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You are 7 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

This week your baby has an amazing growth spurt. At the beginning of this week, your baby is approximately 4 to 5 mm and by the end of the week it has more than doubled to 11 to 13 mm! Your baby weighs approximately 0.03 ounces. Most women are ready for the world to know they are pregnant. Whenever you are ready to spread the news with your friends and family, consider the many unique and creative ways of doing so to make this a special time in your life! Even though you have not changed very much yet, it will come soon! You might have gained a small amount of weight by now, but it should only be a couple of pounds at this time. It is not unusual to lose a few pounds or remain the same though. Internally, cervical mucus is thickening and will form a plug in the cervical canal. The plug seals your cervix throughout the pregnancy and it will be expelled prior to delivery when your cervix begins to dilate.

Within your developing baby, leg and arm buds are longer now and they have divided into segments where the hands and feet will be. The hands and feet also have an area where the fingers and toes will begin to form. At this point of your pregnancy, the heart is bulging from the body and it has divided into right and left chambers. The hemispheres of the brain are continuing to grow and the air passages into the lungs are visible. The eyes are beginning to get pigment at this time as well. The nose is developing and the beginning of the face can be seen. Likewise, the abdomen is developing quickly and the appendix and pancreas are already present. As the digestive tract is beginning to form, the hindgut is present. The shape of the tail can still be seen, but it will fade in 3 or 4 weeks.

Even pregnant women get sick occasionally. You should not take any medications during pregnancy unless your doctor has approved them first. If a problem does not resolve or you need medication, your caregiver can give you advice on relief options that are safe during pregnancy. Take good care of yourself by eating nutritious foods, exercising lightly, drinking extra water and getting an adequate amount of rest.

Mood swings can be a pain in pregnancy. It could be hormones, or a touch of anxiety at the idea of all the coming responsibility.

Limb buds are growing quickly, and they actually look more like arms and legs, with small separations which will become toes and fingers.

Embryo hand development in week 7

Hands are developing at an amazing speed this week! Day 48

And this is the hand only 3 days later

Embryo foot development in week 7 & 8

The feet are developing at an amazing speed as well. (Day 51)

And this is the foot in week 8 (Day 60)

See also:

Fitness During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness

Weight Gain

Comments on week 7

Comments 1-49 of about 1107 from week 7
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Martin515 - 1 days ago
Hi everyone! Had my first ultrasound today. Measured only 6 wks 2 days with HR 110. Worried me a little since I'm 7+ wks, but I know the measurements can change quickly. Glad to see the heartbeat though, makes it a little more real since I have no symptoms. Hoping everything goes smoothly from here on.

red22 - 4 days ago
Hello week 7 yay! seems like this pregnancy is flying by and I dont even feel pregnant. With my first I was always feeling sick. Got a ultrasound in two weeks pretty excited.

joytotheworld - 13 days ago
Feeling so pregnant. Ugh nausea go away!! Lol how is everyone else doing - 14 days ago
Flybear, I moved over to eight weeks on Wednesday. It's quiet on that week too. After a few days of feeling ok morning sickness has returned. I threw up this morning and have had waves of nausea ever since. On a good note, I had another doc appt on Wednesday and I got a quick scan. Everything looks good and the baby has definitely gotten bigger since the last time I saw him/her in week 5. How are you feeling though? Are you having any symptoms?

flybear - 14 days ago
It's so quiet in here. How is everyone? Feeling pregnant yet? I am dying for my first ultrasound, which isnt for 2 more weeks...

flybear - 17 days ago
Any word baby buka?

flybear - 18 days ago
Well hopefully it's just a repeat of last time. Let us know what they say tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

babybuka - 19 days ago
I had a little bleeding with my daughter and I was basically told to stay relaxed for 12 weeks.

flybear - 20 days ago
Well hopefully, if it was just a little bleeding, everything is ok. Has that happened to you before with the other two?

dnmcfarland01 - 20 days ago
I'm glad the bleeding stopped. I had a scare like that when I was pregnant with my youngest child. Try to take it easy and relax as much as possible.

babybuka - 20 days ago
Thanks for the concern ladies :) yes the bleeding has stopped and hopefully it stays that way. I'm still going to the dr on monday to get checked out because my next appointment isn't unail Dec 30 and I need to make sure the baby and I are ok. I have a negative blood type too so I need to see if I need to get a shot since I was bleeding.

flybear - 20 days ago
Oh no babybuka. Did it stop?

dnmcfarland01 - 20 days ago
Babybuka, I'm praying everything is well with the pregnancy! Did the bleeding end up stopping?

babybuka - 21 days ago
Hey everyone....I'm 7 weeks today and had some bleeding yesterday and a little last night. My Dr's office is closed but I talked to the dr on call and he said to come in on Monday to get checked out. I just had an ultrasound on Wednesday and everything was perfect. :(

Naomi88 - 23 days ago
I'm 7w3days with my third (first with my fiancé and I) we are excited! Due July 12 :) hoping for a girl, but will be happy with a healthy baby!

