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You are 39 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

Your baby's crown-to-rump length at this time is approximately 14.4 inches and the total length is approximately 21.5 inches. The average baby weighs a little more than 7 pounds now and is preparing for birth. You are probably as big as you are going to get and may be uncomfortable now. Most women gain between 25 and 35 pounds during their pregnancy. Your uterus is about 7-8 inches above your bellybutton now.

Although your baby continues to grow and develop inside of your uterus, there is not much room for him to move about. All of your baby's organ systems are now complete and the lungs were the last to fully mature.

If you are uncomfortable with your pregnancy at this time, you are not alone. Most women are ready to deliver their babies. It would be very unusual for you to not be uncomfortable at this time. Your uterus has grown a lot and now fills your entire pelvis and abdomen. Try not to ask your doctor to induce you, unless it is medically necessary. Your cervix is ripening in preparation for delivery and your bladder is under a lot of pressure. You may feel nervous about the upcoming labor. You will know when you are in labor because contractions will get worse when you move around and they will also get stronger and more frequent. Other signs of labor are the breaking of your water or a bloody show as the mucus that plugged your cervix becomes dislodged.

Most of the lanugo on your baby should be gone by now. Your baby still may have some on his shoulders and in the creases of his body. Your baby's toenails have reached the end of his toes. The umbilical cord is about a half inch thick and may be wrapped around him. The umbilical cord still supplies the baby with nutrients that he needs. After delivery, your baby's umbilical cord will be clamped and cut. After it is cut, he will be an independent human being and must perform all of his body functions on his own. Your baby will get antibodies from your body that give his immune system a boost.

Would you like to announce the birth of your new baby? Do so by clicking this link: I gave birth!

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Comments on week 39

Comments 1-49 of about 1416 from week 39
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Show latest comments from all weeks - 9.9 hours ago
Congrats Tara!

overjoyedmommy2 - 19.1 hours ago
Congrats Tara! Hope you're doing well.

Kekea - 20.1 hours ago
Tara congrats on your big boy!!! Welcome to the world Oliver!!!

RowdyRandi - 20.5 hours ago
Yay! Congrats tarar! I'm so happy for you:) That's the biggest baby in our group so far i think

TaraR - 20.9 hours ago
Oliver Andrew made his arrival on 10-11-15 at 10:26pm! He weighed in at 8lbs 8oz and 20 1/2 inches long! He's so precious!!

RowdyRandi - 2 days ago
Hooray tara! Good luck! Hoping you have an easy labor and delivery!

Kekea - 2 days ago
Good luck Tara!!! Keep us posted!

overjoyedmommy2 - 2 days ago
Good luck Tara! - 2 days ago
Good luck Tara! Can't wait for updates!

TaraR - 2 days ago
Heading to the hospital! Had scheduled induction but heading over early! Cramps came out of nowhere!!

TaraR - 3 days ago
You sound like me!! LOL I think about everything when I get home! Never when I'm there! LOL - 3 days ago
She's a hippie so I should have asked for the definition. Of course I wait until I get home to pick apart how my visit went lol

TaraR - 3 days ago
Crunchy cervix?!?! Hmmm.....that's weird!!!! I'm not experiencing anything at all today!!! No pains or cramps!!! He's just super comfy I guess!! - 3 days ago
Tara just super crampy. I'm hoping it's because *things* are happening. I'm due Wednesday.. I had a lot of cramps and white discharge after my doctor mixed up my guts looking for my cervix. My cervix is off center. Any way she did say my cervix was crunchy, and that meant that it was getting ready. Idk what that meant exactly and Google doesn't know either. And after my exam I had weird white pieces of discharge. I'm assuming that came out of my cervix... Man I'm so bent out of shape this time trying not to over think things. She said if I'm still pregnant Wednesday she will give the sweep another try. I've been cleaning like a mad woman today and once I'm content with that I want to go walking again. Good luck Tara. And I hope everyone is healing fast and enjoying baby. At least we have each other to keep us company these last few hours/days!!!

TaraR - 3 days ago
Good morning! No pains or anything today! I don't feel a thing. My legs are a little achy but other than that I'm good! I'm assuming labor is not right around the corner for me! Lol I'm glad everyone is recovering well! Mrsamanda....anything new today for you?!

RowdyRandi - 3 days ago
I'm recovering well i think kekea. Thankfully i only have one stitch down there. My DD is a little momma at 2 yo. She loves the baby. Lil man latched on wonderfully and is breastfeeding like a champ. He eats a lot lol. Hope you're recovering well. How's everyone else recovering? And shouldn't be long tara and mrsamanda you won't be pregnant forever. Although it does feel like it. Sorry your sweep didn't go well mrsamanda. - 4 days ago
My goodness I went in for the sweep and she couldn't do it BC my cervix was being complicated... Lol! What luck :) thank you everyone for the kind thoughts :) maybe we will go at the same time Tara!

Kekea - 4 days ago
Congrats on number 8 Paula. I am glad you guys made it to the hospital!!! Tara your baby is just waiting on you too finish up your last day of work lol but it seems like it will be any day ... Good luck on your sweep Amanda! Paula You were so right the transition from 4 to 5 has not been too much of a difference. Yup RowdyRandi only two more to deliver in our group, how are you recovering and how is the adjustment?

