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You are 38 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

Your baby continues to grow this week and weighs about 6.8 pounds. His crown-to-rump length is still about 14 inches and total length is around 21 inches. Most women do not grow any larger during the last few weeks of their pregnancy. From the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is about 6.5 to 7 inches. You may be very uncomfortable now-you are almost there!

Just before real labor contractions start, you might notice false labor contractions. These should not be confused with Braxton-Hicks contractions. False labor contractions can be as strong as real labor contractions, but do not get closer and may go away if you get up to walk around. Contractions help dilate the cervix and encourage your water to break. Your baby could be born any day now, but only 5% of mothers deliver on their actual due date!

Over the last few weeks of pregnancy, your baby has been building up waste materials in the intestines. This waste material is known as meconium and is greenish-black in color. Meconium is made up of cells that your baby has shed, lanugo and other substances. Meconium is the first waste that your baby will pass after birth. However, sometimes babies pass meconium before delivery and are delivered with greenish-black waste covering their body. Special care must be taken when a baby passes meconium in the womb.

If your baby is a boy, his testes should have descended into his scrotum by this time. When your baby boy is born, both of his testes should be in place. Approximately 1% of babies are born with undescended testes. Because an undescended testis can cause infertility issues and increase the risks of testicular cancer, your baby's doctor will examine both testes after birth.

The baby's skull is not fully solid as the five bony plates, known as fontanels (little fountains), are still separate and can be pushed together. Birth may mold and elongate the fetal head, a safety precaution to reduce the skull's diameter for an easier birth, without damaging the fetal brain. After delivery, the baby's head returns to a rounded shape. Eyes have no tear ducts yet, they appear a few weeks after birth.

Would you like to announce the birth of your new baby? Do so by clicking this link: I gave birth!

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Comments on week 38

Comments 201-249 of about 1317 from week 38
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susieq2582 - 38 days ago
I have 15 days to go and my first child was 15 days early. I was up a lot with my 2 year old last night, and feeling contractions everytime I was up. If nothing happens by Friday when my doctor leaves, I am open to whenever the baby wants to come.

ira456 - 38 days ago
I hope we all go in soon, my body is so sore and uncomfortable. My kids keep asking me when the baby is going to be ready. Its such a long wait for them when they're so anxious. I have 10 days left and im hoping im not late!

susieq2582 - 39 days ago
vickie - Very glad to hear that the appointment went well. I will have my fingers crossed that things happen soon for you.

vickiessecret - 39 days ago can't believe I'm 38 weeks already!!!! So I had my appointment today, I feel a lot better about everything after just talking to my dr. First I'm finally 1cm dialated, not effaced yet. She sort of did a sweep thing, she said she felt the bag of water and baby's head. We are waiting till this ultrasound on the 28th, if he's measuring close to that 4500 grams then, she's going to try and get me in for a induction next week. It kind of depends on what dr is on at the hospital and what they think too. But she wasn't pushing C-section as a option and agrees with me that I should be able to try giving birth vaginally. So there's a good chance that I may be getting induced next week. I don't mind that at all I've had good experiences in the past, if it keeps me from major surgery, I will take it. Still hoping he comes on his own before then though :)

ira456 - 39 days ago
Well somebody's got to be soon! I'm anxious to hear everyone's birth stories! My doctor appointment is on Thursday and im hoping to find out if I've dialated at all. - 39 days ago
Still pregnant:(!!!! Well at least I have my appt. coming this wed n hopefully they'll b telling me ive dilated more.....

susieq2582 - 39 days ago
Not 38 weeks until Thursday, but I am definitely still pregnant. Hoping the baby comes this week before my doctor moves out of state.

megalo - 39 days ago
I'm still pregnant.

ira456 - 39 days ago
Where did everyone go? Are you ladies still pregnant like me?

ira456 - 41 days ago
Contractions are good! I've had nothing new happen. Im still pregnant and don't feel baby is coming any day thats for sure. She seems cozy where she's at. I walked all day at an air show with the kids and im so ready for bed. - 42 days ago
38 wks today,2cm and I've been having some promising contractions!!! Hopefully it won't be long.

lissie**** - 43 days ago
seeg// awesome birthday!!!

seeg - 47 days ago
I had my baby July 4th

onbabyfour - 70 days ago
I'm a bit jealous of you Duffy! I don't want a C-section but you will probably be the first of us to have your baby and you already have a date! Wish I knew something! I've been cramping and having pains all day that get worse when i get up and walk around. But nothing I can time. I really want a June baby!!!

amberc88 - 70 days ago
Pumpkin- that will be me on Monday if the doctor doesn't have good news ad my body hasn't changed. I will b a hot mess and the waterworks will b in full force. I already have to try and keep myself from going complete whack job thinking about all this!!

