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You are 5 weeks pregnant.

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Your `fetus`, about 5 weeks old

You are now in your second month of pregnancy and your developing baby is 3 weeks! You might just be finding out that you are pregnant and may have many concerns and questions. Some women still do not realize that they are pregnant yet. You might have already had a positive pregnancy test. Many tests can show a positive test result 10 days after conception, but it is recommended that you wait until you have actually missed your period. The baby has not grown very much from last week and is now approximately 1.25 mm long. You will not `show` yet for some time.

At this point in your pregnancy, you may begin to experience some symptoms. One early symptom of pregnancy is nausea. Some women will actually vomit and others will not. The nausea and/or vomiting that occur during pregnancy are called morning sickness. Most of the time morning sickness is worse in the morning, but not always. Morning sickness does usually improve or disappear by the end of the first trimester. Another early sign of pregnancy is the increased need to urinate. Frequent urination can continue throughout the remainder of the pregnancy because of the growing uterus and increased amount of fluids you are drinking. Many women also notice breast changes early in pregnancy. It is common to feel a tingling or sore sensation in the breasts or nipples. You might notice that the area around the nipple, the areola, becomes darker during pregnancy. It is also not uncommon to feel tired or fatigued at this point. You might feel like you need to nap at lunchtime and you may need to go to bed earlier to accommodate your body's needs.

As early as this week, the plate that will become the heart has developed. Your baby's brain, spinal cord, muscles, and bone formation are also beginning to form. The baby's skeleton is forming at this time as well. The embryo has a distinct organization that has a top, bottom, left, right, front and back. It is important that you continue or begin to take your prenatal vitamins to prevent birth defects.

On your initial doctors visit you may be checked on Hematocrit, hemoglobin, white blood cell count, blood group type, Rh factor, antibodies to blood group antigens, VDRL, rubella anti-Body titer, hepatitis B, toxoplasmosis, urine culture, and HIV.

Sometimes as early as the second month of pregnancy, the insides of your hands and the bottoms of your feet may itch and take on a reddish hue. This annoying condition is called palmar erythema. The increased color is nothing more than a curiosity of pregnancy.

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Comments on week 5

Comments 1-49 of about 1445 from week 5
7 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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elequin - 11.2 hours ago
I've told a few close ppl. Had a chat with my pump instructor re continuing on during preg, she did it right up to her 3rd bub's birth. I'm thrilled because the only way I keep weight down is by smashing the weights. I am a middle to long distance runner normally, but the cardio does nothing to burn any excess fat for me. So I will be continuing to lift and run as long as possible :) I've actually lost 1.5kgs so far during this preg, pretty much from dropping the weights back and being so busy that despite being starving I can still only have 3 meals a day. I am finding dry biscuits a real help during the day with any nausea. So far all my clothes are fine, but def noticing boobs are fuller, and I have the stretching pain in my abdomen and groin. Fun times. Thinking I'll hit the drs in about a week and a half, ultrasound in about 2 weeks. With my other two babies, didn't see heartbeats til 6 weeks and 3-4 days, so want to make sure this time I'm after that time. What's the earliest you other ladies have had a heartbeat? Anyone think they can pick the sex of baby yet based on their morning sickness? (Or lack thereof?) Personally so far I'm saying boy for me, but time will tell :)

alismom2 - 14.9 hours ago
Yes i told already as well... Im bad at secrets that are this exciting as well. Only our close family and friends though.

iwantagirl2 - 18.7 hours ago
Everyone knows in both of our families... we were so excited we just told when we found out.

klawest2 - 1 days ago
No cravings here yet really. I'm trying really hard not to gain much this pregnancy :( sticking to a strict diet (healthy but strict) and lots of walking while the weather is good. I do feel a lot of pressure already in my lower stomach and had some hip pain. I am having a hard time feeling hydrated enough? I drink water all day long and never feel hydrated enough. We are telling my family next week already and my husbands the week after. I suck at secrets. Anyone else telling early?

iwantagirl2 - 1 days ago
I want some spegetti with onions in it and for dessert a hot strawberry pop tart

alismom2 - 1 days ago
@ iwantagirl2 i feel the same just fat or uncomfortable already @ heidi7 with my first i craved green olives... This time devised eggs just started last night but STRONG!

heidi7 - 1 days ago
i do not like green olives, but boy i would die for them right now!

iwantagirl2 - 2 days ago
I am definitely feeling more pregnant this time than with my first. Not peeing so much but just feeling fat and uncomfortable. My clothes still fit the same although i find my self having to unbuckle my pants when i sit for awhile... i am just starting to feel uncomfortable already...

mommynwifey5 - 2 days ago
Peeing crazy here can't stay awake....sickness hasn't hit but that should be within the next week.....I can't stop eating!!!!! And holy boobs they hurt so bad and already swelling!!! Its crazy how pregnant I already feel never got all this till week six or seven with my other six children and belly is already pooping all tho I think I'm just very bloated anyones heart feel like it's beating so hard it will pop out?

