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8weeks 2days baby#2

Added: 2011, 08, 21

1st ultrasound on thursday! I think we are going to find out with this one, how far along do I have to be for them to tell?
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lola26 (1630 days ago)
At 17 weeks I was told its 80% a boy and at 22 weeks I was told 99.9% a boy. I don`t think u can ever get 100% but any scan I have had after 22 weeks has said boy. Good Luck and Congrats x

ravae (1630.3 days ago)
I found out clear as day when I was 15 weeks. It really depends on many factors though. Hopefully baby cooperates and the tech you have is competent lol!

bellehughes (1630.3 days ago)
I`ve read sometimes as early as 12 weeks, traditionally at the 20 week sonogram is when you find out. I`m going on 28 weeks and my little girl isn`t a for sure thing yet.

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