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Added: 2810 days ago.
Added by: nicolekt
Section: General.
Status: This question is Closed. (Questions will be closed after 10 days.)

I am 22 weeks pregnant and i ahve been smoking throught out my pregnancy, i also smoked with my first, i know it sounds horrible but i really cant quit i feel like i would explode with stress, anyways my question is can smoking cause any birth defects of any other problems with my baby? thank you

ashbertsche - 2805 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) Ok I also smoke, but have always felt ashamed to post anything about it!! Thank you lol. Im 35 weeks prego and my doc told me that somking DOES NOT cause birth defects or pre-term labor only low birth weight. At my last u/s my son was actually bigger than what I was measuring at soo..He is fine. I guess It might depend on how much you smoke to? I went from a pack sometimes more a day to less than a half a pack when I found out. Somedays I can go all day, but I know what you mean about exploding with stress. So don't worry=)

pregnantegyptian - 2806 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) Okay...Flat out my mom smoked with me i turned out fine....My sister smoked with both of her kids they are fine...I only smoke like three times a day but every time my doctor looks at my baby he says that he is perfectly okay lungs are great weight and the weight is perfect...I went to the doctor the other day and i sat next to a girl who was also pregnant she said she still smoked and like as long as it's not over like maybe 5 a day then you'll be fine...God is the only one to determine on how our babies will come out...Im not telling you to continue smoking but i know the feeling of having a cigarette addiction and it's not easy to just quit all at once but you can slow down...God knows our heart.

pregnantegyptian - 2806 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) Okay...Flat out my mom smoked with me i turned out fine....My sister smoked with both of her kids they are fine...I only smoke like three times a day but every time my doctor looks at my baby he says that he is perfectly okay lungs are great and the weight is perfect...I went to the doctor the other day and i sat next to a girl who was also pregnant she said she still smoked and like as long as it's not over like maybe 5 a day then you'll be fine...God is the only one to determine on how our babies will come out...Im not telling you to continue smoking but i know the feeling of having a cigarette addiction and it's not easy to just quit all at once but you can slow down...God knows our heart.

juliealisesmommy - 2809 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) you lil girl may not have problems right now from you smoking with her but she will sooner or later. you really should quit RIGHT NOW to prevent any more serious problems ur child will have in the future. i know doctors always say to quit cuz its not good for the baby, THEY ARE RIGHT. you should quit now

ablondemonster - 2809 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) I used to be a pre-k teacher and had a mother who smoked through her entire pregnancy. Both of her children have severe asthma and several other health issues. It's not worth the risk to the child. You can quit if you want to. That's all there is to it. It's not worth the risk to the child and the guilt you will have for your entire life if something does go wrong.

mamabear36 - 2809 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) Well first of all Me and my husband were both smokers. I smoked with my first pregnancy until about 6 months pregnant,never a day with my second and never with this pregnancy. My middle child had hoerrible breathing problems as a young baby(Which made me and my husband both quit smoking) I know that it is hard to quit but saying you cant is BS. You can you simply dont want to. And I am not trying to be mean but you are being selfish. Everything you do in your pregnancy can effect your baby. Smoking drinking whatever you choose to do. And yes your children may turn out fine but if not your decision to smoke is something that you will have to live with! There is some many people that struggle to conceive or do everything right and things still go wrong in their pregnancies. So no offense but it just really annoys me when people cant make simple changes to thier life for afew short months to better the chances for their child to have a healthier life. Good luck with everything! Toughen up and Quit for afew months!

kea - 2809 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) Well every1 can b nice 2 u & tell u they didn't have any problems when they were smokin' through out there pregnancy & d baby was gonna b blunt,u or ur baby might not b so lucky & dats d stupidest question I have ever heard in my entire life.U should have never put urself in d position 2 get pregnant if u were plannin' on thinkin about urself and not d health of d baby.It's obvious u don't care about ur health d least u can do is think about ur baby.Gudluck wit ur pregnancy.

