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You are 39 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby's crown-to-rump length at this time is approximately 14.4 inches and the total length is approximately 21.5 inches. The average baby weighs a little more than 7 pounds now and is preparing for birth. You are probably as big as you are going to get and may be uncomfortable now. Most women gain between 25 and 35 pounds during their pregnancy. Your uterus is about 7-8 inches above your bellybutton now.

Although your baby continues to grow and develop inside of your uterus, there is not much room for him to move about. All of your baby's organ systems are now complete and the lungs were the last to fully mature.

If you are uncomfortable with your pregnancy at this time, you are not alone. Most women are ready to deliver their babies. It would be very unusual for you to not be uncomfortable at this time. Your uterus has grown a lot and now fills your entire pelvis and abdomen. Try not to ask your doctor to induce you, unless it is medically necessary. Your cervix is ripening in preparation for delivery and your bladder is under a lot of pressure. You may feel nervous about the upcoming labor. You will know when you are in labor because contractions will get worse when you move around and they will also get stronger and more frequent. Other signs of labor are the breaking of your water or a bloody show as the mucus that plugged your cervix becomes dislodged.

Most of the lanugo on your baby should be gone by now. Your baby still may have some on his shoulders and in the creases of his body. Your baby's toenails have reached the end of his toes. The umbilical cord is about a half inch thick and may be wrapped around him. The umbilical cord still supplies the baby with nutrients that he needs. After delivery, your baby's umbilical cord will be clamped and cut. After it is cut, he will be an independent human being and must perform all of his body functions on his own. Your baby will get antibodies from your body that give his immune system a boost.

Would you like to announce the birth of your new baby? Do so by clicking this link: I gave birth!

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Comments on week 39

Comments 1-49 of about 1050 from week 39
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ira456 - 3.3 hours ago
Congrats fiftharrow!

susieq2582 - 6.1 hours ago
fiftharrow - Congratulations!!! Sounds like it was an amazing birth!

fiftharrow - 12.6 hours ago
I had my little guy yesterday. Water broke when I got out of bed suddenly for a calf cramp. My daughters got to experience the miracle of a birth for the first time! My midwife was so good at explaining things to them. The Lord is good!

megalo - 19.1 hours ago
Congrats Meggied!!!

ira456 - 20.5 hours ago
Congratulations maggied!

susieq2582 - 1 days ago
Meggied - So happy for you!!!!

meggied - 1 days ago
Ladies.. Had my little man yesterday at 12:47 pm. He is precious! 8 lb 5 oz. he is 20 inches long.was induced at 7:00 am. I was already dialated to 3 And 50% efaced. They broke my water, and I started dilating pretty fast. Baby dust to you all. If you go to Joe summers on FB you can see pics!

ira456 - 1 days ago
Yes it's horrible. All the false hope I've been getting is hard. It's one thing if nothing was happening and I wasn't expecting much but I keep thinking things are so close and then nothing!

susieq2582 - 1 days ago
ira456 - that is the worst. I had that with my last pregnancy. Every evening for two weeks I had contractions, would time them, and after two hours they would stop.

megalo - 1 days ago
Wow, it looks like we're all still hanging in there. I thought the clean out was supposed to be a bit more promising. Looks like that's not the case for us. I feel pretty good today. I could do this forever if I felt like this.

ira456 - 2 days ago
Had contractions all day and got stronger in the evening. I finally started to get excited and then they stopped. Grrr.

ira456 - 2 days ago
Yah im tempted too but I don't have any castor oil and don't want to make a special trip into town for just that. I live in the middle of nowhere lol.

susieq2582 - 2 days ago
That is so tempting, but I think I will let nature take its course a little longer. - 3 days ago
Thank you ladies!!! Felt a lil nauseous and had to go to the bathroom abt 2-3x b4 the contractions started....I would do it again....I only took a oz

JDH - 3 days ago
I've been cleaning out all week! And people keep telling me my belly is getting lower and lower but NOTHING! COME ON BABY!

ira456 - 3 days ago
Thats exciting megalo! I started cleaning out Friday but still no baby.

megalo - 3 days ago
That being said, the clean out has naturally begun for me.

megalo - 3 days ago
Congrats etmcda. I have to say i'm still too chicken to do castor oil.

susieq2582 - 3 days ago
etmcda - No vomiting or diarrhea? I am impressed. That is what is keeping me from trying the castor oil. Congratulations on your daughter!!!! Enjoy the snuggles!!!!