1st.time.momma - 2 days ago
Yes I still pee like crazy, my belly is already pretty hard. Specially the top part. When you look at me you can definitely see definition on what looks hard or not on my belly.

klawest2 - 2 days ago
Gosh I have to pee all the time. Anyone else feel crazy amounts of 'pressure' down there? The bottom of my stomach already feels like my uterus is pushing it out

1st.time.momma - 2 days ago
I feel like I crave everything. Ive been at my moms visiting and she is evil, making peach cobbler, cookies, broccoli salad. Its all delicious but I think she's trying to make me gain early. On that note...i ate son broccoli and afterwards my mouth tasted as if I smoked at pack of cigarettes. Yuck! And I havent in almost 6 years.

heidi7 - 2 days ago
toast with PB just totally hit the spot, yaay! I'm not nauseated for 90 seconds!

alismom2 - 3 days ago
Hello all i wish i went to the Dr already. I believe im 5wk 2 days but i feel further. With my first i found out 7 weeks this one was four and it seems like i have so far to go this time lol. BEST IF LUCK TO THOSE FEELING ICKY

iwantagirl2 - 3 days ago
I went to the dr and had my ultrasound... the baby is measuring at 6 weeks and 2 days and my due date has moved from March 21 to March 17... but i think im going to stick with my original due date.

1st.time.momma - 3 days ago
I dont crave crazy food. I cant stand greasy food though and when someone mentions food I instantly want it. But welcome all lady's with ther bfp's im so excited to not have to go through this journey alone. I mean I have dh but I cant really talk like this and compare symptoms and all that with them.

iwantagirl2 - 3 days ago
I am craving crazy things... yesterday i wanted a hot dog with vanilla ice cream on top... i didnt crave like this with my first...

elequin - 3 days ago
Hey ladies :) Stoked to be back here! I have no idea how far along I am with #3, although its prob 5 weeks based on my lmp. I am soooo busy right now between my other two kids and work, that I haven't even thought about seeing a dr yet... I figure I'll get checked at what i think is around 8-9 weeks? And that way it'll maybe make the time pass quicker... I am pretty low risk anyway, as far as I know. So far not too bad with the nausea, just absolutely shattered with fatigue in the mornings. Once I get moving I'm fine, but I could easily choose the option of staying in bed ALL day if it was available. (Like that's ever going to happen with two other kids under 3?!?) Already having super weird cravings - broccoli? Sardines? Tuna? Not liking sugar much? Gone off fruit quite a bit? Not liking ham... I eat a really high protein and carb diet anyway normally, but wasn't expecting to crave yet... Anyone else craving?

1st.time.momma - 3 days ago
Oh Heidi, im sorry I woke up today feeling nauseous too. But it was quickly gone after I ate. Cant wait for my appt next week. Wish it was so one though.

heidi7 - 3 days ago
i have had full time horrible nausea since last friday. usually it doesn't start for me until 6 weeks. this is not a good sign!

mommynwifey5 - 3 days ago
My first check is on the 30th....I will be having a full check bloods and ultrasound but I'm very high risk

mommynwifey5 - 3 days ago
Ok so I was able to get on one of my older names but I'm Liz 28 year mama of 6 and finally after over two years we have our 7th on the way!!!!!!!! Due march 23 here!!!!

1st.time.momma - 4 days ago
Yeah that sounds about right for that situation. Im with a new doctor so hopefully she'll be better than my last.

iwantagirl2 - 4 days ago
I had my first appointment about 2 weeks ago... they did a full exam... i have to go back on Wednesday for blood work and an ultrasound... im considered hifh risk because i am on blood pressure medication from my last pregnancy... i think thats why i have to be seen every 2 weeks...

1st.time.momma - 4 days ago
Has anyone made there first appt? When is it? Mines aug 1st im super excited. Im trying to push for an ultrasound. Not sure if all doctors do it but I have a history of forming tumors on my ovary which resulted in me losing one of them due to a doctor not doing an ultrasound when I asked them to. Pissed me right off.

iwantagirl2 - 5 days ago
Same here 1st time momma... the nausea comes and goes and i have back cramps and sore boobs... im not in the bathroom as much as i was the past couple of weeks though...