Duffy - 70 days ago
Over here, where I am in Australia, they don't even check you until you are in labour and looking at induction. I remember with my first I was only 1 cm dialated when my waters burst. So hang in there girls!

pumpkin-smuggler - 70 days ago
I'm a hot mess. Lol. My doctor who is very sweet and nurturing walked in the room this morning and said how are you doing mama... and I lost it. Freaking waterworks out of the blue, like sobbing. I felt like an IDIOT! She just hugged me as I apologized profusely for being a nut job. Omg... how embarrassing! So on top of all the other crap I made a complete whack job out of myself in front of my doc. She didn't even give me an exam just said she knows I'm close and to go home and put my feet up. What a day.

onbabyfour - 71 days ago
I hope you get better news pumpkinsmuggler. I'm trying to tell myself something will happen soon and I'll start dilating, in reality Im probably going to be here awhile and end up getting induced! :/ Amber I really hope you have baby before that! Won't you be induced by that point? It's always frustrating when someone you know delivers before you and you were due first!!!

amberc88 - 71 days ago
Onbabyfour-yes lotssss and lotsss of labor dust for us and pumpkinsmuggler!!!! And pumpkin let us know how the appointment goes! I am honestly surprised. I had my daughter the day of 39 weeks. I was told that this pregnancy would more than likely be shorter or the same and labor faster. Well..... Here I am baby 2 39 weeks today and labor is no where in site!!! Not fair. But good we will at least have each other to vent too over this next little bit! My best friend and my sister in law are both pregnant and due the 2nd weekend in July. Let me tell u now how mad I will b if they both have their babies before me!! Chances are good too!

pumpkin-smuggler - 71 days ago
Amber and onfour- you are both living my worst nightmare! I will get my first pelvic exam today and I WILL die if I'm closed and not effaced at all!!!! It's so frustrating after all that cramping and discomfort to be nowhere!!! Hang in there.... your body can go from nothing to active labor super fast, I hope your both in that boat! Try to have a relaxing weekend and know that one of us has to have a baby soon!!!!!

onbabyfour - 71 days ago
yes Amber, this is so frustrating! I'm starting to think I will be pregnant forever. labor dust to both of us but maybe we will at least have each other to vent to if we have to stay pregnant for a bit longer.

amberc88 - 71 days ago
Onbabyfour-sounds like your baby/body is on the same strike mine is. I thought FOR SURE I would have had more progress with everything I have going on. Looks like we will b stayin here together a lil longer :(. I just pray to god that I don't go past my due date and for soooooo many more reasons besides just not wanting to b pregnant anymore.

onbabyfour - 71 days ago
Went to Dr today. Had an ultrasound, baby is head down and weighs 7 lbs. Everything looks good. BUT....I am not doing much as far as my cervix is concerned. She said she could get 1 finger in but that my cervix is still far back and not favorable. Ugh. I get lots of contractions and cramps... I guess they just aren't doing anything :( she said next week she wants to give me castor oil! I'm afraid to try it! Hoping this baby comes very soon. I'm very done being pregnant.

pumpkin-smuggler - 72 days ago
I have put a whole new meaning to the word irritable today. I hope it's a sign.

Duffy - 72 days ago
Smiles - I am so glad you and your boys are doing well. Not worry the sleepiless nights will become a distant memory soon enough

amberc88 - 73 days ago
Smiles-sooooooo happy to hear from you!! And glad to know all is well with the babies!! What did you end up naming them??? And I am gonna have to look up these YouTube videos on the pressure points. I'm desperate at this point hahgaha.

onbabyfour - 73 days ago
I've been thinking about you and the babies a lot and I'm glad you and boys are doing well! I wish you strength to get thru these first few months with very little sleep, I can't imagine feeding 2! Pretty soon these sleepless nights will be a memory! :)

pumpkin-smuggler - 73 days ago
So nice to hear from you smiles!!! Been wondering how you and the babies were doing! Hope the sleep deprivation lightens up! Wish all us pregos good luck! Can't wait!

smiles884 - 73 days ago
Hi ladies!! been thinking about you all-just haven't had access to internet, but any way, hoping all is well! I see you are more than ready Amber, to have your little one... i promise it will happen, maybe even sooner than you think! I was checked the Tues. before my boys were born (Sat. morn) and was closed/not dialated, so things really can change quite quickly. Also, with my first i watched a youtube video on accupressure points for starting labor.. not sure if it was coincidence, but labor started a few hours after completing the simple massage points... maybe it'll help you too. Can NOT believe i should still be pregant at this point. M 2 little men are already over 3 weeks old. Home from the NICU now and doing really well. Just hating the late night feeds. sleeping likw 2-3 hours a nite and feeling like a zombie! But i know this will only last for a season... before i know it, they'll be graduating high school and moving out lol Any way, you ladies have been on my mind daily and praying for strength to stay the journey and make it thru L&D without any trouble!!

