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You are 33 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby weighs about 4.4 pounds at this point. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is approximately 12 inches and the total length is around 19.4 inches. Measuring from the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is 5.2 inches. Total weight gain at this point of pregnancy is usually 22 to 28 pounds.

With the exception of crying, your baby is capable of doing everything that a newborn baby will do. Your baby is restricted now inside of the uterus, but still can kick and move. Your baby sleeps a lot of the time, just as newborn babies do. Your baby's eyes move in the manner of REM sleep and researchers believe that babies can dream vividly in uterus. When your baby is awake, she is listening, feeling and learning. There are billions of neurons in the brain that make trillions of connections. Your baby will probably have settled into the birth position by now and your caregiver can most likely tell which way your baby is presenting. If your baby were to be born now, the lungs would probably be strong enough to function properly, but your baby may still need extra care from specially trained doctors and nurses.

During these last few weeks of pregnancy, most women experience an increased urge to urinate. The uterus puts a lot of pressure on the bladder and can send you to the restroom frequently. Your uterus has actually grown 500 times throughout your pregnancy! Red blood cell production catches up with the production of plasma and physiological anemia may begin to fade at this time.

Your baby's eyes open during alert times and close during sleep. The eye color is usually blue, regardless of the permanent color as pigmentation is not fully developed. The final formation of eye pigmentation requires exposure to light and usually happens a few weeks after birth.

Comments on week 33

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Maceesmomma - 17 days ago This is a Facebook group that was created for 2016 pregnant mommas! The admins of this page are newly pregnant moms from the Iap 2014 mom group.

kentsmommy - 20 days ago
june - I'm in the same boat; I was still teaching 9 aerobics classes a week at this point with my first. This time around I'm forcing myself to teach two spinning classes a week; I've completely cut out all of the higher impact classes (and I'm going through withdrawal) Ha! I talked to the doc about it during my last appt and she said that the muscles just won't support the baby like they did with the first couple of babies. So that explains why I feel so broken down but I don't know what the deal is with the exhaustion. Oh well - we are counting down now! I'm still a little sad it is coming to an end knowing that this is the last one for me:)

june2012 - 21 days ago
Kentsmommy- I am sure I was never this exhausted with my daughter, I was checking out my daughters pregnancy diary and realised I was active and even out exercising up until a day to her arrival. In fact I did have sex on the d-day of her arrival - haha.. but this time I can't, my body cannot allow- I can't even go out to do baby shopping at this point- thanks to hubs he is taking care of all baby shopping...

kentsmommy - 21 days ago
june - I'm exhausted too! I don't remember getting this tired at the end with my other kids. I could go to bed at 5 PM every night. Maybe its because I'm up every 30 seconds to run to the bathroom. Ha!

june2012 - 21 days ago
33weeks today!!! Only 48days left for me - and I am assuming that's at a maximum... Just starting to experience BH contractions and on n off back pains- plus I am so exhausted...

JDH - 22 days ago
Wow! 9 cm? They must not have gotten too uncomfortable...? I've never gone into labor naturally, I've had to be induced every time so it just makes me nervous that I won't know when it's actually time! I have a huge pain tolerance and really quick labors. I'm also one hour away from my hospital, not including time to drop off kiddos! Just something I keep in mind all the time.

kentsmommy - 22 days ago
JDH - I think that is probably a BH; some of mine feel the same way. Although when I went into labor with my 3rd, I thought I was having BH all day as the contractions weren't evenly spaced; come to find out it was the real deal and after 24 hours of blaming BH for my discomfort, I went to the hospital and I was 9 cm and about ready to push. So the BH drive me nuts because they feel so real. We were packed and ready to jump in the car twice with my last son because of BH - but then they went away after I got out of the shower.

JDH - 23 days ago
Ok, this is my 4th baby, and I've never really been able to tell what a BH contraction actually feels like... I feel so stupid because it's one of those things you're just suppose to know! I'd be able to tell if I was having true labor contractions (you never forget that feeling) but I get tightening in my stomach that starts in the middle and feels more like its stretching out to my sides. It's not painful but sometimes it does take my breath a little. Any input? What do they feel like to you guys??

JDH - 25 days ago
Ah! 33 weeks today! Too fast! I'm so excited to meet baby though.

kentsmommy - 25 days ago
Is anyone else not ready for this? I still need about 4 months! I just can't believe how fast this is going. My first pregnancy seemed like it went on for years and I was waiting forever for that baby. Now I feel like I just found out I'm preggers and we're talking about birth stories. I'm not ready to give up these little kicks just yet - I'm still enjoying lugging this little bundle around with me everywhere I go. I'm actually going to miss being pregnant this time. Maybe because I'm pretty certain that its my last time.

june2012 - 27 days ago
whodeymomma78... congratulations on the birth of your baby girl. wow... in the next few weeks we shall also be posting birth stories, yay!

kentsmommy - 29 days ago
I know! It is going WAY too fast!!

angelfree77 - 29 days ago
Where is the time going?! You are 33 weeks pregnant. There are 47 days until your due date. You are 233 days pregnant. You are 7.6 months pregnant. You are in your 8th month of pregnancy.

angelfree77 - 29 days ago
Wow...congratulations! I am happy that both you and your little girl are doing good!

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