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You are 35 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby now weighs over 5.5 pounds and its crown-to-rump length is approximately 13.2 inches. Your baby's total length is around 20.25 inches at this point. Your uterus is now 6 inches from the bellybutton and the average weight gain is approximately 24 to 29 pounds.

Most pregnant women begin to feel cramped and heavy around this time and often become tired of being pregnant. Some women feel like they do not have to room to breathe or eat. You should eat small, but frequent, meals and rest as often as you can throughout the day. Your cervix will begin to dilate and efface within the next few weeks to make room for your baby's head to emerge from the birth canal. Your cervix needs to be 10 cm dilated in order to deliver your baby.

This week of your pregnancy your baby's fingernails will have definitely reached the tips of his fingers. When your baby is born, his nails may look long and pointy. Your baby is less likely to scratch himself at this point because of the lack of room in the uterus. Fat deposition will still continue and your baby is getting chubbier and rounder. Your baby's shoulders are plump at this point.

The baby begins to develop its own immune system.

Comments on week 35

Comments 1-49 of about 744 from week 35
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Rach3017 - 3 days ago
bkle- so my dude measured 6.1 pds last week at 34.3 days!! I'm so nervous he's going to be gigantic!! lol.. but at least he's growing! I can't complain too much, but really won't mind if he comes early as my last was 8.11pds! And, 8 days early! Yeah, I'm hooked on Chex cereal..I dunno.. but, i'll take it! I don't want to put on too much more weight anyway...

bkle - 3 days ago
If I make it to this Friday ill be having another ultrasound. Kind of wondering how big he is now, hummm im guessing 5.5-6lbs just by the weights of my other babies were. Ill be 35 weeks tomorrow, By this time next week I will of gone further with this baby then any of the other three. Still only dialated to a 1. Im kind of feeling weird about it. Sort of like not use to being dialted so little at this stage and in a way getting worried that ill be over due now haha

bkle - 3 days ago
rach- all I want to do is eat but I get so sick afterwards. Its probably due to lack of room in there. My baby sticks his foot right up in my rib all the time these days, and it (TMI) makes me burp up food yuck! Ive been wanting cereal too yummy. Mini wheats!

Rach3017 - 3 days ago
Has anyone else kind of lost their appetite and kind of felt nauseous?! The only think sounding half ok is cereal...but, my stomach hurts like I'm hungry!! So weird!!! I'm about ready for this guy to make his appearance!

bkle - 5 days ago
I used the bio oil with my last baby too and only gained about half an inch extra onto an old stretchmark. with this baby I didn't put enough on my right side and now my old stretchmarks are redish and spread a small amount. As soon as I noticed that I started to dump the bio oil on it so hopefully it doesn't get worse.

Rach3017 - 5 days ago
bkle- The bio oil is really impressive!! I've used it this entire pregnancy, and I will continue after. It's faded some of my old stretch marks (which I thought was impossible), and as of now, I haven't gotten any new's to hoping they stay away these last few weeks!

jaybird81 - 5 days ago
Anyone notice that their old stretch marks are 're-stretching'? I can see my old faded ones, now they are turning red at where they ended and starting to move up! And only on one sides- which is weird??? I guess I have a lop-sided uterus, hahaha

onj - 6 days ago
Oh no bkle! That's terrible! I feel less bad about my wait now haha. I noticed some new stretch marks today. I got a lot with my 1st, so it doesn't really matter, but it would be nice not to look like I got attacked by a tiger again lol.

bkle - 6 days ago
that's right healthy babies :-)

momofour - 6 days ago
I know!! My back side is so gigantic... I'm not sure if it'll go back to normal.. Ever again! Oh well healthy babies... 💕

bkle - 6 days ago
momofour-- it soon became the joke between my old dr and I. He would say ok you can get into this gown waist down and ill be right back, id jokingly say are you sure youll be back and he'd laugh. He was a good dr, my dr now I never see and that makes me angry more so then being forgotten about. I hear ya on the weight gain im usually about 155 and im almost 200 :-( I have old lady saggy bottom going on, depressed about it. On the plus side I don't see many new stretch marks, the huge amounts of bio oil im using is doing a good job so when I loose the weight (if I loose it) my skin wont be to bad looking. Awww the prices we pay for being moms

