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You are 33 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby weighs about 4.4 pounds at this point. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is approximately 12 inches and the total length is around 19.4 inches. Measuring from the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is 5.2 inches. Total weight gain at this point of pregnancy is usually 22 to 28 pounds.

With the exception of crying, your baby is capable of doing everything that a newborn baby will do. Your baby is restricted now inside of the uterus, but still can kick and move. Your baby sleeps a lot of the time, just as newborn babies do. Your baby's eyes move in the manner of REM sleep and researchers believe that babies can dream vividly in uterus. When your baby is awake, she is listening, feeling and learning. There are billions of neurons in the brain that make trillions of connections. Your baby will probably have settled into the birth position by now and your caregiver can most likely tell which way your baby is presenting. If your baby were to be born now, the lungs would probably be strong enough to function properly, but your baby may still need extra care from specially trained doctors and nurses.

During these last few weeks of pregnancy, most women experience an increased urge to urinate. The uterus puts a lot of pressure on the bladder and can send you to the restroom frequently. Your uterus has actually grown 500 times throughout your pregnancy! Red blood cell production catches up with the production of plasma and physiological anemia may begin to fade at this time.

Your baby's eyes open during alert times and close during sleep. The eye color is usually blue, regardless of the permanent color as pigmentation is not fully developed. The final formation of eye pigmentation requires exposure to light and usually happens a few weeks after birth.

Comments on week 33

Comments 1-49 of about 839 from week 33
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Juliemom24 - 75 days ago
Kathy, glad that Jonah is still doing well. How well does he latch? What are they monitoring him for (besides weight?) I am totally curious because my baby is weighing about that much and they are talking about inducing.

Juliemom24 - 75 days ago
Oh Deebo, I'm so sorry. I lived far away from family when I had my last one and my mom had just passed away a month and a half earlier. Everything will work out, I promise.

kathy=^.^= - 76 days ago
I came home yesterday but baby Jonah had to stay in the NICU he is doing good tho. He is so tiny he weighs 3lbs 11oz now. He is truly amazing and I feel so blessed that we both survived that traumatic experience. I did finally get to breast feed today only once but better than none. Hope everyone is doing good

deebo - 78 days ago
Wow Kathy! Congratulations, and how scary. I keep feeling like something similar is going to happen to me, glad to hear you both are okay though. I've gone into panic mode. Whose going to watch my kids when baby decides to come?! I have no family that's close (well I do, but none willing to help!!!) My mom's 5 hours away, and mother in law is 2 hours away.. So, I may be alone in the delivery room... : upsetting. I have super bad round ligament cramps. I hope something works out.. Trying to get my mom to come down for the month of December.. Bluhh so stressful!

lissie**** - 78 days ago
Oh Kathy! I'm so happy you and baby are okay!!! I have been concerned about you this whole pregnancy. And your baby held on and you too. What a tramatic delivery. But what a miracle you have! I'll bet you will feel tired for a while. After my P.abruption I was tired for months. But it does eventually get better!! Congratulations dear on a special special baby!!!!

Juliemom24 - 81 days ago
Congratulations Kathy! So exciting (and scary for you) but I'm so glad that he is doing well and at a good weight. Keep us updated on how he is doing? How are you feeling and recovering?

kathy=^.^= - 81 days ago
I had my baby yesterday emergency c section. I was loading the dish washer then all of a sudden my water broke then I noticed a bunch of blood i knew something was wrong. Went to the er and i had a completed placenta adruption. I was scared out of my Mind my baby is in NICU HE WEIGHS 4lbs 2 oz and he is doing good. I

Juliemom24 - 82 days ago
That's great Kathy. Your baby is measuring bigger than mine right now. Last Thursday he was 3lb 11oz. I hope that he is at least 4lbs by now. That's good that your Dr. isn't worried. Sometimes I think that my office is too paranoid. After 3 weeks of ultrasounds and NST that have been perfect I think I just have a small baby and they are freaking out for no reason. Of course, it's good to be cautious.

