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You are 30 weeks pregnant.

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You may feel as if you have been pregnant forever at this point. It might be hard to imagine being pregnant for another ten weeks, but your baby still has a lot of growing and developing to do! By this time, your baby's crown-to-rump length is a little over 10.8 inches and the total length of your baby is about 17 inches! Your baby weighs about 3 pounds now. Your uterus can be felt about 4 inches above your bellybutton. Your uterus, baby, placenta and the amount of fluid will get larger over the next ten weeks. You should be gaining about a pound a week at this time.

Because you are getting larger, you are probably becoming slower and clumsier. You should try to be careful to avoid dangerous falls. Good posture when sitting and standing can help you feel better during your pregnancy. You also should be rolling over on your side to get up after lying down because your muscles have stretched to accommodate your growing uterus.

Even though your baby is cushioned by the amniotic fluid, she can feel and respond to pain. Your baby now does `practice breathing` to get ready for life outside of your womb. If you have an ultrasound at this time, you will be able to see this. If your baby swallows amniotic fluid down the wrong passage, she will still get hiccups that are noticeable by you. If your baby were born at this time, she would be able to keep herself warm.

The skin begins to smoothen as fat deposits accumulate underneath. The fat insulates and is an energy source.

Comments on week 30

Comments 1-49 of about 515 from week 30
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Show latest comments from all weeks - 1 days ago
30 Weeks today! Yay!

snowrider54 - 11 days ago
Hooray for 30 weeks! I feel like I can kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been sleeping so terribly lately. Really hope the next 8-10 weeks go FAST.

purplelizard270 - 11 days ago
3/4 of the way done! So hard to believe!

terriann20 - 16 days ago
Ten weeks :) xxx

Rach3017 - 28 days ago
Yes I made it but man!! Not something I ever want to go through ever again!! thank you for the well wishes!!

bkle - 31 days ago
Hope you ladies that caught that 24-48 hour sickness get well soon. Lots of water and soup :-)

smiles884 - 31 days ago
that asty virus is going around-my son was sent home from day care with it, my husband got it, and then I did too.. lots of trips to the bathroom for hubbie and I.. not so much for my son (22 months old) but at least he got off the couch each time before he threw up!

onj - 33 days ago
Rach3017- I just got over a brutal virus too. Lasted 2days/nights. I was up all night, running to the bathroom. As if we needed a virus this far pregnant lol. Hope you are feeling better!!!

Rach3017 - 33 days ago
I was wrong! He was 3.12 pds.. but still! lol I'm expecting a big chub of love! As long s he's healthy!! Started puking at 11pm last night until 6 this morning. Brutal virus!! Every time I'd wake up, baby boy would kick my stomach. I barely made it to the bathroom a couple times. I'll spare any more details, but it was horrible! Still in recovery!! blah!

onj - 34 days ago
I have no idea how big my baby will be either- they never mention it, and from what I've heard, they're often way off anyway. My last two were 8lbs8ox, and 9lbs2oz, so I imagine this one will be somewhere in the same range. 4girls- I'm happy you are off bedrest!! I saw an obstetrician today and she checked my cervix and I hadn't dilated or effaced any more (and she said cervix had good length, so does that mean it became less effaced?? Is that even possible?) but she didn't say I could go back to work or anything. She just made sure I had help with my 3 year old, told me to come in if I had more regular contractions, and went tra-la-la-ing on her merry way. I like my midwife better. Unfortunately, she's on vacation when I'm due for another appointment, so I see a NEW obstetrician. I like the clinic I have, but it's super annoying explaining everything at every appointment. I wish they would just read all my notes ahead of time. :)

4girls want a boy - 34 days ago
Rach sounds like you will have a big guy also .

4girls want a boy - 34 days ago
Ya well it was just a guess from the Dr I never really trust that. I know that baby is big even at this point . We will see what they say at the ultr sound. Then again my last ultra sound with my last baby they said she would be 7 lbs and she came out 9 .

