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You are 5 weeks pregnant.

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Your `fetus`, about 5 weeks old

You are now in your second month of pregnancy and your developing baby is 3 weeks! You might just be finding out that you are pregnant and may have many concerns and questions. Some women still do not realize that they are pregnant yet. You might have already had a positive pregnancy test. Many tests can show a positive test result 10 days after conception, but it is recommended that you wait until you have actually missed your period. The baby has not grown very much from last week and is now approximately 1.25 mm long. You will not `show` yet for some time.

At this point in your pregnancy, you may begin to experience some symptoms. One early symptom of pregnancy is nausea. Some women will actually vomit and others will not. The nausea and/or vomiting that occur during pregnancy are called morning sickness. Most of the time morning sickness is worse in the morning, but not always. Morning sickness does usually improve or disappear by the end of the first trimester. Another early sign of pregnancy is the increased need to urinate. Frequent urination can continue throughout the remainder of the pregnancy because of the growing uterus and increased amount of fluids you are drinking. Many women also notice breast changes early in pregnancy. It is common to feel a tingling or sore sensation in the breasts or nipples. You might notice that the area around the nipple, the areola, becomes darker during pregnancy. It is also not uncommon to feel tired or fatigued at this point. You might feel like you need to nap at lunchtime and you may need to go to bed earlier to accommodate your body's needs.

As early as this week, the plate that will become the heart has developed. Your baby's brain, spinal cord, muscles, and bone formation are also beginning to form. The baby's skeleton is forming at this time as well. The embryo has a distinct organization that has a top, bottom, left, right, front and back. It is important that you continue or begin to take your prenatal vitamins to prevent birth defects.

On your initial doctors visit you may be checked on Hematocrit, hemoglobin, white blood cell count, blood group type, Rh factor, antibodies to blood group antigens, VDRL, rubella anti-Body titer, hepatitis B, toxoplasmosis, urine culture, and HIV.

Sometimes as early as the second month of pregnancy, the insides of your hands and the bottoms of your feet may itch and take on a reddish hue. This annoying condition is called palmar erythema. The increased color is nothing more than a curiosity of pregnancy.

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Comments on week 5

Comments 1-49 of about 1546 from week 5
2 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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Jen-mumtobeof5 - 19.8 hours ago
That's awesome news :) being the age gap between your older 2, and your youngest, she's most definately love to have someone close in age. Funny how things work out :)

emmyjoe - 2 days ago
It will be a good thing! Im excited and nervous all at the same time. Its so crazy, cuz it took us so long (6years) to have our first. She's now 11. Then her sister came along she's now 10. I wanted more, but found out i had some heart issues. 2 surgeries and 3 years later they gave me to the go ahead to try, but i decided i was too old... after a couple years i talked my husband into just getting off birth control and see what happened! So now we have quite a big gap in our children's ages. So i am really happy that my baby will have a sibling close to her age! :)

Jen-mumtobeof5 - 2 days ago
@emmyjoe Yeah I am thinking that at least til I see a heart beat then I'll tell people. Just hard not to say anything when your bursting with excitement lol. I didn't think I'd be able to have more children as i had a cancer removed 2 years ago & was on mirena for 3 years, then after removal found out I had a cyst on my right ovary which was causing a lot of pain & they were concerned that might be cancerous too. So chances were slim. I had the all clear though & cyst is now gone :) People look at me crazy even wanting more as I have 4 already, but this will be my first with long term partner :) Congratulations on your news too! It's good to have kids close in age I think :)

emmyjoe - 2 days ago
...oops, she is 5 months now. :)

emmyjoe - 2 days ago
@ Jen, i told my dad, only because i was freaking out when i first found out, and made him swear not to tell a sole! It took me a few days to build up the courage to tell my husband... I just had a baby 4 months ago! So i really wasn't expecting this one! LOL :) i will wait at least until i see a good healthy heart beat before i tell my older girls. But they cant keep a secret to save their lives so i may not tell them until after the new year when im ready for the world to know. ;)

