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Added: 2835 days ago.
Added by: KnBzBaby08
Section: Pregnancy.
Status: This question is Closed. (Questions will be closed after 10 days.)

Friday i will be 7 months pregnant, and for the past few nights i`ve felt really sick, lastnight i actually was throwing up for awhile and got very very hot like i was about to pass out. i have a doctors apt tomrrow for my sugar test, and i`m definatly mentioning it to her. My boyfriend thought i should have gone to the hospital lastnight because i was in so much pain and was very hot, instead i insisted on just going home and laying down. i`m just preying the baby is okay, i keep feeling him moving like normal, but i`m still worried. We`re also in the middle of a move (2nd one since i`ve been pregnant) so i`m thinking it might be because i`m so stressed out//moving once again. If anyone has also had problems like this, please contact me. Or if you have any idea why my stomach/body is acting like this please respond back. thanks.

Mommyof2boys - 2835 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) You might have a stomach virus, try to drink lots of fluids and lay on your left side and see if you feel better. Dehydration could also be making you feel like this so while you are moving try to take it easy and not work so much and drink lots and lots of water. The hotflashes are normal and feeling you are going to pass out is normal it gets worse on days that are hot and if you are already not feeling well.

monica9 - 2835 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) you could just have a virus but it might be something more serious. i would talk with doc when you go.

amy pengelly - 2835 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) i also get the same things n im 6months im also in the middle of a move n i thinks its just stress n i dnt no where ur from but i live in uk n here were havin sum hot weather so i think it could b tha to

shootinstarzzz - 2835 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) What did you eat? I mean if it's not a virus did you eat maybe a lot or something that did not agree with you? is ur boyfriend sick too? yes, for sure bring it up to ur doctor and try not to worry till ur appoinment, like my doctor told me when I had a bad cold, he said it was me who was feeling cruddy but baby was happy in his lil sack and had no clue mommy was feeling yucky. Also If I had certain things to eat while pregnant it would make me throw up or if I had heartburn it would make me throw up, my doctor said alot of the reason why I was throwing up was cuz ur stomach gets pushed and moved by the growing baby who is starting to run out of room and he is just trying to get comfey in there and does not know he is pushing mommy's inside's all around. I used to get hot flashes and get dizzy like I was going to pass out too and I dont know how many nights I would sit up all night cuz I felt like I was going to be sick. I was told it was lil normal pregnancy things that go along with being pregnant and to rest if I felt like that. Try to rest even know ur moving, let ur boyfriend do most of the work while you rest and good luck on ur move.

2xmom - 2835 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) Sounds like it could have been a stomach bug. My doc always wanted me to call right away, especially with a lot of pain and the vomiting together. It's their job to help you take care of yourself. Don't hesitate to seek out their help day or night. It only makes matters worse if you and your boyfriend are both scared and uncertain. Good luck!

Baby3OnWay - 2835 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I was like that in the begining or march so I wasn't too far long myself. I think stress may have had something to do with it... I got really hot and sweating and so sick. Then after a week of still feeling like crap he though maybe it was the flu... and then another week later I still felt like crap and he then assumed it was morning sickness... which can come any time of day, and put me on diclectin. I have been fine ever since

christina1984 - 2835 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) well we have a stomach virus going thru our house. lucky me i was the 1st to get it. i thought it was just a pregnant thing or stress. i got extremely hot and was vomiting and had such bad stomach pain my fiance was going to take me to the hospital. i was laying on the bathroom floor. it could be that, i think it hits us harder. im 25 wks and new it wasnt morning sickness

brandi j. - 2835 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) Could it have been a stomach bug? W/ it just coming on as quickly as it did, I would think that this could be the explanation. But it is something that you should mention to your doctor. Hopefully that is all that it was, if not it may have had something to do w/ your blood pressure since you are under alot of stress, moving is always so stressful, bless your heart having to do it during your pregnancy. Try to take it easy until you can talk to your doctor. I hope that you feel better soon!