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what does negative 2 mean?????
Added: 1651 days ago.
Added by: Mommy Quimby
Section: General.
Status: This question is Closed. (Questions will be closed after 10 days.)

Went to the doctor on Tuesday for my 39 weeks and 4 days appointment. I was 75% effaced, only dilated to 1 cm, and baby was at a -2??? I can`t remember what the -2 means from my last pregnancy?????????????

rorylex2008 - 1650 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) it means your baby certainly isnt far off. i was the same 2hrs b4 my son was born. 80% effaced, 1-2cm and well engaged

boomerette - 1651 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) oh yes....its all coming back!!! LOL thanks for posting this question I was curious too!!!

peachesmommy - 1651 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) -2 station means the baby's head is 2cm above the pubic bone. 0 station is where the baby's head is right at the pubic bone, +4 station is where the baby's head is right at the vaginal opening.

Mommy Quimby - 1651 days ago springbaby411...thank you...thats what i thought, but i couldn't remember if negative was good or bad...thanks

boomerette - 1651 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) -2? I am curious as well..I have no idea..!? I remember my dr saying something like that too but cant remember either..did you try to google it? LOL