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headache and 99.2 temperature
Added: 2460 days ago.
Added by: abbyquiet
Section: General.
Status: This question is Closed. (Questions will be closed after 10 days.)

I’ve been getting daily headaches practically since I found out I was pregnant. Like 2 weeks ago they stopped. And then a week ago, they started again but it seems like its different now. I’m 13 weeks today and for the past week straight I’ve had this headache that Tylenol doesn’t help. And it’s getting worse every day. It doesn’t hurt so bad if I’m lying on my back and returns whenever I’m walking around. I took my temperature yesterday about 2 hours after taking Tylenol, and it was either 98.9 or 99.9. I took it this morning and it was 99.2 (no Tylenol). I called the dr. office and they haven’t called me back yet. But I wanted to know if anyone knew if this could be some kind of problem. I have a prenatal apt on wed.

mother649808 - 2460 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I had horrivle headaches that would last for weeks when I was preggers! My ob prescribed some meds. Maybe u should tell them that tylenol isn't helping!

Debra - 2460 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) well- 98.6 is normal. Normal temperature range is 36.5-37.5 celcius or 97.7-99.5 F. If you are feeling chills though, consider this a sign of infection. You should probably try to make an earlier appointment if you think something might be wrong. Keep in mind that it is normal for your temperature as a pregnant woman to be on the higher side of normal. Headaches can be common too- I used to get them more frequently when I was pregnant due to the doubling of blood volume that occurs when pregnant and hormones. Make sure you are drinking plently of water through the day to keep hydrated and keep caffeine consumption to a minimum or other things that can cause stress and trigger your headaches.

canadababy - 2460 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I had headaches all the time too, it's just all the hormones :)

kbrooke1231 - 2460 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) lots of water no caffeine

emma32uk - 2460 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) i had the same problem with headaches, i went to see the doctor and was given some co-codimal pain killers, told to drink plenty of water, cut out caffine and get plenty of rest. easier said than done!!! it will pass i promise, one of mine lasted for a week, its probably due to hormonal changes xx