Jen-mumtobeof5 - 2 days ago
@mom2be I hope everything goes ok for you xoxo you'll be in my thoughts big hugs

Jen-mumtobeof5 - 2 days ago
Morning ladies, is anyone else not telling family or friends until they reach the 12 week mark? I'm nearly 6 weeks & am finding it really hard not to tell anyone, especially my children until then. I'm happy to tell people, my partner is adimant not to let anyone know til 12 weeks... Driving me insane lol

emmyjoe - 2 days ago
@Mom2be, im so sorry to hear this! I hope and pray all goes well and you get the family of your dreams!

older1sttimemom2Be - 2 days ago
Well ladies, I had an ultrasound on Thursday and they see something in my right tube. I go back tomorrow for another ultrasound to confirm and figure out how to deal with it. If anyone has any advice on ectopic pregnancies I would be grateful. I am so scared and so sad that our chances of having another child have just gotten even lower with this news. I am 5 weeks 5 days today.

emmyjoe - 7 days ago
@....mom2Be, I sure hope everything turns out okay! The waiting game sure is a nerve wracking one! My best to you!!

older1sttimemom2Be - 7 days ago
Hi ladies I need some advice. I am 44 and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I foud out I am pregnant on Sept. 10th when I took a test and was totally shocked because I thought we were out this month. AF wasn't due until 3 or 4 days later. I went the next day for my first Betahcg and it was only 12. The next one, 2 days later was 20 and 2 days later 30 then 3 days later 81. I went today, and it was 276 but that's after almost 5 full days. My OB and his nurse are concerned that my numbers are low and not doubling every 48 hours. Everything I have read says it can be every 72 hours too. They are thinking ectopic already. I am devastated. With my daughter, my level was 191 at 15 dpo, so I am definitely concerned with these low numbers at supposedly 5 weeks pregnant. is there anyone who has had low levels like this early on but went on to have a healthy baby? I also read that boy babies are slow risers. I wonder if there is any truth to this? I am grasping at straws with worry. I have an ultrasound on Thursday but don't know how I will make it till then worrying about all this. Thanks in advance - 12 days ago
Thanks for your comment xxx got my ultrasound today only 5 weeks and 3 days. My due date adjusted from may 8 to 19 :)

anxiousmothertobe - 13 days ago
Hello, I am a mother of two beautiful girls. The oldest is 4 and a half and the younger one is 15 months old. I peed on a stick last week and got a positive. I was so in shock that i had to pee the second time to believe it. This baby was and still is a surprise for us, but either way we will still love it. I look forward on going through this journey with you beautiful women. tomorrow I'm going to my OB/GYN to have a pregnancy test, and then begins the journey. :-)

PrincessMom - 18 days ago - oh no I'm so sorry for your loss, may his soul rest in peace... but congrats on your pregnancy... H&H 9 months... I'm TTC two days before AF due date, with bunch of BFN HPT so sad :( - 19 days ago
i think i am 5 weeks along now, who would have thought getting pregnant would have happened that quick!? the time is going slowly at the moment. it's very stressful for me, as dad died just 2 days ago :(

PrincessMom - 22 days ago
@Preciousgift2 - I remember you as lollipop1... I was here around the same time I had my DD beginning 2012 and my name is Luv2bmom or something now I'm back with this new account... I just barely got a positive test, hoping for a BFP soon! H&H 9 months! - 25 days ago
I wasn't patient enough to wait. Until day 40 to make a urine test..confirmed pregnant with number 3.praise to God.

tazzysmumma - 25 days ago
I was like that with my husbands parents they were vile when we told them we was having our 3rd. so told them ASAP so i could get it over and done with as it was causing me so much anxiety. I was surprised when they just laughed about us needing a bus. Hopefully you wont get a rough ride. I am over to 6 weeks now (in the UK) just need this thing to update!

KristinaA - 26 days ago
We have not told my mom yet. She's not going to be supportive. She's always saying we already have our hands full. I'm dreading telling her!

KristinaA - 26 days ago
I think the FB page is private and you have to find someone in it and request to be added.

tazzysmumma - 26 days ago
haha Kristina my mother was like whoa he even has sex that much lol. Husband has spent most of the time walking around the house singing supersperm :/ . Also i can not find the IAP 2015 FB page??