MiGal76 - 2809 days ago Rating: 1 (1 votes) I smoked with my daughter. Granted I had complications but not due to smoking. I had a specialist who delivered her by emergency c-section. People told me she was so little (3lbs3oz) cuz I smoked. The specialist told me that wasn't true....if I didn't smoke he said she would of weighed 3lbs6ozs. So according to him my smoking wasn't the cause of any of my complications. Hope this makes you feel a bit better.

jojor - 2809 days ago Rating: 1 (1 votes) I smoke too, I have tried to quit tried classes helplines cold turkey and I couldnt do it my blood pressure went through the roof at that point my midwife asked what id been doing when she found out she told me to go by ten fags i went for my bp doing again the following day as she was really worried id lost 3 babies b4 all was normal, not to say that i recomend smoking during preg but in my case there wasnt a choice my son was born 42wks +1 and is now 2 never had to go to doc for anything, they say youll have small baby 9lb n half small???

johnnasbaby - 2809 days ago Rating: 1 (1 votes) im 24 weeks along and ive been smoking throughout the whole thing. Ive been having people try and scare me, its worked, but i still cant quit either. ( i feel like a bad mom) but i feel like i will rip someones head off. But honestly, ive been going to my doc and ultrasounds and they say my baby is perfect, and when i told them i smoke, they just said cut down. Everyone has their own opinion on it i guess... Good luck! :) and congrats!!!

dvsrunt - 2809 days ago Rating: 2 (2 votes) I smoked with my son (just a couple a day) and he was born at 31 weeks (I still wonder if I had quit, if it would have been the same). Then with my daughter, I quit cold turkey the first day I saw a positive! and she too tried to be born at 31 weeks!! I held off till 38. This pregnancy I had to ween myself and it's been really hard! I got to 3 a day by week 8 and then 1 a day by week 10. And in week 11, quit totally! I have been smoke free for 7 weeks now. And it's not easy. Shame on anyone that gives you a hard time, especially if they don't smoke. It's an addiction! if it were easy to quit smokers would in a second as soon as we found out but I have learned over the years it's not a choice. I did choose to smoke when I was really young...but then it become a strong sensation that I couldn't resist. So those that don't smoke, please offer encourgement, not negativity to those trying their best! Good luck Nicole and congrats on your baby. P.S. both my kids are very healthy!

christina1984 - 2809 days ago Rating: 1 (1 votes) well i hate to admit that i smoked with my first. she was completely healthy and full term. but of course there is the risk of respitory problems and low birth weight and premature birth. i was lucky. im 29 wks now and i quit for the 1st 2 or 3 months and then started again. so far she is fine and at a normal weight and the doc said from the last scan she is perfect. i know that doesnt mean she wont have problems cuz she could but i just cant stop. i know about 7 people who smoked with every pregnancy they had and they were lucky as well. most people dont know i smoke cuz i really dont want the judgements and lectures. i hate even going into the store to buy them cuz of the looks i get. in the worlds eyes we are evil people lol

michaela - 2809 days ago Rating: 2 (1 votes) For the effects of smoking se this website. i quit smoking 12 weeks into my pregnancy, but i didn't do it cold turkey. I started cutting down from 6 weeks. I went from normal strength cigs to lights. I rationed myself to a ten pack first week, then the next week i broke each cigarette in half so although i could have 10 separate cigs a day it was really only 5, the next week i dropped to 8 halfs, the next week 6 halfs, then 4, then 2, for the last 2 weeks i smoked only a half a day at a different time each day so my body didn't expect it at a particiular time. By day 6 i didn't want that half but i persevered for the 2 weeks. I don't miss them at all now and i haven't touched one for over 13 months now. I have helped a few ppl give up this way. Give it a try, for your sake as well as your baby. My hubby was so proud of me that he gave up to, he'll be off them a year in August. Good luck. xx

professorpreggers - 2809 days ago Rating: 3.3 (3 votes) While I really have trouble seeing the link between cerebral palsy and smoking, as mentioned in another post here, it would be a really good idea if you tried to get off of them. I think many of us find pregnancy one of the most stressful, anxiety ridden experiences we've ever dealt with, (while others are euphoric and happy clappy for nine months) so I can see why you would want to smoke now more than most other times in life. But there are risks to smoking that you really should consider. Even though a generation ago women were drinking and smoking to their heart's content, you are damaging your baby's lungs, there are links to low birth weight and slow growth, and you are setting him or her up for respiratory problems later on--asthma for example. If I were you I would try my damndest to quit and talk to your Ob about other ways to manage stress. Good luck and don't let other people beat you up too much on here--we're all likely to be judgmental and even if somebody else isnít smoking, they might be hovering up pounds of ice cream and candy and chips--thus setting their baby up for type two diabetes and a life time of obesity and related health problems. Which is worse? I donít know but the main thing is we are all doing our best to give our kids the healthiest start we can.

amber325 - 2809 days ago Rating: 3 (2 votes) Smoking is a very selfish way to punish a baby. My mom never smoked with me, but when I was little my dad always smoked in the car with me in there, and I have severe asthma b/c of it. I would never smoke while pregnant. It is only 9 months to go without it...And I understand stress makes you want it more...but imagine the stress you will face if the baby is born with problems.

