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You are 7 weeks pregnant.

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Born & Birth stories

This week your baby has an amazing growth spurt. At the beginning of this week, your baby is approximately 4 to 5 mm and by the end of the week it has more than doubled to 11 to 13 mm! Your baby weighs approximately 0.03 ounces. Most women are ready for the world to know they are pregnant. Whenever you are ready to spread the news with your friends and family, consider the many unique and creative ways of doing so to make this a special time in your life! Even though you have not changed very much yet, it will come soon! You might have gained a small amount of weight by now, but it should only be a couple of pounds at this time. It is not unusual to lose a few pounds or remain the same though. Internally, cervical mucus is thickening and will form a plug in the cervical canal. The plug seals your cervix throughout the pregnancy and it will be expelled prior to delivery when your cervix begins to dilate.

Within your developing baby, leg and arm buds are longer now and they have divided into segments where the hands and feet will be. The hands and feet also have an area where the fingers and toes will begin to form. At this point of your pregnancy, the heart is bulging from the body and it has divided into right and left chambers. The hemispheres of the brain are continuing to grow and the air passages into the lungs are visible. The eyes are beginning to get pigment at this time as well. The nose is developing and the beginning of the face can be seen. Likewise, the abdomen is developing quickly and the appendix and pancreas are already present. As the digestive tract is beginning to form, the hindgut is present. The shape of the tail can still be seen, but it will fade in 3 or 4 weeks.

Even pregnant women get sick occasionally. You should not take any medications during pregnancy unless your doctor has approved them first. If a problem does not resolve or you need medication, your caregiver can give you advice on relief options that are safe during pregnancy. Take good care of yourself by eating nutritious foods, exercising lightly, drinking extra water and getting an adequate amount of rest.

Mood swings can be a pain in pregnancy. It could be hormones, or a touch of anxiety at the idea of all the coming responsibility.

Limb buds are growing quickly, and they actually look more like arms and legs, with small separations which will become toes and fingers.

Embryo hand development in week 7

Hands are developing at an amazing speed this week! Day 48

And this is the hand only 3 days later

Embryo foot development in week 7 & 8

The feet are developing at an amazing speed as well. (Day 51)

And this is the foot in week 8 (Day 60)

See also:

Fitness During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness

Weight Gain

Comments on week 7

Comments 1-49 of about 1051 from week 7
5 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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mandykat760 - 6.9 hours ago
My husband was awesome yesterday, he came home from work made dinner and did the dishes. I was feeling like hell! Still kinda am. :/

emefa - 12.4 hours ago
How are you doing ladies?hav an appointment with my doc this morning,hoping all is going to be fine,lot of nightmares dis days,wake up n cry

sher-baby - 1 days ago
mandykat76 - ya im thinking the same thing!! i went waaayyyy over board with my daughter and spent a fortune on all her stuff. not only did i buy everything brand new BUT everything was name brand or designer (and i am a self-proclaimed label wh**e). This time i'm going to save money off someone elses label addition and buy there designer stuff at a much cheaper price ;-) one item i am a little torn on in the car seats. bucket infant seat or 3 in 1 seat?? i think the bucket seat is super convenient if you just need to pick up something quick and/or cant leave the baby in the car with someone else for a short while, but the 3 in 1 seats just seem soooo much more practical! maybe well get 1 of each...i dont know yet but thankfully we still have time to decide. ive been soo tired i just cant be bothered to cook BUT over the last 3 days all ive wanted was fried food!! bar food (minus the beer) but like wings, onion rings, french fries, deep fried pickles...yyyuuummmmm...OMG! im going to be the size of a house!!!

holz8519 - 1 days ago
DH and I don't care either way as far as boy or girl. In March our Sons will be 2 and 10 then this baby is due April and Our daughter will be 4 in May. We are even considering waiting till delivery to find out the baby's sex but were not completely sure yet. We might find out so we can better prepare our kids. DH and I want one more child and we already had a boy and girl name picked out before we even got pregnant. We're just hoping this pregnancy makes it to term and we have a happy healthy baby to complete our family.

babylove5 - 1 days ago
I have all boy stuff after 3 in a row. I have nothing for a girl. I want this baby to be a boy, so I can start going through all the baby boy clothes and washing them. If it's a girl I am going to make her such a girly girl. All pink, bows, dresses, anything girly! I like the name Sophia or Alyssa for a girl. If its a boy I like Jacob. Well my hubby picked that name for a boy. He wont even discuss girl I am going to get one of those small strollers for just the car seat then sell it and use my chicco stroller when the baby is a year. I don't want a big stroller.

