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You are 38 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby continues to grow this week and weighs about 6.8 pounds. His crown-to-rump length is still about 14 inches and total length is around 21 inches. Most women do not grow any larger during the last few weeks of their pregnancy. From the top of your uterus to your bellybutton is about 6.5 to 7 inches. You may be very uncomfortable now-you are almost there!

Just before real labor contractions start, you might notice false labor contractions. These should not be confused with Braxton-Hicks contractions. False labor contractions can be as strong as real labor contractions, but do not get closer and may go away if you get up to walk around. Contractions help dilate the cervix and encourage your water to break. Your baby could be born any day now, but only 5% of mothers deliver on their actual due date!

Over the last few weeks of pregnancy, your baby has been building up waste materials in the intestines. This waste material is known as meconium and is greenish-black in color. Meconium is made up of cells that your baby has shed, lanugo and other substances. Meconium is the first waste that your baby will pass after birth. However, sometimes babies pass meconium before delivery and are delivered with greenish-black waste covering their body. Special care must be taken when a baby passes meconium in the womb.

If your baby is a boy, his testes should have descended into his scrotum by this time. When your baby boy is born, both of his testes should be in place. Approximately 1% of babies are born with undescended testes. Because an undescended testis can cause infertility issues and increase the risks of testicular cancer, your baby's doctor will examine both testes after birth.

The baby's skull is not fully solid as the five bony plates, known as fontanels (little fountains), are still separate and can be pushed together. Birth may mold and elongate the fetal head, a safety precaution to reduce the skull's diameter for an easier birth, without damaging the fetal brain. After delivery, the baby's head returns to a rounded shape. Eyes have no tear ducts yet, they appear a few weeks after birth.

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Comments on week 38

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momofour - 111 days ago
Samantha.. I have a client named Maelee (Bailey with an M) its so cute & reminded me if the name you said... We don't agree on a name.. But I'm going to go with Piper... I don't care if he doesn't like it.. ( I'm a pretty mad at him right now) and the middle name.. I'm not for sure on..

SamanthaDawn - 112 days ago
It makes perfect sense. I have a girl named Alexis, and a boy named Adrian. Now with this 3rd I was thinking of Adelyn for a girl (like madelyn without the M) But I was wondering if it seemed weird with all 3 names being too similar. If it's a boy it's going to be Darius for sure because I've always loved that name but wasn't brave enough to use it when I had Adrian. (I think I remember MIL saying 'that's a black name!' when I mentioned it last pregnancy) So I'm 100% sure of the boy name since there is no other ones I fell in love with.. But girl names I will have to decide when she's born. I like either Adelyn, Mayla, or Destiny. I like Adelyn because it goes good with my kids names (maybe too good?) and I think it sounds sweet. I like Mayla (like Kayla with M) because it is so uncommon, and it just seems to fit, since it's a May baby. And Destiny I have always said if I had a 3rd and it was a girl I'd call her Destiny because this baby was just ment to be (my destiny) So I guess (if it's a girl) I'll decide when I hold her. feel free to give me your opinion, just don't be mean like MIL was lol

onj - 112 days ago
My husband and I still don't have names picked!!! I am starting to get a bit nervous!! We have a few names we are playing with for boys, but for girls, we have basically nothing. My problem is we have 2 girls, and I want their names to 'go together'. I know that makes no real sense, but I don't want something that sounds way different than theirs. If it's a boy, it doesn't matter, it's going to be different no matter what. Does that make any sense? lol

SamanthaDawn - 112 days ago
onj- Yes, she said she would take them to visit. And I'm sure she will because she is SO excited to meet the new baby. I don't know what we're having and I haven't told her any of the names I have in mind. She said it was driving her crazy LOL and I was thinking good, because the reason I havent told her is because she said her rude honest opinions of my names I liked in previous pregnancies.and it made me second guess myself and hurt my feelings (but I guess that was before she turned nice out of nowhere) The only people who know what names I like are hubby, and my two sisters.

