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You are 36 weeks pregnant.

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By this week of pregnancy your baby's crown-to-rump length reaches about 13.5 inches and the total length is approximately 20.7 inches. Your baby weighs about 6 pounds now. The top of your uterus has moved further up under your ribs and is about 5.5 inches above your bellybutton. Your uterus has grown a lot in the past few weeks as your baby has gained weight. You may have gained about 30 pounds by now and it is common for your weight to stay about the same from this point onwards.

Almost full-grown baby at about 36 weeks pregnancy Because the top of the uterus is high as it will be, breathing may be getting very uncomfortable at times. You might notice jabbing pains from your baby's kicks. However, within the next few weeks, your baby will drop into the birth canal and this will make breathing easier again. Most doctors like to see their patients weekly from now on to check for labor progression. Your prenatal classes are probably coming to an end and you should have already made a birth plan and discussed available options for pain control during pregnancy.

Your baby's face has filled out significantly and looks smooth and plump. Because your baby has powerful sucking muscles and has had layers of fat forming for quite some time now, the cheeks have filled out like a newborn's. Your baby's skull is firm, but not hard. Every baby's head has the ability to give slightly so that there is room for her to fit down the birth canal during delivery. Some babies are born with cone shaped heads from the pressure of delivery, but this will go away after delivery. The amount of amniotic fluid is at its maximum amount now and your baby may not be moving as much as she had been. As long as you still feel her movements every day, there should be no cause for concern.

The placenta is now one-sixth of the fetal weight.

Comments on week 36

Comments 1-49 of about 944 from week 36
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sarah6485 - 16 days ago
Brandy I'm due 3rd sept and hoping I deliver 31st august just so this baby is year below my youngest daughter at school otherwise misses a whole year school because born few days later :-/ and is like them to be in playsckool nursery together for bit :) I'm off to week 37 Tomo so bubs is term time to get walking and out and about with kids get this labour ready to happen in few weeks time 👍

brandyb1984 - 16 days ago
C section scheduled for sept 2nd.. totally bummed its not scheduled for august... hopefully i will just go into labor before then.. waiting to meet mrs. Aubriella elizabeth..

sarah6485 - 17 days ago
Definatly feeling some strange pains and pushing and cervix niggles past few days people are saying my bump has dropped a lot :)

Baby ali - 18 days ago
mash- I feel ur pain, in the Same situation with heartburn makes me vomit although I am taking heartburn meds, cold glass of milk seems to help for abit. - 20 days ago
so like a walking ball of heartburn....and a couple nights ago i was up most of the night because i ran out of every time i lay down i would almost vomit from the heartburn....not fun

sarah6485 - 21 days ago
Congrats nixsa :) hope your well

Baby ali - 21 days ago
nixsa- congratulations

NixSA - 22 days ago
Well ladies I had my baby at 35 weeks via emergency csection. had complications and was taken in for an emergency hysterectomy a short while after. Our little girl is too beautiful

Baby ali - 22 days ago
last few weeks drag on forever I think, the waiting takes the toll

fnouf - 22 days ago
No harm in keeping trying Ali lol! I've always had to have GTT because both my parents are type 2 but I've been lucky enough to never suffer with GD. I have midwife next Thursday for my 38 weeks, she saw me at 36 too and think she said she'll be seeing me at 40 too. Don't think discharge is anything interesting, plug looks like real thick gooey mucous. Mash, I know what you mean about being anxious to know if a boy or a girl, still not ready for them to come out yet tho lol ... Off to 37 weeks today xx. - 23 days ago
im anxious, im so done with pregnancy....i just want to meet my baby....i want to know if this is a boy or a girl. i want to be able to keep my baby safe HERE. i want my body back ob is on vacation this week though, so hopefully not this week lol. went to hospital on monday because i had an appointment for a bp check and assessment. my bp went up once when i was concentrating on all this instruments in the room and got myself a bit psyched out lol. then they wouldnt take me off the monitor cuz baby's heartbeat wasn't fluctuating enough....but after an hour or so i got the go ahead from the on call dr to go home. i have my ob appt next wed morning and then an u/s so he can check on size and position of baby on thursday the 14th....getting very anxious for baby....

