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You are 35 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby now weighs over 5.5 pounds and its crown-to-rump length is approximately 13.2 inches. Your baby's total length is around 20.25 inches at this point. Your uterus is now 6 inches from the bellybutton and the average weight gain is approximately 24 to 29 pounds.

Most pregnant women begin to feel cramped and heavy around this time and often become tired of being pregnant. Some women feel like they do not have to room to breathe or eat. You should eat small, but frequent, meals and rest as often as you can throughout the day. Your cervix will begin to dilate and efface within the next few weeks to make room for your baby's head to emerge from the birth canal. Your cervix needs to be 10 cm dilated in order to deliver your baby.

This week of your pregnancy your baby's fingernails will have definitely reached the tips of his fingers. When your baby is born, his nails may look long and pointy. Your baby is less likely to scratch himself at this point because of the lack of room in the uterus. Fat deposition will still continue and your baby is getting chubbier and rounder. Your baby's shoulders are plump at this point.

The baby begins to develop its own immune system.

Comments on week 35

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jaybird81 - 2.5 hours ago
Samanatha- What in the what is wrong with that hospital?! Pink Dora blankets and passing around a newborn to everyone but the Mom while she is out?! Shame on them! Oh my gosh! I think you have very valid and not annoying requests- especially, given the circumstances. And hearing those situations, I am starting to wonder if maybe I should discuss some standard guidelines with my doctor.

SamanthaDawn - 9.9 hours ago
...Oh and another thing I want to put on it, or maybe I'll just say it to the nurses that day is (let me know if this sounds like a weird/annoying request) I want my baby to be wrapped in a gender neutral blanket. I will bring one from home, or they can use one thats already there, but when i had my son, they dressed him in blue, BUT wrapped him in a PINK DORA blanket! And when my mom and sister came to see us (the sex hadn't been revealed) they were both like AWWWWWWWWW IT'S A GIRL!!!! ...and I had to be like nooo, it's a boy under this pink dora blanket!

SamanthaDawn - 10 hours ago
jaybird-- Mines the same, except for may 12th :) ...BUT even tho it's a c-section I'm still writing some things on my (birth plan) Things like if I have to be put to sleep for the surgery (like I had to for my first) I DO NOT want ANYONE besides my husband, or hospital staff to see or hold my baby! or know the sex until I wake up and find out, and get to hold the baby. ...I wrote this on my birth plans for my previous pregnancies too, because my older sister had to be put to sleep for her c-section and while she was still asleep the father, grandmothers on both sides AND great grandmothers and aunts got to hold her baby before her!!! and found out it was a girl before she did! I would have been so mad and I can't imagine how angry and upset she must have felt about it! So when I woke up after having my daughter it was nice to know that for those 2 hours after her birth ONLY her dad got to see her. He sat alone in a room in a rocking chair holding her quietly rocking her and a nurse took pictures of them for me. :) Then after I got to hold my baby my family was allowed to come see.

onj - 14.8 hours ago
4 more shifts! Yay! That has to feel like a relief!! Haha, I feel the same! I've been off work for what seems like forever now, but I think a night or 2 in the hospital when I don't have to listen to my 2 year old scream bloody murder because her sister did something to her (looked at her sock? walked into a different room? read the wrong book?) might feel a bit like vacation too lol. I don't know what I am going to do with a newborn- the poor thing will never sleep with the amount of noise his/her older sister makes.

4girls want a boy - 16.8 hours ago
LOL Oh ya a corona and lime sounds sounds good to me ! Good thing I called the ultra sound place, my appointment is tomorrow. Like I said before too many appointments .lol Today I took my daughter to pick up her senior pics and the place was closed.. We drove an hour and a half to get there. The lady said they would be opened. After waiting for ever we just came back home. Then tomorrow have to take my two older girls to the dentist, then my Dr's visit at 4:00 .Then next week my daughter gets brases on her teeth , and I have my ob visit ..Oh we also went to order my daughtes prom dress today and I could'nt believe it the place was closed too. This is tuesday right? I have to work 4 more days this week then im done.. I think having a baby and getting a hospital stay at this point will be like a vacation for me .

onj - 17.3 hours ago
Oh yeah, I have to boil all the parts of the breast pump/bottles/etc. Thanks for the reminder!! I guess I should boil the pacifiers too. I'm thinking the same, 4 girls. B/F but pump and give a bottle. That way, when it's hot and gorgeous in the summer, I can have a Corona with lime :) I think that's what I look forward to the most about being not pregnant (aside from the baby, of course!)