MamaSantos8 - 29 days ago
Ugh jewjew I understand that feeling! yesterday was the first day I have felt ok in two weeks. I hope it lasts. I hope you feel better. I have a non napping 3 year old so I am exhausted with ya!

jewjew - 30 days ago
ive never felt so crappy - i feel sick, am constipated, dizzy and basically knackered but cant relax as have a 13 month old, - i have only told two people gonna tell more later on - not even told my 16 year old yet ekk

MamaSantos8 - 31 days ago
First day in Week 7!

christina76900 - 35 days ago
I just had an ultrasound so looks like I'm going back to 7 weeks they said I'm 7 weeks 4 days the heartbeat was 147 they also said I have a small bleed in the placenta anyone ever had this

ceristat - 37 days ago
Loralb- I feel ur pain! 3rd babs for me too and by evening I look about 4/5 mth. Nauseous all day now, only started this week. Seems to be when tired...

HopingforaGirl35 - 38 days ago
7 weeks + 3 - Morning sickness has set in and I feel terrible every morning until I eat and even then I still feel nauseous throughout the day.. First app. with my Private Ob. next Tue. 18th..

movnadia - 39 days ago
Hi Loralb I too look very far along but when I am laying on my back its all flat... I was wondering if I had twins also but my scan showed just one baby lol. Good news for me is I finally am able to get prenatal vitamins without being sick. I take elevit in combination with the morning sickness elevit pills. Hoping these will keep on working for me and this baby should come out on a normal size hopefully. This is my third baby also I got 2 girls

loralb - 39 days ago
I'm back and pregnant with my third. Anyone else look 5 months along already? I have such a short torso and am so bloated, I look pregnant already! Wondering if it's twins, though that is not at all likely for me.

christina76900 - 41 days ago
Off to week 8 tomorrow :)

christina76900 - 45 days ago
Hello ladies I'm 7 weeks 1 day had to make a new username because it would not let me log in

patiently waiting - 46 days ago
Congrats Doda!is this your first baby?

Doda - 47 days ago
found out I am due June 14th :) My birthday is on the 18th so maybe I'll get a special birthday gift this year!

hettyjossy - 48 days ago
Hello mommies so happy to be back here after so long. Had my DD last year and have been TTC since Feb this year, finally I took in sept!!! So excited wish us all a smooth ride in our Pregnancies..:)

honeymoon-surprise - 58 days ago
Hi Tabby, I had Gall tones with my first pregnancy actually got worse after baby was born and I endedup having it removed after the baby was born. Gall stone pain is another pain all together and I really feel for you! Hope they're not giving you too much trouble!

Doda - 60 days ago
Until my ultrasound next week I'm guessing I am 7 weeks along! Congrats fellow mommas... this is baby number 4 for me! I used this site with my last pregnancy and have made some really good friends that I still keep in touch with - my daughter is almost 3 years old now! I hope to meet some amazing mommies this time around, we are in for one fun ride! Good luck to all :)

tabby607 - 61 days ago
Have any of you had gallstones while pregnant?

Amanda0510 - 63 days ago
1st day in week 7! Hoping everyone is doing well :)

emmyjoe - 65 days ago
Welcome janbaby09! Im SO happy for you! :) how exciting!

janbaby09 - 65 days ago
Hello ladies! It's been a while. I used this site 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. After trying for 5 years we're finally here, with one the Dr's are optimistic will stay put. I am certainly going through symptoms I don't remember with my daughter. My breasts hurt a lot, headaches (which finally eased up but I can feel one creeping up after a week of none). I am hoping I don't get hg with this pregnancy like I did with my daughter. Hope everyone is doing well!

deutschbaby1 - 70 days ago
@beanalena, yes, I'm sorry. I forgot to mention that it does constipate you =/ I've been taking stool softeners when I can remember... My morning sickness lasted until 13 weeks with my last pregnancy. Many people say that it ends when your 2nd trimester begins but it actually went a week or so into my 2nd trimester before I was starting to feel normal again. So sorry that you're so miserable! I also consider myself a pretty miserable prego girl. I'm totally the type that wants sympathy and special treatment from everyone, and I tend to whine. Happy-go-lucky prego girls who gain weight solely in their belly make me so jealous. I had the largest calves and ankles during my last pregnancy. I just looked bloated everywhere. LOL!

