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You are 28 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 10 inches and the total length of your growing baby is around 15.75 inches. Your baby weighs about 2.4 pounds at this point. Your uterus is a little more than 3 inches above your bellybutton. Your weight gain at this time should be between 17 and 24 pounds.

Blood vessel in the umbilical cord. For several months, the umbilical cord has been the baby's lifeline to the mother. Nourishment is transferred from the mother's blood, through the placenta, and into the umbilical cord to the baby. If the mother ingests any toxic substances, such as drugs or alcohol, the baby receives these as well!

You will probably begin visiting your caregiver once every two weeks. Week 28 is an important week for testing. You will probably be having your glucose tolerance test, an iron level test and if you are Rh negative, you should have an antibody test. The antibody test will determine if you and your baby will have any reactions to each other's blood differences. The glucose test will check for gestational diabetes.

Your baby's brain continues to develop and is now forming the folds and grooves of a fully developed brain. The amount of tissues within the brain also continues to increase in large amounts. The hair that covers your baby's scalp is also getting longer. Your baby is now large enough for presentation to be determined and your doctor might be able to find out if your baby is at risk for being breech. If your baby is breech, don't panic. There is still time for the baby to rotate.

Comments on week 28

Comments 1-49 of about 421 from week 28
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baby-leo - 4 days ago
hey carly! glad to hear that u are doing better with the pregnancy :).

carlyjames12345 - 4 days ago
Hi everyone! I thought I would introduce myself. I am Carly, age 17, and I am pregnant with a little boy. I had a very hard time dealing with the discovery of the pregnancy but now everything is set in motion and I am ok with it. (I still have a little depression over it though) A friend of my moms reffered me to this site, she said everyine here is so nice and I can reach out if I need to . Anyway, I hope everyone is doing good in their 28th month. For myself, I am hanging in there. haha :) Nice to meet you all.

ilovemybelly - 5 days ago
So happy to be in week 28 already but I still feel like I have a long way to go! I feel like I have gained 1000 pds with this pregnancy! :-( Had my glucose test yesterday, hope everything is ok with that! Hope everyone is having a great week!

amberc88 - 9 days ago
hey girls!! im off to week 29 today!! this week actually has gone suprisingly fast.hope the next few keep going. We have started getting all the baby stuff out and cleaned, got both registries done and the baby shower is starting to really take place and fall into order, my sister in law and i decided to do a double shower. (well her and my MIL decided than asked if i was okay with it lol) they are still doing my theme and everything seems to be about the same, so anyways its goin good.

onbabyfour - 10 days ago
Are you trying for bible names? I like them :) I have chosen Kaitlyn. It was hard for me to think of a name as well. I had Brandon chosen if it were a boy and had no idea on a girls name. I was thinking of Adalyn too. But I'm pretty sure I'm going with Kaitlyn. I've been feeling ok but feeling menstrual like cramps on and off the last week. and lower back pain. Thinking it's just from the baby growing.

duffy - 10 days ago
Smiles - I like both those names. I do agree, boys names are hard to pick

smiles884 - 10 days ago will be so rough, but i'm super excited and can't believe God chose to bless me like this! : ) My Mom lives just up the road, and I know she will be super helpful (already is!!!) and my Grandma, tho she's 83, will be doing everything she can to help like taking my toddler for a few hours and things like that. I really like the names Ezekiel and Joel, but my husband isn't keen on Ezekiel, and maybe he's right, that it is a little too different... so not 100% sure on names yet : ) Boys names are such a struggle for us to agree on! it'll prob. be a few days AFTER they're born b4 they actually are named lol How have you been feeling onbabyfour? I can't remember if you mentioned the name you've chosen?

onbabyfour - 11 days ago
Smiles im getting excited for you! Knowing you will have your babies in just a few weeks! Do u have someone coming over to help when their born? You poor mama you will be swamped with 2 newborns and a toddler! Do u have names picked out?

smiles884 - 11 days ago
yes-what a blessing to have passed. i'm jealous lol : ) I too have had a lot of intolerable pain, but doing ok this week.. just wanting to clean clean CLEAN!!!

