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You are 6 weeks pregnant.

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When talking about the size of a developing baby, most healthcare providers will discuss the size in terms of `crown-to-rump` length. Crown-to-rump length simply means the distance from the top of the babys head to its buttocks. Because the babys legs are usually bent or tucked inwards, crown-to-heel length is hard to determine. By the sixth week of pregnancy, your developing baby is 2 to 4 mm long. You may have even gained a few pounds at this point. However, if you have been nauseated or not eating well you might have lost weight.

You have actually been pregnant for an entire month now! More than likely, you have noticed some changes within your body and you might also notice that your clothes are fitting slightly tighter around the waist. Some women also gain pregnancy weight in their legs, face and breasts. It is not uncommon to experience heartburn or constipation at this time either. Symptoms are usually not severe at this time. If you were to have a pelvic exam at this point of your pregnancy, your doctor would be able to feel your uterus and would notice some changes in its size. Although you will not be able to hear your babys heartbeat with a Doppler yet, you might be able to see it beating if you have an ultrasound at this time.

From week 6 to week 10 of your pregnancy, you will be in the embryonic period. This is a very important time of development for your baby and the embryo is most susceptible to experience developmental interferences and birth defects at this time. Although the embryo is still very small, it is growing and developing rapidly. Your babys early brain chambers are forming and the eyes are also beginning to form. Buds will appear and will develop into arms and legs in later weeks.

Many pregnant women will have their first prenatal appointment around this time. Generally, the first appointment is the longest and your doctor will gather a health history of you, the father and your families. You should ask questions and get to know your healthcare provider well. Your doctor will probably ask about any prior medical problems, your pregnancy and birth history and other gynecological concerns. You should tell your caregiver about any prior miscarriages, stillbirths or abortions that you have had. You should also tell your doctor about any medications that you take or allergies that you have. Your doctor will give you a pelvic exam and a Pap smear. During a pelvic exam, your doctor will be able to determine if your uterus is the appropriate size. A breast exam will also be performed. Lab tests may also be done at this prenatal visit. Some doctors will also perform early ultrasounds during the first prenatal appointment to date the pregnancy, confirm the pregnancy or check for abnormalities.

The heart is starting to develop at this time. The fetus` blood group may be different from your own!

Facial features are visible, including a mouth and tongue. The eyes have a retina and lens.

The digestive system starts forming, beginning with the first cells of the stomach and the intestine.

There are small indentations in the head, ready for the development of facial features, eyes, and ears. The outline of the jaw starts to form.

See also:
Tests before pregnancy
Tests during pregnancy

Comments on week 6

Comments 1-49 of about 1376 from week 6
1 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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ekstandridge32 - 9.2 hours ago
Anyone else super emotional - 4 days ago
Hi ladys i have had 2 miscarriages in these last 2 years and now i just found out Thursday that i am pregnant.after trying for 4 yrs now i was shocked and did not know that this was the month i would be pregnant.i am new to this soo plz ladys help me get around if i have questions

lisa187 - 5 days ago
I am so surprised how much smaller these weekly groups have become! I first joined 6 years ago with my first pregnancy and there were like 40 people in my weekly list. What has happened??

happywoman84 - 5 days ago
Hello honeymoon-surprise this is my 2nd pregnancy, my first one was 9 years ago and had very worse sickness,I think I was challenging the sickness the last 2 days, I had 2 days in row night sickness but this night I think I skip it πŸ˜† thank god.

babylove5 - 7 days ago
Hey ladies! I saw your post in latest comments and I am on my 5th child, all of my pregnancies were different. Try not to compare them just because they are completely different doesn't mean anything is wrong. I have had it all no symptoms, extreme symptoms, and I'm just passing on what I experienced.

honeymoon-surprise - 7 days ago
Hi happywoman, I am also 30 and 6 weeks pregnant, although this is my 3rd. I have had easy pregnancies in the past this one I have had sickness, tiredness, really sore boobs, heartburn looking forward to the second trimester so hopefully it'll ease off a little! Is😬

happywoman84 - 8 days ago
Hello I'm new member here, I'm 30 years old I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Not yet experiencing morning sickness only fatigue n pee a lot, any of you experienced it the same.xo

AKnewmom - 8 days ago
Bbyrnelowe - I'm still in the ttc forum but saw your post. Just wanted to let you know that I had AF type cramps until 8 weeks and constantly was checking thinking I was starting my period. If you are cramping bad though you should call your Dr and just let them know. Maybe they will see you sooner. GL and h&h 9 months!!!

bbyrnelowe3girls - 9 days ago
hi ladies just wondering if anyone in week 6 has any cramps ??? this is our 5th pregnancy and never had it before so i am a little worried, scan is booked for dec 2nd so i have a long wait...

honeymoon-surprise - 9 days ago
Thanks for the replies ladies, it seems to have eased off now it never got so bad as to be 'fresh blood' so fingers crossed everything is normal!! Can not wait for my 12 week scan!

