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You are 4 weeks pregnant.

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By the end of this week, you will most likely be expecting your period to come. However, if you are pregnant your period will most likely not come. Some women do experience some spotting or even a light period. It is also possible to have your period and still be pregnant! If you do miss your period, you might begin to think about a possible pregnancy! Home pregnancy tests are not as reliable as blood tests at this point. A blood test will detect a positive pregnancy test at this point because the hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), has been secreted.

At this point in your pregnancy, your growing baby is very small and is about 1 mm in length. One mm is about half of the size of a typed letter `o`. You are still not showing at all and you have not yet gained any weight. Even though you are in the very early stages of your pregnancy, many great changes are occurring. The implanted embryo is embedded deeper in the lining of your uterus and the amniotic cavity is beginning to form. The placenta is also forming and will be delivering oxygen and nutrients to your developing baby. This week the blastocyst begins to transform into an embryo. The embryo will have three different layers with different types of tissue. The inner layer will form the lungs, liver, digestive system and pancreas. The middle layer will become the skeleton, muscles, kidneys, blood vessels and heart. The outer layer will become the skin, hair, lenses of eyes, tooth enamel and the nervous system.

A clear result. If you tried it a few days ago and the result wasn't as convincing as in this picture, try it again now to be sure!

Even though you have not yet gained any weight, you need to be prepared to gain weight during pregnancy. Gaining a healthy amount of weight is crucial for the health of both mother and baby during pregnancy. You can control your weight gain by eating healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. During pregnancy you are eating for two, but that does not mean you have to eat twice as much!

Your body now starts producing a hormone which stops you having your period, and it shows in your urine.

It is now possible for your pregnancy to show up on blood tests, and even home pregnancy tests.

About 1 in 3 women have a light bleeding at this point. This happens before you would expect your period to arrive. Unless accompanied by cramping, backache or increased bleeding, a small amount of blood being discharged should be considered as implantation bleeding which is nothing to be concerned about.

At this point, your baby is still not visible to the naked eye.

See also:
Ovulation Calendar (When can you do a home pregnancy test?)
Home pregnancy tests

Comments on week 4

Comments 1-49 of about 995 from week 4
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metal-mommy - 3 days ago
Thanks Julie! Me too! I had to give up coffee and I swear I have napped like two times lol! I have three jobs and college, I would like to see how long that lasts lol - 3 days ago
Super tired today!!! I teach 6th grade and I just wanted to make everyone take a nap. Lol

Juliemom24 - 4 days ago
Congratulations metal-mommy and jessicabrown! - 4 days ago
Took my test Saturday morning and got my blood work done yesterday for confirmation.i am so excited to share this journey with you all!!

metal-mommy - 4 days ago
Just found out today that I'm pregnant after 11 months of tryin!! I'm so happy I cried! I still am I'm shock it finally happened!!

shaym007 - 5 days ago
Dmmarine- sore boobs, crampy, tired and hungry. That's all. No ms and no nausea! Which is hair crazy to me. I was soooo sick with my girls! So I was worried my levels weren't rising! See you in week 5

dmmarinewife - 5 days ago
Shay that's awesome. They are not checking my levels anymore. I will be in week 5 tomorrow. Are you having any symptoms?

shaym007 - 5 days ago
I'm in week 5, but wanted you all to know my levels went from 270 at week 4 to 6268 this week! Week 5.

Mel90 - 6 days ago
Excited I haven't been pregnant for 4yrs I miss the feeling..

zwiebelpulver - 6 days ago
Hi lady's! I'm still on holidays and haven't really following my cycle as it has been all over the place before. So I ran in to a cheap test and thought, ah well let's give it a try as I might be already late anyway. And there it was a BFP! Woohoo! I am looking forward to our journey together. Let's hope the little ones are all really sticky! X

shaym007 - 10 days ago
Yay dm marine I am so happy for you!! I think cd 31 or cd 32 and it was 270 I will get it rechecked this monday

lissie**** - 10 days ago
//dmmarinewife// that is awesome news! Happy for you! //BabyCat// several of us are also hoping of girls :) And some of us are just dang happy to be preggers!

dmmarinewife - 10 days ago
Wellll.... Results are in! It's a new preg! Hcg was 30 Tuesday and 152 today

BabyCatt3 - 10 days ago
I am pregnant with baby #3 here. I have 2 boys (almost 6 and 3) and kinda hoping for a girl.. We will wait and see. I am looking forward to keeping up with you all thru December!!

lissie**** - 11 days ago
dmmarinelife// That can't be easy. glad to see you here now :) //charchar//They can really help some women by checking the hormone levels etc b/c if there is an issue you know what's going on and if/how to help. Just read that you a loss in the past :( sticky baby dust to you both

dmmarinewife - 11 days ago
Shay that's good! What cd were you when you had bloodwork? Char- I'm being monitored bc I just miscarried and had a d&c 29 days ago, this is pregnancy # 5, with only 1 living son.

charcharsuperstar - 11 days ago
Hi guys, just wondering why so many of you guys get your bloodwork done to check for progesterone levels and such? This is my 5th baby and I've never been offered to check numbers like this. I wonder why.

