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You are 5 weeks pregnant.

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Your `fetus`, about 5 weeks old

You are now in your second month of pregnancy and your developing baby is 3 weeks! You might just be finding out that you are pregnant and may have many concerns and questions. Some women still do not realize that they are pregnant yet. You might have already had a positive pregnancy test. Many tests can show a positive test result 10 days after conception, but it is recommended that you wait until you have actually missed your period. The baby has not grown very much from last week and is now approximately 1.25 mm long. You will not `show` yet for some time.

At this point in your pregnancy, you may begin to experience some symptoms. One early symptom of pregnancy is nausea. Some women will actually vomit and others will not. The nausea and/or vomiting that occur during pregnancy are called morning sickness. Most of the time morning sickness is worse in the morning, but not always. Morning sickness does usually improve or disappear by the end of the first trimester. Another early sign of pregnancy is the increased need to urinate. Frequent urination can continue throughout the remainder of the pregnancy because of the growing uterus and increased amount of fluids you are drinking. Many women also notice breast changes early in pregnancy. It is common to feel a tingling or sore sensation in the breasts or nipples. You might notice that the area around the nipple, the areola, becomes darker during pregnancy. It is also not uncommon to feel tired or fatigued at this point. You might feel like you need to nap at lunchtime and you may need to go to bed earlier to accommodate your body's needs.

As early as this week, the plate that will become the heart has developed. Your baby's brain, spinal cord, muscles, and bone formation are also beginning to form. The baby's skeleton is forming at this time as well. The embryo has a distinct organization that has a top, bottom, left, right, front and back. It is important that you continue or begin to take your prenatal vitamins to prevent birth defects.

On your initial doctors visit you may be checked on Hematocrit, hemoglobin, white blood cell count, blood group type, Rh factor, antibodies to blood group antigens, VDRL, rubella anti-Body titer, hepatitis B, toxoplasmosis, urine culture, and HIV.

Sometimes as early as the second month of pregnancy, the insides of your hands and the bottoms of your feet may itch and take on a reddish hue. This annoying condition is called palmar erythema. The increased color is nothing more than a curiosity of pregnancy.

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Comments on week 5

Comments 1-49 of about 1588 from week 5
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sunshineythoughts - 4.4 hours ago
Hello ladies!! I don't have a forum to belong to (considering my situation) so I thought i'd implant myself here for now. My dilemma: I know for a fact that I ovulated around October 6th or 7th. I have irregular cycles but I know my body. I was supposed to get a period Oct. 21st and well..still no sign of AF at all. I tested on Oct. 26th and it was negative. I am in limbo and it's driving me crazy not knowing. I'm starting to think this is an anovulatory cycle. I am not experiencing that many symptoms other than feeling activity going on in my abdomen. Just wanted to post here because I would be 5 weeks pregnant now. I am waiting for real symptoms to show up next week (if I am). That's the same time I started feeling symptoms with my daughter a few years ago. Any advice? Is anyone else in the same boat? or Was anyone in the same boat? How many weeks were you when you tested positive? How late was your period? Congrats to those who are pregnant!!! :) - 1 days ago
8blessings thank you so much :) I hope your symptoms calm down and you get to enjoy the pregnancy. I dont even have morning sickness yet I do feel a little nauseous at times but it goes away as soon as I eat. I usually get hyperemesis and the fact I am not even sick yet is alarming to me but I might just be blessed with not getting it this time :)

8blessings - 1 days ago
@nadia that's good to hear you don't have to pay for your scan praying your bubs is healthy and that you get to see the heart beat all the best :) - 2 days ago
So they didnt actually checked my hormone levels :( I was pretty pissed off but I rang to ask if I had to pay for my scan and turns out I dont so I will be getting it done on tuesday and I will be 6.4 weeks I hope we will see a heart beat. Xxx - 4 days ago
I had no more of that old blood. I went to dr yesterday and got my referral for a scan but she said its up to me if I want to get it done now and see maybe nothing or wait a week or so and be sure... I think ill wait till not next monday but the one after because then I will be well into week 7.. they took bloods and I think I will ring today and fond out my hormone levels.. this pregnancy is gona drag... HevAnnjohnson I forgot to say thats good you saw a heartbeat chances of miscarriage are way less so that is awesome :)

8blessings - 5 days ago
Hi ladies good to be in week 5 having bloods done on weds and im still deciding on a m/w,have woke up every morning feeling like crap/nauseaous along with lower back pain,hot and cold never had these symptoms so early on with my other pregnancies and heart burn sux too anyone else feeling like this?

HopingforaGirl35 - 5 days ago
Hello week 5! Got my blood results back this morning and hormone levels are consistent with being 5 weeks pregnant! DH and I are over the moon!! First app. booked with Ob. in week 8.. - 5 days ago
Thank you I hope do too it was only a tiny bit and even tho I did bleep with my second I still panicked when I saw it.

