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You are 26 weeks pregnant.

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By this week, your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 9.2 inches. Remember, that is only from the top of his head to his bottom and does not include his leg measurements! Your baby weighs almost 2 pounds and is beginning to put on weight. Your uterus is about 2.5 inches above your bellybutton and you will continue to grow approximately 1 cm each week. If you have been eating a well-balanced diet, you probably have gained about 16-22 pounds so far. Because your baby has moved further up, you may get occasional pain underneath your ribs.

After a month of having his eyelids sealed shut, your baby begins to open his eyes again this week. Your baby's eyes are almost completely developed. Your baby's eyes are blue in the womb and may change colors later in life. This is true for all races because the pupils do not have their final color until a few months after birth. However, some babies are born with darker or lighter shades of blue. Your growing baby will continue to put on layers of fat until he is born. He is still lean at this point of the pregnancy though. By the time your baby is born, he will assume the typical newborn's plumpness. Your baby's skin will still be wrinkled and red, but the fat continues to fill the skin out.

Finger and toe nails continue to grow.

Blood vessels start to develop in the lungs to prepare the baby for life outside the uterus.

Your baby's blood circulation is completely functional. The umbilical cord system continues to grow and thicken as blood travels with considerable force through the body to nurture the baby. The placenta is now almost equal in size to the baby.

Even though it is still way too soon for your baby to be born yet, the chance of survival without severe abnormalities is now 70% provided it is born in a hospital.

Comments on week 26

Comments 1-49 of about 538 from week 26
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loralb - 2 days ago
Off to week 27 and the third trimester tomorrow! So glad to have made it this far. Time to start making baby plans I guess.

holz8519 - 82 days ago
Thanks ladies

floydianslip2 - 82 days ago
Congrats Holz, fantastic news! :)

holz8519 - 83 days ago
due date is 9/18 but ill have a repeat c-section because my other 3 have all be c-sections so a week or two before 9/18. I already have 2 boys and one girl and would be happy with either sex. My 3 yr old daughter wants boy girl twins for her and her 22 mon old brother. LOL

babylove5 - 83 days ago
Holz you will have a October baby! I know you are thrilled. Were you trying for a certain sex?

lexy-b - 83 days ago
Awe congratulations Holz!!!

holz8519 - 84 days ago
Thanks ladies I Been checking in to see how you are all progressing.

Sher-baby - 84 days ago
yaay Holz!! welcome back!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one is a real sticky one!!

holz8519 - 84 days ago
Hi ladies so FRER was darker today and got a def line on dollar tree test so tis true i got my BFP. Hoping this one sticks around.

floydianslip2 - 85 days ago
Holz, my fingers are crossed! Keep us posted please!!!

sher-baby - 85 days ago
Hopefully this is your finaly sticking bean Holz! That would be a great start to your new year!

babylove5 - 85 days ago
Good luck supermom! Congrats holz!!! I hope this baby is there to stay!!!

holz8519 - 85 days ago
Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Hope you ladies had a wonderful holiday. Can't believe you guys are 26 weeks I'm still trying again. I am on CD 39 and only 9-10 DPO today but i got a super faint positive on a FRER so waiting to see if there is a definite BPF before I celebrate. Hopefully if It is a true positive it sticks around. This would be my 8th pregnancy and our 4th & last baby if i make it to term. Please keep your fingers Crossed for me.

babylove5 - 86 days ago
Wow lexy!! I'm glad you found out before he was born! I don't like surprises because I'm not sure how I will react. I would be really upset if I thought I was having one sex and ended up with another. Congrats on your boy!!! Post pics of your 3d if you get a chance.

lexy-b - 87 days ago
Just got the surpise of a lifetime... We were told we were having a girl around 18 weeks.... Went for a 3D ultrasound today & found out we're having a BOY!!!!! WOW!!

sher-baby - 88 days ago
At the gym again ladies!!! Ugh!!! If I gain another 8lbs in 4 weeks I'm gonna loose it!!

sher-baby - 88 days ago
Uugh!!! That sucks butt!!! Sorry to hear about that floydianslip!!! I haven't heard anything about mine. I wonder if my dr would call me or just wait until my next appt to tell me my results. So I just reorganized my kitchen to make space for baby 'stuff' sanitizer, bottle warmer, drying station, bottles, etc! Aaaaand the nesting continues! Lol

floydianslip2 - 88 days ago
Ugh... just got the dreaded call from the doctor, I failed my dang glucose test by 7 points! The BS part is that I know I'll get in and do the 3 hour test, and it will come back in normal ranges. I know, better safe than sorry, but it still sucks!

