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You are 27 weeks pregnant.

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You are now in the third trimester, and last, of your pregnancy! Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 9.6 inches and your baby's total length is approximately 15.3 inches! Your baby now weighs about 2 pounds 3 ounces and is going to grow rapidly during this last trimester! Your uterus is about 2.8 inches above your bellybutton.

If your baby were born now, it would have an 85% chance of surviving. Even though your baby is still not fully developed, she would be well within the limits of premature viability. You still have approximately 13 weeks left of your pregnancy, and during this time your baby must continue to grow and develop. If your baby was born at this time, she would have several complications that would require special attention. Because babies do not have adequate amounts of fat at this time, your baby would have to be kept inside of an incubator for warmth. Because the air sacs in your baby's lungs do not yet have surfactant, she would require an artificial respirator. Your baby's brain, liver and immune system still need to develop more also.

Make sure you take good care of your teeth. So-called `pregnancy gingivitis` affects most pregnant women to some degree, and generally occurs in the second trimester. If you already have gingivitis, the condition is likely to worsen during pregnancy.

Your baby can develop hiccups

Comments on week 27

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cnjsmum - 47 days ago
Well im not sure if anyone actually visits this page much.... but im going to post anyways. I am so excited to be in the last trimester of this pregnancy!!! Can't wait to meet my little lady!! HOw are other mummys doing?

KristinaA - 53 days ago
sounds handsome!

mamaford77 - 54 days ago
We've had our name picked out since before I was pregnant lol. Simon Campbell Gilmore. :-)

KristinaA - 55 days ago
Yay, mamaford. I need to start thinking about nursery and names and stuff. Too much to do.

mamaford77 - 58 days ago
I made it...third trimester!!!! We're planning to set up the nursery this weekend and sort through all the clothes. I'll be delivering at 37 weeks so just 10 weeks to go!

Preciousgift2 - 65 days ago
Its so quiet here, except for the comments from people now in week 28 and 29. But I will go ahead and talk to myself because I am super excited to finally be here... Third trimester.I did not realise how fast my second trimester went by, maybe because I was feeling better physically and of course the hype of the christmas holiday!My Precious gift is doing well and very active. The other day I went for an ultrasound and baby was sucking his/her finger and I could clearly see the face (as clear as can be from an ultrasound). Its the cutest picture I have ever seen! And I am proud of myself for not giving in to the urge to know the sex, DH and I decided we want it to be surprise this time around, but I almost asked the U/S technician to tell me....anyway Im glad I fought off the urge and still we are going to have our surprise! - 73 days ago
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babylove5 - 74 days ago
Conrats Machala!!

machalaB - 75 days ago
@ lexy n sher, yea i get weighed and all that at my dr too, im sure all pregnant women do, n the monitor i speak of is the exact same one you usually get hooked up to when in labor to monitor the baby's heart and contractions . On another note come August ill be the youngest CPC i know, God is great, paying attention in college payed off tremendously. Im excited so i had to share. 28 weeks tomorrow! My guy is doin wonderful! Lifes great👍🌟

sher-baby - 75 days ago
Haha...lexy!! Yup sounds like nesting!! I've had the change table, pack and play, glider, swing, and bouncy chair up and ready for about a month now!! I also installed the car seat base in my car (still gotta do dh's), and I put up the crib last weekend! Waiting until after the baby shower to wash the clothes we already have. Plus we r getting our dresser custom made so when we get that I'll For sure be washing all his clothes and putting them away. I've also started my hospital bag..little bit by little bit. We'll be all set. Anyone else besides lexy and myself hardcore nesting??! Lol

machalaB - 75 days ago
@ supermom im high risk also but my reg ob hooked me up to the machine on yday

lexy-b - 75 days ago
Sher same with my doctor lol. I get weighed, blood pressure taken & get to hear the heat beat at my appointments. That's it.

sher-baby - 75 days ago
I've never been hooked up to dr only uses the meh!