Juliemom24 - 11 days ago
I'm pregnant!!! It feels so good to say that (since we won't be announcing it for a while!) haha. Congratulations to you new mamas. This is #2 for me and I'm excited to share it with you guys again!

shaym007 - 11 days ago
I hope your level is going up! I had my results back from my draw on Monday and it was 270? They was to redraw Monday and I believe I get an us Monday as well...

dmmarinewife - 11 days ago
Shay - went to my appt- they just did bloodwork and I go bAck thur for one more to make sure it's going up. If it is then they will do an ultrasound next week...

charcharsuperstar - 13 days ago
dmmariewife, I have a 5 year old daughter, born in March! Good luck girl, stick baby , stick!

dmmarinewife - 13 days ago
Shay good luck at your drs! Mine is tomorrow thankfully bc I wiped and had some pink spotting... So please pray this one sticks!!

shaym007 - 13 days ago
I am super sorry for both of your guys loss.... I have been sick, and. We were around my Inlaws so I we ended up telling them, even though it's early, and it told my mom. But we aren't telling anyone else. We are waiting until after my ultrasound. I am scared so etching will happen with this one, just because it took us SO long to conceive..... So it still seems unreal. I have been having extremely sore boobs, non stop cramping, and non stop nausea. I have a drs apt today!

dmmarinewife - 14 days ago
Char- first off I'm soo sorry for your loss. This will also be pregnancy #5, 1 living son (5 years old). My boobs aren't really tender but I noticed my ariolas are getting a darkened lining on the outer part (sorry tmi) and I never had that even with my son.

charcharsuperstar - 14 days ago
Dmmarinewife, I just miscarried at 18.5 weeks & had a d&c on Jan 31st, too. We were planning on waiting one more month but I am extremely fertile. This will be pregancy #5 for me, 2 living children. I am very nervous but trying not to get too negative and just enjoy it. I'm having waves of nausea and slightly sore boobs, but I know it's week 7 that it really starts to kick in for me. I'm hoping for sticky beans for all of us! This is ourlast try for a baby.

dmmarinewife - 14 days ago
Hi girls- technically I'm not quite 4 weeks yet provided my test gets darker but had faint positives... So hopefully they get darker... Not sure if you all know or not but I was pregnant and got to 9 weeks and miscarried and just had a d&c so I'm still shocked and scared if this is a true pregnancy (hcg was tested out and completely neg from prev pregnancy)... However it's very odd... I'm not having any of the symptoms. However I'm moody as hell.. Omg my poor dh I have been quite a pleasant ray of sunshine. Lol sarcasm obviously... And eating crazy sh*t I don't normally eat- I had sautéed onions for a snack. And I've been seeming to want to eat celery and peanut butter a lot... Lol which I hate celery. No tender bbs etc.

shaym007 - 15 days ago
Hey guys!! I got my bFp yesterday!!! Ugh it's been a long road!! And seems unreal that I finally got it!! Soooo sooooo excited though!!! Sooooo excited!! :) I see the dr Monday morning!!

meggz - 17 days ago
I already got my blood work done as well. Everything is looking good! (history of m/c so I'm proactive!) SO excited!!!

lissie**** - 19 days ago
Meggz// congratulations!! So exciting! ! I took like 6 tests too bc faint ha ha!!

meggz - 19 days ago
Hello ladies! I got about 5 faint positives from Saturday until yesterday then this morning I got a positive digital!!! No more guess work! Period wasn't even due till today! Congrats to you all!

lissie**** - 22 days ago
I also got my BFP on Tuesday. I wasn't sure b/c it was negative on Wed and Faint again on Thursday. Then I tested again today and it was a definite positive.

daisyreh - 27 days ago
I just got a light positive today on a HPT and couldn't be happier!! This will be #3 (3 1/2 girl & 2yo boy) I never get even a faint line if I'm not pregnant. I'm going to test on Fri again for a BFP!! Congrats to you all!! :)

nicolemarie22 - 27 days ago
Thanks Katy!! I am hoping so too!! I know with my first one I felt something and new right away that it must be I was preggo....and I was, But I cant remember when in my cycle I felt it.

Katyuk - 27 days ago
Hi nicolemarie, I didn't notice it with this pregnancy until about 3w 5d but with my last 2 I definitely felt it sooner and mine are always on the left side :/ fingers crossed that you'll be joining us :)

nicolemarie22 - 28 days ago
Hey ladies....first of all congrats to you!! I am TTC, and have a question for you all since its still fresh in your memories...My AF is due sometime this week. Having some pulling/pinching sensation in my lower left ovary area. More noticeable when I am walking or moving around. I cant remember if I get this before normally or not. Anyone here experience that before they got their BFP?