4girls want a boy - 20.1 hours ago
Thanks onj . Today it don't feel like baby is coming out..LOL I don't know whats going on with this girl . I have a appointment to put baby on the monitor i think this thursday. I think they call it NST .. Anyway they will put her on a monitor for an hour to see how baby is handling being in my tummy. As far a shopping all it done. Bags packed . The last thing left is boiling the binkys , and bottles. I will b/f my baby , and i will pump and give her a bottle..

onj - 22.2 hours ago
Argh- Monday is a holiday too!

onj - 1 days ago
4 girls- Last time, my midwife and I went over the plan ahead of time. She asked me what I hoped for and I let her know. She also asked questions about whether or not I wanted to stay in the bed (no) and if I'd like to try natural pain relief first, like the shower (yes). I'm sure she asked more than those, but those were what mattered to me. Oh- she asked who I wanted in the room (my husband and my mother). I suppose you could write it all down and give it to your doctor. Or, you could just tell him what you want at your next appointment. How's the baby now? Still think she's getting ready to come soon?? I want to finish all my baby preparations, but we've been dealing with this STUPID company that we have a registered savings plan with. We filed to take $ out 2 weeks ago, called almost every day and they kept saying it was being 'processed', but Monday was the absolute latest. Well, yesterday came, and guess what? 'Oh, you misunderstood, now that it is processed, it has to be deposited, but we have to wait until after the market closes at 4pm tomorrow (today), and then it can take 3 business days, so Friday will be the latest. Oh, Friday is a holiday? Oh riighht. Ok, so Monday'. I am sooo mad. I know it will eventually be fine, but it's not their money. Last year, we took $ out of the same account and it was in our bank account in 3 days. No issues. Now, when we need it especially because I am not working, it's taking FOREVER. Thankfully, we have all the major stuff, if baby were to come, but I really just want to stock up on wipes and other random things. ARGH! Ok- rant over. Thanks for listening lol.

mummytoharrison - 1 days ago
I am collecting our layby tomorrow after my midwife appointment. We bought a pink fitted sheet for the cot today as I realised all her bedding was beige or blue. The shopping is complete :)

bkle - 1 days ago
It is getting time to finish the stuff for baby.

bkle - 1 days ago
36 weeks sounds good to me, hope I have mine around 36 or more.

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
lol bkle the baby moved back up again. I know the baby would move up and down for like three weeks before I had my last two, and it didn't feel this intense. It's so different with this one. She started doing this yesterday when she moves down it feels like im going to have this baby within an hour and i think omg this is it.. I have not called my Dr being that she is out of town , and I tried calling her when i faited at work and no one picked up. Not even a on call person. So if i have to i will go to the hospital. Tonight I called in work , and am getting very thing for my bag ready, putting up my playpin and bring in the changing table. Also getting my last few things for my hospital bag. I will be 36 weeks in four days. I did have two of my kids at 36 weeks.

bkle - 2 days ago
4girls-- hope she stays until 36 for you, but out before 40.

bkle - 2 days ago
4girls--so you mean that your going to be the one to have your baby first :-) And all this time you thought you'd be here until 41 weeks. Have you called your dr yet?

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
I think im getting ready to go into labor..

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
Onj I like your birth plan .. I may go with yours .LOL Do you wright it out or do you tell your Dr how do you tell them ? I have never had a birth plan ..

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
The presure is so intense yesterday and today , now with sharp pains in my butt. I started packing my hospital bag . I think this full moon is trying to make me have my baby.. I'm like its too early !!!!!!!!!! in only 35 weeks and four days along . Can't believe im feeling this kind of preasure

onj - 2 days ago
Oh my- talking birth plans are we? How did we get here?? lol. My plan so far is to not be asked if I want an epidural and not have my waters broken until I'm ready to push (if they dont break on their own). It worked well for me for DD2, and I only ended up getting a shot of phentanyl (sp?) for pain when it was almost pushing time. But if they had asked, I probably would've had the epidural like I did with my 1st. I'd rather try to go without again. BKLE- it's strange they won't let kids visit. I am pretty sure at my hospital there is an age restriction on who can be in during delivery, but not afterwards. My oldest was waiting with family when I had our 2nd, so she could see her sister right away. If it's an appropriate time of day, I hope the same will happen this time so both my girls can meet their sibling right away. Also- I am pretty sure this baby was trying to claw his/her way out of my cervix today. HOLY pain down there. I can't wait for my appointment on Thursday to see if baby's head is any further down.