beanaleena - 72 days ago
@deuts thank you. Just got the script, helped minimum! Now, tons of saliva, can't poop and throwing up! I know this is a girl, I ve been like this b4! It'll pass, just a phase! So for now I sit on the couch sucking on ice chips, blowing kisses to my 2 year old son! I am not a happy preggers! How long does yours 'morning sickness' usually last?

deutschbaby1 - 72 days ago
@beenalena, I've been taking a prescription of Zofran, about 8mg every 12 hours. It works well for me! My previous pregnancy was miserable in the first trimester but I hadn't tried Zofran then... They also make it in tablets that dissolve on your tongue in case you're so nauseous you think you may not keep the tablet down. Check into it. I got 20 tablets for $10 (I have mediocre health insurance).

beanaleena - 75 days ago
Hello beautiful,tired, sick preggos!!!! Here I am round 4! Morning sickness in full swing! I dislike the first trimester!!!!!! Congrats to the mommy who had been trying for 8 years! Xo! How is everyone feeling? Any tricks that I haven't tried for morning sickness aka all day all night stand up lay Dow. Sickness????? - 85 days ago
My husband and I have been married for 8 1/2 years and have been trying since day 1 to have a child. We're finally expecting! What a miracle! We got to see and hear our baby's heartbeat yesterday... My doctor also discovered a second gestational sac right next to the first, but could not determine a yolk sac just yet. A hidden twin? I guess we'll know more at my next ultrasound in 10 days!

mamaford77 - 98 days ago
Kristina, that would make me crazy! I've been very lucky to have had two ultrasounds already because I'm high risk. I've been transferred officially to the high risk specialist and have my first appt with him next week, sept 17. I'm not quite sure what to expect yet.

KristinaA - 98 days ago
Sept 29 cannot come fast enough. That's when I have my first u/s. Since my first appt where they did blook work, apparently something was not good and now I'm on progesterone until week 12. I didn't get to talk to anyone at my Dr's office, so I don't even know why.

klawest2 - 107 days ago
I created a Facebook group for all IAP mamas who are due in 2015 :) search 'IAP 2015' and request to be added! I was a part of the IAP 2012 Facebook group and still keep up with lots of the mamas I met there!

babylove5 - 112 days ago
Holz I hope it's not a miscarriage. I hope you are doing ok and the cysts aren't a issue.

sher-baby - 112 days ago
I'm sorry Holz!!! But mandykat is right!! You just might be off to a slow start but you still have a baby inside you and FX that it stays there!!

sher-baby - 112 days ago
So my Doppler came in today..what do u think the odds are that Icould pick up a heartbeat at this point?? I know it really rearly but do u think it's possible considering the dr.'s got a heartbeat almost 2 weeks ago on the u/s?? What do u think?

mandykat760 - 112 days ago
Supama,I feel ya!

mandykat760 - 112 days ago
Holz, I'm sorry for the scary news. Being so early it's had to have any positive ultrasounds. The positive news is you HAVENT miscarried! That means you still have a chance. I lost my first pregnacy and with my second they were also super careful with me. Which means I had early ultrasounds and hcg pulls. It scared the shit out of me because nothin was ever good news but I never lost her. Have some faith and try to not stress.

holz8519 - 112 days ago
So my BHCG was 14,462. I have multiple cysts on my right ovary one appearing to be a teratoma/dermoid and a few follicles on my partial left ovary. The gestational sac is now measuring 17.7 mm with a yolk sac visible measuring me at 6 w 5 day but still no definite fetal pole. I was measuring 6w1d a week ago I should be 7w4d so looks like things are definitely not progressing the way they should. although they concluded its should still be considered an early intrauterine gestation versus nonviable pregnancy. I've mentally prepaird myself that this pregnancy is not going to result in a baby. :( I have to go tomorrow for my second beta-hCG which im sure will only confirm what I believe. They also want me to go for a followup ultrasound examination. but IDK if I miscarry within the next week if they will still send me for that due to the cysts on my ovary.

shellybelly81 - 112 days ago
i had my doctor appt last weds, i was excited they ended doing an ultrasound :) so i thought i was due april 8 they changed it to April 14, baby was measuring smaller, 6 weeks 1 day. i saw the heart beating and he said everything looked good! so I'm over 7 weeks now and feeling queasy and thankfully my fiance is helping so much because I've been exhausted. i go back Sept 4, looking forward to hearing the heart beat soon!

holz8519 - 112 days ago
So i went for my ultrasound. During the abdominal part the tech turned the screen to me to show me a little flicker she said was cardiac activity. I could hardly see what she was pointing out but I could see there was still a gestational sac and yolk sac They then did transvaginal ultrasound because of my retroverted uterus. They did not turn the screen back towards me and did not give me an updated due date or anything just did measurements and said the doctor will call me with the results. So not looking good. :( Guess I wont know anything for sure till the doctor calls but this will be our 4th miscarriage if things have not progressed.

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