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You are 37 weeks pregnant.

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You are considered full-term now and your baby's final touches are being made. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is now 14 inches and the total length is around 21 inches. Your baby weighs approximately 6.5 pounds. Your uterus may be measuring about the same as it has been and is probably about 6.5 inches from the top of your bellybutton.

This week your baby should engage into your pelvis. If this is not your first pregnancy, it may happen later. When your baby engages, his head drops down into your pelvis and you might feel a slight sensation called `lightening` as the pressure on your ribs eases. As your baby drops into the final position for delivery, you may experience a buzzing feeling and shooting pains in your groin and leg. Normally, you will be able to breathe and eat easier. However, your uterus pushes down harder on your bladder and you will have an increased urge to urinate more frequently. Even if your baby engages now, you still possibly feel his feet in your breastbone around week 40.

Your baby is now fully mature and ready to be born. However, your baby is still growing and developing every day. Fat is still being laid down at a rate of a half ounce a day. If this is your first pregnancy, you can expect to deliver closer to 40 weeks or shortly thereafter. If this is not your first baby, you might go earlier than 40 weeks! Make sure that your bags are packed for the hospital and remember to preregister for admission.

Your doctor may begin doing weekly pelvic exams to evaluate your cervical changes and progression. Your healthcare provider will make sure that you are not leaking amniotic fluid and will also examine your cervix to check for effacement and dilation. Before labor, your cervix is thick and 0% effaced. During labor your cervix thins out and right before delivery it will become very soft and 100% effaced.

Research shows your baby can be affected by stress hormones. Make time to relax, to have fun, and to rest.

Your baby has learned to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing so it can do all three when breastfeeding after birth. Babies practice shallow breathing before birth, using amniotic fluid.

Almost there! Did you know that we also have a month by month calendar for babies? You can find it in the menu under `Babies`: Month by month

Comments on week 37

Comments 1-49 of about 1312 from week 37
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sleepymom - 8 days ago
Haven't commented in ages, but I am hoping now that we are close to the end everyone has more time to come and chat. I have one more shift at work and then I am off on vacation till my due date/maternity leave.How is everyone feeling? Any early babies? I am feeling good. Getting tired of not having a very good sleep. This baby is way low in my pelvis so I am up to pee constantly at night and my hips have been aching after I lay on my side for an hour. two year old is finally sleeping through the night and now I can't sleep through the night. LOL. Waiting for group b strep test results, how did everyone fair so far?

KristinaA - 43 days ago
Good luck Kristi.

KristiW - 43 days ago
I've been drinking my tea and staying active in the bedroom with my hubby to make this baby come out...NOTHING! My sciatica has flared up, I get NO sleep, I to have hemorroid discomfort. I have a doctor appt today. Hopefully we can schedule a date to induce.

KristinaA - 44 days ago
Tried the clary sage oil on my ankles last night and nothing :( Oh well. At least I don't have a thrombosed hemorrhoid anymore. However I have a new complaint. Allergies. They were bad from Dec-Feb, but have not been bad through March and were mildly annoying until yesterday. It rained. Some people find relief from their allergies when it rains, but for me, they get like 600x worse. So bad that I couldn't even netti pot b/c my nasal passages were completely blocked. Gotta have a baby so I can take some more effective meds and also just have less fluids in this body to clog me all up.

KristinaA - 46 days ago
Had my 37 wk appt today. They didn't check under the hood, but there's really no reason to. Everything is fine and not enough contractions to warrant a peek. I asked about the clary sage oil. The Dr said she's really not familiar w/ it, but asked the midwife who said it's ok after 37 weeks and said to try some about 2 inches above my ankle. Will probably try it there tonight!

KristiW - 47 days ago
A friend gave me organic rasberry tea to start labor..she said it worked for her! But I'm not going to try until 38 wks because I want my maturnity leave from work to go into June! That way I can spend some time with my oldest after she is out of school for the summer:)

mamaford77 - 48 days ago
I feel like I can't be pregnant for 5 more minutes lol

KristinaA - 49 days ago
So I had the thrombosed hemorrhoid removed today and I feel 100% better. I feel great for the first time in a while. I've been in excrutiating pain since Monday and hadn't been able to sit, walk, stand, sleep, or even really eat. I lost 3 lbs over the last 3 days. I just can't believe how great I feel now. I feel like I can be pregnant for 3 more weeks now. Yay!

mamaford77 - 49 days ago
I made some frozen pads for soothing after childbirth. I've never had them with the other kids, but I think they sound nice. Aloe gel, witch hazel, and lavendar on a maxi pad, then freeze. I made 18.

KristiW - 49 days ago
KristinaA- You will have to keep us posted with the clary sage. I've never heard of that until now but I would try it! Hemorrhoids are the worst:( Mamaford- I am so jealous you only have a week left!!!! I am just done.

