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You are 6 weeks pregnant.

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When talking about the size of a developing baby, most healthcare providers will discuss the size in terms of `crown-to-rump` length. Crown-to-rump length simply means the distance from the top of the babys head to its buttocks. Because the babys legs are usually bent or tucked inwards, crown-to-heel length is hard to determine. By the sixth week of pregnancy, your developing baby is 2 to 4 mm long. You may have even gained a few pounds at this point. However, if you have been nauseated or not eating well you might have lost weight.

You have actually been pregnant for an entire month now! More than likely, you have noticed some changes within your body and you might also notice that your clothes are fitting slightly tighter around the waist. Some women also gain pregnancy weight in their legs, face and breasts. It is not uncommon to experience heartburn or constipation at this time either. Symptoms are usually not severe at this time. If you were to have a pelvic exam at this point of your pregnancy, your doctor would be able to feel your uterus and would notice some changes in its size. Although you will not be able to hear your babys heartbeat with a Doppler yet, you might be able to see it beating if you have an ultrasound at this time.

From week 6 to week 10 of your pregnancy, you will be in the embryonic period. This is a very important time of development for your baby and the embryo is most susceptible to experience developmental interferences and birth defects at this time. Although the embryo is still very small, it is growing and developing rapidly. Your babys early brain chambers are forming and the eyes are also beginning to form. Buds will appear and will develop into arms and legs in later weeks.

Many pregnant women will have their first prenatal appointment around this time. Generally, the first appointment is the longest and your doctor will gather a health history of you, the father and your families. You should ask questions and get to know your healthcare provider well. Your doctor will probably ask about any prior medical problems, your pregnancy and birth history and other gynecological concerns. You should tell your caregiver about any prior miscarriages, stillbirths or abortions that you have had. You should also tell your doctor about any medications that you take or allergies that you have. Your doctor will give you a pelvic exam and a Pap smear. During a pelvic exam, your doctor will be able to determine if your uterus is the appropriate size. A breast exam will also be performed. Lab tests may also be done at this prenatal visit. Some doctors will also perform early ultrasounds during the first prenatal appointment to date the pregnancy, confirm the pregnancy or check for abnormalities.

The heart is starting to develop at this time. The fetus` blood group may be different from your own!

Facial features are visible, including a mouth and tongue. The eyes have a retina and lens.

The digestive system starts forming, beginning with the first cells of the stomach and the intestine.

There are small indentations in the head, ready for the development of facial features, eyes, and ears. The outline of the jaw starts to form.

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Tests before pregnancy
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Comments on week 6

Comments 1-49 of about 1230 from week 6
3 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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elequin - 15.6 hours ago
Here we are in week 6! I finally made an appt at drs, for two days time. Ultrasound will prob be a week after that. Feeling pretty tired one day and super energised the next. Can't pick it, just making the most of it when I can exercise. Yesterday I did pump, and ran 8kms. Day before was EXHAUSTED. Anyone else having swings of energy?

alismom2 - 22.5 hours ago
Yay week 6... Im still having some slight cramps...its more like a tummy ache with a back ache hard to explain. But it worries me not remember if that happened my first time.

1st.time.momma - 2 days ago
Hi ladies, just got done with camping. Noticed a little tinge of brownish blood on the tp yesterday/today. Hopefully its nothing. Its making me nervous as hell.

bishkekmom - 4 days ago
Hi all! This is my fourth little monkey. :) Fourth c-section which is freaking me out. Someone calm me down! I have a boy (11) and two girls (7 and 5 on Monday)...used this site for both girls. :) I am an American living in Central Asia and will have the baby here...had my third one here, too... No problems as of yet--just nervous about the surgery at the end of this...

iwantagirl2 - 4 days ago
Im feeling flutters too 1st time momma... i actually told the dr about it and shw said that she hears that from a lot of her pregnant patients...