SamanthaDawn - 112 days ago
Congrats elisaxx! WOW that is a very fast labor! So happy for you, I can't wait to have mine, I've got 4 days left till my c-section. I keep wondering if I'll go into labor before that.

bkle - 112 days ago
elisaxx-- yay congrats!

onj - 112 days ago
SamanthaDawn- I'm glad your chair is almost done! Also, that's awesome that your MIL is going to take your kids for the week! Will she take them back and forth to visit with you and baby?

onj - 112 days ago
Wow Elisiaxx!!! Congratulations!! That is an incredibly quick delivery!!! Adorable name, and good size!!!

ElisiaDawn - 112 days ago
Ive had a baby! Hehehehe! Born 4 days early weighing 8lbs and perfect in every way! His name is Harrie-Floyd and total labour was 46mins and 5mins of pushing! He wasn't hanging about!!!

jaybird81 - 112 days ago
Congrats baby leo!!! How exciting!!!

SamanthaDawn - 113 days ago
and Bkle- Glad your baby is moving more! That's so funny, it seems we all wake up for chocolate. The other day I woke up at 5:30 am NEEDING a chocolate sundae. So I got up and ate one and went right back to sleep. It's like baby isn't even here yet and I still wake in the middle of the night/ early mornings to 'feed it' lol

SamanthaDawn - 113 days ago
Congrats baby leo! Sounds like a very quick labor and delivery! :)

SamanthaDawn - 113 days ago
onj and blke- MIL called today and said it's almost done, and she will make sure it's here in time, and she went on and on about how excited she is to take the kids (shes taking a week vacation from work to keep them while I go to the hospital and she told me to call her if I go early and she went on and on about all the stuff she bought for their stay. It's like she somehow knew I was annoyed about the chair. Because today she totally was 100% SUPER nice! ...and she always used to be the biggest bitch and I was almost scared of her (for the first 5 years of me and DH relationship I never even went to her house ever to visit) and she showed hardley any interest in the kids, and these past 2 years she did a 100% turn around and is overly sweet. I don't know why, or whatever came over her. But I like it. It's nice having someone who is willing to help with my kids!

onj - 113 days ago
I don't know if it's the SPD just getting really bad, or if baby's head is just attacking my cervix, but holy pain!! I can barely walk today... c'mon out baby, no need to wait 'til 40 weeks lol....

4girls want a boy - 113 days ago
Thank you Smiles

momofour - 113 days ago
Congrats baby Leo!!

4girls want a boy - 113 days ago
Yes Bkle the meds are working. NixSA Yes seems like it's gone by fast.

NixSA - 113 days ago
i was just browsing the pages - im from 22 going on 23 and 4girls wants a boy i cant believe you are here already!! where has the time gone?

bkle - 113 days ago
4girls--is the antibiotics helping your little one? bad time to bring baby home for sure with everyone being sick. :-( Sorry, crossing my fingers they get better soon.

smiles884 - 113 days ago
4girlswantaboy-hoping your household gets feeling better and they don't pass it on to you! what poor timing : ( so sorry! Congrats Baby-leo! how exciting!!

smiles884 - 113 days ago
onj-right? pretty easy stuff and it can't hurt : )

smiles884 - 113 days ago
bkle-SO glad to hear baby was moving finally!! I remember with my last, there was a period of time where baby was not moving no matter what I did, so we headed to the ER... of course after getting all checked in and what not, he started going crazy lol, but, again-better safe then sorry! He was born 4 days later too...: )

onj - 113 days ago
Thanks Smiles- I checked it out- don't know if it would work, but at least it doesn't take much effort to rub pressure points lol.

4girls want a boy - 113 days ago
Congrats baby- leo ! Bkle I don't want to have my baby today now :( My four year old if doing a little better, but woke up to my 2 year old puking :( Gosh First the bad colds now this.. If my Dr wants to do a sweep I will have to pass today..I need to help these kids get better and then clean my house with bleach again.. I can't bring a new born around all these sick kids:(

smiles884 - 113 days ago
onj-acupressure.. thanks for catching that.. seems highly effective here's the link : )

bkle - 113 days ago
So about 1130 last night I got up to eat chocolate (hehe) and after wards my baby started moving all around and even tho some of his movements hurt bad I was so relieved. He must of just been waiting for chocolate. :-)

bkle - 113 days ago
4girls-- Today is the 8th, isn't then when you wanted to have her? Common baby!

