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At what age do babies start peeing less frequently

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I change my daughter`s pampers every 3 hours and recently , most of the time her pampers are much lighter than they used to be. She`s 7 months.. is this normal or is she just not getting enough milk anymore?

MyLittleMunchkin asked

    and by lighter,I mean the weight of it not color.. they used to be more heavy so I knew she was peeing enough

    MyLittleMunchkin answered

      At 7 months they’re usually eating some solids right? So just make sure she’s getting enough to eat and water too. If she’s not acting dehydrated or doesn’t seems listless I wouldn’t worry so much.

      sweettart3 answered

        Thank you hun. yes she’s eating solids once, sometimes twice a day. I don’t give water everyday but I’ll start offering an ounce everyday and see if she’ll drink that too

        MyLittleMunchkin answered