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You are 7 weeks pregnant.

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This week your baby has an amazing growth spurt. At the beginning of this week, your baby is approximately 4 to 5 mm and by the end of the week it has more than doubled to 11 to 13 mm! Your baby weighs approximately 0.03 ounces. Most women are ready for the world to know they are pregnant. Whenever you are ready to spread the news with your friends and family, consider the many unique and creative ways of doing so to make this a special time in your life! Even though you have not changed very much yet, it will come soon! You might have gained a small amount of weight by now, but it should only be a couple of pounds at this time. It is not unusual to lose a few pounds or remain the same though. Internally, cervical mucus is thickening and will form a plug in the cervical canal. The plug seals your cervix throughout the pregnancy and it will be expelled prior to delivery when your cervix begins to dilate.

Within your developing baby, leg and arm buds are longer now and they have divided into segments where the hands and feet will be. The hands and feet also have an area where the fingers and toes will begin to form. At this point of your pregnancy, the heart is bulging from the body and it has divided into right and left chambers. The hemispheres of the brain are continuing to grow and the air passages into the lungs are visible. The eyes are beginning to get pigment at this time as well. The nose is developing and the beginning of the face can be seen. Likewise, the abdomen is developing quickly and the appendix and pancreas are already present. As the digestive tract is beginning to form, the hindgut is present. The shape of the tail can still be seen, but it will fade in 3 or 4 weeks.

Even pregnant women get sick occasionally. You should not take any medications during pregnancy unless your doctor has approved them first. If a problem does not resolve or you need medication, your caregiver can give you advice on relief options that are safe during pregnancy. Take good care of yourself by eating nutritious foods, exercising lightly, drinking extra water and getting an adequate amount of rest.

Mood swings can be a pain in pregnancy. It could be hormones, or a touch of anxiety at the idea of all the coming responsibility.

Limb buds are growing quickly, and they actually look more like arms and legs, with small separations which will become toes and fingers.

Embryo hand development in week 7

Hands are developing at an amazing speed this week! Day 48

And this is the hand only 3 days later

Embryo foot development in week 7 & 8

The feet are developing at an amazing speed as well. (Day 51)

And this is the foot in week 8 (Day 60)

See also:

Fitness During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness

Weight Gain

Comments on week 7

Comments 1-49 of about 1245 from week 7
7 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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goingcrazywithfourth - 13.6 hours ago
And thanks for the well wishes on the appt. it's nerve wrecking to wait. I'm seriously trying not to think about it but it's hard!

goingcrazywithfourth - 13.6 hours ago
I have an 8 year old some, 6 year old son and 3 year old girl. I would be happy for a heathy baby but hoping a girl so my daughter can have a sister too. Although the age difference I'm not sure if they will be close until later? My sister and I have the same difference as my oldest son will have with this baby and growing up we fought like cats and dogs lol but now we are super close. If it's a boy it's ok too.

kentsmommy - 15.7 hours ago
Goingcrazy - I have a 6 yr old boy, 3 yr old girl and a 15 month old boy. I'm hoping for a little girl this time for my 3 yr old. She'd be so excited with a baby sister. How old are yours? I'll be thinking of you guys over the next few days. I hope your apptments go well!!!

goingcrazywithfourth - 20.5 hours ago
Thanks Angelfree! Same with you tomorrow!

angelfree77 - 23 hours ago
kentsmommy, it's nice to hear that I have a neighbor in here! I'm glad to hear your u/s went well! goingcrazywithfourth, I'll be thinking of you on Friday!

angelfree77 - 23.1 hours ago
Good morning, ladies! I have been snacking on yogurt, fruit, and bread. I have not been able to eat crackers because I physically became ill after eating them one time, which stinks because they are an easy 'go to' food. I am very hungry at night too. That's when I sneak downstairs at 3am for some bread. Just plain bread. Smaller snacks are definitely easier to tolerate than whole meals. I go tomorrow for my first doctor appointment. Since I lost my last baby to a miscarriage, this will be my first appointment. I have no idea what to expect and I'm both excited and scared at the same time.

goingcrazywithfourth - 1 days ago
Going in for a u/s on Friday. I went in 2 weeks ago and had an empty sac which is common for that gest age. Anyways I had to pay $250 for that and my ob was expecting me to pay another $250 for this one! Heck no! I canceled my appt and booked my regular 12 week scan. They just called me and said they will do it for freeeeeee. Yay! So kind of nervous about a blighted ovum but trying not to think about it otherwise I will be going crazy for the next few days lol

goingcrazywithfourth - 2 days ago
I'm finding a lot of things too sweet too. It's crazy! Granola bar sounds good though. I should try that. I haven't told my little ones yet although my oldest has been asking for another little sister so I know he will be happy. I am worried my daughter won't be too thrilled. She is the baby and the only girl. My husband is still in disbelief. This was definitely an oopsie baby but he is overall happy. How old are your kids Kentsmommy?

