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You are 35 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby now weighs over 5.5 pounds and its crown-to-rump length is approximately 13.2 inches. Your baby's total length is around 20.25 inches at this point. Your uterus is now 6 inches from the bellybutton and the average weight gain is approximately 24 to 29 pounds.

Most pregnant women begin to feel cramped and heavy around this time and often become tired of being pregnant. Some women feel like they do not have to room to breathe or eat. You should eat small, but frequent, meals and rest as often as you can throughout the day. Your cervix will begin to dilate and efface within the next few weeks to make room for your baby's head to emerge from the birth canal. Your cervix needs to be 10 cm dilated in order to deliver your baby.

This week of your pregnancy your baby's fingernails will have definitely reached the tips of his fingers. When your baby is born, his nails may look long and pointy. Your baby is less likely to scratch himself at this point because of the lack of room in the uterus. Fat deposition will still continue and your baby is getting chubbier and rounder. Your baby's shoulders are plump at this point.

The baby begins to develop its own immune system.

Comments on week 35

Comments 1-49 of about 873 from week 35
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msjenn727 - 2 days ago
Hello 35 weeks! Happy to have made it this far. Still have a tremendous amount of shopping left to do, but making progress. Hope you ladies are all doing well :) - 3 days ago
How do I explain breast feeding to my 6 year old son? Any advice ladies?

MOMIIB - 11 days ago
35 weeks and exhausted. Praying he stays in til 39 weeks. Wkly appts start next fri. I also will be having the group B swab test. Either way not much longer to go. I have 90% left to do and buy :-( but God willing it all gets done before our sons arrival.

sarah6485 - 33 days ago
I'd say natural is best πŸ‘

Baby ali - 34 days ago
am exhausted and tired all ready, going once up the stairs leaves my legs feeling dead never mind up and down few times lol

Baby ali - 34 days ago
lol I'd rather let nature do it's work all this sounds too complicated and hard work

sarah6485 - 34 days ago
Yeh your cervix has to be showing signs of softening and getting ready anyway then a sweep kick starts things gets the old contractions going although mine was a slow drawn out one to after the 2nd sweep. It got things moving but it still was a whole day of contractions , was only cos I went for a big walk and up down loads of steps I got it going properly and went to hosp :-)

fnouf - 35 days ago
Had sweep with first at just past 40 weeks from what I remember. Didn't do anything lol. Had an amazing weekend away celebrating my first wedding anniversary ... Totally exhausted now zzzzz

funtimemum80 - 35 days ago
I've only had 1 sweep, I think because here i see my midwife at 38 then 40 weeks, I have my babies in week 40 normally so the option never came up until my last pregnancy. I was booked to have a sweep at the hospitals on day 8 ( over due) I woke up that morning with regular contractions and had a huge bloody show, then I got in the bath and everything stopped!! I still went and had my sweep done, the midwife said I had dialated a finger tip! I was so fizzed off! This was @ 8.30 AM went home started contracting again around midday, I had 1 minute contractions every 4 minutes from start to finish with that birth the most weirdest slowest labour I had ever endured. By 5pm I was bored with the same monotoned contractions so went back to hospital, I was 5cm and a pool was run for me, I finally gave birth at 9.45pm, wether it was going to happen or the sweep that kicked my body into gear I don't know, I have heard from others it worked within hours but they were 'ready' and already partially dialated

sarah6485 - 35 days ago
My friend had her sweep at about 2pm (first and only sweep) and walked to school at half 3 and started contractions she had her baby by 8pm Midwife usually tells you if your favourable for it to work but sometimes people need 2 or 3 to get it going

Baby ali - 35 days ago
sounds okay lolz more work getting the damn contractions going lolz

sarah6485 - 35 days ago
I had one and lost my plug then second one 3 days later and that got things started so I walked for the day up and down some steps and that got my contractions going to every 5 mins but they were irregular for a whole day so the big walk and climbing up down stairs at the end of the day got it moving along πŸ‘went hosp at 12 had baby 4 :-)

sarah6485 - 35 days ago
They stretch your cervix open sweep around it separating the membranes from the cervix and that triggers things to happen but you need to be a little soft in the cervix for them to do the sweep. But otherwise no tablets or drips are used so it's nearest to starting Natural labour

Baby ali - 35 days ago
Sarah- that's natural right? having the sweep starts natural labour??

sarah6485 - 36 days ago
Baby Ali in that case stick with the sweeps even if have to have more than one sweep my second sweep soon started my labour and I stayed active all day had her that night πŸ‘

Baby ali - 37 days ago
35 weekssss today oh lord make the time go faster :0)

Baby ali - 37 days ago
that drip one is what am scared of heard horrible stories about it and I dnt want epidural as I have sciatica. am gonna say no to geting induced if I have to have the drip, but sweep is okay never had it b4 but read about it seems okay.

