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You are 29 weeks pregnant.

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At this point in your pregnancy, your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 10.4 inches and the total length of your baby is around 16.7 inches. Your baby weighs about 2.7 pounds and continues to grow every day. If you measure from your bellybutton, your uterus is 3.5 to 4 inches above it. Total weight gain at this point is usually between 19 and 25 pounds.

3D sonogram of a fetus in week 29

Babies that are born prematurely can be very tiny. Even a baby that is only a few weeks early can be very small. Your baby will grow rapidly from now until week 36, and then at a slower rate thereafter. Generally, boys weigh more than girls at birth. The average baby's birth weight at full term is 7 to 7.5 pounds.

You might notice some leakage of colostrums from your breasts around this time. Colostrums is a sticky, watery substance that provides your baby's first food if you choose to breastfeed. Milk does not come in immediately after delivery and colostrums is high in calories and enough for your baby's first few days of life. Your baby is stimulating the production of colostrums. The baby's body is ensuring that there will be a readily available food supply after delivery.

Your baby will continue to open and close his eyes in the womb and may be able to see silhouettes of objects or even people in the right amount of light. Your baby should be moving many times throughout the day. Some of your baby's movements will be predictable and if you notice a decrease in fetal movements, you should lie down and do a fetal kick count. You should feel your baby move approximately ten times in an hour. If you do not notice the proper amount of movements, you should contact your healthcare provider.

Research has shown that your baby is not only able to hear, but also able to recognize your own voice. This shows that your baby can already learn, remember and recognize.

Comments on week 29

Comments 1-49 of about 726 from week 29
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liltyke7 - 20 days ago
Congrats all...10 weeks left! I just had u/s yesterday and my baby is coming in at 4lbs! Back to doc this Monday and we will see what he says. I am sure more u/s's are in my future. - 20 days ago
Hope everyone is doing well. We're about to enter the home stretch! I agree that time is flying on by..I'm getting more and more anxious to have my son in my arms though. 7 more weeks until my c section...I guess it's time to start buying baby items =)

jesswithtwins - 22 days ago
So I know I keep repeating myself but these weeks are going by so fast it's like they're running into each other and it's kinda scary I remember with my singleton pregnancy the weeks couldn't go fast enough but with this twin pregnancy all I want is more time ;-) it's become so real but so unrealistic at the same time ;-) I just pray for strength through my Lord and I know he'll help me through it all I'll definitely need it ;-)

jesswithtwins - 22 days ago
Congratulations to all the mommas it won't be long before we hold our beautiful blessings

jesswithtwins - 22 days ago
Congratulations to all the mommas it won't be long before we hold our beautiful blessings

jesswithtwins - 22 days ago
So I know I keep repeating myself but these weeks are going by so fast it's like they're running into each other and it's kinda scary I remember with my singleton pregnancy the weeks couldn't go fast enough but with this twin pregnancy all I want is more time ;-) it's become so real but so unrealistic at the same time ;-) I just pray for strength through my Lord and I know he'll help me through it all I'll definitely need it ;-)

liltyke7 - 25 days ago
wooohooo 29weeks!! - 26 days ago
29 weeks today =)

KristiW - 94 days ago
KristinaA-Yes it was the fundal height measurement that put me ahead! I did have this with my last pregnancy but not until I was further along. I am not to worried, I am excited to have another ultrasound:)

KristinaA - 95 days ago
Kristi -- was that the fundal height measurement that put you ahead? In my last pregnancy, I had one that put me 4 weeks behind and I needed u/s to reconfirm everything was fine. I think there's a lot of subjectivity on fundal height and it depends on who's measuring.

