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You are 35 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby now weighs over 5.5 pounds and its crown-to-rump length is approximately 13.2 inches. Your baby's total length is around 20.25 inches at this point. Your uterus is now 6 inches from the bellybutton and the average weight gain is approximately 24 to 29 pounds.

Most pregnant women begin to feel cramped and heavy around this time and often become tired of being pregnant. Some women feel like they do not have to room to breathe or eat. You should eat small, but frequent, meals and rest as often as you can throughout the day. Your cervix will begin to dilate and efface within the next few weeks to make room for your baby's head to emerge from the birth canal. Your cervix needs to be 10 cm dilated in order to deliver your baby.

This week of your pregnancy your baby's fingernails will have definitely reached the tips of his fingers. When your baby is born, his nails may look long and pointy. Your baby is less likely to scratch himself at this point because of the lack of room in the uterus. Fat deposition will still continue and your baby is getting chubbier and rounder. Your baby's shoulders are plump at this point.

The baby begins to develop its own immune system.

Comments on week 35

Comments 1-49 of about 1001 from week 35
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mrscephas - 4 days ago
Anyone heard of perineal massage? How effective is it at preventing episiotomy/stitches?

mrscephas - 6 days ago
So 35 weeks here I come. Only 5 to go, give or take...

lil.pumpkins - 8 days ago
had some contractions that woke me up in the middle of the night they were about 15 minutes apart jeez some of them hurt. I hope this is a sign that our lil one will be coming soon, I see my OB in an hour so I will be talking to him about it and see what he thinks.

mrscephas - 10 days ago
I've been getting some braxton hicks too but not regularly. Good luck mamas :)

claraxx - 10 days ago
Hi lilpumpkins I never got braxton hicks with my 1st pregnancy and my 2nd it only started at 37 weeks so it's different this time that they have began earlier. I never had the period pain feeling till I was in labour tho so hoping it means Things are happening down there and cervix is softening.

lil.pumpkins - 11 days ago
For the past few weeks I have been having some braxton hicks contractions, just the other day they turned really strong and painful but stopped after a few hours. I see my OBGYN on Tuesday I'm hoping that it wont be to much longer now I know I still have a few more weeks left to go so the waiting game is now on :)

claraxx - 11 days ago
35 weeks today 💞 cannot believe I've got just a few weeks left...maybe less! Been having strong Braxton hicks contractions for a week now and lower back/period pain so wondering if that's a sign she could come early!? Anyone else have the same?

lil.pumpkins - 14 days ago
I have been having alot of back pain I too am having a hard time finding a comfortable position while sleeping. I'm up most of the time at night on and off as the baby seems to be a night owl at the moment. Just another few more weeks give or take then our baby boy will be here.

xEricaLynn - 14 days ago
A lot of pain today. Chest pain, hard to breathe, stomach pain, head and neck pain, nausea. Due August 16 with a baby boy. In the end it will be worth it to have a healthy baby, FINALLY, after 6 losses, but right now I'm in so much physical pain, it's so hard to do anything but sleep. And even sleeping can be a challenge, because it's hard to find a comfortable position! Sigh...

eliciamadora - 16 days ago
UGHHH 35 WEEKS ARE WE DONE YET OMFG :'( I'm so tired of being pregnant yall! Heartburn as I type this. Kicks in the sternum. Mk.

xEricaLynn - 17 days ago
35 weeks today :) Had our baby shower, and I cried a few times because of all of the beautiful gifts our baby received. Among them, handmade blankets, a handmade teddy bear, Pooh gifts from my grandmother and aunt, who weren't able to be there. My only family that was there was my mother and my husband, and a high school friend. The rest of the guests were on my husband's side. I didn't know who 80 percent of them were, lol. But it was a great time. Now the fun begins with writing out all those thank you cards. And finding space for all of baby's new gifts! :)

lil.pumpkins - 20 days ago
Going to be 35 weeks in just a few days, I thought I would jump ahead a little bit, getting really excited now can't believe that in about 5 weeks time our lil guy will finally be here. Crossing fingers that he comes on time and I don't go over my due date.

leylamuyesser - 42 days ago
Hi guys, had an ultrasound scan today and they said my baby boy is 7 lbs 12 ounces! I don't have gestational diabetes, and I am pretty certain of the dates. Any body else been told they are growing a mini elephant??? - 49 days ago
35 weeks! Feeling lots of pressure in my pelvic region and on my cervix. I think I'm starting to dilate. In my other pregnancies when I got my 36 week internal exam I was usually 2cm dilated by then. Two more weeks until my c excited!!

liltyke7 - 49 days ago
Yeah..35 weeks! 5 weeks to go! I hope he comes early ready to be done!

