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2nd baby shower

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My question is…do you think its `tacky` or a `social faux pas` to have a baby shower for the second baby? One of my friends offered to throw me a baby shower for my second baby who is a boy due July 1st (i am sooo excited!) but I just had my first baby girl on Jan 17th 2011 and had a baby shower for her Dec 2010. My friend that offered to throw me the shower said one of her friends told her not to do it because you are not supposed to get a baby shower for a second baby. Do you agree with her?

1sttimeToya asked

    Not at all especially if now your having a boy, your going to need everything in blue now :)

    nikkipearl answered

      That’s just silly. The baby shower is to celebrate your blessing and bring your family and friends together. And of course the gifts don’t hurt! I’m on baby number 2 and my work is throwing a shower for me. I think you should do whatever makes you happy! Some of the other ladies gave some good suggestions too.

      2ndChAnCeMoMmY2b answered

        You shouldn’t have one as big as the first. I had a “sprinkle” for my sister’s second (both boys, 2 yrs apart)…I had a bbq at my house with hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, etc…..I had a cake table with a cake that my aunt made and a punch bowl and some balloons…I put some streamers up and that was about it. I called the CLOSEST family and friends and had everyone chip in 25 dollars for a babies r us gift card….then I also got a big gift basket and filled it with cute stuff and put the card in there (even though I paid for it I said the whole thing was from everyone along with the gift card)…everyone brought something also…diapers or an outfit or something even though I said they didn’t have to…it was great….it was guys and girls…and casual (oh, and I made it a surprise so that if anyone DID think it was rude, they would blame me and not her! but again, I only invited about 13 couples…parents, siblings, closest friend..) anyway, it was wonderful and casual and small but perfect for a second baby

        i-am-pregnant answered

          Do what you want! Who cares if some people think it’s not socially acceptable? They don’t need to be invited! This is a new baby whose little soul is new to the world. Why shouldn’t they be welcomed like a first child? As was mentioned you can also do a “Meet & Greet” for baby but then you have a house full of people and god-only-knows what germs (!. So if you do that get some hand sanitizer. You could also have a “Reveal Party” where rather than a baby shower you have a gender reveal party so everyone finds out the baby’s sex at the same time.

          Allynne7Jaime answered

            I always understood if you had another “sex” then you can have another shower or sprinkle for items you don’t have.

            2babiesforme answered

              I think every child deserves to be “honored” for their existance. I would not however go overboard with what you register for (unless you get a discout off all items on the registry afterword…I know my local babys r us does 10% off all items you purchase yourself off your registry after your shower). And I would include on the invitations that your PRESANCE in more important that the PRESENTS.

              bkz123 answered

                Personally I would not have a second baby shower. I would have a ‘meet the new addition’ gathering for family and friends a few weeks after delivery. I actually had a friend that had a ‘sprinkle’ because her 1st was a girl and her 2nd was a boy. I didnt mind this. Gifts were optional and alot of people brought 2nd hand items and diapers just to help out.

                dollymomma answered

                  I just had my 3rd baby shower…This is my 3rd boy and my mom gave me a shower plus my church just gave me one too! So not its not tacky! You still need diapers and wipes and neccessities. I kept all my others sons clothes and things so i didnt need a whole lot but so thankful for the showers cause i ended up with 9 pks newborn diapers,11 pks size one, over 20 things of wipes. Thats a big blessing! plus all the other goodies I got to get me through the newborn stage. People know how expensive baby things are, no matter if its your 1st or your 3rd baby…so to me its a blessing to have a shower to help with the important things that every newborn needs.

                  savedbygrace answered

                    I think its in no way tacky to have a shower for your second, third, etc, in fact one of the most memerable showers I went to was a for a second baby, it was so fun and relaxing. I liked the fact that she wasn’t registered so I just bought a cute outfit and a little something for their older son. We’re having a “baby party”, it’s co-ed and I’m not registered anywhere, I’m leaving it up to anyone who comes if they decide to bring a gift or not. We will have food and cocktails and it’s just a great excuse to get everyone together before we have our second, I figure after I have the baby we’ll be more tired than we are now to see everyone. :) You should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable!

                    LauraYellow answered

                      thanks ladies for the opinions! @ debra my friend offered to throw the shower and I thought it was a nice gesture so i accepted, i wasnt planning on having a baby shower at all for this baby. My first shower was girls only but this shower is gonna be co-ed so my friends and hubbies male friends will be invited, so i think that would be cool to have everyone together! Its not really about gifts but more about fellowship and delicious food of course! lol

                      1sttimeToya answered

                        I think it’s fine… but the question is, my mother in law thinks I should have one for my 4th (2nd child with her son) I think that’s pushin it!!! PS I heard of something called a Sprinkle. You do it after baby and everyone meets the baby… it’s sposed to a smaller scale and less fancy??

                        BabyMaker39 answered

                          i did. it was great :)

                          ILEXalways answered

                            I think some people might feel a bit put off. Depends on your friends. Why have an official shower? why not have a party after your baby comes! Just keep it casual, an open house. They can come, see your new son and most will bring you a gift. I did not have a shower with my second child. We had a girl, had a son first. I had people dropping by to see the baby, we had a baptism for her as well. We got more gifts for her than I could ever imagine.

                            Debra answered

                              I believe the protocol, so to say, is that it is only tacky when you have a shower for the 2nd if it is the same sex. The other trick is that you can have a second shower for same sex babies if they are spread very far apart (4+years) I don’t think it would be tacky at all, after all you don’t have little boy things right and baby stuff is expensive!

                              mamagris answered