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Comments in the last 5 days
New comment:
Anushka (girls,Russian)
Anushka Gupta
i love this name because its my name
Anushka Soman
It means graceful .
soooo cool name.suits on smarty grls.....
Finally found what my name means!
i htd tht nme b4 i cme 2 knw itz any of Sri Lankan ppl dsn...

New comment:
Owen (boys,Welsh)
Meaning:young warrior
I love this name and want it for my little boy, but my partner doesn't like it! I can't understand why!
my husband and i were at a loss for a name for our son and one day it just hit me OWEN!! it's perfect.
I like the name Owen. I have an Andrew, so I thought Owen s...

New comment:
Ellesse (girls,English)
Meaning:Abbreviation of Eleanor and Ellen.
i aint bitter bruv

New comment:
Amrita (girls,Hindu)
Meaning:Nectar of Eternal Immortality
Yes i like my name and im happy no one spells it like me!
simply love my name
it's superv name
Its an awesome nd unique name!!!!!!!! :-)

its very sweet and most important meaning of amrita
Amrita Banerjee

New comment:
Libelle (girls,German)
Libelle is not a German name, just a word (and of latin origin - a diminutive of libra). No one in Germany would call their kid Libelle nor would they be allowed to do so since the register office doesn't recognise commonly used words as names (with a few exceptions like Ernst and Kraft, because of longstand...

New comment:
Nadine (girls,French)
i cherish my name, cos is one of the peculiar names in the world it's not popular, unlike joy, mark, Mitchell and so on.

My names Nadine and i dont like it because it isnt that delicate or pretty but at least it isnt MAINSTREAM!
I love the name, and it defines me as a pers...

New comment:
Majella (girls,Irish)
Meaning:saint name
majeela diying when
born got name and prod
I LOVE the name. I am always the ONLY person with that name. So unique and beautiful!

Majella is an Italian name,after a saint,Gerard Majella
I love being a Majella
St. Gerard Majella, is the ...

New comment:
Jessenia (girls,Arabic)

Its a good name
For a matter of fact my name is jessenia and its the bestest name in waterbuty CT yep my name is beautiful and i aint afrade to let ya know okay ? okay. Shout out to all the jessenia's in the world ! we at top over everything

New comment:
Fidelis (boys,Latin)
Meaning:Faithful, Sincere
am female but the meaning is true... am faithful and sincere person!
my name fidelis
am men every thing which fidelis do its good
I am a male, faithfulness is what i cheerish most. I hate cheating.

New comment:
Manasa (girls,Hindu)

very cute name
what are you doing
who give that manasa is a worst name there the worst and stupid in the world
the most unique name.. special in its own way.
i love my name.i think noone say i do not like that word.i really like to...

Latest name experiences

Best thing about my name Kirsten:
It's rarity
Worst thing about the name Kirsten: No one can either spell it or say it!
If my name wasn`t Kirsten... i'd probably have been bullied less
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Christelle:
its a cool,beautifull name related to christ and am a christian so i 'm proud of mi name
Worst thing about the name Christelle: it's difficult to pronounce and many people have misspelling on it smtmz they call me esther,stella,crystal,,,,hate that sôoôoô muuch!!
If my name wasn`t Christelle... i'd be very sad but also everything has itz meaning i'd appreaciate!!!!
Anything else? if u are christelle be proud of u coz u could never find any other one lyk u!!be proud,precious of u!!!

Best thing about my name Godwin:
Love God
Worst thing about the name Godwin: Longsuffering till I achieve the goal
If my name wasn`t Godwin...
Anything else? Full of hope

Best thing about my name Laura:
it's jst unique...i luuuuuuuv it to death...:-)♥♡
Worst thing about the name Laura: people spell it wrongly...nd dat sickens me...
If my name wasn`t Laura... hmmmmm...i dnt know...TBH...
Anything else? jst keep calm nd luv Laura...;-)

Best thing about my name Arnav:
Its unique nd amazing
Worst thing about the name Arnav: People jeoules
If my name wasn`t Arnav... It would be Aashish
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Phebe:
Being very unique
Worst thing about the name Phebe: Getting teased with all the nicknames
If my name wasn`t Phebe... I think my name would be very boing compared to my personality
Anything else? I got such a free flowing name

Best thing about my name Laureen:
its a unique n classic name
Worst thing about the name Laureen: pronunciation of my name... Really annoying sumtimes toh
If my name wasn`t Laureen... would prefer laura
Anything else? now i know d meanin of ma name...tks!

Best thing about my name Carmilla:
this name has a beautiful meaning and describes me best
Worst thing about the name Carmilla: People often say my name wrong and make it sound completely different
If my name wasn`t Carmilla... I wouldn't listen to any ather name
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Ferida:
people always say what ..
Worst thing about the name Ferida: where does that name come from.
If my name wasn`t Ferida...
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Nadine:
It is unique.
Worst thing about the name Nadine: Sometimes people mess it up so much it sounds like an alien language.
If my name wasn`t Nadine... my name would be Hope. Nadine means Hope anyway.
Anything else? Nadine also means courage of a bear!

Best thing about my name Kimberlee:
It's unique, not too many people have this name.
Worst thing about the name Kimberlee: It's so long, people ALWAYS spell it wrong.
If my name wasn`t Kimberlee... I'd be named Destiny or whatever my dad decided XD
Anything else? I have about 10 billion nicknames with this name XD You got: Kim Kimbo Kimbo Limbo Kimbo Slice Kimmy Kimikins Kimbae Kim Possible Kimmie Kimay Kimchi

Best thing about my name Crystal:
I love it!!!!!!!!! It suits me perfectly and is unique.
Worst thing about the name Crystal: Nothing!!!!
If my name wasn`t Crystal... I don't know.
Anything else? I love the meaning. And it fits me really well.

Best thing about my name Jocelyn:
I'm the only Jocelyn at my school so everybody knows it me ,that its great
Worst thing about the name Jocelyn: People spell my name wrong
If my name wasn`t Jocelyn... It would be Brooklyn
Anything else? my dad chose my name because that was his 2nd girlfriends name

Best thing about my name Manasa:
Always smiling
Worst thing about the name Manasa: Jaaaali
If my name wasn`t Manasa... Manasa is a goodname
Anything else? Know the values of human and relations

Best thing about my name Sandra:
So Wonderful
Worst thing about the name Sandra: Notin
If my name wasn`t Sandra... Hola
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Silvanus:
It sound really nice and many people don't bear it so it makes me looks special
Worst thing about the name Silvanus: Nothing wrong about the name it just too unique
If my name wasn`t Silvanus... It would have given myself
Anything else? To me silvanus is the best name in the world

Best thing about my name Jodie:
It isn't a very common name
Worst thing about the name Jodie: Things in the shop don't normally have them on
If my name wasn`t Jodie... Jessica or Marni oe Leigh or Terri
Anything else?

Best thing about my name Camellia:
It's a beautiful flower means perfected loveliness in flower language. Japanese people love it and use it for ikebana.
Worst thing about the name Camellia: My friends call me Camel. People always write it wrong or remember it wrong.
If my name wasn`t Camellia... Alana
Anything else? Reserved character

Best thing about my name Alwin:
Its unique and lovely
Worst thing about the name Alwin: Nothing
If my name wasn`t Alwin... Rini..i wish
Anything else? Zarangee

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New name:
kuki (girls,japanese)

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