mandykat760 - 1 days ago
This has happened to me for both my pregnancies before. I hate food! I don't want to cook it, smell it, eat it it. I would be happy with drinking ice cold water and eating cold fruit for the rest of my pregnacy. Maybe a lil beef jerky.

mandykat760 - 1 days ago
I sold almost everything baby related earlier this year. This time around I'll buy everything second hand. Maybe not the carseat... I haven't decided. Adding a third baby involves a bit of change when it comes to our sleeping arrangements. My youngest has the crib as a toddler bed currently. We plan on moving her into her sisters room. I'll need to get a new bedroom set for them because if space for two beds. I wish they were old enough for bunk beds but they're just not.

sher-baby - 1 days ago
Good luck ladies! I hope everything turns out ok with your testing! Has anyone been shopping around for car seat(s), strollers, and etc?? I got rid of my daughters stroller a few years again and her car seat expired.

pumpkinfairy - 1 days ago
supama I too am going to the panorama and find out my babys gender, my first appointment is Sept. 4th I will be almost 9 weeks, praying they find a baby and heartbeat, I miscarried at 11 weeks last yr baby stopped growing at 8 weeks, so hoping this little one hangs in there. at my age (almost 45) its pretty scary being pregnant.

supama - 2 days ago
So, doc office called and they want to do a follow-up U/S next week due to my progesterone issues this year + the early miscarriage last winter +my age...eek. i never had so many so early-this havin babies after 35 might throw me for a loop. Last week baby's heartrate was only 111, so hoping its higher. I think I ovulated late, which would make sense, but still kinda stressed. So, im guessing my doc will recommend testing like the panorama or similar?? Ive never had to have extra testing done, but my 1st two I had in my early 20s and my last in my early 30s. guess we will most likely find out the gender, too (which is fine with me and my OCD, lol)

sher-baby - 2 days ago
Supermom yes ur right! First a foremost I want a safe and healthy lil baby!! Then a safe and healthy mommy with her 'pre-baby body' back (lol) THEN....I want my baby to be a boy! That's all in the correct order! :-)

supermom87 - 2 days ago
Me n dh plan to find out what we are having far as boy or girl I don't care as long as I have a full term healthy baby

sher-baby - 2 days ago
We're hoping for a lil boy too! Really really hoping!!!

mandykat760 - 2 days ago
I feel so broken right now. All day and night my back kills. I dont know what caused it. Im going to order one of those over size preto pillows today. Plus I need to stop falling asleep on the couch. We are going to find out the sex to prepare the girls (and husband.) we already have two girl and a third will destroy dh, maybe me too. We want a boy so bad.

sher-baby - 2 days ago
Jas- I asked DH on Sunday if he wanted to find out the sex and he does, but I want to be surprised. I don't know how we're going to figure that one out...I can read him like a book, so if he knows, I'll be able to figure it out too. Pumpkinfariy-congrats on picking the names. We haven't even discussed names yet. I'm kind of curious about the names DH likes. I think I'll prob wait until after 12weeks to talk about names.

pumpkinfairy - 3 days ago
Jas- because I'm almost 45, I can have a panorama test done at 10 weeks and also tells the gender with 99% acuracy so I'm opting for that its a simple blood test, it checks 3 different chromosones to see if you have a child with a missing chromosone

Jas77 - 3 days ago
So who is planning to find out the sex of their baby at 20 weeks and who is going to wait until birth? I have found out with all of my kids so I'm wondering if I should have a surprise this time?

pumpkinfairy - 3 days ago
hey ladies how are you all doing? been pretty close to throwing up today almost all day icky, but on the happier note I chose my babys name Miles Elliot for a boy, and Avery Rose for a girl :)

supermom87 - 3 days ago
That makes me feel lil relieved to know what a fetal specialist does and I will definitely try apples and apple cider vinegar see how that goes

supama - 3 days ago
Babylove, NOTHING sounds good to me right now except fried hashbrowns so i just havent been eating well. I have actually lost about 3lbs since the start, prolly bc im so nauseous and everything turns me off. When the nausea subsides, i get hungry for something, make it, and by the time its made, i dont event want it anymore. Blahhhh