1st.time.momma - 4 days ago
So this is my second and I already feel like im getting the little flutters. I dont think its gas, im more in tune with my body now more than ever. But I gwt them on both sides in the exact same spot. Freaks me out thinking I have more than one nugget in there.

aussie-jess - 5 days ago
1st.time- I had quite a lot of cramps in week 6 and 7. Lots of sharp pains in week 8 on my right side. They have only now slowed down a lot! It can be completely normal!

1st.time.momma - 5 days ago
Well now into week 6. How are all you ladies doing today? Im still having cramps it seems like. Not sure if that's normal cant wait til next friday for my appointment.

babybubbles88 - 7 days ago
Woo, I am in the 6th week! Super excited. My baby #3♡♡♡

LiLBean5 - 11 days ago
Welcome Noah!! I would write the whole name but it is long haha...hope you don't mind! :) Glad to hear that are doing good! I am due March 7th with our 5th!! :)

LiLBean5 - 11 days ago
Awww....Bre I'm SOOO sorry. I have been there also. I will be praying for you. (((HUGS)))

aussie-jess - 11 days ago
Aww no... So sorry BRE. I have been there 4 times and I know how hard it is. If you have any questions just send me a message on here. Keep me updated on your blood results. :(

BRE2015 - 11 days ago
Aussie yesterday they drew blood waiting for the results. I'm for sure miscarrying the blood is picking up and cramping so bad :(

noahanryleasmomma - 12 days ago
Hi everyone! This is my first time on this site and i love it.... i am pregnant with my 3rd baby! My due date is March 10 ..... pretty laid back so far :)

aussie-jess - 12 days ago
Have you had hcg blood draws, over a few days??? How many weeks are you meant to be?

BRE2015 - 12 days ago
Aussie I to pee like every 5 seconds. My lower back was hurting and it's so much pressure on my stomach as if I have to pee all the time. I don't feel pregnant any more and have been bleeding for two days. Ultrasound didn't see anything :( they think that I'm earlier than 6 weeks. This is so frustrating I can't wait to get my blood test results. I really just want to get this over with and start over.

aussie-jess - 12 days ago
My doctor only tested by urine test. But I am thinking the test may have been a false positive because of my prgesterone supplements I am on. I have had no symptoms what so ever that would make me think I had a UTI. What symptoms did you get?

BRE2015 - 13 days ago
Aussie urine & blood. Get my blood test results tomorrow. I had a very bad one the day before I found out I was pregnant & I thought it went away. Guess it didn't. All the blood was freaking me out but it has slowed up now. Praying for a heartbeat...or two lol

aussie-jess - 13 days ago
Oh BRE, praying for a happy baby or 2 in there! I apparently also have a UTI, how did they test you?? I was put on a one dose antibiotic on Friday.

BRE2015 - 13 days ago
Went to my first appointment this morning. Bad news is blood rushed out as soon as I was told to pee in the cup. Good news is doctor thinks the blood is due to this horrible uti I have & he also thinks I maybe further along than 6 weeks or having twins!! Sono tomorrow..pray for me!! :)

aussie-jess - 13 days ago
I also have a friend that had 5 boys, and then a girl. She is pregnant with her 7th and its another girl! :)

mngirl1281 - 13 days ago
Gives me hope 2B. :). The suspense will get to me lol. Can't wait to find out in October! If I do have a girl, she won't have to worry about being bullied. Her brothers would have her feeling like a princess

2bBlessedw2 - 13 days ago
I have a friend on here who has SEVEN boys!!! She is now expecting her eighth and it's a GIRL! It can happen!!!

mngirl1281 - 13 days ago
This pregnancy I feel different too. I attribute it to getting older. I just feel more sicky and fatigued. For some unplanned reason, I get pregnant in May or June every time. All my boys are a few weeks apart. Maybe pink dust was sprinkled on me ;-). Drs in my area changed protocols since my last pregnancy so for the first time I will get an early pregnancy ultrasound next week. It used to be if you were healthy and things going good then you just got the 18-20 week ultrasound. So I am excited to get an early peek at our Whoopsy bean :)