kentsmommy - 2 days ago
I wish I could eat salad! For some reason the smell of lettuce is turning my stomach. Ugh! In the evening I was snacking on yogurt but it tastes too sugary for me now. Crazy how your taste changes during pregnancy. I seem to be okay with granola bars though. I'll be sick of them in no time! LOL! On a side note, I told my other 3 little ones today that there's a baby in mommy's belly. They are so excited! DH is still a bit crabby about it but he'll come around:)

goingcrazywithfourth - 2 days ago
Kent and Angel so glad I'm not the only one. Kind of reassuring. It's so hard to pick something to eat for dinner or restaurants. Usually I go with salads. That seems to be the one that doesn't leave me feeling nauseous and it's light too! I find myself getting super hungry at night too. I need better snacks. What do you all snack on? So far I have cheese and crackers. My kids devour the fruit I buy so I rarely get to snack on those at night.

kentsmommy - 2 days ago
I have the same food thing going on... hungry but nothing sounds good. I seem to have slight morning, afternoon and evening sickness. Not unmanageable but still, I don't feel like doing much ever.

kentsmommy - 2 days ago
Hi everyone! I'm so excited to see activity on here! There seemed to be no one on here during my last pregnancy. Angelfree - I'm in PA too!!! We're neighbors:) Well, I had my u/s today. Baby bean is measuring 7 weeks and the tiny little heart is beating at 131 beats per minute. Such a sweet little miracle!

angelfree77 - 2 days ago
goingcrazywithfourth, that's exactly how my experience with food has been too. I didn't realize eating would be so difficult. Everything seems gross. My symptoms eased up during week 8, so I was able to eat a little more, but are back in full force for week 9.

goingcrazywithfourth - 3 days ago
Yay week 7! It's funny how it feels time slows down while preggo. So food ya it's hard to find something to eat. I really don't have cravings yet and sometimes something sounds good but as soon as I eat it I can't. It's just gross. I tried the omelet too and I couldn't stomach it.

angelfree77 - 3 days ago
JDH, thanks for the suggestions! I have been grazing to try to keep nutrients going to the baby. I am starting to have cravings too, which help. The other night it was 2 bowls of Cookie Crisp for dinner lol. I am taking the approach of following what my body is craving even if it isn't the most nutrient foods (like pizza). I figure it is better to eat than to not. Last week, my dh and I went on a trip with his cousins. Eating out was very challenging because the foods in Georgia are very different than in PA, which made it very hard to find something to order. One time, I order an egg and spinach omelette (healthy right?). I couldn't eat it, so my dh let me eat his meal instead (waffles with fried chicken on top), while he went hungry.

june2012 - 5 days ago
JDH it's true, with all the pregnancy symptoms you just can't do nothing much sometimes... But wait for better health- probably 2nd trimester

june2012 - 5 days ago
Am just staying here in bed... Am glad am not going to work today. The horrible taste in my mouth won't let me be, plus excess salivating- I even had to get a spitting cup. I went through the exact thing with my 1st pregnancy few years ago. Op all this ends soon.

JDH - 8 days ago
Angelfree- I've been finding cooked salty noodles have been tasting pretty good. Along with mashed potatoes. Just a couple ideas. Sometimes, I make myself eat one strawberry at a time too. Just so I'm not eating too much but not getting super hungry and making things worse. June-I absolutely can not wait to reach the second trimester! I get so anxious about planning everything, telling people, and just bogged down with symptoms it's hard to do anything else.

june2012 - 8 days ago
Got to week7 yesterday... Feels good to see the weeks fly by and I hope time continues to fly by very fast. My nausea is horrible... Plus I get to feel so sleepy while at work.. I just want to done with 1st Trimester already... I am exhausted...

angelfree77 - 9 days ago
I have been eating a lot less too. I didn't realize that eating during the first trimester would be so tricky. It's like I'm hungry, but nothing (at all) seems appetizing. The thought of food repulses me, yet I'm starving. Hoping for some cravings soon.

kentsmommy - 10 days ago
Hello JDH - I'm in the same boat as you. I only had one period since my son was born 15 months ago. This is baby #4 for us. I'm excited but feeling a bit overwhelmed as I was completely sure that we were done with kids after the third. I just took the test today so I'm still trying to get used to the idea of being pregnant again! Good luck to you. I'm guessing that I'm around 7 weeks just based on how long I've had symptoms that I was blaming on PMS. I'll be setting up an appt ASAP; I'm hoping for an U/S as well so that I can date this baby a bit more accurately.

