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You are 38 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby continues to grow this week and weighs about 6.8 pounds. His crown-to-rump length is still about 14 inches and total length is around 21 inches. Most women do not grow any larger during the last few weeks of their pregnancy. From the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is about 6.5 to 7 inches. You may be very uncomfortable now-you are almost there!

Just before real labor contractions start, you might notice false labor contractions. These should not be confused with Braxton-Hicks contractions. False labor contractions can be as strong as real labor contractions, but do not get closer and may go away if you get up to walk around. Contractions help dilate the cervix and encourage your water to break. Your baby could be born any day now, but only 5% of mothers deliver on their actual due date!

Over the last few weeks of pregnancy, your baby has been building up waste materials in the intestines. This waste material is known as meconium and is greenish-black in color. Meconium is made up of cells that your baby has shed, lanugo and other substances. Meconium is the first waste that your baby will pass after birth. However, sometimes babies pass meconium before delivery and are delivered with greenish-black waste covering their body. Special care must be taken when a baby passes meconium in the womb.

If your baby is a boy, his testes should have descended into his scrotum by this time. When your baby boy is born, both of his testes should be in place. Approximately 1% of babies are born with undescended testes. Because an undescended testis can cause infertility issues and increase the risks of testicular cancer, your baby's doctor will examine both testes after birth.

The baby's skull is not fully solid as the five bony plates, known as fontanels (little fountains), are still separate and can be pushed together. Birth may mold and elongate the fetal head, a safety precaution to reduce the skull's diameter for an easier birth, without damaging the fetal brain. After delivery, the baby's head returns to a rounded shape. Eyes have no tear ducts yet, they appear a few weeks after birth.

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Comments on week 38

Comments 1-49 of about 1379 from week 38
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letroise11 - 54 days ago
Hope everyone had a happy and safe thanks giving! Since baby has come home life has been flying by! My son is super sweet to the baby but has become super whinny and wants someone to pick him up and carrying him around constantly! Any advice to get him to adjust?

lissie**** - 57 days ago
I'm the same way. I didn't get on the computer at all while family was around. And cooking for everyone etc kept me busy busy.

2xmommy2b - 57 days ago
Thanks for the comments back ladies...sorry to post then go MIA - holidays were really hectic with family in town and staying with us UGH! it was a good visit but thankfully they're gone now! Has anyone heard of making cumin tea to induce labor? I have a friend who swears by it and wants me to try it tonight - eek! thoughts?

lissie**** - 61 days ago
I had my last appointment today. Baby's head is waaaay low now apparently. I'm only a 1 cm dilated but I was 1/2 cm last week so that's a little progress ha! 25% effaced which doesn't surprise me. I'm actually more progressed than most of my previous pregnancies. She could feel head and membranes/water. She also mentioned she could feel her hair?!

lissie**** - 61 days ago
What?!!! Congratulations!!!! That is amazing! So happy for you!!! Hope labor went well for you!

anxiousmami - 61 days ago
Welp the sweep must've worked cause baby boy is here. Was born @ 338 this am.

lissie**** - 62 days ago
The membrane sweep might help things get going!! My Dr just checked dilation with my 3rd pregnancy and it pushed me into labor the next couple of days!

lissie**** - 62 days ago
That is cool. Mine is flying out right after my appointment tomorrow. So baby better stay put till Dec 1 please.

anxiousmami - 62 days ago
Had my 38wk check up today. Not much has changed since last week still barely 3cm dilated 60% effaced -2 station but she did sweep my membranes which hurt so badly . So we shall see what happens and my Dr was kind enough to say she will be available during the holidays and not going anywhere. So that's cool.

lissie**** - 63 days ago
I'm set up for Dec 1 induction and likely have baby the 2nd if I make it to induction date (b/c induction set for the evening). I think I'll have a better idea on Tuesday what progress all these cramping/contractions are having on my cervix. Good luck!!! Oh and you know a lot of us are set up for induction on Dec 1-2 ish!

lissie**** - 63 days ago
My last was induced a week late too. So I felt like baby just wouldn't come. I'm feeling though now like baby won't go a week over b/c my cramping and contractions suddenly worse and my face swollen etc. I think with your Dr saying probably won't make it that he/she really thinks based on what he/she sees that you most likely won't make it till induction. Of course though labor seems to be something that always surprises us. Taking longer or coming sooner than it may be expected. But 'most likely' you are progressing already and probably get to the point of no return ha ha!!!

