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Bladder pain and pessure at 6 weeks pregnant

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I am only 6 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy so I really don`t have a clue about anything other than what I have read on the internet. I feel major pressure on my bladder all the time, even if I don`t have to pee. When I wake up in the night and I have to go really bad, I go to the bathroom and empty my bladder and just as I`m finishing I have been getting a sharp pain. I`ve heard that bladder pressure is common during pregnancy, and I don`t want to be one of those women that runs to the doctor everytime I feel uncomfortable. Has anyone ever experienced this, does it sound normal? Any comments or sugguestions would be appreciated…Thanks.

tiiaa1 asked

    Bladder pressure and urgency are normal during pregnancy. However, the pain does not sound like a normal pregnancy symptom. I would be a little concerned that this might be some type of infection and would be tempted to get it checked out. The baby is not large enough to really put a great deal of pressure on the bladder.

    MomOfAlmost3AtHome answered

      i used to get the same exact thing early in pregnancy! i used to have to pee badd then when i was just finishing i would get a pain in my lower stomach. it almost felt like my bladder was shifting back into place! its a weird pain. but it would go away like 30 seconds after finishing in the bathroom. i still do get that pain sometimes when i finish peeing and im 31 week, just not as often as early in pregnancy. i never mentioned it to my dr. but i never had any problems. just figured it was stuff shifting and stretching in there. lol i wouldnt worry about it. but just mention it to ur dr next time u go just to ease ur worries. =] and if u find out nething let me know! lol

      i-am-pregnant answered

        that sounds like a uti with the pain

        KarenBG answered

          I agree, it sounds like a urinary tract infection. It’s the ONLY way I know for sure that I’m pregnant lol! 5 pregnancies and every single one I’ve had a urinary tract infection in the first 12 weeks. The symptoms you describe are exactly what I feel at the moment, I’m on antibiotics and it’s getting much better already. No more pressure now 😀 yay! No more pain either!!!

          JuliMomOf4 answered

            Thanks guys, I think I’m going to get it checked out today just to be safe. I’ll let you know what they say.

            tiiaa1 answered

              Yeah same with the others, check with your doctor. Give them a call tell them your symptoms and they’ll probably have you in to do a urine test.

              babygriffin answered