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You are 4 weeks pregnant.

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By the end of this week, you will most likely be expecting your period to come. However, if you are pregnant your period will most likely not come. Some women do experience some spotting or even a light period. It is also possible to have your period and still be pregnant! If you do miss your period, you might begin to think about a possible pregnancy! Home pregnancy tests are not as reliable as blood tests at this point. A blood test will detect a positive pregnancy test at this point because the hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), has been secreted.

At this point in your pregnancy, your growing baby is very small and is about 1 mm in length. One mm is about half of the size of a typed letter `o`. You are still not showing at all and you have not yet gained any weight. Even though you are in the very early stages of your pregnancy, many great changes are occurring. The implanted embryo is embedded deeper in the lining of your uterus and the amniotic cavity is beginning to form. The placenta is also forming and will be delivering oxygen and nutrients to your developing baby. This week the blastocyst begins to transform into an embryo. The embryo will have three different layers with different types of tissue. The inner layer will form the lungs, liver, digestive system and pancreas. The middle layer will become the skeleton, muscles, kidneys, blood vessels and heart. The outer layer will become the skin, hair, lenses of eyes, tooth enamel and the nervous system.

A clear result. If you tried it a few days ago and the result wasn't as convincing as in this picture, try it again now to be sure!

Even though you have not yet gained any weight, you need to be prepared to gain weight during pregnancy. Gaining a healthy amount of weight is crucial for the health of both mother and baby during pregnancy. You can control your weight gain by eating healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. During pregnancy you are eating for two, but that does not mean you have to eat twice as much!

Your body now starts producing a hormone which stops you having your period, and it shows in your urine.

It is now possible for your pregnancy to show up on blood tests, and even home pregnancy tests.

About 1 in 3 women have a light bleeding at this point. This happens before you would expect your period to arrive. Unless accompanied by cramping, backache or increased bleeding, a small amount of blood being discharged should be considered as implantation bleeding which is nothing to be concerned about.

At this point, your baby is still not visible to the naked eye.

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Ovulation Calendar (When can you do a home pregnancy test?)
Home pregnancy tests

Comments on week 4

Comments 1-49 of about 1498 from week 4
3 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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sarahbeth13 - 2 days ago
Thank you Shannon! Best of luck with TTC! That can be so tough, but I imagine with 6 kiddos already you are keeping pretty busy. Keep me posted on how things go!

WilliamsonBabies - 2 days ago
Congratulations SarahBeth13!! I hope to be joining you soon!!

sarahbeth13 - 2 days ago
It is so quiet in here huh? Hopefully it gets busier and praying and wishing I will make it to the later weeks so I can see it get busier! Maybe everyone is just waiting for someone to start things off so here goes! I found out we are pregnant on Friday. Although it was not planned really, I am over the moon with excitement! I have two beautiful girls, 4 and 2, and I was 100% certain I wanted more children. DH was not on board yet, so we were not TTC and when we did BD the timing seemed off to get pregnant but... maybe my body saw its chance and took it! I have had two miscarriages so it is really hard to just be excited. I am very nervous and every twinge and cramp or feeling of discharge has me running to the bathroom and fearing the worst. I just read for the 100th time that cramping at this time is normal and I know there is nothing I can do but wait and hope and take good care of myself, so that is what I am doing. I have a viability ultrasound in a couple weeks, so until then my fingers and toes and everything else are crossed. I have been a member here since my first pregnancy in 2009 and I have met some amazing women and made some great friends. I really hope to be here with all of you (I know some ladies must be out there!) for the next 36 weeks or so! CHEERS AND BEST WISHES! - SB

mommashavin11 - 5 days ago
Expeciting # 11 after mc in positive 6 months to the day after my last positive. I have 10 kids ages 19 m - 20 yrs. Also had 3 chemicals, an abdominal ectopic, and a vanishing twin, so this is 16 th baby!! we are thrilled, but cautiously due to last mc. Hope everyone has a smooth ride! No symptoms yet for me, have hyperemesis gravidarium with several pregnancies, so having no symptoms is scary!

shoot4-2 - 11 days ago
Hey everyone! Im not new my old page is still active but i cant access it excited1st incase u all wanna check it out. Anyway, im back trying for baby #2 so wish me luck on a positive test - which im planning to take some time between now and friday. I havent missed my period yet but im pretty sure we made it happen the 1st time lol I'm very excited and its hard to wait to take a test. But i cant wait till i can tell my King that we are pregnant he is very excited too, but he wont mind trying some more ;p lol

mom2beof6 - 14 days ago
Got BFP with #6.

chrissy0423 - 16 days ago
Congrats, Sarah and gamama! I will be moving on to week 5 tomorrow.