Rach3017 - 35 days ago
At my appt last week, baby was measuring in at 4.12 pds!! I'm a little nervous about how big he is going to get, but a good thing is he's as healthy as can be! My first was 6.9oz but was 2.5 weeks early, and my second was 8.11 pds and 8 days early!! Ahh!! 9 more weeks until scheduled csec! Can't wait!

jaybird81 - 35 days ago
Wow-zah! 10-11 pound babies, that's crazy big! I am guessing my little guy will be about 8-9 pounds, if he's already measuring over 4 pounds. I have no clue- just going with the generic 'babies gain a half pound a week' theory.

bkle - 35 days ago
10-11 pounds ouch! Kudos to you ladies who have had huge babies ;-)

SamanthaDawn - 35 days ago
I wish I could have another ultrasound! With my first she actually was 10 lbs... and nobody warned me, they felt my uterus at every apointment but said nothing of the size. They never do... The dr just feels around, holds the measuring tape over my belly and says: looks good. -_- ....I hope I do have another big baby. My first was 10 lbs, then the second was only 7 lbs 4 oz, so I have no idea how big/small this one will be.

4girls want a boy - 35 days ago
Dr's visit went good Dr was nice . They didn't check to see if I was dilated being that my contrations have slowed down. I am off bed rest and can go back to work she said only till 36-37 weeks . I need an ultra sound every week to two weeks at this point because the baby feels huge . She thinks it will be 10-11 lbs so we shall see

onj - 35 days ago
4girls- How did your doctors appt go? Did you end up being dilated at all? Bkle- Just keep resting and cooking baby :) Hopefully baby stays nice and snuggly in there!! I ALSO wish I was having another scan! We don't get them after 20 weeks unless there are concerns about baby. So, that said, I guess I don't wish THAT was happening! But it would be cool to get an idea of how big this baby is!!

bkle - 35 days ago
jay.. my husband jokes around and tells me not to worry because he had a talk with the baby and told him to stay in until 41 weeks lol. Lets see how well he listens

jaybird81 - 36 days ago
bkle- Wow, that's scary! Not trying to sound dramatic or anything, but yeah- I can definitely see why you would be concerned. I know that I would be highly concerned too. Fingers crossed that this babe surpasses all of them and he won't want to leave!

bkle - 36 days ago
jay... the doctors think its my cervix that gives out. I've had 3 babies before 36 weeks so I am surprised that this time around they just didn't sew my cervix shut. shots and bed rest seem to be helping this time around, but im still worried. I think ill be worried until 36 weeks comes then maybe I can breath relief and celebrate.

swissmammy3 - 36 days ago
Having major Sciatic nerve pain...cant put any weight on my right leg or it will give way :( Got my growth scan in a week and a excited.

jaybird81 - 36 days ago
@bkle If you don't mind me asking, what happened with your prior pregnancy that you had your LO at 34 weeks? I had my first t 36 weeks due to preclampsia, and I'm nervous as well that'll I'll be having him early too.

bkle - 36 days ago
Almost at 30 week mark and getting scared of having my baby at 34 weeks again :-( I cant believe how fast 34-35 weeks are approaching. Never made it to 36 weeks; ugh im so worried I cant sleep at night. Little james hopefully likes it in my belly more then the girls did ;-)

4girls want a boy - 36 days ago
Thanks Bkle and jaybird we are to the almost point ! I am not feeling afraid of labor anymore. I guess im am more ready then anything.

jaybird81 - 36 days ago
I put the picture in a blog, but the picture is HUGE. Yeah, that idea failed! haha

jaybird81 - 36 days ago
@blke Ugh! This website needs some serious maintenance- I'm still not even listed as a member in week 30! :( What a pain. Wonder if I can add the picture in a blog? Hmmm....

bkle - 36 days ago
jay... looks like your site is having the same problem as mine where you cant click on the pictures to view them. I add mine to the ultrasound page now due to this issue.

bkle - 36 days ago
my first baby I had 4 scans... 2nd and 3rd baby I had 2 scans. and now this baby ive had 9 scans already! Mostly for my cervix but always get a peek at baby while im there. I worry about radiation or something haha; just motherly worries. If next week the doc feels dialation ill probably be scaned again. better safe then sorry tho.

bkle - 36 days ago
4girls hope your scan goes great in a week too :-) I love scans so much fun to see baby and a relief when you can see things are going good.

bkle - 36 days ago
jay 4 lbs wow that's great!

jaybird81 - 36 days ago
Isn't it strange how doctors vary with ultrasounds? When I was pregnant with my daughter, I got one 20 week can and that was it! And they didn't even tell me her gender, because 'that's not what the scan was intended for!' Such crabs!!

SamanthaDawn - 36 days ago
I wish I could have a growth scan at this point! All I got was 2 ultrasounds between 6-9 weeks for dating, and to see why I was spotting. And then the 20 week ultrasound. Now no more seeing baby until it's born.

jaybird81 - 36 days ago
I was shocked to say the least, guess it's all the cupcakes I eat, hahaha Can't wait to hear how your babe is doing, @4girls wants a boy!!