bkle - 113 days ago
Babyleo-- congrats!! im so happy things went good and you and baby are doing well. So I guess your body really was ready to have baby if they didn't have to use the strong meds :-) Can't wait to hear what you named her :-)

onj - 113 days ago
Congrats baby-leo!!! Excited to hear her name! Bkle- I'm just repeating what everyone else said, but wow, why is he such a jerk? The thing is, you know your body and baby best, so if it doesn't feel right to you, call him or go to emergency. I'm sorry that you are missing your old doctor :( On the plus side, if the shots have worn off, maybe walking and sex WILL work for you! :P Can't hurt to try!! 4girls- we can keep our fingers crossed that you can have baby before mother's day all on your own :) If not, your impatient little doctor might just need to suck it up lol

HootOwl - 113 days ago
congrata baby-leo!! do you have a name for her? bkle - your dr is an ass!!

baby-leo - 113 days ago
Bkle, just go to emergency if u r concerned. U know ur body best. I bathe baby tonight! A little girl weighing in at 6 lb 3 oz. She is absolutely precious and looks a lot like her big sister! And she's a very good feeder!! Luckily had no need for pitocin! 4 hours of labor after my water broke, and pushed for about 20 mins. She's doing very well for being a little preterm!

4girls want a boy - 114 days ago
Oh my Bkle I wish I could go yell at your Dr ! Grrr what a jerk ! If my baby was not doing well that is the only reason I would expect to be induced right away. Being a high risk Dr why don't he have you go back in two days to be put back on the monitor.. Well make sure you count the kicks . If you don't get them try drinking something sweet and cold..Seems like you have a Dr that don't care. I have a Dr that whats me to have my baby before mothers day so she can spend the day with her kids. Try and stay calm . Im not sure that walking and sex really don't work unless the baby is ready to come out.It's worth a try

bkle - 114 days ago
4girls-- good news for you tomorrow I hope :-) Keep us posted if you can.

bkle - 114 days ago
Dr appointment---ugh what a terrible dr. He spent maybe 5 minutes with me. I told him about my swelling/5lb weight gain this week/ringing in my ears/ loss of movement of baby. He is man of few words; and just told me to lay down. He measured my belly said baby is definatly dropped but didn't say how the measurements where. Checked heart beat, he could barely find it so that was scary. He asked me how contractions were and I told him not as bad as last week and he said well then no need to check you. I then told him again my baby isn't moving enough anymore and im worried!!! He said well in the morning count the kicks for an hour if I don't reach 10 then call. YA ive heard that from the jerk before when he told me to call if I had more then 4 contractions lasting more then 45 sec in an hour. Practically yelled at me for disturbing him. Anyway, I said to the dr well I KNOW he hasn't moved 10 times in an hour so shouldn't we check on baby? He said ok better safe then sorry, ill have the nurse put you on the monitor. Baby barely passed in that hour, plus I was having contractions every 5 minutes and babies heart rate would sky rocket during them. The nice nurse said that things look fine but then she threw me some hints like. Dr. key likes to induce if things don't look up and maybe you should try taking a walk and 'cuddling' with your husband more. I took her hints as try to induce myself before he does! Still I feel these shots did this and now my baby is showing early signs of distress ugh! Part of me wants to say I regret these shots but I wonder if id of made it full term without them. Missing my old dr so much right now :-(

bkle - 114 days ago
Samantha-- that's crazy it is taking that long to make a few cushions, id be mad too. Hope its back by the time you get home.

bkle - 114 days ago
baby leo--- great job on getting that dialating started, good luck

bkle - 114 days ago
swissmommy-- I second that vote, best group ever!

onj - 114 days ago
bkle- have the movements picked up?? 4 girls, I hope you get a few more cms dilated!! I don't get checked until next wednesday, and she will do a sweep then. I know it's only a week away, but it would be so awesome to have baby before then. I always try to tell myself not to get my hopes up for baby to come before due date, but man it's hard.... I don't wanna get to be overdue lol...

onj - 114 days ago
SamanthaDawn- I'm so envious of you that you know a date! lol! Can you get the lady's number from your MIL so you can call her yourself and find out how long the chair cushions will take? If she has already done the measurements, maybe she can at least let you have the chair back until the cushions are ready...

