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You are 6 weeks pregnant.

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When talking about the size of a developing baby, most healthcare providers will discuss the size in terms of `crown-to-rump` length. Crown-to-rump length simply means the distance from the top of the babys head to its buttocks. Because the babys legs are usually bent or tucked inwards, crown-to-heel length is hard to determine. By the sixth week of pregnancy, your developing baby is 2 to 4 mm long. You may have even gained a few pounds at this point. However, if you have been nauseated or not eating well you might have lost weight.

You have actually been pregnant for an entire month now! More than likely, you have noticed some changes within your body and you might also notice that your clothes are fitting slightly tighter around the waist. Some women also gain pregnancy weight in their legs, face and breasts. It is not uncommon to experience heartburn or constipation at this time either. Symptoms are usually not severe at this time. If you were to have a pelvic exam at this point of your pregnancy, your doctor would be able to feel your uterus and would notice some changes in its size. Although you will not be able to hear your babys heartbeat with a Doppler yet, you might be able to see it beating if you have an ultrasound at this time.

From week 6 to week 10 of your pregnancy, you will be in the embryonic period. This is a very important time of development for your baby and the embryo is most susceptible to experience developmental interferences and birth defects at this time. Although the embryo is still very small, it is growing and developing rapidly. Your babys early brain chambers are forming and the eyes are also beginning to form. Buds will appear and will develop into arms and legs in later weeks.

Many pregnant women will have their first prenatal appointment around this time. Generally, the first appointment is the longest and your doctor will gather a health history of you, the father and your families. You should ask questions and get to know your healthcare provider well. Your doctor will probably ask about any prior medical problems, your pregnancy and birth history and other gynecological concerns. You should tell your caregiver about any prior miscarriages, stillbirths or abortions that you have had. You should also tell your doctor about any medications that you take or allergies that you have. Your doctor will give you a pelvic exam and a Pap smear. During a pelvic exam, your doctor will be able to determine if your uterus is the appropriate size. A breast exam will also be performed. Lab tests may also be done at this prenatal visit. Some doctors will also perform early ultrasounds during the first prenatal appointment to date the pregnancy, confirm the pregnancy or check for abnormalities.

The heart is starting to develop at this time. The fetus` blood group may be different from your own!

Facial features are visible, including a mouth and tongue. The eyes have a retina and lens.

The digestive system starts forming, beginning with the first cells of the stomach and the intestine.

There are small indentations in the head, ready for the development of facial features, eyes, and ears. The outline of the jaw starts to form.

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Tests before pregnancy
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Comments on week 6

Comments 1-49 of about 1434 from week 6
4 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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Mamabearof3 - 12.4 hours ago
@xEricaLynn, I'm so sorry to her about your other losses. I've been there myself and I'm not going to lie there are times where I do have thoughts of fears running throw my mind of going throw another m/c. I feel really good about this pregnancy so hopefully that is a good sign for me, But sending you lots of stick baby dust your way :)

xEricaLynn - 1 days ago
So jealous of the other mommies who get to share their baby news with everyone so soon. I've never made it past 11 weeks with my six losses. I don't want to get my hopes up with our 7th pregnancy. This is our last shot. If God takes away this baby too, we are done.

Mamabearof3 - 1 days ago
DH & I are doing the same brainstorming for idea's on ways to tell our family and friends on christmas eve, at the moment we are both lost but hopefully we come up with something soon as christmas is right around the corner lol.

maimai88 - 1 days ago
is anyone planning on making a Christmas pregnancy announcement? I have already told some of my close friends we're expecting, but we're thinking of telling my parents and DH's parents Christmas day...I'm brainstorming over how we should announce it.

xEricaLynn - 2 days ago
6 weeks today too. Nausea is unrelenting, I even lost a couple pounds. But trying not to stress. Chest hurts a lot, making it very difficult to sleep.

maimai88 - 2 days ago
6 weeks today:) mamabear- I have been so, so tired as well....its much worse compared to my last pregnancy, but I guess now I have two kiddos to chase after instead of one lol.

Mamabearof3 - 2 days ago
hey ladies, I know that I'm a few days early but I thought that I would jump in here as I'm close to being far I'm feeling good mostly tired and abit of morning sickness here and there :)

eliciamadora - 4 days ago
Hi guys. If this isn't allowed please delete! I mean no harm! I couldn't find any pregnancy groups for August 2015 on facebook so I made one. It is a closed group so only members can read what is posted there. Only a few members so far and I'd love to bond with women due around the same time! Please add and message me on Facebook ( Elicia Binman) if you would like to join it, I would love some company in there! Or search on Facebook 'August 2015 babies' and request to join :)

charcharsuperstar - 5 days ago
I've been using my acupunctuncture bands on my wrists at Target and i smell a cottonball of Peppermint. It helps so much!

Kate27 - 6 days ago
Congratulations Charcharsuperstar, I'm feeling miserably nauseous too and very tired. Congrats neliswa

charcharsuperstar - 6 days ago
Hi moms! T his is the 6th time I've been preggo, 2 living children. I am miserably nauseous, hormonal, exhausted. You? - 8 days ago
hi week 6,just found out a few days im preggies....cramping evry now and then, not nice at all..(

Kate27 - 11 days ago
Hello Week 6!

