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Mamabearof3 - 3.6 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
doesn't seem to be much going on in the TTC forums, looks like most of the ladies here got BFP's congrats :) and for those that are still waiting for one lots of baby dust your way. ...

lizzy831 - 21.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Last Saturday I got a dark positive. Today I am bleeding. I want to cry. ...

candila - 141.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
help! mc back in October. reg AF in November. remember brown mucus around time of ovulation for one day. regular AF Dec 24th. brown mucus around ovulation 1 day. then nothing, one week later more brown mucus. for 3 days or so. now 4 days la ...

bkle - 155.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
holtz--- ended up getting AF on the 21. So I must of ovulated late or twice. The clearblue ovulation test said I ov 25-27 and again from 6-8. Weird because I thought people couldn't ov twice. I hope your pregnancy is going well :-) Did ...

holz8519 - 166.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Bkle seemed to me like you didn't ovulate till the 8th or 9th. So AF wouldn't be due till 22-23? Did she show or have you gotten a positive yet? ...

holz8519 - 166.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
babytwee im on there now just following everyone but I haven't commented or anything. I don't want it to show up in my recent activity as we're not telling anyone till we are in the 2nd trimester. ...

MrsBugs - 217.1 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hi ladies!! Sorry to hear about your mc anabean. I too suffered one just before Christmas. My AF after mc arrived exactly when it should have done so after all the sadness and the grief I was thankful my cycle has not been affected! We're n ...

anabeanafor2 - 220.8 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
And I'm back to TTC. I had a very early miscarriage on January 3rd. Started trying again this month but SO is sick so only got to BD (when it counted) the 18th and 21st. Had my LH surge evening of the 19th. I'm not very hopeful this mon ...

babytwee - 273.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Here's the link in case you can't find it, Jamie86 and holz8519 ...

bkle - 290.9 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
6 days late still bfn test....whats going on hmmm ...

Ryskay - 317.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive not to sound rude or anything but how many times are you going to post the same post? you do realize thats spaming and not to say whatever your trying to sell just like other's like yourself posting the same crap its ...

jamie86 - 317.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Babytwee- I will have to look for that group! ... - 317.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
I want to thank you for this wonderful program. After years of trying to conceive and a failed IVF and a failed FET, I ordered Pregnancy Herb @ According to my infertility doctor it was “very unlikely” t ...

Megs319 - 335.8 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hi ladies! I am not new to this site I joined years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter; we lost her at 20 weeks to a rare condition and have gone on to have healthy baby boy who is now almost 2! I'm back to try for another baby :) Is ...

heather8912 - 356.9 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Thank you carlos-erin i was hoping it was i will have my ultrasound feb 10th to confirm i was told girl and since i have 2 boys and 1 girl another girl would make it even :) ... - 359.7 hours ago - Posted in Tests-before-pregnancy > German-Measles
I want to thank you for this wonderful program. After years of trying to conceive and a failed IVF and a failed FET, I ordered Pregnancy Herb @ According to my infertility doctor it was “very unlikely” t ...

carlos-erin - 363.7 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
heather8912 I had the materna21 test & it was correct. ...

heather8912 - 383 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
I know this isnt the correct one to post this but was wondering if anyone has ever had the materniT21 test done and told the gender and was it right ...

bkle - 392.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
redbeamer--im pretty sure that talilaglee is advertising a product and unfortunately found this site to post on :-( ...

bkle - 394.6 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
3 days late now! ... - 399.9 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
I want to thank you for this wonderful program. After years of trying to conceive and a failed IVF and a failed FET, I ordered Pregnancy Herb @ According to my infertility doctor it was “very unlikely” t ... - 400.1 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
I want to thank you for this wonderful program. After years of trying to conceive and a failed IVF and a failed FET, I ordered Pregnancy Herb @ According to my infertility doctor it was “very unlikely” t ...

carlos-erin - 411.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
I have not been on here in a long time. But me & another mom (we both had lots of problems getting pregnant) will be having a radio show on Friday talking about infertility. There will be a guest speaker that is an infertility coordinator ...

amw050383 - 414.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Teacup...we are trying for number 2! ...

amw050383 - 414.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Congrats to all the BFP's! Exciting! We struck out this month. Let's see how next month plays out! Good luck everyone! ...

MistyVT - 417.1 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
Hi! Checking in? Any new pregnant Mamas needing support? ...

TA77 - 418 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
Hey just came in for a look. Was prompted by a FB post lol. Hope everyone is well. I had my bub on September 24 2014 (#4 for me) we are not sure if we will have anymore yet bit hey there is always a possiblity. :-) ...

bkle - 420.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Well, my period was suppose to start yesterday and it hasn't started yet. BFN on 4 prego tests, at this point I just want AF to start and get it over with. ...

holz8519 - 456.8 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
lol never mind I'm so not computer savvy ...

holz8519 - 456.8 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
babytwee i searched that group and couldnt find it can you post a link? ...

teacup - 457.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Anyone trying for number 3? ...

bkle - 458.1 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Tested today....very small line showed up after the recommended time on 2 tests so its probably an evap. Period due tomorrow, cramping, and just plain icky today so im expecting AF to come :-( Boo ...

kashsmommy - 459.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hi ladies! Haven't been on these pages in ages!!! I need help! We are ttc and have been for several months. I took my first round of Clomid on December 17-21. My progesterone at cd21 labs was 65.4. Since about 10dpo I've been having incredi ...

babytwee - 463 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hi ladies! Just thought I'd check in and say CONGRATULATIONS to the BFP's!! Jamie86 and holz8519!! I'm so happy for you since I remember going through my ttc with both of you and all three of us suffering losses. :( I don't know if either o ...

bkle - 466.7 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Still no period, im going to take a prego test later today. My right side hurts really bad this past week, almost like I have another cyst bursting on my ov :-( ...

jamie86 - 502.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Mrsbugs- so sorry about the pets. On December 29th (bubbys bday) our beloved pit some how got out of our yard and hit by a car. We are devastated. She was the best dog and so good with our kids. We did go get a new puppy. I'm just hoping sh ...

