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You are 28 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 10 inches and the total length of your growing baby is around 15.75 inches. Your baby weighs about 2.4 pounds at this point. Your uterus is a little more than 3 inches above your bellybutton. Your weight gain at this time should be between 17 and 24 pounds.

Blood vessel in the umbilical cord. For several months, the umbilical cord has been the baby's lifeline to the mother. Nourishment is transferred from the mother's blood, through the placenta, and into the umbilical cord to the baby. If the mother ingests any toxic substances, such as drugs or alcohol, the baby receives these as well!

You will probably begin visiting your caregiver once every two weeks. Week 28 is an important week for testing. You will probably be having your glucose tolerance test, an iron level test and if you are Rh negative, you should have an antibody test. The antibody test will determine if you and your baby will have any reactions to each other's blood differences. The glucose test will check for gestational diabetes.

Your baby's brain continues to develop and is now forming the folds and grooves of a fully developed brain. The amount of tissues within the brain also continues to increase in large amounts. The hair that covers your baby's scalp is also getting longer. Your baby is now large enough for presentation to be determined and your doctor might be able to find out if your baby is at risk for being breech. If your baby is breech, don't panic. There is still time for the baby to rotate.

Comments on week 28

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delarla - 12 days ago
ugh. Feeling lots of pelvic pain and pressure lately. im not sure I can handle this for 11 more weeks!!

beckym - 16 days ago
They had a 7 pound 13 ounce baby girl! We are going to go visit them, then off to the zoo with the kids

beckym - 17 days ago
My sister in law has been administered pitocin and an epidural, they should be meeting their little girl today! I have a labor and birth class today at 630

beckym - 18 days ago
It seems like everyone I know here are having their babies, one born last week, and one due tomorrow!

beckym - 20 days ago
28 weeks!

mrscephas - 27 days ago
Just been to see my diabetes midwife. My sugar control is good on diet alone and she's happy with the way things are going. I've a scan booked at 32 weeks and another at 36 weeks to monitor growth.

xEricaLynn - 36 days ago
Yikes, gestational diabetes sounds scary! I would hate having to poke my finger every day to check my blood sugar. My dad has diabetes, and he has to take insulin every day. I worry about him a lot. My BMI put me in the overweight category before we got pregnant, but I considered myself average. Every person's body is different. Here in the U.S., the one hour fasting test isn't a definite 'You have gestational diabetes'. So the three hour test, with fasting overnight and into the morning, will be more extensive. If my readings from that one are still high, then I will be diagnosed with GD. A couple of my friends had it during their pregnancies too, and their babies are healthy. I'm trying not to worry about it, and avoiding high sugary content drinks and foods in the meantime. Thanks for your input, ladies!

mrscephas - 36 days ago
If you've not heard back, then take that as good news. I failed my glucose test 4 weeks ago at 23 weeks and they rang me the very next day to say I'd developed gestational diabetes and to come in to specialist clinic the following week. It was the 2 hour one and over here in the UK, you don't get to repeat it but go on gestational diabetes treatment straight away. Luckily, I was put on diet control and have to check my blood sugar before and after meals and before bed as well as eating healthier and exercising. My BMI is within healthy range and I've only gained 2-3 kg this pregnancy so it's not like I was overweight or anything. It's just one of those things...

xEricaLynn - 38 days ago
Anyone else fail the 1-hour glucose test? My number was 210, and the normal is 65-139. That means I possibly have gestational diabetes. I have a 3-hour glucose test next Wednesday morning, which will require overnight fasting. This will determine if I actually have GD. I was really lightheaded and dizzy with the 1-hour one, not sure how I will do with the 3-hour one. Anyway, hope you all are doing well.

