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Thanks for adding names and comments! These names are new additions, contributed by our readers. Click on a name to read the comments or to add a comment yourself.
New comment:
Abigael (girls,English)
Meaning:God is Joy
This is my favourite spelling of this name... good way to honour a Celtic/GAELic heritage
It is a perfect name
We named our daughter Abigael because the meaning had significance. She is truly ...
New comment:
Kaili (girls,Hawaiian)
Meaning:a deity
I love this name! The only bad thing is EVERY time a teacher or coach calls roll they pronounce it wrong๐Ÿ˜•
New comment:
Ayana (girls,Hebrew)
Meaning:He Answers
i love my name Ayana IT'S VERY UNIQUE AND LOVEING!!:)
I love the name Ayanna and I don't care who hates it
Ayana S
I was born in 1988 so I was the only one at the time with the name :p
New comment:
Nancy (girls,Hebrew)
Meaning:full of grace
like it because it is not that common
i think my name is nice because its unique and pretty and easy to remember because its not a common name used.
I like my name because it's not that common and...
New comment:
Shawn (boys,English)
Meaning:from the shady grove, God is gracious
i know a shaun and i like the name
my husbands name is shawn.. he dont like it.
i like my name
My name is great
Henry stevens ipod
the fresh beat band kiki h...
New comment:
Safiya (girls,African)
New comment:
Shania (girls,English)
i had no idea my name meant .....beautiful omg
ma daughters name is Shanaya...she is so warm and full of life
that is so true because i am a very beautiful and loving and nice person heartss ...
New comment:
Chantelle (girls,English)
Meaning:Song, Stone Place
I love my name!!!
i would rather have chanelle as my name, it suits me much better than chantelle because everyone says and spells it wrong, i feel so left out coz of it
i love my ...
New comment:
Craig (boys,Scottish)
Meaning:dwells at the crag
it is cool
thats my good little son all ya
The best name in the world
I love my name
Its the most awesome name for a Vampire.
New comment:
Rosella (girls,Italian)
Meaning:Beautiful Rose

Its so lady like

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Latest name experiences

Best thing about my name Hannah:
It a beautiful and popular name
Worst thing about the name Hannah: Not much bad stuff~occasionally the weird nicknames and people who spell it strange ways
If my name wasn`t Hannah... I would be sad but still have a nice name like Georgia, Olivia or Holly
Anything else? Hannah is an amazing name:)๐Ÿ’—

Best thing about my name Carmen:
It sounds beautiful.
Worst thing about the name Carmen: The bad nicknames that come with it.
If my name wasn`t Carmen... It would be Amanda.
Anything else? I luv my name

Best thing about my name Lilia:
It is unique and everyone tells me that I have a beautiful name
Worst thing about the name Lilia: No one can spell it right. Even when I spell it for them.
If my name wasn`t Lilia... I would have been named Ashley or Sarah
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Ayana:
The best thing is it gets compliments from everyone.
Worst thing about the name Ayana: People misspell or don't pronounce it right
If my name wasn`t Ayana... I would be nameless.. honestly it's so unique and as a muslim it's even more unique B-)
Anything else? My mom would pronounce it Iyana and dad pronounced it AYana, which was so confusing growing up. just thought i'd rant :)

Best thing about my name Evan:
Worst thing about the name Evan: People get it wrong
If my name wasn`t Evan... I would cry
Anything else? NO

Best thing about my name Christiana:
Christiana is nt lyk any other name. d name is given to special people whose God has chose to b d shining light of d world. Am proud and happy to bear christiana
Worst thing about the name Christiana: None
If my name wasn`t Christiana... If my name was'nt christiana, i would hav go 4 second baptism to change my name
Anything else? Christiana a very beautiful name, am pro ud of my name. God bless those who bear d name

Best thing about my name Jayla:
it fits me
Worst thing about the name Jayla: to many people have it
If my name wasn`t Jayla...
Anything else? i like it

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