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pregnant and 43 years old
Added: 2446 days ago.
Added by: valentina322
Section: General.
Status: This question is Closed. (Questions will be closed after 10 days.)

I just got found out I am pregnant. does anyone know what tests I will have to have done at my age?

xolblondieox - 2446 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) You'll do the typical nucal translucency screening and probaly have to see a high risk OB or perinatologist. That will just mean more visits and scans. They will push for an amnio because of the Downes risk, and a few others, but that's up to you.

RobinG - 2446 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) You will have only those you WANT to have. They will try to get you to have them but it is up to you ~ the quad screen blood test is often a false negative when you are over 35 so I refused it (I was 39) the amnio will be pushed but I too refused it. Unless you plan to abort I see no reason for it and why risk a MC, even if only 1%. They can tell SO much from a scan now. I had the PApp-a test the same day as my nucal trans scan at 13 weeks, it is 90% accurate in detecting a possible chromsome concern. It is very good if combined in figuring out the risks of downs. The papp-a blood test is blood taken from your finger. You should also be refer to a high risk doc who specialized in high risk as well as a genetic counselor. They are more experienced in advanced age so if you arent referred by 10 weeks request it :)

mom2twogirls - 2446 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) Probably an Amnio to check for things like Downs Syndrome sinc you would be at a greater risk for it and all

courtenay - 2446 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) i would think they would push an amniocentisis a bit harder but in the end it is up to you if you chose to have one or not. i think you may be monitored a bit closer due to "advanced maternal age" (i believe thats what they call anything over 35) but it would probably be treated the same as any other moderate - high risk pregnancy. congratulations by the way. i was higher risk and just had additional ultrasounds and started weekly non stress tests at 32 weeks and bi weekly at 36 weeks.