KristinaA - 27 days ago
Tazzy -- I so feel ya. I have an almost 5 y/o, 3 y/o and 20 month old. Our 3rd was a surprise, and this one is another surprise. I do NFP, but I was also using a tracking app this time and the app said NOT FERTILE. The app lied!!! lol. My husband keeps saying I'm happy about this pregnancy, and I keep reminding him, while it was not our plan, it's our reality, and this baby is going to be one of our children and we're going to love him or her as much as we love all the others. It's just scary and overwhelming.

tazzysmumma - 27 days ago
P.s i was in IAP for 2008, 2011, 2014 and now will be for 2015 :O

tazzysmumma - 27 days ago
Hey ladies we somehow managed to fall pregnant whilst on the minipill and me breastfeeding. So i am coming up for 6 weeks with a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a just turned 5 month old. We were soo done so this baby has come as a massive shock :O. Anyone else not having many symptoms yet? I get crampy occasionally but that is it!

mamaford77 - 27 days ago
I am breaking out like crazy! Ugh. On a positive note, I have my repeat hcg test today. Then, next week, sept 12, is my 7 week ultrasound. :-)

klawest2 - 28 days ago
I created a Facebook group for all IAP mamas who are due in 2015 :) search 'IAP 2015' and request to be added! I was a part of the IAP 2012 Facebook group and still keep up with lots of the mamas I met there!

mamaford77 - 29 days ago
So, yesterday, I had some pink staining and mild cramping throughout the day. Staining stopped by evening although the cramping has continued. We did have sex yesterday morning, although cramping shouldn't still be continuing. I'm trying not to freak out, but I'll admit I'm scared. Still tired and nauseous, threw up this morning. I have my follow up hcg draw on Thursday and another ultrasound Sept 12 at 7 weeks.

KristinaA - 30 days ago
I'll probably join the FB group in a few months once the cat's out of the bag. I know it's private, but still, gotta be cautious :)

mamaford77 - 32 days ago
May Mamas, we have a group over on Facebook. It is private, so you need to be friends with someone to be added. If you send an add request to May Bbmom, you can be added. There's about 40 of us in there!

KristinaA - 32 days ago
I'm still not nauseas, thankfully, but experiencing a lot of exhaustion.

mamaford77 - 33 days ago
Kristina, I am ridiculously nauseous and super tired. I have to eat a small meal/snack every couple of hours or I just feel awful!

mamaford77 - 33 days ago
Hooray to week 5! Hi girls!

Preciousgift2 - 33 days ago
Hi Week 5 moms. My name is Preciousgift2 and I am a returning member. I used to go by the name Lollipop1 during my first pregnancy in 2011-12 but I forgot my password and had to sign up with a new name. I am so excited to be back and to share with you during this period. This time around the nausea seems to be better so far, but the tastelessness in my mouth is driving me mad. I am also experiencing extreme temperatures...too hot or too cold when everyone else says they are fine. Hubby and I are happy about the baby, our 1st son is now 2 and half years old and thank God we conceived just 2 months after deciding to try. I pray that all goes well for us and for all of you as well...xoxo

supermom87 - 45 days ago
I am hoping when I go back to the doctor Thursday they can draw blood and tell me my progesterone levels I know now I don't have to wait 2weeks for results that was a load of crap someone didn't want to do their job

supama - 46 days ago
Holz8519...i keep having the twins dreams...and very, ummm, wet. i would FREAK OUT! Lol.

supama - 46 days ago
Supermom87..thinking of you & thankful for the good news from ur dr. i had some crazy progesterone issues over the past yr, leading to an early miscarry last nov/dec. my doc gave me a list of natural progesterone boosters,including adding turmeric & curry spices to nearly everything, lol. But, after months of bleeding during sex and no found problems, i finally switched my diet, used his suggestions, and here i am.i reeeeeeally pray for sticky beans all around!! ...and nausea relief, ugh.

