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You are 4 weeks pregnant.

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By the end of this week, you will most likely be expecting your period to come. However, if you are pregnant your period will most likely not come. Some women do experience some spotting or even a light period. It is also possible to have your period and still be pregnant! If you do miss your period, you might begin to think about a possible pregnancy! Home pregnancy tests are not as reliable as blood tests at this point. A blood test will detect a positive pregnancy test at this point because the hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), has been secreted.

At this point in your pregnancy, your growing baby is very small and is about 1 mm in length. One mm is about half of the size of a typed letter `o`. You are still not showing at all and you have not yet gained any weight. Even though you are in the very early stages of your pregnancy, many great changes are occurring. The implanted embryo is embedded deeper in the lining of your uterus and the amniotic cavity is beginning to form. The placenta is also forming and will be delivering oxygen and nutrients to your developing baby. This week the blastocyst begins to transform into an embryo. The embryo will have three different layers with different types of tissue. The inner layer will form the lungs, liver, digestive system and pancreas. The middle layer will become the skeleton, muscles, kidneys, blood vessels and heart. The outer layer will become the skin, hair, lenses of eyes, tooth enamel and the nervous system.

A clear result. If you tried it a few days ago and the result wasn't as convincing as in this picture, try it again now to be sure!

Even though you have not yet gained any weight, you need to be prepared to gain weight during pregnancy. Gaining a healthy amount of weight is crucial for the health of both mother and baby during pregnancy. You can control your weight gain by eating healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. During pregnancy you are eating for two, but that does not mean you have to eat twice as much!

Your body now starts producing a hormone which stops you having your period, and it shows in your urine.

It is now possible for your pregnancy to show up on blood tests, and even home pregnancy tests.

About 1 in 3 women have a light bleeding at this point. This happens before you would expect your period to arrive. Unless accompanied by cramping, backache or increased bleeding, a small amount of blood being discharged should be considered as implantation bleeding which is nothing to be concerned about.

At this point, your baby is still not visible to the naked eye.

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Comments on week 4

Comments 1-21 of about 21 from week 4
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Maceesmomma - 21 days ago This is a Facebook group that a couple of the Iap 2014 moms made for the newly pregnant members that are now pregnant in 2016! Join us!

HM8432 - 21 days ago
They use to say it was safe to have a glass of wine, but I'm pretty sure they changed it. I wouldn't risk it especially in the first trimester but that's just me :) on to week 5 now!!

TanyaMomOf4 - 22 days ago
What do you ladies think about a glass of red wine a night with dinner? Supposedly it's ok?

TanyaMomOf4 - 22 days ago
I have told my kids and some close friends but no family. My family is judgemental so they can wait. I am also going to be judged for having 3 different fathers. I had my daughter who's now 14 when I was 18 and my 2 boys ages 3 and 4 with my ex husband. This one will be my fiance's first and my 4th. I'm very happy about it. My anxiety I think is coming from not being able to stay home right now like I did with the others. Plus I suffer from panic attacks and hate my current job. Makes it all much harder. I feel so blah. I'm trying to keep up my spirits because I am finally so happy with a man and happy we are building a family together.

firedancer254 - 22 days ago
I was on here 7 and 5 years ago too! I always come back to this site when it's time to have another baby! I have always just loved it. :) Some of the later weeks seem to have more activity so maybe it's just the early weeks that are slow. At least there are a few of us :) I am technically not even 4 weeks but there is NO activity in the TTC pages. I took a test this morning and it was BFN but I expected that cause it's still early. But I have been having a lot of symptoms already so I figured I would try. I have been utterly exhausted for 2 days now and having some minor cramps and nausea. AF isn't due till like next Wednesday so it can't be that. At least my friend gave me tons of her leftover pregnancy tests so I can test as much as I want LOL And I agree on not wanting to tell people. We usually wait till at least 12 weeks. It's going to be hard this time though cause my boys are older and we live really close to my in laws so I feel like someone is going to catch on when I am nauseous and going for a lot of doctor appointments LOL

HM8432 - 22 days ago
TanyaMomOf4 I too have been having a lot of anxiety. Mine is mostly worrying if this is going to be a healthy pregnancy and about the baby. All things I can't really control. I don't know if this is crazy or not, but on the days where I've ate really healthy with lots of fruit and veggies, with lots and lots of water my anxiety is way better!