supama - 3 days ago
Supermom tbey will most likely talk about getting genetic testing done and further assessments to see what might be happening that either causes embryos to not progress or your body to not sustain the pregnancy. Sometimes we are carriers of certain traits that cause abnormalities that we dont even know about, Or, it could be as crazy as your body tends to fight hard against pregnancy as an auto-immune response and tries to reject it. Or, it could be a progesterone issue that they may want to regulate. docs just like to rule out everything in order to find the answer...thats pretty much how they diagnose everything. My ob is a bit hippy (i LOVE it) and is always giving me natural remedies, and he recommended an apple every morning for breakfast and a lil apple cider vinegar in my water bottle for heartburn. Really realky helps, well until i get about 7 months, then ice cream is the only thing that does the trick, LOL. Kmfx for you all stays strong, momma!!

babylove5 - 3 days ago
I am feeling a bit better other than a sudden wave of sickness in the morning. I am trying to eat a bit more since we are suppose to eat 200 more calories now that we are pregnant. I am still eating the same though. I'm not that hungry. What are you guys eating to get more calories? I have been eating cheddar cheese popcorn which I love because of the salt. I try to eat peanuts but I get headache.

supermom87 - 4 days ago
I am trying to be Medicine free this pregnancy trying to only take prenatal vitamins cause I've lost 2pregnancies and I don't know what caused it anyone know what a fetal specialist does I've never been to one kinda freaked out that my ob wants me to see one

bean79 - 4 days ago
I've had horrible heartburn in all of my pregnancies (this is my 4th). I take a Zantac (actually the Equate version). Right now I need only one a day, but last pregnancy I was taking 2 a day because it was so bad. My doctor said that was OK and my babies were fine, but in general I don't like to take any medication while pregnant. I had to though!

supermom87 - 4 days ago
I been super tired to sher-baby doesn't matter how much I sleep I get up feeling like I haven't slept in weeks but I also have brutal heartburn I can drink water and get heartburn I also noticed my emotions are out of wack I cry about the silliest things

sher-baby - 4 days ago
7weeks today!!looking forward to my bean doubling it's size!! Whoo hoo! So far no morning sickness for me (knocking on wood!!) I've deff had a few waves of nasueia but but I've never thrown up, I've just been super tired.

supama - 5 days ago
O.m.g. i forgot how crappy morning sickness...errr, all day sickness is. I feel like i have been hungover for 2 days straight. U/s last night & got to see the lil heartbeat...only 1 baby, so hopefully my crazy dreams will end, lol.

sher-baby - 5 days ago
I am Supermom. But mine isn't too bad and not everyday

supermom87 - 5 days ago
Anyone else have heartburn? I have it so bad and everything the doctor said I can take doesn't help. My heartburn is to the point I wanna cry.

Jas77 - 5 days ago
I'm taking I-folic (iodine & folic acid.) Not taking anything else yet hopefully I wont need extra iron, i'll get my test results back soon.

sher-baby - 5 days ago
At first I was thinking 'damn!!!...that's a lot' but ur not taking the prenatals so I understand.. Today I picked up calcium with vitamin D because I've been tracking my diet and I don't think I consume enough of it. I know there's some in the prenatals but from what I've heard preg women's over 24 should have 1200mg a day....I doubt I get even close to that. I'll talk to my dr. To make sure it's ok that I do, but from what I've read, it's safe.

babylove5 - 5 days ago
Sher I'm taking one fish oil tab, folic acid and reg multivitamin. The fish oil is suppose to help brain development. I can't handle all the iron in the prenatal and it's enough to keep my iron levels steady. I wish I had more vitamin b for energy but I hate taking a lot of pills. The prenatal should have everything you need though.

supermom87 - 5 days ago
I'm thinking it was the vaginal ultrasound my cervix feels so sore today bleeding not dark red anymore its brown today almost gone the doctor doesn't know about this bleeding cause it didn't happen until I got home her office was closed by then I haven't had any cramping I'm trying to keep my cool I don't want to run to Dr for every little thing I know that can be annoying

sher-baby - 5 days ago
Im 7 weeks tomorrow!! Are any of you ladies taking any other vitamins other than you prenatal?? i dont eat/drink a lot of dairy so I'm wondering if i should also include calcium and vitamin D into my diet to help out a bit. thoughts?? Supermom - Im not sure if you read my previous post in the 6 week forum but I too had bleeding on Monday night so I went to emerg Tuesday morning and they told me I had an “adjacent subchorionic bleed”. I had no idea what that was so when I ask she said the most important thing is that there is a beautiful heart beat but adjacent subchorionic bleed is pretty much when the placenta forms against the uterus with thousands and thousands of tiny blood vessels, sometimes some of them don't attach properly or come loose which causes a clot and it causes bleeding. If your dr. doesn’t seem concerned, hopefully your situation is similar to mine and it will stop on its own shortly

babylove5 - 5 days ago
Shelly did they let you see your baby yet?