gamamaof3 - 18 days ago
After trying for seven months, I just got my 1st bfp!! Friday night, 3 days ago was negative. But I took 2 tests today and I got 2 pink lines!! I'm on CD 28, and baby is due November 17th. We just decided to try for another so for 7 months we tried. I have 3 kids. boy 16, boy 13 and girl 5 that will be 6 next month. We miscarried 3 mths before getting pregnant with her. Hoping and praying this baby will be another successful pregnancy. Just gave hubby the great news. Been holding in the secret for 14 hrs today (since this morning bc I couldn't give great news over phone while he's at work). We decided to not tell anyone else, including the kids till we are further along to make sure everything is ok. So for now I'm spilling my guts to ya'll

SarahMVR - 19 days ago
Just got my BFP! I'm still in denial. Took 3 years, two losses, and now I'm here! I'm insanely paranoid its in my head and I will wake up and the next test will be negative. But yay for a positive today!

chrissy0423 - 22 days ago
I tested last night on CD 28 and got my BFP! EDD is November 12th. I am 4 weeks today, and so excited!

EmilyS2007 - 24 days ago
After almost 5years DH and I are FINALLY expecting baby #2!! We are over the Moon excited and cannot wait to begin this journey! ♡

sugarcubesandcottoncandy - 26 days ago
Just last week, I went out and picked up an exercise ball, and drank up about half a bottle of mojito. and here we are 34 days pregnant. Of course I wasn't expecting to be pregnant nor was I planning on another child (I have two already). And my husband is freaking out. :O Heres hoping it gets clearer as it goes along.

2bBlessedw2 - 35 days ago
Hi ladies. I have been on this site for thousands of days! LOL I have an almost 7 year old girl and a recently turned 2 yo little boy. This is pregnancy number 16 for me. A long history of devastation and loss. My most recent losses were in March and Sept last year in the second trimester. I found out on V-day at 9DPO that I am expecting baby number 3. I pray this little baby makes it. My heart can't take much more pain. Congrats to all who are finding out that they are pregnant. This site is no where like it use to be 5-7 years ago...but I still like to come here for my pregnancies to meet mommies. I am due Oct 29th though I ALWAYS have my babies early so end of Sept or beginning of Oct is more likely...if I'm lucky and don't go too early like I did with my daughter! She was 13 weeks early!

monkeymomma - 35 days ago
Hi ladies! I've been on this site since I was pregnant with my first son, who is almost 7. Then came back around for my 2nd son, who is now 2. I just found out #3 will be coming in October!!

3rd and happy - 44 days ago
This is my 3rd child and I know your breasts start hurting but mine are really sore right anybody else having a problem with sore breasts right now?

Treadingwater - 46 days ago
paulaplus8- I would recommend seeking doc help. If you have the urge and you are already thinking that way I think it's best if you can prepare yourself as to what you might do to your child.

PaulaPlus8 - 48 days ago
Well...Here I am again....#8 coming this fall! I must say...I don't feel ready this time....our youngest is 10months, and Im back to work fulltime, and worst of it I started smoking again..and just dot feel ready to quit yet...I am afraid ill turn into a monster if I do. I was able to quit cold turkey with the others...not feeling it this time...I am actually having a hard time accepting I am even pregnant again. I really hope the feeling changes soon...I want to enjoy it and love it as much as my other pregnancies.... :( feeling a little helpless

Treadingwater - 52 days ago
fe1ix78-I am with you! This is my fourth as well and if it's a girl it will be my last. I have two boys and one girl.

Treadingwater - 52 days ago
An HCG level of 557 is that good for being 4 weeks and 5 days?

loveyoubaby - 53 days ago
Congrats, Frizzy!

Frizzy83 - 54 days ago
Hi everyone this is my 4th time around. Felt a bit strange at work and had a weird feeling that i could be pregnant. I tested on the 28th of Jan but didn't get any signs of ovulation this month so I couldn't believe i was. We had unprotected sex 1 week before i was expected to ovulate and now we have a pleasant surprise package on the way. Can't tell anyone yet so i thought i'd come on here and share my unexpected happy news. I have 3 beautiful boys and will wait until delivery to find out who is on the way, blue or pick as long as they are healthy. Congratulations to all who have received BFP and good luck to all those waiting to find out

loveyoubaby - 54 days ago
got a BFP this morning. So excited!

fe1ix78 - 60 days ago
Got a BFP on Sunday! I'm a little nervous but not sure why since this will be my 4th!! I think that's why .... Because I have a lot going on!! 3 boys here... Maybe a girl this time?!?! Regardless it's my last!

kekea - 63 days ago
Congrats lexipooh20. It is an exciting time

lexipooh20 - 64 days ago
Hey everyone. I'm so excited I am 4 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby. I am loving this pregnancy.

kekea - 64 days ago
I swore by this site in 2007 during my first pregnancy. I always find myself back when I am pregnant. Baby number 5 for me due Sept 26.

lanaela - 68 days ago
Hello everyone! Just got my positive test, AF supposed to come on Tuesday, but guess that wont hapen (yay!). Just writing to introduce myself. I was on here 3 years ago with my, now, 2 1/2 yearold daughter, and here I am again... Looking forward to chatting with you ladies!