momofour - 6 days ago
Bkle I'd be fuming!! They forgot to tell the nurses I was there on my first appt... I sat in the lobby for 45 min.... I was freaking out on the inside... But when the nurse came out she was soooo sorry... I couldn't be mad anymore... Haha oh ps... I've gained 50 lbs.. Uhhhh yay me..? Haha :(

bkle - 6 days ago
onj-- you reminded me of a time when the dr had me strip down completely for my exam, the nurse said the dr will be in soon. 1.5 hours later i'm sitting there almost naked still and no dr. After waiting that long I got dressed and I was so hormonal and angry I stormed out slamming doors and yelling. The nurse forgot to inform me the dr got called out for an emergency C-section. haha

onj - 6 days ago
I had my dr appt yesterday. My appointment was at 9am. There were a few ladies ahead of me. Doctor didn't stroll in until 10am. Then, when she finally came in to see me at 10:20, she didn't even say sorry for being late. It was my 1st experience with this obgyn this pregnancy, but I won't let them make anymore appointments with her for me. That's so rude. Unless you are delivering a baby, be on time. Everyone else in that clinic is always early. Oh well. I'm back to weekly appointments now, since we're getting close. She said baby isn't back to back, which I thought might be the case, but rather more on his/her side and still head down. So, she was pleased with that. I assume baby will move better into position closer to birthday.....

bkle - 6 days ago
Had my tetnus/purtosus shot today and that B test they do to of which i've never had done. Hope the test is good. And once again I saw the nurse practitioner and not the actual dr ugh will I ever get an appointment with him, still angry about never getting to get to know him before he delivers my baby. Ultrasound next week to check my cervix and baby that will be number 12 now I think. After my shot I got busy today, and right before bed I was complaining to my husband; gosh my back hurts, my head hurts and for some reason my shoulder hurts. It didn't dawn on me that my shoulder hurt because of the shot haha such an idiot these days, I think baby has taken my brains ;-)

bkle - 6 days ago
momofour--- I second that vote curse you heart burn/indigestion! Im up every night because of it. Was even told to take zantac, and that isn't even doing it for me ugh

momofour - 6 days ago
Having to sleep while sitting up practicly is going to get old.. Fast... Curse you heartburn!

jaybird81 - 6 days ago
Had my last biweekly appointment today and we scheduled the c-section. It was planned for May 13th, but they were totally booked up that day and the day before!! Who are all of these women having scheduled c-sections?! haha So, I am scheduled for May 14th at 1...I am number three that day. Which sucks...because if any emergency c-sections come in they obviously bump me even further down the list.

4girls want a boy - 6 days ago
I am going with music .. I have some worship music I think I want to here durning labor..Who knows I may change my mind when the pain hits me.. I really hope nothing annoys me durning labor. Seems like right now every thing bothers me.

onj - 7 days ago
I'm not too nervous about labour this time. I have moments when I think 'Oh Sh*#, I have to do this again' lol, but for the most part I am just not thinking too much about it haha. The only time I think about it is when I put more music on my phone. I am trying to make sure that I don't pick any songs that might annoy me lol. I didn't listen to music with my 1st two, so I'm going to see if I like having it this time. Anyone else having music/making a playlist??

Rach3017 - 7 days ago
On the subject of people coming in to visit.. I think I'm going to have my husband announce the birth the first day and that I'd like to have rest and no visitation. And, if I feel up to visitors the next day, then let them know. I'm having my 3rd c-sec...and with the last, I had people coming in while I had a pee bag at the end of the bed... Not ok. Not to mention I felt horrible and just wanted to rest in quiet... We have quite a few people wanting to be there when he's born. I'm usually in recovery for a good amount of time. I too will be upset if they are all holding him before me...

smiles884 - 7 days ago
wow-reading about yall's experiences with visitors after birth.. lol!! So glad to hear this, thought I was th only one with way TOO MANY visits and not enuf time to me, baby and hubby. DEF. putting a do not disturb sign on the door and will expect it to be honored! Know some people will be ticked about this, but really if i'm trying to breast feed for one of the first times, or i'm finally able to catch some sleep, I DO NOT want to be bothered, and they're just going to have to get over it lol

smiles884 - 7 days ago
bkle-i think your concerns are normal...could you have a chat with your man about your fears, maybe even clue him in to how it may go? Tho nothing can ever quite prepare one for what happens lol : ) labor is scary, but the most amazing thing ever. Try to focus on the positives, how close you are to meeting your little one and all the cuddles to come, etc.. Remember how worth it it was after having your other three...

