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The things no one tells you no.:
40 My nipples have gone white!!!!

Mumofsix` featured blog about things no one tells you.

`I thought I would, every now and then,
add a little bit of info that
took me by surprise with my first baby.

OkMy mood while writing this blog:

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she was saying her nipples turned white after feeding her 6 week old baby. It took her a bit by surprise so I thought it was worth mentioning it here. I have not had this happen myself but thought I would do a bit of research on it. Apparently it is not uncommon for this to happen and there are various reasons this can happen. It is commonly referred to as nipple blanching. There seem to be two reasons for this happening:

1) Blanching due to compression

2) Blanching due to vasospasm

What does that mean, you might ask? Well rather than recreate the wheel, here is a link to a site that may shed some light. Nipple blanching.

So don't freak out if this happens to you. You are not alone.

50 Comments on 40 My nipples have gone white!!!!

jenniferhoneycutt35 - Monday, 26 May

2babiesforme - Friday, 20 Jul
No one ever told me every time I cough or sneeze I will pee myself - time for panty liners grrrr! And no one ever told me my hoo-haaa would be all swollen eeeek - Im 28 weeks and its so swollen that I wont let hubby near me!

vialet2012 - Thursday, 26 Jan
this is my first kid and no body told me that ,i will not have moods to have sex with my partener again while am preganant,am really suprised

MOMMY TOO BE - Tuesday, 1 Nov
How do i >deal with being sad all the time

babynum.2 - Monday, 31 Oct
no one ever told me i may get really bad itching and stay up all night and cry...! it was horrible and my doc didn't know why, but i found out after i gave birth when the itching stopped that my liver was obtaining bile fluid i think that's what is called, well that can cause really bad itching all over and if you do get this horrible itching tell ur doc and have him give you medicine to drain that fluid out! i wish i would of known this during my pregnancy

KiwiBaby2 - Wednesday, 5 Oct
no one told me that enjoying a hot cup of coffee (or a hot meal!) was not gonna be a given anymore LOL Cold coffee is actually not that bad once you get used to it hahaha

lalapet - Saturday, 24 Sep
I disagree with you lemk, when I was pushing like that I got the BIGGEST hemorrhoids and when I switched to pushing with my core not my butt it helped.

lemk - Sunday, 18 Sep
HOW TO PUSH :)My friend ally told me many years ago when I was pregnant with my first child the best ever advice. Okay please don't take offence because both of my children came out with a few pushes and I did not tear although they were weighing between 8 and 9 lbs. When you are asked to push do it as if you are having the biggest poo. Don't try to push with your vagina. If you have a bit of an accident big deal the most iportant thing is you and the baby being safe.Just strain as if to go for number two using that reflex. There no one ever told me that before or since but flipping heck it works.

sotke - Sunday, 21 Aug
No one told me I would pee myself when having a orgasm after I had a baby! Also, no one told me I would become a complete ogre sometimes, with absolutely NO patience and a temper that comes on in flash. I think motherhood has to be the most difficult and humbling role I have ever had.

Sarahmvr - Friday, 8 Apr
OMG some of these made me laugh! Some of them amazed me. But the one I found to be truest for me was the swollen vagina and it hurting the last few weeks! No one told me about that!

:) - Tuesday, 15 Mar
clairewallace, sometmes it's just old blood (usually darker color, maybe even brownish tint) that your body expells. hopefully it's all it is

:) - Tuesday, 15 Mar
clairewallace, sometmes it's just old blood (usually darker color, maybe even brownish tint) that your body expells. hopefully it's all it is

katrich - Tuesday, 15 Feb
Never knew that amniotic fluid smells like semen!!! I was in shocked when I smelled it after my mother told me how I can tell the difference!

rachelz - Thursday, 10 Feb
No one told me that you can get a yeast infection on your nipples if your baby has thrush. Burning stabbing pain constantly even when not nursing. So painful I had to stop breastfeeding and now I feel so guilty and miss breastfeeding but I am too afraid to get that infection again.

magic number - Friday, 4 Feb
that when you listen on the doppler, you can pick up 4 different things while trying to figure out which is the baby! or that after you orgasm it can cause an intense crampy tightening for a little while after. that midwife appts have between 5-10 weeks between them, which is a long time to go with no reassurance! thers so much stuff to worry about!

phillygirl2 - Thursday, 3 Feb
I just wanted to add that no one ever tells you that being pregnant is actually quite painful sometimes - not just the delivery part

dreamgirl - Thursday, 27 Jan
No one ever told me how huge my legs would get... or how much I would miss lying on my belly at night...

