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You are 37 weeks pregnant.

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You are considered full-term now and your baby's final touches are being made. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is now 14 inches and the total length is around 21 inches. Your baby weighs approximately 6.5 pounds. Your uterus may be measuring about the same as it has been and is probably about 6.5 inches from the top of your bellybutton.

This week your baby should engage into your pelvis. If this is not your first pregnancy, it may happen later. When your baby engages, his head drops down into your pelvis and you might feel a slight sensation called `lightening` as the pressure on your ribs eases. As your baby drops into the final position for delivery, you may experience a buzzing feeling and shooting pains in your groin and leg. Normally, you will be able to breathe and eat easier. However, your uterus pushes down harder on your bladder and you will have an increased urge to urinate more frequently. Even if your baby engages now, you still possibly feel his feet in your breastbone around week 40.

Your baby is now fully mature and ready to be born. However, your baby is still growing and developing every day. Fat is still being laid down at a rate of a half ounce a day. If this is your first pregnancy, you can expect to deliver closer to 40 weeks or shortly thereafter. If this is not your first baby, you might go earlier than 40 weeks! Make sure that your bags are packed for the hospital and remember to preregister for admission.

Your doctor may begin doing weekly pelvic exams to evaluate your cervical changes and progression. Your healthcare provider will make sure that you are not leaking amniotic fluid and will also examine your cervix to check for effacement and dilation. Before labor, your cervix is thick and 0% effaced. During labor your cervix thins out and right before delivery it will become very soft and 100% effaced.

Research shows your baby can be affected by stress hormones. Make time to relax, to have fun, and to rest.

Your baby has learned to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing so it can do all three when breastfeeding after birth. Babies practice shallow breathing before birth, using amniotic fluid.

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Comments on week 37

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elisiaxx - 1.6 hours ago
Sandra- I know how you feel I get bad days like that, im having to use the loo so much in the night so im hoping he has dropped right down now, at my last midwife appointment I was 4/5 engaged and she estimated he would be around 8lbs at due date, I feel he will be between 9-10lbs, have you had an estimated weight?

mummytoharrison - 8.8 hours ago
Just constantly cold. Bubs has started to engage apparently and my chiropractor has said my pelvis is in a good position. So tired though :( - 9.2 hours ago
Mummy, I dont know of im snoring bad or not. My husband works out of town and is gone most of the time so I have no one to tell me im snoring to loud or not. Lol yeah ive been really upset about my doctor telling me at the last min that hes leaving. How are you feeling overall?

mummytoharrison - 9.6 hours ago
Oh Sandra :( that's awful that you've got to get to know a new dr so close to the end. My snoring got so bad thanks to my compressed lungs that DH took to sleeping in a different room. Hopefully your little one will drop soon and you'll get some relief. - 9.8 hours ago
Elisia I am feeling horrible! I was crying today cause I wanted my dr to make a birth plan with me so I feel like im actually getting closer but instead Iwas told I needed to start seeing a new dr since hes going out of town for 6 weeks. And I juat started crying and told my husband I feel like im starting iver and am going to be pregnant forever. My stomach is so big, my legs are so swollen I camt bend my toes. I stop breathing in the middle of the night and wake up gasping for air as my lungs are being so compressed. Its just rediculous. At least you're starting to feel pressure doesnt that mean baby is dropping? I wish this little girl qould drop but she is still as high as she can be. Have they told you an estimated birth weight?

mummytoharrison - 16.3 hours ago
Woo hoo :) Full term!! I have all my stuff ready.'s just not in a bag lol it's currently living in the moses basket so I might just end up grabbing that and waddling. Check up with the GP today and then some relaxing at home I think :)

elisiaxx - 18.9 hours ago
I was so behind with my DD in fact I only put last bits in the hospital bag the day I went into labour (week over due) haha! but this time im done, I just need to wait for his arrival now :) I am feeling good, a load of pressure down low but apart from that I feel great :) how are you feeling? - 1 days ago
Elisia. Youre ahead of me. I have no bags packed, don't know what I'm going to pack. Haven't cleaned the car out yet. My little one is no where near coming out either, I guess this is why I feel no rush to get things done. Clothes are washed and put away but that's about it. How are you feeling in week 37? - 1 days ago
4girls love it! Lol

elisiaxx - 1 days ago
37 weeks today :) one step closer to meeting little man, no signs of him coming any time soon! Hospital bag all packed and ready to go :)

