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Nurseryrooms: Pink-Contemporary-Flower-Room
This room is added by mdbabyno1
Added 2008, 06, 28
The color of the room is Pink, Green, and WHite
The theme of the room is Pink and Green Flowers
The room is for a

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Baby Adisten`s `Wall`

Baby Adisten`s `Wall`

Added on 2008, 06, 28.

Added on 2008, 06, 28. Inside her crib... the sheet is covered by the sheet protector... don`t worry the pillow will come out before we put her in.

Comments on Pink-Contemporary-Flower-Room by mdbabyno1

Comments 1-22 of about 22 on the room Pink-Contemporary-Flower-Room

wwatters18 - 2330 days ago
love the colors!

MrsHenry - 2377 days ago

~Amy~ - 2392 days ago
beautiful colors! I love the furniture!

jenadamandbaby - 2395 days ago
good job! As artists, this is the first room my husband and I liked! :)

malish - 2400 days ago
Very cute

amiemae23 - 2400 days ago
Very nice.. Your little lady and my little guy have the same furniture.

1stTimeMom2B - 2401 days ago
What a gorgeous room for a little girl! I love the colors and the furniture is great!

jamie1450 - 2402 days ago
I love it! I would want to live in that room.

armywife531 - 2402 days ago
Wow..the black furniture against those soft colors looks great. You did a nice job!

lyndseyk86 - 2402 days ago
gorgeous!! xx

knockduppp - 2402 days ago
WOW you should submit this to a decorating magazine. it is THAT good. amazing!

saraha - 2402 days ago
SOOO cute!

katya - 2403 days ago
This is a really beautiful nursery !! The dark wood with pinks and green work really well !! Well done !

JackaMumma - 2403 days ago
This nursery looks amazing. The dark floors and furniture are really bold, and the pink / green tones soften the look. I love it, well done :D

samlib - 2403 days ago

cinnammonngirl - 2403 days ago
Wow...awesome! I love pink/green. We need to see more pictures! :o)

dossfirstchild - 2403 days ago
o wow...really cute...

KateyBaby - 2403 days ago
WOW beautiful room. and a job well done. its fantastic!!!!

softkitty - 2404 days ago
OOOOOoooo nice. I need to stop looking at little girls rooms.

armymom - 2404 days ago
aw thats beautiful.. u make me with i was having a girl so i could copy your room. Its exactly what I wouldve done. I love it

Teresa08 - 2404 days ago
What a beautiful room.

jasmineflower - 2404 days ago
What a beautiful area for her! It really looks very complete. :) Congrats!

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