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Meaning and origin
Dacre is a English boy name. The meaning of the name is `Trickling Stream`.

Where is it used?
The name Dacre is mainly used in English.

What Dacre`s say about their name
  1. The best thing about the name Dacre:
    Unusual so individual. I don't need a nickname like Irish Tom or Northern Tom, I'm just Dacre.
    The worst thing about the name:
    Trying to get it to some-one who's not heard it before eg in a club. Often called Darcy, Deigo, Dax etc. I use my surname to book a cab or order a pizza, which sounds like I'm being very formal.
    If my name wasn`t Dacre....:
    According to my dad it would have been Tarquin :-/
    Extra information:
    Pronounced like 'acre' with a D. From the French de acre (of the land / owner of the small-holding) Often a surname eg Paul Dacre Daily Mail editor or Lord Dacre.
  2. The best thing about the name Dacre:
    it sounds cool
    The worst thing about the name:
    everyone cannot prenounce it correctly
    If my name wasn`t Dacre....:
    i would be an unsuited name =)
    Extra information:
    its a north yorkshire name pronounced like Baker but With a D

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Statistics for Dacre
The name Dacre doesn`t appear in the US top 1000 most common names over de last 128 years. The name Dacre seems to be unique!

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Comments on Dacre

Dacre Guevara
My mom read the Mills & Booms love story books and there was this doctor named Dacre and she found him to have a beautiful personality and thought the first boy child she had she'll name him Dacre.I'm her first of five so the name was mine,Dacre.:)
I'm choosing this name for my little boy :D x

Only for Dacres!
What is the best thing about the name Dacre?

What is the worst thing about the name Dacre?

If my name wasn't Dacre....

Anything else?