lexy-b - 75 days ago
I'm glad I'm not the only one getting them. They're so strong & uncomftable & I really dislike getting them at work. Sometimes I'm confused if it's just baby doing yoga & stretching out in there or if it's an actual contraction. Babylove I've only ever been hooked up when I went to the hospital when I was in labour. I've heard it's normally to monitor you when you're past your due date to check to make sure baby is okay. Supermom I'm glad everyting is okay with your family. Hoping they have a quick recovery. I have finally started to get ready for baby & I'm in full swing - totally nesting. Got the bassinet put toghether, washed all the baby's clothes, blankets & recieving blankets & have them put in the closet. Have the glider setup & all the bottles/pump in a bag ready for sterilization! I feel like I'm in a good place now. Just have to set up baby's crib & move the dresser/change table into the room & need to buy a couple things then I'm all set! It's going to be hard waiting now :)

babylove5 - 75 days ago
My memory has failed me on this. Do they hook everyone up to the monitor for the stress test or Is it only if you're having contractions? This is number 5 but I only remember being hooked up when I thought I was having contractions.

machalaB - 76 days ago
@ supermom thats great news, i was actually having contractions today and didn't feel them also, i only knew from them being picked up on the monitor at drs today.

sher-baby - 76 days ago
I do lexy!! Sometimes I have to hold my breath. There soo strong. But there not regular so it's cool...everything's good!

lexy-b - 76 days ago
Is anyone else getting really strong braxton hicks contractions? I started getting them really bad at night but now I'm getting them throughout the day. I had them with my son but not until about 4 weeks before he was due. This sucks!!

sher-baby - 77 days ago
Ya, I'm going to try and assume that he's just thrashing around, trying to find a comfy position or get his head down or something!! Thanks! It's a lil reassuring that I'm not the only one experiencing this, making me feel like it's normal and prob not seizures. Babylove- no I don't have history of seizures and they don't run in my family. I don't think they do for my DH family also. And ur right roo27- there are deff not the same as hiccups. Hiccups are a calm, popping sensation. These are violent, repetitive jolts!!!'s a big difference. The reason I thought of them being seizures in the first place was because I kinda jokingly said to my DH during one of the episodes 'omg...look!!! It looks like my belly is having a seizure!!' But when it happened again I was more like 'hmmm....what is happening in there?!?' We'll see I guess. I will still tell my dr when I go tho, and see what he thinks.

roo27 - 78 days ago
Hiccups feel totally different. They are repetitive and fairly gentle. Comparing the two movements are completely different. But saying that, even if they are seizures, they are quite common in children and they do grow out of them so chances are it isn't much to worry about :)

babylove5 - 78 days ago
Sher when my baby is trying to move to head up he will jerk and move like crazy. It's like he's thrashing and clawing tring to get out. If move he will normally stop. Sometimes I have to move several times. It may just be he's trying really hard to get to a different position. Do you have a history of seizures? When my baby had the hiccups I locate them by my hand I feel a constant popping.

sher-baby - 78 days ago
Roo27- do u feel when ur baby has hiccups?? And do these movements for you feel totally different?? It's a lil worriesom..I try not to stress because even if he is having seizures, there's nothing anyone can do, no testing that can take place until he is born. I feel lots of normal activity but these episodes seem to happen maybe every other day. I'll mention it to my dr Forsure when I go, but I read a lot about it being hiccups and these don't feel like hiccups!!! Hiccups reminds me of popcorn popping in my belly....what I'm feeling deff does not feel like popcorn popping.

roo27 - 78 days ago
Sher I thought exactly the same the other day. The movements feel completely involuntary and violent! It's only happened the once with me though!

sher-baby - 79 days ago
I don't know what's going on in my uterus feels like he has these random violet spasms :-/ this may sound kinda dumb but is it possible for babies to have seizures in the uterus?? I know he has hiccups sometimes but what I'm feeling is like strong, sharp, powerful jolts. Not like rhythmic pops when he has hiccups?? Any thoughts?