JDH - 13 days ago
I get rounds of cramping, bloated and have been eating a lot less. All of those are signs for me. I'm very excited about my appointment Monday though. Hoping for an ultrasound so I can actually date it. I never had a period after my daughter was born 11 months ago so I'm not sure on my due date.

angelfree77 - 15 days ago
This is my first pregnancy after a miscarriage 8 years ago. I am so nervous and reading every sign...sometimes psyching myself out. What signs are you all looking for that help you know things are going okay in week 7?

JDH - 18 days ago
My oldest boy just had the stomach flu Thursday and tonight, my second boy got sick in his bed! I could hardly handle it the first time, so my huband is graciously taking over tonight. I hate first trimesters!

justthebaker - 21 days ago
I had an ultrasound on Monday morning. One sweet little bean in there. Heart beat was 146. Baby was measuring a couple of days behind, (we know exact dates because this baby was conceived by IVF - it's not mine, I'm a surrogate). But they said at this point we're talking about a fraction of a millimetre, so they're not the least concerned. Moving to week 8 tomorrow!

JDH - 22 days ago
Jelly belly, I feel like we were on here around the same time for one of my pregnancies??

jellybellybean3 - 22 days ago
Yay! Nice to have some action in here! This is baby 3 for me too. How are you guys feeling?? I'm having a rough go this time.. Perma-flu over here. It's a positive sign I guess, but it sure makes functioning hard haha.

JDH - 22 days ago
I was on here just last year and there were a lot more people! I suppose with Facebook less people use sites like this. Too bad. Made my first appointment for the 20th!! I will finally find out how far along I am!

MamaEarth972 - 22 days ago
Hi JustTheBaker! I too was on this site in 2010 with my first son and it was so crowded! I couldn't catch up with the comments ! Well Here I am with baby #3 hopefully we get More traffic !

JustTheBaker - 23 days ago
Jellybellybean, I am here :)

jellybellybean3 - 25 days ago
anyone here and lurking?! I used this site with my daughter in 2011 and it was sooooo active.. it's looking more like a ghost town now, lol. I could use some pregnant mamma friends.. I'm dying to discuss how crappy and fat we all feel and all the other ups/downs. My husband isn't exactly loving the girl talk I'm spouting his way ;)

JustTheBaker - 27 days ago
It does seem like this site has pretty well died away since my last baby. Too bad, I made lots of friends here with my son in 2010, and a bunch more with my daughter in 2012 that I am still in contact with. I'm sad to see that the site isn't buzzing with people anymore.

February2016 - 32 days ago
Last time I was Pregnant was in 2010. This one a surprise thats for sure! Lol. I am 28. This is a different Dad from the first kid. This is my boyfriend's first baby. He is super excited. I've been nauseous/vomiting for weeks already. But not as bad as it was with my daughter. There's not that many people at week 7 yet. I guess they just don't know. or has this site died???

ladylinksbaby - 36 days ago
Ive been feeling so sick. I was never like like this with my other 2 kids. Absolutely no energy and nauseous all day.

aingram5382 - 41 days ago
Hi ladies. Any one have spotting issues. This is our 4th and I've never spotted with any of them before. We are out of town on vaca and I've started spotting. At first it was brown but now is a very light pink. Not enough to hit the undies or need a pad, but, I'm concerned being so far from home. Haven't been to the dr yet, as we just found out a few days ago. I've been super duper nauseous tho, like round the clock, so I guess that's a good thing lol. Just nervous

littlemamadit - 77 days ago
well, i lost my last baby at i stayed off this site because of the pain. then i am pregnant again, so i am back for the emotional help!

weber3 - 89 days ago
Poor me. The other day at work I brought bread and peanut butter to make toast for supper and I forgot the pb and had to eat dry toast. Then today I ate in the car and when I braked my second piece of toast went flying so I am starving. Only happens when I am preggo and need the food lol. I am finally feeling a bit of pressure and urge to pee so i feel like a pregnant woman finally. Hope these are good signs.

weber3 - 89 days ago
@amy I can't say I have ever had that with my feet. Maybe rolling your feet over a can or tennis ball would help or standing at a wall and going up and down on your toes? Google mau have some answers for you too. I am sure others have had the same problem. Foe me exercise seems to be the answer to all my physical problems.

weber3 - 89 days ago
@aussiemom I totally get your rant and it happens at our house too. Only thing right now he doesn't have a job at the moment and I get so mad when I have one day off finally and he has to take off with the car. Does he not think I may have errands to do after working 12 days straight??? He loves to go and his famous last words are I'll be back. That's what I say when I run downstairs to do the laundry not when I go out for 12 hours.