4girls want a boy - 2 days ago
Just taking multi tasking to the next level..LOL - 3 days ago
4girls. Im sorry to say, but you made me laugh. I think it was the eating of the pb&j in the shower. My dogs aren't as big as yours, but if I have been asking my hubby to do something and it wasnt getting done I too would have just did it myself. But it sounds like you overworked yourself and then possibly overheated yourself taking a shower. I hope youre feeling better now though. Well today I went easter shopping. Came home amd organized the cabinets, and organized the shelves so I have a bathtime shelf just for baby stuff. And have washed the remaining baby things as well as a couple household loads of laundry. Im going to stay up and try to see how much I can get done while im actually doing things. Emmyjoe im sorry to hear this has been such a difficult pregnancy. But im glad that everything is good and your blood pressure is staying normal. I am only seeing 2 patients on fridays for work and my husband has told me that this is my last week. I planned on seeing them till the day I went into labor but hes not comfortable with it since I see them at their houses. But we will see. .

emmyjoe - 4 days ago
Oh, and my NST's, I have been going in every tuesday and Friday for those since 30 weeks. He wants to keep a close eye on her due to the gestational diabetes and the meds he put me on for it. Just an extra precaution as this has been a scary pregnancy for me from the start. I had a MC two weeks before this pregnancy, then had to do the progesterone thing thru 18 weeks, and now the GD. I keep expecting my BP to go up as it did with my other 2 kids, but so far it is staying perfect!

emmyjoe - 4 days ago
Nope don't want to go into labor quite yet! I have to work all next week! Then I'm good to go! :)

4girls want a boy - 4 days ago
Sandra I thought I lost the nesting feeling, but yesterday before my NST I don' know what got into me. I carried my 60lb dog out side washed her blow dryed her , and shaved her . Then I came inside made a PP&J sandwich ate it in the shower wile I got ready for my test , then got out of the shower and threw up..I'm like I must be out of my mind. I guess I just got mad at my husband for not groming the dog a week ago, that I got it done.. - 4 days ago
I see everyones drs are doing nst tests in this stage. However my dr isnt doing anything. I have had this dr since my first daughter and I feel like hes just not doing what hes supose to this time around. So many things never got done with this pregnancy. Ugghh so frustrating. Anyways I wontatart on my gripe fest I had the cchance to change drs earlier on and decided not to so its my fault. Well Emmyjoe its good that you have the energy to get everything done. I do have all the baby clothes washed. I still have to wash all the baby towels washcloths and socks but othwr than that im done with the washing for the baby. I have to get caught up on the reat of the household laundry. My house is a disaster it needs a really good cleaning. And I want to reorganize the cabinets so I have a whole cabinet just for the babies stuff. I need to get my 3 dogs bathed and ready. And I need to pack hospital bags. However I have no idea what to pack. My husband is out of town for 2 weeks for work so I am left to do it all on my own. Youre lucky to have your hubby to help and to motivate you. Would you be happy to go into labor over the weekend or are you wanting to make it all the way to your scheduled day? Im wanting to go into labor now. Lol

emmyjoe - 4 days ago
Sandra!, I have nothing ready!!! and now i'm freaking out a bit. Went to Dr. for my NST yesterday and had 4 contractions in 25 minutes! He told me he wouldn't be surprised if I didn't make it through the weekend! And this isn't my Dr, I have never met him before, my Dr. is outta town for the holiday! :( So I got told to sit and relax as much as possible, but of course now I'm washing baby clothes and the bedding for her bassinet and trying to get my house work done, plus doing the Easter thing for my other 2 kiddos! Thank God my hubby is an amazing helper too! So far this morning I have had no contractions, so maybe I just needed a good nights sleep!! - 4 days ago
Anyone already have their hospital bags packed? I have nothing ready. I guess since I feel like shes never coming out I feel no rush to prepare. However I know I should probably atart soon. What is everyone packing for baby themselves and the hubby?

emmyjoe - 8 days ago
14 days left!!! I am so excited!! getting very uncomfortable and ready to meet my baby and have my body back to myself!

sherell - 20 days ago
omg, 2 more weeks until scheduled induction. cant wait to meet my baby boy. n definately cnt wait to get my body back. im tired of feeling his little feet kick me in my ribs.

daffymtz22 - 41 days ago
Oh my Caniac!!! What an entrance. Congratualations! I'm glad all went well

mommynat - 41 days ago
Wow Caniac! Congratulations! :) that's crazy!