duffy - 11 days ago
Yay 28 weeks! Does anyone else feel like it was yesterday that we had 4-5 mths to go and now all if a sudden we have less than 3 months to go?

onbabyfour - 12 days ago
I'm glad you passed Amber! One less thing to worry about :)

amberc88 - 12 days ago
hey week 28!!! i passed my glucose test, so that is out of the way, so far blood pressure is still good. My body is not liking this pregnancy (pain wise) but SOOOOOO glad to be in this last stretch.

smiles884 - 13 days ago
Yay 28+3!!! I def. failed the glucose test with a 177. They said with that score I don't need to take the three hour, so I opted out. Been eating healthy I think, but apparently not lol... avoiding carbs and sugar like crazy, but then i'm ALWAYS hungry.. oh well. : ) glad to have made it this far and hoping to hang in there another few weeks! How are all you ladies doing?

snowrider54 - 24 days ago
purple - I didn't know the results for my one hour glucose test for a week. I did the test on a Friday and found out the following Thursday.

purplelizard270 - 24 days ago
Pugdunn, I didn't mind the test when I was pregnant with my son. The drink wasn't bad at all! Seemed much worse this time around. Anyone have any idea how long it takes for the doctor to call with the results? They told me a couple of days. I did the test Monday, and now it's Thursday and I haven't heard anything. No news is good news, right? :)

snowrider54 - 26 days ago
kwai - I agree, there HAS to be a better way to test for gestational diabetes! A nurse I talked with believes there is a better test, but it's more expensive, therefore, the insurance companies don't want to pay for it. pug - I believe you're correct that you may be the only person that doesn't find the glucose drink disgusting :-)

pugdunn - 26 days ago
Ladies I think I'm the only one that likes the Glucose test drink ... lol ... Never had a problem downing it :)

kwai1111 - 27 days ago
Did my glucose test today! Horrible, nasty, terrible test. My midwife skips straight to a 2 hour test 3 blood draws and 2 hours in the waiting room with sick people is not fun. You would think they could come up with a better way to test so they do t bave cranky, hungry, slightly queezy pregnant women in the waiting room.

snowrider54 - 27 days ago
Yes, the drink you have to get down for the glucose test is gross! Just pray you don't have to do the three hour test! That drink has twice the amount of sugar! So nasty. I'm getting my rhogam shot on Friday.

purplelizard270 - 27 days ago
I gained 43 lbs total with my son and he was 7 lb 14 oz. I also went to the doctor today and only I've only gained 12 lbs total. I'm not sure how I'm managing that, honestly! Would love to keep it under 20 for the entire pregnancy. Took the gestational diabetes test. That drink is awful! Also got my rhogam shot and more blood work. They poked me with needles like crazy today!

snowrider54 - 27 days ago
Just got done with my 28 week appointment and I've already put on 22 pounds! I really don't know how that happened. I don't feel like I've been eating that horribly. I put on 25 pounds and 23 pounds TOTAL with my other pregnancies so the fact that I'm almost to that point with 10-12 weeks to go is alarming to me. My midwife didn't seem terribly concerned but it really bothers me. I'm not so concerned about losing the weight after baby, it's the thought that a lot of weight gain could result in a large baby. My first daughter was 7 pounds 5 ounces and my second daughter was 5 pounds 14 ounces, so I hope I have another small one, but I'm a little concerned at this point.

purplelizard270 - 28 days ago
Terriann, it's so hard to believe we only have 12 weeks left!!