HeatherT1029 - 14 days ago
Joy, my OB gave me a list of things you can take and B-6 (100mg) is on there for nausea. The day I changed over to 6w I have been nauseous all day and I completly understand what you mean when you say urine smell makes you sick. I'm right there with you... Every little thing makes me feel like I'm going to throw up (even though I haven't yet). I haven't taken B-6 yet bc I found some Zofran but I've heard it works well. HTH!

britniA - 16 days ago
Morning sickness is just an evil of pregnancy. Trust me If i could I would be in bed 24/7 with how bad I feel. but like mamagris said, try to look at it as a reassuring thing as morning sickness is a sign that the pregnancy is going great.

mamagris - 16 days ago
joytotheworld...You are gonna have to find what works for you. Peppermint, ginger (my sis had good luck with the little candies and tea) and also there are some essential oils you can use DoTerra Digest Zen has been effective for a lot of women. I am pretty sick myself but not quite that bad and I am okay with it. It is reassuring for me. Hope you feel better.

joytotheworld - 19 days ago
Hi everyone. The past week has been really terribleπŸ˜” constant nausea and just about every smell bothers me, i can only tolerate saltine crackers. TMI but it's hard for me to go to the bathroom because the smell of urine bothers me. Can anyone recommend any anti nausea meds that is OTC

flybear - 23 days ago
Awe, im jealous babybuka. I don't get to have one until nearly Christmas. Even when I have symptoms I feel not pregnant so I wish I could have one and see the bean lol I know that's silly.

babybuka - 24 days ago
Had an ultrasound today :) saw and heard the heartbeat. It was 135 :)

babybuka - 25 days ago
Flybear!! :) I'm nervous because I don't have morning sickness bad or at all really. I wasn't really sick with my son either though so maybe I'm having a boy. I was really sick with my daughter.

flybear - 25 days ago
I'm sorry about your ms, anything4nikki. I'm layingin bed feeling horrible with ms right now mmyself. The 1st trimester is so hard. Lol - 26 days ago
Hope everyone is doing well. The past couple of days have been exhausting because my two year old has had a fever with severe vomiting and diarrhea. She's been getting up in the middle of the night and so I haven't been able to get a good sleep in. Plus, I've been going through my morning sickness so we've been both feeling horrible together. She seems to be getting better though and she's finally been able to eat and drink things. - 30 days ago
Had ultrasound done today. Found out I am pregnant and saw the heartbeat. Bitter sweet. I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. Miscarriage is a constant worry :(

babybuka - 30 days ago
Anything4nikki I'm glad I'm not alone in that! My pants are so uncomfortable. I hate it! Part of me is wondering if I'm farther along than I think because of it. It's so weird. I didn't have this with either of my other children so early on. Weird. I'm going to the dr tomorrow so we shall see :) - 31 days ago
babybuka, I'm also feeling bloated! It's to the point where I feel uncomfortable when my pants are buttoned so I've been using the rubberband trick with my jeans. I wake up feeling fine but by lunch time my stomach feels big and full. This is similar to how I felt when I was pregnant with my second child who is a boy. For some reason, when I was pregnant with my girls I didn't feel bloated and my pants didn't seem to feel tight. I even wore my regular jeans until I was 6 months pregnant with them. - 31 days ago , I also experienced extreme hunger before I took a test. I woke up one morning and I was starving. Now that my extreme morning sickness hit (it came over the weekend) it's difficult for me to eat. The thought of food makes me want to vomit. Let me know how the test goes. If it is positive then that would be great! If the test comes up negative then you can look forward to the next cycle. I'm honestly surprised I got pregnant when I did because me and my partner only BD twice during that was right after I finished AF and another time two days before I expected AF to come on. I must've ovulated earlier than I normally do because I normally don't try to BD the week leading up to it. Do you track your ovulation to try to target your fertile period? If not then maybe you can try that to see it it helps...sending lots of baby dust to you!

