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You are 27 weeks pregnant.

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You are now in the third trimester, and last, of your pregnancy! Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 9.6 inches and your baby's total length is approximately 15.3 inches! Your baby now weighs about 2 pounds 3 ounces and is going to grow rapidly during this last trimester! Your uterus is about 2.8 inches above your bellybutton.

If your baby were born now, it would have an 85% chance of surviving. Even though your baby is still not fully developed, she would be well within the limits of premature viability. You still have approximately 13 weeks left of your pregnancy, and during this time your baby must continue to grow and develop. If your baby was born at this time, she would have several complications that would require special attention. Because babies do not have adequate amounts of fat at this time, your baby would have to be kept inside of an incubator for warmth. Because the air sacs in your baby's lungs do not yet have surfactant, she would require an artificial respirator. Your baby's brain, liver and immune system still need to develop more also.

Make sure you take good care of your teeth. So-called `pregnancy gingivitis` affects most pregnant women to some degree, and generally occurs in the second trimester. If you already have gingivitis, the condition is likely to worsen during pregnancy.

Your baby can develop hiccups

Comments on week 27

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amberc88 - 9 days ago
onbabyfour-yea i have started the cleaning, and arranging and all that, I only have been able to do LITTLE at a time, which is driving me crazy, but at least its getting done. We brought in the carseat, swing and other baby things lastnight from the garage, as well as just other random baby stuff that we will b using. and seperated all the girl stuff that we will be giving to my friend tonight. It was actually like a hugeee weight lifted off my OCD just bringin that stuff in lol lol. makes me feel at least a LITTLE more prepared.

onbabyfour - 10 days ago
Sorry you are going through that Amber! I bet it does suck! I took my 2 hr glucose today so have to wait a couple days for results. Hoping I passed this one but not likely. Although I didn't eat much at all yesterday. Going to the hospital tomorrow for my Rhogam. I am starting to have more energy now that I'm taking iron pills so I am getting ready to start nesting myself! So for the next several weeks I will be spring cleaning/nesting! Keeping busy will pass the time!

pumpkin-smuggler - 10 days ago
I guess all the nesting I did last weekend was a little much... my eyes swelled up! I look like I got punched in the face! The iced coffees probably didn't help either, but cookie dough and butter pecan flavored? How could I resist!

amberc88 - 10 days ago
onbabyfour-yes i do have the SPD and yes it SUCKSSS, and the doc just said it will get worse with every pregnancy, so thank god this is my last lol. I passed the glucose test so i dont have to worry bout that, i also feel like im starting to get into the nesting bit of this, i bought all the things i need to start getting things organized. So now i just need to start doin that.

smiles884 - 10 days ago
pumpkin-smuggler-we are def. in the nesting time of pregnancy! Yea Dufy-you passed the 2 hour! : ) can only imagine how wonderful that must feel!! And to have a date to look forward to to meet your little one.. I wish I even knew the week I'd be meeting mine : ) but then again the suspense is kinda fun! lol

Duffy - 10 days ago
Well I had my check up today and the dr is very happy with me. I passed the 2 hr glucose test, everything is measuring as it should be and my blood pressure is under control. The best thing about today was that the dr booked my c-sec toon in so I now how a date! As of Thursday I will have 2 months and 2 weeks to go!

pumpkin-smuggler - 11 days ago
Hi girls! Sounds like everyone is excited to be in the home stretch here! I too am getting out all my baby stuff and cleaning like crazy! Getting all the baby stuff out is helpful in coping with the 3rd trimester woes.... ugh! Have a good week everyone!

smiles884 - 11 days ago
Def. failed the one hour glucose, they said there is no need for me to take the 3 hour test, which is fine by me!! : ) Been nesting like CRAZY-so tempted to call in to work and stay home and clean, organize, clean and organize some more. Things seem to really be falling into place.. planning to get car seats all set up in the car next weekend, diaper bag is packed and ready to go, laundry is washed, folded and put away... Haven't had to buy too many things-have a lot from 1st son, and other family members have been handing down things. such an exciting time right now! : )

onbabyfour - 12 days ago
good to hear from you Duffy! Hope you have been doing well. Amber do you have that spd? Sorry you are in so much pain :/ Hope it gets better soon.

