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You are 37 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

You are considered full-term now and your baby's final touches are being made. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is now 14 inches and the total length is around 21 inches. Your baby weighs approximately 6.5 pounds. Your uterus may be measuring about the same as it has been and is probably about 6.5 inches from the top of your bellybutton.

This week your baby should engage into your pelvis. If this is not your first pregnancy, it may happen later. When your baby engages, his head drops down into your pelvis and you might feel a slight sensation called `lightening` as the pressure on your ribs eases. As your baby drops into the final position for delivery, you may experience a buzzing feeling and shooting pains in your groin and leg. Normally, you will be able to breathe and eat easier. However, your uterus pushes down harder on your bladder and you will have an increased urge to urinate more frequently. Even if your baby engages now, you still possibly feel his feet in your breastbone around week 40.

Your baby is now fully mature and ready to be born. However, your baby is still growing and developing every day. Fat is still being laid down at a rate of a half ounce a day. If this is your first pregnancy, you can expect to deliver closer to 40 weeks or shortly thereafter. If this is not your first baby, you might go earlier than 40 weeks! Make sure that your bags are packed for the hospital and remember to preregister for admission.

Your doctor may begin doing weekly pelvic exams to evaluate your cervical changes and progression. Your healthcare provider will make sure that you are not leaking amniotic fluid and will also examine your cervix to check for effacement and dilation. Before labor, your cervix is thick and 0% effaced. During labor your cervix thins out and right before delivery it will become very soft and 100% effaced.

Research shows your baby can be affected by stress hormones. Make time to relax, to have fun, and to rest.

Your baby has learned to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing so it can do all three when breastfeeding after birth. Babies practice shallow breathing before birth, using amniotic fluid.

Almost there! Did you know that we also have a month by month calendar for babies? You can find it in the menu under `Babies`: Month by month

Comments on week 37

Comments 1-49 of about 1461 from week 37
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monkeymomma - 3 days ago
2 more weeks for me!! I was having a ton of Braxton hicks but now they have calmed down. No signs of labor coming anytime soon....

Kekea - 13 days ago
Congrats treadingwater what an awesome labor and delivery! I finally posted a birth story on my page. Not long before you all hrVe little babies in your arms.

RowdyRandi - 14 days ago
Congratulations treadingwater!

treadingwater - 15 days ago
Thank you and good luck! I will check in with the rest of you to hear your birth stories tooo!!

TaraR - 15 days ago
Congrats Treadingwater!!!!!! Sooooo happy for you!!!!

treadingwater - 15 days ago
Tara i drunk 3 to 4 cups a day. I just gave birth to my daughter. Went in at 7:30. Doc gave me a pill to dissolve under my tongue to help with ripening of my cervix at 7:52. 8:40 she popped my water. I had my daughter at 9:30. Quick n fast delivery. Shes 6 lbs 7 oz 18 inches long apgar is a 9!

TaraR - 15 days ago
I will be trying the cinnamon tea today!! I didn't get a chance to stop at the store after work last night. So I went this morning before work. How many cups did you drink a day? And now I feel like I'm getting some type of cold or something! :( I have a headache, my nose is stuffy and my throat hurts! Gosh, I'm falling apart! LOL

treadingwater - 16 days ago
Still here bur contractions are coming! I refuse to go in though though. At least until i cant breathe through them! Lol

Paulasoon2b8 - 16 days ago
Treading your still hanging in!!!! Can't wait to hear your story...should be short and sweet!!! Good luck!!!

Paulasoon2b8 - 16 days ago
Am so sad that my body is not working for me this time around....and I was so sure it was...the others I had no idea and I was over 5 cms every time😧

treadingwater - 16 days ago
Let me know id u notice a difference tara!

Paulasoon2b8 - 16 days ago
Tara....I'm with ya...Doc says I'm still at a one and cervix is high....his is a first for me. I told him I want another appointment first before induction...don't want to force I'd she just is t ready it's just odd I have been have contra actions with cramping not sure how I'm only 1 cm

TaraR - 16 days ago
Thanks! I will try the cinnamon tea! I have been drinking RLT since about 34 weeks or so....but I don't think it's helping me. Thanks for the info!

treadingwater - 16 days ago
TaraR- the only thing i can suggest is probably looking at cinnamon tea and raspberry leaf tea. Cinnamon tea you need the cinnamon stick...basically boil it w/ water until it gets dark. Hope this helps!