sher-baby - 47 days ago
I have 1 and my page says I have 3! Lol

supermom87 - 47 days ago
I updated my page added my 4 kids and some how to me it shows I got 12 kids whaaat lol anyone else see that on my page cause I only have 4 kids

sher-baby - 47 days ago
Supermon-that's great news! I'm still Kmfx for u!!

supermom87 - 47 days ago
Holz8519 I've had quite a few dreams that I delivered my baby and doctor said congratulations it's twins. Sher-baby I finally got my doctor on the phone she said my blood hgc levels are rising like they are supposed to which I am taking it that's good and she told me the brown spotting I had could be from implantation she told me rest as much as I can and try not to worry myself

holz8519 - 47 days ago
So TMI ALERT!!!! today I am 5 weeks 4 days. This is my 7th pregnancy. I have 3 kids and 3 miscarriages. My last 2 miscarriages occurred around the 6 week mark. So I have been trying to take an easy and stay calm but I'm so paranoid every time I go to the bathroom there's gonna be blood. Now I am still nursing my 17month old and my breasts have definitely gotten more sore. I have had nausea on and off noting serious. I have been extremely exhausted. I've never been this exhausted with any of my pregnancies especially this early on. and I have had so much CM that I constantly think I might be bleeding. In previous pregnancies I have noticed the increased cm around 6 weeks but never to this extent. I don't know if it is because I'm nursing too or what. Only myself, Husband and bff know I am expecting and all 3 of us have had dreams that i had multiples. My 3 yr old who does not know was saying we should put a baby boy seed and a baby girl seed in my belly so I can grow a baby brother and baby sister for her just like Dora has. Cant wait till Tuesday 19th for my first apt I am hoping my OB sends me for an early sono so I can confirm this little bean or beans are progressing and hopefully see their little heart beat. anyway anyone else experiencing these? Normal? excessive? Ideas.....

sher-baby - 47 days ago
So I have been on the couch most of the day And I've slept for a good part of the I tire or what?!?...and I had a decent nights sleep..

supermom87 - 48 days ago
Well I am deciding as of now I am laying this at gods feet let him take care of me and my baby and I may go to the hospital when my husband gets off work so I'm not alone and try to find out what is going on though it's probably to early to find out I need peace of mind

sher-baby - 48 days ago
wow!! that's seems unacceptable to me!! they should be able to get the results within 24-48 hrs MAX. they should know that these results are time sensitive and 1 day makes a huge difference!! TTC is not for the faint of heart!! so if its not in you to continue to try, than try not to beat your self up over it. its completely your decision so all the best in what ever decision you make!!

supermom87 - 48 days ago
Sher-baby if this pregnancy doesn't make it I am done trying I can't keep setting myself up for disaster and I'm destroying my own well being trying to have one last baby and I can't keep putting myself through this I don't feel like it is worth driving myself insane

supermom87 - 48 days ago
Wow I just called doctor office they drew blood work Monday and just now they tell me I have to wait two weeks for results is this a normal time frame I already have to go in the 21 for a ultrasound to see if there's a heartbeat I will find out on ultrasound before the blood work results come back :( I don't think I should have to wait this long

sher-baby - 48 days ago
as much as no one would wish 1 m/c on their worst enemy, let alone 3!!! Here in canada if you have 3 consecutive m/c's, the dr will refer you to a fertility dr to do further investigations. so if that is how it works where you are, you may be able to get SOME peace of mind that maybe you can now see a fertility Dr. to find out why your struggling to stay pregnant. Considering you can get preg (so ovulation isnt the issue), I would guess it may be your progesterone as that is want needs to be elevated in your system in order to keep the pregnancy. let us know what the dr says when you call.

sher-baby - 48 days ago
Have u ever had ur progesterone checked??

supermom87 - 48 days ago
I am going to call today when they open I been up since 4 am wanting to cry cause all the cramping and stuff and I just don't feel pregnant anymore and it scares me

sher-baby - 48 days ago
Supermom- can u call ur dr to find out ur hcg levels?? I'm Kmfx for you! Hopefully everything works out.

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