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You are 9 weeks pregnant.

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Your baby now is about the size of a medium green olive. The crow-to-rump length is 22 to 30 mm and the baby weighs 0.12 ounces. Although your body shape will not yet reveal that you are pregnant, your doctor would be able to notice an enlarged uterus. The hCG hormone is at its peak and you might notice more changes. Your skin may become smoother and a bit plumper, but you might also get an outbreak of pimples. Your hair may become less oily, or more. You might also notice some vaginal discharge, which is usually not a cause for concern.

Although the baby is still very small, it is beginning to look more like a human being. Your babys back is straightening out and the tail is shrinking. In proportion to the rest of his body, the head is large and remains curved forwards onto the chest. The head is erect and the neck is developing well. Even though the eyes are well developed, they are covered by a membrane lid. The eyes will not begin to open and close for quite some time still. Your baby will begin to make tiny fetal movements as the muscles start to develop. You will not be able to feel any of these early movements, but you might be able to see them during an ultrasound. The arms and hands are progressing faster than the legs and feet at this point. By this time of fetal development, the hands have defined finger ridges and the tissue between them will die off to leave separate fingers. It is impossible to distinguish a male from a female at this time because external genitalia look very similar at this point.

Your blood system will change during pregnancy and blood volume will increase by 50%. The increase in blood is important to meet the demands of your growing uterus. Blood volumes will begin to increase during the first trimester and will continue to rise throughout the entire pregnancy. The increase in plasma can cause anemia, which will cause you to feel tired or weak.
In week 9 (7 weeks after conception) the fingers are clearly visible.

See also:

Blood pressure during pregnancy

Caffeine intake during pregnancy

Comments on week 9

Comments 1-49 of about 871 from week 9
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movnadia - 2 days ago
Ok I know we are not suppose to feel baby already but I swear ive felt him/her move today without a shadow of a doubt. I had some coca cola and all of a sudden as I was lying down ive felt like bub did a little roll in there. Cant wait to feel the proper little kicks :)

movnadia - 3 days ago
Loralb I have also thought about placenta encapsulation but I couldnt afford it and the thought of doing it on my own just seems too hard to stomach... so I will not be doing it... it sucks your hubby is uncompationate mine is the same but he only goes on because at the moment we are still living with family friends once we move in our own house he will stop or he better anyways lol. Cant wait to have our own house again its been a really long 5 months... getting the keys tomorrow :)

loralb - 3 days ago
I am sipping on water and my mouth is still dry! There is no way to quench my thirst and water makes me want to puke. Ug, also very sick today and husband seems to think I should still have the house clean, meals made, have kids and myself dressed everyday. I say..screw you! He gets a headache and gets to lie around and watch tv and play games on his phone all day. I'm not in a very good mood:(

loralb - 5 days ago
I dont want to know gender until the end either, but my husband does. We already have a boy and girl, so we have all we need for either. Okay everyone, here is a topic that may gross some of us out...placenta encapsulation. Anyone done it or thought about it? I get post partum depressed and wonder if injesting placenta pills might help. I know it's common in some places.

movnadia - 5 days ago
Woop woop week 9!!!! Its still going really slow for me but I am getting more and more excited . Anyone else going in the comments from all the weeks? I do cause just on our week there is just not enough... will you all be finding out the gender? I didnt want to this time cause this will be our last baby and I wanted to be excited either way to find out at birth but my partner really wants to know.. he even says he will come on the 12 week scan just in case we see a penis lmao. I said no way but oh well I dont want to spoil his excitement lol

loralb - 7 days ago
Wow, not many people here. When I was pregnant 3 years ago, every week had at least 50 members! Well, I am happy to be in week 9 and I feel much better today compared to yesterday. I hear our hcg levels have peaked. I hope that is true. I'm exhausted and it's only 7:22 pm.

sleepymom - 12 days ago
Doda- I am doing the genetic screen this time around. I didn't with my first, but did with my second and I figure I am older now so it would be a good idea. Plus, an extra us never hurts! I think I have my nuchal translucency test next week. Do you know, are you supposed to do the blood work around the same time? My dr. never really said and I can't remember what I did last time.

Doda - 14 days ago
wohooo to week 10! always leaving me behind! LOL No I'm doing the genetic testing/screening... are you?

sleepymom - 15 days ago
Moving to ten weeks. Yay.

sleepymom - 15 days ago
Ha ha my girl was a princess too, my boy a dragon. They went trick or treating to like ten houses so that was enough for them at this age. Was pretty chilly here. R u going to do the genetic testing/first trimester screen?

Doda - 17 days ago
I don't think I can wait to find out, I already want to know now!

Doda - 17 days ago
Sleepymom, yeah I say wait, my kids don't really get it. I'm sure they will once the belly gets big. I have given all my baby clothes away so will need to buy new clothes, new stroller, car seat and baby swing. Other than that have all the other stuff (crib, change table, exersaucer, playpen etc.) But I am excited to buy a new stroller - I wanna get a good one! My kids were transformers (bumble bee and optimus prime) for the two boys, and my princess was a princess :)

happywoman84 - 18 days ago
Sleppymom, my son dressed up as a ninja.. 😊

sleepymom - 18 days ago
What did your kids dress up as for halloween? did they go trick or treating?

sleepymom - 18 days ago
Yay Doda!!! I haven't told the kids yet, thought I might wait until I am showing a bit more so they might understand a bit better. We did find out the sex with the other two kids, so prob will find out again but haven't really truely decided yet. At least we have boy and girl stuff so it wouldn't matter too much which sex either way (in terms of planning). I forgot how tiring shift work is when you r pregnant. I am dragging my butt at work today.

