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mzmommyche - 65 days ago
Hey ladies I am doing an article about birth stories featuring about 10! Please send me your birth story via messaging on here or to my email cmmiller123 @ gmail . Com with heading birth story by 1/28! Thank you!!

pugdunn - 286 days ago
Our little Aaric is HERE!!!!!!

lalapet - 393 days ago
Hello ladies. No change for me. Wow this is officially the latest I have ever been out of my. Two previous experiences pol. 40 +1 no baby. Doc apptt tom to see if I'm even dilated hehe

carrie030412 - 539 days ago
a new facebook group for help or advice, need help? need a rant? need comfort? just message the page and your message will be posted anonymous so other mummies / mummies-to-be can help and comfort you or give the best advice they can !!

SecondTimeMamma** - 579 days ago
Hi ladies..So we had a beautiful blessing on the 17th of August...Was such a surprise as he was a scheduled c section for the 21st...Anywas he is he beautiful weighing 4.7kg..He had a few issues because he was so big docs thot he might be diabetic as his sugas didn't normalise then they discovered he had an infection in his he has spent 2 weeks in icu..we only get to take him home tomorw and I cannot wait its been a long 2 weeks xxx blessings to all xx

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