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You are 38 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby continues to grow this week and weighs about 6.8 pounds. His crown-to-rump length is still about 14 inches and total length is around 21 inches. Most women do not grow any larger during the last few weeks of their pregnancy. From the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is about 6.5 to 7 inches. You may be very uncomfortable now-you are almost there!

Just before real labor contractions start, you might notice false labor contractions. These should not be confused with Braxton-Hicks contractions. False labor contractions can be as strong as real labor contractions, but do not get closer and may go away if you get up to walk around. Contractions help dilate the cervix and encourage your water to break. Your baby could be born any day now, but only 5% of mothers deliver on their actual due date!

Over the last few weeks of pregnancy, your baby has been building up waste materials in the intestines. This waste material is known as meconium and is greenish-black in color. Meconium is made up of cells that your baby has shed, lanugo and other substances. Meconium is the first waste that your baby will pass after birth. However, sometimes babies pass meconium before delivery and are delivered with greenish-black waste covering their body. Special care must be taken when a baby passes meconium in the womb.

If your baby is a boy, his testes should have descended into his scrotum by this time. When your baby boy is born, both of his testes should be in place. Approximately 1% of babies are born with undescended testes. Because an undescended testis can cause infertility issues and increase the risks of testicular cancer, your baby's doctor will examine both testes after birth.

The baby's skull is not fully solid as the five bony plates, known as fontanels (little fountains), are still separate and can be pushed together. Birth may mold and elongate the fetal head, a safety precaution to reduce the skull's diameter for an easier birth, without damaging the fetal brain. After delivery, the baby's head returns to a rounded shape. Eyes have no tear ducts yet, they appear a few weeks after birth.

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Comments on week 38

Comments 1-49 of about 832 from week 38
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sherell - 5 days ago
omg, one more day until we head to the labor room on wednesday night. im super excited and anxious at this point. nothing to do now but relax sleep and relax sum more bcuz i wont be getting much of that in the hospital or wen we get bk home. soo im taking full advantage of my rest rite now. hope labor goes fast and smooth.

sherell - 11 days ago
hi girls. so finally happy to have made it to week 38. which means 1 more week for me since my docter will be inducing me at 39 weeks. cant wait to see my baby boy.

emily82 - 37 days ago
Hi Daffy, agree super quiet! Wow! Due in 4 days! How are you feeling? Do you have a name picked out? We'll all be holding out bundles so soon!! :)

daffymtz22 - 38 days ago
Well hello everyone. It's pretty quiet in here. I've been pushed up a week. Even quieter in week 39. My baby is now due on 3-18. Can't wait to meet him. Hope everyone else is doing well.

emily82 - 41 days ago
elijahplus - Hope you had a safe delivery and are enjoying your newborn! Congrats!!

elijahplusbabybrother - 41 days ago
today is the day!!! :D terrified much lol

elijahplusbabybrother - 42 days ago
time to have a baby tomorrow night!!! :D so scary... baby #2

dasha - 56 days ago
Me too, Danni. I'm still worried a bit about discharge... when I woke up in the night, I'd have to wipe because I was so damp it was keeping me awake. Thought it was starting to be time on Friday when I had three 'real contractions' twenty minutes apart, and so I went to bed in a panic, thinking I'd try to sleep so I'd be rested if he decided to come in the night, and woke up Saturday morning like nothing had ever happened. Sunday night had only one 'real one', and last night had two, but 45 minutes apart. So went to bed in a panic again at a quarter to ten, only to wake up at 3:30 and unable to get back to sleep until five. Slept an hour, then hubby woke me up accidentally, took another half hour to fall asleep, and then had to get up to get Noah off to school at seven. So I'm feeling a little rough, and am monitoring my fluid discharge today. Thought I should maybe swing by the hospital to ease my mind, but feel like such a baby doing that... Like the staff don't already have enough on their hands.... plus little guy is still rolling around. Um, maybe TMI, but does anyone else have gas in the night. I sat up in bed for a bit, and then couldn't lie back down because of gas pains... had to inch my way back down, with little whimpers on the way, only to toot once I got lying down again. It was so weird. I swear, I was never once this uncomfortable, worried, or nervous with my first... maybe thats normal because now I know what's coming? Argh. Thanks for letting me vent.