2xmommy2b - 64 days ago
So my Dr agreed to induce me on December 2nd (wooohooo cuz I'm sooo ready!) but said I probably wouldn't make it to this date - just wondering if anyone else has been told they 'probably won't make it' and what that meant for them? My 6 yr old was a week late so I'm convinced I'll have to be induced with this baby too but looking for feedback - doc said I'm almost 3 cms dialated already...

jojo - 86 days ago
Happy Anniversary hun :-)

matoks - 87 days ago
sorry abt ur swollen foot we are almost their,am fine just being borthered y ds being has nt come out really giving me is m wedding anniversary.

jojo - 89 days ago
Yes hun they're both doing really well and their babies are perfect.. only us 2 left :-) I'm doing really good apart from the swollen feet and legs which isrestricting me a bit but other tthan that. . How's u??

matoks - 89 days ago
tnx jojo hope u are fine?trust bonita and baby are doing fine?did u hear from twinny also?

jojo - 90 days ago
Good luck with everything matoks.. keep me posted :-) xx

matoks - 91 days ago
waoo,thats awesome never knew she has put to bed,im doing pretty good but anxious to have this baby am tired of carrying hi,am due already.

jojo - 91 days ago
Hey matoks.. how you doing?? Only me and you left.. bonita had her lil Joshua on 19th.. I'm doing really good can't believe I'm almost 39wks!!

matoks - 91 days ago
hello bonita and jojo,quite sometimes how are the little being in us?miss u guys a lot.

jojo - 94 days ago
Happy 38 weeks.. last day in work tomorrow and I get to chill out before this little princess arrives :)

bonitadiane - 103 days ago
Oh boy... So close.. Hello week 38!!!!

afshanm07 - 106 days ago
This never happened to me either just praying that every things go well

blondeabby - 106 days ago
So tired of people asking if she is still on the inside!!!!!!

snooks - 106 days ago
Still hanging on. My ultrasound due date is Oct 23 and my LMP due date is Oct 19. With both other kids born at 38w4d, I'm watching every second tick by. I wonder if I'll be able to have Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow?

afshanm07 - 109 days ago
I have pains too like diarriah or upset tummy cramps. But then they go away i thought maybe if i work home alot like chors and stuff mopping and cleaning maybe that might make me go into labor. I dont know. But my stuff is ready and im still keeping fingers crossed my bottom and bikini hurts bad to even from lying on bed. Totaly tired now

blondeabby - 109 days ago
I thought it was it yesterday. Contractions for about 3 hrs 20 minutes apart and lasted for about 1 min each. Then they just stopped:( Even with me crying they did not start again:( I can't wait. The pressure down there is so painful. People keep calling me to see if I am ok...and why is the baby still on the inside!! Wth is wrong with people!!! I hope you ladies are having more fun then me!

afshanm07 - 110 days ago
Week 38 well im the the third one left snooks i got mu exam today and dr said that baby head is high

snooks - 110 days ago
Blondabby, I'm so ready for baby to arrive. My back and hips are so sore, and everything is lifting and picking up off the floor with two toddlers. I need a fricken nap and it never happens. Family says, Let me know how I can help but when asked, there is always a reason why they aren't available. Damn, I'm getting cranky. I'm going to have to face labour exhausted.

blondeabby - 111 days ago
Snooks I think we maybe the only ones left:( I go to see the ob today. She is doing a sweep. But secretly I hope she wants to induce me;) I am so uncomfortable. I just want to sleep for more then an hour. My hips are killing. I feel like all I do is complain right now:( I would really like her out:) I don't want to leave the house anymore tired of people saying I am so big or still no baby? I might physically hurt someone soon!!

snooks - 112 days ago
Well, here I am in week 38. Maybe. The ultrasound sizing date is 5 days later than my LMP date. Both my daughters were born at 38w4d. So....based on one date, that's Oct 8. The other is Oct 13. Waiting game. Had shooting pains up my who who today, so maybe cervix is doing something, or head is putting pressure on to move into the pelvis.

blondeabby - 112 days ago
I can't believe I made it 38 weeks! This baby is huge now! My ob says almost 10lbs by feel? My last 2 were in the 7s ...,wth:( I just want to meet her so much! I know nature will take its course and everything but I cried for a few hrs yesterday about it still!!