KristinaA - 49 days ago
Yay, mamaford. Nice to have an end date in sight. Take it easy until then :)

mamaford77 - 49 days ago
37 weeks!!!! I'm being induced in 7 days! They didn't like my BP or my swelling at my last appt, so they don't want to wait to 39 weeks. I have one more prenatal appt on April 15, with an NST and BPP. Then I check in at 6am on the 17th to have my baby. Doing some meal prepping this week (I already have 7 meals ready to go) and making sure the house is ready for my hospital stay. So excited!

pumpkinfairy - 67 days ago
congrats sher and dec baby! Miles is still in the nicu theyre weanin off the sugar iv and increasing his feeds, hopefully by weekend he will be home! as far asmy headaches from preclampsia they still come and go and the dr said itn take weeks, and the csection pain at 4 days its getting better, up til this morning I couldnt walk to far, or even get out of bed by myself :/ hope you all have your babies real soon, so we can all sit here and complain about our pain haha

mandykat760 - 67 days ago
One by one people are falling off! Good luck Dec!

machalaB - 67 days ago
Good luck Dec baby, n Sher Dallas is adorable!!!

sher-baby - 67 days ago
Thanks Babylove! I do just love him...he just likes to stay awake and feed at night! In the days I can feed him and he will knock out!!! But at night, that same theory doesnt seem to work!

babylove5 - 67 days ago
Sher your baby is precious!!! I hope y'all are doing well!!!

sher-baby - 67 days ago
Babylump- my back and pubic bone does feel much better. Sometimes if I move the wrong way, my lower back will hurt but it's not that constant pain..thankfully! Now that's just my nipples!!! Haha...were never satisfied!!! Looks like my milk has started to come in yesterday!!! Hopefully soon I'll be able to work on my supply...if this child will let me!!! He wants boob 24/7!! From the sec he wakes up and even while sleeping....he wants boob!!!! And if anyone is gonna hold him, you better put you boob in his mouth!! Ha!! Or he won't be happy!!! Lol but I think DH is a lil jealous!! I think he was expecting to be able to spend more time one on one with him, but that's just not the case...he wants to feed or atleast just suck all the time, and I don't stop him! I told DH that I would be nursing on demand!!!! Not just for him, but for my supply too! Oh well, he'll get over it! If not, that's his problem! 😊

sher-baby - 67 days ago
Yay! Good luck dec baby!

lexy-b - 67 days ago
Good luck Dec baby!!!

babylumpp2015 - 68 days ago
Yay decbaby!!!!!!!! Hope you got those bags packed!!!!! Be hoping everything goes well!

Dec Baby - 68 days ago membranes just ruptured!!!

babylumpp2015 - 68 days ago
Congrats pumpkin! Hope you're snuggling up your little babe & is home soon. Dec baby I really hope this is it for you!! Keep us updated! Sher- still can't believe your little man is here, and he is adorable!!! Hope your back pain has vanished & I'm totally jealous! The last few days have been rough this cold is kicking my ass. I woke up yesterday with a bloody nose, gums AND I can't hear out of my left ear it feels like it's popped and water logged. I was reading up on it and apparently it's from all the extra fluid and there isn't much to be done until baby is here which sucks because it is so annoying and uncomfortable. Im miserable! Li don't even think I have the energy to labor at this point with all these things going on with my body but I think once she's out I'll be so much better. The man is coming in from out of town tonight so hopefully some fun time gets things going & I can find some relief!

sher-baby - 68 days ago
Haha..yes!! Pack your bag girl!!! Our first night was rough!!!! As much as I agree with skin to skin therapy, it makes for dificult nights when you want your baby to sleep in their crib. So he doesn't do so well unless he's laying on someone or using me as a human pasi! So we're running on about 3 hrs sleep. I got to have an he nap this after noon, but it was deff rough! He's sooo worth it tho!!! He's deff my favorite lil man. I posted a pic on my profile

Dec Baby - 68 days ago
I better go and finish packing the rest of my hospital bag...haha

Dec Baby - 68 days ago
Hi did your first night at home go? I bet your big girl is loving have a little brother to cuddle! Mine are super excited to get another brother or sister:)) Lexy...all those contractions are not wasted...just means you're getting closer to the real deal!

sher-baby - 68 days ago
Good luck dec baby!!

Dec Baby - 68 days ago
Hi girls, today (in a few hours) I'm going to see O.B! He is going to check baby and to see how much fluid is around the baby! I'm almost thinking it will be a wasted app. because I've just started to have some mild contractions that are doing something down below! This morning I went to the ladies and when I wiped there was a bit of fresh blood (sorry tmi right?!) but's kinda exciting cause I think that means my cervix is actively dialating!!! Maybe I'll have our baby tonight or tomorrow morning!! Wish me luck😉

lexy-b - 68 days ago
I thought for sure I was going into labour last night, damn it! Woke up with contractions that were super painful but then lost their strenghth and eventually stopped after 3 hours. Soooo unfair!

machalaB - 69 days ago
Congrats pumpkin!!!..

sher-baby - 69 days ago
I haven't yet, but I will tonight! I was feeling pretty good until now...but things might be catching up to me... Hoping for a good first night too!! I'm sending you loads of labour dust ladies!!! I'm Still in a bit of shock that it happened and that I was the first pop!!!

mandykat760 - 69 days ago
My eyes are turning green envy! Congrats guys!

