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You are 36 weeks pregnant.

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By this week of pregnancy your baby's crown-to-rump length reaches about 13.5 inches and the total length is approximately 20.7 inches. Your baby weighs about 6 pounds now. The top of your uterus has moved further up under your ribs and is about 5.5 inches above your bellybutton. Your uterus has grown a lot in the past few weeks as your baby has gained weight. You may have gained about 30 pounds by now and it is common for your weight to stay about the same from this point onwards.

Almost full-grown baby at about 36 weeks pregnancy Because the top of the uterus is high as it will be, breathing may be getting very uncomfortable at times. You might notice jabbing pains from your baby's kicks. However, within the next few weeks, your baby will drop into the birth canal and this will make breathing easier again. Most doctors like to see their patients weekly from now on to check for labor progression. Your prenatal classes are probably coming to an end and you should have already made a birth plan and discussed available options for pain control during pregnancy.

Your baby's face has filled out significantly and looks smooth and plump. Because your baby has powerful sucking muscles and has had layers of fat forming for quite some time now, the cheeks have filled out like a newborn's. Your baby's skull is firm, but not hard. Every baby's head has the ability to give slightly so that there is room for her to fit down the birth canal during delivery. Some babies are born with cone shaped heads from the pressure of delivery, but this will go away after delivery. The amount of amniotic fluid is at its maximum amount now and your baby may not be moving as much as she had been. As long as you still feel her movements every day, there should be no cause for concern.

The placenta is now one-sixth of the fetal weight.

Comments on week 36

Comments 1-49 of about 1138 from week 36
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mamalira - 2 days ago
Hello week 36! I can't believe I am 9 months pregnant! Weekly appointments always make it fly by for me.

Kekea - 4 days ago
36 weeks for me!!! Tge end is coming. I will spend today finally getting my house ready( ill work on the cae next weekend. Lol) And im going to pack her bag this week. I never pack one for myself because the hospital has everything. And I'll wait until I go on ML to pack yhe other kids bags. They will be with my mom while we are in the hospital they will really enjoy that.

beckym - 17 days ago
I puffed up from salt like crazy with my son, a little with my daughters, from how puffy I react to salt with this one, could be a boy, but that is just gaging my reaction to salt.

kekea - 18 days ago
Lol. The joys of having girls. What do you believe you are having this time?

beckym - 18 days ago
Wait til she forgets about the first round, give it some years, lol. Michelle wanted to get hers pierced because of the inspiration of her older sister, but once she knew how painful it was, she was done and didn't want to go through the pain a second time, I became the embarrassed mom at the mall with the screaming insanely irate child who was throwing the worst fit guiness book style to the untrained eye, little did they know every second the lady delayed piercing the other, she grew more and more fearful of the second, it will haunt my nightmares for a few years, lol.

kekea - 18 days ago
Beckym that is to cute. My daughter was 3 when she got hers pierced and took the earrings out before the piercing healed so the holes closed. I ask her if she wants them pierced and her answer is always no. I will not be getting this baby girl ears pierced until she is old enough to want them.

beckym - 18 days ago
I would love to opt out of the IV if all went well, I didn't think they would let me, that is always so uncomfortable while we have so many other things happening. Even the fetal monitoring belt is uncomfortable, I asked if the baby is stable, to intermediatly monitor the baby, so the doppler isn't constantly on. I can't wait to find out if the baby is a girl or a boy, I keep thinking about how they will blend with our family dynamic as a boy or a girl. My girls just in the last 2 weeks both got their ears pierced. My 7 year old had both ears pierced at the same time. 2 days ago my 3 going in 4 year old had her ears pierced, there was only one person working, if I ever do that again if this is a girl, never again one at a time, my daughter almost left there looking like a pirate with one ear pierced, she was so afraid to get the other one pierced.

jamie86 - 18 days ago
I know! So excited about it! Now if I can avoid induction maybe I won't have to get an iv at all.

beckym - 18 days ago
Congrats on the no gbs! No antibiotics for you!

