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You are 28 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 10 inches and the total length of your growing baby is around 15.75 inches. Your baby weighs about 2.4 pounds at this point. Your uterus is a little more than 3 inches above your bellybutton. Your weight gain at this time should be between 17 and 24 pounds.

Blood vessel in the umbilical cord. For several months, the umbilical cord has been the baby's lifeline to the mother. Nourishment is transferred from the mother's blood, through the placenta, and into the umbilical cord to the baby. If the mother ingests any toxic substances, such as drugs or alcohol, the baby receives these as well!

You will probably begin visiting your caregiver once every two weeks. Week 28 is an important week for testing. You will probably be having your glucose tolerance test, an iron level test and if you are Rh negative, you should have an antibody test. The antibody test will determine if you and your baby will have any reactions to each other's blood differences. The glucose test will check for gestational diabetes.

Your baby's brain continues to develop and is now forming the folds and grooves of a fully developed brain. The amount of tissues within the brain also continues to increase in large amounts. The hair that covers your baby's scalp is also getting longer. Your baby is now large enough for presentation to be determined and your doctor might be able to find out if your baby is at risk for being breech. If your baby is breech, don't panic. There is still time for the baby to rotate.

Comments on week 28

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ASergeantsWife - 7 days ago
28 weeks in a have been put on restriction :(. No lifting over 20 pounds, no stairs and as little walking as possible. BLAH!!!! Maleiya is doing well just trying to make her appearance to early. Anyway restriction had seemed to help and the contractions quite a bit less frequent though the pressure is still great.So I have used my time to make her some things, a light pink sweater, bonnet and bootie set, and alternating between a chevron afghan and a Monogrammed Blanket for her crib. Thankfully the other three babies, Si, Jax and Ava (3,2 and 1) are content to be in the same room with me and play.:) Other than that things are going well, blood pressure is good measurements are good and I have gained 8 pounds and lost 12!Heartburn and Insomnia are bad but controlled so no real complaints.

aksnods - 14 days ago
Passed the three hour which is good cause I had gestational diabetes with my first baby. Rib is out though and hurts a lot

jojo - 15 days ago
Ah that's good to know.. I know from what I've read that she has until at least 36wks to move so plenty of time just wondered if you guys knew.. bonita sorry to hear you have to have the 3hr test.. I'm sure you'll pass it tho.. not heard from matoks but then the weeks seem quiet in general xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 15 days ago
Hello girls...Jojo my baba is lying sideways too - head and feet under my right ribs bum on the left. Am not too worried about her position, like Bonita said still some turning time available. Defo keep an eye on ur spotting, fingers crossed u wont get anymore but a further scan to check on ur fibroid sounds good - at least they r monitoring it for u chick :o) Havent heard from Matoks for a few weeks, hopefully shes around safe and sound? Xx

bonitadiane - 15 days ago
Hello ladies... I did get my results. And I failed. Boooo. Not but much but enough to have me do the 3 hour test. Auuurrgh. Seriously hoping I pass the 3 hour!!!!! JoJo ... I'm guessing my lil bean is sideways too as I tend to feel his feet/hands on my sides. I think we are still ok? I think it's not till 30-32 weeks they flip head down? I think. Lol Twinny so happy you had this week off, hope your enjoying yourself!!! Vacation time is always soo treasured. JoJo hope the spotting has stopped. And hope you can get an ultrasound to confirm all is well with fibroid too. Ladies has anyone heard from Matoks?? Wondering how she's doing?

jojo - 15 days ago
Does anyone else know what position baby is lying atm??? My little one is staying transverse/oblique (sideways) reason I ask is by now on all my previous pregnancies my babies have been head down.. I know she still has a few weeks, just wondered xx

jojo - 15 days ago
Morning girls.. midwife told me to keep an eye on it and if I'm at all concerned about me or baby or if the spotting turns heavier to go straight to the main hospital. . She did also ring the hosp and asked for me to be referred to a consultant to get a scan in case it's related to my fibroid so waiting now to see what they say...

