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New comment:
Alicia (girls,English)
Meaning:Of Noble Birth

i love the name alicia it is so lovely i can't do without the name. it is the best name in the whole world. thank you.
i like my name because it's a beautiful name. People always say that.=]
I love ...
New comment:
Surendra (boys,Hindu)
Meaning:Rain, Thunder god
i luv the name surendra,bcoz that is my lovers name. i luv u darling..................
He is my Husband name and i love my suri
its a super & perfcet name. it is kaka....
New comment:
Samantha (girls,Hebrew)
Meaning:listens well, Told by God
i love my name my mom named me that cause her friend's name is sam there is a sam on my social team!
I have a friend named samantha she's realy cool
My mother chose the name Samantha beca...
New comment:
Alessia (girls,Italian)
Meaning:Protector of Mankind
I really like the name Alessia and if I find out I am having a baby girl I am going to call her Alessia but I am going to spell it Alesseya.
its a cool name-dont pay it out.
my name is jess-ica
dear ...
New comment:
Alydia (girls,English)
Meaning:Of Lydia, Greece
I called my daughter Alydia and we get a lot of compliments about it and it's very unique x
We named our daughter Alydia, and we always get compliments on her name. We do call her Aly for short sometimes but...
New comment:
Katlego (girls,African)
I love my name so much, it really gave me success it is meaningful
What does it mean
Its realy a blissing its not like other names like matlakala that means rubbish
Wow i...
New comment:
Trina (girls,English)
Meaning:Blessed, Pure, Holy
its rarest & gorgous.
I think its one of the best names because ive never heard of many trinas out there
haha i love my name :) its so unique
I am named after my mother.
New comment:
Shanelle (girls,English)
Meaning:Gracious Beauty
I hated it when I was small but it was unusual and no one could pronounce it but now I love it.
I hated it when I was small but it was unusual and no one could pronounce it but now I love it.
New comment:
Sonia (girls,Italian)
My daughters name is Sonia.The name also has an Indian meaning.'Sonia' means 'golden' or 'the one of gold',coming from the Indian word for gold,'Sona'.Its a beautiful name and with all its wonderful meaning in the other languages a...
New comment:
Andra (girls,Greek)
Meaning:Strong & Courageous
Andra Middleton
i love my name everyone say that it is so pretty and sweet sounding
thats such a sweet name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andra Mihaela Ioan
love my name. here in Romania it's not very popular...

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Latest name experiences

Best thing about my name Samantha:
Loads of nicknames
Worst thing about the name Samantha: I's not original, Very boring
If my name wasn`t Samantha... Probably Lauren or Layla
Anything else? I used to be bullied and called Sammy the Salami.

Best thing about my name Alice:
Everyone calls me Alice in Wondy lol
Worst thing about the name Alice: People call me Alicia
If my name wasn`t Alice... Mary
Anything else? Wish my name was Usagi

Best thing about my name Fabiola:
Name fabiola is very beautiful and especially. I love it
Worst thing about the name Fabiola: People can't pronounce it right. I hate that thing
If my name wasn`t Fabiola... Just fabiola. I can't live without my name.
Anything else? Love my name

Best thing about my name Alydia:
I'll never be confused with someone else and my name is as beautiful and unique as myself.
Worst thing about the name Alydia: You can never find Souvenir gifts with my name.
If my name wasn`t Alydia... I wouldn't exist Or be anything like myself today.
Anything else? My name came from beetlejuice and an A was put in front of lydia to make it unique. I have never met another person with my name or even with lydia and I love that fact. I'm also 22 successful and own a BMW and a home without help (my family is deceased with no inheritance). So I hope any others with my name are as talented and self driven as myself. I also tend to care too much about everything. I'd love to see what each of us have in common other than our names

Best thing about my name Rachael:
it is unique
Worst thing about the name Rachael: It is too common
If my name wasn`t Rachael... Rachael
Anything else? I love my name Rachael

Best thing about my name Marita:
Its unique
Worst thing about the name Marita: I used not like my name first but it isn't worst at all.. This name itself is very awesome.
If my name wasn`t Marita... It would had been something disaster...
Anything else? Awesome name if pronounce correctly..There are some annoying people just ignore them.

Best thing about my name Krystyna:
I just like it
Worst thing about the name Krystyna: It's out of fashion now and if you are Krystyna, you have to be old :(
If my name wasn`t Krystyna...
Anything else?

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