floydianslip2 - 88 days ago
I'm a day late, but happy new year ladies! Sounds like some fun and mostly uneventful nights... I did pretty much nothing. DH went and shot a fireworks show downtown, I hung out with my best friend until 8:30, then went home and went to bed. Oh, and I had taco bell. I feel like such a wild child these days! Sher, I am at the point where I refuse to buy beer for anyone, because of those dirty looks!

sher-baby - 89 days ago
Babylove- lol that's pretty funny. I had to go into the beer store a few times over the holidays and go a few dirty looks.. Lol oh well! And the food sounds amazing!!!! ...not that my a$$ needs it!! Lol

babylove5 - 89 days ago
Happy New Year!!! I ended up sitting at the bar last night! I wasn't drinking but the place was packed and our reservations were late. I sat down and told the bar tender I'm pregnant and I'm at the bar don't judge! Lol I got a sweet tea and a few dirty looks. Lol The food was awesome, scallops, shrimp, and lobster.

sher-baby - 90 days ago is very outside the box! Lol I joined the local school of circus arts! I'm going to run away and join the circus! Haha...maybe! But it's hard as hell! I know for a second DH couldn't so half of what I do in these classes...even with all the working out he does! But of course to him, the gym is the 'only' way loose fat and build muscle!! Lol he's sooo full of brown stuff and he doesn't even know it! We'll be going back to the gym on Friday for another go at cardio! *joy*

babylove5 - 90 days ago
Pole fitness sounds hard. I picture the strippers hanging from the poles.. Lol. I guess you would need leg and arm strength for that. Arial silks sounds interesting but complicated. Good way to think outside of the box!!!

babylove5 - 90 days ago
I know what you mean my hubby works out at the gym too and its boring!!! I like to go for a jog when it's 70 outside or walk. I also Hv my own muscle building I do at home. I just use my own body weight. I don't feel the need to use much weight or be on a program. Thats for the gym rats. I tried regular yoga and I was bored. Right now the gym is it though, as far as cardio unless I run up and down my stairs.. Lol I can't think of anything else for cardio. I am gaining weight quickly this pregnancy and my hubby loves it!! It's going to my outer thighs and butt! I don't love it.

sher-baby - 91 days ago
Babylove- my DH is a gym junkie...and I'm sooooo anti gym! Lol I'm not anti exercise. I just don't like the gym. DH and I have had many arguments about working out and I know he feels like the exercise I do doesn't so anything!!! But wtv he can kiss my butt with that garbage!!! Like only going to the gym counts as working out!!! Wtv!! But considering the exercise I use to do is a lil dangerous while pregnant (pole fitness and arial silks), the only option I have is light cardio and it's cold here so I'm not walking outside!! So the gym it is!!!! Yuck! Lol I wanted to do prenatal yoga but it's soo expensive here!!

sher-baby - 91 days ago
Ladies!! Before you indulge in your New Years festivities, have a safe and happy (alcohol free) New Year's Eve!!!

babylove5 - 91 days ago
Sher that's great! I would like to get my heart rate up 3 times a week but I go non stop all day w the boys. My hubby goes to the gym at night and that's the last thing I want at the end of the day. I think I will get a elliptical to use. I don't eat much more than I did before getting pregnant maybe 400 calories more. I guess I need to get my heart rate up too. It's right at the third tri, so I may just rest.. Lol

Sher-baby - 91 days ago
so to try and maintain my weight over the next few months,im going to try and get back in the gym, even if its at least once a week; just doing some light/steady cardio...nothing crazy. we went last night and I walked for an hr and a half. I wasn't sweating like a pig but I was deff hot and sticky!! hopefully I can continue it so that I don't gain too much excessive weight

Sher-baby - 91 days ago
I'm delivering at the same hospital I had my daughter but that was 6 yrs ago, and I cant say I remember where to do and I don't know if they have added anything new to there facility.

Babylove5 - 91 days ago
Dec baby that's great you get to deliver at the same hospital. I am from a small town where I knew most people. The place we moved is a lot bigger and the hospital is huge! I really just plan to walk in push the baby out and go home the next day. I'm afraid I wont make it in time lol

Dec Baby - 92 days ago
My babies have all been delivered in the same's definitely nice to be familiar with delivery ward and what extra facilities may be available! Ask lots of questions on your tour girls!! I haven't had too much pubic bone pain yet...and thank goodness cause it really hurts!!! I have just started getting weird leg cramps at night! I avoid stretching out my legs at all seems to trigger them off whenever I flex!

sher-baby - 92 days ago
Our tour is jan 15....we star our prenatal classes on the 14th

babylove5 - 92 days ago
I registered for a tour of the hospital I am going to deliver at. It is 15 min from my home. I am worried that if I go into labor early I won't be comfortable with my surroundings. I have never delivered there before.