havefaith35 - 71 days ago
have anyone had feet swelling . very early in pregnancy like at 4 weeks. like before you even know you pregnant. anyone have this

austinjeanxo - 76 days ago
My son has a hard time pooping when he has whole milk but if it's reduced fat or fat free he's fine. My daughter has never had any issues

mumof3tob4 - 76 days ago
Have u noticed any kind of milk allergies in children u have curious to know if it linked maybe

austinjeanxo - 76 days ago
I work at Starbucks, so I'm gonna have to change my drinks completely hahaha I won't even be able to have yogurt anymore =[ this happens every time I get pregnant. Idk why

mumof3tob4 - 76 days ago
I don't really have milk I'm not a big fan just in my cups of tea

austinjeanxo - 76 days ago
I can't have milk yet again with this pregnancy...... If I do, I get sick instantly! I'm only getting slight nausea and tiredness so far, no other 'symptoms' yet

mumof3tob4 - 76 days ago
Congratulations holz hope we can all have a healthy pregnancy..I'm pregnant with my 4th too my youngest is only 6 months this one was a very big surprise I only get a feeling every so often that I'm gonna b sick and sore boobs but that's it for me never usually had a bad symptoms early pregnancy

holz8519 - 77 days ago
4 weeks hoping this one sticks. Had a MC Sep 4th at about 9-10 weeks. This will be our 4th and last child and my 8th pregnancy. Hoping for a happy healthy 9 months. So far have been having some twinges, lower back pain, and indigestion/nausea since about 7dpo.

mumof3tob4 - 77 days ago
Congratulations on pregnancy not long before symptoms come

austinjeanxo - 77 days ago
random craving tho... which also set me off to even test.... mustard!

austinjeanxo - 77 days ago
Well I am back on this site! this is baby number 3 for me! just had my first appointment yesterday. i go back on thursday to do medical history and blood work then back again for a pelvic two weeks after that.... new dr so new routine..... this baby was a suprise but it already very loved! no real 'symptoms' yet, other than tiredness and some slight nausioua

jamie86 - 80 days ago
Delarla- if all works out this will be our 4th living. In the last year I've lost two babies around 15 weeks. The first one we didn't know until I was 19 weeks. Praying that with extra meds this time everything will be just fine though.

jamie86 - 80 days ago
So sorry ana!

delarla - 81 days ago
anabeana42 I'm so sorry to hear that. How far along were you?

anabeana42 - 81 days ago
Early miscarriage. Back to TTC! Good luck for healthy pregnancies and babies everyone!

delarla - 83 days ago
Congrats everyone! This will be my fourth baby with this site. I have 2 girls and 1 boy. So far some minor twinge iny lower ab area and my breath are starting to get sore. It's so hard not to tell everyone we're expecting again... then again I know most wont understand why we decided to have 1 more but to each their own.

Ryskay - 88 days ago
still feeling pretty sick :( I'm really hoping that the morning sickiness wont stick around its hard not be able to eat anything!

Ryskay - 89 days ago
the last few days have been to harsh for me been hit with morning sickiness hard :( spent most of my day on Christmas day in bed...I hope everyone is doing better then me lol!

familyof3 - 93 days ago
That Makes sense about the hcg levels. My doctor kidded about twins and then I freaked a little lmao although I knew it was just a joke. Lol anyone else feeling bloated? Last night had my first bout of puking. Ugh I completely forgot how intense puking is when pregnant. 😕 ugh. Any who I won't be on tomorrow cause of Christmas, but wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas!!

Ryskay - 94 days ago
I was the same ways with my youngest son when I was pregnant with him all I had to eat was nothing but pizza, with my daughter I couldn't eat anything or drink anything my m/s was so bad I was in the hositpal I think 5 or 6 times because of it. with this pregnacy thou it seems to be ok I'm crossing my fingers that the m/s isn't going to be bad like it was with my daughter. So far katchup is the only thing that doesn't like me very much at the moment which sucks to because I love it with my fries :(

kirty - 95 days ago
Thank you :) The darker line could be your hcg levels are higher. I took my test last week with a faint line and one on sunday which was darker they get darker the further along. My last pregnancy i took the test a week late and the positive line was darker then the control line.

familyof3 - 95 days ago
Congratulations kirty! @rysky I don't think I would survive at the moment without ketchup! Lol all I can seem to stomach Right now are burgers (not even kidding with my first it was pizza. Ugh) Had my pregnancy intake appointment today! Next week I am scheduled for the full blood work etc. I can't believe this is happening you guys I am so freaking Can I ask you guys a weird question if the line shows up dark on your pregnancy stick what does that really mean?

Ryskay - 95 days ago
@lillianshappymommy, I know the feeling I'm the same way at the moment the worst thing for me thou is katchup :(

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