fnouf - 37 days ago
I had pessaries, can't compare pain as for eldest I wasn't induced but had Pethadin as well as gas and air and when I was induced with youngest, only had gas and air. I'm glad you had good experiences Ali, I've been tempted to travel to Cov and Warwick but I would be too worried about giving birth on the way. Only live 5 mins from the George

sarah6485 - 37 days ago
Being induced with that drip is horrible can't say the pesseries are too bad if they work. But the sintocin drip is torture forced fake real hard contractions. Give me a natural labour anyday. If i was to be induced with that drip again id definatly have a epi to cope

Baby ali - 38 days ago
fnouf- yeah am at royal, had both my other kids there experience was good midwifes are good, every midwife is different I think it's luck geting the good ones, there r some who I think shouldn't be there wrong attitude.

fnouf - 38 days ago
your hospital may be different, will you be going to the Royal? I went to George Elliot in Nuneaton and they were put in to special measures not long after, they are now out of special measures again so hoping for a better experience this time xx

Baby ali - 38 days ago
fnouf- sounds horrible, I can't imagine being in labour by myself going through the pain without hubby there and I can't be strapped to the bed, being induced is a big NO for me then, will only do the sweep and will c if anything happens

fnouf - 38 days ago
I did with my last pregnancy tlc, they weren't concerned ... and it wasn't mild lol

tlc - 38 days ago
Anyone else have very mild swelling in the legs and feet? I've read it's ok, but never had it before so it's still weird to me!

fnouf - 38 days ago
it was good in the fact that I knew when I was going in so could plan child care etc. It wasn't good because I was stuck in the hospital all day, walking round in circles trying to bring on labour, at 10pm I started getting contractions and told them but they still made hubby go home cus they said it wasn't established and all visitors needed to leave the ward, within half an hour they were regular and very painful, kept asking them to call him to come back, they didn't call him for another hour, was panicking that he wouldn't make it back in time. Then they wouldn't let me get off the bed the whole time as they insisted on monitoring baby for entire labour, even tho there were no problems, then as there was hardly any time between contractions and I was nearly ready to push they decided to put a cannula in. Think it was more the hospitals attitude that has put me off than actually being induced.

Baby ali - 39 days ago
fnouf- is geting induced that bad? read few comments on it and it scared me right off spoke to midwife today about it she sed not to get induced as long as the baby is health and good, she sed to let nature work it's magic it's better for our bodies than interfering with the whole system if it's not nessesary, she also sed if I wanted a sweep it's okay as long as I am happy, coz ave got diabetes so she sed the doctors will say to get induced but it's up2 me, am geting. nervous and scared now :0(

fnouf - 39 days ago
Babyali, know what you mean about hubby never being home! He works full time and then does gardening work after work and on his weekends off to try and get some extra money in. Means he doesn't get much time for our garden lol. He was going to do the lawn last night but I told him to spend some time with the girls instead. Can't blame you not wanting to be induced, I was induced with Isabelle and it was a horrible experience. Will put it off for as long as possible with this one. I am going to hold off on the sweep too, want this baby to arrive after 1st September lol

Baby ali - 39 days ago
had midwifes appointment today everything's good, baby is head down, and measuring a week ahead :0) heart beats perfect, midwife advised me if I dnt want to be induced I dnt have to, I dnt want to be induced as I want natural labour but will have to talk to the hospital doctor on my appoint next week, I dnt mind them doing a membrane Sweep but nothing else.

Baby ali - 39 days ago
fnouf- been waiting 2 weeks for the grass cutting guy to come and cut the garden grass and the hedges, no sign of him my garden is like a jungle, Normaly he comes every 3 weeks and does the job. hubby's hardly at home work is taking over his life at the moment :0( nothing seems to be going my way :0/

Baby ali - 39 days ago
this pregnancy is making me miserable!!!! not my fault :0)

fnouf - 39 days ago
Had the bright idea of mowing our lawn yesterday. We have loads of grass and the self propel belt on the lawn mower snapped so you have to push the heavy beast all on your own ... think I over did it a bit, my hips feel like they are ready to rip in two. Hopefully some light walking around today will ease them off a bit. Looks like another hot one :-)

tnt-surprisebaby2 - 39 days ago
Glad everyone is doing so well, except baby Ali, sorry you're so miserable! This Texas heat is killing me down here, thank god for air conditioning. Had my group b strep test done today, it was way less invasive than I thought! Now I'll be checking in every week woohoo! No cervical check next week, but the week after the good doctor will be seeing how much progress I've made. And I'm telling you, he is definitely dropping. I've never been more excited about pelvic pain and lightening lol

stublit - 40 days ago
Funtime- I'm a vegetarian! Guess I will buy the tea. It's worth I try!

tlc - 40 days ago
fun - that is very exciting! I'm going to start raspberry leaf tea too, but only after I stop working - hopefully first week of august.