ira456 - 4 days ago
Oh wow! Congratulations I guess I was wrong :) - 4 days ago
IRA it wrkd for me....I took the castor oil w/o.j.,and ginger ale started having some cramping around 2/3 went to the hosp at around 5-5:30 and I had my lil princess at feels soooo gd not to be preggors nemore.....wishn u luck on ya delivery

ira456 - 5 days ago
I lost a bit more of my mucus plug just now but baby is still hanging in there. Not really contracting too much at the moment. Just a couple mild ones that go away if I change positions. Im 39 weeks 2 days on Sunday.

ira456 - 5 days ago
No not the castor oil! That gives you really bad runs and if you're trying to push a baby out its really not a pleasant experience especially for the doctor. I haven't actually tried it but have heard stories. - 6 days ago
39 wks!!!!!!!! Plz come on out lil one.....I think I'll be doing the castor oil tomorrow.... The accupressure just isn't working for me,I guess I'm doing it wrong

lila2cute:-) - 13 days ago
Seeg, Fourth of July babies are lucky :) fire works on their birthday <3

dezire - 16 days ago
Dont get on here much but im going for a sweep this morning at the doctors office hopefully it geta things rolling ive been having period like cramps this morning good luck everyone and hope u all have healthy babies :)

onbabyfour - 17 days ago
Hope everyone is doing well!

seeg - 17 days ago
i ended up delivering july 4th

smiles884 - 23 days ago
wow onbabyfour-that is scary, but SO glad everything turned out ok in the end! I understand the fear and all.. they kept saying i may need emergency c-section at any time and then they lost baby A's heart rate and rushed me to the OR. so scary and you're completely out of control which makes it that much more scary! Glad you're both home and working thru the complications! Things are looking up at this point it sounds : )

onbabyfour - 26 days ago
It truly was pumpkin! I cried shook and prayed the whole time. I'm very sore and it difficult to walk mainly because of excessive amount of air in my stomach and I've never had a c section before but I do have a good support system, my sister is staying with me for awhile. she has 2 hyper kids but even so she is a big help and I cant do much so she is a big help. I'm very grateful to have her! How is your baby doing?

pumpkin-smuggler - 26 days ago
Onfour!!! Whoa! What an awful thing to have to go through! I am just so happy you and baby are ok. You must have been truly terrified. I hope you have a good support system at home to help with your recovery and with baby. Thanks for sharing and know you can always lean on us here to vent or talk! Xxxx

onbabyfour - 26 days ago
Hi girls. I couldn't post till now cause I had a traumatic birth but we are both home and ok now. Kaitlyn was born by emergency c section tues July 1st. She weighed 8 lbs 13 oz!!! 21 inches. Born @ 434pm. I went in for induction and was contracting on my own. I started to labor and went from 1 cm to 2/3 and they broke my water. Dr said i was good 3 then. I was still laboring without induction but they were trying to decide what to use to get me moving more quickly but they started coming in and watching monitor with strange looks on their faces. They came in real fast asking me to lay on my side. I knew that meant babies heart was decelerating but my son did a couple times and was fine but when they came in again they turned me again and looked more concerned and urgent. They said they called Dr and I knew they were looking at c section. Hospital OB said I needed to get baby out and it had to be my Dr`s call but that I was looking at emergency c section. I knew my Dr was on her way and had to hurry for baby. I was terrified for months and had a bad feeling about this birth. I was scared I would die because I almost did last time I was out under general anastecia. luckily they were able to do it w/o putting me under! I cried so hard and was so worried about us both. My dr kept asking nurses about baby being ok and was yelling to hurry because there was no way to monitor heart rate in surgery. My blood pressure kept dropping. It was so scary. Then she delivered baby with cord around her neck 3 times!!! I was close to losing her. She did good after a couple mins except for really low sugar but she was alive healthy big and crying. It was such a relief!!! Surgery took almost 3 hours! Recovery took 2.5 hours. I barely got to see her till she was already 3 hrs old but my mom held her next to me during surgery once she was stable and I got to see a little bit. Once in recovery I got to hold her and she breast fed great! We have both had complications mine with pain and too much gas from surgery being trapped in my belly and with her it's been crying gas and constant breast feeding. Called her ped last night and she got gas drops because she was crying non stop all day. But after getting drops she actually slept through the night, 6 hours!!! And is so content and peaceful today. We are both feeling great! She is absolutely beautiful and we are all so in love with her! We've had a rough start but everything is feeling great and on track today. Im so happy! Hope everyone else is doing well and babies too. Such a miracle God gives us!