kathy=^.^= - 82 days ago
My ultra sound went good my baby boy is so beautiful. The baby was measuring small he was at 30 weeks and I'm 33 weeks. The dr said he's on the small side but he thinks it is fine. He is 4 lbs 4 oz. he is also head up! No wonder why I've been feeling kicks in my butt lol but I'm so glad that the baby looked good so excited to meet him next month :)

Juliemom24 - 84 days ago
Kathy, let us know how your ultrasound goes! I'm so glad that you've made it this far. I totally agree, I can't believe that we are so close. We are having babies NEXT month! Wohoooooo!

kathy=^.^= - 84 days ago
Wow I can't believe that it is getting close to delivery day! It seems like I was just trying to make it to my second trimester. Only 7 more weeks or less until I meet my beautiful boy. I get to have an u/s tomorrow morning my baby is measuring small but my dr didn't say by how much. I guess I'll find out tomorrow can't wait to see my baby

Juliemom24 - 84 days ago
jessicabrown, my little guy is measuring 2 weeks small so I can't relate. Was the Dr. worried at all? I've never heard of someone measuring 10 weeks ahead of schedule. Are they wanting to induce? - 87 days ago
Hey ladies!!! So glad I've made it to 33 weeks. I do have a question. Has anyone measured really big? Dr. Is saying I am measuring 43 weeks. Should I be worried. My body sure feels like I'm 43 weeks :(

lissie**** - 88 days ago
letroise you are amazing for being able to work right now! My body just is giving out on me ha! I have 4 little kids and don't even work currently and I'm just falling apart physically about now. Like it's hard to walk. And aren't you my age too! Amazing woman.

letroise11 - 94 days ago
Halloween is going to kill me this year! This is the first and last year I'll be so pregnant having to celebrate holidays. Thanks giving will be rough to but I'm going to get all my paper work together to go out that week. There is no way on earth I can go to working 6 days a week :(!!!!!

Juliemom24 - 94 days ago
33 week! Woot woot! I probably will be celebrating every week I make it to and 7 more weeks sounds like nothing! I want to make it through Halloween and my daughter's bday.

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 132 days ago
Good evening ladies. Glad to hear all babys are bouncing round making themselves known! Bonita whatever his size chick u will do fine getting him out :op Jojo so u got the birth ball and pea idea from google hey!! Hahaha Am off to the ozzy myself tomorrow so will let u girls know how I get on. Keep smiling girls were on the home stretch! We'll all b holding r babies in r arms soon enough and missing the feeling of keeping them safe and warm inside us xxx

jojo - 132 days ago
Bonita we need to see a belly pic haha what will be will be hun nothing we can do. Funny you should mention google, I have looked up natural ways to turn babies so will give it a go if need be. Got midwife today so will see where she is :-) matoks enjoy the movements cos we soon worry if these babies of ours goes quiet x

bonitadiane - 133 days ago
Right ladies.... You'd think I've been eating a farm. But, I haven't. Especially, in the past few months I've felt sooo full, bloated and never hungry. I eat bc I have too. And to date I've only gained 20 lbs. I'm definitely all belly but man is this belly big!!!! I'm not going to over think this weight as they could be wrong. I will say I'm praying hard to deliver in or around 38 Ladies I hope those sweet peas flip and get into position. I think if you google there should be some natural ways to try and flip them. Fingers crossed ladies. But, ultimately mamas it doesn't matter how are babies arrive so long as both baby and mama are safe' healthy and happy. Praying for just that for all of us!!!

matoks - 133 days ago
awww bonita what has baba been eating dat made him so big,ahahahah not too worry since there growth slows down guess he ill just add little more till u welcome him,jojo same here ds being is such a active baby,the movement is just too much i wish it can be reduced,my obs appointment tomoro,already 34weeks,yippppppppp

jojo - 133 days ago
Wow bonita you really are feeding him well hunnie haha totally agree with twinny tho I too have read that baby's growth now slows right down and the scans are only an estimate. . I have known where they have been wayyy off with their estimate to what the baby actually weighs at birth. When is your OB appointment?? Glad your also having amazing movements twinny.. living mine.. she was wide awake at 4am and 7am yesterday. . Not sure that's good haha but loved feeling her :-) Got midwife tomorrow and like you twinny am hoping she's moved and isn't still breech.. mind you ladies this little girl of mine still moves so much even if I was to hear tomorrow she's head down I'm not convinced she'd remain there lol x

