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You are 4 weeks pregnant.

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By the end of this week, you will most likely be expecting your period to come. However, if you are pregnant your period will most likely not come. Some women do experience some spotting or even a light period. It is also possible to have your period and still be pregnant! If you do miss your period, you might begin to think about a possible pregnancy! Home pregnancy tests are not as reliable as blood tests at this point. A blood test will detect a positive pregnancy test at this point because the hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), has been secreted.

At this point in your pregnancy, your growing baby is very small and is about 1 mm in length. One mm is about half of the size of a typed letter `o`. You are still not showing at all and you have not yet gained any weight. Even though you are in the very early stages of your pregnancy, many great changes are occurring. The implanted embryo is embedded deeper in the lining of your uterus and the amniotic cavity is beginning to form. The placenta is also forming and will be delivering oxygen and nutrients to your developing baby. This week the blastocyst begins to transform into an embryo. The embryo will have three different layers with different types of tissue. The inner layer will form the lungs, liver, digestive system and pancreas. The middle layer will become the skeleton, muscles, kidneys, blood vessels and heart. The outer layer will become the skin, hair, lenses of eyes, tooth enamel and the nervous system.

A clear result. If you tried it a few days ago and the result wasn't as convincing as in this picture, try it again now to be sure!

Even though you have not yet gained any weight, you need to be prepared to gain weight during pregnancy. Gaining a healthy amount of weight is crucial for the health of both mother and baby during pregnancy. You can control your weight gain by eating healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. During pregnancy you are eating for two, but that does not mean you have to eat twice as much!

Your body now starts producing a hormone which stops you having your period, and it shows in your urine.

It is now possible for your pregnancy to show up on blood tests, and even home pregnancy tests.

About 1 in 3 women have a light bleeding at this point. This happens before you would expect your period to arrive. Unless accompanied by cramping, backache or increased bleeding, a small amount of blood being discharged should be considered as implantation bleeding which is nothing to be concerned about.

At this point, your baby is still not visible to the naked eye.

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Ovulation Calendar (When can you do a home pregnancy test?)
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Comments on week 4

Comments 1-49 of about 1434 from week 4
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HeatherT1029 - 13.5 hours ago
Congratulations lea! Happy Birthday mamagris and congrats to you too!!

mamagris - 19.2 hours ago
Hi Ladies! I am officially in the 4th week and today is my birthday! I am trying to stay as positive as possible this time. A loss earlier this year, as to be expected, has me concerned. Really hoping this one sticks around :) Congrats to all you ladies, looking forward to moving along and growing with you all.

leashlush - 22.3 hours ago
I got my bfp this morning. So excited for this journey but scared too. I've had two miscarriages this year. Afraid to get too hopeful but at the same time it's worth it for just a chance to get a little one. Can't wait to tell the hubby.

HeatherT1029 - 2 days ago
Hello ladies! I got a few BFP HPT's on Tuesday, Wednesday and another 2 today!! I had my confirmation doctors appointment yesterday and I am due July 29!!! Yay!! I have always wanted to have a baby in July so I'm soo very excited!! I already have 2 beautiful girls so I would love to have a boy this time, since this one is going to be our last. How are you ladies feeling? I'm quiet moody and tired but feeling really good otherwise.

justonemore - 9 days ago
AF is 2 days late. I had a natural miscarriage at 6 week's 5 days in September.My nipples have been tender and a little nauseous. I'm not testing until 5 more days if AF still hasn't showed.

joytotheworld - 10 days ago
Hi ladies. Got my BFP yesterday!!! I'm excited. I have three boys so really hoping that this one is a girl! God bless all of you - 12 days ago
I got my BFP on Saturday. I'm so excited and I'm looking forward to having another child. I already have three kids, ages 13, 4, and 2, so I'm definitely going to be one busy mama. I know this might seem weird but I had a gut instinct I was pregnant a few hours after conception. I just felt weird and I remember saying to myself that I think I just got impregnated. As of right now the only symptoms I have are sore boobs and slight waves of nausea. With my other pregnancies I got really bad morning sickness starting at 6 weeks so I'm curious to see if it'll pick up or stay the same. Congrats to all of the other BFPs!!