Baby ali - 23 days ago
okay ladies did some boincing on the yoga ball lol and I had like (tmi!) white Watery thik white discharge? wat is that??

Baby ali - 24 days ago
can't wait to see my baby boy soooo dying to see who he looks like me or hubby or his sisters lolz

Baby ali - 24 days ago
fnouf- no luck in loosing the plug lol has urs all gone? got midwife appointment on Thursday last one I think till after baby is born, didn't really see her much during whole of pregnancy only 5 times including Thursday although I got diabetes NHS is rubbish nowadays I think, no care in the world, my mum had diabetes with my brother who is now 15 years old they used to see her every two weeks through out pregnancy and used to go hospital often to make sure everything was okay.

fnouf - 25 days ago
haha Ali, have fun trying to loose that plug! What I hate most at the minute is how uncomfortable it is to cuddle with my kids, as soon as I have any pressure on my bump I feel like I can't breath and need to pee so only having short cuddles. Feel exhausted if I sit still but as soon as I talk myself in to moving I am OK, it's the getting moving in the first place which is the issue haha xx

Baby ali - 25 days ago
fnouf- gonna take on board ur experience how to lose the plug! whoooo doing the deed everyday lolz

Baby ali - 26 days ago
36 weeks today, can't wait till all this is over so can give time to the kids, feel sorry for the two little ones I have no energy to do anything with them or carry them wen they want a cuddle and sit on my lap, sometimes because the babies head is in the pelvis it hurts to stand up feel like it's digging it's head right in and the pressure hurts, sometimes wish the water will break but noooooooo anyways hope everyone else is waddling along lol

fnouf - 26 days ago
funtime, I feel incredibly lucky! I really feel for those who suffer in pregnancy and try not to moan too much about my minor aches cus I know it could be so much worse! Sorry to hear that ladybug, I would be gutted, fingers crossed they don't let you down again next week! Haha Ali, my last two pregnancies I couldn't get enough, this one I am totally off it, would have been quite happy to be celibate all through pregnancy, so been trying to get in to mood to keep hubby happy but only done a handful of times whole pregnancy till last weekend ... think I shocked my body a little with a few times in 2 days, hence the loss of plug ... think I shocked hubby a bit too haha. Looking forward to getting my desires back!!!

Baby ali - 27 days ago
fnouf- did the deed last night no sign of nothing LOLOL hubby sed he will help get things going b4 due date lol :0/

ladybug85 - 27 days ago
so my drs appt was a bust. He couldnt get away from the hospital to see me so now i have to wait another week :(

funtimemum80 - 27 days ago
Fnouf, I am incredibly jealous of your agility in late pregnancy!! I was comfortable in my last pregnancy and was on a ladder painting a ceiling on my due date but he ended up 8 days late. I am hoping through my woes, all are signs that baby is on her way before my due date, otherwise Mother Nature is cruel!!

fnouf - 27 days ago
lol Ali, get bouncing on that ball, it was our anniversary at the weekend so we did the deed a couple of times, and went for a walk for an hour one night and then went round Croome Park house and gardens for 6 hours the next day so think it loosened everything up. Not lost any more since Tuesday and hoping it stays that way. I spoke with my midwife about being made to stay on the bed after being induced and she said they were probably just trying to make their own lives easier. She said if induced again then I should ask if there is a reason I am being kept on the bed, if there isn't she said to insist on being mobile. Thanks for the words of encouragement funtime, I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing. We were meant to be in France at the moment, but the ferry companies don't let you travel after your 32nd week of pregnancy so we had to cancel :-( My eldest was so disappointed as she has a penfriend that lives near my aunty and she hasn't seen him in a couple of years. I'm blessed to be able to get out and about with her to try and make up for it and really feel for the ones who struggle with mobility these last few weeks. I work at a school and the schools here broke up 18th July, until that point I was still riding my bicycle to work every day. With Isabelle, my youngest, I rode my bike until I was 38 weeks, then we had a really bad snow (well bad for UK) and it was too dangerous to ride any more. I worked until 4 days before due with Isabelle too. My plug was a milky cream colour, no blood in it, about the size of the end of my middle finger so not much of it either. I hope you find some relief from your discomfort xx

funtimemum80 - 27 days ago
Baby Ali, that's horrible! Sounds like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, hopefully by then you will have got going naturally : ))