TaraR - 16 days ago
Hello ladies! I have my appointment today. Absolutely no changes....I'm still a 1. I'm no longer sleeping at night and swelling so much. Any tips on how to help things move along?!?!

treadingwater - 16 days ago
I also believe one of the things that have helped me dilate faster and made me reach this stage was drinking raspberry leaf tea and cinnamon tea. I know that they are not proven. Raspberry leaf tea is suppose to tone the uterus for labor, cinnamon tea is suppose to trigger contractions...which I am feeling none of that but with my last three kids, I have never gotten to six all by myself. I have always remained at a 3-4 around this time.

treadingwater - 16 days ago
Just a quick update- I am still here. I am losing my mucous plug like crazy now. It's coming out big, bloody, and mucous-y! Sorry for the TMI. I am nervous that i wont last until tmrw but I am going to keep my legs up and not walk as much as I can. I have been getting contractions but they are not getting stronger and they are not consistent. However, I am feeling major changes down in my cervix...I can feel that this baby is coming! Let's hope this baby stays in until at least tmrw morning!

TaraR - 17 days ago
I'm so excited for everyone and to hear birth stories!! :)

susieq2582 - 17 days ago
treadingwater - I hope your water breaks at the hospital. Things will move super quick after that since you are already 5-6cm. Fingers crossed you hold out until Thursday. I went to my 37 week appt today, and no internal check.

treadingwater - 17 days ago
Tara...u should be able to ask for one...being that u r almost 38.

treadingwater - 17 days ago
Paula-i hope there is progress. I am extremely shocked to be this far along already and not feel any strong contractions. I do hope though that baby stays in until thurs! The docs oncall today n tmrw. I would love to avoid!

TaraR - 17 days ago
Wowee!!!! I wish my body was like yours treadingwater and Paula. I was a 1 last week. I have an appointment tomorrow. Not sure if he will do an internal or not.

PaulaSoon2b8 - 17 days ago
Oh Treading how exciting!!!! I was in similar vote last baby...he induced 2 days later as we are out of town as well. Most the work is done for you :)) You will/should have a short and sweet delivery!! My doc told me regular contractions, 5-7 minutes apart head to hospital....we are about 45 mins away. Your best vote if you don't think you'll make it would be to call for an ambulance at least you have medical assistance should something happen. As long as the bag of waters stays intact...the baby cant go anywhere:) SO excited to hear you story:) I have an appointment tomorrow as well 37 and 3 days....ultrasound 1st to see how big baby is getting. I was only 1 cm last visit....but I am sure there has been more action, with all the tightening, back pain and cramping. I am a lot like you...walk around at 5 cm dilated and have no

treadingwater - 17 days ago
TaraR- I don't have back pain but I heard back pain can be related to contractions!

treadingwater - 17 days ago
I went for my 38 week ob check (I'm 37 wks and 4 days) and my doctor did a cervix check. I am 5-6 cm dilated, 75 % effaced, baby is -2 station. She said I probably won't last until Thursday and because I do have GD she wants to schedule an induction on Thursday. :O Exciting news! However, I am scared because I am already this much dilated and I haven't felt any strong contractions! I have been losing my mucous plug since Friday. When should i go in? My husband works 30 mins away from our home and to travel from work to the hospital that's about 45 mins.

TaraR - 18 days ago
I'm having the worse lower back pain today!! It just comes and goes! Not comfy!!!

susieq2582 - 18 days ago
Hi Ladies, I haven't been on much this pregnancy, but thought I would stop in as I'm in the anxious end stage. When will it happen? The question we would all love to answer. This is my fourth boy, and I have always had the pelvic pain. This time, I feel like the baby could fall out at any moment. Treadingwater - I don't think it is weird at all to want to experience your water breaking naturally. All three of my labors so far have included my water breaking at home, and oh boy is it an experience. My boys heads are never engaged in my pelvis prior to labor starting, so the water just keeps flowing. Getting dressed to go to the hospital is tricky. Lots of pads and towels for the ride. However, I am still hoping this labor starts the same way.

TaraR - 18 days ago
We have!! His name is be Oliver Andrew. :)

treadingwater - 18 days ago
Hahaha! I do the same exact thing! I can't lay on my tummy because it's just too damn uncomfortable. I can't lay on my back because I can't breathe along with baby. My two only choices are my side and it's not much help! LOL. Have you guys picked a name for your LOs yet?