AussieDanni - 58 days ago
I had the worst night last night, lots of pains and couldn't sleep, and most of the day had so much pressure....started getting excited, but resting made it all stop :( Think I've just been doing too much. Bugger!

lalapet - 59 days ago
well i had really loose bowels for couple weeks, they seem ok now, I actually feel like I have less discharge, what the heck, but for past three days have PMS kind of crampy feelings throughout day and pinching pain down there, BH all the time, but its just such a waiting game now ;/, Im really hoping for this weekend as well, got all my paper work for work done, this saturday is my bosses baby shower and husbands birthday and friends coming from out of town. so I hope to be around for all that, then we having special guests at our church service sunday. also hope to be around for that, so ideally, sunday night would REALLY be ideal so I wont have to go to work lol

AussieDanni - 60 days ago
Dasha - yes!! I'm in the same boat!! Its clear, and def not amniotic fluid! I don't get an internal til 39 week check sadly so i have no idea if my body is starting to get ready.Dr said next Tuesday at my appointment she will do a stretch and sweep to try and help trigger labour. They did that at 40 weeks with my first and did nothing! I don't think this little girl will come on her own unfortunately :( hope your little man gives you a rest before he comes Dasha!

dasha - 60 days ago
Thanks for the advice ladies. I don't WANT to have a c-section, I'd rather push this little guy out naturally... so I guess I play the waiting game, and let them induce me at 41 weeks like my doctor said yesterday, if I don't go before on my own. We shall see. As of this moment, I am 'closed up tighter than Fort Knox'... which SUCKS! I am soooo ready to have this little guy in my arms... he's still head down and raring to go, but my body thinks otherwise. So, will just have to be patient. Thankfully, am finally 'done' work, except for two classes of figure skaters whom I adore, and don't want to give up.... so hubby starts work tonite in my place! So nice to have an ex-dancer husband who can take over for me. Before, I used to pray that I wouldn't go into labour while I was working, and now am praying I don't go into labour while HE is working... but hey. Little dude will do what he will when he will, and I trust him to know when he's ready. I've asked him please for sometime this weekend, and so has my doctor, because he's the doc on duty this weekend... :) Lets hope for the best! Oh. And one more thing. Anybody else having a LOT of discharge recently? As in, have to keep TP in my panties or else am uncomfortably humid all the time... I don't think its amniotic fluid, because its still clear and yellowish, but I still don't like it. Anyone else in the same boat?

AussieDanni - 60 days ago
Hope your bub isn't causing too much discomfort for you then while you keep working! I really struggled to stay til 37 weeks, but the heat was making it so hard!

lalapet - 60 days ago
yeah Im a therapist, I have tons of patients to see and paperwork to do, so I might as well max out my time and pay check and then go on maternity leave, because I will be paid a little bit while on leave, but barely enough to even cover my monthly medical insurance.

AussieDanni - 60 days ago
Yeah i don't understand opting for surgery for no reason!! You're still working? I barely have enough energy to get dressed today, cant imagine being at work! I'm also having pms crampy pains, trying not to get excited!

lalapet - 60 days ago
omg, I cant even imagine giving birth to such big babies lol, I am just saying some ppl opt for elective c sections, I wouldnt do that. People at work saying my stomach dropped.. hmm feeling PMS kind of cramps today, could it mean anything? heheh don't have too much hope but you never know ....

AussieDanni - 61 days ago
Lalapet - cause I had an emergency csection last time, jan 2013, it limits my options this time! Otherwise there is no question for me! But not all drs are pro vbac. And there are lots of rules! This bub is on track for 11lbs, my first I delivered naturally, she was 10lb 10oz, and I had 2nd degree tears and post partum hemorrhage, and that was still better then a csection! Previous csections add a bit more complication to the whole thing.

lalapet - 61 days ago
I am kind of believer in baby chooses the birthdate lol, but I dont think I would go over more than a week, for me personally c section is so invasive, but I also wouldnt get epidural, I kind of figure our bodies were meant to handle birth and its challenges, even the pain, but to each his own, I didnt have any problems pushing out my other 2, hopefully this one wont be too big to get stuck hehe, first baby 6 lb 13 oz, 2nd baby 7 lbs 11 oz, I definitly hink this third will be bigger.