morenazachihuahuense - 118 days ago
Hi ladies..... im home baby was born 9/26 at 11:45am.... After a cancelled inducion date docs called me at 10pm that night 9/25 to tell me to come in...I got to hospital at 1:30am started all the paperwork and headed to my assigned room... I must say that it was my best experience...all the staff was SUPER nice to me.... I started w pitosin around 4 am...I was boomed to be at 4 cm still :-( then the dose increased from 25 units to 53 (max for me) contractions werent bad or painful.... more like an upset stomach, then around 11am I started to feel nauseous and they now got a lil stronger.. I was offered the epidural but since they werent bad I offset it a lil longer...within 15 mins I dilated to a full 10, and was just checked because I wanted to thank God for my nurse, she said u seem more nauseous let me get doc to check u! And baby was right there...2 pushes and he was out...medicine free!! I can only com0are my pain to the menstrual cramping... lol He weighted 6 lbs.12 ozs and 20 inches long! Then I got my tubal ligament on sat , no more babies for me!! But im super sore :-(

mammaramirez - 121 days ago
morenaza - anything new? Were they able to get you in?

morenazachihuahuense - 122 days ago
So, im still here at home...I was supposed to head to hospital at 430am today but received a call at 345 to hold on til further notice....all the rooms were full and still are...they told me to check back at noon, I did and nothing still!! :-/ so gotta call back at 8pm... 1.5 hrs more and see what they say!!

mammaramirez - 123 days ago
Everyone is having their babies! I'm exhausted! STILL pregnant here (thank goodness) although after Saturday I'll be whining. I'm not getting much sleep, I'm nesting like a mad woman. I have been for the past month now. I have the diaper bag packed (mostly, still need to put a few diapers and the wipes in there). My hospital bag..... not so much... I don't know what to bring!!!! I can't remember what I did when I had my first.

mammaramirez - 125 days ago
Braxtons, false labor contractions..... you name it.. I've been dealing with them every day. Especially at night. I have an appointment this Friday. I tested negative for the Group B strep this time around.. HOORAY! - 126 days ago
Congrats leanbean! We are having our c-section this Friday!

morenazaChihuahuense - 127 days ago
Hello week 38!! Im being induce on Thursday God allowing!! Having a lil boy!! In total I'll have 4 boys and 1 girl!

msjenn727 - 127 days ago
Congrats Leanbean on the birth of your baby. Hello 38 Weeks! Can't believe I'm finally here! 10 days left until c section!

MOMIIB - 129 days ago
Congrats leanbean!!!!! I hope I am next LOL, 39wks today ;)

Mzholston - 129 days ago
Congratulations Leanbean

mammaramirez - 129 days ago
Just stopping by to say congrats Leanbean!!

LoriandRichie - 130 days ago
Congratulations leanbean!!

leanbean - 130 days ago
Letti was born on Monday the 15th at 9:58 p.m. She was 20' long and 6 lbs. 12 ounces. Once again she surprised us! I went to my appointment Monday morning and her heart rate wasn't fluctuating like they like to see, so Dr. Leavitt sent me straight over to the hospital and got me started. They broke my water at about 1 and started me on pit at about 3. I got an epidural at about 6 and after 3 others, I finally had one that worked and it was awesome after those pit contractions! We are both doing wonderful and are so thankful. Good luck girls! Sending labor dust your way!

MOMIIB - 130 days ago
That's great Lori, 2 down 8cm to go ;-) sorry it was Painful. My first one wasn't, but last weeks was. I hope Fridays isnt bad! I am about 80% unpacked And settled, these last 6 boxes are gonna drive me crazy though lol. We decided to wait to decorate (mainly paint) till after the baby comes, there just isn't enough time, or energy LOL. plus, I can get the in laws to help and keep them busy LOL :-)

LoriandRichie - 131 days ago
MOM I'm glad you're getting settled. New home, new baby...lots of exciting changes!! I was dilated to 2 today. This was was the first time I've had my cervix checked this pregnancy. It was very painful, I don't remember it being like that. Although it has been 13 years, so maybe I just blocked it from my memory lol.

MOMIIB - 131 days ago
Whoo hoo, happy she isnt too big Lori!!!! We moved, finally, PTL, now just trying to get everything settled before he arrives! My next appointment is Friday! :-) Soo close ladies, cant wait to see birth announcements!!!!!!

LoriandRichie - 131 days ago
It went well. Per the ultrasound she weighs 9.3 now, so not too big, no c section. I have another appt today to check my cervix.

Mzholston - 132 days ago
How was your ultrasound Lori?

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