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 15 days ago
Good morning girls. 29wks for me today woohoo :o) Love how quickly it seems to be going! Hope ur all well this morning xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 16 days ago
Excellent news on the pram Jojo, I love ebay sometimes the bargains r fab! I dont know what to do,whether to invest in another one or wait it out for a buggy style when shes abit older. Hmm. Welcome back Bonita! Good to hear u had a fab time! Hope the heat wasnt too bad but sounds like u enjoyed ur break so thats brill! I'm in my second week off, back to work monday for 9wks...where has the time gone!! Its lovely sharing updates with u girls, having someone going thru the same is awesome. Lets hope the rest of all our journeys r none bumpy plesant rides! Bonita did u manage to get ur GD results? And Jojo, what did the midwife say about ur spotting? Is everything ok? Xxx.

jojo - 16 days ago
Well hello haha we missed you bonita.. glad you had such an awesome break with your family hun :-) did you have any luck getting your results? ?

bonitadiane - 16 days ago
Hello lovely ladies... I'm back but not on track. I'm exhausted!!! It always hurts to return to norm after vacation but it's that much worse when preggers. Blaaaahhhh. Vacation was sooooo relaxing and nice. It was so wonderful to spend a week at the cottage with family. So perfect. Sad to be back to be honest. I felt great and slept awesome. I swear my body makes boys waaaayyyy better then I had an OB app. Yesterday that was to tell me results to GD. But unfortunately there was an accident on highway and I was going to be super late so canceled. I did ask nurse for results and she stated they hadn't received it from lab yet. I'm soooo upset bc this lab always does this. This morning I'm going to call and freaaaaak out!!! Well ladies just wanted to check in... See how your all doing. Can't believe I'm 29 weeks today. Wow.

jojo - 16 days ago
We found the same twinny and like you I got shot of everything before the move as I wasn't planning anymore lol we've bought the silver cross surf but there was no way I could afford £800 esp when this little lady is most definitely our last, so we decided to look at second hand ones. . We've spent weeks on Ebay waiting for the right one and I'm so glad we did.. it looked in fab condition when we went to see it but once I got it home and stripped it down washed it etc.. it looks brand new. No one would know the difference. I'm so pleased with it :-) we had the pushchair, car seat, isofix base and all the bits raincovers for pram and car seat, footmuff, newborn inserts etc.. and paid £180, it's 10mths old.. absolute bargain lol got MW today, had a little more spotting so will mention it.. am too loving these movements.. they are amazing xxx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 16 days ago
Aww fantastic Jo! Bet ur delighted :o) I havent even looked at prams, I sold mine last year when we decided we werent having anymore kids haha cost us £600 aswell! Typical. How r u doing? I'm loving all these little ressuring movements, thry keeping me going at the moment! Xx

jojo - 17 days ago
I'VE BOUGHT MY PRAM!!! Yaay finally lol so exciting.. it's currently staring at me in my living room. . How mad is it to think in around 12-14wks there'll be a new baby girl in there :-) :-) :-)

jojo - 17 days ago
Fantastic news hun.. definitely yay you :) xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 17 days ago
NOT! Yey me xxx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 17 days ago
3hrs and i'll know...Gestational diabetes or not.... xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 18 days ago
Sorry i've been abit quite girls, hope everyone is doing well. I have my diabetes test tomorrow, hoping I havent got it but still feel nervous about it. Hated it last time my fingers where like cardboard at the end of my pregnancy haha xx

jojo - 21 days ago
Good luck with your scan twinny can't wait to hear all about it later xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 22 days ago
28wks...woohoo what a mile stone! Another scan tomorrow and my diabetes test next week. Its going so quick now!! Xx

afshanm07 - 26 days ago
@snooks i got tested 3 times for gestional diabetes i faild once passed twice

Blondeabby - 28 days ago
Oh snooks..I am so sorry. I just did my test today. I am scared but I just think everything could be worse:)

snooks - 28 days ago
Devastated. Gestational Diabetic again. I managed on diet without requiring insulin last time. It takes a lot of focus, meal planning and ignoring that most carbs and high glucose index foods exist. Trying to find the gumption to enjoy the challenge but at the moment...I'm just really, really sad. The weekly appointments with paid parking and babysitting hastle also suck. So sad and angry. I sure hope I can avoid injections as I'm already two Lovenox shots per day.