amberc88 - 74 days ago
Thanks pumpkin!

pumpkin-smuggler - 74 days ago
Oh Amber! I'm so sorry! That really sucks!! I can't believe with all the cramping and spotting your cervix hasn't changed! Try to stay positive, I really think your body is getting ready for labor, I know women that went from 0 and closed to having a baby in 24 hours! Hang in there!

amberc88 - 75 days ago
Well not only bad news bad horrid news. Absolutely no change in my cervix and he can't induce until after I am one week past the due date unless my cervix changes so right now it might be the Freakin 4th of July!!!!!! I'm livid. And he said not to make myself miserable until he comes by trying all the old wives tells cause none of them work it's just a coincidence and that's how the rumors start.

amberc88 - 77 days ago
38 weeks and 1 day! Praying this is the last week lol

pugdunn - 83 days ago
I can't wait to meet our new baby :) so excited!!!!!

snowrider54 - 83 days ago
I continue to feel noticeable Braxton Hicks contractions on and off throughout the day but nothing real is starting. Grrr! Bring on labor!

shalesha28 - 84 days ago
Yea my nerves are starting to get to me and this is my 3rd section.

snowrider54 - 85 days ago
shalesha - I have to admit, I'm jealous! I don't exactly want a c-section but I am desperate for this baby to get out!

shalesha28 - 85 days ago
4 more days till my csection!!! 😃😃😀😀😊😊

purplelizard270 - 85 days ago
Snowrider I had the same exact thing happen last week! Was soooo disappointed!

snowrider54 - 85 days ago
This child is a tease! I had a lot of BH contractions yesterday and then some real contractions in the evening before bed. I was getting excited that baby was finally on her way! BUT I haven't had anything since last night which is super frustrating. This baby is no longer welcome in my uterus!

snowrider54 - 89 days ago
I'm with ya, ladies. Every time I feel baby move around, I beg her (in my head), 'Please get out!' I am getting zero sleep and I am so sick of maneuvering this huge belly around. I am dreading going back to work tomorrow. I have nothing to do and I'm so tired that most days I'm practically falling asleep at my desk.

purplelizard270 - 90 days ago
I am also sooooo done! Baby feels incredibly low. It feels like she is scratching my cervix. Such sharp pains that almost bring tears to my eyes. Yesterday she wasn't moving quite as much as normal, but would easily move when stimulated. Today, she won't stop moving! It seems like she would need to sleep at some point. Constant kicks and jabs from my pubic bone to the top of my stomach. Hurts terribly!

kwai1111 - 91 days ago
I'm done, I'm done I'm done! So uncomfortable, not sleeping, tired of not being able to move around without pain and discomfort. The baby had a knee????? In my side and I was carrying my 2.5 year old and stringed a stomach muscle. It hurts to breathe let alone do anything.

rebjoiner - 91 days ago
Ladies can't believe already at 38 weeks! This boy can come any day now! My issue that I'm having now is pretty sure I have a bladder infection (so the midwife thinks) can't sit/stand /walk without bursting into tears. Hoping it goes away quickly any one else have this issue?? Please baby come out sooner than later lol thanks ladies xoxo

terriann20 - 94 days ago
Yey 14 days left :) xx

bkle - 109 days ago
Eviction notice baby: If you don't come out on your own the dr is going to do it for you and mommy doesn't want that to happen; Please Please come join us ASAP

SamanthaDawn - 111 days ago
Thanks for your input ladies :) It makes me feel a bit better to know I'm not the only one who doesen't know the name yet.

4girls want a boy - 112 days ago
Momfour I love the name Maelee .That could be a vey cute middle name.

bkle - 112 days ago
Samantha-- its not weird to have names sound the same. My first two I made sure they both had 5 letters ending in a Y. (Lacey & Emily) My 3rd baby my husband named her and she has 7 letters, which I was going to name her Lilly or Haily but he named her Madison. Now were having a boy and once again I choose 5 letters but no Y this time. James. I think the kids may feel a connection to their sibling no matter what. Naming is so difficult, I still think we should of gone with Haily for our 3rd haha

onj - 112 days ago
I don't think Adelyn goes 'too well'... I think it's super cute!! But so are the other names, including Darius :) At least you have a few to choose from. My husband and I keep shooting each other's down lol.... we'll get it together soon enough lol.

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