babylove5 - 5 days ago
supermom congrats on a great ultrasound! The bleeding can be unsettling but the ultrasound shows if everything developed properly and if the cervix is closed. My Dr. wasn't concerned at all. She even said it was fine to have sex. I had spotting with my 3rd pregnancy and went into labor at 35 weeks but he was healthy! My fourth was born at 41 weeks. My iron was low with my 3rd and I wasn't taking my vitamins. I had no idea it would cause a issue. I don't eat red meat. They are checking my levels this time too, plus I'm taking my vitamins.

supermom87 - 6 days ago
Now after getting my ultrasound dr said everything looked great I am bleeding again :'(

supermom87 - 6 days ago
Had my 2nd ultrasound today they bumped my due date up a week I was supposed to be 6wks today and the ultrasound showed I am 7wks today

babylove5 - 6 days ago
I just had my ultra sound this morning and everything is great! The baby is 15 mm, so he's measuring several days ahead. Heart beat was 156 and there is no reason for the bleeding. Idk what caused the bleeding, but the dr is not worried and said sometimes they don't know.

pumpkinfairy - 7 days ago
I called my ob today my appointment is Sept 4th, I'll be almost 9 weeks! my symptoms are good, heartburn, gas, cramps, headaches, very sore boobies, constipation, fatigue, and I swear I can smell someones b/o from a mile away (yuck)so I'm all good in that area. I do have a 'ball' type feeling where my uterous is and I cant remember if thats normal or not, but I do know it hurts to suck in my stomache now lol

floydianslip2 - 7 days ago
Shellybelly, good luck, keep us posted! I'm off to week 8, but I'll pop back in for an update. :) Pumpkin, I can't even imagine! I hope your OB can see you ASAP and give you some peace of mind. How are your symptoms?

pumpkinfairy - 7 days ago
floydianslip-no they did transvag, but this is the place that does abortions=planned parenthood, today I'm calling my regular obgyn to make an appointment, as I should be turning 7 weeks thur or fri by planned parenthoods dates

shellybelly81 - 8 days ago
Floyd i hope i hear mine tomorrow!

shellybelly81 - 8 days ago
babylove, good luck!!

floydianslip2 - 8 days ago
Had my first doctor appt today! Everything looked great, the little guy's heart rate was 178 bpm, nice and strong!

babylove5 - 8 days ago
I talked with my Dr. this morning and told her about the spotting. She said 50 percent of women that have spotting go on to have healthy babies. She did say my progesterone levels were extremely high which is a good sign that the pregnancy is fine but it can indicate twins, molar pregnancy, or that I'm off on my dates. She has me set up for a ultrasound Thursday.

babylove5 - 9 days ago
I have been spotting which I have had before but I'm going to get it checked to make sure it's not serious.

babylove5 - 9 days ago
I went to the dr. and they did blood work. I don't get a ultrasound until 9 weeks. :-/ I tried saying I didn't know date but they still wouldn't. I felt a little better this morning, I didn't have a lot of ms. I don't really like going to a new obgyn my other one was much more laid back. This one is in shock that I have had 2 vbacs. Some of these drs need to get with the program. Everybody is doing vbacs.

halesss7410 - 10 days ago
It's hard to tell people and to really talk about nursery decor and such. I will say that I have a lot of reassurance with the nausea. I'm really getting hit hard with it nearly 24/7 and I feel like I can't get anything done. I'm hoping that the strong symptoms mean healthy baby:) I'm 8 wks tomorrow- another step closer to the end of the first trimester:) hopefully I can't get an ultrasound this week too- I'm scared/excited if that happens.

babylove5 - 10 days ago
haleless, my friend that had a miscarriage was the same way. She said she was afraid to get excited about the pregnancy because of the mc.

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