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Hawa (girls,Spanish)
hawa l
Hawa is also Arabic for Eve, first woman, beginner of all things, air, or ether
New comment:
Sylvia (girls,Latin)
Meaning:From the Forest
My best friend is named Sylvia and we call her Sibby
I love my name and I think it's beautiful and unique!
Sylvia Bernadette Bradford-Butler
I hated my name growing I looove the sound of it.<...
New comment:
Kristina (girls,Slavic)
Meaning:Christ Bearer
It is my name
I love my name because its German,and I love Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel,and he German
I like the name because it is totally feminine.
i love how ...
New comment:
Emily (girls,English)
Hi, My name is Emily. I've heard it means industriuos and ambitious in german.
Also stands for: Every Minutes I love You
I heard my name means industrious and eager.
my name ...
New comment:
Lizzy (girls,English)
Meaning:Consecrated to God
evy1 calls me lizzy n i love it!
En el Paraguay es muy difícil de encontrar a niñas con este hombre UNICOO!!

i love my name lizzy because am God's properity
Lizzy Donald
The name is ...
New comment:
Manny (boys,English)
Meaning:God is With Us
Dan Robert
My 2nd son will bear that name
New comment:
Sadaf (girls,Arabic)
tarannum katoon
i understand the sadaf means the real perl which is inside the seashell.
i know a sadaf.
i like the name.
My name is Sadaf, i have been told it means the real pearl which is inside an oyster
New comment:
Callistus (boys,Latin)
Meaning:Most Beautiful
another search i found on the meaning was spanish and it means warrior
Calistus orjiako
I'm a Nigerian.born in 1994.i've been asked severally what my name as calistus means but i couldn't say.i bought so many encyclop...
New comment:
Lydia (girls,Greek)
Meaning:woman from Persia, beauty
the best name ever cause its mine lol
I like my name. It`s nice. My mom like`s it to.
I love my name,thanks dad for giving me this beautiful name
Lydia Adamu
Lydia is a woman of rank...
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Latest name experiences

Best thing about my name Ariella:
It's a beautiful unique Hebrew name that not too many people have
Worst thing about the name Ariella: Misspellings ad mispronunciations
If my name wasn`t Ariella... Then I would be a boy named Joey
Anything else? I love my name and would not change it for the world!

Best thing about my name Cynthia:
the way u say it
Worst thing about the name Cynthia:
If my name wasn`t Cynthia... i would pebbly would not be too shy
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Kasey:
It's Unique.
Worst thing about the name Kasey: People say, and spell it wrong.
If my name wasn`t Kasey... Then my name wouldn't be Kasey.
Anything else? I love my name.

Best thing about my name Agustina:
It's unique and amazing
Worst thing about the name Agustina: Nothing
If my name wasn`t Agustina... Nothing else
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Reina:
It's a good conversation starter :)
Worst thing about the name Reina: People can never pronounce it correctly
If my name wasn`t Reina... I think my personality might be a bit different. I would probably have been a little less outgoing!
Anything else? I wouldn't change my name for the world :)

Best thing about my name Lauren:
Lots of nicknames like Lozza, Loz and way more
Worst thing about the name Lauren: It's a common name
If my name wasn`t Lauren... Tahlia
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Sasha:
It's makes me outstanding, and everyone wants to know who sasha is
Worst thing about the name Sasha: Many people don't know it's a name. They see it as a nickname
If my name wasn`t Sasha... Then i would be Darlene
Anything else? It's great being Sasha. Everyone loves me

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