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Showing the latest comments. - 3.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Af is due tomoro for me n pretty sure its not gona be long :( ...

jory927 - 65.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
@williamson I know that first appointment always feels forever away! Oh no I don't even want to think of heartburn!! So far it hasn't shown up but I had reflux so bad with dd lying down was out of the question! I'm doing really well, week 6 ...

WilliamsonBabies - 68.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
mari1215 - Thank you!! Week 5 is also dead!! so boring!! I hope you are doing well!! ...

WilliamsonBabies - 68.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Ryskay - I completely agree!! When I was on here with my last pregnancies the forms were so busy I could barely keep up and now I feel like I am talking to my self!! Very disappointing because I really enjoyed this site before and now it ...

WilliamsonBabies - 68.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
jory927 - Thank you!! We are very excited as well!! I have had a TON of heartburn with a normal amount of morning sickness! My Dr will not see me until I am eight weeks so that feels like FOREVER!! LOL I just moved to week 5 and there is ... - 97.3 hours ago - Posted in Ovulation-Calendar
I feel the same way as any other woman with heartbreak and What would I have done if not for DR. OSAUYI, my name is Mrs. Robin Wendy, I am 38. years old and I have a son. Unfortunately almost a year ago his father broke up with me because o ...

beautifulmommyof4 - 108.6 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hello ladies! I've used this site in the past for 3 of 4 of my pregnancies and found this to be extremely helpful. Well, I'm back again as the hubby and I are trying to conceive for the 5th and final time. This is the 1st month that we've b ...

weber3 - 110.7 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
I am still hanging around. Looks like I am the only one. My bleeding has stopped since yesterday already. Haven't been able to get myself into taking bbt yet since my loss but going to tttc anyways. I know my body so well by now I don't rea ...

mari1215 - 115.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hey ladies just checking in. How are you all doing? ------ williamsonbabies- yayyyyyyy congrats on your BFP!!! Im soooo happy for you! :) I'm on week 9 and never see anything on the forums :( it's lonely over there. ...

jory927 - 115.7 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
@Williamson I'm in week 11!! Feels like it's flying by! I'm so disappointed in this site since most of the weeks are silent! Really wish the owners would put a little effort into advertising or something to get things going. I'm on baby cen ...

WilliamsonBabies - 117.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Jory927 - what week are you in? It seems like its been such a long time sense your BFP! ...

WilliamsonBabies - 117.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Thank you Ryskay, taz242012 Jory927 and tryingfor4!! ...

Tryingfor4 - 132.8 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Congrats williamsonbabies! Cycle day 7 for me today and 2 nd day of trying clear blue digital ovulation test. With cheaper store bought brand never got true pos. but around day 14.-16 would show darkest so I don't expect to get pos. for ...

jory927 - 135.6 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
@williamsonbabies congrats!!! So happy you and your family! And good luck to all the ladies still patiently waiting!! ... - 137.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Congrats williamson. Af is due in a week for me altho very unlikely we caught as only get to bd at weekends. ...

WilliamsonBabies - 138.8 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Thank you Ryskay! The week 4 page does not have anyone talking... :( ...

redbeamer - 154.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
MY period is in full force now. Lets see what next month brings. ...

WilliamsonBabies - 160.4 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Well after spending the last month spending less time focusing on TTC I FINALLY got a BFP on May 15th!! DH and I are so excited for baby #7!!! Sending lots of baby dust to you ladies!! Thank you for all the support over the last 4 months ...

redbeamer - 206.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Well, i took 2 pg test.. one last night and one with FMU both neg. I guess it was a very very light period. grrr.... OH well.. try again! ... - 221.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Redbeamer af can fool ur mind occassionally hope it is implantation for u. My experience with implantstion bleeding... only ever had it once with my youngest was pinky n only when wiped but had lots of ewcm mixed ... - 221.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Morning all. Been a hectic few days as girls have had so many things to attend so all ive been getting is much needed SLEEP. On the plus side i now feel refreshed and ready for my lil ladies to go spend the night with ther dad and gran whil ...

redbeamer - 230.1 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
My period is very crazy this time. Very light spotting only when i wipe. I barely get anything on a panty liner (TMI) It went from red when i wiped on Tuesday to brown with light pink mixed. I have never had a 'period' like this. Now, it is ...