babylove5 - 79 days ago
My baby is moving constantly trying to get comfortable and he will move his head from left to right. I just try to keep him head down. I can tell when he's trying to put his head towards my ribs he goes absolutely nuts trying to move. I just readjust myself and he will stop. I hope everyone is well and hasn't caught the flu. It's bad here.

babylove5 - 79 days ago
Supermom I will pray for your family!!

lexy-b - 79 days ago
Oh my gosh supermom87, thinking of you & your family & sending lots of prayers & positive thoughts your way.

babylove5 - 80 days ago
Lexy how cute!!! I am going to see if I can get my friend that does ultrasounds to do it for free. Sher your dad is just trying to push your buttons. What do men know about being pregnant... Lol. All men should keep their mouths shut. Floy idk about the 3 hour but probably they are just checking your blood sugar right? Water doesn't change your sugar level only carbs and sugar.

lexy-b - 80 days ago
babylove5 I uploaded a couple pictures from my 3D ultrasound. It's incredible how much he already looks like his dad lol.

sher-baby - 80 days ago
I've never done the 3hr test...I have no clue. Maybe call and ask ur dr. I would think water should be fine, but I have noo clue! My dr hasn't called about my test, so I'm assuming I passed ?!?!...meh! So my dad yesterday was calling me fatty-boom-boom and saying my cheeks are getting fat!!..ummm I wouldn't be upset if it was anyone else but boy was I ready to rip a strip off him! Like, he's homeless and mooching off his daughter!!! Maybe he should just shut the hell up and consider himself lucky he's not sleeping on a sidewalk when it's -30* C here!!! *ok end rant*

floydianslip2 - 80 days ago
Get well soon Sher! Babylove, I'll grab a couple of my soup recipes when I'm home and post them, this is a great time of year for home made soup! So has anyone done the 3 hour glucose test? This is such a dumb question... I know I have to fast, but I'm allowed to still drink water, right?

sher-baby - 80 days ago
Speaking of sick ppl....I think I'm getting sick! My throat is sore and nose feels stuffy and runny at the same time ugh!!!

babylove5 - 81 days ago
Floy post some of your favorite recipes when you get a chance. I need some new ideas. I am so hungry right now I wish I had a big plate of French fries with hot seasoning and ketchup yum!!! I'm stuck waiting at the dr. Office with all these sick people. I need a mask.

floydianslip2 - 81 days ago
I've got some great recipes for crock pot cooking if you end up getting one! I love mine, it's a real life saver sometimes.

sher-baby - 81 days ago
I don't have a crock pot. I almost bought one over the holidays.

babylove5 - 81 days ago
Sher I'm with you on not feeling productive. I'm so tired and I need more sleep. I wake up 4 times a night and it's getting to me. The crock pot is my friend for supper.

babylove5 - 81 days ago
I am not as hungry this pregnancy as I was the last. I make myself eat at least 300 calories more than I normally would. I eat breakfast, snack , lunch, snack, and supper. I ate a whole pie one morning because I was starving... Lol

floydianslip2 - 81 days ago
My appetite is more or less the same, it just depends on the day I guess. I have days when I eat more than normal, and I have days when I don't want to eat at all. Very strange because with my others I definitely had an increase in appetite. Like Sher said, every pregnancy is different. :)

sher-baby - 81 days ago
I'm always hungry! My appetite has deff increased, but I may have the odd day that I'm not as hungry. Every pregnancy is different..

sher-baby - 82 days ago
It's 9pm and I'm feeling like a human bouncy castle! Last night the same thing happened for about an hr and a half straight! He may be a bit of a night owl like my DH...

floydianslip2 - 82 days ago
Babylove, I decided not to go in for the 3 hour test until Friday. I have a parent-teacher conference with my oldest on Friday, so figured I’ll just take the full day off of work and do both. I’m pretty sure I’m going to pass though!