jamie86 - 19 days ago
I found out yesterday that I don't have GBS! So happy about that. I've been super cramps all day today but I don't think I'm any where near close to having him. They didn't check me yesterday. They asked and I declined since I was closed last week and didn't feel I had enough pressure to make any change.

beckym - 20 days ago
I had my 36 week checkup today, they tested for strep b, waiting for results. I gave them my birth plan, I really liked the doctor I had today, her name was Emily, very nice and respectful of my wishes. She let me know the baby is still head down and low, my cervix is softening, no dialation. I had a ton of contractions afterward, but not getting any closer, today is not the day.

beckym - 24 days ago
In about an hour I'll be in week 36! Woooo!

mrscephas - 34 days ago
36 weeks today, and last day of work tomorrow then I go on maternity. Yay!!!!

mrscephas - 39 days ago
I'm normally up and about all day working then get some rest over the weekend but I feel particularly tired today. I've got up to attend to toddler and gone back to bed, it's mid afternoon here now. Little man is busy kicking and doing his thing in there like nobody's business. Anyone heard of perineal massage? How effective is it at preventing episiotomy/stitches? I'm hoping for a VBAC...

claraxx - 40 days ago
36 weeks today! Getting very excited. More braxton hicks and period like cramping last night, it's certainly preparing itself for the big day this body of mine. I feel like nesting now too as before had no energy to even care about being all sorted but feel the need to now. Hope everyone is feeling and doing well. ☺️

lil.pumpkins - 44 days ago
that sounds very exiting ShoppNhelpsD, and I hear you I'm the same way at the moment I have to be out and about doing stuff. I'm going out in abit and buying more baby stuff today I'm so excited and can't wait :)

ShoppNhelpsD - 45 days ago
Off to 37 wks :) went on my hospital tour today rooms are big! :) really happy with that, my toddler *3yrs* will be in there with us, yea i know crazy but i dont have anyone else to leave him with. I have my sisters but they have too much on their plate righy now so we are diving head first into having two kids now. No easing onto it. I really really hope my son isnt running around like a crazy kid while im pushing out his sibling. Nightmare! Good to know there is a dvd player ill bring movies(not that he cares about tv when something more interesting is going on) playdoh, kenetic sand, maybe a few treats to bribe him if he gets too crazy. Idk should be pretty interesting. Cant believe my calve is still sore those cramps are the worst! Seriously we go through so much, my first was so easy. This pregnancy was easy too compared to other woman but leg cramps, nausea came back recently, head aches, i weigh more to begin with, hard to breathe, etc.... Im due on the 10 so not too far from now and this will soon be over. I just dont want to go into labor at work. My son was 5 days early. I take my leave 10 days before due date. I think i will be fine.... at least im hoping i wont go into labor at work... Mrscephas ur almost their too! Lilpumkins im trying to rest as much as possible but still been pretty active, went to yard sales yesterday all day with my sister. She got really cute clothes for her daughter. Then today we all went swimming, and im not trying to go into labor lol but i just dont want to sit at home and do nothing on my days off. Sorry my post are so long i guess i am just venting. Baby kicks to the ribs seem to be getting more intense it must have had a growth spurt... im almost there!

lil.pumpkins - 45 days ago
36 weeks today, how you ladies doing?

mrscephas - 45 days ago
I feel you Shoppnhelp. I finish work July 31st as well do hoping to hold out till then. I'm 34 weeks now so another 5-ish weeks till baby is here :)

ShoppNhelpsD - 46 days ago
Leg is hurting or sore i guess from all the leg cramps i got in the middle of the night last week! It was the worst! And my significant other seems to be pregnant too! He's soooo tired and sleepy and doesn't want to do anything but lay around! Men, so weak sometimes... i swear when they are not feeling 100% its like they turn into the biggest toddlers! Okay rant over! Almost at 37wk! I just want to make it to July 31st as that is my last day of work. Dont want to have this baby before then. - 71 days ago
We still haven't gotten a carseat. I'm going to get that either Wednesday or Thursday. Work has been exhausting but my last day is tomorrow. I'm thinking about only doing a half day. On another note, I have my last ultrasound this afternoon, a doc appt on Thursday, and then my c section is scheduled for 7:30am on friday. I'm trying to soak in these last couple of days because I will never experience another pregnancy again. I decided it's time to close up the baby shop and get my tubes tied. With two girls and now two boys, my family is complete.