amberc88 - 12 days ago
Onbabyfour- my shower is may 3rd. I bought a few things to start preparing for him ( organizing type things) and I was supposed to do both my registries yesterday but only got through one cause my hip and pelvis still feel broken and hurt like hell. So wed is when I am going to do my other registry. I feel like I have soooo much to do still so I'm back and fourth on if it feels like I'm running out of time or if time is dragging on waiting for him lol

duffy - 12 days ago
Hey ladies, how are you all going? Can not believe that it is the 3rd trimester already! Kinda started setting up baby's room, but working on get my 2 boys to share their room.

onbabyfour - 13 days ago
so how are you girls doing with making room for baby? I know you're waiting till after your shower Amber, when is it? Smiles are you buying double everything? I have everything for baby...just don't have it set up or organized. I need to buy a dresser for her. I just hope I get it all done in the next 10 weeks or so. Feels like I have a lot to do and no energy to do it. Hopefully my iron supplements kick in soon!

amberc88 - 15 days ago
smiles-hopefully you DID pass this time, and onbabyfour-hopefully you pass the 2 hour test. I hate getting poked, i have teh worst veins everrr they can never find them and i end up being a pin cusion cause they cant ever get it. So hoping i passed and wont need anymore needles until delivery date! Smiles-I hear ya on wanting the babies here, when i was in the labor and delivery on saturday i didnt see anyone in labor, but did get to go past the nursery and see some of the lil newborns!! we are getting there slowly, but surely!!

onbabyfour - 15 days ago
Glad to hear you are doing good Amber, and you girls need to stay away from deer! LOL

onbabyfour - 15 days ago
I see my doc in a little bit and will have to schedule my next glucose test as well as my rhogam shot. It just really annoys me that 1st they didn't check everything in my initial preg blood work so had to go back and get more. now have to have a 2nd sugar test, along with my usual shot of rhogam...It's a lot of pricking! I really hope I pass the 2nd test but I know I wont. I get dizzy at times and I know it has to be my sugar. Im the type of person that doesn't like to take a lot of meds and I refused meds last preg with GD and I wont take any this time either. unless of course my levels are extreme. Last preg they came in a million times to draw blood. I couldn't even get any sleep. A lab tech broke a vein while digging in my arm and I refused any more blood draws after that! I did buy an iron pill for my anemia yesterday. So, even with my GD and anemia Im hoping to start feeling better. I'm getting pretty excited and hoping to start nesting/getting organized soon. everytime I go for a rhogam it starts to feel so real and close! Not that much longer!

smiles884 - 15 days ago
Glad to hear from you Amber, and glad everything is ok, despite all the stress and craziness! Funny, I hit a deer on the way to work this week-so unexpected! could've been a lot worse-just so glad it didn't come thru the windshield AND that my air bag didn't deploy!! Did my glucose on Tuesd. fx that I don't hear from any body, meaning that I passed, but can't imagine that.. time will tell! Had to go to L&D for a Rhogam shot and a few ladies were in labor there.. I got all emotional thinking that in just a few weeks that's gonna be me!!! Not much longer and we will be meeting our little ones! : ) BUT it is necessary for them to 'bake' a little longer...

amberc88 - 16 days ago
Onbabyfour- my doctors office always just no news is good news so I'm just assuming I passed mine or they want to tell me I failed in person when I go on Monday. I really haven't gotten much at all for this baby yet, but I'm doing my registries this weekend and have my baby shower on may 3rd. Than everything I still need after the shower I will go get. Waiting sucks but at least it will give me something to do at that last stretch.

onbabyfour - 16 days ago
well today I found out I FAILED the glucose test! I am super bummed, was hoping to pass it this time. My sugar was suppose to be 135 and it was 162. I see my dr tomorrow and will have to set up another test, I don't want to! They said it's a 2 hr test which is different from my last pregnancy when I had to do a 3 hr one. On top of that I am anemic, which I already figured. I even told my dr I thought I was last time I saw her. Im always tired and feel sick and unmotivated a lot. I had anemia really bad with my 2nd baby and could barely get off the couch. On a brighter note I went shopping today and bought even more stuff for the baby. She is already so super spoiled and has more clothes than I do!