jesswithtwins - 63 days ago
Everything looks good the whole sonogram wasn't in 3D but yes I was able to have a few 3D pics of the boys faces they weren't really cooperating but anything was nice they both are at about 3 in a half pounds so she says they are measuring nicely a little on the big side she said (all my babies have been) so all in all I'm happy and glad they seem to be too :-) glad to hear that everything turned out well with her and the babies :-)

jesswithtwins - 63 days ago
Everything looks good the whole sonogram wasn't in 3D but yes I was able to have a few 3D pics of the boys faces they weren't really cooperating but anything was nice they both are at about 3 in a half pounds so she says they are measuring nicely a little on the big side she said (all my babies have been) so all in all I'm happy and glad they seem to be too :-) glad to hear that everything turned out well with her and the babies :-) - 68 days ago
jesswithtwins, at my ultrasound last week the tech was able to get me some 3D pics so hopefully you get yours as well. And I def know what you mean about the baby's coming sooner than expected. My sister had her twins at 33 weeks and it was totally unexpected. She went into labor at 32 weeks, stayed in the hospital for a week, and then the docs figured it'll be in her and the babies best interest to deliver by c section at 33 weeks. One of the baby's were 4 pounds and some change and the other one was 3 pounds and some change. Both of them had breathing assistance after birth but like 48 hours later the 4 pound baby was off of the breathing machine and breathing on his own which I'm sure the steroid injection helped with that. The 3 pound baby needed a little bit more time on the machine but then she was weaned off of it. They were so tiny but yet healthy and strong.

jesswithtwins - 68 days ago
28 weeks and counting going tomorrow for an ultrasound hopefully It will be a 3D one and hopefully I'll get some pictures :-) and they can give me some cool news like how big they are but I'd have to admit I'm still tremendously overwhelmed of the thought that not only am I having twins but that they can be here sooner than I expect

KristiW - 143 days ago
My sleep is very interupted but with other little one's at home it doesn't even phase me anymore! LOL! One thing that has reared it's ugly head is my sciatica....OUCH! It hurts even laying in bed:( And so does my back...I just keep thinking it's all for a good reason!

mamaford77 - 144 days ago
I'm struggling with awful insomnia. I'm getting 3 -4 hours of sleep every night. :-(

KristinaA - 145 days ago
I haven't had the jaw pain, but I have had sinus pressure headaches since September. They say it's allergies and pregnancy rhinitis. I am doing the very best I can to manage it with a claritin every morning, a benedryl every night, a netti pot everyday, a humidifier in my bedroom/office, and eucalyptus oil in my shower and humidifier. I also keep a bottle of peppermint oil in my purse which I drop under my tongue when all else fails. So far I've had 3 courses of antibiotics this pregnancy for sinus infections, and one sinus infection that spread to my ears as well, but I have been infection/anti-biotic free since December.

jsanton11 - 145 days ago
thx mamaford... im going today for a checkup and I had the sinus thing for over a week now so hopefully they give me something!!!!!

mamaford77 - 145 days ago
jsanton, it could be the sinus infection. The teeth, nose, ears, throat, are all connected. Are you taking antibiotics?

mamaford77 - 145 days ago
I passed my glucose test on Wednesday. I was thinking I might have it since I've already gained 47 pounds!!!

jsanton11 - 145 days ago
Anyone in their pregnancies experience random sudden jaw pain?????? I do have a sinus infection now but boy this hurts!!! It's my upper right side.

KristinaA - 146 days ago
Had my glucose test today. Hopefully I passed. Always have before. But if not, maybe that would help explain my sweet tooth and 27lb weight gain already.

mamaford77 - 149 days ago
We don't have a nursery, but I'm pretty much ready now. We have a carseat, swing, and co-sleeper that are all still in boxes lol. I figure I'll get them out around 34 weeks. No sense crowding our bedroom yet! His dresser is all set up with clothes 0-3 months. I just want to see his little face!

KristiW - 149 days ago
Hey ladies! I am going to really start on the nursery as well. I have everything else because I had a baby shower for my now 2 year old. Since I am having another girl it works out. I tell you I can't wait to meet this little girl.

mandykat760 - 165 days ago
I failed my glucose test. :(

sher-baby - 169 days ago
Me neither! But u have a feeling I'm freakier than the book!!! Haha...but not at the moment!! Poor DH!

babylove5 - 169 days ago
Sher I have never read the book! The movie is coming out valentines but idk about breaking out the When I have sex I Hv contractions so I'm probably just going to eat!

babylove5 - 169 days ago
Rjean I am glad you are doing better! That's scary that you have dilated, hopefully it will stop right there until 39 weeks. My hubby got the flu and got a shot, I didn't take the shot and I drank after him but didn't get it.

machalaB - 169 days ago
Lol @ Sher, i def feel the same way, but a negligee can work wonders, big belly and

sher-baby - 170 days ago
Anyone getting their '50 shades of grey' on for valentines day??? Lmao...I just realized that I will not be sexy AT ALL this valentines day! Lol!

