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Thanks for adding names and comments! These names are new additions, contributed by our readers. Click on a name to read the comments or to add a comment yourself.
New comment:
Tatiana (girls,Slavic)
Meaning:Fairy Queen
It is my daughter's name. I love it.
My name is Tertiana. I guess a variation of Tatiana and i really love it. Both names. :)
i love my name
i <3 this name it makes ...
New comment:
Alicia (girls,English)
Meaning:Of Noble Birth

i love the name alicia it is so lovely i can't do without the name. it is the best name in the whole world. thank you.
i like my name because it's a beautiful name. People always say that.=]
I love ...
New comment:
Lassi (boys,Finnish)
Meaning:Crowned with Laurel
lassi is my boy frnd 1st letter and my 1st letter add so lassi name create
Arpit Pundir
Lassi ko english me kia khete h
New comment:
Kristina (girls,Slavic)
Meaning:Christ Bearer
It is my name
I love my name because its German,and I love Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel,and he German
I like the name because it is totally feminine.
i love how ...
New comment:
Nakeisha (girls,African)
Meaning:Her Life
actually I love my name.
i love my name
New comment:
John-Paul (boys,English)
Meaning:Gracious, Humble
I love this name!
Goodluck Johnpaul
i am happy to be a lucky gracious and humble boy
john paul
wow happy to knw that
John Paul
The grace of God is with it.

New comment:
Roseanna (girls,English)
Meaning:Gracious Rose
I love my name! i used be called Anna, but i thought the name Anna was too rare so i changed into Roseanna. I didn't liked it too much but i do now love that name Roxanna
New comment:
Aimee (girls,French)
My older sister chose that name for me and I love it.
I love being called Aimee it makes me feel special
People try hard to spell it and find all kinds of ways to spell it commonly including Aimm...
New comment:
Solina (girls,English)
solina dhaurali
ya,sure its a unique name...i like this name.
solina dhaurali
its unique name
New comment:
Krista (girls,German)
Meaning:Anointed, Follower of Christ
I named my daughter Krista. She is 12 years old. She likes her name
I love my name. It's not common, part of my Scandinavian heritage and feminine sounding.
I LOVE MY NAME! I'm from the USA. ...

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Latest name experiences

Best thing about my name Pietrina:
It was my Nonna's name. People always say it is beautiful.
Worst thing about the name Pietrina: Being mistaken for Katrina.
If my name wasn`t Pietrina... I would have the name Pat which is quite ordinary.
Anything else? I love my name.

Best thing about my name Alejandra:
It's beautiful and has ancient greek past
Worst thing about the name Alejandra: People, mainly boys, start to sing ale-ale-jandra like the lady gaga song and some pronounce it wrong since I now live in switzerland
If my name wasn`t Alejandra... I don't know I love my name just add a middle name;))
Anything else? English speaking friends write Alej and say Alej while my greman&latin american friends say Ale my mom even says Lala

Best thing about my name Indira:
Its uncommon and pretty name
Worst thing about the name Indira: always miscalled by indri or indra(which is a boy's name)
If my name wasn`t Indira... indi lol
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Alicia:
It's unique a pretty
Worst thing about the name Alicia: Nobody can pronounce it right (I say it like A-LEE-SHU)
If my name wasn`t Alicia... It would be Lucy (my middle name)
Anything else? I'm named after my great grandmother who was names Alice

Best thing about my name Lodema:
It's a different name and I have always been the only one in any group named Lodema
Worst thing about the name Lodema: People having a hard time pronouncing it and sometimes it's hard to remember.
If my name wasn`t Lodema... I would really miss it, I love having a name that is different
Anything else? I am friends with 13 Lodema's on facebook, so there are a few of us around.

Best thing about my name Alandra:
People always find their own name a bit magical; but because Alandra is such a rare name, it feels especially powerful. People always tell you how beautiful it is. It make you special and people tell you so.
Worst thing about the name Alandra: You may never meet anyone else with the same name as you. You may feel very awesome and dream that when you do meet another Alandra, that they will be awesome too.. but they might not be, and you will be very disappointed.
If my name wasn`t Alandra... I suppose I would feel less unique. Alandra is a mysterious name, so perhaps my first impressions wouldn't be as alluring.
Anything else? Don't name your child Alandra unless you fully intend on raising someone particularly awesome.

Best thing about my name Jayna:
It's unique!
Worst thing about the name Jayna: I get called Jenna.
If my name wasn`t Jayna... It would be Megan.
Anything else?

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