Sher-baby - 82 days ago
O.K...Christmas decorations are down!!! dinner is started!!!....and I'm done like dinner! LOL

Sher-baby - 82 days ago
ya, we have the thermometer for the ear, but I have heard mixed reviews on them. I will prob put a forehead thermometer on the registry and see if anyone gets it. ugh...its incredible how within a mater of days, your energy can just be sucked right out of you!!! WTH!! really feeling like i've been awake for 3days straight and sometimes feel light headed. im really trying to be as useful as possible considering im not working, so I try and make sure my house stays clean, dinner made, etc. but its really hard!! not that my house is dirty, I just don't have the energy to do the normal day-to-day pick up and clean ups!!! ugh!! its foo frustrating...I feel sooo useless...and NO, my dad is NOT helpful!! he is far more work than he is help!! that's why his days here are really numbered...its like having a 60-something yr old child!! its awful!! I have to repeat myself ALL THE TIME to him, explain to him why he should or shouldn't do 'things' (like why do I need to tell him to rinse his plate or bowl before he puts it in the dish washer?!?!?...really??? this is just one of many things I have to tell him and tell him more than once!) In hindsight, I would of NEVER offered that he move in with us!! I should of took the fact that his own sister was kicking him out of her house as a sign.

babylove5 - 82 days ago
Floy did you pass your 3 hour test? My Dr. seems a bit scatterbrained. He always is thinking about something ahead of time. I wish he could focus on now. I only see him once a month and that's plenty for me. I haven't even asked him if he does episiotomy. I'm going to have to break it to him that it takes me a hour to push them out and he better leave me alone... Lol

babylove5 - 82 days ago
They sleep in your room the first couple months anyway. Hopefully your dad is being very helpful. Get one of the light up aquariums for the crib, my boys loved that and don't forget the thermometer for the forehead. It sounds like you Hv most of it.

sher-baby - 83 days ago
We HAD a spare room that was going to our baby's room but my dad has moved in since and now we don't have a spare room! (Fun!!) so our baby will be bunking with us in our room until I kick my dad ass to the curb (it's gonna happen soon, I swear!). But we have to pretty much start over because I got rid of all my daughters stuff so that's what we went and bought all the big stuff already. We'll put the rest on the registry.

babylove5 - 83 days ago
Sher I have most everything but Evan is using the crib as a transition bed. I couldn't move him to a big bed yet, so I have 2 cribs in one room. I moved Ty to a big bed when Luke was born and it didn't go over well. I have all the baby clothes in his dresser and blankets in the closet. I am going to let Evan pick out the bedding since it was his room first and he wants mickey mouse. Evan keeps telling me that its his room. I told him yes but the baby is going to be sharing. What bedding are you going to get? Target has some cute sets for boys.

sher-baby - 83 days ago
Good job Babylove! Sounds like u guys are on a great start. What more do you need?? We have most of the things we need. One thing we will need is baby bedding...we're going to do our registry in a couple weeks...maybe even this weekend if we have time as our baby shower is on feb 28th. So I got to have a nap this morning after dropping my daughter to school....and omg was that needed! Yup!! Third trimester is knocking on my back door! Lol

babylove5 - 83 days ago
I went yesterday and got another crib from a lady at church. I am going to put my 2 year old and the baby in the same room. My other 2 boys share a room and they Hv twin beds, my daughter has her own room. My two older boys get along great. Hopefully Evan and the baby will do well together. I got a swing online for 50 it had been 160.00 but had been used w one baby. My other swing went on batteries this one plugs into the wall. I have the important things done. I just Hv to get the changing table out again. I will just put it in my room until I move the baby upstairs. I am on a roll right now. I will feel much better once I have everything in place.

sher-baby - 84 days ago
I'm feeling pretty tired too..but it could also be caused by my lack of sleep. My back and my pubic bone are hurting sooo bad! When even I change positions in bed, the pain wakes me up, so I'm waking up atleast every hour! Ugh...

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