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Breast changes after breastfeeding

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My breasts were always a small 34B. During pregnancy they went to a small C cup. This goes for each pregnancy. They always shrink back down. I`ve never breastfed longer than 1 month. I`m breastfeeding my soon to be 3 month old. They are now a nice D cup. They look fab. They`ll probably shrink back down again but I don`t know.. What was your experience?? Any tips on keeping them plump or not saggy will be much appreciated!

BrookeBaby3 asked

    Hi yes you are right breastfeeding makes breasts nice and big. But unfortunately afterwards they don’t keep that shape! I don’t think there is much you can do about it except buying good support bras and training. I noticed first 3 months after breastfeeding they sag, and slowly they go back to their normal shape more or less.

    JSmummy answered

      Well mine have sagged since they first grew sadly haha I guess ill enjoy them now! Too bad my bf can’t enjoy them with me, they end up spraying every time they’re uncovered! Ill just get some implants one day.

      BrookeBaby3 answered

        I have breastfed over 10 years total, adding up bf of 6 babies (a few of them more than 2 years). Anyway, I don’t think I sag anymore than any 45 year old, even those that never were pregnant or breastfed. Gravity and age has an impact. Before kids, I was a 34C and after bf the first, I never got smaller than a 34D. I am now a 38DD. During bf, I went up to F & G cups. It must vary per individual, but my experience has been positive.

        7thbaby answered

          Mine have changed shape, but most of the damage/ stretch marks came about during the engorgement phase right after birth of my first. Pregnancy changes them, birth, nursing, it doesn’t matter how long, they change as your body has changed. Mine deflated a lot after I was done nursing my second child. I’m enjoyin them now, but I know that when I’m done nursing this baby, they will change again. Then a super fancy bra I’m sure, will do wonders.

          Debra answered

            I also started at 34B, My first pregnancy I jumped to 34D, second 34DD and then back down to 34D which I stayed at. I breastfed both children for a full year plus a few extra months for weaning. They don’t sag and I do have some minor barely there stretch marks.

            JET3 answered