KristiW - 95 days ago
I am measuring 4 weeks further along then I am! So my doctor wants me to get an ultrasound to measure baby! 30 weeks is the next milestone I am looking forward to too:) Hope all is well!!

mamaford77 - 100 days ago
Getting closer. I think I'm just holding my breath until 30 weeks and then we'll be in the final stretch.

mandykat760 - 116 days ago
The results came back and I'm boarder line. I failed 1 of the three test. You must fail two to be diagnoused. I need to watch my sugar intake and up my protien :/ I have an appoinment with the doctor Tuesday to ask more questions. The nurse was no help

babylove5 - 118 days ago
Mandy do you Hv to take anything or just not eat carbs?

mandykat760 - 118 days ago
I took my three hour glucose test today. It sucked.

sher-baby - 119 days ago
I feel like royal ASS today!!! ...incase anyone is interested! Lol..

sher-baby - 121 days ago

babylove5 - 121 days ago
or he thinks Im

babylove5 - 121 days ago
No I feel like my dr thinks I have done this so many times I know whats going to happen.

babylove5 - 121 days ago
Floy I haven't taken anything but fat free milk. It works ok if I don't eat spicy. I always have some weird side effect when I take pills. After the birth Im so tired I cant do anything because of the pain pills. Im on cloud nine. They have some good deals on graco travel systems in a pretty blue at 175.00 for the whole thing.

sher-baby - 121 days ago
Babylove..ur not going every 2 weeks yet?? I think I'll be going every 2 after next week

babylove5 - 121 days ago
I don't even see my dr until end of Feb. He obviously isn't to worried about me :-/

sher-baby - 122 days ago
I don't get anymore u/s. We only get 2 here unless ur high risk or if the dr is unsure about something (development, position, etc.) I have my next appt on the 28th so I get to see how far 'we've' gotten! Lol I feel huge and I feel like baby is more than 2.5lbs Forsure!!! My belly is soooo heavy! But curious to see how much he will weigh when he's born!

lexy-b - 122 days ago
I wish I had an appointment to see the baby/ultrasound but it's too bad because its because of your placenta. My sister in law had that with both but it corrected itself, fingers crossed yours will too :)

floydianslip2 - 122 days ago
RJean, fingers crossed that the u/s goes well! Sometimes I feel like my due date can’t come fast enough, but then I remember that this is my last pregnancy and as excited as I am to meet this little guy, I know that at the same time I’m going to be sad that it’s all over. Sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it?

floydianslip2 - 122 days ago
Lol Beth, I moved myself a week back permanently because it’s too lonely in our week. Glad you’re feeling good and things are going to smoothly! I hope that the home visit goes well. Babylove, I feel you on the heartburn and the baby size! I have an u/s on Tues so I’ll find out exactly what I’m looking at here, can’t wait! And for the heartburn my dr put me on Zantac, it works wonders! Have you tried something like that yet?

RJean - 122 days ago
Just found out that I have to go in for another u/s. I just had one about two weeks ago to make sure my previa was getting better and now I'm measuring small. :( I had the stomach flu last week and lost 8 lbs, so I'm hoping that I just had low amniotic fluid levels or something that will be sorted out by the time I have my u/s. I am excited about the u/s, I'm just tired of all of the small issues that have been going on this pregnancy. My due date can't come fast enough!!! Anyone feel the same way?

babylove5 - 122 days ago
I still feel good but my baby feels like he is over 4 pounds. He seems big, I have gone back to eating the same as I did before getting pregnant because of the hearbutn and I will all of the sudden be starving, so then I eat and get that awful heartburn. I crave eggs and turkey. the turkey is cooked and sliced not deli meat, but it makes me sick to my stomach. I wonder if maybe it's not safe to eat. I know deli meat isn't. I still love pickles and chips for breakfast. I just know this baby is going to come march 31... I hope

BethQ - 122 days ago
I keep forgetting to look back a week! How is everyone?! Nobody chats in my week. :( This little girl and I are doing great! We've got a great midwifery team, I just hired thr best doula, and all things are falling into place! Going in for appointments every other week, and coming up on my home visit with the midwives in the next couple weeks. This has been by far my best pregnancy. It makes me sad that it's going to be my last. I feel good, baby isn't huge, and I'm not overly uncomfortable for the most part.

floydianslip2 - 123 days ago
Babylove, I actually found it on Amazon! I didn’t think to look at the stroller… And damn it, I just went back on and looked and they upped the price to $99! Oh well, it’s still cheaper than I’ve seen so far.

babylove5 - 123 days ago
I think we are going with Jacob Ryan and maybe Jake for short. I also like John, Christian, Marcus, And Alexander. My hospital already mailed us the form to fill out for the birth certificate with his name and all. Its just sitting there.