2b - 2809 days ago Rating: 4 (1 votes) yes, yes and yes! Quit somking! I did and I can't imagine not making changes to my lifestyle to give my baby a health start at life!

littlecavalier - 2809 days ago Rating: 2 (1 votes) I feel like maybe you're asking because you want motivation to quit? If you were truly selfish you wouldn't even think about the effects to your baby. I also quit the day I found out that I was pregnant because I felt like my baby didn't have a choice and if he could chose he wouldn't chose to be "smoking" inside me. I am also breastfeeding which keeps me from starting again, it has been a year and a half without a cigarette and to be honest it's maybe only once every couple of months that I even think about wanting to smoke. The first couple weeks are the absolute worst but after that it gets so much easier and you start to think about it less and less. So many people say that they would die for their children, I feel like if you could go to that length, why not quit smoking while you're pregnant it's much less dramatic and it gives them the best running chance at life. Also, you absolutely can't smoke weed, it can cause all kinds of birth defects!!

elysium - 2809 days ago Rating: 1 (1 votes) Nicole my question is the same as yours. I am 21 weeks pregnant - although my cigarette diet has been reduced to like 5 a day. I am alsoi seriosly batteling to stop. Smoke a little weed inbetween two, No drinking though. I dunno? How was your first birth. And a pleasure to meet you. Some of the answers below are quite brutal, although i suppose it is to be expected...-)

LoveYourBump - 2810 days ago Rating: 3 (2 votes) This is just one cut and pasted stat from the internet: "if all pregnant women in this country [USA] stopped smoking, there would be an estimated: 11 percent reduction in stillbirths 5 percent reduction in newborn deaths " Still wanna smoke? You need to prioritise and look closer at what's stressing you so much and get help. But don't wait to quite. Exploding with stress would be preferable to putting your baby at risk, surely.

Holly28 - 2810 days ago Rating: 3.3 (3 votes) my younger sister has cerebral palsy, is a quadrapeligic and is almost completely reliable on others for her care. My mother's OB looked at her after my sister was born and said " your daughter is like this because you refused to quit smoking!"

Sueneil - 2810 days ago Rating: 5 (1 votes) I smoked with my first and now he suffers from cronic sinus'

jaskay - 2810 days ago Rating: 2 (3 votes) As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my 1st I quit but after 2 yrs was at it again.She was asmatic.I was on and off with my 2nd, she was born healthy but after a yr we notice she was a slow grower.After many tests I was worried it was cause of my smoking, I was too blame, promised I would not be selfish to put an innocent life in that position again.Now I am pregnant with my 3rd child, I continued to smoke even though I knew it was bad, I felt guilty all the time but lived on the excuse I cant do without.One nite I decided thats its, its been 3 weeks now and I have not touched a smoke let alone allow myself to smoke half.I have not looked back, its amazing what u can do when u put your mind to it.I still long for it all the time but I put my baby first now.

youngmumof2 - 2810 days ago Rating: 4 (4 votes) I never understand how women cant give up smoking i quit when i found out i was pregnant with my first baby and that was 5 yrs ago and never touched one since, i would try your best to stop as your baby can be born with breathing problems, low birth weight and all so can cause still birth which im sure you dont want any of them try speaking to your midwife about trying to give up you have to decide whats more important to you a fag or your babys health i hope you can find the strengh to give up even if it is till your baby is born good luck.

athome - 2810 days ago Rating: 5 (6 votes) Yes smoking has been proven to lead to low birth weight in babies. Babies who weigh less than 5 1/2 pounds at birth face an increased risk of serious health problems during the newborn period, chronic disabilities (such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and learning problems), and even death. Studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also suggest that smoking increases the risk of preterm delivery (before 37 weeks of gestation) by about 30 percent. It also increases the likelihood of certain birth defects, including a cleft lip and/or cleft palate (an opening in the roof of the mouth or the soft tissue in the back of the mouth). Babies of mothers who smoke are twice as likely to die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) as babies of nonsmokers. Children who are exposed to cigarette smoke before birth also may be at increased risk of lasting problems, including asthma, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems.