared I'm going to blow up in the last trimester!

sher-baby - 282 days ago
Congrats alanaw! I too am having a boy. There are lots of us actually having boys

sher-baby - 282 days ago
Dec baby- we don't have any names yet either. DH and I can't seem to agree on any. When do u start seeing ur dr every 2 weeks??? I thought it was after week 28? I have my ob appt this morning then a well needed hair I can look like shamu with a pretty hair style! Lol!

Dec Baby - 282 days ago
Congratulations alanaw! Lucky you to get a baby boy;) Have you all got names worked out? If you don't mind please tell...I need all the inspiration I can get! I feel like I've spent hours online researching names! I had my OB app. as well as glucose test today! Everything is going well so far...I thought baby was head down but OB said it was head up and to the right side! I'm also measuring spot on for dates, which is a relief! (My last baby was big) My next app. will be at 32 weeks:)) feel free to drop into week 28 or 29....singing, 'I'm all by myself' hehe! Nah, I'm glad I can pop in here for some company;)

alanaw - 283 days ago
Hi there..I check in..everytime, I get chance, welcome to week 25. We are having a baby boy. This is my third, child. :)

sher-baby - 283 days ago
Based on my lmp and my US's, I'm measuring on point; give or take a few days but nothing crazy. Not worries ladies...all will work out for u! I feel like I will go early. I will be surprised if I have this baby in April. I had a dream last night that I have birth early to a lil cubby baby...he weighed 6lbs something oz. but again, I couldn't breast feed! I guess we shall see. So far no peeing when I cough or anything, just when I sneeze!

babylove5 - 283 days ago
Mandy I did that with my last baby. I had my other son at 35 weeks so I assumed he would be here early too. I was wrong, not only that but he was late I was 41 weeks with my fourth baby and not happy. I am just going to plan on 40 weeks this time so I'm not going nuts, but then I worry I might go early. :-/

mandykat760 - 283 days ago
I have this idea of my due date is wrong. It's an odd gut feeling supported by measuring a week and a half ahead. Plus my weight gain would match up better with 27 weeks pregnant. I really need to stop obsessing over it because I'll be in trouble later if the baby doesn't come. Haha

sher-baby - 284 days ago
Anyone else peeing when they sneeze!!!! Ugh....wth!!!!

babylove5 - 284 days ago
I had breast augmentation 4 years ago after breastfeeding 3 babies I needed that full look back. I went from a b to a c, so nothing major. I was able to breastfeed with no problem after that, so you should be able to also. Reduction is not as invasive. I'm going to need another if these start sagging.

sher-baby - 284 days ago
Ooh...ok, ya I haven't breast fed in almost 6yrs and I had a breast reduction about 4yrs ago so I'm hoping that I can still breast feed because of that. I occasionally get that let down feeling but nothing leaks

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