AussieDanni - 61 days ago
I have personally booked a csection Dasha a few days after my due date. If i don't go into labour naturally they wont induce me so makes the decision a little easier for me i guess. But, also, based on my bubs size i don't personally want to labour for hours and be exhausted and have a tired bub and still have to have a csection. I think from what i have been told vaginal delivery is better on bub, but in saying that how comfortable are you in going through labour and having to have the csection anyway? Also, is your caregiver pro vbac? Its so hard to decide!!

dasha - 62 days ago
Looks like were all just playing the waiting game, aren't we? Phooey. Had an interesting thought/query this morning, and am looking for feedback and opinions. Last time, I went 11 days over, and was induced with disastrous results, ending in an emergency c-section. If (heaven forbid) I go over again, and they say they'd like to induce me, do you think it might be better to simply opt for a c-section right off the bat, and not go through the horror show that it was last time? What do you all think? I mean, what would be less stressfull for the little guy? To all of a sudden have a chemically induced labour forced upon him when he's not ready and put him through that stress of birth, or to just rip him out of his comfy warm home and kaboom 'welcome to the world'? I'm not sure... Opinions, please!

AussieDanni - 62 days ago
Had my 38 week check today....nothing exciting to report :( Active baby, not engaged, spine against my spine....oh well.

mommyohmommy - 62 days ago
I hit 39 weeks in just 6 minutes and still nothing here either! But I've always had stubborn babies, haha.

lalapet - 62 days ago
heloo 38 weeks, 38 weeks and nothing going on lol, feel the same as other other weeks, o well, good luck ladies

2timemum - 72 days ago
39 weeks tomorrow and I have been experiencing false labour contractions. I hope she comes as soon as possible. I am tired of waiting.

hopeful28 - 80 days ago
I forgot to mention at my 37 week appointment I still haven't dilated I wonder If it has something to do with having csections but this weekend I am going to the mall and walking with my kids and niece and hopefully that will start contractions because I am ready to meet my prince

hopeful28 - 80 days ago
Congratulations love78 : )

Love78 - 82 days ago
Belebr - I had the baby very late last Tuesday night!

belebr - 88 days ago
Baby yet love?

Baby2comin - 89 days ago
That's so awesome Baby. I'm glad you'll be able to get rest now that u are home. I can't believe you are cleaning already! Will your kids be at daycare this week? That would help with sleep. :) I'm so glad you are ok, both of you.

Love78 - 89 days ago
Water broke and going to have my baby soon.

babybaby21986 - 89 days ago
Thanks everyone for the congrats :) I am at home !!!!!! So glad to be out LOL Well, my plan to get out straight away did not work LOL Apparently, I lost about 1 Litre of blood, so for my next pregnancy, at the delivery time, I will have to have needle and medications to prevent blood loss again *_* Still don't know what happened with the placenta. Baby Samuel is doing great. It is funny because he has hair everywhere on the body, except he doesn't have eyebrows LOL Funny looking at it LOL He is a very good sleeper. My 2 others come next to him screaming, touching him, and he is still deeply asleep. I vacuumed the floor next to him, and he still sleeps, which is great :) I am sleep deprived right now, for the lack of sleep since Sunday. In the hospital, the had to give me antibiotic every 3 hours or 2. The only thing with that is that (TMI WARNING LOL)it made me go to toilet very bad. So, I guess I must have had a total of 6 hours sleeps in the last 3 days LOL But that's ok, it will get better from now on :) Soooooo, who's next ?

belebr - 89 days ago
Congratulations babybaby!!!!! Soooo happy for you!!!!!! B

Baby2comin - 90 days ago
You are one blessed momma Kitty. :) My daughter is trying to see how much she can get away with. She watches me while doing what I said no to, whines over anything she doesn't get etc. Where did my sweet easy-going girl go? Yet she's also become SUPER snuggly. That's been a nice plus. :) Oh well, it's nap time now so I'll enjoy my quiet time. :D

kitty79 - 91 days ago
My 2 year old is being good today. I can't sleep but he's letting me sit on couch all day and we have small snacks and are watching tv. He goes plays a bit then comes back to my lap. I haven't had to discipline or chase him once today. Bonus!

