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You are 30 weeks pregnant.

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You may feel as if you have been pregnant forever at this point. It might be hard to imagine being pregnant for another ten weeks, but your baby still has a lot of growing and developing to do! By this time, your baby's crown-to-rump length is a little over 10.8 inches and the total length of your baby is about 17 inches! Your baby weighs about 3 pounds now. Your uterus can be felt about 4 inches above your bellybutton. Your uterus, baby, placenta and the amount of fluid will get larger over the next ten weeks. You should be gaining about a pound a week at this time.

Because you are getting larger, you are probably becoming slower and clumsier. You should try to be careful to avoid dangerous falls. Good posture when sitting and standing can help you feel better during your pregnancy. You also should be rolling over on your side to get up after lying down because your muscles have stretched to accommodate your growing uterus.

Even though your baby is cushioned by the amniotic fluid, she can feel and respond to pain. Your baby now does `practice breathing` to get ready for life outside of your womb. If you have an ultrasound at this time, you will be able to see this. If your baby swallows amniotic fluid down the wrong passage, she will still get hiccups that are noticeable by you. If your baby were born at this time, she would be able to keep herself warm.

The skin begins to smoothen as fat deposits accumulate underneath. The fat insulates and is an energy source.

Comments on week 30

Comments 1-49 of about 657 from week 30
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mammaramirez - 2 days ago
30 weeks tomorrow!!! 10 more to go!!!!!!!

msjenn727 - 4 days ago
I can't believe i'm finally 30 weeks! I can almost see the finish line lol :)

leanbean - 6 days ago
Been getting busier and busier! I guess it'll make things fly even faster! :) I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! LORI~ How fun! MOMIIB~ No fun with all the Braxton hicks! Hope they ease up until 40 weeks for you! Let us know how your results turn up.

MOMIIB - 7 days ago
That great loriandrichie! Off to 31wks tomorrow. Had to go to OB yesterday bc I have been having pretty bad BH the last 3 days. NST was good and I am not dilated any. Still measuring ahead at 34 wks :-/ baby is big and super low causing alot of discomfort. They sent off culture to see if I will go into labor the next 2 weeks, Hopefully that does not come back Positive. Should have results by Friday hopefully. I really need him to bake until 40wks. We are still in the process of selling/buying our house and there is much left up in the air right now :-( hopefully it will all work out! :-)

loriandrichie - 9 days ago
I got some amazing pics!! She's so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at her! And still a girl thank goodness:) ill upload some pics.

Baby ali - 31 days ago
mash- if u have urine infection discharge can smell, u need to see a good doctor - 31 days ago
advice please....i recently noticed my TMI discharge has a weird smell...if i had to i would say it's a yeasty smell....BUT i have no other's not thick, not itching or burning when peeing or during sex....every time i bring up changes in discharge to my o.b. he brushes it off and says it changes a lot during pregnancy....but now i dont know what is going

Baby ali - 31 days ago
Sarah- have u picked any boy/girl names yet?

Baby ali - 31 days ago
thinking of calling the baby Isaac Ali :0)

Baby ali - 31 days ago
i have bought a baby blue hat and mittens tho hat says 'Baby Ali' at the front lol my 3 year old daughter wanted to buy it for the baby so we got it personalised looks sooo cute :0)

Baby ali - 31 days ago
Can't wait to do baby shopping begining of August lolz if I do it now il be waiting forever to have the baby so il leave it till late and something to look forward to aswell, 2 months feels forever away to me :0/

sarah6485 - 32 days ago
Definatly is the countdown now eeeeekk so excited can't wait to see what my surprise baby is :-)

Baby ali - 32 days ago
counting down the days till labour :0)

sarah6485 - 33 days ago
Baby Ali yes that's how my last laid across and it caused me all sort a pains braxtons hurt to walk so on :-/

Baby ali - 34 days ago
doctors sent me for physio wen I had the sciatica from 6 weeks pregnant till 13 weeks pregnant then they stopped it saying I should do all them exersize at home, thank god sciatica never came back and I haven't had it since, but got back pains and buttox pains from the heavy bump lol, plus they did glucose test two weeks ago which came back positive, now got to go hospital every 2 weeks they gave me machine and told me to check blood 4 times a day and control my diet waiting for appointment from hospotal for them to check the blood levels and see wat they want to do next either give medication or just do diet control, on top of that I get realy bad braxton hicks pains it goes stiff like a rock and it aches, went hospital they monitored the contractions it's every 20-30 minutes they checked cervix it's closed, so to keep an eye on that, the joy of pregnancy :0/ they r saying the contraction pains could be because the baby is laying across and it's stretching the uterus and wen I get bh it's painful. also the cervix pain is due to baby weighing down baby measures 2 weeks ahead which doesn't help lol

sarah6485 - 34 days ago
Baby ail im so grateful to have a great pregnancy as know how it can get to you if isn't going well and your in pain. Have you been offered anything by docs to relieve pain physio maybe ?

