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You are 35 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby now weighs over 5.5 pounds and its crown-to-rump length is approximately 13.2 inches. Your baby's total length is around 20.25 inches at this point. Your uterus is now 6 inches from the bellybutton and the average weight gain is approximately 24 to 29 pounds.

Most pregnant women begin to feel cramped and heavy around this time and often become tired of being pregnant. Some women feel like they do not have to room to breathe or eat. You should eat small, but frequent, meals and rest as often as you can throughout the day. Your cervix will begin to dilate and efface within the next few weeks to make room for your baby's head to emerge from the birth canal. Your cervix needs to be 10 cm dilated in order to deliver your baby.

This week of your pregnancy your baby's fingernails will have definitely reached the tips of his fingers. When your baby is born, his nails may look long and pointy. Your baby is less likely to scratch himself at this point because of the lack of room in the uterus. Fat deposition will still continue and your baby is getting chubbier and rounder. Your baby's shoulders are plump at this point.

The baby begins to develop its own immune system.

Comments on week 35

Comments 1-49 of about 830 from week 35
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stublit - 4.6 hours ago
Can you buy raspberry leaf tea in capsules? I've never taken it before.

funtimemum80 - 10.5 hours ago
Apparently it's good for ladies bits, it can stimulate uterine contractions, some say it makes labour easier and faster, the lady in the health shop said it helps heel the cervix and helps the uterus go down

Baby ali - 11.3 hours ago
Funtime- does it do anything????

funtimemum80 - 11.4 hours ago
Thanks baby Ali, I brought raspberry leaf tea, I'm drinking my 1st one as I type... It's disgusting lol

Baby ali - 13.4 hours ago
Funtime- good luck! sounds like could be early labour signs soooooo exciting :0)

funtimemum80 - 17.7 hours ago
Hi all, I'm off to buy for my hospital bag today, I need to get it packed and ready. I'm not comfortable anymore and I'm wondering if this is it for me or if Mother Nature will drag this out for another few weeks, I'm currently 36+ weeks and for the past few days I've been aching , getting period and back ache and this AM I had pinky mucus from where I had been cramping all night, I've never been early with my labours but have never begun showing signs this early either, hopefully by the end of the week I can be more ready, things washed and packed and I can relax more and allow things to happen

stublit - 1 days ago
If anyone wants to connect on fb pm me on here!!

baby ali - 2 days ago

stublit - 2 days ago
My baby always has hiccups. It can be annoying when I'm trying to sleep. You feel a little jump every 10-20 seconds. It's a rhythm unlike random movement.

Baby ali - 2 days ago
how do you know when the baby has hiccups??

funtimemum80 - 4 days ago
I'm resting, I don't like how my bits are feeling, I have a throbbing ache in my lower back and period pain at the front, when I stand I'm feeling a lot of pressure and it feels like baby is pinching something... So I'm laying down.... And it's still uncomfortable : (

funtimemum80 - 4 days ago
I'm also the painter in this house, my husband just slaps it on! This week I have wallpapered and painted my eldest daughters room, she will finally be 'moving in' over the weekend, it's the last of all 5 bedrooms to have been decorated since we moved here in October, her furniture and clothes ect are stored in my room, once it's gone I can set up the crib and wash/ sort baby's things, pack my bag and chill... There is so much I wanted to complete before baby arrives, in my head I was going to have a new bathroom and new kitchen put in but time has gone way to quickly : ( like lil I will paint the front and make it look nice before we get lots of visitors : )

tlc - 4 days ago
lil - I wish I could paint. I insist on doing all the painting in my house because no one is as meticulous as I am and I find it relaxing. I decided this week I want to paint the baby room blue, but I have to hire someone to do it because I don't feel comfortable standing on a ladder....

lil.pigz - 4 days ago
4 weeks left to go. It seems so close, yet so far away still,lol. I have nested...but nothing baby related,lol! I painted the columns on my porch, reoarganized the utility closet, tomorrow I plan to paint my exterior doors meanwhile all the baby stuff still sits unasssembled or unwashed in boxes.She still doesnt even have a name yet:)

susieq2582 - 13 days ago
JDH - Congrats! I am jealous that you get to see your babe one more time before delivery.

JDH - 14 days ago
Had an appointment today! Baby is head down, and will hopefully STAY that way! The most exciting news is that I lost a pound. I have only gained 20 lbs. My first I gained 50 and my second was around 40 so I will take 20 ANYDAY!! Excited for my last ultrasound next week. I can not believe I will be going every week from now on! It's gettin' real!

vickiessecret - 16 days ago
I don't have bad pressure down there yet, I know a lot of women do for awhile, maybe baby is starting to engage and drop :)

Sue23 - 16 days ago
it doesnt really mean anything ive felt it for a good long while but hopefully it is helping baby get ready

JDH - 16 days ago
To all you ladies feeling pressure in your bottom area, do you know if that means anything? There are some days that I feel like everything is going to pop right out if I bend down or pick something up! I'm hoping it's a good sign...? But I'm worded about hemmroids!

vickiessecret - 17 days ago
Wow, 30 more days until my due date!! Ultrasound is this coming Friday to check on his size, he was measuring 2 weeks ahead last time & in the 94th percentile for his size, so can't wait to see how big he is measuring this week. I'll be 36+3 then :)

Sue23 - 17 days ago
my 2 kiddies r 9 n 5 but both there birthdays in september with a week between them from now till christmas is usually the expencive months

megalo - 17 days ago
Wow, so your babies birthday is right around the corner.