sher-baby - 92 days ago
I'm with you with the pubic bone pain! Even just changing from crossed legs to uncrossed legs hurts it!! And rolling over at night!!! OMG! It feels like it's breaking!! Ya I have a feeling I might be going down hill from here! 3rd trimester starts in about 2.5 weeks for me (28weeks right??)....oh boy!

babylove5 - 92 days ago
This week the baby opens his eyes!

babylove5 - 92 days ago
I just now feel really pregnant and uncomfortable. I get up 4 times every night to pee and the baby is head down with his head on my left side of the pubic bone and feet on the right. He appears to be a good baby not overly active and rather laid back. The only time my back hurts is when carrying something or sitting in a uncomfortable chair. I wish I had a pillow on my pubic bone. This is going to get really uncomfortable.

Dec Baby - 111 days ago
oh boy, the weeks are just whizzing by and I'm feeling huge!!! I'm so nervous about having another giant baby and the strain it puts on my joints:S Anyhow, I'm just starting to get uncomfortable especially at night...lots of tossing and turning! On the up side...I love feeling my baby kick and grow:)

lissie**** - 199 days ago
Oh no you are right!

Juliemom24 - 201 days ago
I just realized this week that I need to have all my Christmas shopping done way before Christmas or it's not happening... or it's going to be ALL online. haha. I'm so excited for this Christmas baby (who better come wayyyyyy before Christmas).

lissie**** - 202 days ago
I have a little heart burn too. Not horrible but I have it.

Juliemom24 - 205 days ago
I'm also getting large... we had family pictures with my husband's fam and I looked so yucky in them:( I hate that I have to gain weight on my face/anywhere other than my belly where the baby is. I guess it keeps me humble (or cranky). I haven't felt any Braxton Hicks yet but I've started getting heartburn already. Yuck.

lissie**** - 206 days ago
I was thinking I'm 26 weeks too but I guess today I'm now 27. I'm getting a very large and round tummy. It's hard to breath and BH have been happening for weeks now

Juliemom24 - 206 days ago
Yay, it feels so good to be 26 weeks.

2XMommy2B - 208 days ago
Happy 26 weeks to all!

jojo - 241 days ago
Ah hun talking about pram suits you should see the one in the new Next book.. most white with a bunny hood.. ohh so cute haha I started out like you twinny but I've bought loads alot more than I thought haha I can't help it esp in all the sales that's been going on.. like you said tho alot that I've seen reduced is no good as it's summer stuff. Builders are finished :-) yaay just need to paint lay the flooring and move his stuff in.. your scan is Friday isn't it hun? How's the sickness now? xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 241 days ago
Arh I can imagine...i'm getting away with it quite easy at the moment coz mine r so young - going the park is still a big deal to them! I cant imagine what it will b like when they're older! Has the work been completed on ur reno? Hope its coming together nicely for u chick. I need to sort my baby stuff while i'm off, see what I want to reuse from my other 2 girls...only problem is time of year they were born. This baba wont be wearing same style of clothes at same ages due to the season they have been born in - think I may need to buy more than I imagine!! I'm trying to be practical but its killing me not going on a spending spree for a brand new waldrobe for her haha Have u bought much yet? My defo next buy is a pramsuit - for a winter baby shes guna need it!! Xx

jojo - 241 days ago
Woo hoo to your 2 weeks off twinny, relax and enjoy with your lovely family. . I personally can't wait to go back Mon.. I have a partner who's flapping over how much he's got to do before baby arrives and 3 very bored kids. It's getting harder every year to do something that occupies all three ages without spending a lot!! Aaarrrgghhhh!!

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 242 days ago
I'm all done....woohoo a lady of leisure for 2wks....or shud I say i'll b harrassed for 2wks by my 3 babies!!! Hahaha Brilliant news on no bleeding Jo fingers crossed it stays away and u can carry on enjoying ur pregnancy. Brucie bonus is, when I return to work I only have 9wks left :op Yey!!! Xx

jojo - 243 days ago
Thanks hun.. not had any more bleeding since so that's good. . Not long now and you have 2 whole weeks off. Just think by the time you go back you won't have that long left :)

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 243 days ago
Oooh Jojo yey its just an infection!! It doesnt matter what r 'sensible' head is telling us we know everything will b ok its just much safer to get it checked out. U did the right thing hun and so pleased all is well with u and baba. They put us thru it dont they!! At least with some medication the bleeding will clear up and u can relax again :o) I am shattered! I am soooo ready for this break from work, i'm on my way in for my last day before having 2wks off. We've planned a couple of days out with the kids but I think ur rite, ave defo jinxed us!! Haha woke up this morning to a grey sky imprpve by next week!! Am movin on over to 27wks. Hope u girls have a fab weekend whatever youz do! Xx

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