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Boy or girl? Same symptoms anyone?
Added: 1782 days ago.
Added by: melissamellish
Section: General.
Status: This question is Closed. (Questions will be closed after 10 days.)

So I am 15 weeks and I get to find out the gender of my baby next week. So I am going to tell you how my symptoms were and still are and you tell me your opinion. So I am super tired still and i had no morning sickness and my boobs weren`t tender till I was 9 weeks and they still don`t hurt that bad. I was urinating a lot. And my urine color is bright yellow(tmi). I am 20 years old and I want a boy but a girl is great too. My babys heartbeat is between 148 and 151. It kept moving so she couldn`t get an accurate number. As I said the baby moves a lot already so it`s very active. So what do you all think, boy or girl? Has anyone had the same symptoms and had a boy? Has anyone had the same symptoms and had a girl? Please share I am so excited to find out.

ElanaMoM - 1779 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I am 9weeks pregnant with baby number 3. Let me just say that my first 2 pregnancies were HORRIBLE. I dont think anyone on earth had worse pregnancies than I. My 1st, since the day I conceived I literally was best friends with my bathroom trashcan. I am normally around 115pds @ 5feet small petite frame. I lost about 20pds my 1st 3 months from vomitting and dehydration, I couldnt even get out of bed to brush my teeth at times (not to sound gross). Even one ice chip made me throw up. I was throwing up the lining of my stomach constantly. I didnt start gaining weight til bout the 7th month. My max weight w/baby #1 was 131. But it was that bad. I was that way up until about 8 months. With my 2nd pregnancy it was even worse. I had to resign from my job around 2mths pregnant because the vomitting was incontrollable. I had constipation like a ****. I was hospitalized every other week for dehydration and was put on these pills (zofrin) just to help me keep my food down. At times I even just threw up air. My body was like an automatic alarm clock that just went off every 20min to throw up. I started off 117pds ended up 101pds around month 4. Eventually with the help of the zofrin I began to eat and ended up 137 month 9. Noone feel sorry for me because those pregnancies are done. I received 2 beautiful girls from them. I am now preggo with #3 and god has answered my prayers. Don't get me wrong I am still sick as a dog every single day and night with nausea and heartburn. But I have not thrown up once and that is great. I am fatigued constantly with TERRIBLE headaches evil mood swings some cramping and back/leg pains. But most importantly ''NO VOMITTING''. Aside from the normal symptoms I can eat like a horse. I have this mothers instinct it's a boy, but no matter the symptoms GOD has his own plans!!!

Rpasco1 - 1781 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I had all your symptoms.I'm 33's a boy!! Good luck! I sure as hell didn't want a

movingforward - 1782 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I had nausea and very tender BBs with my daughter. I had almost no nausea and very tender BBs with my son. I only made it to 18 wks with DD but I carried her wide, where as DS looked like a basketball. I think you might be having a boy. I think this one (lots of nausea, exhaustion, mood swings, tender BBs) is a girl for me.

LeoBaby822 - 1782 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I had almost the same exact symptoms as you and I am the same age (don't know if that makes a difference). I found out a week ago I'm having a boy. My babies heartbeat has been around 150-156. And he's extremely active as well. So just for fun, you sound like you may be having a boy. :)

mama27angels - 1782 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I'm pregnant with my 7th (no twins or triplets either) and I firmly believe that symptoms are so much "stronger" with boys. The morning sickness is horrible. JUST FOR FUN based on your symptoms I would say girl. I've had 5 girls, 1 boy and preggo with another boy now. Good luck:)

DanielsMummy - 1782 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I had bad sickness with my son. I think Im having a girl this time as feel nauseus but not been sick. Feel completely different and my bump already different and feel like its going all round as opposed out front (like I carried with my son)...

k.harton - 1782 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) i didnt have morning sickness for my girl, or my boy.

mommy2be313 - 1782 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) im having a boy & i had morning sickness up until 5 months!! so it really has to relation to the gender. EVERYONE thought i was having a girl but nope hes a boy lol & trust i wanted a boy sooo bad n with all the "youre having a girl" i started believing it. Just have faith :) regardless it'll be the BEST blessing you'll ever receive! good luck

watermelonsmuggler - 1782 days ago Rating: 0 (0 votes) I would say with no morning sickness, its a boy!