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Wrong Due Date?
Added: 2816 days ago.
Added by: lulizzle
Section: Pregnancy.
Status: This question is Closed. (Questions will be closed after 10 days.)

I was wondering if anyone has had their doc give them a way wrong due date? When I calculate when I concieved from my current due date it says I got pregnant around Thanksgiving, but I remember being sick as a dog with morning sickness like feelings at least 3 weeks before that. When I first went to the doc they calculated it from my last period and got the due date as August 3rd which makes more sense, but then changed it when I went for my ultrasound to August 19th. I know that its only a few weeks difference but I am trying to figure out when to go out on maternity leave (I want to go out at least a few weeks before) and I don`t know what date to go by! Anyone else had this happen?

rkruegs - 2815 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I had the same exact thing happen to me. When they caculated my due date from my last period it was August 9th and after the first ultrasound by measuring the size of the baby they changed my date to August 25. They told me the dates they give you from the ultrasounds are the most accurate. It is hard to pinpoint the exact day of conception they just use your last period as a general guideline. I hope this helps

jessicadarling - 2815 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) The closer to conception you can get an ultrasound the more accurate they are going to be. When I first got pregnant they did an ultrasound and the dates matched up exactly to the date of conception. BUT as the weeks went on she started measuring two weeks ahead. They didn't change my due date though because they told me as baby gets bigger the measurements are more off. SO they kept my due date at March 29th instead of moving it to the 15th and what do you know I STILL went 6 days overdue and had her on April 4th

riknlee - 2815 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) My due dates are all different. Going by last period date my due date is 9th Sept, then I had an u/s to date and they said the due date was 19th Sept, then at my cvs they said my due date was the 13th Sept and my last u/s said the 11th Sept. I am also trying to figure out when to take maternity leave, but no one can give you the right answer. What about measuring the height of the fundus. At my last appointment I measured 23 cms and was 22 weeks. good luck -it is frustrating

ash8879 - 2816 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) well some how or another with my doc my due sate stayed the sme, yet she hsent me for 3 ultrasounds.. the first one showed i wasnt as far along as she thought i was... and the scond one showed everythign was fine,, then i had an emergancy ultrasound becuase i was spotting and it said i was 11 weeks, which brought me to 11 weeks at that point.. giving me the same due date she gave me in the first place-- which is weird becuase like i said my first ultrasiund showed i was less than 5 weeks at that time,n the due dsate she gave me was being based on me being 5 weeks:S:S... who knows lol... id say giove or take a week or 2 from the given due date and be prepared! lol...

athome - 2816 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) Hi, How many weeks were you based on your LMP when you had your ultrasound ?

Its-Chelle - 2816 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) my doc was only 3 days off from the u/s..i think the doc had me figured out to be due at end of nov, and u/s had me due dec 1st, my son didnt budge, so i was induced on dec 3rd..august 19th is my 11 yr olds

JennSever - 2816 days ago Rating: 2 (1 votes) don't worry too much about the date change - my due date measured correct up until 25 wks ultrasound where my baby measured just a bit small, therefore moving the week out just a bit. the dr will keep your orig due date, unless they notice an extreme weight discrepancy. plus, i do not want to be pregnant for 41+ wks. heck no!

mzblondex - 2816 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) if you remember when your last period was, you can go to the homepage of i-am-pregnant and off to the right side it will say pregnancy week by week. it will take you to another page after you like on that. off to the right of the other page it will ask you to select a date. you would put the date of your last period. and dont forget to click on last period right beneath the date selection. and it will tell you how far along you are! they might have changed your due date and started thinkin you were further along bc of how big your baby may be. idk though. just try that. maybe it will help. i went to the health department for a preg test. and they gave me dec.8th as a due date. when i went to the dr he told me my due date was dec.15th. i told him what the health department said and he realized he missed calculated. all drs make mistakes. no ones perfect. hope this helps. (= goodluck on your pregnancy.