HevAnnJohnson - 6 days ago
@Nadiamov, yes we did see a hearybeat. As soon as i saw the heartbeat i cried because i felt relieved. My OB did set me up for another scan for 2 weeks, finger crossed everything is fine. I hope everything is fine with your and baby. I bleed with my first at 7 weeks and he is now 7 and healthy :) - 6 days ago
So I just had a little brown discharge on my pad but none on the paper when I wiped... got a gp appointment for tomorrow morning so I can get a referral for a scan. I got everything crossed this pregnancy will all go well - 7 days ago
I cant wait for Monday. I go to dr to get a blood test and referral for the hospital I want to give birth to. And hopefully they will ask me to do an early ultrasound given my past mcs... going by my dates I am 5 weeks 2 days tomorrow. See you in week 6 Christina :)

christina7289 - 7 days ago
I'm off to week 6 tomrrow - 8 days ago
Darn it it will not let me go on to my profile and update my details... I might have to make a new account - 8 days ago
Dreaming of 2 I had the same thing happen to me with my second daughter so it could as well be fine :) Christina 7289 I have had this a couple of times.. it doesn't sound good but keep positive hun it could be the dates messed up... good luck xxx

christina7289 - 8 days ago
I had an ultrasound and they said They saw thieves sack but no baby anyone ever had this happen before - 9 days ago
Heather Johnson did you get to see a heartbeat? If yes I wouldn't be worried. But even if you didn't there is always a chance that everything is still fine I dont really remember if it was week 5 or 6 that you get to see hb xxx

patiently waiting - 9 days ago
seriously...heart burn already? its going to be a long few months! I also agree that the groups are a lot smaller now than they were with my previous babies....i checked a few weeks up to see if it gets better (Assuming people in our week are still getting BFP) and all of them are pretty small.

Heather Johnson - 9 days ago
Hi ladies, I just got an ultrasound today & the baby is measuring 5 weeks 6 days but from my last period I should be 7 weeks 1 day. Should I be concerned? My next OB appt isn't until the 28th of October. - 10 days ago
Thank you ellemonroe I hope so too :) xxx

ellemonroe - 10 days ago
Your body is building a whole human being... so even though some people have smooth pregnancies from beginning to end that is very rare.. I on the other hand am never that lucky.... even though right now I am not having any symptoms eccept no AF... I am sure it is coming I started feeling a bit queezy today but nothing major.... so keep your head up girly this too shall pass @ nadia - 11 days ago
Thank you ellemonroe I haven't got it yet and also got some weird feelings like my belly gone all floppy and breasts too they were firm a couple days ago... I also feel mild pain like you get before period so I am trying to stay positive that it will all go well this time around.. xxx

Ellemonroe - 11 days ago
I swear things have changed so much around here the groups are so much smaller and no one really talks anymore.... we gotta spruce things up around here ladies

ellemonroe - 11 days ago
Hope you feel better as well @ naudia - 12 days ago
I am Starting to feel sick too Christina I hope I will not get hyperemesis again. This is my 3rd baby

Ellemonroe - 12 days ago
well welcome back @ skydivedoc and congrats on new baby and your anniversary.....I hope you feel better @ christina..... oily hair hmmm nope don't think I have come across that one yet... but one time my hair got really thin,and another time it was really thick and grew really quickly.... everytime is different....@ patiently

christina7289 - 13 days ago
I'm 5 weeks today and I woke up feeling sick

patiently waiting - 13 days ago
i feel so gross....this is my fourth baby but i dont remember my hair and skin feeling so oily with the other ones. anyone else?

skydivedoc - 13 days ago
I'm back! I haven't been on here for a really long time but I discovered today that I'm pregnant with baby #3- due date is June 18, 2015. My husband & I had our 5th anniversary yesterday & my daughter is turning 4 tomorrow so it's quite an exciting weekend! I'm looking forward to going through this with all of you. :D

Ellemonroe - 13 days ago
Hello everyone I am back again.... this is baby number 4 for us and to tell you the truth i am very much looking forward too it..... although my fiance is not.... he is not so excited this time around. considering we have a 10 yr old son, 3 yr old son, and a 2 yr old daughter. but I am sure he will warm up to what's to come. From what I have been reading baby number 4 is a lttle bit easier of a transition. So anyhow just want to hi to all of the lovely ladies that will be taking this journey with me.....

tabby607 - 24 days ago
Heading over to 6 weeks tomorrow. Which I'm super excited about... hope your guys symptoms subside.Best of wishes... see you guys soon

honeymoon-surprise - 25 days ago
Maybe go see your Dr? I'm sure you've read what shoulder pain can indictae! better to ask the question than worry at home! x

ekstandridge32 - 25 days ago
Having some shoulder pain... Stupid WebMD now has me freaking out. Anybody else having shoulder pain?