babylove5 - 123 days ago
Floy where did you find a snugride for 94.00? The cheapest I found was 106.99 for the seat then 189.99 for the ready 2 grow lx stroller.

sher-baby - 123 days ago
We got the peg perego primo viaggio..hopefully we don't have any issues with it not being long enough. As for names....we're still going with baby nameless!! Lol

lexy-b - 123 days ago
My daugters name is Ellie & my sons is Logan - right away I knew those were going to be their names. I'm not getting that 'feeling' either this time... otherwise it would be so much easier to decide.

lexy-b - 123 days ago
We were told we were having a girl in Nov. so I had narrowed it down to about 4 names (Violet, Grace, Lily & Charlotte) to find out in January we're actually having a boy lol. We have a few favorites but haven't put much effort into it yet. Right now we have Jack, Benjamin & Sawyer on our list...

floydianslip2 - 123 days ago
I think I used an Evenflo that last time and it worked pretty well. But the Graco car seats seem to be more affordable! I found the 30lb30” Snugride for $94! Not too shabby, that’s for sure. I think I’ll try and get that in the next couple of weeks, it will be one more thing off of the to-do list. Next up is finally picking a name! Anyone else struggling? Nothing I see feels right to me, it’s driving me crazy!

machalaB - 124 days ago
29 weeks! 77 days to go, whew lawd im getting there, my guy is doin wonderful, kicking his butt off. Im wonderful also. God is good!!

babylove5 - 124 days ago
My friend had a graco snugride carseat and was in a head on accident and the baby was perfectly fine. It's a safe brand to go with.

floydianslip2 - 124 days ago
Well, size is part of the reason I'm having a hard time. My youngest was under 30 lbs until he was 2. He's 4 now and barely weighs 39 lbs! He's just a little string bean. And this one might be different and might be a complete chunker... I think I'm going to go with the Graco Snugride that goes up to 30 and see how it goes, and will probably switch over to a rear/forward combo seat before he's a year old. Thanks ladies!

babylove5 - 124 days ago
Floy my 2 year old is 25 pounds. I'm going with graco snugride click connect at target because of the ready 2 grow stroller.

babylove5 - 124 days ago
Babylumpp I wish you didn't have to go through all of that but I'm sure it made you stronger. Hopefully your guy will grow up. I have seen some men that are 40 and still act 18. Men in general are difficult.. Lol. I say that because I separated from my hubby because he was selfish and I dated a lot which was hard but I realized most men are that way. The ones that say all the right things are normally master manipulators. There are a few guys out there that put their wives and children first but they are hard to find. My dad was one of those great guys. My hubby and I are still together but he will never be like my dad was. I guess the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I like this site because you don't have to be judged by friends and fam on Facebook. That's great you found a good doctor, they are hard to find.

lexy-b - 124 days ago
floydianslip2 if it's the one where the carseat comes apart from the base I found 22lbs works fine. When my kids were about 6-7 months I switched to a combo rear/forward facing seat (that didn't have a detachable base) because they were just too heavy to lug around in the infant one & I found it way harder to buckle them in compared to the combo kind too. Most kids aren't 20lbs to 9months maybe?... I think. Mine where chunkers so I am not 100% sure.

floydianslip2 - 124 days ago
Ladies, I need car seat advice! Did anyone know that they have infant seats that are only good up to 22 lbs and 29”, and then they have infant seats that are good up to 30lbs and 30”? I mean, I know it’s been 5 years since I bought a car seat, but I don’t remember having to choose like this! So it’s about a $40 difference between the two. I’m just wondering… they normally hit 22 lbs around what age? 6-9? Maybe the 30lb seat is the way to go? What is everyone else doing?

floydianslip2 - 124 days ago
Babylumpp- You’re right it is rough doing the divorce/single mom thing, and it’s harder when you have a partner that doesn’t 100% get it. I’ve been there! My bf was the same way for a while, he just had some growing to do. Hell, he still has some growing to do and it’s been 12 years, lol! He’s a wonderful dad, but can be a little disengaged from my pregnancies. I mean, he’s not a jerk about it, but I can tell that he’s just not into it. But once baby is born he morphs into super-dad, and is hands on, engaged, and just as in love as I am. I think a lot of men are like that, they just don’t get it until the baby is in their arms. Don’t give up hope, things will work out!