sher-baby - 170 days ago
I had an intern deliver my daughter and stitch me up...I think he did a good job on me! mind you, my stitches are on the inside so I cant really see HA!! lol

floydianslip2 - 170 days ago
Lexy, that is about the most hilarious description I’ve heard! Babylove, no way, no more interns ever! Last time when the doctor did it the healing was so much better… I mean, I was definitely sore, but at least I could walk normally, and it took way less time to heal! I switched doctors with this pregnancy, also to a female doctor. I feel like they’re just a little more sympathetic than the males. I can’t believe that they let you tear like that!

babylove5 - 170 days ago
Its funny how you tend to not remember as much of the pain of labor but remember the after birth pain. After being stitched you feel like a virgin again because it hurts to have sex after 9 weeks of healing. Floy tell them no interns. Lexy I felt the same way...ugh

sher-baby - 170 days ago
im having issues posing comments..ive tried to post about 3 times and nothing went.. WTH!!

sher-baby - 170 days ago
I had the mother of all leg cramps on Tuesday night..woke me up outta my sleep, and today it still hurts like hell!

babylove5 - 170 days ago
I guess my Dr. doesn't do things by the book but that's ok since I don't like going until Im 37 weeks to see if Im making progress. This site says the doctor should start seeing you every 2 weeks at 28 weeks. You guys are lucky that you have the same Dr. This is my fourth doctor. I had one I kept for 2 months then changed Dr.s because I never saw them just the nurse. The female doctor was more sympathetic than the males. She did the episotomy and used forceps to help me get the baby out. Both male drs said they don't do episotomy or offer help w forceps I just have to push the baby out and tear. My hubby and the last dr were talking about the sports game while I was pushing last time since it takes me awhile to get them Is everybodys baby head down or still changing positions?

lexy-b - 170 days ago
For my two I had an advil/tylonal cocktail. I think it was 2 tylonal's & 1 advil every 4 hours for a few of days. I didn't have time for an episiotomy either, I tore with both, no fun! I was still very sore though with the advil/tylonal, I remember feeling like they stitched my asshole to my leg (sorry if TMI) but eventually after about a week to a week & a half feeling okay.

floydianslip2 - 170 days ago
Babylove, I took pain killers with my oldest, but I had an intern handle my episiotomy repair and they did a HORRIBLE job on it, it was so painful! With my youngest I didn’t take them, I stuck with ibuprofen because I was worried that pain pills would make me too tired to nurse and my milk supply would suffer (that’s what happened with my oldest). It wasn’t terrible, but I did have a bad night about 3 days in when the cramping was AWFUL and I wished I’d had something stronger. I think this time I’ll fill the prescription as a just in case option. Oh, and my doctor started seeing me every two weeks starting with my last appointment, which was my 28 week appointment. That’s so odd! Don’t we start the weekly appointments at 36 weeks? So if you wait til 33 weeks you would only have one appointment before starting the weekly appointments?

babylove5 - 171 days ago
It's odd how the hospitals vary. I just assumed they were pretty much the same. I'm starting to think I shouldn't take the pain killers after birth. Do you all take anything for the pain after birth? My Dr. Doesn't want to start seeing me every two weeks until 33 weeks. When do you all see your Dr. Every two weeks?

sher-baby - 171 days ago
Oh dad's can stay as long as the moms here, I think. I don't even think we have nurseries in out hospitals...but same thing here with c/s, baby is with you no matter what! It might be different at an private birthing facilities (if we even have those!)

floydianslip2 - 171 days ago
Not here either. Even moms that have Cesareans keep the babies in their rooms. You don’t have to ask, it’s an automatic thing. They let dads stay in the rooms 24 hours though, maybe that’s why. But the hospital does have a nursery, so I think if you want the extra rest you can ask the nurses to take the baby to the nursery. I’m not sure though…

sher-baby - 171 days ago
Nope!!! Not here....they don't take the baby away unless they need special attention!!! If u have a healthy baby, u have baby from the second they come out!!! No break!!! I guess that's part of the cutback with free healthcare....well, not free!! Who am I kidding, we pay ridicules taxes!!