bkle - 7 days ago
I had 2 friends have their babies this last week even tho they went full term and were way ahead of me, im now starting to realize that my turn is coming up! Ive had 3 kids so why the heck am I so scared of labor??? This will be the first delivery my husband will be too and that in itself has me going oh my hopefully he will still be attracted to me after he sees this! We've been together for ever so im not sure where this fear comes from but it has been hitting me hard lately. I asked my ex's mom if she was going to come down, as it would be nice to have her here; she's been to almost all my babies births or arrived minutes later. She said she would try but im 3 hours away now. Trying to tell myself to knock it off and that by being scared it will only make labor harder. Its been keeping me up at night. Ugh sorry for the rant

4girls want a boy - 7 days ago
haha Onj ya right .. It was nice that they came , I was just not in the mood for that. I wanted peace and quiet. I wanted to be in pj's still... Well tomorrow i will be 36 weeks pregnant. In my ultra sound today babys head is way down , and she was practicing her breathing.. I can't believe she will be born in 1 - 4 weeks !

onj - 7 days ago
With my 1st, she was born shortly after midnight, so although I had a few family-friends there to meet her right away, they were only there 20-30 minutes and then everyone went home to bed. With my 2nd, a handful of people were around right away to meet the baby, but then they all left to let us get settled, and came back a few hours later. They also texted to make sure I was up for a visit. I guess this is why I don't mind people visiting- they don't stay when we obviously need time to get adjusted, nor do they overstay their welcome. I DEFINITELY couldn't handle a bunch of people staying for days in my house right after baby was born. Anyone who can deal with that is a saint lol.

baby-leo - 8 days ago
i would also be very upset if people got to hold my baby before me! with my daughter, i got to hold her for about 10 mins before they took her to the nursery (she had swallowed a lot of amniotic fluid) and a lot of my family showed up at the hospital and they all got to see her without me there! they were bringing me pictures of her and i was so sad! for the first 5 days of her life we had so many visitors that i used to cry everynight that i didnt get a chance to hold my baby today. but i think with this one it will be different.

4girls want a boy - 8 days ago
My last baby I had people coming in my room just min after I was put in my room , and I was getting up to go to the bathroom for the first time leaking blood down my legs, with my butt sticking out wabbling to the bathroom. Then with one child I had visiters come and I was very tierd and they just seemed like they didn't want to leave.. I had to tell them to leave. With my last child my husbands family came from Germany , and CA as a surprize and come to stay at our house the day I came home from the hospital.It was like 9 people for 5 days. I hid in my room most of the time.. The only family I have is my mom, and step dad here. I come from a small family .My husband comes from a big family that all like in CA .. I just like my space after I give birth..I'm sure I will have visiters, but im going to ask them all not to come untill one day after I have the baby..

onj - 8 days ago
I made it clear to my husband that it will just be him with the baby if for some reason that happens to me. The only thing I might consider is letting my mom take our daughters in. Of course, then I wouldn't want to miss them meeting their new sibling, so maybe that wouldn't work so well. I personally like having people come visit in the hospital. But I am the type of person who always likes having people around, visiting people, etc. I come from a big, close family, so having large groups of people around for any occasion is pretty normal. Not in the delivery room though.... that's too close for comfort lol.

bkle - 8 days ago
the dr. and nurses get to hold my little ones first. My last baby I didn't get to hold her for 4 days :-( It was the longest four days of my life! I had gotten so jealous of the nurses because they got to interact with her more then I did. I would be Livid if my hole family got to hold my baby before I did, but then again I don't have to worry about that because my family are almost all gone. To be honest if anyone at all comes to see me and baby in the hospital ill be surprised for sure and a bit greatfull.