1st.time.momma - 5 days ago
Hello ladies...welcome again. How's everyone doing? Still no nausea (ya I get it every now and then but not consistently) mainly sore boobs and really bad lower back pain. - 6 days ago
hi y'all nice to be back since.i was here for all my two kids 2010 and 2013. i have forgotten my other screen name and password so i created a new one.i hope everyone is doing well....take care

1st.time.momma - 7 days ago
Les- id say its possible. You never know unless you do a blood test though. I have cramps quite often.

lesainga - 7 days ago
Just took like 5 home tests and 1 positive; 4 negative. I'm 46. Had a tubal 23 yrs ago but back in March, had excessive amount of scar tissue removed. Bled until May 21. Really light period in June, now 9 days late. Nauseated and vomiting. Cramps but no period. Could I really be pregnant

babybubbles88 - 7 days ago
It feels nice to come back. Been using this site with both of my children who was born 2008 & 2012 and now another on the way! Can never get bored of this site.

1st.time.momma - 7 days ago
Welcome brooks its my second too and also had my last one in 09. Were excited about another mini me. My son is so cute he rubs my belly and tells him hush baby its ok - 8 days ago
Hi! I just joined again. This is my second pregnancy I had my first in 2009. Glad to be back and enjoying this wonderful time with you ladies!

1st.time.momma - 8 days ago
So excited to move to week 5...I think im still in the shocked faze. Cant believe we are actually pregnant. Im so excited and just all around excited to enjoy this 2nd pregnancy.

mngirl1281 - 15 days ago
Off to week six tomorrow. Time is not flying but all the same I am trying to cherish and enjoy my last pregnancy. Low abdomen muscles are already saying ouch if I get up too fast. Oh boy let the growing pains begin ;-)

nicciellis - 18 days ago
Urnaa post a picture

urnaa - 18 days ago
Hello. i dont know if i am pregnant or not. Actually i am 9 days late and test seems so fuzy. I dont know i am looking at line or not.

nicciellis - 19 days ago
Went to the doctors today with a really bad water infection to the point I can hardly walk. He put me on strong antibiotics and told me I am high risk of a miscarriage. I'm absolutely devastated can't stop thinking about it .

2bBlessedw2 - 21 days ago
LUV-No, because Friday was a holiday. Slipped my mind! So, not till Monday. I'm not even calling my Dr...I'm just going to the ER since there is nothing they can do for me on a Saturday anyway. At least I can get an u/s and know if the baby is in the right place. I don't want to be worrying that my tube is going to rupture while I'm on vacation...then end up with emergency surgery far away from home. I know, I'm such a worry wart but better to be safe than sorry!

luvmykiddos - 21 days ago
2b-did you get your progesterone levels back?

2bBlessedw2 - 22 days ago
Happy 4th of July everyone! Have fun and be safe! I'm the designated driver. LOL

brandyleigh - 22 days ago
I move on to week 6 today see you ladies on the flip side!!

2bBlessedw2 - 22 days ago
Yes, last draw!!!! U/S when I come back from vaca. Tuesday, July 15th. I'm going to be so excited to come home! LOL I'm glad I'll have vaca to keep me busy!

brandyleigh - 22 days ago
2b that's great news!! Will that be your last draw then? When will you have a scan now

2bBlessedw2 - 22 days ago
Well, just to prove those digitals are BS!!! My HCG is 4,017!!! Went from 1,162 Monday to 4,017 today with a doubling time of 39.12 hours! I will get my progesterone tomorrow.

brandyleigh - 23 days ago
Luv I retread your post 5wks 5 days is really early I wouldn't panic till next week the machine might not of been string enough to see anything did he do an internal I am assuming

brandyleigh - 23 days ago
2b my picture with the two test stripes the top one is Friday night the bottom is Saturday morning and then I repeated it an hour later and it was a three plus

2bBlessedw2 - 23 days ago
Brandy-results in 40 min.

2bBlessedw2 - 23 days ago
LUV-I'm so sorry but please don't give up!!! Soooo many people have been told this n then a week later all is fine. My dd implanted almost right near my cervix opening! Now that's low!!! Did ur dr do a transvaginal u/s? What about more blood work? I'll be praying for u hon!

brandyleigh - 23 days ago
2b you are getting bloodwork today right?

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