4girls want a boy - 36 days ago
He's going to be a big boy Jaybird ! Wow 4 lb's already how exciting ! 7 days till my scan ! I can't wait !

jaybird81 - 36 days ago
Had my final growth scan today. He is weighing in at 4.1 pounds and measuring at 32 weeks, holy moly! I posted a picture of the scan, if anyone wants to check him out!

bkle - 37 days ago
4girls hope the pollen goes away soon for you so you can breath. Its hard enough breathing pregnant let alone with added pollen.

baby-leo - 37 days ago
Hey ladies, I've found that eating less at each meal is helping! No nausea and I heartburn :)

4girls want a boy - 37 days ago
Good morning ladies. Today I am so very sick . I know a lot of you are still dealing with snow, but we are dealing with pollen. The air out side is warm , but we have to stay inside with the doors and windows shut . The pollen count is so high , feels like I can't breath, I am having to give my two year old back to back breathing treatments for her asthma. My head hurts, I am coughing , blowing my nose like crazy. I just need some fresh air to breath :/

jaybird81 - 38 days ago
I haven't had morning sickness, but I get nauseated almost everytime I eat. I feel so full and uncomfortable. By the time the evening rolls around, I can't even bring myself to eat dinner. Tonight I had a banana with a half a bowl of cereal. :(

onj - 38 days ago
Oops, phone typing isn't so good. *wasn't hungry*

onj - 38 days ago
4girls... unfortunately me too! My husband just made me a sandwich and I told him I want hungry.His response? Oh, iI thought you'd want out because you're always hungry. Lol. So I ate the sandwich haha.

elisiaxx - 38 days ago
Ive got really bad evening sickness :(

4girls want a boy - 38 days ago
Whops I ment 37 weeks

4girls want a boy - 38 days ago
I have a Dr's visit this thursday . If im not dilated I can go back to work. I will be putting in for my leave at work in a week , and it takes 4- 5 weeks to go through . I wanted to work till 39 weeks, but now im thinking I can't make it that long so now my last day if I go back will be at 27 weeks pregnant..So I guess I will know more in a few days. I would say my fav thing to do on bed rest is eat..Not good.

onj - 38 days ago
Thanks ladies! I'm definitely not afraid of going to the hospital if I think I need to!! I was just getting to the point where I thought I might call yesterday, when the contractions stopped, at least the painful ones. I still have tonnes of braxton hicks, but those aren't painful or regular. So far today, nothing out of the ordinary :) I started knitting last summer, but never really got good at it. I'm thinking I might take out some of the needles and yarn and at least make some dishcloths lol.

4girls want a boy - 38 days ago
onj birthday is so close hang in there, and just like bkle said don't think your bugging L&D it's better safe then sorry. You only need to go 7 more weeks. Pluse you don't want to end up getting admited to the hospital for the rest of your pregnancy that would not be got ether.

bkle - 38 days ago
onj... You wouldn't be bugging the l&d if you go in just to make sure things are ok. Trust me you will regret not bugging them if you end up there when its too late to put you on stop labor meds :-( bed rest does suck! I started knitting lol. Luckily im not on full bed rest yet so ive been able to do my light cleaning and shopping aka nesting. take care of yourself, every day extra you can keep baby in there the better :-) Hope your appointment Friday goes good.

onj - 39 days ago
I should add, I see the obstetrician on Friday, so I'll mention that concern then.

onj - 39 days ago
4girls- Bedrest is...boring lol. I saw my midwife on Friday and she put me off work permanently, but she changed my rules to a modified bedrest and she IS allowing some light housework. No laundry, no scrubbing, no vacuuming, no bending or lifting, no going for walks and so on. So, basically I can wipe the counters lol. She told me I could dust. I almost laughed out loud. If my house only needed dusting, well, I'd start wondering what happened to my children! Anyway, I had painful contractions for about an hour and a half yesterday, when I started timing they were 4 minutes apart, and lasting for one minute. Luckily, they stopped before I decided to annoy the people at l&d again. It's kind of frustrating, because when they come, they hurt so much that I'm worried I won't know if I'm actually going into labour. It won't matter if it happens after 36 weeks, but if it happens before, I'd like to be sure I get to the hospital in time for them to stop it. Oh well, hopefully that just doesn't happen :)

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