bkle - 2 days ago
that's awesome she wants to be in there with you and that it may just be the perfession she wants to get into to :-)

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
Aww thats sucks .. With my four year olds birth I had my husband , my 12 year old and 14 year old daughters with me for the birth. This time around I will have my husband , my friend , and my now 16 year old daughter with me. My older daughter is like no thanks , my 16 year old has wanted to be a L&D nurse or baby nurse ever since she saw the first birth..She is so excited to be with me for this birth.

bkle - 2 days ago
full term baby here is 37 weeks. Right now I am 34 weeks, right where I had my last baby. Im confident tho that the shots are working and ill make it to at least 36 but well see. I was teasing my 13 year old that she will have to go to delivery room with me and help me and her face turned white hahaha. They wouldn't allow her even if I wanted her to see baby after he's born. the kids will have to wait to meet him when he gets to come home.

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
Oh yesterday I can feel the baby move down in my pelvis. It was so strong that I thought my baby was coming . Today I guess she moved back up... Anyone elts feeling this?

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
No im not going to have my four year old. If she gets afraid then my husband would have to go out side with her then I would be left without my husband...Yikes 6 tylonal a day ! Not sure if the demeral would go ok with tylonal maybe you should find out so you can have time to stop them if you need it..You are almost 35 weeks now right ? You are almost there ! Do you have to be 36 weeks or 37 weeks to be cleared to have the baby called term baby ?

bkle - 2 days ago
4girls-- they wont even let my 13 year old come visit haha only 18 or older are allowed right now because of RSV. I don't think id want my kids there in delivery, that's kind of crazy. Are you going to have your 4 year old with you? I want to try the iv pain meds, still scared of an epi but then again I have them so fast anyway there usually isn't any time for an epi. I wonder if I can take tylonol and still have the pain iv med hummm. My back has hurt so bad that ive been taking probably around 6 tylonol a day.

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
Thanks what pain shot are you talking about bkle. The epidual, or the iv pain med? I would like to walk too. They said they would let me walk only if the baby is not floating , it must be all the way down laying on the cervix. They worry about the cord coming out first. Also there is a shower that I can use if labor gets long she said . Oh she said there is no age limit for the divivery room. If I want my four year old there I can.. Crazy

bkle - 2 days ago
ive never made a birthing plan due to they have all been early; but I do want the pain shot this time. I don't want forcepts used, I want the lights turned down low. The rest I have to just hope im allowed out of bed to walk off labor instead of having to lay there through it. 4girls-- sorry about their rooms not being very big, that sucks! Hopefully you wont have to be induced and baby will just want to come out on her own this time :-)

elisiaxx - 2 days ago
It was lovely to have a water birth, I got out just before I started to push though as I found it more comfy standing up and swaying with my partner ha ha! I delivered her on the bed in the end which was just as nice :) And jaybird your birth ppln sounds great ;)

jaybird81 - 2 days ago
elisaxx I've always found water births to be fascinating! So neat. :) My birthplan is pretty up for c-section on May 13th and 'have' baby, the end!

elisiaxx - 2 days ago
My birth plan is the same as my daughters, I want a water birth, no pain relief (apart from gas & air) my mum and partner with me and to do it all as natural as I can! It worked last time! I want to avoid any medical intervention but if it needs to be done to get the baby out healthy then of course I will do it that way! Im worried I am going to be having a 10lb baby :( I feel massive

mummytoharrison - 2 days ago
Glad it's clean, but it sucks that it's a bit small. My birth plan is the same as last time: start from nothing, add as necessary, rule nothing out. If I get a drug free birth then fab but if I need an emergency c section then that's fine too. So long as bubs gets here healthy.

