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You are 7 weeks pregnant.

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This week your baby has an amazing growth spurt. At the beginning of this week, your baby is approximately 4 to 5 mm and by the end of the week it has more than doubled to 11 to 13 mm! Your baby weighs approximately 0.03 ounces. Most women are ready for the world to know they are pregnant. Whenever you are ready to spread the news with your friends and family, consider the many unique and creative ways of doing so to make this a special time in your life! Even though you have not changed very much yet, it will come soon! You might have gained a small amount of weight by now, but it should only be a couple of pounds at this time. It is not unusual to lose a few pounds or remain the same though. Internally, cervical mucus is thickening and will form a plug in the cervical canal. The plug seals your cervix throughout the pregnancy and it will be expelled prior to delivery when your cervix begins to dilate.

Within your developing baby, leg and arm buds are longer now and they have divided into segments where the hands and feet will be. The hands and feet also have an area where the fingers and toes will begin to form. At this point of your pregnancy, the heart is bulging from the body and it has divided into right and left chambers. The hemispheres of the brain are continuing to grow and the air passages into the lungs are visible. The eyes are beginning to get pigment at this time as well. The nose is developing and the beginning of the face can be seen. Likewise, the abdomen is developing quickly and the appendix and pancreas are already present. As the digestive tract is beginning to form, the hindgut is present. The shape of the tail can still be seen, but it will fade in 3 or 4 weeks.

Even pregnant women get sick occasionally. You should not take any medications during pregnancy unless your doctor has approved them first. If a problem does not resolve or you need medication, your caregiver can give you advice on relief options that are safe during pregnancy. Take good care of yourself by eating nutritious foods, exercising lightly, drinking extra water and getting an adequate amount of rest.

Mood swings can be a pain in pregnancy. It could be hormones, or a touch of anxiety at the idea of all the coming responsibility.

Limb buds are growing quickly, and they actually look more like arms and legs, with small separations which will become toes and fingers.

Embryo hand development in week 7

Hands are developing at an amazing speed this week! Day 48

And this is the hand only 3 days later

Embryo foot development in week 7 & 8

The feet are developing at an amazing speed as well. (Day 51)

And this is the foot in week 8 (Day 60)

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Fitness During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness

Weight Gain

Comments on week 7

Comments 1-36 of about 36 from week 7
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larisa929 - 18 days ago
Thanks g7! 😊

g7 - 19 days ago
Sorry Larisa and blessings that you feel bummed about your dates but in the big picture a week is nothing 😉 just so glad that you both had good heartbeats. You could easily have your babes before those in week 8 anyways so don't limit your reading and posting to just your week. I always go several days past my due date anyway so in reality I'm right with you 😋

larisa929 - 19 days ago
I had my sono today and they bumped me back a week. They said I measured exactly 7 weeks. The heart rate was 132! Just bummed I am a week and 4 days less than I thought.

babyblessings - 20 days ago
Well I had my ultrasound yesterday and as I suspected they bumped me back a week. Im 7w6d today! Oh well here's to week 8 again! hope everyone is feeling well.

5thBlessing - 24 days ago
I have my dating ultra sound in 6 days!! Sure does seem like it is taking forever. I am pregnant with my 5th child. I feel like I am really not prepared for this. I broke down yesterday and started crying and blubbering all over my husband. I have been so sick, constantly. This morning thankfully I feel better. am praying it lasts. I can't bear to feel ill =0 I still haven't told my family either. Has everyone else already shared their good news?

Jennish - 24 days ago
I've read before that it takes at least 4 days of taking something that has actual ginger in it (not just artificial ginger flavouring) for it to help with nausea. For example Ginger Ale generally doesn't contain any actual ginger.

larisa929 - 25 days ago
Hi Missnetworks! Congrats on the pregnancy! To me, these next couple of weeks are the hardest. I always felt pretty good after 12 weeks. I get nauseous off and on and always feel hungry. My sono is on Tuesday and I just hope my little bean is measuring accurately.

missnetworks - 25 days ago
Thanks @g7, I bought ginger biscuits yesterday hoping that it would become better. But no, it hasn't improved but I will keep on having ginger biscuits. My breasts have doubled in size.

g7 - 25 days ago
Welcome missnetwok! Pregnancy is not easy for many of us. Keep in mind you are making a human being and that is a pretty big deal and a lot of hard work. When I'm feeling yuck and my husband tries to complain I'm like shut it! when you can grow a human you can say something! Hopefully by week 12 things will get better but that's not a guarantee! How are feeling about the pregnancy?

missnetworks - 26 days ago
Hello everyone, this is my first pregnancy and new to this forum. I ain't coping well, maybe it is because I don't really know what to expect. I have nausea and each and everyday seem to get tougher.

g7 - 26 days ago
Hey this is in response to a post in week six about taking Zofran for nausea and vomiting. Don't do it. There is a law suit out right now because it is now believed that it causes serious birth defects. I'm sure your docs know this by now but just in case you have some left over or something. Healthy babies!!!

Jennish - 27 days ago
That's awesome G7!! :)

larisa929 - 27 days ago
That's so exciting G7! Congrats on the awesome news!

babyblessings - 27 days ago
G7- that is awesome! so glad everything was looking good!!

g7 - 27 days ago
I had my scan today. I cried the whole time. Little bean is perfect. Heart rate 158 and measuring exactly on date. 7 weeks 4 days. My heart just melted!

larisa929 - 28 days ago
Yes I'm very emotional. Anything can make me cry! I forgot with my other pregnancies how hard the first couple of months can be but I am very grateful to experience it again.

g7 - 29 days ago
Nauseous and so tired. All I want to do is sleep. Feeling so emotional about this pregnancy. How will I find the energy to take care of two? But mostly feeling so sad about the thought of a baby taking away from my relationships with my son. I know it is a normal fear but it is so real. Is anyone else getting super emo?

larisa929 - 31 days ago
I feel like I've gained 30 pounds already! All my clothes are tight and my face is fuller! This can't be happening already! Haha I'm always so hungry.... This is not good.

Jennish - 37 days ago
I'm 7w1d and was miserable today. Woke up feeling like crap, had to pull myself together for my kids' swimming lessons and met another friend & her kids there... Ended up giving her 1yo my snack bar that I brought and regretted it later because my empty stomach made my nausea a million times worse!! Oh well, kept her baby happy for a while when he was really over having to wait haha. (Then I came home and slept for like 3 hours and it was glorious, thanks husband!)

Kerjer - 39 days ago
I'm officially 7 weeks today.I've had a lot of nausea in the earlier weeks but today was the first time i actually got sick. I really hope this isn't the start of morning sickness because i am feeling miserable at work right now.

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