NICOlA2010 - 30 days ago
Hello my name is nicola and im expecting baby number 3 :-) i have a 3.5 yr old and 16 month old

Katyuk - 30 days ago
Hi kayte-berk, fingers crossed for you but that sounds like you're doing really well, let me know how you get on tomorrow :D we done get HCG checked routinely in England (I wish we did!!) so I have no idea how I'm doing, going to see the midwife on the 7th April :)

kayte-berk - 31 days ago
Katyuk - Hope all turns out well for you this time around! I had issues with my last pregnancy and pretty nervous as well. Just got my results back from my second blood draw. In 2 days my HCG level went from 133 to 348. Getting another draw tomorrow!

Katyuk - 31 days ago
Hi all, I just found out on Sunday that I'm pregnant, was a little bit surprised because I felt fine other than a few cramps. I think I'm about 4w 2d today! I'm a bit nervous because I have no symptoms other than a little fatigue and maybe needing a wee slightly more often, and this morning I had a huge pain in my uterus when I went for a wee. Hoping all is ok but had a miscarriage at 5w last year so trying to stay positive. Good luck and health to all of you here :) x

kayte-berk - 33 days ago
Hey ladies! I found out two days ago that I'm pregnant again! My husband and I are ecstatic, but very nervous! My last pregnancy ended in a Molar Pregnancy at 12 weeks... After a D&C and many complications during the D&C, and two years later... I'm finally pregnant again! I did find out today that my progesterone level is only at a 10, and they said it should be at a 20. So I'm now on progesterone pills. Having more blood work done tomorrow too.

abiuk - 39 days ago
Oh Hopeful.x How do you think your hubby will take it? How are you coping with the news?? I didn't cope very well when I found out sunday morning....sobbed uncontrollably! Kinda getting used to the idea now. I'm scared for other reasons though because I had a placental abruption with my last bubby and I'm petrified of something really bad happening this time.xx

hopeful28 - 39 days ago
I can't believe I am here again this is baby number 5 we just had a baby a month ago lol but really its not funny I feel so stupid to think I couldn't possibly get pregnant since I breastfeed and it always took us until after our kids were year old but I guess lessen learned but anyway I been spotting on and off for a week or longer and ms already kick in weird part I took a test 3 days ago and it was - I haven't told my husband yet : (

abiuk - 39 days ago
Hi ladies I'm Abi and very unexpected to be here again! This is a BIG surprise baby number 5! I used this site with my 3 little girls and I also have a son. Our family was complete....or so I thought! Still sinking in for me. Hope you ladies are all getting on well.x

luvmykiddos - 43 days ago
Hi everyone! Started getting my bfps on Monday. Been trying for baby #4 since June and have had three losses recently back in oct, dec, and jan. Was trying to take a break this month for my sanity's sake because I can't handle another loss, and looks like I failed at that. Hoping this baby sticks. Hcg wed evening was 52 and I just got it drawn again this morning. Sucks that I have to wait til Monday to hear results. Hope I get to continue on this journey with you! Not excited yet though, too nervous still...

staceydownie28 - 43 days ago
Me and my hubby talking lastnyt and decided as its going to br our last baby not going to find out the sex have always found out before so going to be hard but am determind to do it xx

aksnods - 44 days ago
ok so we just found out that we are preggo again!! we only tried for two weeks and i thought it was going to take longer and it happened right away. I am so thrilled i did not have months of waiting just to get pregnant. have my first appt with doctor next month. hope i dont gain a bunch of weight with this pregnancy. Going to have to stay away from the whole milk. lol

staceydownie28 - 44 days ago
Hi ladies booked maself in for a private scan on 3rd april when ill be 8 weeks just t make sure everything ok,feels like so long away cant wait tho xx

lovelylibra717 - 45 days ago
Oh yes and my HCG level was 360 today...So im thinking that I conceived very close to Valentines Day. Is that right?

lovelylibra717 - 45 days ago
Hello Ladies! I found out a few days ago that I am PG with my 2nd child! I was a member on this site a number of years ago when i was PG with my son who is now 6yrs old. I have been sooo nauseous and my BB and nippies feel like I have been scraping them on concrete lol. OUCH! Even though this is number two, I am very nervous but thankful for my little blessing. Gook Luck to you all!

mommasarah1109 - 46 days ago
4 weeks 6 days today. Had my progesterone drawn on Monday and it was 30. Hcg on Monday was 797 and today (48 hrs later) was 1555. Dr very happy with results. Boobs have been very sore, esp nips. Slight cramping - mostly at night. Get really tired between 4:00-6:30 and nauseous as well. Thankfully nausea goes away when I eat dinner. Also insomnia at night even though I feel exhausted. Anyone else have hcg drawn?

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