babylove5 - 171 days ago
The hospital I'm at takes the baby when mom needs to rest and puts them in the nursery. After delivery you have a hour then they take them to the nursery. The first hospital I delivered in with my first son was in a small little town in the middle of nowhere and they didn't even have a nicu for babies that were born early. They had to fly them a hour away. This one has everything and they will let the dad come with the baby. Do the hospitals you are at take the baby for a while after birth? If I fall asleep and the baby is in it's bed they always take them back to the nursery. Do you tell them to leave the baby in your room? I'm always on a lot of pain medication after delivery from tearing down there maybe that's why.

floydianslip2 - 171 days ago
Sher, the hospital that I’m delivering at keeps the baby with the mom as well, unless the baby needs medical care. The nurses come in and do a baby and a mom check every couple of hours, except they do have a new thing that they’re doing from 2-6 pm, they call it “quiet time” and no medical staff will enter the room unless you buzz for them. They do a lot of cool things like that, I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve read so far and can’t wait to actually do the tour!

sher-baby - 172 days ago
U'll get everything done floydianslip!! U guys are lucky u have nurseries in ur in canada, or at least any hospital I've seen, the baby is with the mom the entire time!!! The nurses come in ur room and do what they have to do for either the mom or no break straight from the beginning. We have nicu's obviously but those are for baby's that need to be even if ur completly exhausted from a long hard delivery, ur baby is with u from the beginning!! We're going to our first class tonight...and our tour is tomorrow!! I hope they have tubs!!! My mom will also be watching my daughter...but she's right next when it's show time, well just call her and say, ok u can come now! And she'll stay and get my daughter ready for school then bring her to the hospital to visit when it's dad lives here but he's as useful as tits on a bull!!!

floydianslip2 - 172 days ago
How funny, I have an Evan too! Well you are definitely more on top of things than I am. Lol, the only thing I’ve done is set up the dresser. Baby is bunking with us for a while, so I have to move some things around to make room for the bassinet and other odds and ends. Luckily the dresser is also a changing table, so that will save a little bit of space in our room. And you just reminded me that I need a swing! My parents are going to watch my boys, luckily they’re only 40 minutes away. I think my mom is actually planning on just coming to my house and staying until we get home from the hospital.

babylove5 - 172 days ago
Floy my Dr told me to register at 26 weeks just to be on the safe side but I did my registration and scheduled the tour online. I have the crib set up in their room and I Hv the swing, changing table, rocker, bouncer, blankets, clothes, and bassinet set up. I don't have the crib bedding yet. Evan wants mouse so they are both getting the same bedding. I had most everything but I don't have the car seat. Who are you getting to watch your boys when you give birth? I guess ill get my parents but they live a hour away... Ugh

floydianslip2 - 172 days ago
Oh I can’t wait to do my tour! I haven’t even thought about scheduling it yet, I really need to get on it soon. Babylove, do you have to register ahead of time? I had to last time, and I’m assuming I will this time too and that the best time to do that is after the tour. Wow, so much to do still and time feels like it’s racing by… I don’t even have a name picked out yet! And I still need to set up all the baby stuff and wash the clothes! I still have a ton I need to get too. In other news, I had my dr apt this week, everything is looking great, and I passed my 3 hour glucose with flying colors!

babylove5 - 172 days ago
I went to the new hospital last night for the tour! It is huge and has Starbucks!! Yay! They have their own nicu for babies born early and they put security devices on the newborns, so if they get to close to a window or door a alarm will go off. It's good to know they are not going to be stolen. The downside is it is mandatory that you stay for two days after birth. My last birth I walked in had him a hour later at 8 pm and left the next morning. I feel trapped but I'm just going to Hv to take advantage of the time to rest. She was talking about after the baby is born they let you bond for a hour before they take them to the nursery.

sher-baby - 173 days ago
Wow babylump...I'm not sure but ur better than me. I'd be going to get check out!! (That's not to say that is what u should'm just crazy and would freak out) I do notice I loose peices of my plug and I've noticed it from pretty early on..but it's never followed by any colored cm...I don't have much advice but I'd deff keep an eye on things...good luck!

babylumpp2015 - 173 days ago
Thanks babylove! I'm trying to take it easy tonight and see how things are in the morning since it hasn't been any red tinge yet. I remember my labor started about 8hours after I lost it with my last one. I will keep you updated on how things go & if I have to go in the morning!

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