SMG2 - 25 days ago
Hello ladies!! Well this is my 2nd baby(3rd pregnancy) and I'm experiencing a lot of symptoms unlike my 1st (2nd pregnancy) . Nauseous (Hardly want to eat anything), moodiness(which is so unlike me, I'm a very laid back girl. N my husband can't wait for me to deliver already.. lol) . Worst of all is I miss my work outs n since I had a miscarriage my husband and me thought it best for me to stop working out especially in my 1st trimester. I feel so lost my regiment is gone. Although I am SUPER EXCITED for my baby to be here, This is going to be a hard pregnancy it seams like. :/

honeymoon-surprise - 26 days ago
First day in week 5!! Only symptom I seem to be having is heartburn but cant understand why so early! I only ever got it towards the end with my other 2 and got it really really bad! Hope this isn't a sign of having it worse this time! :-( other than that really don't feel pregnant yet! Looking forward to scan to have confirmation that all is ok! x

mizz piggy - 26 days ago
Wow my.breast is hurtn me noww today ughhh ladies u there

tabby607 - 27 days ago
I feel the same if it wasn't for the multiple pregnancy test I would swear I wasn't pregnant.

Amanda0510 - 27 days ago
I am having a few symptoms. No morning sickness but I do have bouts of nausea, sore bb's, heartburn, and frequent urination.

emmyjoe - 27 days ago
Hi tabby607! The lack of symptoms is driving me nuts! I have nothing yet. No sore BB's, no sickness, no cravings or aversions... if it weren't for the positive test, (lets be honest--multiple positive tests) i would never suspect i was pregnant. I am tired, but i also have a 5 month old keeping me up at night, so i cant even call that a symptom! It makes me worry that all is not well. Time will tell i guess!

tabby607 - 27 days ago
How is everyone doing? Any morning sickness? Cravings? Smells that bother you yet? For me no morning sickness. At little nauseated here or there. Nothing bothers me yet on smells. And no Cravings that I can think of. With my DS everything smelled like death and treated like dirt. By now.congrats to everyone

tabby607 - 30 days ago
Yea. I agree... :)

emmyjoe - 31 days ago
@tabby607, i think it is great having it either way! And in my case its kinda both ways! Lol. :)

tabby607 - 31 days ago
My kids are really spaced out. I have a 4 yr old about to be 5 at the end of the month. And a 11 yr old gonna be 12 in Nov.... then this little bundle of joy.. but I think I like it this way.

Jen-mumtobeof5 - 32 days ago
That's awesome news :) being the age gap between your older 2, and your youngest, she's most definately love to have someone close in age. Funny how things work out :)

emmyjoe - 33 days ago
It will be a good thing! Im excited and nervous all at the same time. Its so crazy, cuz it took us so long (6years) to have our first. She's now 11. Then her sister came along she's now 10. I wanted more, but found out i had some heart issues. 2 surgeries and 3 years later they gave me to the go ahead to try, but i decided i was too old... after a couple years i talked my husband into just getting off birth control and see what happened! So now we have quite a big gap in our children's ages. So i am really happy that my baby will have a sibling close to her age! :)

Jen-mumtobeof5 - 33 days ago
@emmyjoe Yeah I am thinking that at least til I see a heart beat then I'll tell people. Just hard not to say anything when your bursting with excitement lol. I didn't think I'd be able to have more children as i had a cancer removed 2 years ago & was on mirena for 3 years, then after removal found out I had a cyst on my right ovary which was causing a lot of pain & they were concerned that might be cancerous too. So chances were slim. I had the all clear though & cyst is now gone :) People look at me crazy even wanting more as I have 4 already, but this will be my first with long term partner :) Congratulations on your news too! It's good to have kids close in age I think :)

emmyjoe - 33 days ago
...oops, she is 5 months now. :)

emmyjoe - 33 days ago
@ Jen, i told my dad, only because i was freaking out when i first found out, and made him swear not to tell a sole! It took me a few days to build up the courage to tell my husband... I just had a baby 4 months ago! So i really wasn't expecting this one! LOL :) i will wait at least until i see a good healthy heart beat before i tell my older girls. But they cant keep a secret to save their lives so i may not tell them until after the new year when im ready for the world to know. ;)

Jen-mumtobeof5 - 33 days ago
@mom2be I hope everything goes ok for you xoxo you'll be in my thoughts big hugs

Jen-mumtobeof5 - 33 days ago
Morning ladies, is anyone else not telling family or friends until they reach the 12 week mark? I'm nearly 6 weeks & am finding it really hard not to tell anyone, especially my children until then. I'm happy to tell people, my partner is adimant not to let anyone know til 12 weeks... Driving me insane lol

emmyjoe - 33 days ago
@Mom2be, im so sorry to hear this! I hope and pray all goes well and you get the family of your dreams!

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