babybuka - 31 days ago
6 weeks today! I got to my first Dr's appointment tomorrow! This is my 3rd and I feel SO bloated already. Seems crazy but my clothes are all tighter and I'm self conscious because not a lot of people know yet. Is it normal so soon?? - 31 days ago yea I will try and test just scared to do but I will that is how I am feeling right now queasy light head need to sleep boobs hurt only sometimes not how they would when af is on her way i feel tighness but not sure if it uterus or not. And hungery more then usual but now i feel stuffed as of yesterday like if i eat i will explode and peeing alot for a week now I am running to the bathroom all the time. And week as if I have no energy - 31 days ago, I had the classic pregnancy symptoms. The symptoms I had were sore boobs, feeling tired (it wasn't extreme, just had the need for a mid day nap), and I felt kind of queasy at times around the time I found out but nausea wasn't bad (at least not this time around). A few days before I found out I was cleaning and doing laundry and I felt a sudden sense of dizziness and felt lightheaded to the point I had to have a seat for about a minute or two. I also had minor cramps and it seemed as if my uterus was tight...almost as if it was being squeezed. I knew I was pregnant before I took the test. I know my body and knew that certain things weren't normal the week leading up to my cycle. Also, I've been pregnant other times so it was easier for me to recognize the signs. I know how it feels to be let down by pregnancy tests, especially when you want it to be positive so bad. I think its worth taking one though. Let me know how it goes. - 31 days ago
Hello I am new here and need some adviceI have been marriedfor 3 years and having trouble to concieve. But this months I have missed my period so far I am 5 days late and right now have headsches dizzy none stop mood swings all over the place dont have energy like i used to if I move too fast I feel like i am gonna faint. Bloated slight cramping but not much little nausea but dont know if due to headache. Cant see my doc until next month if I am I would be 4 weeks how did u guys feel at that week do u think I can be I am scared of taking a test and being let down for the thousand time what do u guys think. Do I have a chance. Please help me. - 31 days ago
Six weeks pregnant as of today. Morning sickness has set in and I'm finding it hard to eat without feeling sick. Bland food has been helping. Since flavors and other tastes makes me sick, I find that I can eat better when food has minimal taste and smell. On a bright note, I had my first doctors appt last Friday and got a quick scan. Everything is looking pretty good. Hope everyone is doing well!

jewjew - 31 days ago
themutter - im also fromweek 7 just gone in there - just thought id pop back in here and see whats happening cos s mama said quiet all over not like last time i was on here = ill keep my fingers crossed that all is safe and you stay positive, imsure all will be wellfor you xxxxxx

Themutterinme - 33 days ago
6 weeks today and Staying cautiously optimistic. Had a M/C in June in the 10th week. I told too many people 1st pg not telling any this time so have no one to talk with. We're got some anxiety that this one is successful.

MamaSantos8 - 33 days ago
I am here! Well not technically, I have moved on to week 7 as of today. It's a ghost town in there too so I will bounce back and forth. Today is the first day in over a week that I have felt halfway normal. I even went grocery shopping! Haven't been able to do that! lol

spam84 - 33 days ago
You ladies are super quite!!!! Nearly at 7 weeks πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

spam84 - 34 days ago
6 weeks and 4 days.....woohoo.

MamaSantos8 - 35 days ago
I am sorry I shouldn't have said I seen the Doctor himself. I have only been to the doctors and seen the nurse practioner. She is the one that confirmed the pregnancy. I too have to wait until ten weeks :(

jewjew - 36 days ago
MAMA i havent contacted our doctor or midwife yet - we dont usually do that till about ten weeks gone and then we go in for the chat and arrange the scan dates etc - you lucky to see your doc so early - i have just been to the shop to buy ginger biscuits to try and get this sicky feeling under control but falling atm - hows everyone else doing

MamaSantos8 - 36 days ago
I am sooooo sick and soooo tired! If I move too fast or turn the wrong way I feel like I will be sick. Constant nausea and exhaustion and I was never like this with my first!

MamaSantos8 - 36 days ago
Jewjew My doctor did confirm my pregnancy at 6weeks 2 days so now I am 6weeks 5 days. My next appointment isnt until Dec 10th. Seems like forever away!

jewjew - 38 days ago
mama how did you get on yesterday at the doctors - did he confirm your pregnancy lol xx

jewjew - 38 days ago
hi daisy that is really good news xx

jewjew - 38 days ago
hi ladies i have been feeling constantly sick for the past few days all day, i havent actually been sick and im sooo tired, hows everyone elses symptoms going. When i was pregnant with my other two children i didnt feel sick at all so this is a new one on me.

MamaSantos8 - 39 days ago
Yay to day one in week six! I have my first doctors appointment in an hour, let's see what they say! I am pregnant, that I know for sure with these raging hormones, swollen breasts and nausea! uGHHHH - 41 days ago
Just got back from an ultrasound and saw a cute little blob and heard the sweetest little heartbeat! After 4 miscarriages where we could never get a heartbeat.. I am cautiously optimistic that we will have a baby late June/early July!

hoping4two - 41 days ago
Hi ladies, Im new to this forum and I just wanted to congratulate everyone on their bfp's.. I am currently 6 weeks and 1 day prego...

movnadia - 43 days ago
Yay I got my account back thanks to contacting the admins :) so now I updated my profile and added a photo of current baby in my belly if anyone wants to have a look :) I am off to week 7 tomorrow see you all there xxx

HopingforaGirl35 - 44 days ago
Off to 7 weeks tomorrow! So happy and excited about each week ending and each week beginning! :o) - 45 days ago
I was surprised at the small amount of members as well when I first signed on again Tuesday. I did notice that there are phone apps now too that I don't believe were available when I was pregnant with my others. Maybe that is why there are less members here. Also, I can't get into the doctor until the 25th, is there anywhere to get OTC prenatal vitamins in the mean time? - 46 days ago
Thank you 8blessings. That sucks you are anemic :( taking iron suplements makes me sooo constipated... I hope you will not need a blood transfusion... xxx

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