Dec Baby - 69 days ago
Sher...have you tried putting on some lanolin cream on your nipples after feeding? It's pretty good stuff! Oh boy, I have bf all 8 babies and I don't care what anyone says...those first few weeks, even months hurt bad...babies are little sucking machines...hehe! All the best with your first night at home!

Dec Baby - 69 days ago
Ahhh Ryskay enjoy your second Tri...I'm 40w+4days...still waiting for ANY contractions!! I had a few last night but I think they were more like bh. I have an O.B app tomorrow...this is one I didn't think I'd be making...boohoo for me😉

sher-baby - 69 days ago
Congrats pumpkinfairy! I hope ur lil Miles is home with you soon!!!

sher-baby - 69 days ago
I hope she doesnt get jealous as well..I'm really trying to make sure she doesn't get ignored or shoved to the side...DH on the other hand seems to think that the only thing he needs to do is let Dallas sleep on his chest!!! That's a lil annoying at the moment...mean while, I'm sore and swollen, bleeding, cramping, etc. If anyone should be resting it's me....but nope! Eff'in men! I will never understand them, not sure if I want to. oh well!! We got home this afternoon. I'm trying not to stress about BF'ing but I'm not going to lie, my nipples are getting sore and I would really love for my milk to come in!!!!

Dec Baby - 69 days ago
Floy...glad your bp went down and didn't have to be induced, I bet you gave your dr's a bit of a scare!

Dec Baby - 69 days ago
Well done sher...sounds like you're doing a great job with the bfing! How nice to have a little seven pounder...I think mine is going to be a whopper..hehe!

Dec Baby - 69 days ago
Congratulations pumpkin! What a cutie!! i hope you can get some good sleep, you poor thing! To be in pain and sleep deprived makes everything feel harder! Enjoy your precious little bundle:))

lexy-b - 69 days ago
Congratulations pumkin! He is adorable! How long will he need to stay in the NICU?

pumpkinfairy - 69 days ago
pic on profile of Miles

pumpkinfairy - 69 days ago
I had my baby Thursday at 4:29pm! the fetal specialist wasnt happy with my bp, his size, and my amniotic fluid levels so I got sent to have him by csection. he was 5 lbs 3 oz, 18 inches long, full head of sandy hair, I just got discharged and he got transferred to a nicu an hr away because he wasnt regulating his sugar levels. I haventept in 2 days due to hubby snoring (needs his cpap) and Miles keeping me awake. praying for noise free disturb free sleep tonight, I'm in so much pain!

babylove5 - 69 days ago
Ryskay are you loving the second tri? It's always the best, you start feeling the flutters and all. Are you having a boy or girl?

babylove5 - 69 days ago
Rjean it's not all the time. I'll go days without having it. It just started again the other day. I will be standing there and I'll feel a gush I always go to the bathroom to see if it my plug and it's always this runny clear w mucus in it. It's like being on my period and huge gush of blood coming out but it's clear w yellow mucus. I hv never had it before. It's always a blob w blood. I guess it's discharge w a little of the mucus mixed in.

RJean - 69 days ago
Babylove-I didn't need any help with my first labor, but for my second the contractions never started after my water broke and I was strep positive, so they gave me antibiotics and pitocin together to jump start everything. Here's hoping I can avoid the pitocin! As far as delivering babies, a lot of doctors will let your hubby deliver if you experience necessary. Catching the baby and cutting the cord is not difficult (my hubby did it before he even started med school). But my ob said she wouldn't let my hubby stitch me up and I totally agreed with her lol. I do not want him stitching up down south.

babylove5 - 69 days ago
I don't remember the pee not wanting to come out and having to lean forward to move the head just the pressure. I just don't want my water to break until I'm like 8 cm. I hv never had it bresk early. I wish all births could be the same so I would know what to expect!

floydianslip2 - 69 days ago
It's such a bizzare feeling, I don't remember having that any other time! Ok, you've put my mind more at ease, lol!

babylove5 - 69 days ago
Floy I am having that. Last night I could feel his head, from the pressure. I got out of the shower to pee and there was a lot of pressure pain then a trickle came out and I had to lean forward to move his head so I could pee. I had to look to make sure there was no blood it felt so weird. The discharge is clear with mucus in it. There is no pain, burn, itch, odor, and the Dr told me I could be slowly losing the plug.

floydianslip2 - 69 days ago
Hey, is anyone else having a hard time peeing? I'm not sure if it's the pressure from the baby or not, but it's starting to hurt! Not a burning like a UTI, in fact it's hart to describe. It's like an ache and a pressure all at once. And I have to straing down as hard as I can to get it all out too. Anyone else feeling that?

floydianslip2 - 69 days ago
Babylove, normally I just go naturally, but we'll see this time around. If my BP goes high again at Monday's appt we'll probably just do an induction. I hear you on the period like symptoms, I've been feeling the same symptoms for a couple of days, and yesterday the discharge picked up big time, it's pretty streaky too. Sher, I'm so glad you're not stressing the bf-ing, and glad little man is getting the hang of it! :)

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