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You are 29 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

At this point in your pregnancy, your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 10.4 inches and the total length of your baby is around 16.7 inches. Your baby weighs about 2.7 pounds and continues to grow every day. If you measure from your bellybutton, your uterus is 3.5 to 4 inches above it. Total weight gain at this point is usually between 19 and 25 pounds.

3D sonogram of a fetus in week 29

Babies that are born prematurely can be very tiny. Even a baby that is only a few weeks early can be very small. Your baby will grow rapidly from now until week 36, and then at a slower rate thereafter. Generally, boys weigh more than girls at birth. The average baby's birth weight at full term is 7 to 7.5 pounds.

You might notice some leakage of colostrums from your breasts around this time. Colostrums is a sticky, watery substance that provides your baby's first food if you choose to breastfeed. Milk does not come in immediately after delivery and colostrums is high in calories and enough for your baby's first few days of life. Your baby is stimulating the production of colostrums. The baby's body is ensuring that there will be a readily available food supply after delivery.

Your baby will continue to open and close his eyes in the womb and may be able to see silhouettes of objects or even people in the right amount of light. Your baby should be moving many times throughout the day. Some of your baby's movements will be predictable and if you notice a decrease in fetal movements, you should lie down and do a fetal kick count. You should feel your baby move approximately ten times in an hour. If you do not notice the proper amount of movements, you should contact your healthcare provider.

Research has shown that your baby is not only able to hear, but also able to recognize your own voice. This shows that your baby can already learn, remember and recognize.

Comments on week 29

Comments 1-49 of about 627 from week 29
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glowingwith2 - 2 hours ago
29 weeks! I will be so happy after 30. My first was born at 36 weeks... hard to believe we are so close to the end. I went for a run on Saturday and sprained my ankle. I fell on my knee and landed on my belly. NST came back showing everything was fine with the baby. Just trying to heal my ankle now. I'm going to stick to swimming going forward. I've gained 26 pounds now. Not bad considering all I have left is 11 weeks (give or take). Ready to meet my little man! <3

monica28 - 2 days ago
I took my maternity pics...they look great

monica28 - 2 days ago
time is moving now 30 weeks tomorrow....I hoping my baby is born at 38 weeks!!! im so ready to meet him

mammaramirez - 2 days ago
30 weeks tomorrow, only ten more to go!!

msjenn727 - 7 days ago
I took my glucose test yesterday and i have another ultrasound in the morning. Hoping i passed because i'd really hate to do the 3 hr! - 8 days ago
Did not do well on my 1 hour glucose so I'll be enjoying the lovely 3 hour test tomorrow morning. Darn! Better charge my iPad

monica28 - 8 days ago
took my glucose test yesterday....the juice wasn't so bad. I go back to the doctor on the Aug. 4 apt really looking forward to going to the doctor every two weeks. I take my maternity pics super excited!!!

loriandrichie - 9 days ago
I got some amazing pics!! She's so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at her! And still a girl thank goodness:) ill upload some pics.

mammaramirez - 9 days ago
Msjenn - I took mine at 26 weeks. I'm not 29 weeks until tomorrow but it's so quiet and lonely in my week.

msjenn727 - 9 days ago
Has anyone else taken their Glucose test yet?

leanbean - 10 days ago
LORI~ DId you get some good shots? MZH~ PRaying for you. Hope this last bit goes by quick for you! MSJENN~ Doing great here as well!

msjenn727 - 10 days ago
Hello everyone! Started my 29th week yesterday,only 10 weeks left for me! Hope you all are doing great!

loriandrichie - 12 days ago
3d ultrasound tomorrow! Cant wait!! :)

Mzholston - 13 days ago
30 weeks tomorrow...I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers. I am having a very rough day. Just vomited all over the bathroom at work and had to have someone else clean it bc its a hotel and there are procedures to follow. Im so embarrassed. 😖 I feel so horrible that anyone would have to clean up my mess. Drs appointment tomorrow starts my first 2 week appointment. I currently work 2 hours from home making barely anything but its a job for now. Keep praying for us please and ill do the same for you ladies. 10 weeks left im hoping its the quickest part. Have a great day ladies.-Ash

leanbean - 14 days ago
Time is flying!!!! My lil sis had her babe this weekend and it made things so much more real. It seems like I found out we were expecting so soon after her! Getting close!

MOMIIB - 20 days ago
29 weeks, yay! Almost ready to count down from 10, Getting soo close!!!!!!

dollbunny - 25 days ago
Yay, only 11 weeks left or less! I have been wanting to know if my babygirl is head down yet.I guess I will just have to ask the doctor at my next check up

mommy97101114 - 35 days ago
Went for my specialist's appointment Monday and got to see my little guy. He is definitely all boy and weighed 3lbs 7ozs. They also said he is head down....locked and loaded...but she did say they can really turn at any hoping he stays head down. Took another three hour sugar test to check for gestational diabetes and I passed!! Yay! 11 weeks to go! Can't wait to see what his sweet face looks like!