Sue23 - 17 days ago
Got sweep with 2nd at 38 weeks but getting sweep at 37 weeks this time but this Times due to not wanting to be induced which I'd need to be induced at 38 weeks

megalo - 17 days ago
Sue, you got a sweep?

Sue23 - 19 days ago
Yea I had them after sweep with first but most my braxton hicks r higher up

lila2cute:-) - 19 days ago
Yay, I've made it to 35 weeks!!!! Cheers :)

megalo - 19 days ago
I've had menstrual type cramps as well. I didn't know they we're Braxton hicks though.

ira456 - 19 days ago
Sue23- I get the menstrual type cramps. I heard that some Braxton hicks contractions can feel like that. Glad you had a nice baby shower Casanova!

Sue23 - 19 days ago
Glad u had a gud baby shower

Sue23 - 19 days ago
THank u all he usually head butts my pelvic part maybe hes just got lower but not engaged yet but getting period type pains that come n go so im presuming its all linked but baby moving and all seems ok

casanova - 20 days ago
Baby shower was beautiful. My sister went all out!! I don't like being the center of attention but this was beautiful. my mother bought me the double stroller which I will definitely need for my older daughter and this new baby. I loved it!! lots of clothing which is great because I hadn't bought any clothing. everything was beautiful!!

megalo - 20 days ago
I have pressure in my rectum and vagina. I have for a while. The doctor said its normal. My Labia have now started to swell. Maybe it's bulging, I don't know.

vickiessecret - 20 days ago
Sue23- I sometimes have a pressure feeling like that, but it's when I have to use the restroom & I'm not able to go. Are you constipated? Or it could be that baby is dropping and putting lots of pressure in that area. I don't think I've dropped yet :/

ira456 - 20 days ago
For how long? Could it be when baby punches or head butts you down there? It feels really weird when that happens to me.

Sue23 - 20 days ago
instead of pressure so much in vaginal area its more towards my back but my buttock area

casanova - 20 days ago
BUM?? not sure what you mean

Sue23 - 20 days ago
does anyone get pressure in there bum ?? im not sure how to put it its like pressure just all pushing down but also in my bum i dont think baby is engaged and son wasnt engaged till i was ready to push him out but dont know if its normal or not

Sue23 - 20 days ago
casanova hope u have a good day

Sue23 - 20 days ago
ira...if u have lots at least baby dont go without i aint bought alot this time i dont think we have enough but hubby will go for walk to buy new things with baby while i have a rest at somepoint he likes clothe shopping c we have clothes that go in lbs my first 2 was small and fitted into 7.5lb clothes for ages this time ive gone 6lb 7.5lb and 9 lb when i got 6lb clothes i was going by past wieghts untill i was told i could have an 8lb baby so im not sure how long baby would be in smaller clothes for and dont want to buy things that he wont wear so im taking 6 n 7.5 clothes to hospital as bubs is gonna be a little early but most things r 9lbs but i think i need more bits

ira456 - 21 days ago
Have fun!

casanova - 21 days ago
Today is my baby shower!!

ira456 - 21 days ago
I kind of bought too much stuff for the baby already. I wasn't planning on it but little by little it's adding up. I really don't think I'll use all the clothes I have for her but the outfits are so cute! Most of them i got for really cheap but still. I will not be buying anymore.

meggied - 21 days ago
yeah week 35. Sunday is my sprinkle! Getting excited.

vickiessecret - 21 days ago
Wow..35 weeks already! Where is the time going?

casanova - 22 days ago
hello week 35!!!

Sue23 - 24 days ago
cant believe how time has flown past its started slowing down thou this last week

ira456 - 25 days ago
35 weeks today! 5 to go!!!

amberc88 - 49 days ago
Onbabyfour- I had my daughter a day before 39 weeks. So just a little early. I never lost my mucus plug with her. My water broke but I thought I just peed my pants. It was the nurses at the hospital that told me it was my water lol. I am sure hoping this guy comes soon. I'm getting super sharp pains in my pelvic area and inner thighs right now only a couple small contractions so nothing too promising yet. I have my hospital bag and his bag ready to go so now it's all just waiting on him.

onbabyfour - 49 days ago
Oh Amber I really think you should go on leave, it's a good idea. That's a long drive and id hate for you to go in labor do far away from home or your hospital! I lost my mucus plug with my 2ND. But it was only 5 days before my due date, I had her 3 days after losing it. I was induced with my 1st and 3rd. So she was the only one I went on my own with. The plug was super gross. Only time I ever saw it. My water broke at 530am 3 days later. That's the only time it ever broke on it's own. I thought I peed the bed! When did you have your daughter? Were you a little early? I keep thinking I might go a little earlier with this one idk. My girls were 2 days before due date and my son was 2 days after. So never early. But id sure welcome it once Im 37 weeks lol. Do you have everything ready? Sounds like you are getting close!

amberc88 - 49 days ago
ilovemybelly-yea im glad we are all almost done with this! and yes im pretty sure i will be informing my bosses this week that i will more than likely only be here this week (unless he comes sooner than next week).

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