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Amniotic fluid!

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what will happen if my baby swallowed the amniotic fluid???? is it good or bad?

i-am-pregnant asked

    from a certain time in ur pregnancy ur baby will constantly swallow amniotic fluid. its a completely normal process. no need to worry at all :)

    EniChan answered

      Its completly normal! It does happen alot, mostly all that happens your baby will get hickups, no harm done at all! And the question with the too much noise! You dont have anything to worry about, noise doesnt effect the baby at all! So you can relax now

      Daisy23 answered

        They need to, to practicing breathing there is no air in the womb at all. It isn’t until after they are born that they start breathing air. Until they are born the oxygen in your blood goes to them through the placenta. After they are born they will have functioning lungs that take oxygen from air and it in to their blood, until then we do it for them. They don’t choke because they aren’t having to breath yet. The fluid is also where they get parts of their nutrition and learn how the swallow. No worries but yes they do swallow it and it is normal and it is constantly replaced by your body and isn’t ever old.

        MrsMH answered

          I think our little ones are supposed to swallow it. The majority of our fluid is our baby’s urine. They swallow and then excrete it.

          TarasBlessing answered

            yep, they’re supposed to swallow it.. sometimes they even have the hiccups through swallowing it

            kayleejane answered

              YOu should really do some reading. the baby is supposed to swallow it. It is how they prepare for sucking on the outside and they get their internal organs working like the kidneys and bladder. That is why they get hiccups. Find a good pregnancy book and you will be amazed at all the things that a woman’s body can do and how incredible it is for a baby to grow.

              riknlee answered

                Babies constantly drink and swallow the amniotic fluid while in the womb. Then they pee it out and continue to drink it over and over again until they are born. What do you think they are suctioning out at birth so the baby can breathe? Yep, amniotic fluid. The baby is living inside the fluid and the fluid is what provides them with oxygen(there is not air in there, its all liquid) and other things he/she needs to have a fully functioning system at birth. Get a pregnancy book and read up on all the amazing things that your body does to create and prepare your baby for life outside the womb.

                momstheword answered