KristinaA - 117 days ago
Kristi -- I have not had that experience. It sounds like the Dr isn't too worried. It's probably better than having a baby w/ a big head.

KristiW - 118 days ago
I had a ultrasound today for measurements and Dr says baby's head is still measuring small? She said she's not worried because all other measurements are fine. Just not what you want to hear! Baby weighs 5lb 6oz! Anyone else been told baby has a small head?

KristinaA - 119 days ago
Yay -- I'm officially exactly 1 month away from my due date. 30 days to go!

KristiW - 124 days ago
I am extremely uncomfortable. I hope this baby comes like 38 weeks! I have gained 37 with baby 1 and 52 with baby 2. Right now I am at 34. As long as I am under 40 I will be good with that!

KristinaA - 124 days ago
35 weeks and 36.5 lbs already. I get such bad chocolate and ice cream cravings during pregnancy that I always gain a good 40 lbs. And as the months/weeks go on, my Dr. always says 'we've got to watch that.' What are they doing to do, put me on a diet for my last 3-5 weeks or pregnancy? lol. I have tried to stay healthy and done more exercise this pregnancy than any of my others. I've logged over 200 miles running/walking. Even though it's not a lot at this point, I still start out 5 mornings/wk with a .5 mile walk.

sher-baby - 141 days ago
Nope! No baby yet!!! I'm just here contracting like crazy! I'm up to 41 contractions so far today that I've actually there may be a few that I missed for whatever reason, but there not very strong. If things don't pick up by Friday, I'll go back to get checked again to see if the contractions are making any changes to my cervix. I'm hoping the contractions either start getting serious, or just stops!!! It's a lil annoying what's going on right now. I hope ur lil one is doing ok in there pumpkinfairy!!!

pumpkinfairy - 141 days ago
sher, how ya feeling? any baby yet?, I can honestly say NONE of my kids came after 36 weeks, like I had one at 32wks, 34 wks, and the rest as soon as I turn 36 weks, so anytime for me, and I'm glad hes not a 32 weeker :) woke to wet underware this morning, then happened a little later but nothing since so I'm thinking it wasnt amniotic fluid, but if it happens again I'll go get checked, drs say by his growth scan he is only 4lbs 12 oz, I dont see how when he was 4lbs 1oz back in february , and now they think my placenta is calcifying a little so keeping watch of that too, I'm hoping I deliver by weekend just done with it this time. thank all of you for support thoughts and prayers

babylumpp2015 - 141 days ago
Sher-baby- glad you and baby are doing well! Thankfully we have reached the point where if baby does come now there is very little chance of complications which has been my huge relief lately with all the concern of her coming early. Hopefully we can all hang in there until 38 or 39 weeks and keep these babies plumping up and cozy a little longer! Try not to stress & hopefully the contractions aren't too painful & will go away to give you a break before the big day. Headin' over to celebrate the 36 mark!

sher-baby - 141 days ago
Ya baby looks good and happy on the monitor, he wasn't showing any signs of stress or anything I too am hoping he gives us a couple more weeks. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and I told the dr that's why I'm a lil nervous, because if I was in the early stages of labor, He wasn't even pre term...he would still be premature. The dr didn't seem as worried and was just like 'well, if your in labour, your in labour!!' Which I guess he's right..,if I can atleast make it to term and 37 weeks, I'll be happy...but yes, 39 would be best. We shall see...I'm still very crampy with contractions and they still seem to be every 8mins or so but when Im laying down there not as strong or often.

babylove5 - 141 days ago
Sher I would take full advantage of the time to rest! The baby needs to be ready! Try to make 39 weeks! I'm glad you and the baby are well!

sher-baby - 141 days ago
Finally back from the hospital...Turns out I'm having contractions, about 5-8mins apart. They are frequent but not super far I'm only about 1cm and 50% effaced and as we know know, I could stay like this for weeks!! but I need to stay home tomorrow/today and monitor my contractions. If they stay the same or increase in pain I gotta go back to check my cervix again...ugh! Fun times!

floydianslip2 - 142 days ago
Well, I feel better now. I went to the first of my 2x a week appointments, and everything looks good. Baby is 6 lbs 8 oz and is doing his practice breathing like he's supposed to. Then after my apt I went out and got everything I need for my hospital bag. I just need to pack it now... But at least I can cross something else off of the to-do list!