MrsBl0bby - 36 days ago
Hi ladies we are having our second boy! Just struggling with a name!! We have Henry William, Edward William 'Ted' for short. And Evan James :)) what do you think? Our first born is Thomas xx

mommy97101114 - 43 days ago
Ok, so I will be 28 weeks tomorrow! Yay!! Just curious as to what you guys think of the name Keller (Helen Keller's last name...she is one of my most favorite people in history!) But I have also come up with these other names using Keller...they are Kelson, Keldon, Kelton, or Kellian (prounouced Kellen)...just curious as to what you ladies think...I have been trying to come up with a boy name for months. I love the idea of calling him Kell for's different and I haven't really ever heard any boys with these names. I want something unique. The middle names I am tossing up in the air to go with one of these names are Mason, Chase, Levi, Logan, and Tayden.

Baby ali - 46 days ago
oh f*****g heartburn :0/

Baby ali - 47 days ago
lack of sleep is killing me :0( can't sleep at night and only have 4-5 hours sleep feel weak and tired through out the day :0( feel exhausted too

Baby ali - 47 days ago
29 weeks today :0) come on weeks!!!!!

Baby ali - 47 days ago
kadyrae- same here been having them painful uncomfortable bh for two weeks now have it through out the day

kadyrae1107 - 48 days ago
I'm keep getting crazy BH!! Sometimes they're painful. my belly keeps getting hard as a rock. Sometimes I can feel the pain in my butt lol I feel like I had tons of them today and even at times wondered if they were real contractions.

kadyrae1107 - 48 days ago
So I just left my doctor appt. Not dilated or thinned out at all which is really great news!! He did do another FNN test..praying it comes back negative this time!! I don't like being on bed rest :( he also prescribed me zantac for the heartbearn. I never tried that before so I'm really hoping it helps!! Everyone please pray the fetal fibronectin cones back negative!

Baby ali - 48 days ago
jackie- been taking gaviscon for heartburn but dsnt seen to have alonger effect I was thinking maybe am having a bold baby as hubby is bold and has no hair maybe baby will be the same and save me from heartburn but NO! :0(

Baby ali - 48 days ago
same here I have two girls and I saved all their clothes and now all is ready to be donated to charity, can't wait to buy boys clothes something different and am excited to do the clothes shopping beginning of August as am due end of August, not bought anything for the baby yet waiting till due month but very excited and my daughters r soo excited for the baby to come as they no it's a boy they r happy lol my 3 year old since I found out I was expecting she wanted a baby boy and still now soo excited for a baby boy :0) anyone else already bought clothes and stuff for the baby??

oopixiesticks - 49 days ago

oopixiesticks - 49 days ago
Kadyrae- I'm the same way with my daughters clothes I have everything ! I have two girls so I got to reuse a lot of it but the seasons didn't match still can't part with all the clothes! Lol but I did see something I liked on Pinterest it was a quilt made with baby clothes like the important outfits and were made as if they were patches on the quilt. Il find the link and send it so u can see. I think it's a cute idea then to have everything in storage

kadyrae1107 - 49 days ago
Grrr to heartburn for me too tonight! Its horrible!!! So I'm having a reallyyyy hard time parting ways with Kennadie's clothes! She's 2 1/2 now and I have every single piece ( unless stained) still from newborn to now! I kept packing them away in garbage bags and labeling the bags but today I had hubby pick me up two big storage totes. I sat my pregnant butt on the bed and reorganized them all into the bins. Hubby kept yelling at me because I'm supposed to be on bed rest but all I was doing was sitting there refoliding and packing them away. I had him pick up the bags one by one and bring them to me. I got so emotional going through her clothes (especially newborn) I'd pick them up and show her and be like look Kenna this is the first sleeper you ever work or this little outfit is what you wore home from the hospital. I do wish I was having another girl so I can use these again. Plus the sizes would match up with the seasons and my due date! But I really don't want to throw them away or even give them away because if I have another girl in the future. I'm a very emotional person and love my baby girl so much and just can't see myself giving her clothes away :( is anybody else like me??? Haha.

jackie87 - 49 days ago
Ali, I recommend getting Zantac or whatever alternative they have in the UK. The generic name is ranitidine. I still get breakthrough heartburn but it's so much better compared to 2 weeks ago! And I hear you on the uncomfortable front...I'm ready to be done work and to have my body to myself save for all the nursing and spitup in my hair, etc. Haha