cheyni - 13 days ago
Hi ladies. Got bfp yesterday so just wanted to say hi to you all. I have 4 girls already aged from 19 to 5. Looking forward to this journey :)

Naomi88 - 14 days ago
Got my BFP today!!! Yay! I'm due July 12. I have 2 children (5yr old girl and 3 yr old boy). I'm so excited for this new angel growing in my tummy.

liltyke7 - 16 days ago
Thanks Kiki! I can;t beileve i found out so early this time. I have no sysmptons other than a positivie preggo test. it is still sinking in....

kiki19 - 18 days ago
congrats liltyke7 on yor BFP :)

kiki19 - 18 days ago
I'm so sorry Kry, I was really hoping to be right in there myself but no luck for me I'm just waiting for AF to show and then I can start TTC again. I hope you get your BFP that your looking for :)

liltyke7 - 19 days ago
Woohooo...just got a positive preggo test. I have 2 girls 6 and 3 so hoping this is a boy. Exciting!!!

krydissius - 19 days ago
looks like there isn't much going on in here now of days, well no BFP for me :( so looks like I'm back on TTC hoping that 3rd time is the charm so I'm hoping that I'll be right back in here with you wonderful ladies :)

krydissius - 23 days ago
morning ladies, I took a test this morning and got my faint positives so I'm hoping this is a big sign that I'm getting my BFP FX, wishing all you ladies luck, sending baby dust to all :)

jellybelly3 - 23 days ago
Hey all! So for the past couple days I've gotten very faint positives on all the tests I took. Feeling extremely nauseous, so that's a good thing right?! I'm a little concerned that my lines aren't getting darker.. at all. And the line is still so faint! My period was supposed to be today.. so I guess it's a waiting game now. Hoping it's not a chemical.. and until I know otherwise I am going to hang out here :). Hoping we all get a bunch of sticky little beans!

vick1020 - 25 days ago
Hello ladies! I will be five weeks on Friday with #3. My son is 5 and my daughter will be 3 in January. We are so excited about #3!!!

kiki19 - 25 days ago
good morning ladies...I'm 6 days away before AF is due, I'm FX that this will be our month to get a BFP hoping to be joining you ladies here really soon :)

julier - 28 days ago
hey guys ! I just too a positive test yesterday.. faint line.. had blood drawn HCG is at 89 nothing seen on the ultrasound af puts me at a due date of july 3rd im sooo excited. I loved this site in 2011 when I had my daughter and im so excited to start this journey with you ladies

mommyof8sooontobe9 - 29 days ago
Whats everyones due date- mine is june 28th

mommyof8sooontobe9 - 29 days ago
THANKS LADIES! We are still shocked.I also love seeing BIG families,it a joy to see.I would love to connect.Do yall know if theres a preg group on fb.If so can i be added?

8blessings - 32 days ago
thank you nadia i hope you get your boy but either way just as long as baby is healthy and strong, and congrats to mommy of 8 soon to be 9 wow i love big families :) - 32 days ago
Yay congrats mommy of 8 soon to be 9 :)

mommyof8sooontobe9 - 32 days ago
Very faint line on test,took 2 ,both had them guessing we are preg with baby 9 - 32 days ago
Congrats hoping for a girl :) 8 blessings wow I think 3 will be my max lol my two little ones are already too much but I am happy to be having one more. I am hoping for a boy this time but of course I will be happy either way

8blessings - 33 days ago
hi all mummy's to be congrats on your pregnancies, i missed a/f and took a pregnancy test and is positive so happy to be here as this is pregnancy #11 but will be bubs #8,had a m/c in jan this year so praying i will be able to carry to term, congrats again :)