LiLBean5 - 14 days ago
I think you will be fine Bre! I have heard of a lot of mommies that bleed in the beginning and all throughout and everything is perfectly fine! :)I will be praying that your little blessing will be perfect!! MNgirl I am actually thinking I am having a boy this time. It is super different this time around! I still can't explain this hunger though haha. I actually get nausaes then I get hungry then it turns to both at the same time until I eat something then I am fine until 10 minutes later then the whole process starts all over again! WEIRD! I just made my hubby and I a crossoint sandwich with an egg, sausage, canadian bacon, and cheddar cheese in it at 9:40pm!! Guess what...I'M HUNGRY ALREADY! I mean starving hungry!! 2B that would be really cool if we both got the opposite sex haha! I know we would both be happy with whatever sex! :) Lisatek that's how I was with all of my girls but not super bad. It actually went away pretty quick! I think I was lucky! I'll be praying it leaves you quickly and that you'll feel better soon!! :) Well I'm gonna hit the sack! Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight! I've been having insomnia lately!

BRE2015 - 14 days ago
Lilbean5 thank you! I was so excited and ready to share the news after tomorrow's appointment. :( Until I started bleeding today. It is pretty much gone now. Just a little pink when I wipe. Sorry Tmi. No pain though. I'm still freaking out! Hope everything goes well.

mngirl1281 - 14 days ago
LilBean I hope we do get our opposites :). That would truly be amazing. I'm guessing boy but praying girl

mngirl1281 - 14 days ago
Lisatek82- Thats me too this time. Sad to describe it like this but it is like a mild hangover everyday but no puking.

lisatek82 - 14 days ago
Hi ladies... This is my 3rd child and I feel horrible this time. I feel like I am going to be sick, but I never actually get sick. I almost wish I could just get it out... haha! Have any of you experienced this? I don't even know if it is considered morning sickness or not.

2bBlessedw2 - 14 days ago
I can't believe each of you ladies have 4 of the same sex!!! Holy moly! Would be neat for you to get the opposite this time. Tho we all just want healthy babies!

2bBlessedw2 - 14 days ago
Thank you! She said for 6w6d that 121 was on the higher side and that at 7-8 weeks it rises even more. I thought it was too low but nope! My last preg it was 151 at 7w2d. 7w4d for my son it was 159.

LiLBean5 - 14 days ago
AHHHHHH 2B!!!! I'm SOOOOOO excited for you!!!! With that low of a HB I'm definitely guessing its a boy!!! MNgirl - How awesome that we are expecting our 5th and that you have 4 boys and I have 4 girls!! Maybe we will each get the opposite sex this time haha! ;)

mngirl1281 - 14 days ago
LilBean, I thirsty all the time! And it's my 5th pregnancy as well. I have 4 boys. I've been way more tired and exhausted this time too :(. Can't wait for my energy to return

2bBlessedw2 - 14 days ago
Hi ladies! Still at Dr's but wanted to update! We have a HB! 121 and baby is measuring right on schedule! Cyst ruptured so that could be the reason for the spotting. So freaking happy!!!

2bBlessedw2 - 14 days ago
LILBEAN-I've had 12 losses. It's common territory for me unfortunately. :0(. it goes!!!

LiLBean5 - 14 days ago
Hi Bre glad to see a another new face! Congrats on being a 1st time mom!!!

BRE2015 - 14 days ago
Hello all! I have been waiting to get on this site for 5 years and I'm finally here! Expecting my first child. I'm excited but a little nervous because I feel completely normal. First appointment tomorrow morning :)

LiLBean5 - 14 days ago
2B your name looked familiar to me as well. I had my baby girl Nov 1 2012! I always like to look at all the weeks, I get so excited for all the moms! I can't wait to hear your results!! I think they are going to be just fine! :) Sorry about your recent m/c. I have had 2 and they are no fun. :( As all the other moms say...Sticky Dust to you!!

