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You are 9 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby now is about the size of a medium green olive. The crow-to-rump length is 22 to 30 mm and the baby weighs 0.12 ounces. Although your body shape will not yet reveal that you are pregnant, your doctor would be able to notice an enlarged uterus. The hCG hormone is at its peak and you might notice more changes. Your skin may become smoother and a bit plumper, but you might also get an outbreak of pimples. Your hair may become less oily, or more. You might also notice some vaginal discharge, which is usually not a cause for concern.

Although the baby is still very small, it is beginning to look more like a human being. Your babys back is straightening out and the tail is shrinking. In proportion to the rest of his body, the head is large and remains curved forwards onto the chest. The head is erect and the neck is developing well. Even though the eyes are well developed, they are covered by a membrane lid. The eyes will not begin to open and close for quite some time still. Your baby will begin to make tiny fetal movements as the muscles start to develop. You will not be able to feel any of these early movements, but you might be able to see them during an ultrasound. The arms and hands are progressing faster than the legs and feet at this point. By this time of fetal development, the hands have defined finger ridges and the tissue between them will die off to leave separate fingers. It is impossible to distinguish a male from a female at this time because external genitalia look very similar at this point.

Your blood system will change during pregnancy and blood volume will increase by 50%. The increase in blood is important to meet the demands of your growing uterus. Blood volumes will begin to increase during the first trimester and will continue to rise throughout the entire pregnancy. The increase in plasma can cause anemia, which will cause you to feel tired or weak.
In week 9 (7 weeks after conception) the fingers are clearly visible.

See also:

Blood pressure during pregnancy

Caffeine intake during pregnancy

Comments on week 9

Comments 1-49 of about 702 from week 9
6 messages have been added in the last 24 hours.
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2bBlessedw2 - 1.2 hours ago
LILBEAN-Congrats! REAL Doppler? As compared to a fake one? LOL I'm 9 weeks and still can't find mine. I guess that means the baby is at the top of my uterus...therefore it's all the way back near my spine.(my uterus tips towards my back, rather than the normal forward position) I probably won't hear it till my uterus flips or I'm farther along. Wonderful. In the meantime, I'll just keep worrying until I get to my next u/s on the 14th.

LiLBean5 - 5 hours ago
EEEKKK!!! A friend of mine let me borrow her real Sonoline Fetal Doppler and GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!! YAY!! It started out 140s - 150s until it woke up and then it hit in the 160s! I don't knooowww but I'm thinking it might be another little princess!!! I'm thinking that heart beat might be a little high for a girl. What a peace of mind for ALL of us that baby #5 is doing good in there!! Oh and I only heard ONE heart beat! This was yesterday that I done this. I tried again this morning and baby #5 was moving around!! How awesome to hear all of this! It brings happy tears to my eyes and a smile to my face!! :)

aussie-jess - 16.7 hours ago
Gaaahhh.... I am feeling so crappy today. Extreme nausea and fatigue. Hoping it eases off really soon!! At the lab right now to test my thyroid levels and iron etc levels.

2bBlessedw2 - 22.7 hours ago
BRANDY-I'm usually VERY good at finding HB's with my Doppler. I search every inch of my pelvic area very slowly. My uterus is soooo tilted that I think it's just going to take more time. I'll start getting really worried at 9w4d if I can't find it.

2bBlessedw2 - 22.7 hours ago
Just got back from my high risk appointment. I'll have an u/s on August 14th. Woohoo! I also have one on the 26th. So, the plan is the same as was with my son. Starting at 16 weeks I will get biweekly u/s's to check cervical length and I will be starting my weekly progesterone injections in my butt. I love those! NOT! So moving right along!

brandyleigh - 23.4 hours ago
Appt went well didn't really do much just talked and I go for sono in four weeks and hopefully be done with the progesterone. 2b go higher I find mine like half way between belly button and pubic bone off the the left a little and go slow cause sometimes it's really hard to find you have to be at the right spot and angle.

2bBlessedw2 - 1 days ago
Maybe I'm looking too low for my baby? It is my 3rd so many it's up much higher? I've been looking low in my pelvis around my section scar.

2bBlessedw2 - 1 days ago
I actually was thinking of starting up our own private fb group for feb/march mamas. I'm a part of a couple already but not really active anymore since I lost the baby and I'm no longer due in October. I won't do it yet until I get to my 11 week u/s and see that baby is still alive or I pick up the hb daily. I've become a part of too many groups and then sadly I am no longer pregnant. If you all want to do it earlier then go ahead and I'll just join when I get to that milestone. It's a lot easier to communicate on fb as this page is sometimes so slow! haha

2bBlessedw2 - 1 days ago
Good luck w your appt Brandy! Oh, this week our babies are officially fetuses! Not embryos! Woohoo!

brandyleigh - 2 days ago
Doc appt tomorrow morning and hopefully get scheduled for a sono in a few weeks!!! Still picking up baby at 155-170's! Morning sickness still sucks today wasn't to bad if a day but so much is on my mind with hubby not knowing if changing jobs so possible insurance change and now found out this morning that Alex needs braces and they are doing them this Thursday! Yep two days basically they will do them. And mil is killing me about having to watch Kileigh the woman prides herself on how many kids she watched and raised blah blah blah but she can't handle my two year?!?! I don't get it well my rant is over hope everyone's good!!

brandyleigh - 5 days ago
Lilbean- omg your right I didn't even realize it I had to reread my message to see it!! Too funny!

aussie-jess - 5 days ago
Brandy, that's a really good question! I wonder if there is a Facebook page too! Although I wouldn't join for a while yet, I have not told a single person yet, other then my doctor!