Baby ali - 35 days ago
Sarah- ur lucky, this pregnacy is by far most painful for me hopefuly 10 weeks goes by quickly lol :0(

sarah6485 - 35 days ago
Can't believe 10 weeks left and I feel amazing has to be the best pregnancy by far :-) I'm not that big either but I've gained a good amount of weight not sure where it's hiding though lol

sarah6485 - 35 days ago
Baby Ali bless you I was like that with my last I was in agony but there is hope this pregnancy has been great I feel so good and no pains at all so there is hope for future pregnancies bella was the only pregnancy I had pain with and struggled from 16 weeks but once baby is born pain is gone I think it's how baby is positioned as bella always laid sideways where as rest and current are either head or foot down. Try to avoid hovering lifting as just makes you hurt more

Baby ali - 39 days ago
tlc- doctors only give pain killers and told me to rest but can't rest at all got two girls 3 and 2 and both are ill at the moment which makes it even harder

Baby ali - 39 days ago
30 weeks today :0)

tlc - 40 days ago
So sorry you guys are in pain. Would acupuncture be something to help?

Baby ali - 40 days ago
kady- yeah that's how it is, pain killers dnt seem to help either :0( worst pregnancy symptom ever how am I going to cope for another 10 weeks wen two days of it seems forever pain :0(

kadyrae1107 - 40 days ago
Baby- it sounds like you might have SPD (symphasis pubic dysfunction) I have that. I also had it my other pregnancy. My pubic bone is extremely sore. I have to sit down to put undie or pants on. It hurts to sit up stand walk anything!!! I can even feel it pop. Google it and mention it to your doctor. There's not much you can do for it though but you might have it. Its extremely painful when laying in bed and trying to turn over and move your legs. It hurts the most in between your thighs and pelvic area. Most of the time while laying down on the couch or in bed I'll put my heating pad/massager right on my pelvic area. It even feels like its this burning sensation on my pubic bone/area. Its the worst!!!!

Baby ali - 40 days ago
this is the most painful and uncomfortable pregnancy for me it's my third, I am thankful to god he's blessing me with a boy as I got two girls, I think 3 is enough for me can't think of going through another pregnancy like this one it's too much on my body also got diabetes so I dnt think I will be getting pregnant again this is taking it's toll on me Mentaly and physically :0(

Baby ali - 40 days ago
today I can't move or stand or walk, pelvic bones are soo painful backache and pelvic bone is very painful had pain killers which isn't helping at all feel like crying :0( hate to think got 10 weeks left when I feel like this

tlc - 40 days ago
I had a doc appointment yesterday with the woman MD in the practice as I keep rounding through the docs to stay familiar with them. She was very encouraging about me having a VBAC. Gave me some good info - saying that they'll proceed with a VBAC as long as the baby's heartrate doesn't drop during labor. They have less tolerance for that with a VBAC than with a regular vaginal delivery. She also said that I'm measuring at 31 weeks (at 30 weeks, 5 days) so I leveled out since my last measurement. She said they are only concerned when you are measuring 4 or more weeks ahead. I love when the MDs take time to teach you something useful! Oh, she also suggested Pepcid - saying that would be her first line of heartburn treatment, so I'm going to try it.

tlc - 40 days ago
kady - I only occasionally get a really tight BH (get other ones that just feel like a mild period cramp) but some of them feel like they are affecting my heart and lungs. I don't think they truly are - it's just a subjective feeling. But it's definitely weird to feel so squeezed all over.

tlc - 40 days ago
kady - I had BV during my first 2 pregnancies - pretty much in the first week of being pregnant, probably because of the quick upsurge in hormones. I didn't get it this time for some reason. Anyway, I took the meds and have 2 beautiful babies. No worries!

Baby ali - 40 days ago
jackie- they gave me gaviscon the one am already taking so no change in that, feeling so uncomfortable and heavy soo fed up and annoyed with everything :0( both of my daughters are ill they got high temp and cough a virus that is going around, I feel exhausted looking after both while they r ill they want constant reassuring and attention and want to be carried as I can't do that and had no sleep during the night as they were waking up crying with high temp, giving them medicine :0( seems to me it isn't working god help me

cheerlover2003 - 40 days ago
I know exactly how you feel Kady. No worries, you are doing great! You are educating yourself and keeping your doc informed, and it sounds like they are really taking it seriously which is great! With my first, they acted like I was crazy which then drove me crazy. But I have been having those contractions too and I know what you mean-they aren't painful but they squeeze you so hard sometimes it takes the breath away for a moment. Now I live farther from my hospital so it does cause me some worry (I had them 2-3 minutes apart a few nights ago that kept waking me up) but with my last two labors, they were not quick or painless, so I figure I will know when it is the real thing this time. I have had so many false alarms, that I am really trying not to jump the gun this time. Don't stress though too much, because I think stressing can bring about more symptoms. It sounds like you are in good hands with your docs there :)

kadyrae1107 - 40 days ago
I've had two ffn (fetel fibronectin test) done in the last two weeks. They both came back positive. So were already looking out for any signs or symptoms of preterm labor. My cervix is still very closed. I do get a lot of BH contractions. Some are actually uncomfortable. I can tell when one is starting and the way it tightens up my belly inch by inch...then releases. They don't hurt, just sometimes uncomfortable. And they don't come consistantly. But other than that I don't have any real contractions or signs of preterm labor. But now being diagnosed with bv I've readit can cause ppreterm labor so now I'm really scared!!!