2bBlessedw2 - 14 days ago
Oh, and as for always being hungry, yes I am! In fact I've already gained 2 pounds but not sure if that was from vacation or not! LOL Either way...not too much with food aversions so far...but hoping for some as I do not want to eat the house!

2bBlessedw2 - 14 days ago
LILBEAN-I believe I remember you! My son just turned 19 months. He was born Dec 14, 2012. I was due Jan 2014 tho. In any case...since you have been following then I assume you know that I just had a loss in March and got pregnant again on my first cycle. Took quite awhile for me hcg to get to 0 so that was preventing me from actually trying. In any case...welcome back! I am headed to my u/s in a couple hours! EEEK! Thank you for the prayers!

LiLBean5 - 14 days ago
Luv and 2b I am praying that all goes well with both of you! I am 6weeks as of Saturday. I will be keeping up with all of you though. I have following you all but couldn't access my profile so I had to make a new one. I used to be on here a couple years ago for our 4th daughter! I was LiLBean4. I am excited to say that I am now expecting #5!! Is anyone extremely hungry?! I can't seem to stop being hungry and thirsty! I have never been like this with my other 4 pregnancies! My tummy actually hurts I am so hungry!

2bBlessedw2 - 14 days ago
Thank you ladies!!!! I'll post my update in the 7 week page as that's where I should actually be today. However, this site doesn't move me there till tomorrow!

luvmykiddos - 14 days ago
Big day 2b! Good luck!

brandyleigh - 15 days ago
2b good luck tomorrow!!!!

2bBlessedw2 - 15 days ago
LUV-my u/s is at 1:30 and appointment immediately after. So, no...not in the am but I promise not to punish! Lol. We are suppose to have some severe weather so it better not be cancelled!!!!

luvmykiddos - 15 days ago
I hear ya on the pain meds! The narcotics are what had me puking the first time. For the next two I only did Tylenol and Motrin and was fine. The docs and nurses were always so shocked when I refused the other stuff and kept trying to push it on me. I kept refusing though cuz I remembered how sick it made me. Please tell e your appt is in the morning Tuesday and you're not gonna make us wait all day... ;) I had tried posting sooner for you guys but didn't realize they weren't showing... Don't punish me and make me wait in return! Lol!

2bBlessedw2 - 15 days ago
LUV-I was cut open when I was 12 when I got my appendix out so that was the first time I realized how much we use our stomach muscles just to stand. Then the c-section. That was brutal cuz all I can take is ibuprofen for pain. I'm allergic to all opioids. Those are the only things that work for pain tho. With me, I get extremely itchy and I that is what scares me most...not being able to manage the pain. I imagine stitches down there hurt like hell too so either way, I'm screwed. Lol. My son was born a month early but his head was measuring at 42 weeks! I'm not sure he would of made it out of my pelvis anyway. Oh well, it's out of my control anyway...but whatever way gets baby here safely is fine w me!

luvmykiddos - 16 days ago
Ha! I'm the opposite! I can't imagine stitches down there! OWWW! All three of my boys were c-sections, and don't worry 2b- each recovery was way better. Wanted to die after the first one (plus they were overdosing me on pain meds so I was dog sick), second was a lot better, and third was a breeze. I was vacuuming five days later (vacuuming was always the hardest most unexpected painful thing to do- who knew you used so many tummy muscles to vacuum?). So if this one ends up being a c sec, don't stress too much... Hopefully the trend continues and number four is a piece of cake... No worries about another c sec here. Looking forward to it :)

brandyleigh - 16 days ago
2b stitches definitely aren't fun but I would rather have them than be cut open!

2bBlessedw2 - 16 days ago
Brandy-I only used it for a week but I wasn't spotting. It is a bit chalky but I'd rather have that than globs of rubbery brown stuff coming out! (Crinone) Should be white but the spotting is making it brown. That's a lot of stitches! Ouch! My first was only 2 pounds and I had abrasions but no tearing. My second was an emergency c-sec and he was breech. So I had 25 staples across my stomach. Not sure where it's better to be sewn up but I don't think I want to be cut open again.

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