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The things no one tells you no.22:
Milk coming in

Mumofsix` featured blog about things no one tells you.

`I thought I would, every now and then,
add a little bit of info that
took me by surprise with my first baby.

OkMy mood while writing this blog:

If you thought your breasts were large now, just wait till your milk comes in!!!
Around about day three after baby is born you will find that you start filling with milk. Initially you breasts can feel HUGE and hard as rocks. Remember though that they will not remain like this. Once your body adjusts to babies needs your milk production will adjust and you will not be so engorged. It can be very painful when your breasts are engorged and sometimes I found I needed to express a bit of milk before baby latches on as a huge hard breast can be hard for them to latch onto. Morning time can also be a time when your breasts will feel extra full and I can assure you, you will look forward to that first feed so that you feel more comfortable.

If your breasts remain hard and sore, are red and hot, This may mean you have a blocked milk duct or infection. It is important to see someone quickly. Mastitis ( breast infection) can make you feel so ill. It's like having the flu, fevers, aches etc. If you are just very engorged then the age old cabbage leaf in your bra really does work. Also feed the baby on the sore side as much as possible. Massage and a hot shower can also help. Hand expressing in the shower to relieve some of the discomfort is also beneficial.

5 Comments on Milk coming in

krystasappleseed - Thursday, 22 Jan
i was worried my milk would never come in. it took about 4 days but finally when it did by breasts were even huger then before and rock hard. at the time my baby wasnt latching well so they satyed pretty hard. i pumped and it would get rid of it but less then a couple hours later they would be rock hard again. pumping does help with baby latching on though. warm showers help with the discomfort and even though i didnt try it the lactation lady did mention cabbage leaves. although my baby is now almost 5 months and it is strange to me that even when my breasts are rock hard I dont feel uncomfortable???? i guess they have gotten use to it?

jennys - Thursday, 27 Nov
this is the part i hate the MOST!! with my first I had no idea until I woke up my breast so huge and rock hard my nipples where flat my baby couldn't even latch on... the second time around I had given my 10lb baby a little formula the first two days along with nursing when my milk came in it was once again horrible!! but I was prepared and started nursing him right away! he's just turned one and I'm 7 months pregnant..he's beginning to wean ... as my milk has change back to I guess I'll have to go throught the dreaded feeling of my milk coming in once again... standing under a hot shower really helps some of that extra milk leak out so baby can latch on...if you find your baby can't when your milk comes in

reneaj - Tuesday, 2 Sep

winx - Monday, 25 Aug
My milk never came in because I was massively anemic. Even after awhile on vitamin boosts it never came in. I tried pumping for a week while in the hospital and when I got home with a 500.00 pump I bought. We had no choice but to bottle feed. My baby was perfectly ok..but I wasn't. I needed to talk to someone about the guilt I had over not having any milk. Don't be shy to tell your doctor how you feel.

kathp - Saturday, 2 Aug
The night my milk came in was horrendous. I am only glad that my midwife warned me and explained the reasons why to my husband and I the day before it happened (hormone change over and baby smelling milk on the way so seeking breast every 10 mins to see if it has arrived yet). The following morning I got the sweats and had leaked milk everywhere so I dived into the shower while hubby looked after our baby. As I stood naked in the bathroom, baby Hazel cried in the other room and twin fountains erupted from my breasts. Heavens, that made me laugh... and all was right with the world again.

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