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
I don't have burning , but I do have a weird pain by my belly button too.. So I saw the hospital today and was a bit disapointed . It is very clean, and the hospital is only 10 years old. It's just that the rooms are so very small . I felt very much closed in , and with how I got anxiety with my last births, im kinda worried how its going to go .. I'm thinking about my birth plan now.. I think if I don't have to get induced with potocin , then im going with IV pain meds that i only can get till im dilated to a 7 .. If they give me potocin I know there is no way I can cope I will need the epidural.. What is every ones birth plan?

jaybird81 - 3 days ago
It's the weirdest feeling and it comes and goes....all I can compare it to is the sensitivity of a sunburn. Maybe this is just how your skin starts to feel when it reaches max stretchness...I don't know...I pray this isnt the onset of stretchmarks, because it's my entire upper belly!

onj - 3 days ago
Jaybird- I don't really feel like I have a sunburn, but all around my belly button definitely feels like it is being stretched to the max. Especially if I am moving, baby's moving, etc. It really hurts. I vaguely remember it from other pregnancies, so I'm sure it's nothing but I already havestretch marks. I'd rather not have any more....

jaybird81 - 3 days ago
Anyone else feel like the skin of their belly is burning? Mine feels like it has a sunburn, it hurts so bad- is this how it feels before you get stretch marks???

baby-leo - 3 days ago
hi ladies!! 4girls - hope the tour goes well!!! and i have fainted a few times as well.. and lying down and drinking water usually helps. as for the eating ladies, i cant stop eating either!! and of course anything thats bad for me lol.

4girls want a boy - 3 days ago
70's sound perfect ! We had that nice 70's ,but here when its 70 here it is desert windy ..(crazy windy) no fun.. Anyway today at 4 is my tour at the hospital I am so excited .. Seems like when I made the appointment to have the tour I was very diapointed that it was going to be a month away, and now today is the day..Also yesterday my baby turned 18 yesterday .. Talk about tears all day. Every thing made me cry, and I just wanted to hold her.. Good thing we are so close because she let me :) lol Today back to normal started the day off with her pissing me off ..hahah Anyway happy palm sunday for who ever celebrates it

bkle - 4 days ago
4girls-- 97 wow that sounds hot! its 40's here and snow. something in between would be nice right about now like maybe 70's. Heck ya id bring water with you! Im surprised they don't allow it, every living creature needs water to survive and pregnant women need even more then normal.

elisiaxx - 4 days ago
I can finally FINALLLLY say I think little man is starting to snuggle his head into my pelvis :D he is on a right wriggle and can now feel pressure right down low, and feels like he is pushing himself down! I find out Thursday if he is starting to engage and fingers crossed im right :) as for the heartburn situation im suffering so so bad I have pretty much the whole way through :(

4girls want a boy - 4 days ago
Thanks im feeling fine now. I was out side doing some shopping and had to come home. Started getting over heated and dizzy again. It is 97 out out here, and is supper dry. I can't take this heat. I have to go to work in a few hours, I hope I can make it. They don't run the air in there till its 100 out side. I work in kmart and it is very hot in there. Also they don't allow us to have water with us till it is over 110 ..I'm bringing my water with me today , and if they don't like it I will leave

bkle - 4 days ago
4girls--- hope your feeling ok now, fainting is scary.

jaybird81 - 4 days ago
I wish I could eat lots and lots, but it hurts too bad! I get major heartburn and I feel like I am going to explode every single time I eat. I can't wait for my belly to drop, so he'll get out of my ribs- he sits SO high!

onj - 4 days ago
Mmmm...Big Mac Meal... I giggled thinking about someone carrying an 8 month pregnant woman piggy-back style.

mummytoharrison - 4 days ago
Glad I am not on my own. Today I've had rice krispies, cookie, fruit salad, potato chips (crisps), beetroot and mint dip, large big mac meal, cheese sandwich and the leftovers from last nights pasta bake......and that's only the stuff I remember eating!

elisiaxx - 4 days ago
Yep I cant stop eating... all the naughty foods as well ha ha!

4girls want a boy - 4 days ago
Mummytoharrison I am. Im starting to think thats why I was getting all dizzy at work.. I needed food.

mummytoharrison - 4 days ago
OMG I cannot stop eating today. Anyone else going through their house like a locust?

mummytoharrison - 4 days ago
Give them a call, they might want to check your bp etc. Otherwise, feet up and fluids. Fainting is scary :(

4girls want a boy - 5 days ago
So I just faited at work. I am home now , but wonder if i should go to the hospital.. Not much they can do for me i guess . I just never had this happen to me before.

mummytoharrison - 5 days ago
Nesting in spurts too.....and as for sweet foods, I cannot get enough!! Chocolate, coca cola, cookies. .....come at me. This bubba has a sweet tooth for sure. I can't believe that we are so close to the end now. It's the scattering of FILs ashes on Sunday and I have a good 5 - 10 min walk from the car park to the place he wants to be scattered. Hope my pelvis holds up as I am a little too large for a piggy back now. Oh, and it's uphill back to the car park!!

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