Twomarchbebes - 240.7 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
cd22 and red spotting this evening. Not great news but I wouldn't be expecting af for another week or more. :-I ...

weber3 - 248.2 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
@tryingfor4 you should chart Temps because you can tell if you are ovulating and if you are lucky enough to get a dip before ovulation you can catch it easily and can see if your luteal phase which is after ovulation is long enough to get p ...

Tryingfor4 - 255.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Good luck twomarchbebes. cycle day 3 here so starting over once again. I was using wondfo as It gets expensive and never got a positive. Had darker days but never darker than control. I have a box of the ones with the smiley faces now w ...

Twomarchbebes - 263.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Kelley - it's hard to hear but hang in there. It took me eight years to conceive my son. Crazy long time, but at the end of the day you just have to keep trying. TAZ - Amazing story. Funny how love works. Sorry your ex cheated. Some men are ...

Tryingfor4 - 263.8 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
Thank you weber3. I have been charting cycle lengths but not temps. The last few cycles have tried wondfo ovulation tests but never got actual positive. Bought some of the tests that give the smiley face which is what we ultimately conce ...

weber3 - 269.2 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
@tryingfor4 welcome. I am assuming you are 'advanced maternal age?' Do you chart your cycles with bbt Temps etc.? I was married at the age of 37. We have three children and two losses now. Still hoping for a fourth. Waiting for my period ba ...

Tryingfor4 - 273.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hi ladies! Been trying for number 4 since Nov. with no luck. Rejoined this site tonight looking to get some support on this journey. With cycles anywhere from 21-28 days it is a challenge. Good luck to others ttc ...

Tryingfor4 - 274 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
Hi ladies just rejoined this site tonight. I have been trying to conceive #4 since Nov. with no luck took 9 months to conceive babies 2 and 3. I have periods each month that come anywhere from 21 to 28 days usually. Just,looking for som ...

weber3 - 275.1 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
I feel better than with my last loss. I think partly that I know what to expect and what I will feel and partly I am more at peace with 3 kids than I was with two. Trying to stay positive that I experienced the miracle of being pregnant ag ... - 279.8 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
With my first two it didnt take me long to concieve well first daughter 3 weeks after coming off the pill i found out i was preg and second daughter i got very drunk and concieved whilst on the pill. I then as embarrassing as it is had to g ...

kelley82879 - 281 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Yeah we are trying for our 2nd baby. First one was easy bought some opks got pregnant first try. Our plan was to have another in 2 years. Well my little one will be 5 next month. Way behind. Not from lack of trying. We started stepping up i ...

lil.pigz - 285.6 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
weber3- I completely agree with 2b:) I was sure I was done after my last loss too, it was my 5th one and having to go through the delivery of a stillborn baby at 20 weeks was devastating. I initially took it as a sign that I needed to stop, ...

2bBlessedw2 - 297.2 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
Weber-when I got pregnant by surprise on my 40th bday I thought to a blessing after trying for 3 years to have a second. I had my son so I was ok with being done. One of each. I had endured 11 miscarriages already so I w ...

Twomarchbebes - 298.1 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Kelley - I think dreams mean it's on your mind. I get like that. So funny when people say 'don't even think about it and it will happen'. I ovulate around cd18 so I know how annoying ovulating late can be. Af can be on time in 28 days or 4 ...

weber3 - 300.9 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
Well I am definitely out this time. Thinking so many thoughts right now. Sure hubby won't want to try again. Not sure if I want to. Do I want to go thru this again and how much older will I be by the time I can conceive again. Do I really r ...