Baby ali - 49 days ago
feeling so uncomfortable and huuuuge also got bad heartburn now :0( god help me! got 2 n half months left

jackie87 - 49 days ago
Had my appt. and forgot my forms for going off work early. Luckily I have time even though my next appt. is July 2 and it will be cutting it close. Baby is definitely head down, measuring 29 for fundal height, and heart rate was 130. Oh, and I only gained 1 pound in the last 2 weeks, so that makes me happy, haha.

tlc - 50 days ago
Having a bad hemorrhoid's all downhill from here. I am carrying so low this preg. I think it's because I'm so pointy I the belly - gravity is bending it down. I don't think he's actually dropped. I'm concerned I have excess amnio fluid I'm so protruding. Anyone know how they determine that?

kadyrae1107 - 50 days ago
Stub- it felt like something was torn in my lower abdomen. When I would walk it would feel like something was ripping apart. It didn't hurt so much when laying down or sitting. So me and my doc thought I just over did it the night before when me and hubby was spring cleaning. He checked me and I wasn't dilated at all and then he swabbed me for that test. Its called fetel fibronectin. If negative it means you won't be going into labor anytime soon if positive it means there's a chance you can go into labor within the next two weeks. There can be false positives if u had sex recently before the test or lubrication. The tests picks up some hormone or something like that. My doctor said only 20% of the positives actually really do happen. I'm not having those pains anymore. They only lasted like 3 days...just like if I really did over do it by cleaning. So I go back Thursday and he's going to redo the test and check me again and then talk about my options like the shots and stuff.

jackie87 - 51 days ago
Kristen, I get kicked in the ribs and still feel pressure and hiccups down low, so I think so. My appt. is Wednesday, so I'll definitely double check.

stublit - 51 days ago
Kady- tell me more about the pain. I'm having pain in my lower left abdomen that is unusual.

kristen27 - 51 days ago
Jackie is your baby staying head down? My baby is still do get flips all over the place

kristen27 - 51 days ago
Kadyrae wow that'd crazy! Didn't know they had tests like that. We're only 29 wks!! Can they give you that shot that stops labor?

Baby ali - 51 days ago
the buttox pain is baaackkkkk :0(

tlc - 51 days ago
Good for a laugh!!

jackie87 - 51 days ago
Well good that you're able to rest as much as you can! Your boss sounds very understanding and lovely about the situation, so that is a huge plus. :)

kadyrae1107 - 51 days ago
Jackie- I'm a waitress at outback steakhouse they don't really have sick paid and stuff. My boss is very understanding. I' am allowed to work as of right now since I'm only working maybe 4 hour shifts. We don't open until 4pm and I'm usually outoof there by 830 or so. My doc said when u cansit..sit! Try not to stay on your feet the whole shift. I'm currently laying on the couch right now. My two year old is finally napping but before she fell asleep she kept bugging me to go outside and I felt bad cause I can't :( maybe this evening I'll take her out since her dad will be home and I'll just sit on the chair and he can play/chase after her lol

jackie87 - 51 days ago
Kady, so sorry to hear that :( Is there any way you can get sick time paid for? I don't know how it would work, but usually here we accumulate sick time for hours worked. I hope if you have to work, your boss lets you take it very easy for the rest of your time worked!

kadyrae1107 - 51 days ago
So last week when I went to the doctors for those pains that felt like I pulled something in my belly..he swabbed me for that fetal fibrectin (spelling) test. To see if premature labor would start within two weeks. He just called me and thebtest came back positive. I'm freaking out!!!!!!!! He said only 20% of it actually really does happen but still how can I not freak out and not be worried and Google stuff. He said no sex, lifting anything just relax and lay down. But I work tomorrow and all weekend...I need to make money for bills! I go back to the doctor Thursday. I'm so scared

Baby ali - 51 days ago
am having my third and it's a better pregnancy than previous two :0) my belly is smaller than the previous two.

tnt-surprisebaby2 - 52 days ago
Jackie, same here! I feel bigger and more uncomfortable with this baby than with my first, but I'm assuming that has something to do with this being my second pregnancy lol. They say you feel worse the more you have.

jackie87 - 52 days ago
Tnt, I was about 154 at my last appt. too. My next appt. is Wednesday and I dread that weigh in every single time. My final weight for my first was 155 and with my second was 159. Both times I got back to prepregnancy weight, but I think this time will be harder for sure since I'm definitely going to weigh more than either of those by the time August rolls around!

tnt-surprisebaby2 - 52 days ago
I have no clue if my baby's head is down. I feel most of the movement at or above my belly button, or on the sides, but when I feel the 'butt' it's so tiny I think it's the head! Lol. I had my Dr's appointment Friday, so I know my current weight eek! I'm 154 lbs, so I've already gained 22lbs! With my first pregnancy I gained 37, but I weighed less pre-pregnancy. So I don't want to gain more than 30 this time! Needless to say, I'm definitely watching what and how much I eat this time around. It's healthier for baby, and I'll be so much more comfortable and strong post-pregnancy :-)

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