terriann20 - 33 days ago
12 weeks to go soooooo fast but painful really struggling with SPD xx

onj - 50 days ago
Thanks for the words of encouragement, ladies :) :) My husband is quite busy this month, work-wise, so he's not letting me stress about money but even if I don't think about money, I think the hardest part is knowing how much they need me. I know my boss was losing his ever living mind when he found out I was going off work today (not at me, he loves me lol, just at the situation). He has needed to hire someone though and he should have known this could happen. His own wife had to go off work 3 months early in her last pregnancy. Oh well, they'll figure it out :)

bkle - 50 days ago
onj--- yes rest for sure! trust me when I say work and money aren't worth having your baby this early. I worked myself to the bone with the last pregnancy even after my dr. told me no more work but I thought hey ill be ok they have me on light duty. I didn't want to use my 12 weeks in bed before my baby came either. I told myself that spending that time with her was more important. Now that I know what can and does happen im all for loosing money. My husband even found a better job when we got pregnant this time so I could be on bed rest. We aren't making near as much money as we were but were doing it for the kids so that makes it ok. I was a correctional officer and the job was dangerous, especially while pregnant. Now im home full time with the three girls trying to make my little boy stay in there longer :-) Rest rest rest and plenty of water

4girls want a boy - 50 days ago
onj trust me I would rather work too. I am not one to slow down . I am always on a roll. Pluse I don't like to stress about money, I like to save money. It was hard for me to go to my job with that note. I told my husband I was going to work anyway, and he lost it. Now that I took it I am kinda glad I did . It will all be ok, and it will all be ok for you. I think you need to rest. You are dilated .

onj - 50 days ago
4girls- Wow! No wonder she wanted you to slow down!!! That's no small amount of work to be doing! No wonder you're having contractions! I went in to get checked today, when my back pain and contractions started again, because I wanted to make sure I could safely work. Well, the midwife checked me and said my cervix hasn't dilated any more, but it has softened a bit. Soo, now I'm on bed rest for the week, until I get re-examined on Friday by one of the obstetricians, who will make the final call on whether or not I will be allowed to go back to work. I'd rather work than not, but not the way I was feeling last night. I'm glad at least I don't have to spend all my time second guessing myself. Plus, my husband cleaned the whole house this morning, and my mom is watching my girls for the evening, so I actually feel like it's okay to relax. Now, if I could just be rid of the back pain.....

4girls want a boy - 50 days ago
LOL onj no she was just comparing to my super busy life. With all my kids I am pretty busy. My oldest is in dance at school , so I am taking her here and there . Both older kids are in bible club at school, so back and forth for that. My older child has a job, so back and forth for that. Then every Sat the older ones attend classes at the university, and with that one tuns of events that we have to attend. Then my oldest is doing a tun to get ready for finishing high school. Tuns of ceremonys/ awards . Both older girls or on the worship team at my church. Back and forth for that. Oh and when im doing all the back and forth I am putting two little ones in car seats and taking them back and forth, and in and out of the car. Lets not leave out grocery shopping , taking little ones to the park..Then there is cooking dinner, baths , and house work. Then I was adding a 30 hours a week job to that. Too much

onj - 51 days ago
4 girls, no parades? wow, that's specific! lol. Are you often in parades? haha. Well that's really good. At least you can be a bit less busy. I mentioned the other day that I promised my midwife I'd be careful if she didn't sign me off work.... well today, I worked 8 hours and I was having pain and contractions for most of it. The problem is, it's nothing I can't handle if it only affects me and not baby. Once I get home from work, the contractions stop and everything is fine. I think I just have an irritable uterus that doesn't like when I'm standing lol. What do you ladies think? Is this a major cause for concern? I seriously want to keep working, I just don't want to take any risks with baby. I wish I could just get checked daily to be sure that I'm not having any changes in my cervix (past what I was at the other day). LOL- probably not every day someone is wishing for MORE internals haha.

