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Thanks for adding names and comments! These names are new additions, contributed by our readers. Click on a name to read the comments or to add a comment yourself.
New comment:
Shayna (girls,Hebrew)
I love the name Shayna and used it for my first daughter. Everyone comments on how beautiful the name is and we have only ever met one other so far!
My name is Shana; pronounced Shayna. I would have preferred tha...
New comment:
Shania (girls,English)
i had no idea my name meant .....beautiful omg
ma daughters name is Shanaya...she is so warm and full of life
that is so true because i am a very beautiful and loving and nice person heartss ...
New comment:
Marlisa (girls,English)
Meaning:Variant of Marlene Woman from Magdala.
my name is unique!!! :-)
New name:
Yer (girls,Hmong)
Meaning:Last child in the House
New comment:
Krystyna (girls,Polish)
Meaning:Anointed, Follower of Christ
I love this name ;)
I love my name!!! Its super unique and im always reminded of it!! People cant forget me because of it!!!
i love my name because even tho there is many kristinas or...
New comment:
Eleanor (girls,English)
Really beautiful name, sophisticated, smart and extremely classy
Really beautiful name, sophisticated, smart and extremely classy
Watch your mouth y...
New comment:
Melinda (girls,Greek)
Meaning:gentle one
Melinda Schaeffer
it's ok..
Melinda Begley
I love my name. It truely stands out from the rest of the crowd.
Melinda M.
Melinda is definitely different... my parents chose it for the meaning and I like it most of th...
New comment:
Monita (girls,Latin)
Interesting to find that a similarity in name can have so many similar features! :) exactly-no person can pronounce my name correctly on the first time.some take a few days while a lifetime for some! :)
New comment:
Christine (girls,French)
Meaning:Anointed, Follower of Christ
do you think i was born in December because of CHRISTine in my name? No, no, fact, i was born in February. Maybe my parents gave me this because it's Love month! and Christ came on earth because He loves us! isn't it a wonde...
New comment:
Aleke (girls,English)
Meaning:Protector of Mankind
Aleke ifeyinwa perpetua
Now i bilv dat am unique. Hm, wot a nice and beautiful name. I like it!
Aleke ifeyinwa perpetua
I have nver regreat bearing dat surname 'aleke' cus it is unique. Yes it is. Wish i am a male so dat i can ...

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Latest name experiences

Best thing about my name Shayna:
All the boys it gets me
Worst thing about the name Shayna: All the boys it doesn't get me
If my name wasn`t Shayna... I would be named Guisseppe
Anything else? I took Algebra twice and I like boys

Best thing about my name Denny:
In over 40 years ive never met another with Denny on there birth cert.
Worst thing about the name Denny: People think that its dennis or that they think denny is my last name.NEVER see door placks or key fobs with my name on them
If my name wasn`t Denny...
Anything else? I like being the only one so far in my life with my name

Best thing about my name Catherine:
it makes me want to b Pure just like it's meaning.... and d royal that goes wit it ....
Worst thing about the name Catherine: it's pronunciation and more mixtures
If my name wasn`t Catherine... nofin else.... Catherine is just right
Anything else? just lovin my name Catherine

Best thing about my name Shania:
it is the most unique than other
Worst thing about the name Shania: they didnt spell or pronouncce correctly
If my name wasn`t Shania... jennifer
Anything else? sabrina

Best thing about my name Abigail:
Not many people are named Abigail
Worst thing about the name Abigail: WHEN PEOPLE ASSUME I GO BY ABBY. I hate being called Abby tbh
If my name wasn`t Abigail... I think I would've been named rose? Idk I was a surprise. My parents were expecting one but got two lol
Anything else? Pls don't call and Abigail Abby unless she tells you to.

Best thing about my name Shaylee:
It is unique, and the origin is part of my personal heritage, which I find amusing
Worst thing about the name Shaylee: The mispronunciations, and misspellings would have to be the most obnoxious
If my name wasn`t Shaylee... It would have been Merrick Shay so not much would change between the two
Anything else? I spell it Shayley and many friends love my name more than I it seems, it's wonderful that you never get mixed up with anyone else

Best thing about my name Dania:
its unique(my name is Dannia *close enough Cx) and diffrent
Worst thing about the name Dania: people can't pronounce it and for some reason its really hard for people to remember it.
If my name wasn`t Dania... then i wouldn't be me
Anything else? I sometimes wish i knew someone else with my name

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