TaraR - 18 days ago
LOL I do the same thing! My husband is a police officer and works nights so when he's not home I take over the whole bed trying to get comfy! It doesn't work as well though when he's home because he's in my way! LOL

treadingwater - 18 days ago
I am glad I am not the only one suffering the pelvic pain!!! I am not sleeping well at all. My nights involve tossing and turning trying to find myself a comfortable position. Lol. I literally will throw my legs over my husband trying to find a comfortable position.

TaraR - 18 days ago
I'm having that pain as well!! So much pressure!! Anyone else not sleeping well?

RowdyRandi - 18 days ago
yes treadingwater i have horrible pelvic/vaginal/rectal pain and pressure. Today its especially bad

treadingwater - 18 days ago
TaraR- No swelling for me here haha. Don't lose hope yet! I hope you hear progress at your visit. My dr visit is tomorrow morning and my doctor will be performing the sweep then. I hope this will be the final push that sends me into labor on my own. On another note, is anyone experiencing extreme pelvic pain? I describe it to my sister as having a 15 lb bowling ball between my crotch area and when I roll over in bed I feel like my legs are being ripped apart.

TaraR - 18 days ago
Very exciting treadingwater!! I've been noticing nothing! I'll be pregnant forever! LOL I'm starting to swell everywhere! My legs and feet are huge when I wake up. Today my coworker said my face and lips look puffy. I'm trying to drink water to possibly help with that. I go to the Dr Wednesday so we'll see what he says then. Only a few more weeks!

treadingwater - 18 days ago
Kekea- I'm so jealous! Lol. You get to see your little one! Congratulations!

treadingwater - 18 days ago
Is it weird of me to want to feel the natural feeling of my water breaking instead of having the doctor pop it for me? Lol. I've been hoping things will happen on its own but I'm feeling like I won't ever experience it. (This is my last child). Anyways, good news, I've been seeing bloody show for four days now.

Kekea - 20 days ago
Thank you ladies for your well wishes. I'll post a birth story soon and I will continue to check in on everyone. Lots of labor dust to you all...

TaraR - 20 days ago
Congrats Kekea!!!!!! So glad everyone is ok!!

RowdyRandi - 20 days ago
Omg congrats kekea! I'm glad you both made it thru ok. I hope you have a speedy recovery. It is so exciting to hear that your ordeal is over and you're holding that beautiful baby in your arms

overjoyedmommy2 - 20 days ago
Congratulations! Wish you a speedy recovery

1morefor4 - 20 days ago
Congratulations Kekea. Sorry that it was such a scary ordeal for you but it's wonderful that she is safe and healthy and here. I hope you have a quick recovery.

Kekea - 21 days ago
Gm ladies. Baby girl was born at 1:11a via emergency c-section. I had to be put to sleep. Her cord had prolapsed. She was 7lbs 5oz. Very frightening ordeal. But she is doing great now and im hanging in there...

1morefor4 - 21 days ago
Kekea--I knew you wouldn't make it passed the weekend. Can't wait for your birth story.

Paulasoon2b8 - 21 days ago
Good luck...can't wait to hear all about it !!!!!

Kekea - 21 days ago
As I was about to clock out for my last day of work my water broke. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Kekea - 21 days ago
Tara I wanted to work as long as possible as well. I really regrete doing it my last pregnancy because my recovery was tough because I was so exhausted from working. I literally went to work that day and had my baby the same might.

Kekea - 21 days ago
Lol. It's funny how all of us are at at our breaking points. I know for a lot of us our baby having days are over so it is nice sharing this experience. Well two more hours until my maternity leave and if I do not go into labor on my own this weekend I will be getting induced Monday night. I hope she comes on her own before then but she is a stubborn little baby. It is so truthful when they say every pregnancy is different. The sweep worked with my first daughter.

TaraR - 21 days ago
I'm swelling so bad!! My feet are huge and hurt so bad as we speak!! I did forget to mention that when my Dr checked me he said he could stay in there another 3-4 weeks!! I'm like noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I'm so done being huge and pregnant!! Ready to see this little boy!

overjoyedmommy2 - 21 days ago
Hi ladies! I'm a dialysis nurse and working until I deliver. I'm on my feet all day but thank god no swelling just exhaustion lol

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