LiLBean5 - 5 days ago
Haha Brandy you just said HER!!! I am TOTALLY guessing that you are having a girl!! :)

brandyleigh - 5 days ago
Is there a fb group? I didn't want to sign up for it before till I got farther along and new everything would be ok

brandyleigh - 5 days ago
Hello nine weeks!! Just found my baby with my Doppler yesterday I am a very happy girl it's actually really high it's very close to my belly button already and the rate is 166-174! Hope everyone is doing well. Morning sickness is still killing me but hearing her heart yesterday made it a little better.

mschichi - 9 days ago
room4onemore I can understand that! Hold it in! I wish I had the will power that you have lol!

room4onemore - 12 days ago
Mschichi- That is so funny!!! I found out fathers day morning and our car broke fathers day afternoon. So we are keeping it a secret as long as possible so no one will have anything negative to say! I am great at keepong secrets

mschichi - 12 days ago
room4onemore I am horrible at keeping my own secrets. I spilled the beans just a few days after I took a urine test at the doctor's office LOL! I really would like this to be a suprise baby but I can't keep myself from being myself haha! I'm sure I'll text the entire world while still on the table at the gender reveal appointment.

room4onemore - 14 days ago
Has anyone told everyone or are you waiting until a certain time. My immediate family know but nobody as of yet

room4onemore - 14 days ago
9 weeks today had my first appt yesterday and got to see the lil bean!! Moved my due date up by a couple days. I am starting to get energy back. Thank goodness!!!

mschichi - 15 days ago
Week 9 today! Only 1 more month left in the first trimester =) Hope you ladies are doing well.

cutezilootz02 - 16 days ago
First day of week 9 :) counting down till my next ultrasound, nothing better x

tripplets - 18 days ago works here...for all my friends and I...but then again its not a guarrantee...lets see if it will work to verify the of luck

mschichi - 19 days ago
tripplets I hope this is true because I really would love to have two little girls running around in my house lol! I honestly cannot remember my skin for either pregnancies but by looking at pictures I didn't have many issues carrying my DS's hoping for my girl!

NICOlA2010 - 27 days ago
Cutey24u, u can get it early pregnancy due to high progestorone levels...not much u can do bout it

cutey24u - 27 days ago
Ugh, does anyone else have terrible heartburn??? I thought heartburn was not supposed to start until later on in pregnancy, it doesn't matter what I eat or drink! I stopped drinking caffeine weeks ago, I rarely drank carbonated, I love juice but can't drink it because it just gives me heartburn AHHHHHHH I have never eaten so many TUMS in my life.

NICOlA2010 - 28 days ago
I think our body does seem to follow a pattern so like u say about skin being smooth for boy...everyone is different...for mine boy dry maybe this is girl..i lost my looks tons with my daughter but tht might b cos i neber ate and prob weight loss kn face

NICOlA2010 - 28 days ago
Cutey24u, yeah ur lucky u dont have much nausea for first pregnancy, cant wait to turn 10 weeks, i usually feel better around that time

NICOlA2010 - 28 days ago
I would say my skin is clear, i never had pimples wive either of mine though i had a few when i was first preggo then thy went...with my boy i had dry skin to begin maybe a girl? Also i have the linea nigrea just like ihad with my daughter..saying tht i can eat lots better this pregmnancy then my other who knows feel 50/50 i have no idea

cutey24u - 28 days ago
Well if that is true tripplets i am having a boy but I have felt boy since the beginning, not sure why. Nicola, first pregnancy here but I am very glad I have very little nausea, if I do it is more in the evening. I know these 3 weeks will fly by! So glad that we won't be huge in the summer!

tripplets - 28 days ago
hello week 9!!! myth has is that if you develop acne and other skin challenges its a girl...if you have no acne and ever smooth skin...its a worked for my 1st and 2nd born...girl and boy...lets hear what you guys are having based on this...nothing to lose..babies are babies whether girls or boys...try...I think mine is a boy...

