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New comment:
Undra (girls,English)
Meaning:Courageous, Valiant, Man
Undra House
I am a man and my name is Undra so it is not a girl name.
New comment:
Ambia (girls,Hindu)
Abir Hasan Jewel
My mother name is 'Ambia Islam'.she is my world. I love her soooo much.
I hate being Ambia I mean prisoner
I like u
New comment:
Latoya (girls,English)
Meaning:Worthy of Praise
My name is too Popular so i'm not too fond of it.
My name says everything about me.... unique and special!
i like thise name i want to give it to my unborn baby if she is a girl
laud Ju...
New comment:
Sumayah (girls,Arabic)

Sumayah is the first Martyr of Islam :)
I am different and eccentric and I'm thinking more about others, but I like to be faithful to others
waiting my sh8arei birthday 30-01-2013
New comment:
Nishant (boys,Hindu)
I wished I had the same name
sharp, posesive, caring . . .
cool name guys rock
IM very proud ful to be a nishant
nishant mahatme
i thank to god n my parents...
New comment:
Daimh (boys,Scottish)
The name 'Daimh' does not mean 'ox' as your site suggests. It is a Gaelic word meaning 'kinship'.
New comment:
Ellie (girls,English)
i like the name Ellie.
I like the name Ellie.
My Sister's name is Ellie x
I want to be named Ellie! It suits the way I look!
New comment:
Carmela (girls,Italian)
Meaning:Golden and Sweet
don't like it
I love this name. It is really pretty
Gorgeous name, I love it!
I love my unique name.
New comment:
Josiana (girls,French)
Meaning:God Will Increase
love all josiana on earth
New comment:
Saloni (girls,Hindu)
Meaning:Beautiful, Beloved
saloni...... My name gives me confidence in every field.... As its meaning is beautiful...

i luv ma name alot...

Besrest namr forevr...:-)
Saloni Gupta
i lv my name thnku Mmma,Papa fo gvng me...

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Latest name experiences

Best thing about my name Caitlin:
my names is caitlin
Worst thing about the name Caitlin: no one spells it right
If my name wasn`t Caitlin... emily
Anything else? no

Best thing about my name Kahlia:
Worst thing about the name Kahlia: Sex
If my name wasn`t Kahlia... Sex
Anything else? Sex

Best thing about my name Ayushi:
It is very coooool
Worst thing about the name Ayushi: No
If my name wasn`t Ayushi... Butmy name is aayushi
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Melody:
it is a musical name.It is easier to remember because of little mermaid 2 princess The Melody.There is a albulm called unchained melody and it is really old about a girl named melody and they are love songs
Worst thing about the name Melody: People will guess it is Melanie or the chinese name meili meaning beautiful.Your name is rare.If there is a rumor you know it is about you.The is a bad song by rolling stones about killing a kid girl with the second name melody.
If my name wasn`t Melody... I would want it to be Alexus for alexander the great in female version or something famous
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Rebekah:
it sounds so original and majestic
Worst thing about the name Rebekah: people ALWAYS spell it Rebecca
If my name wasn`t Rebekah... I would be named Patricia or Anna
Anything else? very few people call me by my real name they call me Becky, Becka, or Beck

Best thing about my name Tomasa:
I was named after my grandfather. My mother promised her father she would name her 1st son after him before he passed on. I was girl 5 and was blessed with his name.
Worst thing about the name Tomasa: People trying to pronounce it. As a child I hated the name, now as an adult I love and appreciate my name.
If my name wasn`t Tomasa... my brother would of been named, Tomasz...but I am also called Tami.
Anything else? I am proud to have been blessed with my grandfather's name.

Best thing about my name Tammy:
It's Hebrew
Worst thing about the name Tammy: Old and common
If my name wasn`t Tammy... Stella
Anything else?

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