4girls want a boy - 51 days ago
onj she said the bed rest is to keep me from work. She said I don't need to be in bed so its not strick bed rest. She don't want me picking up my 2 year old and 4 year old also. I am such a busy person as it is taking work out of my day will help. She also don't want me walking around malls , or in parades .lol So no work and just take it easy for two weeks. The reason is becauce the meds for contractions is not working and I end up in the hospital once a week.

bkle - 51 days ago
I just did the countdown to when I usually have babies and it could be as soon as 6-7 weeks for me. wow time flies. Still im crossing my fingers the shots work and he stays in there for another 8-12 weeks :-)

onj - 51 days ago
Rach- I just want to stay in bed sometimes too. I wish I was one of those people with endless energy. Then there wouldn't always be baskets of laundry needing folding. Sigh. I guess I should be happy I still have 12 weeks... there's only going to be more laundry then!! lol

Rach3017 - 51 days ago
bkle- I'm in the same boat!! I dont know if it's cabin fever or what, but my 2 boys are also just being lil terrors!! It's getting harder to stay motivated to pick things ups constantly, so I'm just cleaning when they go to school, and after they go to bed. Otherwise, I'll go crazy! I too have Braxton hicks..more-so at night.. headaches, irritation, and I take heparin twice a day (injections)... It'll all be sooo worth it, but some days I want to just stay in bed! LOL Not too much longer ladies!! Take care!

onj - 51 days ago
4 girls- Bed rest for two weeks? That's gotta be a challenge with 4 other kids to worry about!! Take care of yourself!!! Bkle- I feel you with all the pregnancy complaints. I hope you made it through last night okay :) My husband and I went and picked up a few things yesterday- some wipes, facecloths, the cutest little socks ever, some onesies and sleepers, receiving blankets- a lot of stuff we already have, but just wanted a few fresh (gender-neutral) items for the new baby. I even found a crib sheet I really like (I never buy the sets, but the sheets by themselves are always soo boring). I love when my to-do list gets things checked off!! :)

swissmammy3 - 51 days ago
Well im back from 4 days in Disneyland. Feet and legs are swollen from all the walking but it was so worth it to see the childrens faces. Off to week 29 tomorrow...not long until the 10 week countdown. Got my hospital bag semi packed but still not happy with the choice of outfits i have picked out for my little girl...more shopping is required soon!! I am wondering how/when this labor is going to begin...8 days over with my first.....12 days over and induced on my second...surley this one is going to come on time.....

bkle - 52 days ago
ugh indigestion/heart burn/ headache/ endless contractions/Braxton hicks. Im irritated with the kids and most of all the dogs. Even the dogs laping up water from their dish is driving me nutz today. Feeling so fat! I know being fat is what needs to happen but geez im so swollen I cant wear my wedding ring. I love feeling baby james move around tho. Just venting as im trying to take a mini break from my 2 year old destroying the house behind me as I clean. My shot hurt my butt tonight, I did it wrong :-( Miss my husband! Oh great, its homework time for the two older girls, lord help me make it through tonight.

bkle - 52 days ago
4girls.. glad to hear your not dialated yet :-) im glad you will have some time to rest now.

4girls want a boy - 52 days ago
Well, i just got home from the Dr and she put me on bed rest till my next Dr visit in two weeks. I just went and told my job. I am not dilated , but cervix is soft

4girls want a boy - 52 days ago
Thanks I will be leaving in an hour. I have lot of questions for my Dr this time so should be a good visit. Onj , yes lots of water and rest lady . No early baby boo ;)

onj - 52 days ago
BKLE-Thanks for the info. You're right, I definitely don't want baby coming out any time soon. 36 weeks is really the earliest I'd be comfortable with!! The midwife wanted to sign me off work but I promised I'd be cautious. So I imagine she'll check if there are any changes in 2 weeks time, and if there are, that'll be it for work for me. But for some people, dilation can just be a sign of having had several pregnancies, right? :) 4 girls- Let us know how your appointment goes. I hope they'll check you for your own peace of mind!!! It's frustrating always having to be your own advocate!

bkle - 53 days ago
4girls good luck on your appointment tomorrow hope all goes good :-)

4girls want a boy - 53 days ago
I have a Dr appointment tomorrow . They might check me being that I have had a lot of contrations , and even was in the hospital for them . They did not check me at the hospital. Now for the last week I have been having pms like cramps. If they don't I may ask them to just to make sure its still safe for me to work. I feel like im my own dr .