4girls want a boy - 8 days ago
Oh sorry Samantha I thought it happened to you. Well sorry they did that to her , and ya maybe the daddy was just so proud ... My last baby I was so mad that after I had the baby they did not hand the baby to me they gave her to her daddy. I was like ummm give her to me..LOL He was just holding her and holding her. I needed to hold her first

SamanthaDawn - 8 days ago
But the good thing about that happening to my sister was that I could make sure it didn't happen to me!

SamanthaDawn - 8 days ago
They allowed it because she never expected it to happen like that so she didn't tell anyone not to. The family was excited about seeing the new baby ans the father wasn't thinking about how she would have felt about it because he was so proud of his new baby. I think its more of the dads fault, than the hospital. And I think the family should have known better!

4girls want a boy - 8 days ago
Well work did not go well for me last night. I was having contrations like crazy and they hurt.. I found someone to cover for me the rest of this week. So one more shift only for me. I have to work on Saturday for 4 hours thats it..I can't believe how hard it is to work this far along .. Today I have the NST test .. Anyone getting those test yet? Anyway it should help my nerves because it seems like the baby is moving less and I will get to see if she is ok..

4girls want a boy - 8 days ago
humm ya im with ya's on that . I would not want my baby past around without me. Here they don't even let any one in the nursury but the father , and they put the mother in a recovory room for two hours after a csection. After they put the mother in the room she will spend the rest of her time in . I don't think they would put the father and baby in there before mom got there..I really don't like visiters at the hospital the first day anyway, and I tell them that.Just my husband and my kids. Thats it . Sorry that happened to you Samantha birth plan may be a good idea for you ....

onj - 8 days ago
Hmmm... I never think much about c-sections, since I had my 1st 2 naturally, but now I am realizing that I should probably give my doctors/midwives some info on what I'd prefer if that happens. I never thought about the chance of having to be put to sleep. I guess I could probably just tell my husband though- he wouldn't let anyone in if he knew I didn't want it. That's so strange- I can't believe they would let so many people hold the baby before mom!!!

jaybird81 - 8 days ago
Samanatha- What in the what is wrong with that hospital?! Pink Dora blankets and passing around a newborn to everyone but the Mom while she is out?! Shame on them! Oh my gosh! I think you have very valid and not annoying requests- especially, given the circumstances. And hearing those situations, I am starting to wonder if maybe I should discuss some standard guidelines with my doctor.

SamanthaDawn - 8 days ago
...Oh and another thing I want to put on it, or maybe I'll just say it to the nurses that day is (let me know if this sounds like a weird/annoying request) I want my baby to be wrapped in a gender neutral blanket. I will bring one from home, or they can use one thats already there, but when i had my son, they dressed him in blue, BUT wrapped him in a PINK DORA blanket! And when my mom and sister came to see us (the sex hadn't been revealed) they were both like AWWWWWWWWW IT'S A GIRL!!!! ...and I had to be like nooo, it's a boy under this pink dora blanket!

SamanthaDawn - 8 days ago
jaybird-- Mines the same, except for may 12th :) ...BUT even tho it's a c-section I'm still writing some things on my (birth plan) Things like if I have to be put to sleep for the surgery (like I had to for my first) I DO NOT want ANYONE besides my husband, or hospital staff to see or hold my baby! or know the sex until I wake up and find out, and get to hold the baby. ...I wrote this on my birth plans for my previous pregnancies too, because my older sister had to be put to sleep for her c-section and while she was still asleep the father, grandmothers on both sides AND great grandmothers and aunts got to hold her baby before her!!! and found out it was a girl before she did! I would have been so mad and I can't imagine how angry and upset she must have felt about it! So when I woke up after having my daughter it was nice to know that for those 2 hours after her birth ONLY her dad got to see her. He sat alone in a room in a rocking chair holding her quietly rocking her and a nurse took pictures of them for me. :) Then after I got to hold my baby my family was allowed to come see.

onj - 9 days ago
4 more shifts! Yay! That has to feel like a relief!! Haha, I feel the same! I've been off work for what seems like forever now, but I think a night or 2 in the hospital when I don't have to listen to my 2 year old scream bloody murder because her sister did something to her (looked at her sock? walked into a different room? read the wrong book?) might feel a bit like vacation too lol. I don't know what I am going to do with a newborn- the poor thing will never sleep with the amount of noise his/her older sister makes.