liltyke7 - 71 days ago
so I am measuring 1-1 1/2 cm dilated. U/S is next Thursday so I think he will wait until then to do anything. Started to pack my bag. nursery all ready. I just got the car seat out so need to put that in van to have ready at any time....getting excited!!!

lil.pumpkins - 71 days ago
I use to be on the site back in 2011 when I was pregnant with my youngest I remember it being so busy now its like no one is here. - 72 days ago
lil.pumpkins, things are definitely quiet. I remember a few years ago there were a lot of active members.

lil.pumpkins - 74 days ago
Going on 32 weeks in 3 days, thought that I would jump ahead a little bit not much going on in my week. - 75 days ago
liltyke7, hopefully you'll have some changes by Monday. At least by Wednesday the baby will be considered full term and then the labor waiting game begins! My first was born at 37 weeks, my second at 39, and my third at 38 weeks and I had a vaginal delivery with them. I loved the fact that labor was spontaneous. Do you have your hospital bag packed yet? I'm going to start gathering my items for it on Sunday and then pack it next week. - 75 days ago
xEricaLynn, I got an ultrasound after 20 weeks because I'm having a 37 week scheduled delivery and my doc wanted to check the baby's growth at the beginning of the 3rd trimester to make sure he was still growing on target. He sent me to a maternal fetal specialist to prepare the ultrasound and also because due to hospital orders, any c section scheduled before 39 weeks needs approval from a specialist. When they were performing the growth scan the baby had excess fluid in the braid and so they gave me the option of going to Children's Hospital for a fetal MRI or waiting until he is born and then getting an MRI. Me and my boyfriend decided to wait until he's born and so I get regular ultrasounds so that they can monitor the fluid and make sure it's not increasing and causing a build up of pressure.

liltyke7 - 75 days ago
Anything4nikki - he checked me at my last one because I asked since he did StrepB test but I was barely 1/2 cm..a little soft but nothing. I got back again this Monday so we will see if anything changed. xEricaLynn - I am only getting u/s's because I am measuring big and the doc wants to make sure my levels are normal and there is not a reason to be concerned. At my 34 week apt my fundal measurement was at a week 38. Meaning I am big. Although this last apt I was still a 38/39 so that is good. it means I am closer to what I should be. I go back july 2 for a u/s to check fluid levels and to see how big my boy is. from there then we plan next steps.

xEricaLynn - 76 days ago
Hi ladies. I'm jumping ahead from week 31. Just wondering how you ladies are getting ultrasounds still? My OB said he doesn't perform ultrasounds after the 20th week unless medically necessary. I'm just jealous is all. Good luck ladies! - 77 days ago
liltyke7, do you know if you started dilating yet? I haven't had any internals but this baby has been pressing down and I've been having sharp pains shoot through my cervix. With my last two kids I was dilated by a couple of centimeters by 36 weeks. I have a doc appt tomorrow but being that my c section is next week I'm not sure if he'll bother doing an internal exam.

liltyke7 - 77 days ago
so exciting anything4niki!! I still have maybe 3-4 weeks. u/s scheduled for July 2 and I am in weekly appts but my doc will not do anything before 39 weeks. - 77 days ago
36 weeks today! Time is picking baby boy will be here next week and I'm not ready!!! Lol. Still have a bit of setting up to do since my family moved and I have to get a few more baby items. I got an ultrasound yesterday and baby seems to be doing well. He's approx 5 lbs 12 ozs

KristinaA - 147 days ago
how'd it go, mamaford? I am miserable again w/ the hemorrhoids. I started using clary sage oil in my bath as of yesterday to try to get things going. I've never tried it before, but at this point, I'm desparate to get this baby out and start recovering.

mamaford77 - 148 days ago
I'm still here. I have a big appt today; last ultrasound, NST, and cervix check. Based on how those 3 things go, we'll schedule my induction for either April 17 or 23. So excited to be nearing the end!