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 133 days ago
6lb 10 already oh my god Bonita what have u been feeding him?!! Hahaha oooh he be a little pudding! Luckily for u the rate of growth slows down now so fingers crossed he doesnt pack the pounds on in ur last few weeks. My Evie was only 6lb 11oz when I had her at 39wks haha. I have my next scan at the fetal growth on Thursday, i'm the opposite to u, i'm hoping she has put abit of weight on. I feel like shes getting bigger and some of the movements r amazing!! She was disco dancing last nite am hoping she done a back flip and turned so shes head down haha. Anyhoos, hope ur all keeping well and smiling. Xx.

bonitadiane - 134 days ago
Hello mamas... Had my ultrasound today and tech said fluids were great!!! Yeah. But, she did say he's measuring BIG. Very big. His estimated weight was 6.10 lbs. :0 his head is measuring that of 39 weeks. Oh my I'm in trouble. I seriously believe he's big as I totally feel it. Now, I'll have to see what OB says. I'm really hoping for Vbac but in all honesty I fear big baby isn't going to help me. Hope you ladies had a great weekend. Tomorrow I'll be 34 weeks. I'm now hoping prince JJ arrives a lil early.

matoks - 134 days ago
oh yes twinny all is well with me and baba,the d-day is really drawing closer,it was just like xterday when we were in 1st trimester,here we are in our last trimester glory b to God,jojo and bonita aao u doing trust all is well with u girls?

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 134 days ago
Good morning girls hope ur all well and have had a good weekend. Cant believe its Monday already...start of a new week, new countdown as this is flying by! Hope ur all feeling well and babas r behaving. Have a good day. Xx

matoks - 135 days ago
hello ladies?aos the weekend?

jojo - 138 days ago
Good luck with midwife today twinny :) xx

jojo09 1 pink 1 blue - 138 days ago
33 weeks....wooohooo xx

bonitadiane - 140 days ago
Hello 33 weeks!!!

snooks - 141 days ago
I love green juice. Great choice! That's what I often have at the 4:00pm snacking/coffee hour. Great for vitamins, cleansing and mental clarity.

glowingwith2 - 141 days ago
Snooks, I am pregnant with a boy. I've always been a relatively healthy eater, but I do not deny myself occasional pizza, hamburgers, etc. My goal was to start substituting one meal a day for veggie juice in my last month of pregnancy. Yesterday my lunch was a pure juice of Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Celery, a slice of lemon, a few blueberries, and 4 strawberries. I actually ended up losing 4 pounds just since yesterday! I was so happy when I weighed myself this morning. I will be 35 weeks on Wednesday. I'm starting to feel more confident that I will stay within 35 to 40 pounds my whole pregnancy. My daughter was a totally different story - I gained 47 pounds with her and delivered at 36 weeks. I'm currently under 15 pounds from my previous pregnancy around this time.

snooks - 142 days ago
blondeabby and glowing with two, are you having Boys? What week are you measuring? Have you had a late ultrasound? Are you gestational diabetic? I'm asking because I was 163 lbs when I became pregnant and am now 175-180 lbs. I am having a girl. I am on a REALLY strick diet because I am gestational diabetes and am managing without insulin. It is just interesting for me to know as I will likely continue to eat this way, mostly, going forward.

glowingwith2 - 145 days ago
I've officially gained 36 pounds. My scale is tipping closer and closer to 200. My pre-pregnancy weight was 153 when I took my pregnancy test. My first thought was literally 'If I could make it out without seeing a '2' in front of my weight I will be happy.' I'm starting to get close now though. :/

blondeabby - 145 days ago
I want to go early too. At 33 weeks I am measuring at 40 weeks:( I hit 200lbs too this week. So I have gained 52lbs!! Yikes!!!!!

