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14 days late on my period
Added: 1914 days ago.
Added by: Mummy ov 2
Section: General.
Status: This question is Closed. (Questions will be closed after 10 days.)

Hi i have recently had my 2nd baby 2 months ago sep 2nd. & i had my 1st period again on the 2nd october & then i had a 2nd period the same month 23rd october for about 5days this has never happened b4 i am always regular on my periods & i have never had two periods in one month before & now i`m 14 days late on my period i was due on again the 2nd november & it`s now the 15th i have been breastfeeding my baby & expressing my milk could that be why my period is late? Pls help

Mummy ov 2 - 1913 days ago I took a preg test 2night & it was negative but still no period it's obviously my body getin back 2 normal & the breastfeedin. But I told my sis & she sed i'm still not in the clear cos i could stil b preg but the hcg levels r probably not high enough 2 detect pregnancy :/ i'm gonna give it a while & c wat happens i fink? X :-D

Mummy ov 2 - 1914 days ago Hi colleen :) yes itz true the precum can get u pregnant but i fink it's only a small chance & hmmm mayb u cud b pregnant hav u had n e signs ? Symptoms? Or it could even be stress or ur hormones playing up & at least he pulled out b4 he ejaculated i have been silly lettin my partner ejaculate in me every time we have sex :-O silly i know. Mayb ur body is styl getin bk in2 it's normal routine ov havin regular cycle Afta jus havin a baby hope dat helps? Xx

colleen123 - 1914 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) yes breastfeeding delays the return of your periods although some womans do come back they are usually irregular. Im kinda in a similar situation, i had my 2nd baby 25th august i bleed for 5 weeks then had my period 15th october which lasted for one week, stupidly in the heat of the moment my partner and i had sex without a condom but he pulled out (sorry tmi) before he ejaculated. i am now 4 days late (if goin by my periods before i got pregnant i had a 28 day cycle) so my period was due on friday past and stil nothing. im really worried that i may be pregnant again as i have read alot on the net about men and precum and if they have ejaculated previously the precum can carry sperm inside the woman. i took 3 home preg tests. one 4 days before my period (an early one) one on the day i was due and one the day after and all were negative. im going to the doctors today to get tested just to make sure and put my mind at ease but what are the chances that im pregnant again? is it possible ??? im so scared and so stupid i know!!!! xx

Mummy ov 2 - 1914 days ago & thank you every1 for answerin my question i'm so grateful for your help :-D XxX

Mummy ov 2 - 1914 days ago Cos i'm worried i might be pregnant again i don't really feel pregnant apart 4rm i have had gas lately :$ & on sat i wanted a crisp & cheese sandwich which is weird 4me lol x x

chica0126 - 1914 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) yes...when u breastfeed it will usually stop ur periods but i have had people tell me that even while breastfeeding they still had periods...also, ur periods could just be messed up due to hormones...i had that happen. when u say u had 2 periods in 1 month it does kinda sound like hormones might play a role in the problem...i would say give it some time...BUT..if u feel really uneasy with the situation u could always call ur doc and they could suggest something 4 u. i hope this has helped a little.

leighsamarie - 1914 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I would say it is where you are breastfeeding..I am breastfeeding my baby girl who will be 16 weeks on thrusday and at about 7 or 8 weeks I started bleeding and my doctor said it was my period even though I was breastfeeding..And then about a month later I started bleeding again, but also had a ovarian cyst rupture and I don't know if the bleeding was from the ovarian cyst which will cause bleeding or if my doctor was right and it was my period..Haven't had any bleeding since then..I know your body will do all kinds of crazy things after having a baby..I would say it is just hormones and you will not have normal periods for a while..

bachman6 - 1914 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I just had my 4th child in June and my period is finaly back to normal... The first couple months was completely crazy and I too am ALWAYS normal (every 28 days on the dot) so I took pregnancy test quite often. I breastfed for 4 weeks then when my daughter turned 2 months old I had my first period, then again 3 weeks later, then not for a month and a half.. So I think this is pretty normal because this is close to what happens to me with each of my babies.

Shanz-From-NZ - 1914 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) could be your body is going through crazy changes, if you are breastfeeding you usually don't have a period until you stop breastfeeding or baby moves onto solids so your supply lessons. for instance I didn't get my period until my son was 7months old, maybe your body just took a while to catch on :o) Still if your worried get a test :)