fnouf - 40 days ago
my eldest was 7lb7oz and my 18 month old was 8lb5oz. Had no tearing with either but awful grazing with my eldest, man it hurt to pee lol. lil.pigz are you on the IAP2014 group? My name is Jen Haw, if you can't find me on there then the link to my profile is anyone is welcome to add me, the first pics of baby will go on there as this site is a nightmare to access on my phone.

ladybug85 - 40 days ago
lil.pigz: i'm scheduled for a c-section as well and right now it seems i'll be coming home from the hospital the day before school starts. :/ I'm keeping my fingers crossed i go a little early as well! Are you going to try all the 'tricks' to put yourself into labor or just hope it happens early?

lil.pigz - 40 days ago
Im also a FB junkie too and am on there constantly, so if anyone wants to add me, just pm me on here as well and I will send a request:)

lil.pigz - 40 days ago
stublit - I bought the raspberry tea capsules too. I dont drink any tea at all, so I couldnt go that route,blaaah. My OB said it softens the cervix, which doesnt apply to my situation (c/section) but it also helps tone and strengthen the uterus and minimize bleeding, which I am ALL for:) This is the first pregnancy I have ever taken them so we shall see:)...funtimemum80 -FX this is the beginning of labor for you! I hope mine comes early. Having the scheduled delivery on the first day of school is a pain in the ass for me with having to find a babysitter and having someone home when they all get off the bus. I dont think I will make it to 39 weeks anyway so heres to hoping we both see our little ones soon:)...fnouf -I think your baby is still measuring smaller than mine is,lol. Mine was 5lbs13oz at 33 weeks! My DR said I am looking at a 10lb baby at the rate things are going. My babies have always averaged just under 7lbs so this is unbelievable,lol....Baby ali - I can relate to the pain of walking. I keep getting shooting/stabbing pains in only what I can describe as my cervix? I take a few steps and it feels like baby is trying to push out. I know she is head down now, but I have to walk in 'slow motion' when the pain starts so my grocery shopping trips take me FOREVER now,lol... My husband asked me last night if I packed my hospital bag yet? I just laughed. Silly man, I have NOTHING prepared or assembled yet. I just NOW ordered the baby swing I have been wanting since the beginning,lol.And finally forced myself to pre-register at the hospital yesterday for the c-section.Maybe I do need to go into labor or have my water break so I have some motivation:)

Baby ali - 40 days ago
hope everyone on here put their baby pictures up once they r born it would be great to see everyone's babies as we all been through this journey together :0)

Baby ali - 40 days ago
fnouf- wow big baby hope mines 6-7lbs so it's easier to push out, one of my daughter was almost 9lbs and the other one was 7lbs she slipped out lolz

Baby ali - 40 days ago
feeling exhausted and weak today :0( am fed up now can't walk properly with pain on the buttox keep thinking gonna lose balance and fall face forward on the belly or something, scared to go out the house in that heat and limited walking distance :0( I will defo remember this pregnancy lolz hubby keeps saying NO MORE kids can't watch u like this :0/ lol he feels so helpless bless him he's looking forward to the baby tho he's excited lol

fnouf - 40 days ago
Hello everyone, was 35 weeks yesterday but didn't get chance to pop on and say hello to everyone in this week :-) Good luck funtime, if it is early labour hope all goes well for you :-). Have just been having a look at my notes and from the measurments taken at my last appointment, baby is already estimated to be 6 1/2 lb and if carries on growing as it is and I go to term, looking at a 9lb baby. No wonder I'm so tired, carrying all that baby in this beautiful weather lol. Hope everyone is ok xx

funtimemum80 - 40 days ago
Yes it comes in capsule form as well, it's not suitable if your a vegetarian but does the same job, I've drank the tea in all but the two pregnancies I went way over with, don't know if that is coincidence or not?? I gathered if my body is getting ready for the big day I would help it : )

stublit - 40 days ago
Can you buy raspberry leaf tea in capsules? I've never taken it before.

funtimemum80 - 41 days ago
Apparently it's good for ladies bits, it can stimulate uterine contractions, some say it makes labour easier and faster, the lady in the health shop said it helps heel the cervix and helps the uterus go down

Baby ali - 41 days ago
Funtime- does it do anything????

funtimemum80 - 41 days ago
Thanks baby Ali, I brought raspberry leaf tea, I'm drinking my 1st one as I type... It's disgusting lol

Baby ali - 41 days ago
Funtime- good luck! sounds like could be early labour signs soooooo exciting :0)

funtimemum80 - 41 days ago
Hi all, I'm off to buy for my hospital bag today, I need to get it packed and ready. I'm not comfortable anymore and I'm wondering if this is it for me or if Mother Nature will drag this out for another few weeks, I'm currently 36+ weeks and for the past few days I've been aching , getting period and back ache and this AM I had pinky mucus from where I had been cramping all night, I've never been early with my labours but have never begun showing signs this early either, hopefully by the end of the week I can be more ready, things washed and packed and I can relax more and allow things to happen

stublit - 41 days ago
If anyone wants to connect on fb pm me on here!!

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