amy110 - 89 days ago
Thanks Weber, it sure is good to be here. I agree - the first trimester seems endless! Aussie, I know how you feel. DH and I have opposite schedules so one of us is home with the kiddos. Last Saturday he actually had the day off and went golfing with buddies early in the morning. He didn't come home until 9:30 p.m. that night. Wasn't pleased, haha. He is throwing me a 40th birthday party tomorrow night, which is super sweet. Cocktails and appetizers at a nice restaurant, planned before we found out about little babe. This should be interesting, because only a few close girlfriends know about baby, and everyone will probably guess because I won't be having cocktails haha. NotSure - cereal was one of the only consistencies in all my pregnancies as one of the only things I would be interested in easting. Anyone have crazy strong Charlie horse-type cramping in the bottom of their foot/feet? I've had this with all my pregnancies. Anyone know how to get rid of them? They can get crippling sometimes. I've heard people say that it could be from a lack of potassium, but I don't think I'm deficient here. Sometimes it lasts for almost an hour, and is crazy severe :/

EmbracingNumber2 - 90 days ago
Ok. So still extremely exhausted and nauseous most of the time. More so because I am not a big eater. Strawberries, lemon ginger tea, ginger ale, and grapes make up a huge part of my diet. Lol. Oh and honey nut Chex mix. I get hungry for something specific but when I actually get it I don't want it anymore. That's irritating. Seeing Ob on May11th. This will be my last mother's day with just one. Im excited/afraid of the possibility of twins. GOD knows better than me so I'm trusting

aussiemum86 - 90 days ago
My dh is really pissing me off at the moment. He works all week and come the weekend he goes fishing i swear its like every weekend i would near faint if he ever organised to take me out.. sounds like im being selfish and he works hard and is a great dad to our kids but i feel like he never wants to do anything with me anymore. I feel like all i do is look after kids i know that sounds silly he is a good man just over him lately. Sorry for the rant needed to get if off my chest. I just at feel very isolated at the moment most of my good mates have moved to a different town and the others are just busy with everyday life work kids sporting commitments .. blah is about how i feel at the moment. Enough of negative nancy here how is everyone else going?

weber3 - 91 days ago
I am still reasonably symptom free. Occasional nausea. Sore bb's is my only symptom. The first trimester seems endless.

weber3 - 91 days ago
@amy good to see you in week 7. Been thinking about you and wondering how things are going.

amy110 - 92 days ago
Hi glad to be in week 7. Hope everyone is doing well. First appointment is not until May 19th, which seems an eternity from now. No sickness at all right now, which actually worries me a little, just like you McKenzie. Pookalou, I am also a little older than you (just turned 40 yesterday, yikes! ;) and am expecting our third. We are super excited and scared until we have our first appointment and see all is well. Hang in there - like you said, you will have a change in heart once you meet your little one :) I feel like I show very obviously right now, although I haven't gained any weight. Should be interesting - my husband is throwing a nice 40th birthday party for me this Saturday at a nice restaurant downtown - cocktails and hors-d'oeurvres. We haven't told anyone yet - avoiding cocktails without raising suspicion should be interesting!

Mckenzie3 - 92 days ago
This will be number 3 for me (8th pregnancy) and I'm feeling pretty good. I don't usually get ms which is a bitter/sweet thing. Nice not to be sick, but constantly unsure if things are progressing the way they should be. Weber3, I feel like I'm like you in that my belly feels huge by the end of the day. I too, haven't had to get up multiple times throughout the night to use the bathroom and have been wondering when that will start. I've already started wearing maternity clothes because it's just more comfortable. My ultrasound is scheduled for May 4, and I just can't wait!!! I know it will only bring temporary relief to see our little one's heartbeat, but I'll take each little victory as they come!

weber3 - 92 days ago
@pookalou sorry you are so miserable. I am older than you but happy and feel young. The thought of two would be overwhelming to me for sure. I feel really good nausea isn't too bad but I am bloating so horribly much.

pookalou - 93 days ago
My story - 38 yrs old. Expecting child number 3, ( 5th pregnancy) this one was a total shock. I am walking proof that 99.9% on birth control methods do not always work. I bawled my eyes out when I found out was expecting again. My DH asked if I was gonna have postpartum ...I replied what does it matter because I have prepartum. TMI warning: I am sick as a dog, so much so that had to be seen by doctor for streaks of blood in my vomit. Plus I and my two kids (5 & 2) all caught head colds. I am getting fixed after this one and DH is getting snipped. I am gaining weight despite the morning sickness, my uterus can already be felt.....worried there might be more than one bun in the oven. I get to see my ob on May 7, and ultrasound not scheduled yet. I know by time the baby is here I will feel differently but right now I am miserable, sick, feeling to stinking old, and just plain blah. I know there are a lot of excited mommies out there....anyone else in a similar boat as me?

aussiemum86 - 94 days ago
I wish the 12th of may would hurry up i just wanna see bub on the us

weber3 - 94 days ago
@aussiemom I think we are just too busy and sleep too soundly because we are wiped out to feel the urge to pee lol. And I am sure I am retaining water like crazy. My belly is HUGE by bedtime and in the morning it's much smaller. I just must fill up with water so I just don't need to go till morning.

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