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Anyone with false negative stories

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Okay I was suppose to have my period August 4th, but its still missing in action. So I decided to take a test. I used first response early results pregnancy test and took it I took August 7th around 5 am. It was a negative.

When I was pregnant with my son Aidan last year I took a test when I was 6 weeks pregnant and got a faint result. I dunno if that makes a difference. I dunno just stating the facts I do know.

I`d like to know if there`s still a chance I`m actually pregnant? Also anybody who is willing to share stories about getting a false negative, especially if your period was late. I`d also like to hear if anyone had a negative experience with this particular product, I would be interested to listen. Thanks!

Reila asked

    My SIL got false negatives for many weeks. She had no period and very sick. Even blood work showed she wasn’t pregnant, so they thought she had kidney stones because she was complaining of cramping. But she was definitely pregnant and finally was confirmed by a doctor at 23 weeks!!! She figured she was pregnant but still can’t understand why she was getting false negatives.

    megandgrace answered

      My mom had false negatives her whole pregnancy with ME! She thought she had a uterine tumor until the doctor found a To this day they tease & call me mommy’s little

      Julianna answered

        id make and appt at the doc or obgyn and get a blood test for hcg levels much more accurate , good luck!

        i-am-pregnant answered

          I was getting negative HPTs up til 6 months pregnant…I stopped trying to see my BFP after that lol. After I was two weeks late I knew I was so I got a blood test and it was positive, HPT didn’t work for me ever though.

          Brendalee answered

            thats a good question!! my period is 8 days late, but every test i have taken has been negative. they were all the same brand, they were all $1 tests from dollar tree…i guess maybe if she isnt here in a few more days i will buy a better test

            HappyForest answered

              with my second son i had a false neg blood test, my period was 2 weeks late and i got neg hpt one a day for 1 1/2 weeks so i went to the doc she took blood and called me the next day to tell me i wasnt preg so when my period didnt show up the next day i went back and she sent me for a scan and there was my bub up on the screen with a slow heartbeat…. had blood taken again and my levels werent rising in a hurry so she said it probably wasnt viable but 71/2 months later i had a beautiful baby boy in my arms :)

              i-am-pregnant answered

                i had false negetives till i was 4 weeks pregnant an 3 days “late”…now im 8 months gone an DEFINATELY pregnant heehee! maybe try a diff brand?

                littlemissfatty answered