amberc88 - 16 days ago
hey girls im here and alive lol. I have stil been reading the comments on here just havent replied cause i hate doing it on my phone!! this last week/weekend has just been crazy. My husband hit a deer at work on wed, than got in a car accident on friday, (he is okay) saturday i thought for sure i was in labor so i went to the hospital, we are all good, basically my body just sucks and i am gonna b miserable until after he is born. later saturday night my daughter had a fever of 104 and was just not acting right so we were back to the ER. She is fine now as well, she had strep and had to have a crazy rediculous shot in her leg, which her leg is still super huge and swollen. than monday my husbands back was hurting him so his work made him go in to the dr for workers comp. purposes. So yea crazy busy. ON A HAPPY NOTE... lol I had my 3d ultrasound on monday and OMG im so in love!! it made this pregnancy soooo much more real and the pain so much more worth it. he would sit and smile, and when he smiles he sticks his tongue out!! aughhh sooo cute, cant wait to have him here! I also did the glucose test. havent heard anything back yet, but that wasnt too bad, i honestly like the taste, but drinking that much on an empty stomach made me superrrr naseous. So yea there is my update/rant lol lol

smiles884 - 16 days ago
oh gosh, I hope not!! that is really frustrating! last pregnancy I had a lot of trouble with the midwives I had chose, so I kind of understand what you're going thru. I hope it gets better in the following weeks!

onbabyfour - 17 days ago
yes I hope she is feeling better too. I called my dr today and the phone is disconnected! she delivered all my other and this preg I have had such a hard time with them not answering the phone and my blood work was missing things and I had to go back. I am really annoyed!I have slept on the couch the last 3 nights because I am so uncomfortable, I feel ike im not getting enough oxygen at times, wanted to mention it to my dr thur, I don't remember what time my app is and now her phone isn't working! I have a feeling she will prob miss my delivery!

smiles884 - 17 days ago
Haven't heard from Amber in a few days..hoping things are well with her and that the pain has lessened some for her, even if temporarily!

smiles884 - 17 days ago
thank you onbabyfour! i'm hoping I don't have it, cause the three hour test and continual pricking after meals is such a nuisance!!! But, like all these other hassles, it will be worth it in the end!! Hoping no news is good news for you.. maybe you don't have it this time!! : )

onbabyfour - 18 days ago
This is my least active baby. She moves mostly at night and for a couple weeks now I've been feeling what I think are hiccups. She also moves sometimes after I eat. But she is definitely less active than my other 3. I have called several times for my results for my glucose test and last week they said they'd call me so I quit calling.Well tomorrow is 2 weeks simce my test and they obviously aren't going to call. So I am checking again tomorrow! My app. is thur with the dr too so if I cant get them to answer at least I'll know then. I've been very anxious for my results because I had GD last time. I know you did too Smiles, good luck on your test!

smiles884 - 18 days ago
Dr, midwife and glucose testing all tomorrow afternoon... will be glad to be done with the glucose testing...until I have to schedule the 3 hour test : ( Hoping to pass this time though-what a blessing that would be!

smiles884 - 18 days ago
My lil ones are quite busy.. certain times of the day, and often around my bedtime. Can't believe how far along we are and how little time we have left!! : ) SO exciting!

kee82 - 20 days ago
Is anyone else lil one calm in the oven? My lil angel is, she barely bothers me but when she kicks she really kicks. My last pregnancy my son kicked, punched and flipped all over the place. But I just tell my husband it means his Lil angel is going to be a hell raiser lol....

purplelizard270 - 29 days ago
Okay if my stomach can handle it, that's the plan! I desperately don't want to fail this!

snowrider54 - 29 days ago
purple - I do recommend that you fast before the one hour test. I fasted before the one hour test with my second pregnancy and I passed it. I have no idea why I didn't remember to do that this time around. This time, I had bacon and scrambled eggs around 6:30 am and drank a lot of water before the one hour test at 11:30 am and failed. I think anything you eat before the test will make your blood sugar spike so it makes sense to me to fast before any glucose test.

purplelizard270 - 29 days ago
So Snowrider, do you suggest that I fast before my one hour test? It seems like I did with my first, but I don't remember for sure. If anything, maybe just a piece of dry toast and some water? They told me something like a sausage biscuit orange juice or something would be fine. When I got to thinking about it, though, doesn't orange juice make your sugar levels raise quite a bit? I think I'll stick with water either way on the drink part.

snowrider54 - 29 days ago
I did the one hour glucose test on Feb. 28 and failed because I foolishly followed my clinic's 'advice' and ate before the test. It annoys me that they say it's okay to eat before the one hour test but they make you fast before the three hour test. Wouldn't it make sense for them to say that you should fast before both tests?! I did the three hour test on March 10 and passed that with no problems. So glad to be done with that nonsense. Next regular appointment is Monday and then I'll start going every two weeks. That should help time go a little faster! So ready for June!