Baby ali - 27 days ago
Funtime- doctor sed although we both r healthy they dnt let women who has diabetes go over their due date because diabetes can cause stillbirth they now induce u on the due date if u dnt go Into labour b4 the date, just to be on the safe side

funtimemum80 - 28 days ago
I just have to add, I'm laying in bed ( it's electric) so I'm sitting up one end and have my feet up at the other end, fan blowing on me, I am butt naked reading a book and feeling/ watching my baby moving inside me, it's these moments I so enjoy and don't want to rush : ))

funtimemum80 - 28 days ago
Baby Ali, why plans to induce you if you and baby healthy?

funtimemum80 - 28 days ago
Fnouf, I know everyone is different but this baby has been engaged since week 35, I'm now 37 +5 and still no baby.... I wish I could do the whole days out ect with my kiddies but I can't stand or walk for too long now without being in dis comfort or having shooting pains down my thighs, I loosing my plug daily which has been several colours.... And still no baby!! My eldest has told me to hurry up and give birth seems like I'm not the only one done with this pregnancy lol on a plus it's my birthday Tomoz and have plans to spend some family time and travel to the beach for the weekend ( if I can move lol)

Baby ali - 28 days ago
fnouf- sooo lucky lol everyone's loosing plugs wat about me :0( mines being stubborn! lol goodluck, I need labour dust my way!!!!

fnouf - 28 days ago
Argggg panicking! Had my 36 week check (36+2 today) with midwife today, she said babies head is already in pelvis, we don't get checked for dilation but I lost a bit of plug on Tuesday so must be at least a little dilated. Midwife thinks baby won't keep us waiting for much longer. So not ready for this pregnancy to be over, want to go over not have it early :-( hubby said need to chill and take things easy but there is still so much to do and want the kids to have a few days out in the hols so really can't chill! Send anti labor dust my way please ladies!

ladybug85 - 28 days ago
looking forward to my dr appt later today...first pelvic exam and officially scheduling the c-section! :)

fnouf - 28 days ago
Ali, great news that baby is growing well and good on you for controlling your diabetes, know it can be really difficult. Yay tnt, hopefully your baby won't keep you waiting too long to meet them :-) lil.pigz, I have packed my bits and some boy bits but need to find out the girl bits to pack aswell, also need to buy the going home outfits but can't get them till nearer the time as we will need to return the one in the wrong sex. My eldest was 11 days late but I started slow labour at 9 days late, she actually arrived on the day I had been booked for induction :-) My youngest was induced at 2 days past due date and she arrived 3 days past due date, had to be induced with her because of extreme swelling, BP rising and some protein in urine, ended up not being pre-eclampsia but they wanted to be on the safe side.

Baby ali - 28 days ago
scan shows baby is in position head down :0) everything is normal thank god, baby weighs 6lbs 2onces am gonna be 36 weeks on Saturday, doctor sed everything looking great baby's size is good and my diet control is good too, diabetes is controlled :0) but has booked me in for induction on my due date 30/8/14 hopefuly I will go into labour b4 my due date i did with my previous pregnancy went into labour 2 days b4 my due date, fingers crossed I wouldn't need to be induced want a natural labour n birth :0) goodluck to all of u ladies time is comming nearer now

tnt-surprisebaby2 - 29 days ago
Great news today! Went to my doc appointment and even though I'd been warned I wouldn't have a cervical check, I guess the position of my belly concerned my doctor and nurses, so they changed their mind lol. My doctor felt for the baby, said he was definitely head down, but hadn't completely dropped yet, then checked my cervix and guess what? 1cm dilated! One down, nine cm to go! Lol. I'm not taking this to heart because I don't want to jinx it, but I'll go ahead and mention that he thinks I could go into labor 2-3 weeks early by the looks of things. Ah, wouldn't that be nice? Now, I need to walk, have intercourse, and bounce on an exercise ball so this baby will drop a little more!