cheerlover2003 - 41 days ago
Hi Kady! I don't usually post comments but I am always checking the site and seeing how you ladies are doing. I had BV with my last pregnancy at week 31. My doc actually was pretty concerned because she said it was one of the worst cases she had seen because while I was being examined, it looked like I had leaked a lot of amniotic fluid- and could potentially go into labor anytime. However, all was good! She set me up on the antibiotics and baby boy waited until his due date and then I had to evict him. :) Since BV can start preterm labor, I would say you should be more cautious of the signs but don't stress over it because at least you knew to ask your doc and now have the medicine :)

kristen27 - 41 days ago
Kady- I had it after I miscarried.

kadyrae1107 - 41 days ago
So at my appt today the doc checked me. No change in cervix. Everything still looks hood. But I told him about my discharge having like a little smelly odor and I think it's BV. I only had it once before and it was when I was pregnant with Kennadie. So he swabbed me and did a slide and checked it under microscope and he said yes it is bacterial vaginosis. He prescribed me Metronidazole I take twice a day for 7 days. But now I'm wondering if maybe that is what's causing the fetel fibronectin test to come up positive. Because I'm not really having and symptoms of preterm labor. Cervix is still very closed and everything. Does anyone know any info about this or ever have BV before? He said its common and really common during pregnancy because your hormone levels are all off balanced.

kadyrae1107 - 41 days ago
Babyali- my son is also breech and I get tonssss of BH. Wondering if that's the same reason for me too?!?

jackie87 - 41 days ago
Sorry to hear, Ali :(. Did you get something for your heartburn??

Baby ali - 41 days ago
got diabetes :0( went to the hospital they gave me machine to check blood 4 times a day and I need to control what I eat etc, baby measuring big they r saying it's coz I got diabetes :0( everything else is okay, they sed after baby is born it will go away, baby is laying across the belly that's y I get a lot of bh that r painful at times and very uncomfortable. hope everyone else is well

kristen27 - 41 days ago
I'm here. I too was wondering where everyone was! I had a doctors appointment today and got to see the baby. Baby weighing 3 lbs 9 oz!

kadyrae1107 - 41 days ago
Babyali- I was wondering the same thing!! It seems like as the weeks go on..there's less activity in our week!! We used to be like the only week that actually had people talking lol

kadyrae1107 - 41 days ago
On my way to doctors appointment. Pray there's no change in cervix!!

Baby ali - 41 days ago
where is everyone??? :0/ pregnancy has finally got to me now :0( can't walk backpain and leg pains, heavy and uncomfortable, heartburn galor nothing works, fed up and To top it up feel soooo moody and put off by everything :0(

baby ali - 43 days ago
kady- hope everything goes well for you, dnt worry everything will be okay, hope I was banned from sex so I have an excuse not to have sex till after baby is born etc lol aaahhhhh am sooo put off sex it annoys me to death :0/

kadyrae1107 - 43 days ago
Kristen- thank you! I'm a nervous wreck and am supposed to be taking it easy but its so hard to do that with a very energetic 2 year old running around wanting this and that. I am still allowed to work but not allowed to do much while I'm there (I'm a waitress). Still no sex allowed. Poor hubby is going crazy lol.

mommy97101114 - 43 days ago
Thanks Kristen27!! I have three girls and have been having a time coming up with a boy name.

kristen27 - 43 days ago
Kadyrae- well hopefully you can hang on to baby at least until 37 weeks

kristen27 - 43 days ago
Mommy- I like the name Keller just like that. Cute and unique!

mommy97101114 - 43 days ago
Ok, so I will be 28 weeks tomorrow! Yay!! Just curious as to what you guys think of the name Keller (Helen Keller's last name...she is one of my most favorite people in history!) But I have also come up with these other names using Keller...they are Kelson, Keldon, Kelton, or Kellian (prounouced Kellen)...just curious as to what you ladies think...I have been trying to come up with a boy name for months. I love the idea of calling him Kell for's different and I haven't really ever heard any boys with these names. I want something unique. The middle names I am tossing up in the air to go with one of these names are Mason, Chase, Levi, Logan, and Tayden.

kadyrae1107 - 43 days ago
I go to the doctors every Thursday now. He will continue to check my cervix. I asked about the shots and stuff but he said that would be the next time if I would start to dilate or soften. And I guess he'll do the FFN test still every week

kristen27 - 43 days ago
Kadyrae- what will they do now?

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