CaniacMom - 43 days ago
Hi Ladies. Sorry I've been absent the last few weeks. I gave birth this afternoon at 37+6 to a healthy baby boy. We named him Chase Michael. He made quite the entrance into this world. I slept in until around 10:30 then noticed the toilet paper was pink when I wiped after going pee. Figured it meant labour might be underway soon. I had breakfast then decided to run a bath so I could shave my legs and start to prepare. In the bath the contractions starting coming every 4 minutes, but they only lasted around 30-45 seconds each and they were bearable. I got out of the bath around 12:40 and told my hubby that we were having a baby today so he went to have a shower. As soon as I got out of the bath, the contractions intensified and were one of top of the other. I couldn't differentiate when one was ending and the next one began. I sat on the toilet and had a bunch more blood come out. Then I looked in the mirror and realized I had dropped. I felt the urge to push and started pushing a bit on the toilet, hoping to ease the pain and pressure. I realized at that point that the baby was coming out and stood up and my water broke. I yelled for my husband. He came running with the phone in his hand and was dialing 911 just as I delivered the baby while still standing in the bathroom. I then walked into the bedroom and lay on our bed with my 4 year old while we waited for the ambulance to arrive. Baby was given a clean bill of health and we are now resting comfortably at the local hospital. Wasn't the birth experience we had planned, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

daffymtz22 - 44 days ago
How exciting Emily!! Can't wait until my brother calls to let me know my nephew is here. elijahplusbabybrother wishing you all the best today.

elijahplusbabybrother - 46 days ago
all done in only a few days (being induced monday night at 38 wks 1 day)! :D

emily82 - 48 days ago
My sister just delivered a healthy baby boy this morning! Everest was born at 5:42am, 7lb 1oz. It's my turn next......hope everyone is feeling ready and excited!!! :)

daffymtz22 - 49 days ago
Good morning ladies!! 37 weeks already. Counting down the days. Hope you are all doing well. I can't wait to meet this little fella!!

AussieDanni - 65 days ago
Dasha - Im in the same boat! No signs bub wants to exit! I have my 38 week check today, i really hope they say something positive, but bub is still high, and is in suh an awkward position, i highly doubt there will be any news from me! I had a teary yesterday, was struggling to walk :( My hips are really struggling! Have to keep reminding myself that it is almost the end!! Hope everyone else is going well! See you all in week 38!

dasha - 65 days ago
Right. Well, weekend has come and gone, and still no baby! I guess I'll have to be patient. If he can just hold off until Wednesday now, I'll be all set, as am working both tonight and tomorrow night... Am excited for my doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning... will finally know if anything is getting a move on down there... somehow I don't think so, which is kind of disappointing... I really thought I was going to go early this time, but it seems not. If I had a magic 8 ball, I think it would say : 'all signs point to no'.... darnit! Hope some of you guys had some progress... Have a lovely day!

HMS - 68 days ago
Happy Valentines Day ladies!! Thanx for all ur advice....i feel so much more at ease nw!!Lala dat gives me hope dat it'll happen soon!! @ Dash nw wudnt that be great if we cud have our babies ds wknd hahaha wud be a BIG blessing. My body is finished coz of all d aches, pains n sleepless nights! Im also back at work cnt sit at home makes me jus more anxious hehehe!! Labour Dust tooo all of ull! :) xxx

AussieDanni - 68 days ago
Dasha - thank you x I love my boy, and I love when people take an interest, so thank you so much. I don't know how you ladies are still working!! This was my first week of mat leave, and today ive not had energy for anything! Never mind! lalapet - my girl still moves like she is a much smaller baby, so i have had a few cries of pain today when an elbow looks like its breaking through my skin :p Unfortunately i have no exciting signs of labour, and i booked my csection for after my due date, so I have a feeling I will be here til then!

lalapet - 69 days ago
hello ladies, 10 hour work day today, i have been losing my plug little by little, TMI, but the way I knew I would go into labor soon was that with my boys, I had a little bit pink in mucus that night (with each kid) and I went into labor several hours later. So far its clear, but that has been the most consistent way for me to tell I was going into labor ;) Baby just moving alot, like clock work start up around 930-1030pm when I am watching olympics, moves around to the point where I am yelping out in pain and discomfort.. what the heck? keep us posted about progress ladies

dasha - 69 days ago
HMS here they say its fine too if your plug comes out.... 'they' say that means you should feel something start happening within 24 to 48 hours... but as for going to the hospital because of infection or whatever, thats only supposed to be once your water breaks.... So good luck to you! It sounds like your little one is getting geared up to arrive! Still playing the waiting game over here.... he's super low, and ready, but nothing else going on. Only noticeable change is that he is nowhere near as active in the last two days as he usually is... which is totally normal and to be expected, as he is also storing up his energy for his trip down the tunnel (go toward the light!!)... so I'm just trying to rest as much as I can. Have been feeling better since yesterday, but am working until almost ten tonite, so am about to head back to bed for a bit. Danni, I have to say, I finally had the courage to read your post about Thomas. Dear heavens, you are one amazing, strong, incredible woman. God bless you. You have all of my love and support for this sweet thing that will be your gift from the universe... you deserve it more than anything. Now lets all go and read trashy novels, eat some chocolate, and play the waiting game. I hope we all miraculously have our babies this weekend... Have a great day!

