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35 weeks pregnant very light brown discharge

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I need some advice, I am 35 weeks + pregnant and saw some very light brown discharge day before, went to the hospital Triage, the doctors did an internal examination and an ultrasound and confd everything was ok…this morning again I saw some very light brown discharge. Is it possible I am loosing the mucus plug…can some one please advice ?

RL77 asked

    definetly sounds like the mucous plug,or the beginning of the “bloody show”Good Luck!

    i-am-pregnant answered

      Never experienced this myself, having not had a baby yet, but it does sound like its the beginning of your plug coming out. Your far enough along to deliver safely without any/many complications, so just keep an eye on yourself and if there is more/darker/red discharge, or you have any other symptoms, get back in to your doc.

      EllaG answered

        its normal. it can be mucous plug or just discharge from your cervix dilating. if you were checked recently then it is expected to have some pink or brown discharge or even a little spotting.

        HappyForest answered