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You are 5 weeks pregnant.

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Your `fetus`, about 5 weeks old

You are now in your second month of pregnancy and your developing baby is 3 weeks! You might just be finding out that you are pregnant and may have many concerns and questions. Some women still do not realize that they are pregnant yet. You might have already had a positive pregnancy test. Many tests can show a positive test result 10 days after conception, but it is recommended that you wait until you have actually missed your period. The baby has not grown very much from last week and is now approximately 1.25 mm long. You will not `show` yet for some time.

At this point in your pregnancy, you may begin to experience some symptoms. One early symptom of pregnancy is nausea. Some women will actually vomit and others will not. The nausea and/or vomiting that occur during pregnancy are called morning sickness. Most of the time morning sickness is worse in the morning, but not always. Morning sickness does usually improve or disappear by the end of the first trimester. Another early sign of pregnancy is the increased need to urinate. Frequent urination can continue throughout the remainder of the pregnancy because of the growing uterus and increased amount of fluids you are drinking. Many women also notice breast changes early in pregnancy. It is common to feel a tingling or sore sensation in the breasts or nipples. You might notice that the area around the nipple, the areola, becomes darker during pregnancy. It is also not uncommon to feel tired or fatigued at this point. You might feel like you need to nap at lunchtime and you may need to go to bed earlier to accommodate your body's needs.

As early as this week, the plate that will become the heart has developed. Your baby's brain, spinal cord, muscles, and bone formation are also beginning to form. The baby's skeleton is forming at this time as well. The embryo has a distinct organization that has a top, bottom, left, right, front and back. It is important that you continue or begin to take your prenatal vitamins to prevent birth defects.

On your initial doctors visit you may be checked on Hematocrit, hemoglobin, white blood cell count, blood group type, Rh factor, antibodies to blood group antigens, VDRL, rubella anti-Body titer, hepatitis B, toxoplasmosis, urine culture, and HIV.

Sometimes as early as the second month of pregnancy, the insides of your hands and the bottoms of your feet may itch and take on a reddish hue. This annoying condition is called palmar erythema. The increased color is nothing more than a curiosity of pregnancy.

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Comments on week 5

Comments 1-49 of about 1643 from week 5
10 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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Mamabearof3 - 5.3 hours ago
that sounds really exciting I can't wait till we go for our first ultrasound.

xEricaLynn - 8.6 hours ago
I have my first ultrasound next Tuesday at 4pm. Hoping that everything is going okay. I'm high risk, so that's why I am able to get an early ultrasound. Head pain is maddening today. Hope the rest of you are doing well!

Mamabearof3 - 10.1 hours ago
blah yep I knew that morning sickness was going to kick in sooner or later lol.

Lannister - 16.9 hours ago
I sent you a friend request and then I found the group and requested to join. Quick question, when do you ladies have your first appointments with your Caregivers? Mine is 15 Jan and by then Ill be 9 almost 10 weeks.

eliciamadora - 1 days ago
Hi guys. If this isn't allowed please delete! I mean no harm! I couldn't find any pregnancy groups for August 2015 on facebook so I made one. It is a closed group so only members can read what is posted there. Only a few members so far and I'd love to bond with women due around the same time! Please add and message me on Facebook ( Elicia Binman) if you would like to join it, I would love some company in there! Or search on Facebook 'August 2015 babies' and request to join :)

xEricaLynn - 1 days ago
Ondansetron for nausea is $35 for only 10 pills at Walgreens! Way too expensive. I've been on it before, so I know it works, but still, it's crazy the price of meds these days... SMH.

xEricaLynn - 1 days ago
The nausea and head pain for me is horrible! I didn't know how I was going to make it through this morning. I had a waste basket next to the floor of the sofa just in case. I slept for a couple of hours, then I was able to eat a PB&J sandwich. So far it is staying down, lol. Reordered nausea meds as I'm out of them. I hope to get in next week for an early ultrasound, considering my extensive history of losses.

Mamabearof3 - 1 days ago
feeling a little bit of nausea now

maimai88 - 1 days ago
I have waves of nausea....usually early morning and late at night, but nothing too intense (yet lol). I can't stomach ketchup either, it tastes weird to me.

Lannister - 1 days ago
Mrsbugs I am so so sorry for your loss. Will keep you in my prayers and hope that you will get your bfp again as soon as you are ready.... I have had no symptoms.. I keep waiting for nausea to set in. Oddly enough Im looking forward to it.

Krysanna - 1 days ago
I haven't had any morning sickness yet but when I come around some food like meat I feel very nauseous and at times it makes me wanna run to the bathroom ohh and katchup hits me harder than most stuff

xEricaLynn - 1 days ago
Hi ladies. I'm unbearably nauseous. I'm always in the bathroom too, it seems no matter what I eat, my digestive system disagrees with. I want to sleep, but all I can think about is the nausea. Anyone else going through a similar thing?

