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hard belly
Added: 2865 days ago.
Added by: kaylasmommy
Section: Pregnancy.
Status: This question is Closed. (Questions will be closed after 10 days.)

i am 37 weeks pregnant but measuring 39 weeks and my belly keeps getting hard for about 25-30 seconds then relaxes i get about 3-4 an hour i was just wondering if this is normal?

mommy-of-3 - 2859 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) Yes these are very normal, it sounds like Braxton Hicks contractions. These might go on for a while but they shouldn't progressively get worse and start coming at shorter intervals. If they start coming quicker and getting stronger you need to go in because that's true labor.

Baby3OnWay - 2859 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) These are just braxton hicks contractions and they are normal. they are helping your body prepare for labor. they also tend to help with effecment and dilation.. CONGRATS your almost there!!!

Jay-dee - 2859 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) Seems like contractions may be starting.

mattie4 - 2861 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) sounds like Braxton hicks to me, when the tightening starts to hurt and gets to be more consistent...well thats labor :). Also if they build, start mild and get worse and then get better again, thats a real contraction. But to answer your question...yes very normal. I promise you will be able to tell the difference between the real and the practice :)

mzmommy2b - 2861 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) Sounds to me like they may be off on your due date. Chances are they are 2 weeks behind and you may really be 39 weeks.

MelissaJoanne - 2862 days ago Rating: 3 (1 votes) Sounds like Braxton Hicks

LMO - 2862 days ago Rating: 4 (1 votes) it could be contractions are they painful?

2nd1ontheway - 2862 days ago Rating: 4 (1 votes) The hardness you are feeling are braxton hicks contractions. They generally aren't anything to worry about but since they are coming regularly you may want to let your Dr. Know. Babies gender can be detected as early as 14 weeks as long as the ultrasound machine can get a clear reading.

tamaraleigh - 2862 days ago Rating: 3 (1 votes) Yes those are Braxton Hicks contractions.

ttasha - 2862 days ago Rating: 4 (1 votes) Yes that is completely normal that happend to me there just braxton hicks contractions, theres nothing to worry about but if you realli are in doubt speak to your midwife

pregnantegyptian - 2862 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) yes they are little mini painless contractions. My cousin had them all of the time then three days later she went into active labor.

eastern-Canadian-Lady - 2863 days ago Rating: 4 (1 votes) Do you have a 1-800 nurses line where you are? i would call them. It sounds like it could be labour or BH. I would check to make sure. Did you get conflicting due dates from US or from your Last menstrual period?

Carmione - 2863 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) From my experience- BH start around 6 weeks or so- but at that point they aren't strong enough to feel until further along in the pregnancy. I would have to say that what you are feeling is normal- but they should remain infrequent with no real discernable pattern. Contractions can also be brought on by dehydration so make sure you're getting plenty of fluids. You're at 37 weeks though- the extra practice rounds are kicking in for you! Good luck to you for your delivery...take care.

katznkt - 2863 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) Yeah, it sounds like braxton hicks contractions. They say that they can start any time during the pregnancy, but are more noticeable toward the end. They are supposedly your body practicing for birth. Good luck!

Debra - 2864 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) Braxton hicks! Drink water to stay hydrated. They will come on more if you are dehydrated. When dyhydrated, the uterus will get irritated and contract more because it needs so much water to stay healthy. You need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day! Lots of trips to bathroom then. Braxton hicks are normal and prepare baby and uterus for the upcoming show. THey can also be painful. IF they are coming on regularily and don't go away with water or a position change, then you may be in labour and should contact your doctor.

Laura Ward - 2864 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) Oh boy! That is a contraction and could be the start of labor. Brazton Hicks do that, but so do contractions of early labor. Call your doctor and let them know. They may want to see you to see if you are dilated at all. Otherwise, they will probably tell you to wait it out at home until they pick up and become stronger and more regular. Good luck!!!


Cindie - 2865 days ago Rating: 4 (1 votes) That's a contraction honey. Keep track of them, because from what I've heard some contractions don't hurt. You could go into active laboy any day.

michaela - 2865 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) Yup it's completly normal, sounds like braxton hicks, if they start to get more regular you need to contact you care provider. Good Luck!!!

captshelley - 2865 days ago Rating: 4 (1 votes) I think it's braxton hicks. Completely normal. The nurses will probably tell you to drink more water.