funtimemum80 - 29 days ago
Sarah, best of luck with your early/ on time natural birth, if I had any advice I would use it on myself lol right now my body feels done and I still have just over two weeks to fill, sure id be fine relaxing and enjoying these last days but my other children have other ideas

funtimemum80 - 29 days ago
Guys.... What is a granny moo moo? Lol my bag is filled with new pj's, new toiletries and chocolate, when I'm left alone after the birth I settle baby down and enjoy a cup of tea and some chocolate all to myself, no other small person around to steal any from me!

lil.pigz - 29 days ago
Baby ali -FX all goes well at your appointment today and no induction needed:)...tlc - Lol, My granny moo moo has buttons. Kind of a pain, Id rather have the zippers. Actually my husband being the smart ass he is, I wouldnt have doubted him throwing lingerie in the hospital bag just to spite me,lol. Mine is mostly stuffed with toiletries too.

sarah6485 - 29 days ago
Funtimum all late first 3 induced 14 says late 10 days late 7 days late (blood clot) then son was natural 2 days late last baby was 5 days late natural so who knows haha be nice get one on time or just before

tlc - 29 days ago
I also packed the hospital bag this weekend. There's not much in there. Most of the stuff is toiletries that I need everyday, so just have a list in there for easy reference in panic mode!

tlc - 29 days ago
lil - I have a granny moo moo too. It's embarrassing but totally worth it. It zips down the middle for easy breastfeeding.

Baby ali - 29 days ago
I wonder who will have the first baby out of everyone here can't wait :0)

Baby ali - 29 days ago
lilpigs- goodluck :0)

Baby ali - 29 days ago
got a growth scan 2mrw and then see the diabetes doctor to discuss the baby's growth and if I need to be induced. fingers crossed everything's normal and I dnt need to be induced :0/

lil.pigz - 29 days ago
Aha! So I FINALLY packed my hospital bag,lol. My husband would NOT let it go, and when he threatened to pack it for me, instant panic set in. I could foresee the granny moo moo nightgown, if any at all and a bunch of stuff I wouldnt need, want or use,lol. Now he is on to me about the bassinet and washing her clothes. Dang...why cant he just procrastinate with me?? So had check up yesterday, no progress. Cervix still high and tight and my DR goes on vacation from this Thursday until Monday evening. Now I am HOPING baby stays put and my water doesnt break,lol. I usually make it to 38 weeks, I will be 37 weeks Thursday so I should be good..fx anyway.

funtimemum80 - 30 days ago
Sarah- never never been early, been on my due date or a day or 2 over with my girls, 1st baby and last baby were boys one was 13 days late ( induced) one was 8 days late. I can't quite believe how early my body is fallen apart!! How about you? How late do you go?

sarah6485 - 30 days ago
Fun time mum have you ever been early ? I'm always late with my babies even though had so many :-/

funtimemum80 - 30 days ago
I had some bloody mucus after a night of cramping last week and still nothing : ((

fnouf - 30 days ago
36 weeks today :-) lost a bit of my plug today but I'm hoping it was just because I've done too much over the last few days as really not ready for babe yet. It wasn't bloody at all so fingers crossed! Hope all you ladies are ok xx

funtimemum80 - 31 days ago
Tlc, how did you get on? We don't get 'checked' here, even in labour they don't like to feel unless you ask! TNT, I'm only allowing my husband to do the deed in the hope it starts something, my weight and size has completely taken my lust, with my 5th my waters went (for the 1st time ) after said deed, even tho it's never happend I have high hopes I get my body back very soon, these last few weeks are so cruel, we can feel something happening but it doesn't ahhhhhh!!!

tnt-surprisebaby2 - 31 days ago
I remember my first dropping, but it wasn't nearly as intense, or early, as this one. He's very low now, my breasts no longer sit on my bump, which now looks like an elongated watermelon lol. And I've read that as well, but I promise it feels like he has! I have an appointment at the end of this week, so I'll ask my doctor what he thinks. Tlc-good luck on your appointment! Funtime- haha I wish my husband would do a little more housework and massage and a little less intercourse! He's almost desperate for it every single night, but I want my massage da** it lol. I think he was traumatized when I made him wait 5 1/2 weeks with the last baby :-/

Baby ali - 31 days ago
Funtime- goodluck hope everything goes well, lots of intercourse started my labour last time lolzz

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