Mamabearof3 - 1 days ago
@mrsbugs, I'm so so sorry to hear about your loss my heartbreaks everytime I hear of someone going throw a miscarriage, I have been there myself a few times. Take it easy and I hope you have yourself a wonderful Christmas.

maimai88 - 2 days ago
mamajewel- I had similar sharp stabbing pains during week 4-5 when I was pregnant with DD2, and I think it was the ligaments/uterus stretching. It was really intense! With DD1, I had more period like cramps during the early days, and with this LO it feels similar to DD1. The pubic pain I had with DD1 and DD2, and I also think it was just from everything stretching and growing to accommodate LO:)

maimai88 - 2 days ago
I am so sorry for your loss, mrsbugs. I hope you will find healing soon & that you will find comfort from your loved ones this Christmas. I can relate to your pain-I had an early loss back in November, and it was truly an awful and sad experience. **hugs**.

xEricaLynn - 2 days ago
I'm so sorry @mrsbugs, I know the pain of miscarriage. I've had six of them. If you ever need a friend, I'm always here. Big hugs to you!

MamaJewel - 2 days ago
Ladies, is anyone else experiencing deep pains in their lower abdomen? It comes in waves and feels like a very deep ache/jab pain. It's at the pubic line and in the center, but feels deep inside my body. I don't have any spotting, but some of the waves hurt! They almost feel like contraction jabs...

MamaJewel - 2 days ago
@Mrsbugs, my heart aches for you. I am so sorry for your loss. There truly is nothing like a miscarriage. Sending warm hugs and prayers.

mrsbugs - 2 days ago
Well I am very sad to be leaving you ladies! I miscarried today! I am devastated, I have never experienced this before and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It's just horrible and so so sad! The elation of a BFP so quickly deflated with a loss!! Just horrible!! I wish you all a wonderful 9 months and a fantastic Christmas! I am hoping the joy of the holidays with my little ones and my family all around me will help me to get over this!! I will be taking a break from ttc, it is just too heartbreaking xxx

maimai88 - 2 days ago
Erica Lynn- I don't think it's too early for night sweats! I've been getting them early morning, but at night I'm freezing cold.

maimai88 - 2 days ago
5w4d today! How is everyone doing? symptoms? I've had a huge craving for peanut butter ice cream, which is crazy because I normally rarely,if ever, eat ice cream and I refuse to eat peanut butter unless its on a sandwich haha. Every single day, at around 3 pm, I run to the freezer and pull out the tub of Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup. And yes, it HAS to be this exact one. Praying for a sticky bean for you, Erica Lyn. I can't imagine how difficult it must be. Praying for you as well, mrsbugs! I had some spotting with DD1 as well, ( not with DD2), and she is a healthy, happy 3 year old. I agree, elicia- waiting until that 1st appointment is hard. I have mine scheduled for January 12. The first few weeks do drag, although last pregnancy with my DD2, I felt that for me things started picking up around 7-8 weeks. And then after the 1st appointment time started to fly! Hope everyone is having a good day so far

xEricaLynn - 2 days ago
Thank you so much! I've been having low back ache too. Nausea is intense. I had night sweats last night, woke up this morning and my pajamas were very damp. Is it too early for night sweats?

mrsbugs - 3 days ago
Hello week 5!! Sorry to hear that Erica Lynn I can't imagine how you must be feeling!! Try to relax and sending you lots of positivity and you and little bean might just make it this time!! This morning I am spotting lightly and have slight back ache hope that doesn't spell bad news for me, never spotted before just a bit of brown discharge with my other two!! I will keep monitoring it and I know it's normal just not normal for me!

xEricaLynn - 3 days ago
I'm so sad that I can't be excited about my pregnancy. This is my 7th and I've had six prior losses. I'm just trying to get by with the horrible head pain. Best of luck to all the rest of you though!

eliciamadora - 3 days ago
These early weeks drag on so slowly! I am hoping that with the holidays, it goes by faster. I have my first ultrasound on the 22nd and first midwife appointment on January 8th. Hurry up to 12 weeks already!

MamaJewel - 3 days ago
Thank you @swirlgurl!! It was exciting to finally have a test that I didn't have to take apart and squint in the light to see the positive! I took 3 from one pack that were positive, but wanted to get a different type as well! I just wanted to confirm it wasn't a faulty positive, haha!! I feel great, but I have really sore nipples! Fingers crossed my baby bean stays all the way!

swirlgurl - 4 days ago
@MamaJewel. Congrats to you. I am so happy for you! I am 7 days late and still getting negative tests. I think it's time for a blood test.