KristinaA - 148 days ago
Hey Kristi -- Yay for your mucus plug. Mine came out the day before I had my baby last time. I'm doing ok, except for damned hemorrhoids. They are the worst! But other than that and the 39 lbs I've gained so far, I feel fine, not terrible back-pain like I've had with previous pregnancies.

KristiW - 148 days ago
KristinaA- I will be 36 weeks tomorrow! But I will be induced no later than 29 April! Which is only 3 weeks away!!!!! I lost my mucus plug a few days ago, so I know my body is getting ready too! I also can tell the baby has dropped. How are you feeling?

KristinaA - 152 days ago
Made it to 36 weeks! Hooray. Who else is still here?

babylove5 - 169 days ago
Emefa it's rare for someone's water to break before the final stage of labor but let us know what the Dr. Says. Anything is possible.

lexy-b - 169 days ago
I would definitely get it checked if you're not sure.

sher-baby - 170 days ago
Emefa- could be amniotic fluid. U should prob get checked out.

emefa - 170 days ago
Hi ladies,hw is everyone doing?woke up dis morning n felt sm liquid running down my legs,nt much,anybody experiencing same thing?

sher-baby - 170 days ago
Haha...I'm like the opposit! I get a contraction or a BH...and I'm like 'ok..yaaa!!! Let's go!!...keep going....' then I don't get another one for like an hr and I'm like 'damn it!!!'im going to walk around the mall today...see if that helps at all. The only problem with that is A, I'll wanna spend money I don't have!!! And B, my back will kill kill KILL me later on!!!! But i have to get this baby out soon if I want this back pain to ever end!!

babylumpp2015 - 170 days ago
sherbaby- hope you're feeling better today! I had bad back pain last night and some good contractions for the past 2 days but its almost like babylove said I want this baby out and want it to get going but once they start im like oh wait, wait! not ready for this yet! haha. my boobs have been leaking forever now and have been worse the past couple days i have to wear the boobie pads or i leak right through. have been having some rough pains today and its 70 here! BYE SNOW! Gonna take the kiddies to the park & as much as i hope it brings on the real thing i half want to wait because i'm still without a phone and with technology on those things now a days, don't even own a camera so wouldn't even be able to take pics of the new sweetness. haha so please baby stay in until the new phone arrives. :) oh & HELLO 37 weeks! Moving on over ladies!

sher-baby - 170 days ago
I've never had any milk dripping but I feel like i smell like sour milk...yuck! I have had some nipple 'crust' but that's it...I know, yuck again!!

sher-baby - 170 days ago
I'm deff doing my EPO both orally and vaginally. I figure even if it slows down my contraction but it does its job to dilate me, I'll either be really dialated come labour time and may need Pitocin for a short while to finish up the job OR hopefully be fully dialated really quickly and not need Pitocin!

babylove5 - 170 days ago
I imagine my milk is dripping and then I'll look and it will just be a drop. I am not sure if I'm going to take my EPO orally. I think I may just do it vaginally, since it slows down the intensity of the contractions. It's great because you get a break but I'm afraid to push if the pain is not super strong. I was 8 cm almost 9 when I walked in because of the epo last time.

sher-baby - 170 days ago
Anyone feel like they can smell their milk?? Lmao...I know, sounds weird but I swear I can smell mine!!! I hope it just a maternal think and no one else can..that would be kinda gross!

sher-baby - 170 days ago
With my daughter the contractions were soo painful cuz of the Pitocin, that pushing felt good for me!!! So with each push, boooyyyy did I push!!! She was out in like 3 pushes, I was pushing so hard!!i hope I don't need Pitocin this time around...I really just want things to progress the way they should naturally...AND SOON!!! wishful thinking??? Ya I know...

babylove5 - 170 days ago
I am sometimes ready to have him and then when the contractions start I think I'm not ready, and I have always gotten nervous to push them out. It's like when it's show time I am afraid of tearing so I don't push like I should. I'm kind of glad to still be pregnant because I hate tearing!

sher-baby - 170 days ago
Lol...thanks Babylove!!! I wish he was ready yeaterday! If he next week and a half-2weeks are going to be anything like the last 2 days...I'm gonna die!!!

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