Vikki - Thursday, 20 Jan
No one told me that I might loose all my toenails and finger nails! Got my finger nails back but my toe nails have never been the same since. When I mentioned this to my doc after my 7thbaby he said, he is no longer surprised my all the different things that change in hormones do to women!

purpleunicornandi - Monday, 27 Dec
no one told me that the first time I had sex after my oldest was born would hurt... guess they sewed me up a bit tight after the episiotomy (it was for the next few times it hurt... sex had never hurt me before)

Kimbeenjosh - Sunday, 26 Dec
No one ever told me that when you have a c-section, they take out your intestines and sit them on a table just to get to the uterus. No one told me that I had inverted nipples, (I would always wonder why the little nipple would never poke out when stimualted-just figured the man wasn't doin his job) So I had to have a nipple suction thingy to help me breastfeed to pull it out each time I would feed me daughter. But no worries-after a long time of breastfeeding the natural sucking pulls them out eventually. I didn't know about women pooping on themselves either while in labor. ummm Other than that, I tried to educate myself as much as possible while I was pregnant with my first.

Free2bmom - Friday, 10 Dec
No one told me that due to the upped blood flow in your body that your vag lips are so swollen they look like testicles lol.

AnnetteManke - Saturday, 4 Dec
I'm 19 weeks and I still haven't felt my baby move is this normal?

haidamamma - Wednesday, 24 Nov
I was 19 when I had my DD, and nobody told me anything about anything!I didnt know what a mucous plug was! I wasnt told you could have a slight stomach pain one minute, and be 8 cm dialated 15 minutes later!I wasnt told you might poop yourself in labor (I didnt thank god, but apparantly its no biggie?) Also? You know the 9 months of "omg no period! yay!" feeling you have? Yeah, your body makes up for it afterwards!

chillrae - Wednesday, 27 Oct
no one told me how freakign fat i would get, i watched my eating, but i was hungr all the freakign time, my doc sai dit was becaus ei was really skinny before i guess paybacks a bitch :(

ciaramcg - Saturday, 16 Oct
Hi my name is Ciara and I am 17 weeks pregnant, my due date is te 28th March and I am A first time Mom.

OreO - Friday, 1 Oct
hi ladies, I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow :), something i didnt know is how much your vagina hurts in the last weeks. I dont know if i'm the only this has happened to, but my vagina feels very sore inside, my doctor says it's ok, it's just my body and muscles getting ready for what's yet to come, but it's very painful, mostly at night time, when im laying down for a while. Besides that, good luck to all, this is my first, and it has been such an amazing experience, I cant wait to meet him

SS82 - Thursday, 30 Sep
There is tons of stuff no one tells you. after my first I was shocked at just how long I was in labour it ended in CS and yes the cut does still hurt sometimes. But also for months I felt the spot I had my epidural. Which was nothing compared to what I was expecting did't hurt at all to get. Also no one talks about post partum depression and that can shock and scare you if you get it.

clairewallace - Wednesday, 15 Sep
hi can anyone help me i found out 2 weeks ago i am pregnant and i am still waiting for my midwife to send me for a daing scan but when i got out off bed this moring and went for a wee there wasa small amount off blood on my tissue and ave had nothing since should i be worried plz help me x

ninsta - Friday, 23 Jul
Lol mmz you don't even KNOW tired yet. :P I'll be 40 weeks tomorow. Sleeping an average of 8-13 hours a night, plus napping during the day, and STILL feel tired and sex is safe up until labor, so long as it's okayed by your doctor. (only way it wouldn't be is if you have certain medical conditions)

mmzwanolly - Saturday, 17 Jul
hy, m new here n wud lyk to thank you for this wonderful site you created. Im about 7 weeks preg and excited, tho feelimh tired most of the times. Im quiet scared or making love at this stage. Would it hurt my baby or not? Please help.

alison33 - Friday, 28 May
Izzyandme~ hahahahaha, you are soo right!! love your comment :)

NIKKII B - Thursday, 27 May
@'s like pantyliners are my new bestfriend. lol

Izzyandme - Tuesday, 25 May
Hmm things no one told me... Hemorrhoids, bladder weakness, that your c section scar will still occasionally hurt 18 months post giving birth esp after sex, your nipples leak every time baby cries, you will probably never fit your pre preg clothes due to bone movement and ligaments softening, your teeth may not be as strong, the lush preg hair all falls out after birth, and babies bite even with no teeth! Enjoy!