HopingforaGirl35 - 34 days ago
Hi Ladies, I tested on Sun. 15 dpo and got 2 lines = PREGNANT!! So happy to be here at week 4!!! :o) Blood test booked in for this Sat.. - 34 days ago
Congrats Christina I am 4w 3 says going by my last period... staring to feel the morning sickness coming :( I hope I dont get hyperemesis this time

christina7289 - 35 days ago
I'm going to be off to 5 weeks tomorrow

christina7289 - 35 days ago
I got a positive test today - 36 days ago
Congrats tik tak I am 4 weeks today finally so weird to know I can't yet get excited cause I havent seen the heartbeat or even told the dr to confirm a pregnancy with blood work... early days tho... flying 4 hours tonight and dd decided to wake up at 5am its gona be a long day :(

tiktak - 36 days ago
6 positive tests down the line this week and I am now sure I am pregnant. Not getting too excited though until I see heart beat on the ultrasound... Haven't event called my GP yet. - 37 days ago
Congrats patiently waiting :) this is baby #3 for as kind of expected it I am hoping for a boy this time xxx

patiently waiting - 38 days ago
Got a shocking BFP today...looks like #4 is on the way! very unexpected but, happy to be here. - 38 days ago
Urghhh 3 more days until I am in this weeks posts... Anyone else here????

babytwee - 51 days ago
Honeymoon-surprise and Amanda0510 - Congrats to both of you!! I look forward to this pregnancy journey with you!! :) I am on # 3, my third and hubby's second. I have a son from a previous marriage and we have a two year old daughter together. I was on here with my daughter and it was awesome to have such a great support group to help you along the way. :)

mizz piggy - 52 days ago
Hey wats uo took a test a positive but today i.took it n.its negative has this happen to any mothers PLZ

Amanda0510 - 52 days ago
Hey ladies! I just got my BFP on Monday. I am so excited. This will be number 2 for me. I have a 4 year old son. Congrats to everyone :).

honeymoon-surprise - 52 days ago
Just got my BFP yesterday!! I Love IAP i was on here with my 2nd child. This is baby number 3 for us and so excited and bursting to tell people! Hubby wants to wait! Hope everyone is well!

tabby607 - 52 days ago
Off to week 5 tomorrow.... congrats to all the ladies on here.. see you there...

emmyjoe - 53 days ago
@ sandra, i think my due date will be may 31. WOW! All your babies in may! Oh my! What a crazy, busy month that is for you! How are your symptoms this go around? I get a little queasy now and then, but that's it.... crazy as it sounds i want ALL the symptoms! I think it just helps me know everything is going okay? ??? LOL

tabby607 - 54 days ago
Thank you everyone. I got my first appt Oct 30Th. I have no appetite either.

babytwee - 54 days ago
Congrats tabby607!! I got my bfp at 9dpo a week ago today. I'm not having many symptoms either except for lack of appetite. It seems the only thing I want to eat anymore is apples and peanut butter. LOL Speaking of which, I think I'm going to have some right now. :)

emmyjoe - 54 days ago
Congrats tabby607!!!

tabby607 - 55 days ago
Ok ladies, I got my BFP today. This is baby #2. But this pregnancy is already different then when I was pregnant with my DS. I knew right away with my son. Everything smelled so gross and everything tasted like dirt... this time around I was just about sure I was going to get my period. But nothing. So took that test and here I am. 😉 maybe it will be a girl this time around....eeeeeeekkkkkk - 56 days ago
Oh ok I see. What's your estimated due date? Mine is June 1st but they'll csec at 39 weeks so another may baby it is. We had our angel baby may 10th 2012. Our rainbow baby may 1st 2014. And this LO will be at the end of may. Just so crazy! - 56 days ago
Oh ok I see. What's your estimated due date? Mine is June 1st but they'll csec at 39 weeks so another may baby it is. We had our angel baby may 10th 2012. Our rainbow baby may 1st 2014. And this LO will be at the end of may. Just so crazy!

emmyjoe - 57 days ago
Just because of my recent history. Miscarriage in july 2013. New pregnancy in August 2013,low progesterone with that one. So they just said take it, it wont hurt. - 58 days ago
Emmyjoe, why did they stay you on progesterone? I haven't even called the dr yet. I figured I I'd call closer to the 9 week Mark.

emmyjoe - 58 days ago
congrats illj!!! I hope it's a good healthy one for you!!

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