4girls want a boy - 9 days ago
LOL Oh ya a corona and lime sounds sounds good to me ! Good thing I called the ultra sound place, my appointment is tomorrow. Like I said before too many appointments .lol Today I took my daughter to pick up her senior pics and the place was closed.. We drove an hour and a half to get there. The lady said they would be opened. After waiting for ever we just came back home. Then tomorrow have to take my two older girls to the dentist, then my Dr's visit at 4:00 .Then next week my daughter gets brases on her teeth , and I have my ob visit ..Oh we also went to order my daughtes prom dress today and I could'nt believe it the place was closed too. This is tuesday right? I have to work 4 more days this week then im done.. I think having a baby and getting a hospital stay at this point will be like a vacation for me .

onj - 9 days ago
Oh yeah, I have to boil all the parts of the breast pump/bottles/etc. Thanks for the reminder!! I guess I should boil the pacifiers too. I'm thinking the same, 4 girls. B/F but pump and give a bottle. That way, when it's hot and gorgeous in the summer, I can have a Corona with lime :) I think that's what I look forward to the most about being not pregnant (aside from the baby, of course!)

4girls want a boy - 9 days ago
Thanks onj . Today it don't feel like baby is coming out..LOL I don't know whats going on with this girl . I have a appointment to put baby on the monitor i think this thursday. I think they call it NST .. Anyway they will put her on a monitor for an hour to see how baby is handling being in my tummy. As far a shopping all it done. Bags packed . The last thing left is boiling the binkys , and bottles. I will b/f my baby , and i will pump and give her a bottle..

onj - 9 days ago
Argh- Monday is a holiday too!

onj - 9 days ago
4 girls- Last time, my midwife and I went over the plan ahead of time. She asked me what I hoped for and I let her know. She also asked questions about whether or not I wanted to stay in the bed (no) and if I'd like to try natural pain relief first, like the shower (yes). I'm sure she asked more than those, but those were what mattered to me. Oh- she asked who I wanted in the room (my husband and my mother). I suppose you could write it all down and give it to your doctor. Or, you could just tell him what you want at your next appointment. How's the baby now? Still think she's getting ready to come soon?? I want to finish all my baby preparations, but we've been dealing with this STUPID company that we have a registered savings plan with. We filed to take $ out 2 weeks ago, called almost every day and they kept saying it was being 'processed', but Monday was the absolute latest. Well, yesterday came, and guess what? 'Oh, you misunderstood, now that it is processed, it has to be deposited, but we have to wait until after the market closes at 4pm tomorrow (today), and then it can take 3 business days, so Friday will be the latest. Oh, Friday is a holiday? Oh riighht. Ok, so Monday'. I am sooo mad. I know it will eventually be fine, but it's not their money. Last year, we took $ out of the same account and it was in our bank account in 3 days. No issues. Now, when we need it especially because I am not working, it's taking FOREVER. Thankfully, we have all the major stuff, if baby were to come, but I really just want to stock up on wipes and other random things. ARGH! Ok- rant over. Thanks for listening lol.

mummytoharrison - 9 days ago
I am collecting our layby tomorrow after my midwife appointment. We bought a pink fitted sheet for the cot today as I realised all her bedding was beige or blue. The shopping is complete :)

bkle - 9 days ago
It is getting time to finish the stuff for baby.

bkle - 9 days ago
36 weeks sounds good to me, hope I have mine around 36 or more.

4girls want a boy - 9 days ago
lol bkle the baby moved back up again. I know the baby would move up and down for like three weeks before I had my last two, and it didn't feel this intense. It's so different with this one. She started doing this yesterday when she moves down it feels like im going to have this baby within an hour and i think omg this is it.. I have not called my Dr being that she is out of town , and I tried calling her when i faited at work and no one picked up. Not even a on call person. So if i have to i will go to the hospital. Tonight I called in work , and am getting very thing for my bag ready, putting up my playpin and bring in the changing table. Also getting my last few things for my hospital bag. I will be 36 weeks in four days. I did have two of my kids at 36 weeks.

bkle - 10 days ago
4girls-- hope she stays until 36 for you, but out before 40.

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