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You are 38 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

Your baby continues to grow this week and weighs about 6.8 pounds. His crown-to-rump length is still about 14 inches and total length is around 21 inches. Most women do not grow any larger during the last few weeks of their pregnancy. From the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is about 6.5 to 7 inches. You may be very uncomfortable now-you are almost there!

Just before real labor contractions start, you might notice false labor contractions. These should not be confused with Braxton-Hicks contractions. False labor contractions can be as strong as real labor contractions, but do not get closer and may go away if you get up to walk around. Contractions help dilate the cervix and encourage your water to break. Your baby could be born any day now, but only 5% of mothers deliver on their actual due date!

Over the last few weeks of pregnancy, your baby has been building up waste materials in the intestines. This waste material is known as meconium and is greenish-black in color. Meconium is made up of cells that your baby has shed, lanugo and other substances. Meconium is the first waste that your baby will pass after birth. However, sometimes babies pass meconium before delivery and are delivered with greenish-black waste covering their body. Special care must be taken when a baby passes meconium in the womb.

If your baby is a boy, his testes should have descended into his scrotum by this time. When your baby boy is born, both of his testes should be in place. Approximately 1% of babies are born with undescended testes. Because an undescended testis can cause infertility issues and increase the risks of testicular cancer, your baby's doctor will examine both testes after birth.

The baby's skull is not fully solid as the five bony plates, known as fontanels (little fountains), are still separate and can be pushed together. Birth may mold and elongate the fetal head, a safety precaution to reduce the skull's diameter for an easier birth, without damaging the fetal brain. After delivery, the baby's head returns to a rounded shape. Eyes have no tear ducts yet, they appear a few weeks after birth.

Would you like to announce the birth of your new baby? Do so by clicking this link: I gave birth!

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Comments on week 38

Comments 1-49 of about 1529 from week 38
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Kekea - 7 hours ago
Austinjeancxo seems like you will have her soon. Delarla sorry about you torn muscle. You hVr a strong boy in there good luck on your impending labors. Im only 36 weeks but this is number 5 and I can actually recognize the signs of my body getting ready.

austinjeanxo - 8.7 hours ago
Popping in from 37... It's quiet there... I haven't posted in forever.. We found out it's a girl... I had an appointment today and was at 2cm.. Dr doesn't think I will even make it to the 14th... He said he could feel her head with 2 fingers. It HURT this time when he checked me. I bled for a while today afterwards too. My husband is on the ocean so we will see if he will be home when she decides she wants to come. I'm a getting nervous..... Excited but nervous.. Labor scares me. When I had my son it was very painful!

delarla - 19 hours ago
Congrats becky!! Went for my weekly visit today and I'm still 2cm 70% effaced. She attempted a membrane sweep, but my cervix is still posterior so it was a little difficult for her to do. I'm so ready to have this baby. She thinks he may have tore a muscle in my ribs. Bah

Royal-P - 19.6 hours ago
yay Becky congrats :) great news

jamie86 - 2 days ago
Congrats Becky!

beckym - 2 days ago
Thank you kekea!

Kekea - 3 days ago
Congrats on your baby girl beckym!!!

beckym - 3 days ago
Took me up to an hour before having her to convince them I was really in labor, lol. Had her at 7:22 am today, 8/29/2015. The most painful labor out of all of my children, Serenity was 9 lbs 5 oz, the cord was wrapped around her neck. I couldn't have made it through the labor and delivery without the support of my husband, he was amazing, every time I began hyperventilating he would sooth me and calm me down and breath with me, remind me to slow my breathing, rub my back, hold me, comfort me, I love that man so much! He is getting the kids now so they can meet their new little sister, I had minor tearing. No pain meds! This has been a wild journey, I am glad that I was able to share it with you ladies, I look forward to hearing your labor and birth stories!

delarla - 3 days ago
Congrats everyone!!! Becky good luck!

Kekea - 3 days ago
Free2bmom what a beautiful birth story. You gave me a few laughs a long the way. Lol. I teansitioned fast with my last two and the nurses suggest that I didnt push until the doctor arrive. But when your body is giving you the urge to push you cant wait on anyone.

Kekea - 3 days ago
Congrats Free2bmom most of you ladies are having nice fast labors. I hope I am as lucky. Beckym good luck!!! Keep us posted

Royal-P - 3 days ago
wow congrats Free2bmom. Becky good luck to u, I hope this is it for you

beckym - 3 days ago
Congratulations free2bmom! I definitely think I am in this for the long haul, the only time the contractions woke me up was when they were real, and these are doing just that. They still have me in triage though, 3 cm, and 80 percent effaced, that part hasn't changed yet and that is what they are looking to see happen

Free2Bmom - 3 days ago
Good luck Becky! I had my daughter Phoenix James Wood on Tuesday the 25th. 6lbs 3oz and 20' long and she is SO beautiful! I posted the birth story but it disappeared so I'm not sure if I have to redo it or not. I hope all your labours go as quickly as my half hr labour did with this one!

beckym - 3 days ago
Checked in the hospital, being monitored to see if I will stay.

delarla - 4 days ago
Becky, your my hero! My biggest was 7 lbs. I cant.imagine having anything bigger.

