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Meaning and origin
Tanna is a English girl name. The meaning of the name is `Worthy of Praise`.

What Tanna`s say about their name
  1. The best thing about the name Tanna:
    It sounds good and I've never met another person with my name.
    The worst thing about the name:
    It can be annoying when introducing my name to someone new. It's a girl's name but I'm a guy, lol.
    If my name wasn`t Tanna....:
    Actually I'm not too sure too.
    Extra information:
    I love my name :]
  2. The best thing about the name Tanna:
    That it is unique and not often i could not wish for a better name.
    The worst thing about the name:
    Amost everybody miss spell it or miss say it and it bugs me i cant find it on a key chain. lol
    If my name wasn`t Tanna....:
    i dont know what will happen if it was not my name so that i cant tell ya sorry
    Extra information:
    How i got my name was.My dad works at amr he ran a call on an old lady.She was living by herself.When he was there he started talking about baby names with her on the way there.When he heard what her name was he was going to ask if he could name me that because i was not born yet.right before he said it sh said yes as if she knew what he was going to say.They got her to the hostpital and droped her off when he got home he told my mom what name he had in mind.she loved it because it also sounded like hers,her name is Deanna all they added to my name was an extra n.they were ganna go up there to see her but she all ready past away it was sad but that was how i got my name.:)
  3. The best thing about the name Tanna:
    I have never met another Tanna though every once in a while I will meet someone who knows someone named Tanna.
    The worst thing about the name:
    I get called Tanya or Tonya a lot, even after I've pronounced it correctly.
    If my name wasn`t Tanna....:
    I don't know what it would be. Maybe I'll ask my parents.
    Extra information:
    I like my name.

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Statistics for Tanna
The name Tanna doesn`t appear in the US top 1000 most common names over de last 128 years. The name Tanna seems to be unique!

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Comments on Tanna

many people never hear it correctly when i tell them. i like my name, its pretty, and once people know what im saying they usually always compliment me.
I was named after a girl my mother met whose name was Tanana, called Tana as a nickname. Her name came from the Tanana tribe. There is also a river that shares the name. My mother altered the spelling of the nickname Tana.

Only for Tannas!
What is the best thing about the name Tanna?

What is the worst thing about the name Tanna?

If my name wasn't Tanna....

Anything else?