2bBlessedw2 - 302.5 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
Praying for you Weber!!! ...

lilpumpkin - 303 hours ago - Posted in In-Vitro-Fertilization
I used this site with my first pregnancy with my DD and had a wonderful experience. This time around I am still TTC and using IVF due to my age and complications getting/staying pregnant. After 3 miscarriages we decided to seek professional ...

kelley82879 - 305.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
I had a dream last that included 3 positive hpts. Too bad it wasn't true as my test this morning was a bfn. I am 12dpo today. I ovulated late this cycle. I am on CD34. I guess I shouldn't expect AF until CD 36-38. ...

weber3 - 306.7 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
@dec baby I have an ultrasound at 3 today so maybe will have some answers soon. I am bleeding like a heavy period and cramping bad but only two clots passed so a shred of hope still. Will keep you posted. ... - 308 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hi twomarchbebes. My af only ended approx a week ago n bd for the first time since coming off the pill at the weekend. Would be nice to get a bfp really quickly but i dont mind. With my last daughter it took a year and a half of trying. ...

Dec Baby - 308.8 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
Aww weber, you should go into emergency and ask for an ultrasound to see what is going on. If you're bleeding it may be a hematoma. I hope and pray that everything settles down...I'm thinking of you ...

Twomarchbebes - 310.2 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Taz - Hi I am cd19 and waiting for af to arrive or not arrive. I actually already feel like af is arriving but obviously it isn't. Just cramping and weirdness. This month I used OPKs again and I started taking iron tablets and multivitamins ... - 311.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hi ladies im back here :) had to set up a new accpunt as mine wasnt signing in. I already have 3 healthy little girls age 6.. nearly 5 and 11 month old tomoro. Me and my partner are using the not trying not preventing technique. Came off th ...

weber3 - 319.5 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
I wish I was one of those ladies who defied all the odds against her but looks like my journey is ending at 10 weeks. Maybe if I am lucky I will be back. ...

Twomarchbebes - 347.3 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Hey Ryskay - I am ttc again this month. Taking iron tablets as I had anemia, OPK's which say I ovulate around cd15-16 etc. I have heard that anemia makes it hard to conceive so maybe iron tablets will help. I have heard people taking vitami ...

weber3 - 478.4 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
@Dec Baby yes my symptoms are still different. Ms is very weak also. I am getting a little pressure sometimes but my only major symptoms are sore bb's and Sometimes my sense of smell is heightened but most of the time I don't smell anything ... - 488.5 hours ago - Posted in Ovulation-Calendar
Unimaginable and unbelievable. I am Tracy Jones from the United States and i have a good news to share to the entire world. Do you need your ex husband or lover urgently? I wanna tell you that you need not to worry because i have a good new ...

Dec Baby - 501.3 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
Yay Weber...9 weeks! I can't wait to see you pass 12 weeks;) I hope you're feeling O.K, how is your morning sickness going? Are your symptoms still a bit different from your previous pregnancies? Thinking of you:) ...

weber3 - 582.5 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
@agv keep us posted how things turn out for you. What kind of test are you taking? Maybe try a different brand of test in a few days and are you using first morning urine? Your symptoms sound suspicious but could be just part of the regula ...

mari1215 - 593.5 hours ago - Posted in -General::Trying-to-conceive
Thank you all ladies you are all so sweet. Williamsonbabies- I really hope and pray you do get your BFP this cycle. I thinks its a great idea to relax anf not stress so much. You will get your baby soon, youll see! *hugs* ...

agv - 596.9 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
@weber3... after my last baby girl (I was 38 yrs old) I have had trouble with AF ever since... I am pretty regular now. I want to say I would have ovulated around 4/11-4/15. still no AF today, still negative PG test, still same symptoms... ...

weber3 - 598 hours ago - Posted in Advanced-age-and-pregnancy
@agv do you know if you ovulate? Are your cycles regular? For me I get pregnancy symptoms right before I ovulate and it continues until right before I get my period. I think the symptoms get stronger the older I get. I just hate this pms. I ...

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