Mrs.Preggers - Monday, 24 May
waiting - yeh i have that same exact feelings... they say its from the increase level of progestrone... so its normal...

waiting4bebe - Wednesday, 5 May
OK I have a question...ummmm...ok has anyone experienced this? I find I am always damp down there and it feels gross throughout the day, I am 10 weeks preg.

mrsshehnak - Saturday, 17 Oct
Is an ECG taken at 34th month? Is it harmful or necessary?

Jenny-Anne - Monday, 5 Oct
From which stage in your pregnancy do one need to use the nipple cream,or is it only after the baby is born and you start breastfeeding?

hot-mama - Thursday, 1 Oct
Hey ladies! I wanted to share with other Moms about this. I work with a Wellness Company from home, and it's great! You don't have to sell, or anything like that! If you don't want the business part of it, then you can just become a Preferred Customer. It's Melaleuca, all natural products. Really great if you have kids!! If interested go to and I can answer any questions you may have. Quit using household products that can harm your baby, you'll want this trust me!

allybell - Saturday, 15 Aug
On the subject of nipple issues... I strongly recommend a good nipple ointment or creme. Lansonil and Gerber make really good ones that are in a small tube, easy to carry with you. If you use it every other time you nurse, you will keep the cracks and bleeding away. I nursed my son and am now nursing twin girls with success. Don't leave home without the nipple lube! :) The babies don't even seem to notice or taste it.

jterrill08 - Wednesday, 22 Jul
Ummmm... is anyone else going to start up this site again. The lady that was writing the things that nobody tells you just stopped writing back in September of '08. I hope she is okay. Anyway, just wondering if someone else was going to take it up.

mommy2many - Tuesday, 19 May
If there seems to be a white residue and your baby has had thrush, I would be concerned that you had a yeast infection on your nipples. They usually are really red and painful too but not necessarily cracked and bleeding. I have had this with all 5 of my children.

marieblack01 - Friday, 15 May
hi,can any1 plz help,my bby is 1 month n 5 days old,after breastfeeding her i always burp her,but milk always comes out from her nose,and sometimes from her mouth-what am i doing wrong? i'm a first tym mom

hollienjax - Tuesday, 5 May
Another thing to think about if your nipples turn white is a yeast infection. Its very common and mother and baby can pass it to each other...called thrush (sp?) it will most likely be painful and the baby will have a thick white coating on thier tongue. Just a thought....

joycey - Sunday, 29 Mar
Is there any one out there who is being forced into a c-section. I have had 2 and being told I cant have a natural birth. I am not happy, I am researching and most of it says there is no reason why I cant try. Has anyone got any stories for me

wwatters18 - Wednesday, 4 Feb
mine just look white/cream colored all the time at the nipple site. its like its caked on milk. it never goes away.

JacquelineTurner - Thursday, 4 Dec
my nipples turned white but another thing that i didn't know was that it can be normal for you to get blood blisters on your nipples as well until you and the baby figure out what works for ya... and my goodness it hurts

~amy~ - Wednesday, 22 Oct
Interesting! I'll keep this article in mind because mine sometimes turn whitish for a couple minutes and I'm not even breastfeeding yet!

APRILRAINE - Monday, 20 Oct
wow! mine dont go white, but I've noticed that after a long feeding they are bluish-purple, but go back to normal within about 10 minutes

GoonieMomma - Thursday, 16 Oct
Mine get PALER than white after hard-core pumping sessions at work. Holy geez!

CarolineS - Monday, 29 Sep
I'm so glad you posted this! I have Raynaud's Phenomenon (pre-pregnancy), and now I know what to watch for!

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