Chicanita7 - 9 days ago
Hello week 6, I am so tired, and I am having cravings already. This is my 4th baby and I'm hoping for a girl. Can't wait to go to the OB appointment.

tabby607 - 10 days ago
Honeymoon.... I had spotting all of 5 wks... from a light brown to a pink sometimes a rusty brownish red... no cramps or clots. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. And seem to be doing good. Good luck though

babylove5 - 10 days ago
Honeymoon surp I was reading through latest comments and saw your post. I had bleeding too and they did ultrasound and baby was fine. I am 15 weeks and baby is great and measuring bigger than he/she should. I wouldn't worry since a lot of women bleed during the first couple months.

Jen-mumtobeof5 - 10 days ago
@honeymoon suprise I hope all is ok xx I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow... But today I feel like nothing I est is enough! Feel hungry all the time lol... Maybe bub is having a little growth spurt..

honeymoon-surprise - 11 days ago
First day in week 6! Had a slight bleed this morning (Sorry if its TMI) for me this stage is so nerve wracking as I haven't had my scan yet! Anyone else experienced this?

Amanda0510 - 14 days ago
First day in week 6. I made my first prenatal appointment today. I go on October 30. I am nervous. I hope everything goes well. Can't wait to get an ultrasound!

Jen-mumtobeof5 - 15 days ago
@tabb, congratulations & welcome. I'm getting closer to 7 weeks now, but don't feel sick or anything either. Sometimes have to remind myself I'm pregnant lol just super tired by the afternoon.

tabby607 - 16 days ago
Good morning..first day in 6w. How is everyone feeling? I feel pretty good. I. Have had spotting for about 5 days... no clots or cramps. Sometimes light pink to a brown. DH swears I spotted with DS but I guess it was to long ago... DS will be 5 in 2 wks lol. I only feel sick in the morning. But not bad... a mild stretch crampy here or there . Well I hope. Everyone is doing good...

emmyjoe - 17 days ago
6 weeks along and no symptoms. Dont know if i should be worried or thankful! :)

Pinkbowstinytoes - 41 days ago
so this is my second baby- i am in very good shape and have had a regular workout schedule which involves cardio and heavy weight training- for the last year (and prior) I eat well also- anyways i have gained 8 pounded since aug 2. which is partially because im too exhausted to continue my intense workouts and partially because my body has already changed!!! Soo much faster then last time. My breasts especially!!!

KristinaA - 42 days ago
Tazzy -- I know. I got through my work parties with no alcohol by blaming it on the heat and explaining how I was recovering from heat exhaustion, which was true, unfortunately.

tazzysmumma - 43 days ago
yes yes yes. this is baby 4! and i look like im 20 weeks already. This is despite me upping my training regime and eating better arrgh. i want people to know as late as possible this time so its proving tough. Also why oh why is it as soon as your pregnant there is about 1324749562 parties you have to attend which are all based around alcohol :O going to take my best trickary. Anyone else having zero symptoms? x

jess260484 - 44 days ago
Hi kristina, I'm starting to show already.. I did with my 2nd and had a little bump at 8 weeks and Defo in maternity clothing by then :( this one is my 3rd and already showing especially after a big meal x

KristinaA - 44 days ago
Any momma's feel like they are starting to show? I know it says we're not yet, and I haven't gained any weight, but my body has changed and I feel like my abdomen is already protruding. I just had a 2 day work conference (I normally work remote, but once a year my group meets up) and I am worried that my bosses may already be able to tell. There's been a lot of wine opportunities I've passed up and have been blaming it on the heat wave we had and how I had real bad heat exhaustion, but I have a lot of little things I need to explain away to the bosses. I stupidly had talked one of my bosses into running a 10K and a half marathon with me (10K on 9/20 and Half on 10/4) before I was pregnant and now he's trying to beat me, which would have been harder when I was running hard, but I can't anymore. And another coworker is asking me about my marathon training, which I'm no longer doing. I feel like everyone already knows.

tazzysmumma - 45 days ago
julesbaby me neither. tried messaging people and nothing?

julesbaby4 - 46 days ago
Klawest2 I looked for IAP 2015 & couldn't find it am I looking for IAP 2013-2015?

mamaford77 - 48 days ago
Woo-hoo! Week 6! Just 6 more days until my next ultrasound! I can't sleep just thinking about seeing that sweet little heartbeat. :-)

tazzysmumma - 48 days ago
6 weeks today. seem to have swapped morning sickness for poops! lucky me :/

Jess260484 - 50 days ago
Hi, I've just rejoined.. I was here last year and gave birth to a beautiful boy 11 months ago.. Now pregnant again with my 3rd. I've had a m/c before at 13 weeks so taking each day as it comes. Hope you are all doing well, I've had 2 positive tests and no symptoms really, can't really say that I feel a bit pregnant. I am still breast feeding my 11 month old so maybe hormones are still at play from that :)

klawest2 - 51 days ago
I created a Facebook group for all IAP mamas who are due in 2015 :) search 'IAP 2015' and request to be added! I was a part of the IAP 2012 Facebook group and still keep up with lots of the mamas I met there!