glowingwith2 - 145 days ago
I'm sorry to hear about your feet... mine get pretty big by the end of the day too. I try and stay away from anything salty because that makes it WAYYYY worse! I had my baby shower over the weekend... I have just about everything I need. Actually, he could come at any time and I would feel prepared for it. I'm starting to feel lots of changes in my body. Sharp pains, lots of braxton hicks, pressure on my cervix. I woke up to a pain that went all the way up my sternum. I don't think he has dropped yet, but I'm hoping he does soon. I've started wearing my maternity belt daily. It's hard to wear all day, but it seems to help the sharp pains I am having. My water broke at 35 weeks with my daughter, they were able to keep her in until 36w3d. I'm starting to wonder if I will go early again... all these changes are definitely a sign that something is happening. I just wish I knew when.

blondeabby - 147 days ago
33weeks ...moved and back to air conditioning..48 oC with the humid ex .....needless to say my feet are huge:(

mammaramirez - 155 days ago
Last day in week 33... then off to week 34. Based on my due date, I have 6 more weeks to go.... based on my luck and my hunch... I may have like 7 more weeks to go

morenazachihuahuense - 159 days ago
I had a NST in the am...was there for about 40 mins... then i went ahead for my weekly appt and everything is 'fine' my sugars are good and doc was pleased with the way ive been abke to manage my overweight (but been able to stay same weight thru all my pregnancy)... then he explained how my NST shiwed a non reactive baby and ordered me to go back and get in the monitor again.... after about other 30 mins...he came in and ordered a quick scan, it showed baby is completely fine and guess he was just having some chillaxing time!.... btw, due to my bump measuring at 39 wks .... he is looking for my scan next week to see what is the baby 'weight' ... cant wait to meet him!!

mammaramirez - 160 days ago
I am hanging in there, just dealing with the general discomfort that the third trimester brings as our bodies stretch and baby grows. Out of breath, have to pee and sore all over. Based on my due date, I have less than 7 weeks left to go... based on my hunch... I'll probably be waiting until after my due date for him to get here.

monica28 - 160 days ago
I had my doctor apt yesterday and they did a very short ultra sound. and my big boy weighs 5ilbs and 5 oz already....she said my due date based on his size is now 10/1/2014 but I will still go by 10/07/2014....seeing him yesterday made me even more anxious to meet him. how are you ladies

morenazachihuahuense - 160 days ago
Excited!! 6 more weeks or less and i will meet my lil chunky monkey!! So in love with him, just had my 3d/4d done yesterday and he looks chubby as he can be. Due to having diabetes, ill be getting another scan next week to see how big he is looking..... i measured at 37 weeks last week :-/ .

mammaramirez - 162 days ago
33 weeks tomorrow! I started the cleaning frenzy... but could not finish it all this weekend. I'll just try to do a little each day. I am running out of time. 7 more weeks. Something in my gut is telling me this baby boy is going to be late.

leanbean - 164 days ago
39 days or less until miss Letti's here! Not that I'm counting or anything! hahahah...MSJENN~ Have fun at your shower! I've got lots to do still too. So much to do, so little time!!!!

msjenn727 - 164 days ago
Hello 33 weeks! 6 more weeks until i meet my little prince, I'm extremely excited! Babyshower next weekend on the 23rd and still have more things to buy for baby..can you say procrastinator!!!Lol

sarah6485 - 193 days ago
I'm not enjoying this heat :-(

sarah6485 - 193 days ago
Fnouf I'm always getting silly comments I just correct them lol and when they say omg I feel for you how do you cope, I'm like well actually I cope just fine secondly I enjoy being a mum to so many so I'd prefer people didn't feel sorry for me as my children are a choice and not like some kind of punishment lol x

fnouf - 197 days ago
Sarah, are you getting fed up of being asked if it was planned too? lol x

Baby ali - 198 days ago
fnouf- yeah Leicesters not far from where u are. I do enjoy the movements of the baby :0)

sarah6485 - 198 days ago
Fnouf we wasn't far apart I had my last daughter 18th jan 2013 and now due 3rd sept but it's a surprise baby too :-) I have 4 Girls 1 boy ! Don't mind what I have but so excited to find out. Had a great pregnancy really can't complain feel great 👍

fnouf - 198 days ago
My husband would love a son but we'll be happy either way. So glad you have the son you wanted. I love being pregnant, happy for it to last, know I'm never going to feel these things again. :-) You're not too far from me if you're in Leicester x

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