afshanm07 - 29 days ago
28 weeks

Blondeabby - 33 days ago
Happy 3rd Tri!! Feeling huge! And everyone is telling me too:( We found a house! Sold one of our homes. Offers are taken on the other on Tuesday. Fingerscrossed it will sell it ASAP. Need to start packing next week:) I stayed up till 2am steam cleaning the lower level carpet for the open house today. Came home and had a few dots of red blood on my panties?? Never had happened before:( Need to take it easier:)

glowingwith2 - 37 days ago
28 weeks!! I can tell my 3rd trimester fatigue is already setting in. I'm also not sleeping as well as I was. I've been getting a twitching in my foot the last 5 nights. I was reading it is likely RLS. Its been keeping me awake because my foot wont stop twitching. From what I read it says stretching will help. I tried last night and it seemed to keep the twitching down to a minimum. I've lowered my caffeine intake today to see if that helps too. Now I am just super tired! Ughhhh.... Hi 3rd trimester!!!

iiloveyouu002 - 38 days ago
Failed Both glucose screening test :( sucks.. Baby is still in breech position, but Placenta has moved and placenta previa is resolved.. Heading into 29 weeks tomorrow WHOOP WHOOP :)

mammaramirez - 44 days ago
Nothing entirely new to update on... Pregnancy is trucking along nicely... baby's movements have definitely gotten a lot stronger... somewhat uncomfortable feeling at times :) I get a follow up ultrasound at 32 & 1/2 weeks :)

mammaramirez - 45 days ago
28 weeks (7 months!!) 12 more weeks to go! My little bambino has been head down since 18 weeks (my last ultrasound) so far as I know... I'll find out August 9th if he's still that way (which I hope he is!!!)

monica28 - 46 days ago
MOMIIB:how did you know he was head down for 10 weeks already? I was trying to figure out at what point in the pregnancy does the baby go into a head down position.

msjenn727 - 48 days ago
Hello 28 weeks! We're getting closer ladies!!

MOMIIB - 51 days ago
Thanks leanbean! Glad to hear that your appt went well :-). Last day in week28, off to 29wks tomorrow. Appt friday with hematologist to adress my low iron, hopefully we can come up with a game plan asap.

leanbean - 52 days ago
Had my apt. yesterday and Letti's measuring right on with a h/b of 134. She has been SO active lately! My belly looks crazy! I also had my glucose test yesterday and luckily I didn't get as sick as I normally do so that was nice. MOMII~ Sounds like things are pretty stressful. I hope it all works out perfectly and smoothly for you!

MOMIIB - 53 days ago
Thanks for asking loriandrichi! The scan went ok :-) what should have been a 15min scan took 1hr bc he wouldn't cooperate! We finally got some decent pics but that was after they lifted and jiggled and messed with my belly! Soo much that they caused him to flip to breech :-( he had been head down for 10+wks already too :-/ but last bight I had alot of pain and his movements are more his norm....he just his usual active self while he was breech. Next Wednesday I have another appt and I will see if he can tell if he is back head down, though I am pretty sure he is right now. I did have an ob appt in Friday which went well :-) I am still measuring ahead, But he thinks thats just MY norm since I have been for a while now and I did the same with my first son. I am very anxious to meet him but I know he still needs to bake! We are also in the middle of selling/looking for a house. Our home had an offer but its a contingency meaning she has up until the 21st to back out but if all goes well then we will give the keys 8days later on the 28th. It rushes us to pack and move out but we are selling alot. We will then be pressed to get a house. We plan to look this weekend but we really cant put an offer til we find out for sure yes/no on the 21st. Ugh, just pray for us or send good vibes....anything, there is just sooooo much on our plate. So much unknown and much left to do! How is your pregnancy going? Everyone is pretty quiet, hope you all are well and just busy getting ready for baby! :-)

loriandrichie - 53 days ago
Mom-how was the scan?

MOMIIB - 57 days ago
28 weeks today, yay! Getting closer and closer :-) 3d/4d scan set for this Saturday! :-)