MamaJewel - 4 days ago
Hi Ladies! I cannot believe I am pregnant! We've been trying and praying for a long time for this little bean.:) :)

cantwaittobeamom - 4 days ago
XErica....YES! Been complaining of headaches all week! Don't remember them starting this early with my first three kiddos!

xEricaLynn - 5 days ago
5 weeks today. Anyone else have headaches? I have Intracranial Hypertension and Occipital Neuralgia, and I am weaning myself off of my medications, per doctors orders. The head pain is horrible!

swirlGurl - 6 days ago
We are soooo desperately waiting for our BFP! 5 days late but still negative preg test. If I was pregnant this would be my week. I can't wait to climb aboard and do this all over again after a very very very looong time ago lol I am wishing for a VBAC as well ladies. Congrats to the mamas that got there BFP!

Kate27 - 9 days ago
Hi Everyone! I'm 5 weeks +6 today and am very excited. This is our first baby and we finally got our BFP after 7yrs! It still feels a little unreal and we are so lucky our first round of IVF worked! Congratulations to everyone and looking forward to sharing some stories with you ladies :)

soontobemommyof6 - 9 days ago
Looks like I'm back! Baby number 7 on the way, providing all goes well! ( 4 living daughters, twin sons who passed due to prematurity) for someone who was told I couldn't ever get preg after dd num 2, and required ivf for the twins and dd num 3, this is miracle number 2!

cantwaittobeamom - 10 days ago
Hi moms!!! I'm back for baby number four! Just got my BFP last week! I've been on this page ever since my first pregnancy and I love it! So helpful! Congrats to te new mommies to be in here!

red22 - 13 days ago
yay 5 weeks I have a doctors appointment on monday so exciting!

Britnia - 17 days ago
Eek so excited! 5weeks 2days today! Making the doctor appointment tomorrow.

HeatherT1029 - 21 days ago
Yay!! First day on week 5!! It's pretty quiet in here though...!

mrsmcnamee - 24 days ago
Congratulations and best of luck to all you 5 weekers, unfortunitly we have M/C this week (5weeks) so I will no longer be taking this journey with you. But we have decided to keep trying, once im feeling better and my body is ready. we m/c on my husbands 34th birthday of all days :(. But we have two healthy boys, so we have to be positive. lots of luck to you all xoxoxox

flybear - 29 days ago
So funny seeing you here again babybuka. Hahaha I have cone back for all 3 of mine. It was the most fun the first time when we were here with the boys though.

flybear - 29 days ago
Don't have an official due date yet, but got my lab results back and my 4 the child is in the oven! Congrats to everyone - 32 days ago
I had my doc appt yesterday and everything looks good. The doctor did a scan and the baby implanted in the womb. - 32 days ago
babybuka, I have 3 kids. As far as showing sooner, I think it all depends on how the baby is positioned. When I was pregnant with my second I started showing at two months but when I was pregnant with my third I didn't start showing until about 4 months. I got pregnant again last year and I started showing at two months. For me it varies, but I have heard that with each pregnancy you start showing sooner.

babybuka - 33 days ago
Hey everyone!! I'm so excited to be back on this site. I was here when I was pregnant with my son and a little with my daughter. I am 5 weeks as of yesterday! This will be our third miracle and Im still a little in shock! Has anyone else had 3? Is it true you start showing sooner?? - 35 days ago
Five weeks pregnant today! I have a doctor's appt on Friday...excited but yet nervous about it. I lost a baby last year due to an ectopic pregnancy and my tube ruptured. I'm praying this baby is has safely made its way to the womb. Not having too many symptoms as of yet. I feel a little queasy in the morning and evening but during the day I pretty much feel good. I've had a little bit of cramping over the past few days but nothing major. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and to completing this pregnancy journey with you ladies!

liltyke7 - 36 days ago
YEAH..5 weeks!!! I think i found out super early so it feels like a while now. congrats all!! this is #3! 2 girls so hoping for a boy this go around. This will defenitly be the last one.

MamaSantos8 - 37 days ago
Spam I am exactly 5 weeks 5 days! We will be following this exactly. Unless of course the doctors change it on us. Congrats ladies! Welcome to the group!

spam84 - 37 days ago
Well after thinking nothing of being 12 days late....hubby made me take a test.....2 lines! Baby number 3 in on route. Very happy, but can't get to excited as I have the sickness bug 😕. If I've worked it out right am 5 weeks and 5 days 😊 Super exited!!

MamaSantos8 - 38 days ago
Thanks Jewjew! Hold old is your first?

jewjew - 38 days ago
mama so glad the miracle happened for you xx

jewjew - 38 days ago
hi ya - im feeling mega sick at the minute but when i eat it tends to go away for a bit - im also mega mega tired but my little one wants to play so cant relax as such like i did with her xx

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