seeg - 28 days ago
was fingertip on friday 1cm on monday two cm on tuesday and last night 3cm and 80% been contracting for days so uncomfy and tips to get this show on the road. I have had my bloody show

pumpkin-smuggler - 29 days ago
I'm home with baby Isaac!!!! My water broke on the 30th at 3:30am and had him at 11:06pm that night! Successful vbac!!! What a whirlwind of a day and incredible experience! He weighed 7 lbs 14 ozs. Onfour and Duffy can't wait to hear about your little bundles of joy! Smiles- those babies must be getting big! Hope your getting some sleep!

smiles884 - 30 days ago
yay for Amber and Duffy-having had their babies!!! : ) so exciting! onbabyfour-how did the induction go?! sure you are bust now that your little one has arrived!! pumpkin-how are things looking for you at this time? Thinking of you all, even though i have been unable to get to internet to check up on yalls progress : )

onbabyfour - 31 days ago
heading out in about 5 hrs for my induction. Cant sleep. nervous and excited at the same time. Cant believe the day is actually here after waiting for sooo long!

onbabyfour - 31 days ago
Im so miserable! Woke before 5am with horrible heartburn. I can't even lay back down it's so bad :/ I haven't lost anymore of my plug since earlier. Ugh come on baby, mama wants you out!

pumpkin-smuggler - 32 days ago
Yay onfour!!! Sounds like your moving in the right direction to possibly go on your own before your induction! Keep us posted! All's quiet here... just cranky and sore! Hope you ladies that have had your babies are all going home soon and getting some sleep!

onbabyfour - 32 days ago
I've been loosing bits of my mucus plug today. Not much but a little every time I go to the bathroom. I only lost it once before and it came out all at once. It was 3 days before I started labor with that baby. My back is hurting a lot but that is nothing new. Hoping this means that something will happen sooner rather than later though. Either way I have to be at the hospital @ 8am Tuesday for induction. Ready to get this over with! nervous and excited at the same time.

onbabyfour - 33 days ago
Doing the same...tired cranky and miserable. Not much signs of anything. Im really thinking I'll be waiting till Tuesday! Although we are about to get a thunder storm...maybe that will bring on labor lol

pumpkin-smuggler - 33 days ago
Team blue here! So we will have one of each! Any signs of labor onfour???? Just sore and cranky here... pretty run of the mill these days! Lol

onbabyfour - 33 days ago
Thanks pumpkin. I hope so too. Did u day you know what you are having?

pumpkin-smuggler - 34 days ago
Congratulations duffy!!! Onfour- I hope baby comes before your induction, but I'm sure you will do great if you do need to be induced. Your a pro! Squeeze those babies girls! Can't wait to hold mine :-)

onbabyfour - 34 days ago
Congrats Duffy!!! So happy for you girls! :-) I went to Dr today. Still 1 long and thick :/ unless baby comes on her own I'll be induced Tuesday the 1st. Ready to get this over with and meet this baby! I am also very nervous tho. I have a fear that something could go wrong and I get very anxious. I've done this 3 times before seems I wouldn't worry so much. I want to get this baby out but scared at the same time. You'd think this was my first! Anyway, it would be real nice to have her this weekend but Im glad I now have a date if not. Can't believe everyone is having their babies. I'll just be sitting here talking to myself lol.

Duffy - 34 days ago
Alexandra Catherine arrived safely yesterday at 9:11am weighing 7lb 15oz. A bit sore but otherwise doing well

Duffy - 34 days ago
Congratulations Amber!

onbabyfour - 35 days ago
Congrats Amber! So happy for you!!! good weight too. I was told a week ago my baby is 7 lbs. Pumpkin, I have 3. 2 girls 10 and 6 and a boy who is 4.

pumpkin-smuggler - 35 days ago
Congratulations Amber!!! So very excited for you! Onfour- this is my second, I have a daughter who is 3. She was a csec b/c she was breech and I went into labor at 37 wks. I am going to try to vbac it this time. How about you? Any kiddos?

amberc88 - 35 days ago
Gandyn kent smith was born at 3:32 and weighs 6lbs 14oz 19' long. Absolutely in love with him

onbabyfour - 35 days ago
Is this your first baby pumpkin? What are you having?

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