Doda - 18 days ago
wohoooo week 9 today :)

sleepymom - 22 days ago
PS- I really really miss having more than one/two cups of coffee a day....especially when my 2 yr old decides to get up for a few hours during the night...loudly.

sleepymom - 22 days ago
Hi all, first day in week 9. I have been feeling good. bit nauseous after I eat sometimes. I do have a cough I just can't get rid of keeping me up at night. blah. Luckily I don't get morning sickness in the same way it sounds like the rest of you do. I couldn't imagine how awful it would be to feel like throwing up ALL day.

happywoman84 - 23 days ago
It's all day sickness for me here 😔

honeymoon-surprise - 23 days ago
Sickness is back for me, had a couple of days feeling ok then it hit me again like a sledgehammer!!

ekstandridge32 - 24 days ago
Morning sickness is kicking my rear. How is everyone else feeling?

honeymoon-surprise - 25 days ago
1st Day in week 9! 3 weeks today until my forst scan, can not wait to see new bub!! Sickness seems to have eased off thankfully! - 28 days ago
Welcome a2d and congrats! I'm also keeping hope up for a boy. We have an 11 year old daughter, a daughter in heaven, and a 6 month old daughter. There's so hope for a boy right? ! Lol

A2D - 29 days ago
Hi Ladies, sorry I'm only checking in now, I joined in 2011 and my baby girl was born in May 2012, now expecting our 2nd, how are you all?? Hope to make loads of friends like we did before! I am Tired all the time, and sick often, today the headaches started. Hoping it's a boy this time! - 32 days ago
I love this site. I wish there was more discussion on here.

SoonToBMommaOf2 - 33 days ago
Hello ladies...I think everyone moved over to facebook instead of using this site. It was so busy when I was pregnant in 2007 now it's a ghost town :(

cmb123 - 34 days ago
Hello! I was here in 2011, too! My son was born in August. - 37 days ago
Cmb123- I'm constantly checking to see if anyone logs in. I loved this sight in 2011. It helped me so much trough out my pregnancy. On the bright side we are due the same day! =)

cmb123 - 37 days ago
I am so sad to see that no one is using this site. When I was pregnant with my first, I made such wonderful friendships here. I will keep checking back. I hope everyone is feeling great!

tazzysmumma - 59 days ago
KristinaA yey! congratulations on the positive ultrasound. Glad everything looks perfect. Man you ladies are making me soo impatient. bloody UK making us wait until 12 weeks for 1st ultrasound. Had my booking in appointment where they do the paperwork and my midwife was shocked to see me AGAIN so soon as well. lol x

mamaford77 - 59 days ago
Wonderful! I have my fourth u/s scheduled for Oct 15. I'll be just shy of 12 weeks so it should be a good one!

KristinaA - 59 days ago
Yay! We have 1 healthy little baby growing in there. We even got to see him or her punching and kicking. Was very cool. :)

mamaford77 - 59 days ago
Yea! Hope all is well with little bean!

KristinaA - 60 days ago
Ok, about to leave for my first u/s. Prayers for!

mamaford77 - 60 days ago
Well, hello week 9! Taking reglan AND zofran for hyperemesis and just trying to get through the first trimester!

tazzysmumma - 62 days ago
in week 9 already. Hope the rest of pregnancy goes this fast. 3 week countdown to 12 weeks x

Preciousgift2 - 67 days ago
So sorry about your loss Holz. Hope you conceive again soon...

shellybelly81 - 74 days ago
hello Christine... ;) so we meet again. lol - 76 days ago
Hello ladies. Just wanted to say I will be joining you all!! I am pregnant with baby number 8, and we are very excited!! This will be our last baby, so I plan to enjoy this pregnancy. Just wanted to say hello :)

mandykat760 - 77 days ago
Sorry Hultz

holz8519 - 78 days ago
thank you ladies

Jas77 - 78 days ago
Oh no, so sorry for your loss Holz :-( Praying you will conceive again quickly! All the very best to you......

supermom87 - 79 days ago
Sorry to hear that holz good luck hun and praying for you

holz8519 - 79 days ago
Hi ladies I have not had internet for the past week so figured I would stop in and say Hi. I ended up miscarrying this past Thursday at 8 weeks 4 days. this is my 4th miscarriage and DH and I will be trying again right away. Our 18 month old son was conceived a couple weeks after my last miscarriage. Good luck to all you ladies Ill be dropping back to TTC page.

supermom87 - 79 days ago
My morning sickness didn't last long now I find myself stress eating I know that's not good slightest bit upset angry sad or whatever I feel I end up eating but I was also a smoker before I got pregnant its been tuff but I haven't smoked since I found out I was pregnant so I think I'm doing good I just wish I wasn't stress eating

mandykat760 - 79 days ago
I just got Zofran. Fingerscrossed it works. Before I was taking unisome and b6 but it made me exhausted.

supama - 79 days ago
i totally ate cheesecake for breakfast. totally was the bomb, too.

supermom87 - 81 days ago
Might have to spell check those with google lol

supermom87 - 81 days ago
Mandykat760 I take zofran my ob gyn prescribed it for me I have found sometimes it doesn't work but she said it doesn't make you sleepy like phenergan will

sher-baby - 81 days ago
First prenatal appt today, 9w2d. I'm gonna talk to my dr about not being able to sleep. It has to be at least 2.5 weeks since I've slept straight through the night. Maybe it's my body prep'ing me for when the baby is here but clearly it doesn't remember I've been throughly this before!!!....'thanks for trying to my subcontious mind but I remember JUST FINE! let me sleep!!!'

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