mommy97101114 - 73 days ago
Ok, so I will be 28 weeks tomorrow! Yay!! Just curious as to what you guys think of the name Keller (Helen Keller's last name...she is one of my most favorite people in history!) But I have also come up with these other names using Keller...they are Kelson, Keldon, Kelton, or Kellian (prounouced Kellen)...just curious as to what you ladies think...I have been trying to come up with a boy name for months. I love the idea of calling him Kell for's different and I haven't really ever heard any boys with these names. I want something unique. The middle names I am tossing up in the air to go with one of these names are Mason, Chase, Levi, Logan, and Tayden. - 76 days ago
so....i was 28 weeks on monday. on tuesday i had my monthly appt and my ob thought my bp was too high so he sent me to the hospital to get monitored for 30 minutes. so i texted my hubby what was going on. after the nurses monitored me for a little while my ob came in and said that my bp was too high and he was admitting me. to go home, make arrangements for my kids and asked how soon i could be back :( so i left and called hubby who got upset cuz he didnt want me admitted either :( anyway, made arrangements with my inlaws for 24 hours. hubby came back to the hospital with me where we got to go for an u/s (this was his first time going to an u/s with me this pregnancy.) and baby wouldnt a great view of back and side, but no face shot stubborn thing lol. anyway, after being there a couple hours hubby had to leave as it was his mom's bday and he had to go take care of the kids. i was put on meds to lower bp. the next morning they decided to lower my dosage and early that afternoon i was told that because they had changed dosages i had to be watched for another 24 hours :( i was pissed....but i know they have mine and baby's best interest in mind. thankfully the next day i did finally get to go home. got an rx for the same drug to continue for the next 10 weeks at least. and i have to go back to maternity on monday morning to get a bp check and hope that it's not too high again...i WILL cry if they admit me again....i hate being away from my family and feeling i just want the next 10 weeks to fly much as i love my summer lol. i can take care of my kids much better once they're born lol....i hope everyone else is doing ok!

Baby ali - 78 days ago
who ever sees me tells me am about to drop, it's sooo annoying coz I have a long way to go :0( soooo feel like am ready to have this baby now, am thinking it's head down coz belly has dropped so much still getting uncomfortable bh and buttox pain lol, is it true that boys tend to be born b4 due date?? few ppl have told me, my mother Inlaw!!!!!! she has 7 sons and told me boys r born b4due date, well I hope she's right for once!

sarah6485 - 78 days ago
My cramps stopped now must been growing

Baby ali - 78 days ago
feel like am about to give birth now :0/

monika01 - 80 days ago
no braX for me but i am on progesterone.. so that should eliminate those. and otherwise she is super low also. my gd is good bp is good baby bp is 148 so thats all good…. overall everything is kinda boring.. otherwise my ;life is up all around me and my spouse are now separated and my tot has some little emotional changes every time he comes around all normal stuff just hard at times with a 3yr old.. i am sure with time things will become more normal and all will be ok. so far just lots of hugs and love

sarah6485 - 80 days ago
Im getting crampy past couple days and more noticeable Braxton hicks im keeping eye on it as i have only ever cramped early labour hopefully it's just growing pains stretching

oopixiesticks - 80 days ago
Hopefully that's all it is I barely get a chance to sit down and relax my kids just want to be playing outside in the yard all day now that the weather finally got nice. My little one has become even more terrible in the stores she won't hold our hand or sit in a shopping cart or stroller she just wants to run everywhere throws herself to the floor and when we pick her up she's like a flopping fish in our arms it's impossible to get any groceries with her! I have my glucose test next week i believe but they said I didn't have to fast? Not sure why for some they make u fast and others not?? Last pregnancy I had to fast and it was at the same doctor so I'm confused. Hope your results come back fine! Have you picked out a name yet? I'm still so undecided although I have one in mind

Baby ali - 81 days ago
having more and more tightening uncomfortable braxton hicks :0(

Baby ali - 81 days ago
got midwife appointment next week will find out the results then

Baby ali - 81 days ago
had my glucose test today went okay was feeling weak and tired tho as I had to stop eating from midnight, was starving! drank lucozade original was disgusting thought I was going to vomit everywhere :0(

Baby ali - 82 days ago
oopixiesticks- am carrying baby very low aswell maybe because it's a boy, with my girls it was different. and the baby moves a lot and can feel pressure very low, dnt have no pains apart from back pains and buttox pain, I guess it's normal as the end is getting closer :0)

oopixiesticks - 83 days ago
Hi ladies I haven't been on in a few weeks 27weeks now but have been feeling a lot of movement and pressure really low feels like the baby is going to just fall out but I don't have any pain? Is it normal to feel this?

Baby ali - 83 days ago
28 weeks pregnant today yeppyyyy :0) can't wait till the baby is born, not bought anything for the baby yet, sister Inlaw is buying Moses basket for the baby as she wants to buy the baby a gift and chose to give Moses basket :0)

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