julesbaby4 - 59 days ago
Hi ladies.. I will be chatting with u guys through out this pregnancy... I haven't been to docs yet but I took 2 at home tests midday & they both were positive :) hoping for a boy this time

babylove5 - 61 days ago
Holz I would go ahead and get your levels checked so you are not left to wonder. Best wishes!

sher-baby - 63 days ago
Ok. I'm Kmfx for you that ur bhcg is nice and high and u see ur lil bean at ur next sono with a pounding heart!

holz8519 - 63 days ago
no they did not do a bhcg yet she just gave me a script for it today was planning on going and having it done thursday before my next sono

sher-baby - 63 days ago
Holz...I don't know to be honest. And every woman and every pregnancy is different. When I went to emerg on Tuesday they measured at 6w3d (3days further than I thought) and I saw my lil guy without any guessing and saw his lil heart just fluttering away! It look exactly the same as the pic above just obviously not in color..did they tell u what ur bhcg was or no?

holz8519 - 63 days ago
So I have a second Sono scheduled or August 28th. My OB also wants my BHCG checked to make sure its not a miscarriage. Though I have not had any bleeding and the sono i had yesterday although it was off by over 2 weeks from my lmp it was only off 3 days from when I ovulated. So at this point I'm not too concerned. Just gonna have to wait till next Thursday and Hopefully be able to see a heartbeat. Should I be more worried that they were not able to see a fetal pole at 6w4d and only measured 6w1d?

happy1 - 63 days ago
Ultrasound today! Just one bub. Strong heart beat and everything looks good. I hope everyone is feeling good.

mandykat760 - 63 days ago
This all seems to be happening so quick this time. I can't button my jeans and my back and hips hurt. I know it mostly bloating but geez. Third baby is already kicking my butt!

holz8519 - 63 days ago
They have not scheduled another sono yet I'm supposed to go back into my dr's on September 3rd so either my dr will call and send me for another one before then or send me for another one after my appt on the 3rd. And the date they gave me is only 3 days off of what my actual date is. everything was intact and I have not had any bleeding and still have pregnancy symptoms so not really worried really would of loved to see a heart beat though.

sher-baby - 63 days ago
are any of you ladies taking any other vitamins other than you prenatal?? i dont eat/drink a lot of dairy so I'm wondering if i should also include calcium and vitamin D into my diet to help out a bit. thoughts?? OH and i bought my doppler today! $63.00 CAN on ebay..not to shabby!

sher-baby - 63 days ago
babylove5- ya my dr. hasnt said anything yet, I'm just being overly paranoid i guess!! 7 weeks tomorrow!! whoo hooo!!!

babylove5 - 63 days ago
Holz you may be off on your dates that's good they saw the gest sac and yolk sac. It may just be to early. Sher I had bleeding too and everythings great with the baby! My Dr. isn't concerned and even said I could have sex.

sher-baby - 64 days ago
That's great news Supermom!! I know it's such a relief to see what you want to see! Holz- did they make another appt for you to go back?

supermom87 - 64 days ago
I measured 7wks by ultrasound and strong heart beat so happy I cried a happy cry when I heard the beating

holz8519 - 64 days ago
SO i went for my sono today I am 6 weeks 4 days based on ovulation. At the sono i measured 6 weeks 1 day. They did not see the fetal pole only the gestational sac and yolk sac so Ill hopefully be going back in a week or two for another to see a heart beat.

sher-baby - 64 days ago
Aww Supermom, I know the feeling! But try an keep ur head up! **hugs**mandykat760- I have been doing pole fitness for about 2yrs and I really wanted to continue until I got to big but considering the scare I just had I prob will continue to exercise just not the same as I was doing. I will probably focus on cardio, which I don't normally just to try to keep my overall body in good shape and sweat off any excess and unneeded fat I may gain and I'm going to look into continuing yoga...maybe a prenatal yoga.

sher-baby - 64 days ago
So the clinic just called and said based on my chart, I don't need to come in tomorrow unless I had any questions. So I asked about my adjacent subchorionic bleed and she said the most important thing is that there is a beautiful heart beat but adjacent subchorionic bleed is pretty much when the placenta forms against the uterus with thousand and thousands of tiny blood vessels, sometimes some of them don't attach properly or come loose which causes a clot and it causes bleeding. she said that mine is so small and because my bleeding has stopped, she's pretty hopeful that it will just be absorbed by my body and I won't have any more issues with it. Also because it's soo small, they don't need to do any f/u ultrasounds on it she just suggested that I take it easy over the next month just to be sure but normal day to day activity is fine. She also said because of the fetal heart beat, they won't do another hcg test either. So I'll bring my report to my family dr on the 8th. And see if she's ok with everything too.

mandykat760 - 64 days ago
Anyone plan on working out throughout their pregnacy?

supermom87 - 64 days ago
Thank you sher-baby I've actually found myself crying already today and I can't control it its only 9am I don't go to the doctor until 4pm it's gonna be a long day

sher-baby - 64 days ago
I'm praying for you Supermom! Good luck!

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