bkle - 53 days ago
onj... the check me internal every time I go in due to premature babies. Usually by this time im dialated to about a 2 and 50-60 defaced. the shots im doing have helped and ive thinned and dropped but no dialation. Im going for an ultrasound to check next week to see how thin I have gotten. Not dialating is great right now because it means I can still take a bath. Make sure you drink water and rest a lot trust me you don't want a baby this early... no fun at all.

onj - 53 days ago
I haven't stockpiled at all!! I only just bought a jumbo box of size 2 Pampers. I'll probably stock up in the coming weeks though. I also need to buy wipes, facecloths, and diaper cream. Our 2nd has been potty trained for a while now- I think we were just enjoying NOT having to buy any of that stuff for a bit :) Also, ladies, have any of you had an early internal for contraction reasons? I did today and I am 1cm dilated and 50-75% effaced. The midwife said she's be shocked if I went full term (which means I'll be hanging out here at 42 weeks, just watch), but I was just wondering if anyone else ever knew if they were dilated early.

bkle - 53 days ago
4GIRLS... I was wishing the other day that my baby will stay in there until mothers day :-) My husbands response was... oh I see you want a mamas boy... and I said why yes I do haha. Im hopefull :-) Ive got a good stockpile going too, love deals.

4girls want a boy - 53 days ago
I was thinking mothers day May 11 would be a good day to have a baby.. It could happen :)

4girls want a boy - 53 days ago
Wow Bkle thats a great deal ! I love diaper deals :) I have been buying one box of diapers a week , and one box of wipes a week. I have a good size stock pile . My mom had two $40 off coupons for Sam club and took me shopping . She told me to pick out $200 in grocerys and it was her gift to the baby. I picked out $150.00 in diapers and wipes . The rest in food. haha I had coupons too.. I am nesting up a storm. We had our carpet cleaner fixed. So we have been cleaning carpets in the bedrooms. Getting rid of all old things . Dusting shelves , cleaning out garage .I just want my life in order before this baby comes. I have a lot happening all around the same time. Baby birth , one kid starting kindergarden, and one graduating high school and going off to UNLV . Lets not leave of summer programs for my older kids, camps , school shopping , step kids visiting /family visiting time. I figure if I start getting ready for it all now it won't be as hard for me in a few months.

bkle - 53 days ago
Albertsons had a huge diaper sale yesterday :-) I have enough pamper diapers now for baby james until size 3. I got boxes of pamper swadlers 100ct size 1 and 2. I looked like a diaper hoarder through the isle, my cart was full but its ok LOL. I probably have too many size 2 now but id rather have to many then not enough. Im glad I had my coupons with me. .10 a diaper in the end :-) I bought a premi bag of huggies the other month at safeway for $2.30 and 2 large boxes of newborn huggies naturals with ambilicord cutout and indicator stripe at kmart a few months ago for .14 a diaper. I need receiving blankets still but other then that he will be set for about 3 months :-) Who else is nesting already?

onj - 54 days ago
The glucose test is such a nuisance. I had mine done but I think I must have passed because my midwife called to tell me my iron was low and she wants me to take a supplement, but she never mentioned the results of the test. I'll know for sure when I go for my appointment tomorrow. I had my 2 year old with me for the 1 hour wait. She was good, but I can't imagine sitting there any longer with her. It's too long! 4 girls- I agree with you about the ideal labour. It would be so nice not to be in the hospital room for hours ahead of time. I'm definitely going to try to waitit out as much as possible this time around. My hospital doesn't have baths either. They do have a great shower I used for both of my other girls, but I think a bathtub would be amazing.

bkle - 55 days ago
ugh my feet and hands are so swollen had to take my wedding ring off. Took my 1 hour gluclose test today and waiting to hear I failed because i've never passed. I really don't want to go back for the 3 hour especially since I will have my 2 year old with me the hole time. It was ok entertaining her for an hour there but 3 hours is another story. My arm is bruised as they make me go to the military base to get my labs done now, insurance reasons; those people I swear don't know what they are doing and the one guy was such a cocky jerk I wanted to slap him. Crossing my fingers when I do have to go back ill deal with someone other then that jerk!

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