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Baby has big tummy in ultrasound

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So I went for my 19 week scan where they covere everything. Brain, heart, spine, kidneys etc. They tech said everything came in perfect just as it should, the only thing is that her tummy (we found out its a big) is bigger then normal. Was wondering if anyone had this told to them and what your outcome was? The tech didn;t seem concered, she said the tummy is on the `healthy` side, but just looking for people who have experienced the same news. Thanks ladies!!!

GreenEyes84 asked

    I would say if it’s only a week or two different dont worry about it. When I was 38 weeks I had a scan and everything on him measured diff(head, tummy, legs) when they should all be about the same. I ended up getting induced because I had low fluid but he is healthy. I would just maybe ask for another scan in about 4 weeks and see how he is doing then. I wouldnt worry too much though.

    jmuncy answered

      in my twelve week scan the baby had a pot belly, like a major pot belly and the same in my 18-19 wk scan as well. but midwife has felt around since and reckons baby has gone in-and-up so to speak. i wouldn’t worry about it sweetie, the more fat on those wee little darlings the better (and cuter)!

      cadi answered

        I am 30 weeks and my boy has a pot belly, the doctor said he is just well nourished.

        Peytonsmummy answered

          My friend was sent to a specialist because they told her the babies stomach was either too small or too big and she had too much fluid and other things. They also told her that her baby was going to be huge. The baby was born with no problems at all and not quite 7 lbs.

          AubreyP answered