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New comment:
Angelica (girls,Latin)

Angelica Pickles!!!
The best thing I'd that it's beautiful and it's a name of an angel
I really love my name so much because its unique <3
New comment:
Saloni (girls,Hindu)
Meaning:Beautiful, Beloved
saloni...... My name gives me confidence in every field.... As its meaning is beautiful...

i luv ma name alot...

Besrest namr forevr...:-)
Saloni Gupta
i lv my name thnku Mmma,Papa fo gvng me...
New comment:
Renee (girls,French)
Renee Murphy
I am 60 and over the years have learned to love my name. Early on my name was often pronounced incorrectly and kids laughed when they heard it spoken. Today, I find few sharing my Renee as their 1st name at age 60 or higher s...
New comment:
Anjana (girls,Hindu)
Meaning:Gracious Gift of God
Anjana Antony
i luv mah name....
Anjana R
Best name n d wrld:-)
Anjana means no one understand that grl in this world
Anjana Suresh
wow.....really lyk ma name ...
anjana prasad
New comment:
Manisha (girls,Hindu)
Meaning:Wise, Knowledgeable
I think manisha means man + echcha i.e de girl who dose every thing according to her man (heart).I am de best
its old fashnd name bt stil i lv ma name.....
want to know the meaning of this w...
New comment:
Melissa (girls,Greek)
Meaning:Honey Bee
I LOVE MY NAME!! I am 34 and love it more and more. My Mom picked a great name for even if it was after a soap opera character
Angie 10 nov 08
i love the name melissa, its so sweet and the perfect name for a little pr...
New comment:
Malkia (girls,English)

Malkia is NOT an ENGLISH name. Acknowledge the true origin of the name.
New comment:
Molly (girls,English)
I think it is a great name because it is my cousins name.
I have this name so its the best!
New comment:
Shanice (girls,English)
Meaning:God is Gracious
chantel means beautiful
Which is pronounced shanice but is just spelled a diffrent way!
my name is shanice but its spelled shanise'
for along time I thought that ...
New comment:
Breanna (girls,Celtic)
Meaning:Strong, Virtuous, Honorable
i pronounce breanna like bre-ann-ah!! not bre -awn ah we well i LOVE my name and im called bre and brebre by cousins (baby) welll i would die if my name werent breanna!! xoxoxoxoxxoo:) breanna
I love my name ...

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Latest name experiences

Best thing about my name Dragana:

Worst thing about the name Dragana:
If my name wasn`t Dragana...
Anything else? croatian/serbian origin meanig precious

Best thing about my name Saloni:
i love my name as Saloni,thnx Mmma Papa fo givng me ths beautfl name,my boy frnd Rahul tht is Rps Janaab also lyk my name
Worst thing about the name Saloni: evry lvs my name
If my name wasn`t Saloni... thn it wll nt be gud
Anything else? i lv my bf alot nd my name also

Best thing about my name Esther:
I was named after Queen Esther! :)
Worst thing about the name Esther: People forgetting the 'h', calling me Esther the Pester/Esther from Lester...
If my name wasn`t Esther... My dad wanted to call me Zoe..
Anything else? nope :)

Best thing about my name Anjana:
Its best bcz its unique n it sounds lovely
Worst thing about the name Anjana: nothing , i love my name
If my name wasn`t Anjana... i will b not like as i m today
Anything else? my parents used to called me anjali frm my birth but they changed my name wd anjana when i was 4years old.m happy dat my name is anjana

Best thing about my name Janessa:
I don't have to meet people before they realize I'm dumb cunt
Worst thing about the name Janessa: Everyone knows I'm a dumb cunt
If my name wasn`t Janessa... I wouldn't be called a cunt as much
Anything else? My name made me gay

Best thing about my name Janessa:
i am a distinguished faggot!
Worst thing about the name Janessa: I am a faggot
If my name wasn`t Janessa... I would not be a faggot
Anything else? i hate my life

Best thing about my name Janessa:
it's a gay name
Worst thing about the name Janessa: it's a gay name
If my name wasn`t Janessa... I would be normal
Anything else? it's a gay name

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