babylove5 - 142 days ago
I normally don't ask my Dr. since I like all natural solutions and I prefer no intervention. In this case I may need to though. I hope it's not amniotic fluid but I'm pretty sure it's not. There is no clear answer online. I go Thursday so I'll wait til then.

babylove5 - 142 days ago
I'm wearing a pad now. I get stay free the thick ones w wings. The discharge is almost like a period no blood though.TMI It just looks like egg white w mucus. It's not my plug its runny discharge. I normally don't have this much. What is going on. No infection since there is no smell or burn just like when your about to ovulate but w mucus. I don't remember this much last time. When I lose my plug its a blob w blood. Any ideas.

floydianslip2 - 142 days ago
I'm in the same boat myself, and very thankful that I bought liners a few weeks ago even though I didn't need them! Speaking of... I decided to get a few more things from my list over the weekend, and am having a really hard time with the pad thing. I don't normally wear them, and the last time I bought them was for after I had my youngest. Things have changed! I couldn't just walk in and get an overnight pad, now they have all of these bladder pads mixed in, and the overnight pads don't even look the same, they're all thin! Maybe the bladder pads are the best option? How did the rest of you hold up in that department?

babylove5 - 142 days ago
That's the only change I have noticed decbaby. I have more discharge and the baby seems a little lower but not completely low since I don't have that pressure. His movements aren't as wild right now since he is running out of room. I plan on being here til 40 weeks, unless he surprises me early. I just keep watching for changes. Sher take it easy.

sher-baby - 142 days ago
Ugh I've been cramping all morning, I've had to call into work again!..I'm going to take my daughter to the school bus then try an take a bath. I've been up since 1am cuz I couldn't sleep but the cramps didn't start until about 6am so hopefully a bath will relax me and I can sleep...

Dec Baby - 142 days ago
Pumpkin fairy...I'm on blood thinners too! I've been told that it's too risky for an epidural...I'm o.k with that cause I know I can deliver without pain relief but if I had to have a c-sec, I wouldn't be able to be awake and need a general! That kinda scares me, plus I really want to see and hold my baby straight away! Hope your little one doesn't get too stressed out and those decelerations settle down! Sound like you have to be your own advocate and chase up all those who are looking after you and baby...make sure you don't leave without a plan and answers!

Dec Baby - 142 days ago
Babylove...I noticed an increase in d/c around 35-36weeks! I think I'm now starting to lose my plug! As for the heart burn...I've been dying with it from 28 weeks😩 it's even worse than ever, even with baby engaging in the pelvis! If I bend over...I'm rushing for the antacid😖 nights are worse than the days, I guess lying down and those little feet kicking our stomach doesn't help!

sher-baby - 143 days ago
Pumpkinfairy...I really hope ur baby does well so he can stay inside a lil longer...just another week and a half really, if it's safe!!! But good luck tomorrow...keep us posted!

sher-baby - 143 days ago
Right!!! If I was to just check out everytime something went wrong in my day, I'd never be a mom...or a wife...or an emplyee!!! Like damn!!! The world doesn't stop because 'your phone broke', suck it up!!!! Uuugghhhh!!!! So annoyed!

pumpkinfairy - 143 days ago
ty babylove, and sher men suck! there are days like this for me, where he hasnt taken out the garbage and I'm like really/I'm supposed to be resting as much as possible, right now exhaustion has taken over my body, had contractions all day and just freakin tired., back to drs tomorrow for nst, and fetal growth scan, if he doesnt do good on nst they will probably do my csection.

sher-baby - 143 days ago
Holy cow pumpkinfairy...that's almost too much for me to understand! I just really hope that ur Dr/Dr's do what's best for you an baby!! As for me, baby is still chillin out. I'm a lil annoyed right now...not entirely sure if it's hormones or not but I'm going to say...not. I've been on my feet most of the day, putting away laundry, tidying up my closet, made breakfast, running around Walmart....then Costco. All to come home to DH playing his xbox....HE slept in until prob after 1pm (I'm not 100%sure because I left around 12:30 and he was still in bed) because HE decided to pull an all nighter...HE went to the gym, broke his phone and is now angry at the world; so decided to play Xbox when he got home from the gym. So I started dinner because it was already almost 6pm and my daughter is in bed by 7:30 (she hasn't eaten yet..btw). He now, takes a shower and goes to lay back down in bed!!!!!!! W.T. F.?????? My back is it always is, he's been seeing me limp around since my Walmart no problem....I'll just make dinner too, why not!!!! I finally go upstairs and ask him for help (it's now after 6:30) and hes like 'Ya in a min babe...I'm just trying to research how to get my phone fixed'....really??? Omg! I made sure my daughters dinner was ready then sat my fat ass down!!!! OMG! Like, I don't understand....OH and I did all the running around yeaterday to finish up getting the babies stuff AND STILL made seak and potatoes for dinner....Woow!!!!! Men!!!!!