purplelizard270 - 30 days ago
Feeling pretty decent besides staying tired. Sciatic pain is TERRIBLE. Shalesha, I also take my glucose test on Monday. I really don't think I'm going to pass. I'm not sure why, but I just don't think I will. Doctor already said there's a good chance of being induced at 38 weeks if I don't pass. 10 1/2 weeks away if that's the case!

shalesha28 - 31 days ago
Its quiet in here. 27 weeks today. Appt yesterday went well. Got my script for glucose test to take next week and I start going every 2 weeks now. Times flying! !!!

terriann20 - 32 days ago
Purple lizard im right there with u and ive just been diagnosed with PBD so have to have physio as can barely walk and pretty sure im experiencing braxton hicks will be surprised if I go full term xx other than the nerves how r u feeling xx

purplelizard270 - 32 days ago
27 weeks...and feeling quite anxious/nervous! Baby girls kicks have gotten a lot stronger and easily wake me up at night!

bkle - 51 days ago
rach--- good luck on your gluclose test :-)

Rach3017 - 52 days ago
I have my glucose tomorrow. I have a feeling I'll be in the same boat BKLE! I already can't get full unless carbs are involved! yikes on the weight gain! I have absolutely no self control when it comes to food!

bkle - 53 days ago
im sooo hungry but I have my glueclose test today so I cant eat, I doubt im going to starve to death or anything ;-)

onj - 58 days ago
Thanks for the update, Swissmammy. This is my 3rd too, so I'm probably in the same boat. I think baby moved up some today, so my guess is it'll just keep going back and forth for the next while. Good to hear it's nothing to be concerned about!! :)

swissmammy3 - 58 days ago
Onj - went to see midwife, she told me babies head is down but not engaged. She also said that as this is 3rd baby that I would feel the pressure of babies head pushing down more intensely as my muscles are more relaxed. She said at this point there wasn't any need to check if baby is laying back to back as she still may turn but that could be why I'm experiencing back pain.

onj - 60 days ago
Swissmammy3, let me know what your midwife says. I don't see mine until next week and I don't want to call and bug them about something silly lol

swissmammy3 - 60 days ago
Onj- this is exactly what I have been experiencing for the last few days. Lots of pressure down below and the feeling that her hard is pushing down low in my pelvis....I'm seeing my midwife on Wednesday so will mention it and see what she says as the pain in my back is terrible!

onj - 60 days ago
Here's a question for you ladies- is it possible for the baby's head to engage this early? And if so, does it mean anything? Last night I realize that my bump had shrunk significantly, and since then, the pain/discomfort in my pelvic region and lower back has been much worse than usual. My husband was rubbing my hips for me and said he could tell even they felt different, which made me think the baby must have moved down. I'm still feeling movement, it's just really low. I never felt the 'lightening' with my 1st 2 girls, I don't think it happened until labour, so this is really strange for me. Is 27 weeks way too early for this? Or is this just one of those things that could happen at any time?

4girls want a boy - 61 days ago
We are set on a name . Her name will be Nala Hope . I can't wait to tell every one

mummytoharrison - 62 days ago
SamanthaDawn - glad no one was hurt. AFM - I ended up in the maternity unit last night aa I had some spotting :( couldn't find a cause, baby has a good heartbeat (135 - 143) and I need ro rest up today.

4girls want a boy - 62 days ago
swissmammy my baby is head down and I can feel the head what feels like pushing down . Also when I stand too long feels like the baby is going to fall out.

swissmammy3 - 62 days ago
Hi Ladies... Question - what week does babies head settle lower into your pelvis as I am getting a lot of pressure down below as if i can feel her head pushing down...dont get me wrong I am not in labor or anything but she definately feels low down in my pelvis

4girls want a boy - 63 days ago
Well that sounds different then what im used to :) Samantha . I have only seen snow a few times in my life . Mine went good. Woke up to flowers and a love note , took my kids out for lunch then off to work. My mom called me and wants to take me shopping in the morning . She said I can pick out $200 in food and baby stuff. The funny thing is I feel so lazy that I just want to tell her no thanks .. Well I can't do that , so guess I will be up early to go shopping then off to work. Blaaa

onj - 63 days ago
Oh SamanthaDawn, that sounds awful! There were so many people putting cars off the road this morning. I was really glad schools were cancelled and I didn't have to work until 3, gave the roads some time to melt after all that ice/rain. Happy Valentine's everyone!! Baby has been very active the last few days, it's getting amusing to watch my belly dance all around :)

momofour - 63 days ago
Oh Samantha that sounds horrible.. But Happy Valentines to you.. And everyone! 💕

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