AussieDanni - 69 days ago
Up to you HMS! Here they say its fine, but if your waters break to call. Every place is different though! You could call them and ask?

HMS - 69 days ago
Aussie- Too much of excitement hahahaha!! i Feel ur pain mine is aso so sore dnt knw wots up wit dat. Hope baby drops soon 4 u so things can start to have a move on!! I wish my waters would break now cnt wait anymre! i swear these last days feels like an eternity. with that said shud i go doc 2 find out wot to do nw dat i lost my plug? Some peeps say dat i shud as baby myt b prone to infections and from wot i read on the internet is dat 1 dnt hav to as its normal n dat baby wil not get an infection. #Confused# and i dnt wane go back to d hospital

AussieDanni - 69 days ago
HMS - sounds like you have had an exciting week then! Losing mucous plug could mean you will have bub soon, or not, guess you'll just have to wait for some regular contractions or for your water to break! My bub is still breech and high! Doesn't feel like she wants to come out soon! Been in so much pain today though, my right hip is killing me!

HMS - 69 days ago
Helloooo every1. 37 weeks n 4days 2day. was in hospital since monday morning early had contractions n doc told me bub myt 2day but bub neva came. came home tuesday from hospital and yesterday i started to loose my mucus plug its jus clear not bloody. not sure wot to do now realy dnt wane go back 2 hospital and dan nada happens!

lalapet - 71 days ago
hey girls, having two boys, I didn't have much girl stuff, and I didn't really have baby shower for my first one, nothing for second bc it was another boy, and I definitely wanted something for my 3rd since its going to be a girl, if for some reason it ends up being a boy, he will be wearing girl clothes, LOL

AussieDanni - 71 days ago
Sorry to hear you've been sick Dasha! Baby showers aren't a big deal for me, cause like you I have everything, and I hate being centre of attention, so I'd just be uncomfortable! I don't think I'll see my bub this week! So you will have me around! Have officially finished work, so I can focus on organising the house ready for bub. Spose I should get up and do some cleaning! Take care x

dasha - 71 days ago
Well hello, girls! I thought maybe you'd both had your babies already and that I was going to be stuck here all alone! Danni, don't feel bad, I never had a proper 'shower' either.. for Noah my husband and I decided to have a happy hour at a lounge instead. I had a cocktail (mmm.. vodka and 7-up) and we had a few friends, there was a DJ.... but as for a 'ladies-only-get-totally-pampered' kind of shower, no.... I'm guessing that if nobody is planning one for me this time, its not going to happen... besides, I already have EVERYTHING I need. Tho someone did mention that great gift ideas for baby number two are coupons for take-away meals, and gift certificates for things like diapers.. which does make sense to me! Anyhoo. As my bestie put it back in December when she was in her last weeks, I feel like a ticking time bomb... No leaking (regular discharge only) fluids, never did get my internal exam (apparently thats NEXT week), small contractions only that are definitely NOT the 'real' thing, and other than that, little guy supposedly still has his head down and is ready to go! I've been sick since last wednesday, and today is the first day I've felt alright, so thats a plus.... tho was up with Noah at 6:30, and am already feeling pretty run down. Am going to read on my couch and store up my energy for work this evening. Missed my work since I've been sick, which is a total of 350$ lost, so things around here are going to be pretty tight for the next couple of weeks... I wish you all lovely days, and take care of yourselves. Will join you here in 37 weeks tomorrow, I think! xxx

AussieDanni - 71 days ago
Lalapet - I was wondering if any one may of had bub early! I had some contractions the other morning, but nothing since, and she is head up and quite high! Never mind! Your family sound awesome! I've never had a baby shower! Since this is apparently my last I guess I never will! As much as I want this miss out, I think I'll miss being pregnant!