Royal-P - 4 days ago
remember I only started weighing in March and I fell pregnant in December/November, I don't know what it was before. but I think it went down a bit because I was on some sort of a diet in January (I didn't know for sure i was preggos) total weight gain is 75.6kg by far (166.7lbs)

beckym - 4 days ago
Royal, your weight gain is fantastic, mine is out of control, I can only wait until the baby is here to stabilize the chaos. My children are always big at birth ranging from 8 lbs to 9 lbs. The girls have routinely been in the 8 range, the boy in the 9.

Royal-P - 4 days ago
i think il pack my hospital bag this weekend? lol I know! I still need to buy a few more things but I have all the essentials. baby has been engaged since 32w but I don't have much pressure on the bladder. I am comfortable most days, midwife told me baby's head is gearing things up after I told her that it feels like my bones are broken down there. I also have what I think are B/H contractions :?

beckym - 4 days ago
Delarla, I know what you mean, most of our friends and family are only available certain times of the day due to work schedule. Try talking to neighbors, that would be great for the school age ones too for puck up and drop off.

Royal-P - 4 days ago
good to hear the surgery went well Becky, wishing her speed recovery. oh man Delarla I hope things get better for you. it must be hard. sending labor dust to u and Becky. as for me, well im more than happy to wait till my due date. infact il be happy to wait till the tenth after my 2nd prenatal class, but this baby must stop growing in there lol. I gained a whooping 5kg in the last six weeks :( omg! I don't know what my wait was pre pregnancy but so far I've gained 10.6kg since March (that's 23.4lbs if my converter is right) ahg. and my midwife thinks the baby is big and she does feel big. I just hope most of this weight is on me rather than on the baby. I went in to see my midwife today and I go again next week Thursday, to a new clinic b/c we moved. we'l see how it goes there

delarla - 4 days ago
Becky- the few friends we do have work. We have no family here. Thankfully school has started so that is reassuring. That takes care of 2 kids!

beckym - 4 days ago
Delarla, sending labor dust your way! I never realized we could back pedal in our progress! They said I am 3 cm 75 to 80 percent effaced monday, I was hoping to go into labor before my mom had heart surgery, but that didn't work for me, I hope you have more luck. Do you have neighbors or friends that can help with your children while in the hospital, my parents have always been my support system, but they will both be unavailable, I spoke to friends family and close neighbor friends, I still don't feel fully covered, because everyone works and are only available for short times, and school is starting!

delarla - 4 days ago
It also doesn't help that I'm EXTREMELY sensitive right now and everytime my mom talks to someone on the phone she says things like 'the doctor said don't hold your breath' or 'ya the baby's not coming anytime soon'. She also keeps telling me that he hasnt dropped yet so its going to be awhile. This is my 4th! You dont usually drop after your dirst. I want to scream cry or both everytime she says something like that.

delarla - 4 days ago
I'm going crazy!! Baby #4 for us. Doc said last week I'm 2cm and 70% effaced, then the doc yesterday said maybe 1 cm. I'm so frustrated. I cried after she left the room. My mom leaves tomorrow for a couple days. We dont have a support system where we live now so if i go into labor and she's not here I have to bring all 3 kiddos to the hospital. Not ideal and def. Stressing me out. I've been walking multiple times a day and sex once a day to try to help, but not even 1 contraction. I know my body will go when it's ready... I just need it to be ready now.

beckym - 4 days ago
I have been having a lot of pink colored mucous type stuff every time I wipe, I called my obgyn, they said that I was slowly losing my mucus plug. My mom's surgery went well, they kept her heavily medicated for the rest of the day to let her body recover. So far so good, in icu only adults and kids 12 and up can visit, so my kids will need to wait with their grandfather outside of icu, my 4 year old asked if she could just say hi to grammie, or take a quick peek. I told her as soon as she is feeling stronger and goes to the other side of the hospital, we can all visit.

Kekea - 5 days ago
Beckym it sounds like your making progress. I predict that you will have a nice smooth labor. Im excited to know what you have cooking in there.

beckym - 5 days ago
Thank you for the well wishes for my mom, I haven't heard anything yet, I tried to call my dad 3 times so far, she might still be in surgery. Royal, I wasn't going to say anything, but your strength gives me strength, I am embarrassed to say I am fighting the hemmoroid battle as well, normally from what I remember from the other pregnancies I have had I get one from delivery, not before, and this is making things very uncomfortable. I am using tucks wipes and collace. Collace is something they give you after you have the baby to make it easier to go, non habit forming and easy on hemmoroids and perennial area. Royal, it may be hard to breath right now because the baby is not leaving g a lot of room for your lungs, but before labor, the baby drops and allows plenty of breathing room for labor (the bladder is then a different story, lol)