babylove5 - 143 days ago
Sher glad you and babe are well!!! I feel rather miserable right now with the heartburn. I am so tired of not sleeping well. Sorry TMI! Is anybody else noticing a large increase in vaginal discharge?

babylove5 - 143 days ago
Pumpkin the hospital staff sounds a bit worrisome!!!! I would not want to stay there long either. Anybody would hv stress in that environment. The Dr sounds like he wants baby to stay in as long as possible which is good for baby, as long as they are keeping a close eye on you. Hopefully you trust your Dr to make wise choices that's very important. Let us know!!! I pray for healthy baby and mom!

pumpkinfairy - 143 days ago
hey ladies, just checking in, seems I dont get on here much, but wanted to update you all....during my nst my baby had dcells after a contraction, so I was sent to l&d, they insisted on an iv to pump in fluids, well the first iv she blew a vein and went straight through andgot the nerve that runs from forearm to fingers, my hand had like lightening bolts, I screamed, and she was an iv tech! they asked for a clean catch urine and left it on the counter for 6 hrs!, the 2nd iv took thank God, but after 2 hrs at the fetalspecialists office and then 4 and half in l&d I had enuf signed a paper and went home. they had me in a gown but didnt check for dialation I wish it wasnt so late in my pregnancy I'd change drs!, then right before I got dressed the anesthesiologist comes in and tells me I will have general anesthesia not a spinal because of my blood clot issue, and on blood thinners. I go to the drs (2) of them twice a week for blood pressure, which is doing good since I'm not working, but theyre monitoring the baby for his dcells after contractions closely, and said I may need to have him asap, imo if they were that concerned they would have done it already!.....glad all of you are hanging in there and are doing well back to drs tomorrow if my contractions dont increase today so far they are random.

sher-baby - 144 days ago
I will say we are officially ready for baby!!! I picked up all the last minute things we needed today, and returned some items we got at the shower. Everything is washed and in its place. My hospital bag is packed, with the exceptions of a few items is use daily. But I think we're set...just incase this guy does decide to come early!!!

sher-baby - 144 days ago far things seem ok. I haven't noticed anything different. I've always had a lot of BH's, from very early on so that hasn't changed...they don't feel any stronger or more consistent then usualy but it is hard to tell because I get so much anyways. I have noticed so far today (it's about 2:30pm here) that he doesn't seem as maybe he's engaged or engaging...????.....who knows. I'm not panicing yet....just keeping an eye on things but so far he seems to be just chillin out! Hopefully he gives me at least 2 more weeks....not that I really want to but I know Its best for him! :-)

floydianslip2 - 144 days ago
I seem to be going in the oposite direction, I've lost all motivation to do anything! Normally on the weekends I'm cleaning like a crazy person or doing something baby related. Today I don't feel like doing any of it. Very strange for me. Sher, you take it as easy as possible, just in case! :)

babylove5 - 144 days ago
The snow here is melting!!!! I will be excited to see spring. It's suppose to be 60 next week. It's time to start cleaning everything before babe gets here. The garage is a nightmare. I'm donating a lot to goodwill.

babylove5 - 144 days ago
Oh no Sher!!! It's to early for that! Whenever I lose a nickel size blob with pink on it, my labor starts in 24 hours. I hope you aren't like me. Are you having consistent contractions?

babylumpp2015 - 144 days ago
Yes Sher-baby! Sounds exactly like it! And isn't funny how something so gross is yet so exciting!? Sounds like some progress is being made. yay!

sher-baby - 145 days ago
Ya that's what i was thinking too...I'm just monitoring the BH's...prob won't be for a while

lexy-b - 145 days ago
Sounds like you did! Doesnt mean your going into labour just yet but its a great sign things are starting to progress.

sher-baby - 145 days ago
Umm...ladies. I know it's usually quiet in here on the weekends, but I think I just passed my mucus plug!...I'm not 100% sure what it's suppose to look like but it was this (sorry tmi warning)...yellowish/brownish blob in my underwear then more when I wiped! What do I think?? I didn't think I passed a mucus plug with my daughter

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