babylumpp2015 - 125 days ago
I've been following u all since day 1. I've always loved this site it's just been embarrassing to post I suppose. I can't believe I'm in the situation I'm in. I was with my exhus and and for 7 years. We have a 5 and and 3 year old together. I always vowed I would never divorce (as im sure most do) but he had alcohol problems and cheated when he was drunk I stayed with him for the kids and couldn't bare to see them grow up with parents in seperate homes but I finally took a stand and realized it was better if we were apart because I was miserable in my own home. We just moved to a new area (we did a lot of moving) & became very close to a guy who helped me through the whole process. We started dating a year later and about a year ago and this pregnancy was a great surprise as he was going through a divorce himself. He moved away for a job a few months ago and we are still together but it's hard to feel that way when he hasn't been here the entire pregnancy. He tries to be supportive but I've come to realize he still has much growing up to do. He is starting to realize my ex will always be around and very involved with my children and is uncomfortable with it. My ex is a dumb drunk but amazing dad and seems to be changing his habits since he realized what he has done and I would never take his kids away from him. My bf doesn't understand pregnancy or thinks he knows all too well, to put into perspective he said he didn't feel he needed to attend labor and delivery classes because I had to do all the work and he would know how to support me through it. I'm feeling a loss of hope at this point! This has all Ben complicating confusing and frustrating it's been hard to enjoy it all but thankfully my 2 little girls make it joyous. Woooo. Sorry ladies but getting that all out finally felt good!

babylumpp2015 - 125 days ago
I thought I lucked out but this baby has found my ribs. And tiny feet stuck in the rib with a mix of hiccups sure gets uncomfortable! I waited out until my doc appointment since it was only a few days away. I am about a cm dilated and they have started to see me every week now and have an ultrasound on the 4th but everything with baby seems to be checking in fine and they don't seem too concerned yet and I just switched to these doctors since my old doctor was very uniformative and j didn't feel comfortable at all. I was worried to switch so late in pregnancy but I'm so glad I did the new doctors have been taking care of me very well which is nice since this has been a stressful pregnancy. I haven't had much support during this pregnancy due to its complicated situation and now I'm starting o really freak out! I have so much left to do for this baby and to know she will be here sooner rather than later is really scaring me! I have 2 other little girls but just got done getting rid of the last baby stuff in my house a month beotre I found out about this little surprise. I feel I need another year before I can financially get everything under wraps. Divorce and single mom life is rough ladies!

babylove5 - 125 days ago
My ribs dont bother me yet. I go to the dr. In four weeks and if I gain more than 2 pounds I'm going to start running on the treadmill in my garage! I can tell I Hv gained on mainly my butt and outer thighs, everything else looks the same except my skin appears to be a bit fuller. I normally slow down on weight gain the last 10 weeks because I'm so uncomfortable I go back to eating the same I did before getting prego. I am finally over my stomach bug it lasted 24 hours.

sher-baby - 125 days ago ribs are killing!!!! Anyone else? I think it's from baby and my bra!!! Ugh!!! 11 more weeks ladies!!

sher-baby - 125 days ago
I feel you Mandy!!! I'm going to get weighed on the 28th which will be 4weeks since my last weigh in and 4weeks ago i was trending at 2lbs a week (gaind a total of 19lbs) if that continues by the 28th, I will have gained a total of 27lbs (weighing 165 in total!!!!!)....I too don't know what to do to try and control it a little better and my body is back my hips my pubic bone my feet my knees....when u look at yourself do YOU feel you look bigger?? In places other than belly or maybe even hips/butt?? Because it could also be a lot if water weight. When I look at myself, i feel like my face is a lil fuller (slightly..) but my arms r still skinny, so are my legs. So I'm really just hoping it's a lot of water weight...more than with my daughter..

babylove5 - 125 days ago
Mandy I know it's the downside to pregnancy but 25 would be about right. When pregnant you don't want to consume less food, so you just need to up your metabolism. Six small meals a day instead of 3 large is a good idea to help your metabolism rev up also the dreaded cardio. I'm uncomfortable too but stay healthy and don't flip out boys normally weigh more than girls. Babylump I hope you are still doing good!

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