lalapet - 72 days ago
Hello week 37! still feeling good, not as anxious, but dont really feel any different, past couple days mild cramps and low back pain that comes and goes which are newer symptoms, but I looked it up online, could be couple days or couple weeks before labor lol. I had a suprise shower by family this past saturday, FINALLY!! I was almost 37 weeks but they had to wait for my sister to come from out of town for my mom's bday, so I figured it wouldn't be this weekend since it was bday weekend but they pulled it off. I have enough clothes for 4 girls lol yay :)

Baby2comin - 82 days ago
Hopeful, I hope they get that finalized with you right away. Sometimes I don't think people even think about the extra planning that might have to go into these things. lindsey, I totally understand with the hormones. On top of being uncomfortable and waiting on pins and needles, anything extra is just too much! I hope you stick with whatever you like for a name and not let others pressure you. I wouldn't have chosen the names my brother has for his kids but the grow on you in time and even if they didn't, oh well! That's why I name mine and they name theirs. :) Anyways. I've had some extra pressure and more BH contractions than normal today and some are a bit painful so maybe tonight is my night. I'm hoping and praying!!!

lindseys1979 - 82 days ago
I'm exhausted. I feel like I'm not going to get a break before this baby comes. At my last appt, I was 3cm and 20% effaced. My bowels have changed, basically I'm pooping a lot more, I know, tmi, but I guess that can be a sign. To top off the stress of impending labor, my mother in law decided to question our name choice me other night, like it's her business... I'm so cranky! Sorry, had to vent.

hopeful28 - 83 days ago
Baby2, you are next in line don't worry I know these last few weeks is a killer but for you it's only days : ) but I went to the doctor yesterday and I had ask the nurse when am I having my csection and she went and ask the doctor she said Tuesday or Wednesday but the nurse made my next appointment for Thursday it's like the nurse don't want me to have my baby I am tripping I just want a set date this should have been done over a month ago because they not understanding I have three kids and I have to arrange for a sitter and get my two girls hair done so they want look a mess

Baby2comin - 83 days ago
Drem, No advice but best of luck. Maybe don't tell anyone the name you pick this time until you've actually had baby. With my first we didn't know what we were having and both names we picked got scrapped about a month before she was born. In the end I told hubby that unless he could come up with a better name than this other one, we were going with it. We ended up with that name. We both love it now but he was a bit on the fence with it at first. Good luck. :)

dremattmo - 84 days ago
okay i have a problem my husband and i cant agree on a name and once we did my side of the family had a lot of ugly things to say and now my husband comes to me and really isn't sure about the name and now im back to square one and im kinda stressed out because i go in for a c-section on 2-13-14 and that's really only 2 weeks i thought i could take all the names i have picked out and look at him and go through the list and see what one he looks like...ugh any advise lady's please let me know..

Baby2comin - 84 days ago
What a sweetheart. :) My mom and I went out this morning to get some groceries. It was -13c but with the windchill it was closer to -20c. Not very nice. I figure that baby will come now that our temps have dropped again lol. I've felt lots more pressure today but still not many contractions. Even though I've done this before, I feel like I don't really know what to do/expect. I may have lost some of my mucus plug this morning but def. not all of it. I'm hoping tonight or tomorrow I'll start. However, I've been saying this for a few days+ so... I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Did you do anything special for your birthday? Order in food at least?

hopeful28 - 85 days ago
Baby2 , thank you : ) but I am feeling a lot better other my feet swollen and my ankles are bruised its weird looking but cleaning is suppose to get labour started at lest for my sister it did everytime and sex lol but I honestly think you will have your baby this week just keep on walking and if I was you I would go to labour and delivery on Thursday just to see how much more dilated you are or to the doctor and girl it's way too cold to go outside I believe it's suppose to be below 15 so I am staying indoors but my husband order me some flowers with two stuff animals it was so cute I don't know why else he has planned for today but it better not be going out to eat

Baby2comin - 85 days ago
Happy Birthday Hopeful! Are you doing something special to celebrate? I get the not wanting to share your birthday. It's kinda nice to have your own day, esp when you have kids. They get most of the attention anyways. ;) My mom has a yoga ball but it's a bit flat otherwise I would totally be on it. I walked so much yesterday that my legs ached SO much through the night. I think I even had some contractions through the night but I went back to sleep and they went away. Today I've taken it a bit slower and just cleaned my house a bit. I'm thinking the vac ought to do something. I hate this waiting stage. :( I don't have any idea when baby will come and I'm not ready to say, well at least in 3 weeks I'll have baby. That would be really hard! Are you feeling any better Hopeful? You aren't blacking out or anything right?

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