HM8432 - 22 days ago
I am sure it will work out too. I wouldn't of told my Mom even but she figured it out when she brought some wine over for my birthday and I turned it down. I'm not normally much of a drinker anyways but I'm a terrible liar so she knew right away. This site really did have a lot more people on it in the past. I'm wondering if they have lost people to the sites that also have an app for their phone. I was on here about 7 years ago and 4 years ago with my last two pregnancies.

kezboy2 - 22 days ago
Oh no HM8432, that's not good :-( I'm sure everything will work out. I'm hoping to get to at least 20 weeks before I tell my boys ( and everyone else ). I feel so sick today and keep having hots flushes/sweaty !!! I was on this site 7 and 5 years ago when I had my sons, it was very active, but doesn't seem that way now. Let's get our week going 😍

HM8432 - 23 days ago
So annoyed! My Mom went and thought it would be okay to tell tons of people that I was pregnant! I ended up having to tell my kids because I was worried that they would find out from someone else :(. They of course are all super excited but I really wanted to wait til the first trimester was over to be safe. Im so nervous that I could mc, and I don't want their little hearts broken.

TanyaMomOf4 - 24 days ago
I'm tired and feeling queezy today. I'm also feeling a lot of anxiety. I'm not liking that. I want to sleep through till the end please.

FireDancer254 - 24 days ago
Thanks HM8432! This was our first month trying! We have never had any problems getting pregnant before but its been almost six years since I was pregnant last so my body is a lot different now. I had what might have been implantation bleeding today - small amount of light brown discharge. Eek!! I want to start testing but I know its too early! I might start testing Saturday!

kezboy2 - 25 days ago
Hm8432 thank you. Congrats to you also. The only thing that made me think I'm pregnant (apart from missed period) is really sore heavy boobs. It was only our second month of ttc so a little shocked it happened so quick especially with me being older (35). I will be keeping it quite as long as possible due to work so hoping I can get to 20 weeks without anyone noticing. :-)

HM8432 - 25 days ago
Congrats Kezboy! Is anyone else already dealing with extreme exhaustion? I don't remember it being this bad, though I have 4 kids to take care of and I wasn't this old last time! I seriously could sleep all day! I had a lab appointment to check my Hcg levels they were 576 which the nurse said that's right where I should be for 4 1/2 weeks!

kezboy2 - 25 days ago
Hey ladies Got my bfp today , due around 24th September by last period. I'm so happy but sick with nerves as well . Looking forward to chatting to you all :-)

HM8432 - 25 days ago
Congrats Tanya!!!

TanyaMomOf4 - 26 days ago
Hello ladies. I just found out Saturday that I'm pregnant with baby number 4. I'll be around here and there. Made some great friends from here a few yrs ago. Hope to do that again.

HM8432 - 26 days ago
Good luck Firedancer! That wait until test day is the worst! Have you been trying long?

HM8432 - 26 days ago
Bonnie hang in there! I heard that the prenatal vit that offer dha can help also as a mood booster for Mom! It might help some for you, though depression isn't something to mess with it's always best to let your dr know!! I also used this site with my previous pregnancy, she will be 4 soon so it was close to 5 years ago that I was on here too!

FireDancer254 - 26 days ago
Congrats ladies! I get to start testing one week from Tuesday! I am so nervous and anxious to find out yet trying not to wish the time away since this will be our last baby.

Bonniefufu - 28 days ago
Got my BFP on Thursday, I am terrified and depressed to be honest 😳, unplanned pregnancy and feeling a bit low , joined as I used this site with my last pregnancy 5 years ago and found it comforting to talk with other people .

HM8432 - 28 days ago
Hello...I got my BFP on Tuesday!! So excited this will be my 5th baby!! I was wanting one more baby, but didn't think hubby was on board until this last month!!! Can't believe it happend that quick!

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