MrsBugs - 503.6 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Thanks girls!! No we've decided to delay ttc because we're moving to a cottage in the country in April that needs renovating and it would have been very stressful if I had still been pregnant anyway. So we'll probably start ttc again in Ju ... - 505.1 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
IUD will be removed on the 19 Jan. I am feeling excited! ...

jamie86 - 525.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Mrsbugs- thank you! Your mc was very early wasn't it? hopefully your cycles are back to normal quickly. ...

holz8519 - 526 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
MrsBugs thank you. I've noticed that AF seemed to return about 2 weeks once my beta HCG got down to about 5. so Depending on how far along you are when you miscarry it may not be too far off and if you think you ovulated then af should ar ...

MrsBugs - 533.8 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hey holz and jamie massive congratulations!! You have been my ttc buddies for the last 6 months!! So pleased for you!! So it has been 4 weeks since my mc and it has been pretty tough to deal with. I think I ovulated 2 weeks ago as I had lot ...

amw050383 - 535.9 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hey ladies! Its been quite awhile since I have been back here. Husband and I are TTC baby #2. Wishing you all the best ladies! ...

Ryskay - 553.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Congrats holz on your BFP :) ...

bkle - 560 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
congrats holtz :-) ...

holz8519 - 560.1 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
IDK BKLE sounds to me like you are ovulating today. This sounds exactly like what happened to me this cycle. if you can i'd bd just in case. I didn't ovulate till about 5 days before i would normally get my period. luckily DH and I kept ...

bkle - 561.1 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
BFN on dollar store test today and a positive on ovulation test again. 4-5 days before AF is suppose to come. felling cramps/headache/bloating/nausea so im thinking Af is coming :-( ...

bkle - 572.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
my husband has been working a lot so unfortunately recently no bd'ing. my cm looks like ovulation to me... more now then it did ovulation at 10 days from menstral. Did you retest on the digital yet holz? ...

holz8519 - 574.1 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
bkle have you been bd'ing in case you are now ovulating? Do you track CM? ...

jamie86 - 580.9 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Holz- I understand. We lost two last year around 15 weeks so I'm praying hard this one is fine and we get to bring home a baby in September. ...

bkle - 585.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
took 2 ovulation tests again today very strong possitives. Its difficult to believe id be ovulation this close to my AF time. Confused. ...

bkle - 586.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Digital ept took today is negative, but could still be too soon. Ive had a really bad headache, feeling tired, so either its pregnancy or im just getting sick. I ordered more pregnancy tests on ebay yesterday. Not the digital ones this t ...

holz8519 - 600.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Bkle thats how my cycle this month was. you probably had a surge earlier and did not end up ovulating, now your body is trying to release the egg again with a second surge so get to BD'ing. My second surge was the strongest surge ive ever ...

jamie86 - 602.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Holz congrats! Maybe the digital will be positive tomorrow? ...

bkle - 609 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
holz-- that's cute she wants to help put a baby in your belly. My 3 year old says she wants a baby sister. So I took another ept digital today and its Not pregnant. Just for fun I took another ovulation test clearblue advanced digital an ...

holz8519 - 609.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
bkle I would think implantation bleed i've never had it but I do tend to have bleeding around 6-7 weeks. I took a FRER and dollar tree test yesterday and got a super super faint line not sure if i was willing it to be there line today bot ...

sher-baby - 625.7 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Happy New Year ladies!!! I got my bfp at 10dpo but with a digital! I did test on ic and I could hardly hardly see the faint test line, that's why I took a see if my eye were just playing tricks on me or if maybe it was a shadow ...

bkle - 626.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
holz8519- I ov on dec 26 too haha. My ov test confirmed it. My temp has been up and down from normal to 99.4. Ive never tracked ovulation or anything even tho ive had 4 kids. I took more ovulation tests this week just to see what it wou ...

holz8519 - 632.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Lisa85 do you use opks to track surge and temp to confirm when you actually ovulate? I have crazy cycles currently on CD 39 and only 9-10 dpo which i confirmed with temping. Otherwise id never know. I've never been prego and not gotten a ...

lisa85 - 633.8 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
TTC with second child. Period is 2 days late but getting negative tests. Has this happened to anyone else and they have actually been pregnant? ...

holz8519 - 634.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
So doesn't seem like there is anyone left in here to share with but I got a super faint positive on FRER this morning. Holding out for a definite positive before I celebrate, but looking promising. I want a BFP on a digital before tellin ...

holz8519 - 649.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
So tomorrow is 10 DPO thinking about using one of my FRER in the am. I did do a dollar store test this am and got a BFN. My chart is looking promising though I had a little dip on 6DPO and since then my temp have shifted higher. FX i get ...

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