NICOlA2010 - 29 days ago
Cutey24u, i know its getting closer though, got a busy week ahead, so before i know it i will be 10 weeks eeek exciting which is moves around lots that week...its amazing being a mom, this being number many og my friends r pregnant aroind same time of me, most i havent told,awkward cos wanna wait..cos they all ask u gonna have more just tired, no nausea, eaiest pregnancy so far..

cutey24u - 29 days ago
1st day of week 9, oh we are all so close to the end of the first but just not close enough! I called doc yesterday to see when I would get next ultrasound and they said around 22 weeks! That is just not going to work for me! lol! I still am not dealing with a whole lot of nausea but extreme fatigue, boobs hurt so bad and a lot of discharge (eww) the joys of pregnancy! Can't wait til I am a mommy though, we have been trying for 3 years!

NICOlA2010 - 30 days ago
Minibub,aww sure is amazing..this week by far is my worst week, sooo tired, and bad mood swings..thankful for no nausea, but pickiest eater ever

konepich - 30 days ago
Can we be any sicker than we are!!! I have a few days of good days then BAM!!! It hits me worst than the last! Ladies hopefully, we only have a few weeks of this face meeting toilet session left because I am DONE with being sick!

minibub(pink) - 30 days ago
So yesterday I went to the doctor to get some more anti nausea tablets and I got to have another sneak peak at my little bean. The doctor changed my dates from the 29/1/15 to the 23/1/15 because bub is measuring bigger. So I should now be in week 10 but is very quiet in there so will stick to this week. I only went for a dating scan last Wednesday and the difference 5 days makes on an ultrasound is incredible. It actually resembles a baby rather than just a blob. Nausea is still getting the better of me. I'm hoping it's only another 2 weeks. Hope your all going well

NICOlA2010 - 30 days ago
Yay i m in week 9 today..3 more weeks to go!!

NICOlA2010 - 32 days ago
Urgh, i have such bad gas.tmi ive been farting so much...been constipated past 2 days, and u know when ur constipated u can barey eat feeling kindsa down i just wanna eat normally again..really. gets to me...ive been loving sausauge sandwiches but for meats in general im not fan of...i could always go for kfc, mcdonalds, u name it fast food...and we goto be cafeful with money cos we goto buy brand new triple glazed windows or our basekent, and get our basement finished off..urghh...dont wanna care abit m Olney for like 3 more weeks, just wanna survive oh and i cant rrally take my prenatal vitmanins much anymore smsll makes me gag

NICOlA2010 - 33 days ago
Kimberly - hehe ur welcome, its prob wherr the baby implanted i bet, - 33 days ago
Nicoia, Thanks for the tmi! I'm really going to try that one, lol. Also, something may be going on with the left side because I'm experiencing the same thing; please post if you learn something! :-)

NICOlA2010 - 33 days ago
Im so not sure ehat im having i have pregnancy that is a bit of each from first and 2nd...this time no nausea though...i also have linea nigrea up my belly had with my girl, not my boy, and my looks havent been taken away like thy did with my girl...long nails..had tht with my girl, not my boy...i eat more variety like my boy, not my girl...if therrs a pattern it looks 50/50 lol

NICOlA2010 - 33 days ago
Anyone have a sense which side of uterus baby is on? I felt implanation happen, and felt it on my left side, i still. Feel off heavyness, and cramping on that side

NICOlA2010 - 33 days ago
A little tip if u have tons of trapped gas which i sis yesterdsy.....go have long soak in bath, really helps relax, and release gas...after when u get out sit upright, dont lay doen, or go on ur side, gently press firmly on lower abdomen in the middle of stomach when u feel like bubbles r coming, and pressure...fart away lol..sorry tmi..worked for me...i rmemebr with my 2nd baby when i had ultrasound she saw lots of gas bubbles, she said to press down on abdomen...this is where i learnt this - 34 days ago
Hopefully we all feel better after a few weeks! Congrats ladies! :-) - 34 days ago
I haven't felt it at all today so I think it was gas or a muscle thing. It never hurt and no I didn't have any cramping really. Hope you are feeling better - 34 days ago
Chsaamanen, could be gas. I've been so bloated I feel like I'm going to float to the ceiling. It can feel like baby feet. However, I have had a problem on the left side of my uterus area as well; it's not painful necessarily but it does feel sore. I'm a little worried because I'm having some pretty sharp cramping too. Have you had any cramping? - 35 days ago
I have the weirdest symptom anyone feel this before.. On my left side I guess it's my uterus it has een on and off tightening all say but not painful it almost reminds me of what it feels like when baby moves in the same spot on and off. Obviously it's not baby I'm assuming it's like a muscle spasm or something

babykhan - 35 days ago
I also think I am having a girl this time :) but only time will tell. But will be happy with another boy as well, cuz God has blessed me with girl and boy already and this is my 3rd and hopefully the finial baby to complete our family! - 35 days ago
I feel like I'm having a girl this time, but that may just be wishful thinking! I have a son already and I was so Confident I was having a boy last time. Only time will tell! I'll of course be happy with another boy!

babykhan - 35 days ago
I am mother of boy and girl already, but still wondering the sex of my baby all the time, it is exciting to know. any one else? and preference you guys have?

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