Royal-P - 5 days ago
well I feel better now thanks Kekea

beckym - 5 days ago
I thought yesterday was it for sure, contractions for 3 hours that ranged from 5 to 10 min to 10 to 20 the second hour back to 5 to 10 min, but I decided to take a shower before I called the doctor and they changed back to 10 to 20, the contractions calmed down to not needing lame type breathing, and I went to sleep. I was a little disappointed because I was starting to get excited that I would finally get to meet my little one, but I guess I waited this long, I can wait a little longer 😉. And on the bright side, maybe I progressed more, maybe I'll be like Paula with a quick labor so I am keeping my chin up and staying optimistic 😊

Kekea - 6 days ago
Royal-P it's okay to be anxious. I am on number 5 and I am scared as heck. You never no what your going to get. Labor and delivery is my most favorite part of pregnancy. I love the challange and the gift at the end. You will be okay. Beckym I hope that your moms surgery goes well and that you have a safe delivery when the time comes. Paulasoon2b8 was that your favorite delivery? Sounds exciting...

Royal-P - 6 days ago
wow paula that was super fast!

Royal-P - 6 days ago
thank you becky, all the best w your mom's heart surgery. this is my first pregnancy. honestly im quite scared about labor :'( being this close I have a fright of my life. I have hemorrhoids and I am also scared about tearing and if I'll be able to breath or push? oh Lord I don't want to end up with a c section, im not ready for labor mentally & emotionally! but cannot wait to meet my precious girl :)

beckym - 6 days ago
Nice Paula!

PaulaSoon2b8 - 6 days ago
That's great Becky by the time delivery day comes it should go nice and fast...I had a couple of those where days leading up most the work was done. My one little guy...I went into my scheduled appointment a little early due to some regular, painless contractions...and he told me I was almost 8.5 cm dilated and the waters were bulging took me across the hall broke the waters and little man arrived 1-1.5 hours later:)

beckym - 6 days ago
Kekea, I'm really hoping the baby is born today but I am having my doubts, no good contractions this past day, my mom goes into heart surgery on the 27th, but if the baby comes after, so be it. I would love for her to be present for all of the births of her grandchildren, but we can't always do everything the way we really want to. Welcome to the I am pregnant circle royal!

Royal-P - 7 days ago
good evening ladies. I've been reading and following your journeys since week 23 and I must say I love the support towards one another in here, I just joined the club today. congrats to all of you who had their babies and good luck and all the best to us still waiting :)

Kekea - 7 days ago
Your so close beckym!!! 3 of mine were born in the 38th week...

beckym - 8 days ago
Just came back from the obgyn. 75 to 80 percent effaced, 3 cm dialated, the doctor could feel the bag of waters! Any day now! Yesterday the contractions were so strong, I thought it was going to happen that day, but then I fell asleep and they went away, but apparently some great progress came from it!

beckym - 9 days ago
38 weeks tomorrow!

mrscephas - 20 days ago
Thx kekea. The class was all about channeling your inner goddes and rocking those hips to guide baby down into the pelvis and birth canal as naturally as possible. Main focus is breathing and listening to your body to work with the contractions, rather than tensing up and releasing adrenaline.

Kekea - 21 days ago
Mrchephas good luck with your vbac. I had a sweap once and went into labor the next day...

mrscephas - 21 days ago
Really quiet in here... So looking forward to my VBAC class tomorrow. Hopefully all the techniques will get us going. If not, then I'll have a sweep at 39+4 and see how things turn out. Either way, I'm not going over 40 weeks due to the GDM so we'll see how things turn out.

ShoppNhelpsD - 26 days ago
Mscephas nice maternity pay! Lil.pumkins Any more symtoms or signs of baby coming?

lil.pumpkins - 27 days ago
Congrats skydive :)

skydive - 27 days ago
Well ladies. I guess my journey ends here. I had my daughter on August 2 at 37w+2d by emergency C-section after the nurse found out that I had prolapse of umbilical cord. The baby is healthy was born 8.3lb and 22'. Wish you all patience and healthy babies and as normal as possible deliveries. Thank you for being with me all this time

mrscephas - 29 days ago
Good luck with all those getting close and getting signs.

mrscephas - 29 days ago
Shoppnhelpsd, I live in the UK so the policies are different. Statutory maternity pay is just over £100 a week paid by the govt for over 39 weeks (then your employer tops that up with whatever they're paying you.

lil.pumpkins - 29 days ago
I had fun packing my bags it made it feel its now go time and any day now our lil one will finally be here and the wait will be over soon!! I just really hope that I don't go over my due date like I did with my youngest I went 2 weeks over due and had to be induced. With my DD she came 2 days before her due date. So who knows what this lil one will do, mostly I'm crossing my fingers that he will come by this weekend the pain is becoming to much for me now.

ShoppNhelpsD - 29 days ago
Im packing my hospital today, still need some things from the store but ill get those today hopefully Baby's too, washed the new outfits my sister got for the hospital yesterday and put it all together today!

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