Baby2comin - 91 days ago
I am not in a cleaning mood, at all! However, I decided I better get something done because if baby comes I'll be annoyed with the mess so... An hour and a half later, I finished dusting and vacuuming. I'm feeling achy and tired out physically now. I think I'll rest the rest of the day. :D Now my almost 2 year old needs to comply and let me rest. ;) Hmmm, wonder if that'll happen

Baby2comin - 91 days ago
Oh wow Baby!!! That sounds a bit scary! I'm glad to hear you are doing ok and that baby Samuel is healthy. Congrats on your newest sweetheart. What an awesome blessing. :D I hope they figure out what went on there. Crazy that he got stuck just like both your others. ;) I guess now this only leaves about 3 of us in the week or 2 marker left. Crazy!!! 38 weeks and I'm starting to feel left behind. Lol.

kitty79 - 91 days ago
Baby baby: congrats!!!

babybaby21986 - 91 days ago
Well, I didn't expected that coming... lol Samuel Zechariah arrived into the world at 37 week and 3 days weighting 3.570 kilo, 54 centimeters on Sunday at 18.44pm. After the bloody show, I felt something that popped and thought it was water. But it was blood. Coming from everywhere, didn't stop at all. I had to be rushed in hospital and they had to monitored the baby as I was bleeding a lot. They were going to start to induce me because they were worried that I may have a c-section. Well my body had it's own mind. It went into labour on it's own and I had him 3 hours later, pushing for 1 hour because he got stuck (again...). When he came out, heaps of blood came out right away. They are not sure if my placenta started to come off. They are analyzing at the moment. As for me, I got fever, low iron, put on antibiotic, and massive swelling down there:( I have to have ice pack there and a Cather because I cannot pee. I am still in hospital, hoping to come out tomorrow if I am getting better. Samuel is doing great. The only thing is that he is spitting blood because he drank it when he was inside and I was bleeding. I just wonder what happened to cause this massive bleeding

Baby2comin - 91 days ago
I think I'll have another week or so to go. I feel more at ease about things and like I can just enjoy my coming week and not be constantly monitoring my body. Maybe I sound crazy. That's ok by me. ;) FYI, church was really good today.

Baby2comin - 92 days ago
Less than an hour till I'm 38 weeks and 13 days till my Feb 2 DD. The count down is on!

chachalawala - 111 days ago
Hello 38 weeks!!! One more week till my csection!!!

AmyLynn82 - 116 days ago
Congrats Amy79!!!

*wyatts*mommy* - 118 days ago
Congrats Amy!!!!!! Enjoy every moment!

Delylah - 119 days ago
Congratulations Amy79! :-)

amy79 - 120 days ago
She's here!!! Leila Janet was born Dec 20th at 3:22pm. 6lbs 12oz, 19in. Good delivery. She's healthy and beautiful and we're home today. God bless all of you and your families, and Merry Christmas!

3ringcircus - 121 days ago
2ndRound - it could be the baby settling in head down or baby sitting on a nerve. Neither is super comfy, best wishes to you

3ringcircus - 121 days ago
Catamami - congrats!!!

catamami2 - 122 days ago
Hey ladies Alyssa Grace arrived yesterday at 5:58am weight 8.10lbs and 21in long. She is doing wonerfully, she had to stay in nicu for 24 hrs to monitor sugar levels since I had GD. Her numbers are fine and she should be able to stay in the room with me today. I was induced wed night, my epidural experience was sheer horror well the whole put jn my back. They couldn't find the space and I was pricked 5 times but thankfully they got it and the birth was pain free she came out with two pushes in less than 3 minutes. Happy labor to all the mommies that will be having their babies soon. It's amaZing!!!

2ndRound - 122 days ago
Hi ladies, I hardly ever post but are up to date with all of yours. I decided to post & ask for HELP. For the last 12h I have had a horrible pain in the groin area, it feels like something is trying to open it apart from side to side. I can hardly walk!! Is this what they mean by 'increased pressure on your pelvis area'? How long will this go on for? Anyone experiencing this? I hv a 3 year old toddler, running around is just not possible right now :( Congratulations to all of the ones who have delivered & labor dust to all the rest! :)

baby3andme - 122 days ago
Congrats 3ring! Glad you got to have your vaginal delivery after all! GL tomorrow adiro!!

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