TaraR - 4 days ago
Woohoo!!! Thanks!!! I will take that whole bag!! :)

RowdyRandi - 4 days ago
Who knows tara it could still be today for u. Fingers crossed, and a bag of labor dust for you

TaraR - 4 days ago
Good morning!! :) Body is super achy today! No contractions or anything! I'm just full of gas!! LOL Sorry TMI

RowdyRandi - 4 days ago
So who's left in our group besides tara and mrsamanda?

RowdyRandi - 4 days ago
congrata paula! That's a good size baby. Glad your labor went quick! Tara i was afraid i wouldn't recognize real labor too but apparently all the books and educational videos are right. When its real you'll know it. There's 3 things to look for if its real and u need 2 out of 3. Water breaking, bloody show, contractions that get stronger and more frequent. And real contractions are def diff from braxton hicks

TaraR - 4 days ago
Woohoo!!!!! Congrats Paula!!!!! So glad it all went well!! I'm laying in bed as we speak with very painful pulling sensation down there!! Like pulling my cervix. Lots of pressure as well. I've always been induced so I have no idea what I'm looking for!!

Paulasoon2b8 - 4 days ago
Leyla Grace made her grand entrance on October 1st 2015 (38 weeks and 2 days) @ 9:14 pm. She weighed 7lbs. 110z and 22in long😊 Went to doctor for scheduled appointment and was 5cms being so far we decided to induce. We went did some shopping got everything we needed and admitted to hospital. Took awhile to get started but once it started I jumped from 7 to 10 cms in like 15 dipped into birth canal and started to crown before I could get off the birthing ball! So I'd say maybe 30 mins of active labour inclusive...she is absolutely perfect!!!!!

TaraR - 5 days ago
Feeling good still! Still cleaning away! Last day of work is tomorrow. Had pains this morning but they ended. So I'm just going with the flow!! Excited to hear how your sweep goes! - 5 days ago
I'm so nervous right now about to have my sweep done, I'm trying not to get to excited. Twenty more minutes... How about you?

TaraR - 5 days ago
How are you doing mrsamandawalsh? :) - 5 days ago
I'm still here as well Tara!

TaraR - 5 days ago
Good morning! I'm still here! :) Having some lower back pains and cramps this morning. They are pretty irregular though. My due date is tomorrow! We'll see what happens! :)

RowdyRandi - 6 days ago
Haha wow congrats mzdallas. I can't believe u still had stitching in. No wonder u weren't progressing! Glad to hear u have some progress tara and glad you're doing so much better kekea. We're doing good here too. Just sleep deprived lol

TaraR - 7 days ago
I'm glad you're feeling a bit better Kekea!! That's good news! Praying for 100% quick!! :)

overjoyedmommy2 - 7 days ago
Congrats mzdallas!

Kekea - 7 days ago
Progress Tara!! You will have your baby soon!! After 17 days I am finally feeling about 80% recovered. My life has been reduced to nursing, cnn, and facebook, so I am ready for a full recovery...

TaraR - 7 days ago
Congrats!!!! So happy for you!!! Update on me...I went to the dr this morning. I'm 2cm and 50% effaced!!! If he's not here by Sunday we will induce Saturday night. My blood pressure was a little high this time. I did lose 5 pounds this week and I'm still feeling good!

Kekea - 7 days ago
Oh wow!! Mzdallas that explains a lot because I wAs sure you would be one of the first to deliver. Congrats!!! He is the biggest baby within our circle so far...

mzdallas06 - 7 days ago
contractions started Sunday night, woke up Monday morning (yesterday) to fluid trickling down my leg. Went to the doctor, and he sent me straight to the hospital. My beautiful, healthy son was FINALLY born on Monday 10/5 @ 6:04 pm. 7lbs 7 oz :) FYI: I still had stitching on my cervix! So that's why I never dilated on further than 1. I actually saw her pull out the rest of the stitching!

overjoyedmommy2 - 7 days ago
Congrats RowdyRandi! - 8 days ago
Im still pregnant too! Congrats to those that gave birth!

TaraR - 8 days ago
Congrats!!! Sooo happy for you!! I'm of course still pregnant! But I'm actually still feeling great!! Nesting away!! :) I go to the Dr tomorrow so we'll see what he says. Looking to induce Sunday.

RowdyRandi - 8 days ago
It'll all be over soon mzdalllas. Your induction is tomorrow! Can't wait to hear how u do:)

mzdallas06 - 8 days ago
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm STILL pregnant... Smh.. And the swelling in my feet is REALLY starting to freak me out... My socks are even too tight to fit comfortably:(

mzdallas06 - 8 days ago
RowdyRandi, OMG!!! Yaayyyy!!! Wow!! So happy for you!!! Way to go!!!! Blessings!!!

Kekea - 9 days ago
RowdyRandi Congrats!!! Can't wait to hear your story...

RowdyRandi - 9 days ago
I was next! Andrew Lee was born 11:23 AM 6 lb 13.7 oz 20 in. Tried to go natural got to about 7 cm couldn't handle it anymore got epidural. Only pushed for 10 mins

RowdyRandi - 10 days ago
Hooray! Congratulations overjoyed!

Kekea - 10 days ago
Congrats overjoyedmommy2!!!

TaraR - 10 days ago
Congrats overjoyed!!!!!

overjoyedmommy2 - 10 days ago
Will be writing the birth story soon.

overjoyedmommy2 - 10 days ago
Baby girl was born 10/01/15 at 8:58pm 7lbs 3.5oz 18in. Induction went awesome and I got to give birth again unmedicated :)

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