4girls want a boy - 114 days ago
Bkle how did they Dr's visit go???Samantha how exciting you know a date . I can't wait to hear if you are team pink or blue and the name you decide on, and hope you get your chair soon...I'm excited about my Dr's visit tomorrow, I want to know how dilated i am... I am so sleepy , and it's hard to move.

SamanthaDawn - 114 days ago
I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and the baby is going to be born Tuesday! So this is the last Wednesday this baby will be in my belly. It feels a lot closer now that I'm down to the final week. I am starting to feel not ready. My mother in law STILL has my rocking chair!! It was supposed to be done last weekend! I got hubby to ask her about it and she Saud she didn't know when it would be ready the lady is working on it... How long does it take to make chair cushions??? Like I don't even care about the cushions anymore I just want my chair back. I said that to hubby and he's like what? You don't even need the chair right away do you? I was like UM YES I DO! I want to feed my baby in it sitting up instead of slouching on the couch and I want to rock my baby to sleep in it! If its not in my room when I come home from the hospital ill be pissed. I might be over reacting from pregnancy hormones, but it is my chair my grandma gave me and its been at some strangers house for almost 2 months now!! And my hubby still has to sand, prime, and paint our crib! (I'm ok with that tho because we have two nice bassinets and a playpen) but I still want everything done NOW I don't like the idea of getting ready for baby after baby's here I want the nursery all ready and I got everything I could all ready its the things other people said they'd do that aren't done yet.

SamanthaDawn - 114 days ago
Baby Leo how exciting! You'll be the first if us to have your baby! :) I don't even know you but can't wait to hear about how everything went and how big baby is.

onj - 114 days ago
ooh baby-leo- keep us updated if you can :) 4girls-i hope that you get a birth without pitocin... with my 1st, they broke my water early on and i got an epidural and then pitocin... with my 2nd, i desperately wanted to do it more naturally and it just happened that I woke up in active labour one morning after weeks of contractions.... i hope it 'just happens' for you too!!!!

4girls want a boy - 114 days ago
Onj I think I will bring someone just in case.. This is my 5th child but I have never gone into labor on my own. Well I did only once , but they still induced me with potocin.. I'm just not sure what it feels like to go on my own. I'm thinking I will know when it happens.

4girls want a boy - 114 days ago
Ooooo I'm so excited for you !! Keep us updated if you feel up to it ...Thank you she seems like she is feeling a little better. They put her on two different antibiotics ..Crazy being that this is my child that never gets sick .

baby-leo - 114 days ago
4 girls - I hope ur daughter feels better soon! I am back at the hospital now. Contracting regularly. Dilated 1.5, they have me walking around for an hour before another internal.

onj - 114 days ago
4girls- I had a sweep with my 2nd, and I can't remember how many days it was before I went into labour, but I had been having contractions for a few weeks. I remember the sweep being uncomfortable, but not having worse contractions right away. But, where you've had so many cramps, you might want to bring someone just in case. Swissmammy- this is my 3rd time on the site and I agree!! I don't think with my 1st too I was as interested in hearing how everyone was doing either.... now I just can't wait to hear everyone's labour symptoms and soon, birth stories!! We definitely lucked out too, because a lot of the other weeks are still dead!!

4girls want a boy - 114 days ago
Awww Swissmammy so ture ! Thank you ladies.. Awww not good by :(

swissmammy3 - 114 days ago
I would just like to say...before everyone starts having their babies that with this being my third and last time on the site this has by far been the best group of women who have really helped me each week through before we all move on I just wanted to say...THANK YOU LADIES X

4girls want a boy - 114 days ago
I think my Dr said something about a sweep tomorrow. I have never had one before. I go to most my Dr's appointments by my self , so should I bring someone in case im getting a sweep? Will I start having bad contrations right away? I live pretty far from the Dr , and just don't want to be in pain driving home .

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